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Wednesday, 05/02/20
  H.E.A.T ‘II’, perfection is thy name.   Artists, bands, labels, managers, songwriters….listen up, pay attention and understand - this is how it’s done.   H.E.A.T have thrown off the experimentations of Into The Great Unknown (which I still think was great in its own way), ditched long-time producer Tobias Lindell... + continue reading
Tuesday, 04/02/20
MELODICROCK.COM MELROCK AWARDS   BEST ALBUM OF 2019   THE TOP 30   1. ECLIPSE – Paradigm   Another near-perfect slice of ass kicking hard rock. Sweden’s most consistent masters of hard rock drenched in melody, delivered an album that stayed true to the band’s sound, while bringing in a few new tricks.... + continue reading
Thursday, 23/01/20
  SILENT TIGER is the next exciting chapter in the musical journey for MRR’s own Jean Funes, founding member and guitarist of Sound Of Eternity and Hearts On Fire. With HOF vocalist Richard Andermyr working on new RIAN material this year, Jean asked to be put to work and who better to work with than another stalwart of MRR,... + continue reading
Wednesday, 08/01/20
  Escape Music is delighted to announce the release of a brand new Robert Hart title “Pure” (Manfred Man Earth Band, The Jones Gang, x Bad Company and x The Distance with Nile Rodgers, Bernard Edward, Tony Thompson).   ROBERT HART - PURE Release Date: 21 February 2020   Robert Hart: Lead Vocals / Backing Vocals... + continue reading
Monday, 23/12/19
The Better Never Than Late ‘MelRock Best Album Of 2018’ Awards   1. Treat – Tunguska Classic. Modern and contemporary, yet absolutely old-school in its melodic approach.   2. W.E.T – Earthrage The combo of Soto/Martensson/Sall produced another extraordinary anthemic masterclass.   3. Shinedown – Attention... + continue reading