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HIGH ROAD EASY Promoting Album Number 3

Wednesday, May 6, 2015
"III" is a modern rock album inspired by 70' and 80's classic rock as well as the current rock sound. One can tell that HIGH ROAD EASY took their time (2 years, to be precise). The songs and the production improved (again) to the
previous releases ("Hotter Than A Thousand Suns", "Drive").
The European hard rock of HIGH ROAD EASY remains diverse. On one hand there are the up-tempo rockers like the Rainbowish opening track "Faster Than The Speed Of Light" or the records final track "This Is The Life" that tells the unbelievable story of stewardess Violet Jessop.
Commercially "Higher Ground" and "Wings" are most appealing and more “radio rock” friendly. One can’t help to notice that HIGH ROAD EASY possess the rare gift to write great ballads without the usual cliché as in "Come What May".
"My Life" is more progressive and lets Swedish drummer Magnus Brandell shine.
You could tell he went to Berklee and studied with Mike Mangini. "Darkness And Joy" shows a more 70's rock side that really suits the band and seems to become a favorite of the fans. "Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea" not only is the first official lyric video release, but also a good showcase of the bands blend of rock sound past and present. 
A lot of time was invested in harmony vocals and layered choirs, both provided by lead singer Jan Knopf and main song writer / producer / guitar & bass player Sven Horlemann.
Give it a spin and you notice this album grows on repeated listens. The album was released worldwide April 4th, 2015.
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