FROM THE FIRE Debut Brand New Song & Lyric Video

Lions Pride Music is extremely pleased to announce the immediate release of the first single from From the Fire's new album, "OctOpus".
"'Madman' is one of the harder-edged tracks from the upcoming album", says Carsten Nielsen, president of Lions Pride, "and because of its political message, we decided it would be a good first choice for release".
"What started out as very cool riff and bass line evolved into a message song", says Tommy Lafferty, co-author of the tune, "and it was a song we've been dying to record properly for a long time".
J.D. Kelly, who co-wrote the song, says "It's a song about madmen - despots, emperors, dictators, men of absolute power, or those who seek absolute power at any cost. Over the years it's existed, the song could have been about any one of dozens of bad people in modern history. It just happens that it fits perfectly into the current political climate of the United States, and we sort of expanded on that."
The song is available for download on CD Baby (visit the Lions Pride web site, and the From The Fire web site for more info), and will also be a part of the new album when it is released in a couple of weeks. The release also officially marks the first of several planned between From The Fire and Lions Pride.