GALLEYBOYZ 1990 Album Arrives on MelodicRock Classics

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MelodicRock Classics is excited to delve back in to rock n roll vaults once more, to deliver another lost classic, this time from Pennsylvania rockers GALLEYBOYZ.

The name may not be familiar, but the pedigree of those involved will be. And like other MRC releases, this will be a Deluxe 2 Disc Edition.

We have expanded upon the original cassette only release to present a fully remastered version of the album (thanks to JK Northrup once again), plus a bonus disc featuring unreleased tracks and demos that came from the album sessions and beyond, plus a set of original Reference Mixes, which give you an alternative look at some of the album’s tracks.

Galleyboyz were formed in early 1990 when Michael Baranski and Steve Schuffert, who were touring with A&M recording artist Glen Burtnik, found themselves out of a job when Glen was given the opportunity to replace Tommy Shaw in Styx.

Baranski and Schuffert were approached by a former manager who wanted to start a new project. John Rongo and Larry Paoletta, who were in a previous band with Baranski, were recruited. Baranski wrote several new songs, and the now named Galleyboyz went into the studio to record them.

The guys were signed to record executive Carl Maduri’s Oceana Records, which had distribution with BMG. Baranski then recruited Glen Burnik to produce the album, recorded at Jerree’s Records in New Brighton, PA., where Donnie Iris had recorded all his albums.

The album was released in Sept 1990 and received a favorable review in Billboard magazine.

Tensions with the band and their manager flared when there was a disagreement over the first song to be released. The band wanted to release either You Get What You Pay For, or Nothing But Love, songs which reflected the sound and direction of the band. The manager wanted to release Tired of Rappin’, which was a novelty song that Baranski had written as a joke!

The manager prevailed, thinking a novelty song would attract attention for a new band. However, rock stations would not play it because the lyrics were rapped, and pop stations wouldn’t play it because it was making fun of rap, a new genre at the time.

The band stayed together for only a few months. Then the band was no more.

Baranski went on to play with James JY Young of Styx, in his other band, the James Young Group. They released an album Raised by Wolves in 1995, with Baranski writing several songs for the album. He also toured with Styx in the 90’s as a support backup singer. Schuffert went on to a successful solo project with his band the Steve Schuffert Band. They played regularly in Europe every year from the late 90s to the late 00’s.

GALLEYBOYZ is out now.

Album Produced by Glen Burtnik
Recorded at Jeree’s Studios summer 1990
All songs written by Michael Baranski except Can’t Live Without Your Love by Steve Schuffert and Standing on the Edge by Michael Baranski / Peter Spero
All songs published by Baran Songs ASCAP

Michael Baranski – Lead vocals, guitar, backing vocals
Steve Schuffert – Lead vocals on Can’t Live Without Your Love, guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals
John Rongo – co-lead vocal on One Step Up, guitar, backing vocals
Larry Paoletta – Drums

Disc 1:
01. You Get What You Pay For 3:36
02. Nothin’ To Lose 3:46
03. One Step Up 4:24
04. Fear For Your Life 3:30
05. Stand Up Fall Down 4:00
06. Rock & Roll Ain’t All So Bad 3:36
07. Desperate Man 3:50
08. I Can’t Live Without Your Love 3:56
09. I’ll Be Alright 3:41
10. Tired of Rappin’ 4:04

Disc 2:
01. You Get What You Pay For (Reference Mix) 3:32
02. Nothing To Lose (Reference Mix) 3:44
03. One Step Up (Reference Mix) 4:24
04. Fear For Your Life (Reference Mix) 3:29
05. Stand Up Fall Down (Reference Mix) 3:58
06. Rock & Roll Ain’t All So Bad (Reference Mix) 3:36
07. Desperate Man (Reference Mix) 3:55
08. I’ll Be Alright (Reference Mix) 3:42
09. Tired Of Rappin’ (Reference Mix) 3:39

10. Fame (Previously Unreleased; Feat. Dennis DeYoung on Keyboards) 4:11
11. Give It What You Got (Previously Unreleased; Feat Jon Brant on Bass) 5:18
12. It’s My Dream (Previously Unreleased) 4:06
13. Hungry (1992 Home Demo)3:24
14. Goodbye, Love (1992 Home Demo)3:53
15. What’s This World Comin’ To (1992 Home Demo) 3:35
16. Out Of The Cage (1992 Home Demo) 3:28
17. Standing On The Edge (1993 Studio Demo) 4:19
18. Without You, Without Me (2003 Unreleased Track) 4:04
19. Let’s Get it Started (2011 Studio Demo) 2:44


HEADWAY - The Lost Steven McClintock Album Out Now on MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label

MelodicRock Classics is excited to announce a partnership with singer/songwriter/producer STEVEN McCLINTOCK to release a pair of phenomenal melodic rock records to feature the acclaimed singer’s voice.

With over 40 years as a successful musician, singer, songwriter, publisher, producer & manager, Steven McClintock is the owner and driving force behind 37 Records and Management. With over 350 cuts and over 25 films and dozens of TV shows to his credit, Steven is also very involved in publishing with Tim James at McJames Music Inc. with writers like Stephen Petree, Chad Petree, Jeremy Dawson from Shiny Toy Guns and Grammy nominee songwriter Pamela Oland.

The first record in the partnership with Steven is the release of another long-lost classic record for fans of early 80s AOR/pomp rock – the band HEADWAY.

Written and recorded in 1979-1980, HEADWAY’s Self-Titled debut is packed with early 80s style classic rock, with a healthy dose of Toto-esque musical twists and turns and Styx-like pomp, all layered in the sweet vocals of McClintock.

Steven discusses the forming of the band:

“I had just finished up with my duo, Fertitta & McClintock after we were released from our Arista Records/Clive Davis contract, and was looking for a new project. I had formed a studio business with my buddy Michael Mikulka and we were cutting different musicians/songwriters commercially in his Garden Grove garage.

Scott Plunkett (keys) was there recording and told me he was playing at El Paso Cantina in Long Beach with another guy name Bruce Boulanger (guitar).

Mike McKinnon (bass) was working there in another room and they had previously talked about putting a band together.  I decided to go see Scott play, he and Bruce brought me upstairs to see Mike, we sat down at a table then and there and decided to put a band together. Just like that.

All we needed was a drummer. Scott was friends with a guy name Chris Stewart and he took the gig as our drummer.  We did a LOT of rehearsals because the material we wanted to play was extremely difficult yet going to be brilliant once we got it down!  No one in our local scene was doing this type of music.  So “Headway” was formed.

That was late 1978. Our first gig was at “The Warehouse” in Newport Beach. The drummer was working a full-time day gig somewhere and wasn’t able to practice, so we hired John “Bones“ McConnell and he became our drummer.  

Fairly soon after that, the “Grrr”, Alex Gutierrez, started sitting in with us on congas and “toys” and became part of the group by default.  This album is dedicated to him.”

The twelve-track record has been rescued from the vaults, with two ‘official bootleg’ live bonus tracks added to complete the HEADWAY picture.

It is truly a lost gem, which MelodicRock Classics is excited to bring to light finally, after all these years.

Some incredibly old master tapes were supplied by Steven, with MRC in-house remastering master JK Northrup taking over to bring the best sound possible to fans.


HOLLYRIDGELAND The Songs Of Robin & Judithe Randall Track Listing

MelodicRock Classics Label
HOLLYRIDGELAND – The Songs Of Robin & Judithe Randall
DISC 1 – 'Darker Shades Of Love', Featuring The Vocals Of MARCIE FREE
01. Too Late For Love
02. Darker Shades Of Love
03. One Heartbeat At A Time
04. High Life (Original Demo Version)
05. When The Heartache Hits You
06. Midnight Don't Come Easy
07. Hard Heart To Break (2021 Remaster)
08. Love Speaks Louder Than Words
09. If You Remember Love
10. Never Alone
11. So Close, Yet So Far
12. The Last Time (Alt Mix)
13. So Close Yet So Far (Duet - Marcie Free & Diana DeWitt)
14. Never Could Call It Love (Duet - Marcie Free & Kristina Nichols)
15. State Of Love (Instrumental)
 01. AirKraft - Someday You'll Come Running
02. Diana DeWitt - Stranger Among Us
03. Marcie Free - Coming Back For More (No Fade Version)
04. Diana DeWitt - The Last Time
05. Aina - Hard Heart To Break
06. Kristina Nichols - High Life
07. After Hours - State Of Love
08. James Christian - Slow Down The Night
09. Diana DeWitt - Look Love In The Eyes
10. Diana DeWitt - Never Be A Next Time
11. Aina - Long Way From Love
12. Diana DeWitt - In It For The Long Run
13. Diana DeWitt - What Happened To Love
14. Steve Zell - Never Could Call It Love
15. Aina - Smoke And Mirrors
16. Diana DeWitt – Dyin' For Your Love
17. After Hours – The Last Time (Bonus Track)
DISC 3 – 'Eyes Of Night', Featuring the Vocals Of JAMES CHRISTIAN
01. Where Are You Now
02. Breaking Through The Silence (Demo)
03. Leave Well Enough Alone (Original Demo)
04. Eyes Of Night
05. A Love I'd Die For
06. Hearts Of Fire
07. Mother Night (Original Demo, Rock Mix)
08. Know You In The Dark (Original Demo)
09. Everything But Love
10. Love Forever Story
11. Love Look In To My Life (Original Mix)
12. Why Don't You Love Me
13. The Last Time
14. The Last Of Love
15. Love For Ever Story (Duet - James Christian & Diana DeWitt)
16. State Of Love (Duet - Aina & James Christian)(Live At Studio One Back Lot)
17. Mother Night (Alt Mix)
DISC 4 – 'Hard Heart To Break', Featuring The Vocals Of DIANA DEWITT
01. Tomorrow Doesn't Matter Tonight (New 2021 Recording)
02. All The Love Your Heart Can Hold
03. Hard Heart To Break
04. Bless A Brand New Angel (Baywatch)
05. Darker Shades Of Love
06. Venus & Mars
07. Leave Well Enough Alone
08. One Heartbeat At A Time
09. Slow Down The Night
10. Isobel
11. Love Forever Story
12. Beautiful Is Lonely
13. Too Late For Love
14. Dirty Dancing
15. Other Side Of Rain
16. Love Looked Into My Life
17. Hearts Of Fire
18. Child Inside
19. Amnesty
DISC 5 – 'Look Me Up When You're Falling Down', Vocals From The Men
01. Darker Shades Of Love - Curt Cuomo Vocal
02. Rated X - Curt Cuomo
03. Killer Love - Curt Cuomo
04. Tough Boy - Curt Cuomo
05. Other Side Of Rain (Duet) Diana DeWitt & Curt Cuomo
06. Look Me Up When Your Falling Down - Robert Tepper
07. Garden Of Night - Robert Tepper
08. Mother Night (Unplugged) - Robert Tepper
09. Live Each Day As My Last - Kelly Keagy
10. One Heartbeat - Tony Sciuto
11. All Rivers Run To The Sea - Ken Stacey
12. Don't Hold Your Breath - Ken Stacey
13. Moment In The Sun - Leo Unnermark
14. Life Is For Living - Edge of The Blade
15. Never Be A Next Time – After Hours
16. Get It Right – Engelo Charles
17. I Still Remember - Tom Synclair
18. You Can't Keep The Wind From Blowing (Desert Storm All Star Track)
DISC 6 – 'If You Dare To Dream', The Ladies Rock!
01.Mother Night - Aina
02. Never Alone - Aina
03. All Rivers They Run To The Sea - Aina
04. If You Remember Love - Aina
05. If Life Were A Beach - Aina
06. Never Could Call It Love - Aina
07. If You Dare To Dream – Windy Wagner
08. Forever Friends - Windy Wagner (Baywatch)
09. Rainbow In The Rain (Duet) - Ronee Martin & Kenny James
10. Just Friends - Ronee Martin
11. I'll Choose Love - Ronee Martin
12. Keep Running - Brooke White
13.  Love Has No Mercy - Kristina Nichols
14. Know You In The Dark - Kristina Nichols
15. It Didn't Have To End This Way- Sarah Olson
16. Wasted Love - Donna Hurst
17. Can't Get Enough -Viki Childs
18. Eyes Of Night - Mara Getz
DISC 7 – 'Breaking Through The Silence', Featuring The Vocals Of STEVE ZELL
01. Breaking Thru The Silence
02. Better Believe If I Could Touch You One More Time (Baywatch)
03. The Last Time
04. Better Believe In Me
05. The Best Of Whatever You Are (Baywatch)
06. Making Love By The Letter
07. Just Friends
08. Coin City Launderette
09. Learn To Let You Go
10. Close My Eyes
11. It's Only A Matter Of Time (Baywatch)
12. Why Can't I Ever Say No
13. Close My Eyes (Duet) Steve Zell & Diana DeWitt
14. Two Souls, One Breath (Duet) - Steve Zell & Deborah Rogers
15. To The Max (Baywatch)(Duet) - Steve Zell & Deborah Rogers
16. Learn To Let You Go (Piano & Vocal)
DISC 8 – 'Falling To You', The Collaborations Of ROBIN RANDALL & BILL LaFLEUR
01. Falling To You - Michelle Staffieri
02. In An Instant - Michelle Staffieri
03. Did You Forget To Forget Me - Michelle Staffieri
04. Still The Same Inside - Michelle Staffieri
05. Letting Go - TBA
06. My Last Wish - Sopa Whyte
07. How Do You Sleep At Night- Sopa Whyte
08. Will You Still Love Me - Sopa Whyte
09.Gotta get My Own Life Back - Josephine Schaffert
10. You Are My Everything - Matt Salmons
11. Into The Unknown – Matt Salmons 
12. Paper Moon Sky - Emerald
13. Miss Misery - Emerald
14. Somebody's Baby - Emerald
15. Love Comes When You Least Expect It - Sarah Olson
16. Anything Less Than Love - Sarah Olson
17. No Place I'd Rather Be – Captain Mustard
18. Those Days In The 1970s Camilla Gervide



CHRIS FARREN ‘In So Many Words’ Unreleased Archives Out Now

MelodicRock Classics Label

CHRIS FARREN – In So Many Words $30 (2CD Set; Including worldwide shipping)


MelodicRock Classics is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the acclaimed songwriter CHRIS FARREN for the release of a 2-Disc compilation of his solo demos, all previously unreleased officially.

For MRC002, MRC teams up with the great Swedish AOR A&R legend Magnus Soderqvist for the first of several projects together.

With plans to start the MRC label, owner Andrew McNeice went to his great mate and highly respected A&R guru Magnus Soderqvist in Sweden for help on contacting some of the names on the label’s ‘hit-list’ of possible releases and for his input on any other ‘lost’ projects that they could work together on bringing to fruition.

One of those names at the top of the list was CHRIS FARREN, an amazing vocalist who seemingly spent a lot of years making other people sound great, without putting out a release under his own name. Magnus tracked Chris down and a discussion began over how we could pay tribute to Chris in the best possible way. The songs of ‘In So Many Words’ is the result.

In the 90s, an album’s worth of Chris’ solo work leaked and because heavily traded between fans of classic AOR and Westcoast pop/rock. It was traded under the guise of an unreleased album called ‘Signs Of Life’. In reality, no such thing ever existed, and no album was ever planned. Until now.

Chris has worked one on one with Andrew and Magnus to catalogue his favourite solo demos of the 80s, with the 14-track album titled ‘In So Many Words’.

So rich were the archives of Chris’ songwriting, that it was agreed a second disc of 11 bonus tracks would be added to the package, ensuring that none of everyone’s favourite picks were excluded.

The 2-Disc set will be released August 13 and will feature 25 songs given the full remastering treatment from master sources by JK Northrup, with direct input from Chris along the way.

Adding extra value for fans, Chris provides detailed track by track liner notes for the accompanying booklet.

Enjoy the first preview track from the set ‘If Trees Could Scream’.


Chris Farren has directly been involved in over 100 #1 hits, in many different genres, and well over 100 million albums sold as a songwriter, artist, producer and publisher. He has been nominated for 4 Grammy awards, an 11- time ASCAP award winning songwriter, and a CMA award winning producer.  An artist himself in his early years, Farren moved to LA in 1982 to begin his musical journey. He made his living in those early years singing in clubs and in movies, jingles, background vocals, and producing anything he could, all while working on his solo music.

Drawing upon influences from the singer-songwriter era of the late 70’s and combining them with the slicker sound of LA and Ventura Boulevard of the early 80’s, Farren created a sound that was uniquely his own. Dozens of movie themes, jingles and record deals later, Farren settled into a career that was more behind the scenes, writing and producing songs for others.

Luckily for us, he left behind a great body of work of quintessential 80’s pop tunes he recorded as an artist, many of which you will hear in this release. These tunes were all written, recorded and performed by Farren between 1983 and 1988, and you are hearing them in their original form. Many of the tunes have been recorded by others and many of these tracks feature some young guest artists that have gone on to highly successful careers.

Farren’s songs have been recorded by everyone from Greg Allman, Michael McDonald, Air Supply, Rascal Flatts, The Backstreet Boys, Deana Carter, Trace Adkins, 98 degrees, Olivia Newton-John, and many many others.  Chris is currently the owner and driving force behind Combustion Music, one of Nashville’s most dynamic and successful independent publishing and production companies that recently celebrated their 85th #1 single. 

Farren continues to make music to this day, producing and writing hit songs from his office and studio in Nashville.  Combustion has amassed an impressive array of awards including, 6 Grammys, 3 ASCAP Song of the Year awards, and a multitude of hit writers including; 7 time ASCAP Country songwriter of the year, Ashley Gorley, 6 time Christian songwriter of the year Matthew West, and platinum rockers The Kings of Leon.

So take a journey back to Southern California circa 1985 and listen to these great songs and performances by Chris Farren.

‘In So Many Words’ is out via MelodicRock Classics August 13.


CHRIS IRVINE 30th Anniversary Debut Reissue Available via MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label

MelodicRock Classics is excited to announce the limited-edition reissue of four acclaimed cult classic AOR albums over the next two months. Each album has won fan and critical praise over the years and all four titles have remained on the impossible to find list for many collectors.

The campaign begins August 26 with reissues of two British classics – CHRIS IRVINE and 2AM.

On September 30, two more classics arrive – LAMARCA and YA YA ‘II’.

CHRIS IRVINE is a Belfast born singer/songwriter who released his debut album in 1992. The self-titled album contained the official single ‘Frozen Rivers’, which will become the new title for this 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of ‘Chris Irvine’.


With help from the original label and various participants in the release, including the man himself, CHRIS IRVINE ‘Frozen Rivers’ revisits the lost classic, adding a generous selection of bonus tracks, packing this special release with previously unreleased AOR gems.

Chris comments: “I’m delighted to be able to have the opportunity to finally deliver the definitive version of this album, with the artwork I envisaged as the artist when it was recorded. When you’ve spent hours, weeks, and months toiling in the studio, writing and recording your music, it becomes a living, breathing part of you. You nurture it and build up an idea of how it should be presented. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that level of involvement on the album’s initial release. I am truly grateful to Andrew McNeice and MRC for allowing me the opportunity to give fans of the album something really special on the 30th anniversary of its release.”

Producer Phil Radford“Back in the late 1980’s I was working as an in-house writer/ producer at Red Bus music in North London. My partner Pete Yellowstone and I were introduced to Chris as a potential new artist to work with. We were immediately struck by his powerful and soulful vocals, his enthusiasm and obvious talent. Over a few months we worked on studio ‘down time’ which was evenings and nights writing and recording these songs. These late long smoky sessions were very productive and Chris came up with some powerful performances behind the mic!

Very much a product of the times, the big clean 80s pop AOR sound is clearly what we were going for. We mixed it in studio 2 at Red bus studios on an SSL desk with either Graham Bonnet or me engineering. Even though the album wasn’t received as widely as it could have been at the time, I’m glad to see it still has many fans from all around the world.”

MelodicRock Classics presents CHRIS IRVINE ‘Frozen Rivers – 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition’ August 26. Limited Edition 500 Unit CD; all audio remastered from original masters by JK Northrup.

Pre-orders available this week.

Track Listing:


01. Frozen Rivers                                         4:18

02. Vital Signs                                              3:46

03. Never Listen To Rumours                      3:41

04. Hypnotise                                              3:34

05. In Need Of An Angel                            3:54       

06. Really Need To Know                            4:01

07. You’ve Got The Right                            4:07

08. Kicking Up Dust                                    3:23

09. Can You See Me Now?                           3:39

10. Get A Grip                                              4:00

Bonus Tracks (Unreleased Demos):

11. Room With A View                               4:37

12. Wind In The Wires                                3:32

13. You Got The Right                                 4:09

14. Find Our Way Back Home                     4:20

15. Jody                                                      3:16

16. Am I What (U Really Want)                   5:33

17. Truth                                                      4:20

18. Love Still Hurts                                      4:31

19. Can You See Me Now (Ext. Vers.)       4:27

Run Time 77:28


BIG SHOT Lost Self-Titled 1992 Album Released via MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label

MelodicRock Classics is pleased to dive back into the past to prove that not everything that came out of the 90s was better off left there. October 28 will see the long overdue release of an album from Orlando, Florida melodic rockers BIG SHOT.


BIG SHOT was formed in the early 1990’s under the name of the Deryle Hughes Band. The original members were Deryle Hughes on vocals, David Mikeal on keyboards and guitar, Paul Drennan on bass, Angelo Janotti on guitar and Tommy Scott on drums. The group immediately started performing higher profile live dates. Unfortunately, Tommy left the group early on and Sean Shannon took over on the drums.

All the recordings in this collection were performed with this 2nd lineup (pictured). The group was managed by Pat Armstrong of PARC Records (a CBS affiliate.) They performed mostly their own original material live with a few covers mixed in. They played the clubs and concerts opening for Foreigner, Blackfoot and many others.

After numerous shows Angelo decided to leave the group and Big Shot hired Tony Sams to take his place on guitar. All the members mentioned are still involved in the music business!

MelodicRock Classics will release this collection of songs, sequenced by the label into the free-flowing record you will all hear on October 28 (CD & Digital).

01. Out Of Control

02. Stand Up And Fight

03. Jealousy

04. Step Into My World

05. Wherever You Are

06. Fight Fire With Fire

07. Rollercoaster

08. Rock This Place

09. Stay With You

10. City Limit

11. Love On The Line

12. On The Edge

13. Don’t Destroy Our Future


ANDY QUNTA – Legend In A Loungeroom (Deluxe Edition) Reissue Out Now

MelodicRock Classics Label

MelodicRock Classics is pleased to announce a partnership with English singer, songwriter, composer and musician Andy Qunta to deliver a Deluxe Edition of his one and only solo album ‘Legend In A Loungeroom’, originally recorded in 1989.


Andy has one of the most interesting and complex bio’s of any artist. Andy Qunta (pronounced Coonta) is a citizen of the world and an artist with a long list of credits going back to the early 70s. His first band was Factory, then joining the Hazel O’Connor band.

He met Manfred Mann vocalist Chris Thompson in New Zealand in 1982, which lead to a writing partnership that continues today.

That same year Andy become the keyboard player for Australian melodic rock legends Icehouse, helping to propel them through their most popular and critically acclaimed phase, as well as writing the hit ‘Crazy’ from the ‘Man Of Colours’ album, before departing in 1988.

Andy with Chris Thompson, along with singer Maggie Ryder (Eurythmics) and lyricist Keith Reid (Procul Harum/Whiter Shade of Pale) wrote the now iconic song ‘You’re the Voice’, originally made into a mega-hit by John Farnham, but also covered by Heart, Chris Thompson, David Foster and countless others.

Andy’s other songs have also been recorded by mega-artists including John Waite (Take Me Home), Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (Tribal Statistics) and John Farnham (Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done).

In 1989, Andy headed to Los Angeles to record a solo album, titled ‘Legend In A Loungeroom’. The album featuring a lineup including Tony Qunta, Jeff Skunk Baxter (Doobie Bros, Steely Dan), Guy Pratt (Icehouse, Pink Floyd), Scott Page (Pink Floyd, Supertramp), Steve Milbacher, Paulinho da Costa (Madonna, Sting), Tim Pierce (Meatloaf, Crowded House), & Denny Fongheiser (Tracy Chapman, Heart).

A video for first single, ‘Thing About You’ was shot in Sydney and Melbourne. The song started getting heavy airplay in Australia before legal wrangles with Executive Producers cause project to be shelved. The album was dead in the water before being released in Europe on German label, without the artist’s knowledge.

Andy would later do an independent self-release of the album with altered artwork, which MelodicRock Classics was a big fan of. Being an even bigger fan of Andy’s co-writes with John Farnham, the idea of a Deluxe Edition re-issue was floated, with the label pitching the idea of using some songwriter demos as bonus tracks.

What wasn’t expected was the number of the demos uncovered by Andy, which lead to this ‘special event’ double CD coming to fruition, with some mega-star performances featured.

So the project quickly expanded to a double disc – with the original album given a refresh remaster by JK Northrup and preserved on Disc One, with the Bonus Demos gathered on Disc Two, featuring the vocals of Andy, Chris Thompson, Maggie Ryder and others, plus guest musicians such as Brett Garsed (Nelson, John Farnham), Steve Hogarth (Marillion), Guy Pratt (Icehouse, Pink Floyd, Madonna) and more.

Graphic Artist Nello Dell’Omo has been commissioned to create a brand new cover art package for this release, which will be revealed closer to the release date.

The full track listing for ‘Legend In A Loungeroom’ and ‘The Songwriter Demos’ is as follows:

Disc One – ‘Legend In A Loungeroom’ (2021 Remaster)

01. Take Me Home

02. Come Back Baby

03. Thing About You

04. Waiting For The Storm

05. Tightrope

06. Sooner Or Later

07. Empty Words

08. Free The Bird

09. Take This Heart

10. Legend In A Loungeroom

11. These Are The Days

12. Midnight

Disc Two – ‘The Songwriter Demos’

01. You’re The Voice (Featuring Chris Thompson)

02. Time Flies (Featuring Vince Ruby)

03. Good Love (Featuring Maggie Ryder)

04. You’re Strong (Featuring Chris Thompson)

05. Someone Is Missing (Andy Qunta)

06. Don’t Tell Me (It Can’t Be Done) (Featuring Chris Thompson)

07. Won’t Let It Rain (Featuring Angie Giles)

08. Win Or Lose (Featuring Vince Ruby)

09. On A Distant Shore (Andy Qunta)

10. Better Way (Featuring Chris Thompson)

11. Ghost Of Your Love (Featuring Fergus Harper)

12. The Wanting (Is Too Strong) (Featuring Maggie Ryder)

13. Wheel Of Fortune (Andy Qunta)

14. Don’t Turn Away (Featuring Chris Thompson)

15. How Come You Don’t Understand Me (Featuring Maggie Ryder)

‘Legend In A Loungeroom – Deluxe Edition’ will be released via MelodicRock Classics October 8 with pre-sales available this week, alongside the label’s other October 8 release Mark Edwards ‘Land Of The Living’.

These days Andy continues to perform regularly in his adopted home of Los Angeles in the Foreigner Tribute Band Double Vision and guest appearances with Journey Tribute Band Open Arms.


ALL I KNOW ‘Vanity Kills’ Deluxe Edition Out Now

MelodicRock Classics Label
ALL I KNOW are back!
Before the band move onto new recordings and new music, due at the end of the year, they will first revisit their acclaimed and long out of print debut album ‘Vanity Kills’, presenting it to fans once again in a Deluxe Edition CD, limited to 1000 units worldwide plus for the first time ever – 100 coloured LPs available directly from the band.
‘Vanity Kills’ made a huge splash when released via MRR in 2010, with the 1000 unit pressing selling out quickly.
Just who are ALL I KNOW?
What happens when 4 young guns go through their parents’ record collection ? There are those with bad luck who end up with LP’s by Jean-Michel Jarre, Samantha Fox or Nana Mouskouri. The more fortunate ones strike gold and discover classic albums by Def Leppard, Billy Idol, Van Halen or Poison. Back in the eighties these bands were all part of the hard rock wave coming over from the United States. All I Know pick up where these classic bands left off. On their first full length album “Vanity Kills” they wear their influences on their sleeves. Let yourself be swept away by blistering guitar-attacks, thundering drums and big choruses!
All I Know, from Kortrijk, Belgium, have been playing and writing since 2005 and worked during that time on their debut album, which was pressed independently by the band in 2009 and sold online or at their live shows. In early 2010 the band were selected out of 1000 bands for the final round of Belgium’s most important rock contest, Humo’s Rock Rally 2010, organized by one of Belgium’s biggest magazines, ‘Humo’.
A huge percentage of all successful Belgian rock bands have made their name through this contest. AIK did not reach the semi-finals, because according to the jury, no one is waiting for the next Bon Jovi! But All I Know proud to be the only band representing the genre and is sticking to its guns!
Despite approaching a number of well-known and smaller labels, the band could not secure a deal for a wider release of their album. Something which shocked MelodicRock Classics owner Andrew McNeice: “I was stunned the band had an album of this quality sitting on the shelf. I couldn’t believe that here was something I knew would have huge appeal to my own site audience and no one would take a chance on it. I took it up myself to shop the album to the labels I knew and when I couldn’t get them a deal either! I knew at that point it was time to do things myself. And from that point I knew All I Know would be one of the first bands to be released on my label.” The MRR label was subsequently sold and the new reissue label MRC formed.
The band took a break for a few years, regrouping now with a renewed focus on delivering quality melodic rock and reaffirming their commitment to play live, having already booked new gigs for the year ahead.
All I Know’s sound sees them mix up the best influences of Bryan Adams, Van Stephenson, REO Speedwagon and Bon Jovi.
All I Know ‘Vanity Kills’ Line-Up was: Ward Dufraimont (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Michaël Neyt (Guitar/Vocals), Amély Mondy (Bass).
The Deluxe Edition CD sees all material from the debut album recording and demo sessions wrapped up into one package, closing the chapter of this band’s history.
The CD track Listing is:
01.  All Night Long
02.  Bad Boy
03.  Asphyxia
04.  Rain (2010 Beau Hill Remix)
05.  Turn Back Time
06.  I Need You
07.  Into Your Heart
08.  I Wanna Rock You
09.  Sweet 17
10. Teenage Queen
11. All The Way
12. Hope And Dreams
13. Only You (Compilation Track)
14. Consume Me (Compilation Track)
15. Running Away (Compilation Track)
16. My Time (2008 Outtake)
17. All Night Long (2007 Demo)
18. I Need You (2007 Demo)
19. Sweet 17 (Summer 2007 Demo)
20. Asphyxia (Summer 2007 Demo)
21. Make Belief (June 2007 Demo)
22. And Nothing But The Truth (June 2007 Demo)
23. Rain (2008 Original Mix)
As mentioned, the band are also pressing 100 hand numbered LPs in pink coloured vinyl for this special occasion. Released by the band themselves, under the Juvenile Records moniker, the masters have been sent for manufacturing, but due to worldwide delays, the exact delivery date is still TBC.
To pre-order a copy, contact the band at and via their Facebook Page
Vanity Kills (Deluxe Edition) CD will be released via MelodicRock Classics April 29.

ALIEN – Into The Future (Album Review, 2020)

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AOR Heaven

Legacy Swedish AOR act Alien deliver their seventh studio album here, the first to see them turn their traditional style on its head in an attempt to reach a new crowd.

So Alien have ‘gone metal’ here, albeit metal with a strong melodic edge and the unmistakable voice of Jim Jidhed reminding us of their true AOR origins.

I’ve seen some very mixed fan responses to this and my initial reaction was very negative. However, despite an absolutely horrendous production (yes, that issue again and a pretty consistent theme of the last 3 Alien albums), there are some great songs on here to enjoy.

I do think the guys are having a bet both ways, with the album split between the new hard rock sound and several lighter AOR songs that could have come from any previous album.

It’s a hard call – do you fully embrace a new sound with all the risks that entails, or do you try and do something different and mix in the old sound to try and keep old fans happy.

Hard to make a cohesive album with two different styles and I think that’s what holds this album back. Not to mention that Jim really struggles vocally on some of the heavier numbers, especially the painful to listen to What Are We Fighting For and Into The Future.

Of the ‘metal’ songs I really like the opening salvo of You Still Burn and Night Of Fire, the band don’t sound any better than they do on these two tracks.

On the other hand, ‘classic’ Alien can be heard with the more keyboard friendly Time Is Right, Freedom Wind and Fallin Way Down.

It’s a mixed album with mixed results and yes, mixed feelings. I think I’ll probably pick a few tunes here and there for separate playlists, but as a start to finish album, there’s something not quite right about ‘metal’ Alien and the production/mix is very muddy to say the least.


ALIEN – Eternity (Album Review, 2014)

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AOR Heaven

Any Jim Jidhead record is a good record and to have the original Alien back together lifts expectations higher than normal.
Thankfully the Swedish AOR Gods deliver – big time. This album sees direct comparison to their hailed classic self-titled debut. They really seem to have recaptured the magic fans hoped for.
Pure Scandi-AOR, delivered with a strong production and layers of vocals over guitars and keyboards galore….it just doesn’t get better for the pink and fluffy brigade.
This is old-school AOR – mid-80s styled, with a good mix and some very catchy songs. Jim Jidhed sounds great, as does the rest of the band in their respective roles.

This is a very consistent album with enough differences between the songs to make things interesting. The tempo is largely up, aside from a couple of big ballads – I Believe and the stark In Truth are both excellent. The mid-tempo ballad I’m A Fighter also appeals.
Elsewhere around the album, highlights include the terrific opening In Love We Trust; the fast moving Unbroken; the classic AOR of Love Will Lead Me Home and the warmth of Summer Of Love plus the feel good Liar Liar.
The only song that doesn’t really strike a chord with me is the jangly keyboard driven What Goes Up, whose chorus and keyboard fill are both kinda of annoying.

The Bottom Line

Strike another one up for the Swedes. Surely it can’t keep coming without end in sight? Well, regardless of that, let’s enjoy these releases while we can. Quality like this helps fans of the glory days of the 80s continue without any need to move into the now. Welcome back Alien – nice to have you around again.





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