SIGNUM REGIS - Chapter IV: The Reckoning (Showcase)

Release Year: 
Chapter IV - The Reckoning
Produced By: 
Ronnie König and Signum Regis
Release Date: 
November 20
Melodic Metal
New album from the melodic metal band Signum Regis! Mastered by Jens Bogren [Symphony X, Opeth, Arch Enemy] and artwork by Jan Yrlund [Delain, Apocalyptica, Korpiklaani]. Perfect for fans of Helloween, Impellitteri and Theocracy!
01. Lost And Found
02. The Secret Of The Sea
03. The Voice In The Wilderness
04. Prophet Of Doom
05. The Magi
06. Quitters Never Win
07. Tempter Of Evil
08. When Freedom Fails
09. The Kingdom Of Heaven
10. Bells Are Tolling
Signum Regis biography
Signum Regis was formed in 2007 by bass player Ronnie K'nig. The highly respected vocalist G'ran Edman [ex. Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum] joined the band and they started to work on their debut album. The self-titled debut album was released during 2008 through Locomotive Records and received great reviews from around the world.

In 2010 Signum Regis signed with Inner Wound Recordings and released the impressive concept album 'The Eyes Of Power', still with G'ran on vocals. The album was received really well, especially in Europe. With this album it was clear that Signum Regis had found their own sound within the melodic/neoclassical metal scene.

The third Signum Regis album 'Exodus' was released in 2013 and it featured many different vocalists like G'ran Edman [ex. Yngwie Malmsteen], Lance King [ex. Pyramaze, Balance of Power], Matt Smith [Theocracy], Michael Vescera [Obsession], Daisa Munhoz [Vandroya, Soulspell] and more. 'Exodus' was a bit more straight melodic metal than the previous album, but the classic Signum Regis elements were still there.

Early 2014 the band decided to make Mayo Petranin their new lead vocalist. Mayo had already done many shows with the band and he also contributed the vocals to one of the songs on 'Exodus' so it felt like a natural move. During 2013 and 2014 Signum Regis did some shows in their home country Slovakia, but they also performed in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.
During 2014 Signum Regis started to work on new material and it was decided that a 6 track EP would be released in May 2015 and the fourth full-length album during fall 2015. The EP entitled 'Through The Storm' received excellent feedback from fans and media, with many of them calling it the best Signum Regis release so far. Two music videos was also recorded and released for the tracks 'Living Well' and 'Come And Take It'.
Both 'Through The Storm' and 'Chapter IV: The Reckoning' shows that Signum Regis is a band that is constantly developing and improving everything from song-writing and musicianship to production and the visual part of the band. Signum Regis will surely win over many new fans in the melodic metal scene with these releases.
Band founder Ronnie K'nig comments about the new album 'Chapter IV: The Reckoning':
'It was the plan since get go, to make our best album so far. After releasing the EP earlier this year, it was clear that the bar was set pretty high. We worked very hard and we believe, that we managed to lift the bar even higher in every aspect. Some of the songs on the album will become the classics of Signum Regis, that's for sure. There will be 10 new songs on the album, none of them appeared on the EP, which makes both the album and the Through The Storm EP a good buy for the fans.'
The mastering of the album was handled by Jens Bogren [Symphony X, Opeth, Arch Enemy] and the artwork was created by Jan Yrlund [Delain, Apocalyptica, Korpiklaani].
Signum Regis line-up:
Mayo Petranin - Lead Vocals
Filip Kolus - Guitars
Ronnie Konig - Bass, backing vocals
Jan Tupy - Keyboards, backing vocals
Jaro Jancula - Drums
Special guests on 'Chapter IV: The Reckoning': Maestro Mistheria and Roger Staffelbach
Signum Regis discography:
2015: Chapter IV: The Reckoning [Ulterium Records]
2015: Through The Storm EP [Ulterium Records]
2013: Exodus [Ulterium Records]
2010: The Eyes Of Power [Inner Wound Recordings]
2008: Signum Regis [Locomotive Records]
Recorded and mixed by: Ronnie Konig and Signum Regis
Mastered by:Jens Bogren [Symphony X, Opeth, Arch Enemy]
Artwork by: Jan Yrlund [Delain, Apocalyptica, Korpiklaani]
Label info
Ulterium Records
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