Journey (2005)


The 2005 Journey Interviews



Deen Castronovo (Drums / Vocals)

"2 weeks later we were going to do Soul SirkUS and my doctor, he prescribed me this stuff – he thought I was bi-polar. It took this stuff and was so dehydrated that it was like getting pure doses of this stuff – I had no water, no fluids and I almost died!
I was in the Emergency Room and the doctor said, well you can either go on the road and die, or you can go home and get yourself well. And I had to tell Neal this. It broke his frickin' heart. Not only that, but it broke my heart that I had to hurt him.
Because, I tell you Andrew, if it was not for Neal Schon, my career would not exist.
I would do anything for him....

....Using drugs and alcohol is definitely an instalment plan! I thank God for the guys in this band, if it is wasn't for them I'd probably be in a box six feet under."

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Neal Schon (Guitars / Vocals)

"This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. It wasn't an easy situation. Management weren't totally into it, our agent was not totally into it and I think a lot of promoters were not into it. They finally came around and is said I think this is going to be really good. We have about 11,000 people the other night in Irvine, and we did 7 or 8 last night and we have 8 here tonight and we are doing great numbers playing by our self.
There was so much speculation when we did that three bill show a couple of years back with Styx and REO. REO fans were saying that Journey aren't selling any tickets, Styx management were saying they were selling all the tickets and Journey wouldn't be anything with out them. So I'm happy to be standing on our own ground here and doing well."

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Jonathan Cain (Keyboards / Vocals)

"The lyrics are some of the best I have ever done. For me this is one of the best lyric sessions I have ever had, 'cause I wrote a lot. I wrote from the heart and I wrote for the fans. Faith In The Heartland is about things learnt and seen on the road.
Growing up with my kids and watching fans come to the shows – Every Generation is for me really what this band is all about. I think I hit the nail on the head with that one.

I did motivational speeches to 3000 of these kids – maybe 5 or 6 speeches. I found out who I was again – the process of going back and looking at things. I told them all that there are a series of conversations you have in your life that really matter. You really have to be in the conversation – that will make or break you. About having those moments of really shining and that only comes from being in the moment at all times. And being in the conversation and people get your meaning and you are there, wholeheartedly – not just half-hearted you know….there must have been three or four conversations I had with very important people that made or broke my career and me paying attention to what was said. And that's what I left them with."

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Ross Valory (Bass / Vocals)

"The recording of Generations is some of my proudest moments. The music is strong, it's varied, it's surprisingly not necessarily what people would expect from Journey.
With the deprival of Arrival – being that nobody thoughts anything of it for whatever reason – we made a sincere and conscientious attempt at writing music that tied to our past influences and past styles. That threads, that signature…from Arrival to the songs we were most known for in the past. And it did absolutely no good. It didn't mean anything to anybody.
In spite of what I believe and what you believe, ah, were some quality songs and quality recordings representing the Journey style and all of a sudden nothing happened."

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Steve Augeri (Lead Vocals)

"Deen Castronovo takes a huge workload off of me, cause quite frankly I would not be able to do four or five shows a week without Deen's help. And that is just the bottom line. Initially it was a little bizarre but as the shows progressed and I saw how things were working out…and you know, this is about a band first and foremost – I joined a band, I walked into a situation where, frankly, they were tied of a lead singer…how should I put this…as diplomatically as possible – they were trying to resume being a band as opposed to a band with a lead singer."

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