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Friday, December 24, 2010
MelodicRock Records signs Riverdogs!

Much loved melodic rock band Riverdogs (Rob Lamothe, Vivian Campbell, Nick Brophy & Marc Danzeisen) have signed to MelodicRock Records for an album to be released in the first half of 2011.
This studio album is a long awaited return for the band, featuring unreleased music from the 'lost' 2003 sessions as well as perhaps a few new 2010 tunes :)
The guys recently spent a week in Los Angeles together working up ideas and re-mixing and adding new parts to the originally recorded songs.

Further details, comments from the guys and track titles coming up in the new year. But to say I'm excited about this release is a massive understatement! I've loved this band since the day the debut album came out. They should be mega-stars and perhaps with this release we can get the ball rolling again!


I had the best intentions for a big week of updates - but I fell a little short. That's just the time of the year I guess. Crazy. I'd like to wish all readers a safe, happy, warm and (above all else) MELODIC Christmas!
I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that recently donated to the MR Upgrade Drive - I'm humbled and thankful by the great response from so many. We have managed to raise over $4000, which is going straight back into the re-development of the site and ongoing running costs.
2011 is going to deliver one kick-ass MR!

Anyway, there is still a few things to do which I will try and get online next week, but maybe not! I can guarantee that business as normal will resume in the new year, Monday January 10.
Stay safe (and warm for my Northern friends) and see you soon.
PS. Yes, you can expect the MelRock Awards in 2011!




Thursday, December 23, 2010

Escape Music will release Coldspell's new album Out From The Cold on February 25. The Band consists of: Niklas Swedentorp – Lead Vocals, Michael Larsson – Guitars and Backing Vocals, Anders "Kebbe" Lindmark – Bass, Perra Johanson – Drums, Matti Eklund – Keyboards and vocals, with a very special guest on Drums: Ian Haugland (Europe)
Tracklist: 1-Heroes 2- Run For Your Life 3- One In A Million 4- Six Feet Under 5- Time 6- Save Our Souls 7- The King 8- Fate 9- Seven Wonders 10- Angel Eyes 11- Heading For Tomorrow 12- Out From The Cold.

Coldspell are an exciting new band based in the north of Sweden. They were formed in 2005 by guitarist and songwriter Michael Larsson, who was previously with the band R.A.W., a band that recorded two albums in the 90's with members from Dalton and Kicken (Poodles) on drums. Together with four other experienced musicians the band Coldspell are ready to impress you with their own brand of hard rock. The band took the world by storm with their "Infinate Stargaze" release (ESM184), a recording that draws influences from a mixture of everything they grew up with from the groove of the 70's to the choruses and melodies of the 80's, mixed with the raw and naked excitement of the 90's, not forgetting the production expertise of the millennium.
Coldspell's debut CD has already created a stir in rock circles, and they have a nice crisp guitar sound that can be compared to Gotthard, Malmsteen and Whitesnake but with melodies and a rich rhythm section that smacks of Treat and Dalton. Songs like "Keep on Believin'", "Eye of the Storm" and "Shot Down" won fans over time and time again. The album received stunning reviews all over the world and was on several album "toplists" for 2009 and album of the year at (category "heavy, hard and melodic rock").
Here we are two years later and a brand new release "Out from the Cold", once again mixed by Tommy Hansen in Denmark, Tommy of course having previously worked with Helloween, TNT, Pretty Maids, Jorn and Pagan's Mind. Well, why change a winning formula?! What we have here are 12 tracks of hard rock excellence that take the band to new heights. The core of Niklas Swedentorp on vocals, Michael Larssen on Guitars and vocals and Matti Eklund on keyboards and vocals remains the same, but in come new members Perra Johanson (ex Crawley, Lost Souls) on drums and Anders "kebbe" Lindmark joins on Bass (ex Dalton / RAW).
What a way to start 2011!


Greece's Rockpages Web Magazine did an exclusive face to face interview with The Scorpions guitarist, Rudolph Schenker. Here's an excerpt: : Have you ever thought about the day after…
Rudolf Schenker: No, I don't make plans, they ruin the momentum. When I decided to go to Dakar, my manager said to me "Are you stupid? It's the toughest rally and we have a full tour ahead"! But I was feeling well, so I made the decision. One of my best ever… : A moment ago you said you have huge live footage. So are you thinking about releasing a DVD next year?
Rudolf Schenker: "World Wide Live" is a DVD with bonus. We filmed so much and only half of that stuff is on the VHS! We will re-release it as a DVD. As I said, I have an outstanding idea for the last concert. I don't want to say anything now. It's gonna be very expensive and very special for Scorpions. : Will it be a lonely world without the super groups?
Rudolf Schenker: Lonely world? Yes, of course! When the Stones go and AC/DC go and Van Halen… Maybe we do a show in America with Van Halen…
Read The Full Interview On:


March, 2011



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of Ten's ninth all original studio album entitled Stormwarning on February 18, 2011 in Europe and February the 15th in North America.
Turmoil is a word that could well describe what life has been like in the Ten camp over the past few years. Going through several line-up changes and a self imposed exiles from the scene, Ten for many seemed to be a name that wrote glorious pages in the darkest period of Melodic Hard Rock, failing to keep the flame alive when the momentum was raising again.
Still, Ten singer and principal songwriter, Gary Hughes knew he had another ace up his sleeve and decided to play it safe. For the new album "Stormwarning" he wanted first to have the right line-up and he enlisted the services of Neil Fraser on lead guitars and Mark Sumner on bass, in addition to long-time members John Helliwell on guitar and Paul Hodson on keyboards.
Then the masterful Mark Zonder (Fates Warning) guested to take care of all the drum duties and Gary made sure that none other than Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69 and producer of Angra, Place Vendome, Sunstorm, Edenbridge among others) would mix and produce the album. Finally he made contact with the original designer of the "Spellbound" and "Babylon" covers, the renowned Spanish fantasy artist Luis Royo, to recreate the perfect graphics for the new album.
In the summer 2010 with all the groundwork done, Ten finally started the recording of "Stormwarning" an album that, like the name itself tells, is an inspiration for tales of glory, war, and death and of course love. Any rock fan who digs the sound that Rainbow carved out with "Difficult to Cure" or that Whitesnake brought to success with "1987" and that Gary Moore exalted with albums like "Final Frontier" or "Run For Cover" needs to have this record in their collection. And even for the well acquainted, Ten re-ignite memories of "The Name of The Rose" and "Spellbound".

Stormwarning track listing includes: Endless Symphony; Centre Of My Universe; Kingdom Come; Book Of Secrets; Stormwarning; Invisible; Love Song; The Hourglass And The Landslide; Destiny; The Wave.
The radio edit version of "Endless Symphony" can exclusively be listened in full in streaming on the Frontiers Web radio. Tune in at:


Escape Music will release a Heartland's Best Of titled Travelling Through Time is now a double CD set, featuring one new track and 6 unreleased tracks (previously 5) and still due for release January 21.
Track List - Disc 1: Search Goes On / Too Sad To Cry / Whatever Gets You Through The Night / A Leap In The Dark / City Of Lights / Voodoo Eyes / Wide Open / Castles In The Sand / The Fall / These Are The Days / Magazine / A Man I'll Never Be.
Disc 2: Best Is Yet To Come / Where Ever You Want Me / Elena / Stranger In This City / Eyes Wide Open / Where The Pieces Fall / I Believe / Way Of The Buffalo / One Love / The Man In The Iron Mask / Staring Down The Gun / I Count The Days / Long Long Way From Home.

The releases: Heartland (1991 A&M) / Wide Open (Escape Music 1999) / III (Escape 1995) / Bridge of Fools (Escape 1997) / Miracles by Design (Escape 1998) / When Angels Call (Escape 1999) / As It Comes (Escape 2000) / Communication Down (Escape 2002) / Move On (Escape 2005) / Mind Your Head (Escape 2007).

The Players: Chris Ousey – All Vocals / Steve Morris – Guitars, Bass & Keyboards, Steve Gibson - Drums, Steve Millington - Keyboards. Plus many many more Guests musicians!

In the meantime the 2CD set "Travelling Through Time" is an enjoyable way to be reminded of how great they are, with tracks old and new and something you may just never have heard before….this is a milestone achievement from both Escape Music and Heartland, here's to the future of a great working relationship that has stood the test of time.


News direct from Lillian Axe: "Dear Axe Fans, Lillian Axe is alive and well! We know we have been away for a awhile. We now have narrowed our search for a new singer down to two candidates and we will be announcing our new singer in January. We, along with our manager took our time going through numerous submissions and auditions to find the right man for the job and we are almost there. Please be patient and we know you will not be disappointed. We just wanted to make sure we have the right singer to help move Lillian Axe forward and to continue to make great music.
We are going to start 2011 with a full throttle assault. We are going to record a new song with our new singer that will be available for download so everyone can hear some new Lillian Axe! Then we will be hitting the road to tour and finally support Deep Red Shadows with a new set list and stage production with the same Lillian Axe intensity that will blow your minds.
The new Cuba Gooding Jr. movie, "The Hit List" will finally be released in March and features the single "47 Ways To Die" as the main song in the movie. The entire Lillian Axe organization would like to wish everyone "happy holidays" and a "happy and healthy new year." 2011 is going to be a special time for Lillian Axe.
We love you all, ~ Steve, Sam, Eric & Ken."




Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of Scheepers solo debut album on February 18th in Europe and February 15th in North America.
Ralf Scheepers has built himself quite a reputation for being one of the finest German Heavy Metal singers. With a career spanning three decades (he debuted with Tyran' Pace's "Eye to Eye" album in 1983), Scheepers sung on true Power Metal manifesto releases such as Gamma Ray's first three albums, before starting Primal Fear in 1997, with Mat Sinner.
His voice is high-pitched and tenor-esque and his abilities were often compared to some of the finest Hard Rock and Heavy Metal singers ever (from Rob Halford to Ronnie James Dio and Ian Gillan). Both Helloween and Judas Priest considered him as their possible next lead singer.
Over the years Ralf wrote and collected a few tracks that did not fit exactly in the Primal Fear concept. As often happens, he had just been waiting for the right chance to present itself and that happened when himself, his buddy Mat Sinner and Frontiers Records President Serafino Perugino sat together and discussed plans for the future in… 2007! Over three years later and the results are finally here and in Scheepers' words "I'm really proud of the result!"
Ralf Scheepers' artistic intention was to please the existing Primal Fear fan base, but he also wanted to add some surprises and include as much variation as he could in the recording. So he went ahead and covered one of his own favourite - but untypical Judas Priest songs "Before the Dawn" and for the first time, Ralf played all instruments on a song, except the fantastic guitar solos added by Victor Smolski (Rage). "Compassion" is another special track with a very positive vibe, recorded only with acoustic instruments. Two of the songs were composed with former Primal Fear guitarist Stefan Leibing, while Gamma Ray's Kai Hansen added guitar on "The Pain Of The Accused". Halford's Metal Mike played lead-guitar on the album opener "Locked In The Dungeon". One more highlight is the vocal duet with Tim "Ripper" Owens on "Remission Of Sin".
Additional guest appearances include Sander Gommans (ex After Forever), Snowy Shaw (King Diamond, Therion) and Scheepers Primal Fear band mates Magnus Karlsson, Alex Beyrodt & Mat Sinner! The album was mixed and mastered by Achim Koehler and produced by Mat Sinner.

Scheepers final track listing includes: Locked in the Dungeon; Remission of Sin; Cyberfreak; The Fall; Doomsday; Saints of The Rock; Before the Dawn; Back on the Track; Dynasty; The Pain of the Accused; Play with the Fire; Compassion.
The song "Remission of Sin" can exclusively be listened in full in streaming on the Frontiers Web radio. Tune in at:
Weblinks: / /
Musicians: Ralf Scheepers: Lead & Backing Vocals; Acoustic Guitar; Keyboards; FX Sounds; Tim "Ripper" Owens: Lead Vocals on "Remission of Sin"; Magnus Karlsson: Lead Guitars; Guitars; Banjo; Accordion; Keyboards; Sander Gommans: Lead Guitar, Guitars; Mike Chlasciak, Alex Beyrodt; Kai Hansen; Victor Smolski: Lead Guitars; Mat Sinner: Bass, Keyboards; Snowy Shaw: Drums.


Multinational Melodic Metallers Eden's Curse have completed the recording of their brand new, and third, studio album Trinity.
The album is now in the final stages of the mixing process with long term Producer, and bassist of Pink Cream 69 and Unisonic, Dennis Ward (Angra/Allen & Lande/Silent Force/Krokus) and will be released by Spiritual Beast (Japan) on 16th March 2011 and by AFM Records (Europe) and Metal Mayhem (USA) on 18th March 2011.
The band recorded fourteen songs in total, which includes two cover versions. Details of the tracklisting, artwork and news on some very famous guests will be released in early 2011.
For more details, visit the Official website:

Blackmore's Night, the 'fantasy' inspired folk rock band formed by legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and his wife Candice Night, will release their newest album Autumn Sky on January 18, 2011 in the USA through Spinefarm Records / Fontana.
12/17/2010 – New Yorkk - With a career spanning nearly two decades, the band of minstrels has gained cross over success all over the world with its new genre of 'Ren and Rock' music. The lyrics, written by award winning Singer/Songwriter Candice Night, are inspired by nature and the myths and fairy tales they encounter on their international travels. The melodies, composed and arranged by Grammy nominated Ritchie Blackmore, encompass musical structure and the essence of melodies from the early 1600s. And then they are 'Blackmore-ized' to become the beloved melodies of today! Blackmore's Night's last album, "Secret Voyage", debuted at #1 on the Billboard New Age Chart and held that spot for four consecutive weeks! All of their previous albums have earned the band high chart positions and many gold records and awards all over the world.
In addition to being known from their unique sound which combines traditional as well as modern day instruments (including electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, violins, shawms, chanters etc), and Candice's enchanting lyrics and vocals, they are also known for their fabulous live shows, many of which have been performed at castles and other exceptional venues that add to the mystique and warmth of their performance. Blackmore's Night has appeared nationwide on PBS and Discovery channel specials, and has been awarded the Best Album of the Year and Best Vocal Album of the year by NPR New Age Reporter for their past 7 studio CDs.
"Autumn Sky" brings us 15 new Blackmore's Night songs, full of emotion with a touch of past times and magical atmospheres. From the glorious wanderlust-feelings of "Highland" all the way to the sweetness of "Strawberry Girl" and the upbeat "Journeyman", the album is again a powerful proof of the versatility of Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night's repertoire and the talents of the seven piece Blackmore's Night Band.
Recorded during Candice's pregnancy, Candice and Ritchie have dedicated the "Autumn Sky" album to their newly born daughter Autumn Esmerelda Blackmore.
WebLinks: / / /


The 3rd album from Factory of Dreams is nearly complete and will be available for pre-order early January 2011 through Progrock Records. A short promo presenting the new album is available at:
Melotronical is a conceptual CD, revolving around the evolution of an electronic Molecule into a living breathing Entity. This entity, experiences several stages of life, goes through all emotions, love, hate, fear, happiness... The track list is arranged according to this evolution, and one can have a feel of each stage just by reading each song title, listening to the songs and lyrics.
Melotronical's track listing goes as follows: 1- Enter Nucleon 2- Melotronical 3- A Taste Of Paradise 4- Protonic Stream 5- Into Oblivion 6- Obsessical 7- Back To Sleep 8- Whispering Eyes 9- Subatomic Tears 10-Dimension Crusher 11-Echoes From Earth 12-Something Calling Me 13-Reprogramming.
"It's almost here after so much hard work on this new album! Melotronical is different, very special... Every track from this album has something unique, maybe related to the way the album was designed. The music pushes and goes far beyond the boundaries of the Electronic Progressive Metal genre. Early January everyone will be able to pre-order the album, watch the Official full Promo and listen to a longer preview. So, get ready to feel Melotronical with our brand new album. Wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Fantastic New year 2011!" - Hugo Flores.
WebLinks: / / / /




Monday, December 20, 2010

Here is a terrific, lengthy Track By Track with John Waite on his new studio album Rough And Tumble - out January 21 via Frontiers Records, along with JW's new video Shadows Of Love:

'Rough & Tumble' was the first thing we cut for the album of the songs that were recorded in Los Angeles. I had brought the band together for a quick rehearsal in Santa Monica. We had a rough blueprint of the songs we were going to be recording from some pretty raw demos. The band was tuning up, and Luis played this great blues lick. Five minutes later, we had the basis of 'Rough And Tumble.' Bang! There it was! It was all done 'on the fly.' It felt like it really set the tone for the recording the next day. It sounds like the live album (In Real Time). It's the sound I hear in my head when I go in the studio. Live and raw! I based the song on an idea that a friend once told me. He was in the Russian Tea Room in New York with Keith Richards taking a leak, and Keith leaned and said, 'All we've got to do is stick together and everything is gonna be OK.' I carried that around with me for a couple of weeks thinking about it because it was such good news . such a good thing to say. Getting through the world if you're in love with somebody is like a precious thing. The world is going to throw stuff at you, and you gotta get through it somehow. You've got to stick together. 'Rough & Tumble,' even though it's open for interpretation, is really about surviving the stuff that life throws at you.

'Shadows of Love' was written in Brooklyn quite a while ago when I was just writing songs not knowing where my career would take me next. I thought maybe I'd just be a songwriter. I found out pretty much in those days that I couldn't really write for other people. I needed to write for myself, or I wasn't interested. This song had been a bootleg in Europe for a long time, and the record company over there had heard it. Serafino Perugino, the head of Frontiers Records, loved it, and I kept it in the back of my mind. I thought we could do an arrangement on this song that would bring it up to date. There is a song by New Order, the Manchester band, where the whole band stops and this guitar lick comes in at the top of this gate and it's like the hook of the song, and I thought, well, if we try something like that, we might bring it into this decade. The band pulled out all the stops and surprisingly enough, the thing morphed into this more modern piece of rock, which says a lot about melody. You can't keep a good song down. It worked. Nobody was more surprised than me.

'Evil' was written around the time that Michael Jackson passed away. Kyle Cook and I were sitting there in his writing room out in the country just playing the guitars. I played this bass lick, and he played like this Stones y kind of thing, and the whole thing took off. It sort of happened in spurts, and it took three days to get it. The rap in the middle was completely spontaneous. There was a small Fender amp, and we were recording on the same mic. Kyle would stick the mic in front of the amp and play his guitar. Then I'd take the same mic and sing some more lines into the song on it. In the end, he turned to me laughing and said, 'It's a one stop shop!' What you hear on the record is the demo. We tried taking it in the studio and re recording it, but we just couldn't capture the magic we had managed to get down on tape in Kyle's writing room. It was what it was. It was great the first time around.

'If You Ever Get Lonely' is about getting a phone call at night perhaps the love of your life that you sort of lost track of dials you by mistake or maybe she's out at a party and after a bottle of wine thinks she'll just say hello. It's one of those things where you pick up the phone and you stop breathing. It's about distance. It's about lives going on after they've been damaged.

'Skyward' was written about six years ago in L.A., and I had forgotten all about it. The original idea for this new release was to make a five song EP, but in early October, I got the phone call that the record company would like to have a complete album, so I was trying to fish around for songs that I might be able to record. I was looking off into space in Santa Monica wondering what the hell I was going to do when the phone rang. Jamie Houston, who I wrote 'Skyward' with, was on the other end of the line, and he said that someone wanted to record the song. I had forgotten all about it, but when Jamie brought it up, I had this vague recollection of the song. It started off as 'Skyway' . a song about a girl who had a deep drug problem 'there's a skyway in your eyes,' you know? It was deep, but we turned it around into a happier thing, and it became 'Skyward,' a song about walking on air. The original demo was very pop, but when we went in to record the song for the record, we just turned the band loose on it. We treated it more as a rock song, and it just exploded. It was one of those things that I didn't expect to happen. Just at the right time, it walked into my life. Again.

'Sweet Rhode Island Red' is a song I've wanted to cut since I was about 24. I heard it for the first time over at my brother's house. He had a live album of Ike and Tina Turner called What You See Is What You Get and it was just stormin'. I mean, I remember us just lying there on the floor playing that album a lot, especially through one Christmas. I'd go over there just to hear it. That song killed me. When I learned there was a need to cut more songs for the album, it was the first thing I thought about cutting. I thought if there was ever a time to try to cut something like this, the time is now. Tina wrote the song by herself. It shows you the profound talent that she has. Not only could she blaze through those songs and put her heart out in front of all those people that she sung to, but she could also write stuff like that. It just knocked me out. I think the track turned out great. The band really went for it. Tim Hogan plays some great machine gun bass throughout the song. One of my favorites on the album. Besides, my mum likes it!

'Love's Goin' Out of Style' was the second song I wrote with Kyle Cook. After we finished 'Better Off Gone,' I called him up and told him we need to be singing to grooves and asked if he could put one together. I went over the next day and he had put this thing together a bluesy, bouncing kind of groove that went into a chorus. We're in the one stop shop, you know, so I told him to give me the mic. I sang the entire first verse right into the top of the first chorus 'I've got the keys to the highway since you said goodbye' and all of it came out. Kyle was really impressed, and so was I. I just didn't expect that. We went back and re thought it and sang different stuff into the track but it was very spontaneous. Kyle and I started to realize while working on this song that we could actually write something together that was really going to be stunning. We started with 'Better Off Gone,' followed that up with this one, and then we wrote 'Evil,' so it was a very prolific period.

'Better Off Gone' was the first thing that Kyle Cook and I wrote. We met at a writing room in Nashville down on Music Row. A mutual friend of ours from Indiana had been saying for years that we should get together and write. He thought we would be great together. I finally agreed so we met up to try to knock around some ideas. We sat there on the couch sort of trying to get to know each other. It was kind of this nervous 'Hey, how you doin' man?' 'Great' TWANG (sound of guitar chord) 'Hey, look at the weather, it's really sunny' 'Yeah, great man' TWANG. And in the end, we just had these chords about driving. In my head, I was thinking about '24 Hours From Tulsa,' which is a Gene Pitney song . this great American highway song about just leaving. It's about a white Lincoln Continental. There's one I keep seeing. It's such a beautiful car. It sort of inspired the basis for the lyric.

Further The Sky - That's a Gabe Dixon song. Beautiful song. Alison Krauss suggested it. I asked Alison if she had any songs sitting around that would be good for me that she could think of, like something by the Louvin Brothers or an obscure country song, and then I made my mind up not to go in any way acoustic, but this was something that she felt strongly about. The version that we heard was played on an electric piano. We took several stabs at cutting it. I rose the key from F to F sharp thinking that it would make it spikier, but it didn't. It fell completely. We cut it again the next day with the original arrangement still in a higher key and that didn't work either. In fact, when Alison listened down to it, she said it sounded like jazz and suggested I call Shane Fontayne, an old friend of mine. We've made a lot of music together. It just so happens Shane lived down the street from the studio where we were recording. I sent him a copy of the song from You Tube of Gabe playing the song during a live show at Grimey's in Nashville. I was talking to Shane about why we were having trouble with it, and he told me there were a lot of 7 chords in it, and that it felt a little bit high to him, so we decided to put it back in the key of F. Shane slept on it for a couple of days and came in and just played this beautiful guitar part to get us into the top of the song. By this time, we had Rodger Carter on drums and Tim Hogan from my band came back to play bass. It was a three piece band, and they played it completely live. It shows you how great Shane is, you know? We would have probably left that one alone, but we ended up taking the song somewhere else.

'Peace of Mind' is based on Herman Hesse's Steppenwolf. At the time I wrote this, I was trying to find a new way of writing songs . making them almost psychedelic but without being trippy. This was a story about a man going into a theatre in New York and the world turning inside out. All of these people who have influenced me are in there . Charlie Chaplin, Johnny Cash, Charles Baudelaire. It's about a night at the opera . about opening the gate and going through into a different reality. There's also a monologue over the top, which I haven't heard anybody do yet. It was a real trip. I wrote that with Mark Spiro. It still surprises me.

'Mr. Wonderful' was written in New York with Ivan Kral. He had just left Iggy Pop, and we had started to write songs for what was going to turn into my first solo album. A lot of it is Ivan. It's got a very cabaret feel based loosely on pre World War II Germany. It was meant to be about estrangement and living on the outside of things. It's also sort of paranoid.

'Hanging Tree' was written with Shane Fontayne. That song had been on a few bootlegs around Europe, and I'd always thought maybe it would be a great bonus track for a record. When Shane came in to play on 'Further The Sky,' I thought it would be great to do a song with him, and we had this one just sitting there. It's a Zen cowboy song about reincarnation, which is even more odd if you go back to 1875 and think about people leaving this world and coming back in as different people then. It's a song about a guy who's an outlaw being tracked down and lynched. At the moment he's lynched, he comes back into the world again.


UK based melodic power metal crew Power Quest have completed their new album "Blood Alliance" and are ready for an ambitious and busy 2011. Not only will the UK 6 piece have its 10 years anniversary coming up, but "Blood Alliance" will see the light of the day in early 2011. Firstly it is released in Japan on January 19th via Marquee/Avalon. The European release is expected towards the end of March, with the USA release in early April.
Keyboardist and PQ founder Steve Williams had this to say, ahead of revealing the track list for the new record. "Well it has been a long time coming but finally the 5th PQ album is done and I don't think I have ever been so excited about releasing an album. All the guys have given 110% to this record and I'm proud of them all. Its without doubt the heaviest PQ album yet but without sacrificing the PQ melodic tradition. I just can't wait for you all to hear it!"
Here is the official Blood Alliance track list and running order: 1. Battle Stations 2. Rising Anew 3. Glorious 4. Sacrifice 5. Survive 6. Better Days 7. Crunching the Numbers 8. Only in my Dreams 9. Blood Alliance 10. City of Lies 11. Time to Burn (Japanese bonus track).
Initial industry feedback has been extremely positive and "Blood Alliance" is without doubt the heaviest and catchiest album PQ have recorded to date. With new front man Chity Somapala and a full new line-up this will be by far one of the most interesting album releases in 2011. The album artwork will be revealed on December 30th!
Power Quest are confirmed to play HardRock Hell Ibiza in June 2011 and will confirm some more UK festival appearances shortly. Updates on touring will follow shortly. Stay tuned for more live shows to be announced and follow all the updates via Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and the official Power Quest website.
WebLinks: /

CRAZY LIXX CRASH THROUGH MADRID: has uploaded photos of Crazy Lixx December 11, 2010 concert at Sala Ritmo y Compás in Madrid, Spain. Also available are pictures of support act Nagasaki and Jolly Joker. Check them out at this location:
Crazy Lixx's setlist was as follows: Rock and a hard Place, Lock up your Daughter, She´s Mine, Dr. Hollywood, Want It, Make ends Meet, Woodoo Woman, Blame it on Love, 21 Till I Die, Children of the Cross, Hell or high Water, Road to Babylon, My Medicine (R.O.C.K.), The witching Hour, Heroes are Forever.

Metal Legend Duff McKagan of Guns & Roses / Velvet Revolver fame will be appearing on the Rotosound booth at Winter NAMM alongside fellow legendary bassist Billy Sheehan. Billy is regarded by many to have changed the way the bass guitar is played and has been voted best bass guitar player five times by Guitar Player Magazine readers. Duff, revered by many musicians all over the world for his unique bass skills has recently been recording with Jane's Addiction, Manic Street Preachers as well playing in the surprise one off reunion with fellow Guns & Roses members.
Heavy metal stalwarts Ratt will also be making an appearance on the Rotosound stand. They have been touring extensively supporting the Scorpions this year, following the release of their first studio album in over a decade 'Infestation'. Robbie Crane will be joined by Warren DeMartini and Carlos Cavazo.
Appearance Dates & Times:
Duff McKagan Saturday 15th January 2011 1.00pm
Billy Sheehan Saturday 15th January 2011 2.00pm
Ratt: Robbie Crane, Warren DeMartini & Carlos Cavazo Saturday 15th January 2011 4.00pm
For further information and to see the latest new products visit Rotosound Booth 5596, Hall B see:




Friday, December 17, 2010

I am very pleased to bring you an update on the site Donation Drive that's been happening all week. I'm thrilled to say that over $3000 has been raised so far, to pay for a full upgrade of the site and to help with ongoing running costs. It's both humbling and heartwarming to get the support of the community that reads and uses this site and gain so much positive feedback for what is done here.
I want to thank everyone that has donated so far and others that have pledged support. You rule!
Any extra money raised will help pay server costs - and allow me extra time to concentrate on building the new site instead of chasing income constantly. I've had my first lengthy call with the designer and I can promise a seriously kick-ass site beyond any boundaries currently in place.
Stay tuned! And just to reiterate, those that donate (button on top of left side menu) will be lined up to beta-test the new site when ready and also be kept up to date with regular e-mail updates. Thanks again folks.

Reign of Kings is a collaborative group consisting of international musicians, artists and an author. The author, Shawn R. Key, has created an epic story, The Spirit Quest. The story is told to a rich musical score and is available via Audiobook as well as an eBook complete with elaborate illustrations. The Reign of Kings musicians have created an accompanying CD inspired by the story, The Spirit Quest. The musicians on this CD have sold several hundred thousand records in their previous, various collaborations.

A project appropriate for all times of the year, this is holiday oriented and perfect for the winter season. The first release from the CD, Interstellar Christmas, is available on iTunes now. The Audiobook and the eBook, are also available on the Reign of Kings website right now.
Additional e-releases will be made on iTunes, iBook and other electronic delivery sites throughout the 2010 holiday. A portion of all revenues from this project goes to various charities primarily focused on improving the lives of children.
Reign of Kings wishes to thank everyone for their support. We hope to bring renewed spirit via our story and songs to the world and everyone can help us make a difference.

Some of the proceeds from revenue goes to Toys for Tots and Soldier's Angels. The project is gaining some serious momentum and talks for a theatrical show are in the works already. Interstellar Christmas is the song getting airplay across the country now.
CD features Robin Beck, James Christian (House of Lords), Bill Leverty (Firehouse), Pete Evik and more.
Full details and links to purchase and listen are on the project website:


A parade of Rockstars are coming together to support beloved bassist, Phil Kennemore, founding member of Northern California's legendary rockers Y&T, Kennemore was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer while on tour this last summer. Having recorded and toured the world relentlessly since 1974, Kennemore has dedicated his life to making millions of people happy with his music. Now, he needs your help.
Due to the overwhelming medical bills, Y&T's lead singer and best mate, Dave Meniketti, started the "Phil Kennemore Fund" to help Phil with his bills. This New Year's concert is the ultimate fund-raiser for a friend who has made such a positive impact on the music scene.
This concert is an all-star line up of many of Kennemore's friends from bands such as Queensryche, Dokken, Ratt, Black Sabbath, DIO, Alice Cooper, Testament, and Y&T all donating their time to perform on New Year's Eve. This is a must-see concert and is going to rock!
The lineup for the all star extravaganza is as follows:
· Geoff Tate (Queensryche) · Don Dokken (Dokken) · Bobby Blotzer (Ratt) · Vinny Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell) · Sean McNabb (Dokken, Montrose) · Loren Gold (Roger Daltrey) · Chuck Billy (Testament) · Paul Bostaph (Testament, Slayer) · Jimmy DeGrasso (Alice Cooper) · Joey Alves · Leonard Haze · Ron Keel · Greg Kihn ...and more (see for updates).

The show will take place at the Avalon (777 Lawrence Expressway. Santa Clara, CA), a 1000+ capacity venue which Y&T has performed at several times on New Year's Eve over the past five years. The club, like the performers, has generously volunteered to donate 100% of the ticket proceeds directly to Phil.
The doors open at 8:00PM. Tickets are $75. For further information, call the Avalon at 408.241.0777 or visit

Due to the overwhelming success and positive feedback from the audience and drummers at the first "Bonzo: The Groove Remains The Same" John Bonham tribute show on Zeptember 25th, 2010, Brian Tichy and Joe Sutton agreed to look into doing it again. The problem was; Brian Tichy would be on tour next year with Whitesnake for most of 2011 into 2012. The only way to go for it again was to have the show sooner than later. And while looking into this, two back to back dates came up! The drummers all agreed two shows are better than one! Most of the drummers are back as well!
Event idea-man and Whitesnake drummer Brian Tichy said, "Hey, we all had a great night! It was a huge success and we wanted to do it again. The time and energy that was put into the show made it all the more easy to set back up and hit again! We have the Amber Vistalite drumkit and 3-ring-logo backdrop, so why let it collect dust! It's all about tributing to rock's greatest drummer, John Henry Bonham. That is a timeless endeavor! The communal spirit of the rehearsals and show bonded us and solidified the common reasons why we all chose drumming as a way of life. Yeah! Plus, Led Zeppelin is the best, there are lots of people that wanted to see it but couldn't, and there's never anything wrong with giving it up to John Bonham!"
We'd also like to welcome our friends; fellow Bonzo freaks/ rhythmic badasses Charlie Benante (Anthrax), Xavier Muriel (Buckcherry), Jason Sutter (Foreigner, Chris Cornell) and John Tempesta (The Cult, White Zombie) to the festivities! Legendary disc jockey, KLOS's own Uncle Joe Benson is also back hosting both nights!"

"Bonzo: The Groove Remains The Same: A Double Encore!" will take place on:
Wednesday, January 12th, Key Club, West Hollywood, CA Tickets available at
Thursday, January 13th, The Galaxy Theater, Anaheim, CA Tickets available at
Doors at 7pm, both shows.

Drummers performing over the two nights include: Steven Adler: (Guns 'N Roses, Adler's Appetite), Carmine Appice: (Vanilla Fudge, Rod Stewart, Ozzy Osbourne), Vinny Appice: (Black Sabbath/ DIO/ Heaven And Hell), Kenny Aronoff: (John Cougar, Smashing Pumpkins), Frankie Banali: (Quiet Riot), Charlie Benante**: (Anthrax), Bobby Blotzer: (Ratt), Fred Coury: (Cinderella), Jimmy D'Anda: (Bulletboys), James Kottak: (Scorpions), Abe Laboriel: (Paul McCartney, Sting), Khurt Maier: (Salty Dog), Xavier Muriel**: (Buckcherry), Stephen Perkins*: (Jane's Addiction), Chris Slade: (AC/DC, The Firm), Chad Smith: (Chili Peppers, Chickenfoot), Jason Sutter*: (Foreigner, Chris Cornell), John Tempesta*: (White Zombie, The Cult, Testament), Brian Tichy: (Whitesnake, Foreigner, Billy Idol, Ozzy Osbourne), Joe Travers: (Zappa Plays Zappa, Duran Duran), Simon Wright: (AC/DC, Dio).
*at Key Club **at Galaxy only
The infamous house band The Moby Dicks will be back in action! Brent Woods/ gtr., Michael "Denim" Devin/ bass, Keith St. John/ vox and Stephen LeBlanc/ keys. Go to for all updates and info.

LNJ alumni and Firehouse lead singer CJ Snare has just released a holiday single just in time for Christmas.....
CJ wanted to pass this message on, "Hello everyone...its CJ Snare from FireHouse. My new Holiday Single has just been released. It has a world music feel and I am very excited for you all to hear it. Please check it out and happy holidays!!!" The link for this incredible Christmas song is:
In Liberty N' Justice news, you now can hear samples from there new EP at:

Get short, timely messages from Terje Eide by following him on Twitter: And you're welcome to enjoy the music on MySpace, Reverbnation & YouTube:

A cool EPK here from Mr. Mister, put together to promote the Pull release:

Larry Hoppen (Orleans) has a new solo project One of the Lucky Ones - physically available on CD in 2011, but available right now to download (by singles or the whole album) at: and

Three more dates for the John Waite 2011 European tour added, all in England:

Neil Diamond, Tom Waits, Alice Cooper Make Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

Whitesnake Announce 2011 UK Tour:

Pompei Nights have unveiled the artwork for the promo single Midnight Mistress from their upcoming debut album. The single contain two tracks, recorded and mixed by Martin Sweet (Crashdiet): Midnight Mistress and I Want It. Two songs can be listened on Street Symphonies Records YouTube Channel. Pompei Nights' debut album is gonna be released in the beginning of next year through Street Symphonies Records.
Midnight Mistress: / I Want It:

Glam metal comedians Steel Panther are giving fans a free Christmas gift, in the form of a new song "Sexy Santa":

Warrant's Erik Turner was recently quoted stating: "We have a new CD of all original material coming out with Robert in May 2011." Interview:

Visit the brand new Memoria Avenue music page and join the band on Facebook: This is the new band from the Norwegian guitar player and songwriter Tor Talle, best known from the Northern Light project and working with great artists like Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple), Fergie Frederiksen (ex-Toto), Rob Moratti (Saga), Steve Overland (FM) and Tony Mills (TNT, Shy). The amazing singer is the very talented and hidden jewel Jan Le' Brandt. Jan is best known as the singer in the coverband Svigermord.

Take a moment to check out the new Stormzone video for 'Secret Gateway' featuring live footage from their performance at Raismes Fest in France:

Issa - The Official Trailer:


Every interviewer will start out by crediting Ron Geesin with being one of the most creative and original artists of our time - after which they will invariably focus exclusively on his work with Pink Floyd on Atom Heart Mother, which Geesin famously co-wrote and orchestrated. When gauged against his imposing body of work, this must seem a striking case of historical injustice - albeit one which cannot come as surprise to someone who, already as early as 1970, berated the Floyd for turning into a commercial machine and always chose the path of the individual expressionist. And yet, even in a career now spanning almost half a century, RonCycle1: The Journey Of A Melody, represents one of his most ambitious projects to date.
It is an integral suite composed of sixteen pieces - some of them a mere minute short. Geesin has himself, in fact, referred to his latest creation as "a monster from the deep". Elements and influences from his entire career are passing by the audience's ears, ranging from puristic folk and proto-funk to orchestral meditations and the complex metrics of progressive rock. Thanks to a clearly defined narrative, which Geesin readily expounds upon in the liner notes, the result has nonetheless turned out entirely coherent.
Geesin began work on the album in 1986: "the reason that it has all taken so long is that, as it grew, it frightened me so much that I had to walk away for long periods". Working with a variety of compositional approaches and with a little help from Edgar Allan Poe, the music did not develop in a linear fashion, but rather proliferated outward from a handful of creative centres. Technical issues meant parts of the work had to be transferred from their original tape to computer and, according to Geesin, "the whole digi-structure was becoming overwhelmingly complicated". Meeting Mark Ayres, known for his contribution to the BBC's Dr. Who, proved to be the solution.
Ayres took care of final arrangements in his studio, bringing a twenty five year long epic journey to a satisfying end. Needless to say, RonCycle1: The Journey Of A Melody won't save Geesin from his association with Atom Heart Mother either. But taking into consideration that every step on his way has always seemed to be good for something, why should it?

Swedish melodic metal masters Lion's Share have been confirmed for next year's installment of the Karmøygeddon metal festival, set to take place May 6-7, 2011 in Haugesund, Norway. Other acts include Amorphis, Grave Digger, Crimson Glory, The Haunted etc.
Lion's Share recently performed four Black Sabbath and Dio classics "Mob Rules", "Heaven And Hell", "Stand Up And Shout" and "We Rock" — with legendary drummer Vinny Appice (Heaven & Hell, Black Sabbath, Dio), during his Scandinavian Drum Day appearance in Stockholm, Sweden.
Check out video footage of the "Heaven And Hell" soundcheck performance:
Lion's Share's critically acclaimed "Dark Hours" album was released in 2009. The follow-up to 2007's "Emotional Coma" was mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Symphony X, Paradise Lost, Amon Amarth) and features a guest appearance by Symphony X guitarist Mike Romeo (solo on "Behind The Curtain").

Empires Of Eden launch the new free eoe app. The new free app give iPhone users bonus and exclusive content. The band will be providing regular competitions, updates and exclusive tracks for anyone with the new app. And, coming up to Xmas, is a gift to the fans of the band. Having released one of 2010's most celebrated metal releases, the album features superstars such as: Zak Stevens (Savatage / Circle II Circle) - Steve Grimmett (Grim Reaper - Lionsheart) - Mike Vescera (Yngwie Malmsteen - Loudness) - Sean peck (Cage) - Carlos Zema (Ourworld) and many more. Empires of Eden is a melodic shredding power ride that has earned reviews such as 9.5/10 metal monthly - 9/10 and 8.5/10 Search under "eoe" in the app store.

Electric Boa are a brand new Rock 'n Roll band from Philadelphia. The band just got their debut CD released and are also looking for new management (E-mail for enquiries). Contact the band through: /!/pages/The-Electric-Boa/115764421792755 /
The Electric Boa, Candy Coated Cyanide, is now available on - - - -
A recent review can be read here:

It's Geoff Thorpe's story of power and pain. The quest to change peoples lives with the power of metal music and the fascination of his band in 2011. The guitarist and main songwriter of American power metal act Vicious Rumors says: "The older we get, the more wicked Vicious Rumors sound. We've definitely not slowed down – quite the opposite – have even more drive. Our fans won't see a single Vicious Rumors show where we don't go to our limits and beyond." Anybody who has been to one of the group's gigs during the past two years knows just what he means. Thorpe's comment not only describes his band's concerts, but also without reservation Vicious Rumour's latest album Razorback Killers, due out on SPV on 28 March 2011 (Germany: 25 March 2011, US: April 5th.) and featuring ten breathtaking new songs which transport the traditional Vicious Rumors sound perfectly into the present. To cut a long story short: this band has never sounded more dynamic than on Razorback Killers.
The reasons for Vicious Rumors' high-powered performance? Thorpe has a plausible explanation: "The metal is in our blood!!!! Plus we always have an awesome line-up. Larry Howe on drums and vocals, our bassist Stephen Goodwin and guitarist Kiyoshi Morgan, and in Brian Allen we've found the best vocalist you could possibly get for these kind of songs." Brian Allen joined the Vicious Rumors fold one and a half years ago at the recommendation of Matt McCourt (Wild Dogs), a long time friend who Thorpe met up with at the Headbangers Open Air. "Matt had praised Brian, and I thought that he'd be perfect for Vicious Rumors." His assessment soon proved true: from the beginning, Allen showed his great potential during intense rehearsals. "We immediately noticed this raw, pure quality in him. Like a snowball, something very big developed very quickly out of small beginnings. During our five-week European tour, Brian got nothing but positive reactions from our fans."
So Brian Allen and Kiyoshi Morgan are – along with Thorpe, Bassist Stephen Goodwin and drummer Larry Howe, of course – two of the elemental parameters which make Razorback Killers such a dynamic powerhouse of an album. Three other musicians deserve to be mentioned: the guest guitarists Mark McGee, Eric Peterson and Brad Gillis. "Isn't it fantastic that Mark returned and contributed those amazing solos on two songs?" McGee was a band member between 1986 and 1995 and has launched veritable guitar solos on 'Blood Stained Sunday' and 'Pearl Of Wisdom'. "Mark and I trading solos just like the old days," enthuses Thorpe, who also can't hold back his delight at Eric Peterson's impassioned solo passages on 'Murderball'. "Eric has been a friend for many years and is the driving force in Testament. His solo on 'Murderball' is a perfect combination of the whole energy of Vicious Rumors and Testament, merged into one song." And last but not least: Brad Gillis, who otherwise makes his living as one of the band leaders in Night Ranger, is one of Geoff Thorpe's close friends and already delivered a number of great solos on Vicious Rumor's predecessor album, Warball. This time around, Gillis contributed a matchless – as Thorpe calls it – "classic tremolo guitar solo" on 'Deal With The Devil'. "I remember well when he replaced the late Randy Rhoads in Ozzy Osbourne's band. Brad has my utmost respect as a friend and colleague."
So the furious Razorback Killers marks the next chapter in the career of Vicious Rumors, whose history is paved with countless highlights: the band took the legendary Dynamo Festival in Eindhoven, Netherlands, by storm with their amazing shows in the summers of 1990 and 1994, floored the 2002 Wacken Open Air, rocked the metal fans at the 2007 Bang Your Head Festival and are celebrated frenetically all over the world for their passionate live performances. Vicious Rumors have released ten excellent power metal albums to date, travelled the world over a dozen times – with Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Judas Priest, Aerosmith and many others – and are now ready to present their latest recording to their fans. "We'll be co- headlining the Keep It True festival in April 2011, one month after the album is released," Thorpe promises. "We'll be touring for the rest of the year in the USA, Europe and Japan, hopefully also visiting countries such as South America or Australia, where we've never been before." Razorback Killers produced by Geoff Thorpe and Juan Urteaga certainly has the potential!
Tracks: 01 Murderball, 02 Black, 03 Razorback Blade, 04 Blood Stained Sunday, 05 Pearl Of Wisdom, 06 All I Want Is You, 07 Axe To Grind, 08 Let The Garden Burn, 09 Rite Of Devastation, 10 Deal With The Devil.
WebLinks: /

Earlier this week, the annual tick-over of original memberships took place. There were a lot of failed/cancelled memberships due to changes of personal details within PayPal etc. For those that cannot log in this week, simply start afresh via the link below and have new details e-mailed to you.

MR-X has been updated once again, this week featuring these new Z-rated uploads:
- Zeno - Demos (21 Tracks)
- Zircus - Demos (10 Tracks
- Zero Zero & Steve Doherty - Demos (14 Tracks)
- Ace Frehley - Best Of Live (15 Tracks)
MR-X Membership Details.

Up next week - Christmas Week: new Reviews, new CD Showcases (including John Waite) and the first Feature Interview for sometime - record producer Kevin Shirley (Mr. Big, Journey, Black Country Communion). Stay tuned...




Thursday, December 16, 2010

Las Vegas, NV – December 10, 2010 – Las Vegas rock band Beggars & Thieves (who recently returned from playing the prestigious Firefest in Nottingham, England), have just released an original Holiday single called Come Christmas Time available thru iTunes. The band will be donating all proceeds from the sales of the single through Christmas Day, 2010 to the non-profit "Keep Memory Alive" which supports the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health.
The Ruvo Center, located in downtown Las Vegas is the first medical center to bring world-class health care to Nevada. Beggars & Thieves' singer, Louie Merlino said, "We are proud to be able to help this great cause that is important to the future of Nevada." On December 13th KMA Founder Larry Ruvo, stated "The generous donation of Beggars & Thieves single, "Come Christmas Time" brings a younger audience to our charity and helps broaden our reach to younger generations".

Keep Memory Alive, whose mission is to provide enhanced treatments and ultimately cures for patients and their families suffering from neurocognitive disorders, raises awareness and funds in support of the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. By supporting Keep Memory Alive and its fight against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Parkinson's, ALS and memory disorders of all kinds, we can ensure progress towards better treatments and ultimately cures will occur in Nevada. For additional information call (702) 263-9797 or visit
The band based out of Las Vegas was signed and released albums for both Atlantic and Epic/Sony Records. Their new album We Are The Brokenhearted will be released worldwide in the first quarter of 2011.
Video Trailer Link click: To purchase song visit itunes click:

Great news for the AOR/melodic rock scene - an official green light has been given to the gang behind Classic Rock Presents AOR for a second issue to be due out in early March 2011.

The new Last Autumn's Dream album titled Yes, has just been released in Japan, with the following track listing: 1 I've Fallen Into You 2 The Sound Of A Heartbreak 3 Another Night 4 Fool's Game 5 If I Could Change The World 6 To Be With You 7 Michelle Don`t Live Here No More 8 In This Thing Too Deep 9 Still Standin' Where Ya Left Me 10 Kissin' Goodbye My Tears 11 Survivor 12 I Forgive You 13 Alive.
There is as yet, no word on a European release date. Stay tuned.


Australian rockers Cold Chisel will once again reform next year for a new studio album and tour. Stated in The Age newspaper today: "Ian Moss, performing solo in Melbourne this week, said yesterday the band's gig at the Deniliquin Ute Muster in October was partly a catalyst for the re-formation. ''That was our second gig in 12 months and we're all getting on really well, so … at this stage we're in writing mode and in the very early part of 2011 we'll see if we've got enough songs and if we're happy with the ones we've written," he said. ''Hopefully by mid-year we'll be ready to start recording and we'll aim for a release later in the year.''

Former Dio guitarist Craig Goldy has told Classic Rock that he's put together a new band, with what he describes as "having the Holy Shit factor". Joining him in this project are vocalist Chas West (Bonham), bassist Sean McNabb (Quiet Riot, Great White) and drummer Gary Holland (Great White). "The idea is to put the rock star back into everyone's lives," explains Goldy, who's currently working with Budgie. "So, you've got four people who look great, are amazing at their craft and the music pierces your soul. And they're all good people. I think people miss that sort of thing."
The band currently have no name but are toying with the idea of calling themselves 13th Floor"Because nobody ever likes to admit there is a 13th floor in a building!"

I had a couple of e-mails about the Network/Sandbar Reunion. Just to confirm - it is taking place at The Recher Theater in Towson, MD (




Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MelodicRock Records released the great power-pop/melodic rock album 317 from Fenrik Lane back in September. The band originates from Bergen, Norway. This magnificent record contains powerful modern melodic rock and energetic pop. The band has experimented with creative arrangements, and the outcome is an exceptional recording with a unique and rich sound. The album also includes an intense rock-version of Rihanna's Russian Roulette.

Recently reviewed in Issue 1 of Classic Rock Presents AOR, writer Jerry Ewing called the album "one of the finest melodic rock records this writer has heard in years! Chock full of ebullient melodies, razor sharp riffs and a prime pop sensibility... Fenrik Lane deserve to be superstars."

Purchase full album from:

Today it's over to bassist/pianist/backing vocalist John Erik Soltvedt for track by track comments on the album. Each track title is linked to a soundbyte, with several full length tracks available for downloading to sample this killer album.


Megalomania: We wanted the album to have a powerful start, and we felt that this track was spot on. The song is built around a strong main guitar theme, and it shows the darker and melancholic side of Fenrik Lane.
Call Her Name: This is the complete opposite of the first track. Straight forward, but far from boring, this energetic pop song with it's catchy chorus will easily stick in your head.
Diamonds In The Waste: This rock anthem is actually written by Fenrik Lane's former vocalist and World Idol winner Kurt Nilsen together with the producer Eirik Gronner. They felt that it was better suited for Fenrik Lane than Nilsen's solo album, and we're quite certain that they were right. The song differs from the rest of the album with the massive amount of synth and effects, but it still has the signature Fenrik-sound with a shouting chorus that could knock you over.
Paranoia: The song has been described as manic melodica. This is guitar based rock with a powerful beat, and it escalates to be the most playful and experimental track on the album.
Runaway Car: The first song to be recorded on this album (already in 2007). Classic rock song with a galloping chorus and mighty backing vocals. It was used in a commercial by Mitsubishi in their campaign on the new car ASX.
Cover Your Eyes: A strong power ballad with clear inspiration from U2 in the verse and a killer chorus controlled by hefty backing vocals.
Left Me Scarred: A combination of piano and a steady beat kick-starts this song. The staccato punch of the verse really brings out the flow of the chorus escalating all the way through the song. One of our personal favourites.
Hot Lips: Fenrik Lane's ode to Major 'Hot Lips' Houlihan of MASH. The fast paced drums with the 16th hi-hat and the playful bass are fighting all the way through one of the more fevered compositions on 317.
Bulletproof: An extraordinary ballad focusing on a lead bass and almost completely stripped of drums. Knut shows exceptional vocals in the lower tones of this evocative track including a beautiful piano bridge and by far the most disturbing lyrics on the album.
Hello: Mid-tempo classic rock with mystical synth in the verse before the chorus kicks in with old-school guitars and "wo-o-ooh" vocals in the spirit of Twisted Sister.
Going Nowhere: American rock song with a piano intro that gives you early-Springsteen associations. A rollicking happy-tune.
Hate How You Say Goodbye: This is probably the oldest song on the album. A bright and melodic tune despite the title.
Sun Explodes: One of the mellower tracks on the release, mostly acoustic guitar and excellent, earnest vocals from Glesnes. There's a real honesty to the vocal delivery, all accompanied by nearly choral background vocals. The outro will catch you off guard.
Russian Roulette: The kick-ass version of Rihanna's Russian Roulette, a burst of adrenalin to end the album. The heartbeat ticks fast and the bullet is in the chamber ready to go! This is the only song on the record with a different producer, Bjarte Ludvigsen.



UK melodic rock band Serpentine who released their Japanese charting debut album A Touch Of Heaven via AOR Heaven / Marquee Avalon to great acclaim earlier this year, are pleased to announce that they are currently in pre-production for a follow up album due for release next summer.
The band once again are teaming up with producers Mark V Stuart and Sheena Sear at M2 Studios in Staffordshire, and are due to start recording next month.
Due to his heavy commitments with TNT it will be their last album with vocal legend Tony Mills, although he will continue his involvement with the band in a songwriting and arranging capacity. Says Mills: "This next album is a major development from the first and my serious concerns are for the guys and their musical careers, which will be much longer than mine. I think this is the right time as we are parting amicably and with a killer album in the works!"
After a long search the group have recruited 23 year old Matt Black as the new voice of Serpentine. Matt was part of Oskura which featured the lead guitarist from Nazareth & Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Zal Cleminson.
Keyboard player Gareth David Noon commented: "Tony is a tough act to follow for any musician, but Matt absolutely nailed his audition with us. He's a writer who lets energy and emotion into his songs, takes this to the stage with confidence and loves to get involved with his audience. This move for Serpentine allows us to be the band, not studio-only project that we've always professed to be. We are very much looking forward to this next chapter in our story."
Expect Serpentine to hit the road in the UK with a bang next Spring.


It is not the success of the early days which Lenny Wolf associates Kingdom Come with, nor earlier hits from his long-standing career. What he really cares about is the present. Is this a contradiction in view of his new album Rendered Waters (out on 28 March 2011 in Europe, 25 March 2011 in Germany, and on 05 April 2011 in the US), which features eight old and three newly recorded songs? Certainly not. All eleven tracks were cut at Lenny's Two Square Noise Factory studio in Hamburg, Germany.
In particular, the new recordings of old material show Kingdom Come's vision of living in the here and now. "I purposely chose tracks from the very early days to show how we play, hear and feel the songs nowadays," says Wolf. "Listening habits have changed dramatically, especially among the younger audience, which made it exciting for me to breathe new life into numbers which have not been heard for a while."
For example 'Should I', this time played more slowly giving it a heavier appeal. The drums are more open and the guitars, according to Lenny, feature a more tube-oriented sound and warmer, more driving tone: "Just to give it an overall 2011 vibe. Of course, you can only change songs to a certain extent if you don't want to lose the character and central theme of the original version." The same goes for 'I've Been Trying', 'Pushing Hard' and 'Living Out Of Touch'. None of them has been reinvented, but all three certainly have a noticeably new approach to them. On the other hand, Lenny changed the verse of 'I've Been Trying' completely, giving it a different arrangement, just like he transported the song 'Seventeen' into the year 2011. "'Seventeen' has always been kind of a key song for Kingdom Come, yet it has never received much attention since it has a very non-commercial approach and is either loved or hated, but with the new version it will hopefully get the recognition it deserves."

Another argument against suggestions that Lenny just wanted to warm up old material is that he purposely didn't choose to re-record former hits like 'Get It On', 'What Love Can Be', 'Do you like it' and 'Twilight Cruiser' which put Kingdom Come on the map on a global level. He even selected a song such as 'Break Down The Wall' from his pre-Kingdom Come days back in 1985 when he played with LA-based band Stone Fury, which just goes to show how timeless the material is. "It was very interesting to add new styles and to carry them into the year 2011. There are a number of songs from the Seventies. Their charm lives off the old recording technology which can't be beaten these days and therefore should remain untouched, but re-recording Eighties songs isn't such a sacrilege."
Let's not forget the three brand new songs, which feature that typical Kingdom Come structure of strong guitar hook lines and Wolf's charismatic vocals. 'Blue Trees', 'Is It Fair Enough' and 'Don't Remember' once again see Lenny prove his unwillingness to pander to expectations. Like it or not, he certainly follows his very own route. Although Lenny again recorded most of the instruments himself, Eric Förster, who contributed those ruthlessly driven guitar solos, and American-born Berlin resident Hanan Rubinstein, who mastered the CD, both certainly need to be mentioned for their great contribution.
To sum it up, here are a number of facts for history buffs: Kingdom Come were formed in 1987 in Los Angeles, USA. Besides Lenny, the only German in the group, there was also James Kottack, now playing drums with the Scorpions. The sensational debut Kingdom Come reached number 12 in the US charts and went Gold, and its successor In Your Face made high chart positions all over the globe, too.
There is no end in sight. In Lenny's words: "Kingdom Come is my calling. I either fall or rise with it. Apart from a few bad decisions, I've done alright. Thankful and still fully loaded, back to the future."
For more detailed information about the Kingdom Come history, please visit

Tracks: 01. Can't Deny (newly recorded version) 02. The Wind (newly recorded version) 03. Blue Trees (brand new song) 04. Should I (newly recorded version) 05. I've Been Trying (newly recorded version) 06. Pushing Hard (newly recorded version) 07. Seventeen (newly recorded version) 08. Is It Fair Enough (brand new song) 09. Living Out Of Touch (newly recorded version) 10. Don't Remember (brand new song) 11. Break Down The Wall (newly recorded version).
WebLinks: /


A limited number of Stryper books are now available for sale to the general public. Books are in stock now and will ship immediately via Priority Mail (with tracking number for shipments within the US). Stryper: By His Strypes is a 25 year visual history of your favorite yellow and black clad rockers! This limited edition (only 2,000 printed) high quality, hardcover coffee table book is packed with 200 pages of rare and never before seen pictures. The last chapter is dedicated to YOU, the fans, and features fan submissions from all over the world.

Greece's Rockpages Web Magazine did an exclusive interview with Bonfire's frontman Claus Lessmann about a number of topics. Lessmann revealed that the band's new album will be released early next year and he also shared with us a few song titles. Here's the excerpt: You are about to release a brand new record. What can you tell us about it?
Bonfire: As we speak, we are in the middle of the mixing process and if all goes as planned; the album will be released early next year…around January or February. I really like the new stuff…the new songs are somewhere in between "Fireworks", Point Blank" and "Double X". Any titles…?
Bonfire: Let's see…"Do or Die", "Save Me", "Just Follow The Rainbow"…it will be a great album. Do you miss the days when you were all over MTV with "Hard On Me" and "Sword and Stone"?
Bonfire: (laughs) Yes!!! Short Answer! I really miss that time but nevertheless we all have to carry on and fight against all the people who try to stop good rock music. I really hope that one day this music will return to TV because there are lots of people out there who miss it and wait for its return.
Read The Full Interview On: has issued their latest Podcast (episode #112), featuring Kamelot Guitarist Thomas Youngblood. Thomas took time out of his busy schedule to discuss Kamelot's latest CD Poetry for the Poisoned, Thomas discusses how the new CD came together as well as why the current tour has been put on hold. Interview lasts approx. 25 min.
Ever wondered what the worst hard rock/metal song was? There're quite a few, unfortunately, so narrowing it down would be tough. But join Genghis and Ragman as they discuss some of the biggest misses by some of their favorite artists. Next, the boys chew the fat with Kamelot guitarist Thomas Youngblood as he discusses the band's latest CD Poetry for the Poisoned, as well as the status of vocalist Roy Khan.

Mike Levine (Triumph) interview: Topics include new DVD, writing songs, first gig, offer from Damn Yankees, Sweden Rock audio and more.

New interviews with Julie Westlake of Hydrogyn and Rudy Sarzo on RockEyez:

Dangerous Enemy Forum release their latest album 'The Scorched Earth Policy' with 10 tracks – Where Life Goes, Better Off Dead, Lost In Faith, Last Chance Just Died, Shadows Over All We Know, Red Alert, After the War, Chronicle Of The world, This Conversation Is Over, Last Judgement Of The Man On The Street. The UK based band's 3 previous albums 'High Scream Head' / 'Set In Stone' / 'Dark Corridors' are also included as part of this free download package:

Ceramoniah present their debut album 'Mind's Eye' featuring 11 classic rock influenced tracks – Dawn Raider, Call Of The Wild, Journey's End, Tekkon Nights, Mind's Eye, Ride the Storm, Looking Down, Execute The Masterplan, Event Horizon, Pray For The Outside World, On The Edge. The band are a self-financed, UK-based, independent artist, who are making the album available for download at: where you can also pick up the bonus track Lost Among The Clouds.

Broken Melody news: "The band completed the new promo disc for the upcoming album. This new evolution in BM's sound it will be something that will surprise all open-minded metal fans. The band is also working on a great quantity of videos after the requests of fans around the world. "It's funny to work and record all these kind of behind the scenes and videos for the people that want to know more on the band. We just love it and we have to say a huge thank you to the fans all around" - says Roberto. Broken Melody will start the recordings of the first video clip at the end of December. Stay tuned for more." reporting NBC is teaming with Mark Burnett to rush launch a new singing competition program that takes aim at Fox's American Idol and its upcoming series The X Factor. Titled "The Voice of America":

Soul Sign, featuring Michael Olivieri (Leatherwolf) - vocals, Bjorn Englen (Y. Malmsteen) - bass, Rob Math (Player, Seal) - guitar and Mike Taylor (R. McAuley) - drums, will be doing an exclusive show at Paladino's in Tarzana, CA this Fri Dec 17 at 11:30pm. This will be their only L.A./US show before the European Tour in May. The album "Life In The Dark" is ready for release and the group is currently negotiating a deal. For samples and more info visit

Inakustik/MVD has set an January 11, 2011 release date for Rock 'N' Roll My Soul, the brand new solo album from singer/songwriter Gary Barden (MSG). Along with Michael Schenker, Barden has penned several of the greatest songs made since the '80s, with Schenker composing the music and Barden providing the lyrics. "Rock 'N' Roll My Soul" shows a very different side of Gary Barden as it reflects the emotions and impressions which the singer soaked up in his youth. Commented Barden: "My love for these songs will never die. Enjoy these songs from a long bygone, but truly wonderful, time. You will hear how broad my musical influences are. There are a few surprises in store."
"Rock 'N' Roll My Soul" track listing: 01. Oh Well 02. I'm Just a Singer 03. Never Before 04. When A Blind Man Cries 05. Let's Work Together 06. Why Did You Do It 07. I'm a Man 08. Stay With Me 09. Travellin' Band 10. The Long and Winding Road 11. Zeit Macht Nur Vor Dem Teufel Halt 12. Rock 'n' Roll My Soul.

Beginning Jan. 17th, Hard Rock Nights will begin airing a new, 3-hour show Monday thru Saturday on KARL Radio based out of Los Angeles. The Monday thru Friday shows will feature original programming each night, and the Saturday show will serve as a recap show highlighting the best music of the previous week. Hard Rock Nights is a 2 hour weekly syndicated radio program, hosted by Brian Basher, that currently airs on 20+ affiliates and in 3 countries and can be heard approximately 25 times a week. Participating stations and show times can be found at:
Since it first hit the airwaves in August 2008 on WMWX-FM in Cincinnati, through its move to syndication in 2009,. Hard Rock Nights has strived to give its listeners the best hard rock show possible each and every week. Following a slight format change and a new host in 2010, the syndicated radio show plans to take that goal a step further heading into 2011.
Hard Rock Nights owner and host Brian Basher had this to say about the show. "Having a 2 hour weekly show is great for introducing our listeners to various new bands, but it doesn't really give the listeners a chance to become familiar with those bands because the play-list changes so much from week to week. With a nightly show we'll be able to introduce the bands to listeners around the world and give them a chance to really become familiar with a band and their music on a consistent basis."
Basher continues, "I'm grateful and thrilled that the staff at KARL Radio have enjoyed what we've been trying to accomplish with Hard Rock Nights week-in and week-out, and I am thankful for the opportunity they have offered us to take Hard Rock Nights to the next level."
While the initial nightly episodes of Hard Rock Nights will be broadcast on KARL Radio other stations, both internet and terrestrial are invited to contact Brian Basher in regards to carrying Hard Rock Nights - either the weekly or nightly broadcasts.
KARL Radio is an internet radio station based out of Los Angeles that offers its listeners a wide variety of programming on a daily basis and can be heard at the following link:

A massive and heartfelt thank you to all that have donated over the last day or two. It's humbling to hear what the site means to people. I will sum things up Friday and can't wait to get cracking on a brand new MelodicRock for years to come.




Tuesday, December 14, 2010

After 2008's self explanatory Let The Metal Do The Talking, Swedish traditional metal exponents Overdrive deliver the most pulsating album of their career with the pedal to the metal bombast of Angelmaker. This new album sees Overdrive pummel the listener with their heaviest release yet. Home to 12 tracks all of which will make any self respecting metal fan throw the "horns" in appreciation.
The artwork was once again created by renowned artist: Monowasp (House Of Lords, TNT, Aces High, Crystal Eyes etc) and depicts an "angelmaker" doing her deed (which was to make angels of (mostly) illegitimate babies). "Angelmaker" will be released by Lion Music on January 21.

A track-by-track by Janne Stark:
Signs All Over (Stark/Karlsson) – Kicks off the album with the pedal to the metal! Classic double bass drums heavy metal!
In Gut We Trust (Stark) – Heavy stomper with an infectious soccer choir chorus. The lyrics are about trusting your guts, your inner feelings, instead of technology and false prophets.
Angelmaker (Stark) – Another high speed metal number with an evil riff. An angelmaker was a woman who "took care of" children born out of wedlock and made them "disappear". The last one was convicted in the 1930's in Sweden.
I Know There's Something Going On (Russ Ballard, arr: Stark) – A cover of the Russ Ballard penned song recorded by ABBA's Frida in the 80's, rejuvenated and metalized.
Under The Influence (Ericsson/Karlsson) – Maiden-influenced riff oriented fast metal rocker which deals about a man trying to suppress his morbid urges. Featuring the classic Overdrive harmony guitars.
On With The Action (Jacobsson) – Up-tempo environmental-friendly classic metal.
See The Light (Stark) – A song originally penned by Janne Stark for the latest Scorpions writing session. As the Scorps wouldn't have it, Overdrive would. If it sounds a bit vintage Scorpions, it's no wonder.
To Grow (Karlsson) – Another fast pace straight ahead heavy metal song with some nice variations.
Mother Earth (Jacobsson) – A mid-tempo rocker with a heavy chorus dedicated to the north American Indians.
It's A Thriller (Stark/Karlsson) – Up/mid-tempo metal influenced by Accept and Judas Priest, heavy and mean!
Cold Blood Chaser (Stark) – Riff-filled up-tempo rocker, a bit influenced by vintage Riot (where the name Overdrive also comes from). Lyrics that take a twist on the vampire theme.
The Wavebreaker (Karlsson) – PerilOz's epic anthem that goes from its soft acoustic intro into full heavy metal mayhem, ending where it started. Loaded with twin guitars. The perfect album closer.
A video for the album medley (filmed at Metal Warning in Helsinki, Finland) has been produced and can be found on YouTube:
WebLinks: / /

MUSICIANS: Per 'PerilOz' Karlsson: Vocals, acoustic guitars; Janne Stark: Guitars, bass; Kjell Jacobsson: Guitars; Kenth Ericsson: Bass; Kenta Svensson: Drums.
WebLinks: / /


Danish progressive metallers Infinity Overture return with their second album The Infinite Overture pt.1. Led by the superb guitar and compositional skills of Neils Vejlyt, the band have taken a step away from the symphonic metal slant of their debut to mark the start of altogether darker and more distinctive journey with enhanced progressive elements blended with gothic textures.
The listener will also notice the new album being more guitar driven due to the reduction of symphonic elements. The new material also showcases the virtuoso side of the band making great use of dynamically rich music wrapped around irresistible vocal melodies. Vejlyt must be applauded for managing to combine all these elements whilst still ensuring the song remains the main priority and these are 9 compelling compositions.
As a result of the slight change of musical direction Vejlyt saw fit to change the band line-up to best bring out the new music and also ensure the caliber of musicianship was high enough to perform the new material live.
New female vocalist Kimmie Tenna Nielsen is the most major change, with her moving and powerful voice driving on the new compositions, her performance is set to make her an upcoming talent in the metal world. Bassist Bernardo Fesch has brought awesome bass groves to the compositions whilst drummer Jakob Vand has adds his grand technical skills and ideas to the band making for a very exciting rhythm section.
Niels Vejlyt also secured the services of two of his favourite vocalists to perform some guest spots on the new release – namely Fabio Lione (Rhapssody Of Fire) and Amanda Somerville (Epica, Kamelot etc). Niels describes this as, An honour to have such greats on the songs.
In addition to these two household names are a number of other guest backing vocalists all adding further depth to the compositions.
Production guru Sascha Paeth (Edguy, Rhapsody of Fire, Kamelot) once again oversaw the mix and master with the outcome being another full and rich sounding release from Infinity Overture.
Smoke & Mirrors Video:

Track Listing: 01. The Hunger. 02. The Stand. 03. Angels. 04. Evernight. 05. Secrets. 06. Back From The Past. 07. Smoke and Mirrors. 08. The Infinite Overture pt. 1. 09. Darkness Of Mind.
Musicians: Niels Vejlyt - Guitar, Orchestrations and growl. Kimmie Tenna Nielsen - Vocals. Jakob Vand - Drums. Bernardo Fesch - Bass.
Guest Musicians: Fabio Lione: Vocals, The Hunger; Amanda Somerville: Vocals, The Hunger, Secrets, The Infinite Overture pt. 1, Smoke and Mirrors; Marie Frifelt: Vocals, Back from the Past, Darkness of Mind; Simon Holm: Growl, Smoke and Mirrors, Darkness of Mind, Evernight; Hjalte Sejr Bertelsen: Growl, Smoke and Mirrors; Thomas Jensen: Vocals, Back from the Past, The Hunger; Mads Damgaard: Piano, Angels, Secrets, The Infinite Overture pt. 1.
Album Credits: Produced by Niels Vejlyt. Edits: Niels Vejlyt. Mixed by Sascha Paeth. Mastered by Sascha Paeth. Orchestrations by Niels Vejlyt.
WebLinks: /


Greek Scorpions' Fan Club World Exclusive! New "super band", featuring Michael Schenker, Herman Rarebell, Pete Way and Michael Voss on vocals. The boys are hidden in the studio in Brighton working on a new album. Just a taste of what the boys are preparing for 2011!

Fireworks #43 is out now. Available from selected WH Smiths stores (see for full details) as well as your favourite melodic rock outlets as ST Records, Destiny Records and AOR Heaven. This 96 page full colour issue contains interviews with Mr. Big, Heaven & Hell, Michael Monroe, Alter Bridge, Status Quo, Nelson, King X. Eloy, Huey Lewis, Stone Sour, Yngwie Malmsteen, Richard Marx, The Poodles, Paul Gilbert, Murederdolls, Taking Dawn, Poison Sun, Tank, Phenomena, Transatlantic, Line of Fire, Gravedigger and many, many more. Plus more reviews than you can shake a stick at, including full detailed review of October's incredible Firefest.
You can read full interviews with Tom Galley (Phenomena), Line of Fire and The Gracious Few, plus extracts from Mr. Big, Richard Marx and Status Quo in the Fireworks section of
Copies can be bought online from and, and download pdf version will be available exclusively from
UK readers can also get a copy by sending cheque for £6 (inc P&P) payable to 'Bruce Mee' to the following address: Fireworks Magazine, 10 Dunnock Close, Offerton, Stockport, SK2 5XD.


How many of you were there at Firefest 3 when Gotthard blew the roof off, cementing their reputation as one of THE best live rock bands going? That was the same year as Wig Wam's eye-popping UK debut, and who could EVER forget those guys? Or even further back, to the Gods show in Wigan in 2000 when Kevin Chalfant brought a few friends with him – Jim Peterik and Kelly Keagy for example – and delivered a truly memorable set crammed full of classics from Two Fires, Survivor, Night Ranger and The Storm? Well now you can relive the high points of those sets on Rocktopia TV as we give you access to exclusive DVD footage … with the promise of more to come.
To access these shows, simply log register on Rocktopia here: then click on Rocktopia TV.
You've heard the legendary stories of classic sets … now go and check them out for yourself! Coming soon....Romeo's Daughter, Ten and Terry Brock!

On Wednesday December 15, Within Temptation will reveal the first song from their upcoming and long-awaited concept album The Unforgiving which hits stores March 2011. The track, titled "Where Is The Edge," will be launched on the band's official website and will coincide with the launch of a video featuring the track. The video will contain exclusive preview scenes taken from the upcoming movie Me & Mr. Jones, directed by Oscar-winning Dutch director Paul Ruven. The movie is a thriller inspired by the disappearance of Natalee Holloway on Aruba, the island where also the movie itself has been secretly shot.
Fans sharing the video on their Facebook using an application on the Within Temptation Facebook page will have their names included in the special edition of the album.
When speaking about the track, Within Temptation revealed, "The song 'Where Is The Edge' is based on the story of The Unforgiving, a graphic novel written by Steven O'Connell. However there is a clear link between the storyline of our new concept album and the thriller Me & Mr. Jones as they both deal with mystery, murder, guilt, and a lack of forgiveness."
For more information on Within Temptation:

Saturday, December 18 - Hybrid Ice; Mannekin; B.A.M.B. (Featuring Rob and Lee from the Ravyns, and Vinnie and JT from Crack the Sky); Scott McGinn and David Utter of FaceDancer with Ricky Thomas of Mona Lisa; Hammer; Temper Temper; Vaudeville; Johnny, Jeff and Steve of The Vamps; Dogs Of War; and more to be announced.
2pm Doors, All Ages, $20.00.
Located at 8501 Fort Smallwood Rd in Pasadena MD, Sandbar/Network was known for its live entertainment that would bring a crowd that crossed the Stoney Creek bridge to see such acts as The Shoes, Facedancer, GTR, Talas, The Joe Perry Project, Staggerwing, Mannekin, Wrathchild, Spectrum, The Road Ducks, Twisted Sister and many more.

The recently-released double-disc Dio CD, 'Dio at Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987,' is about to get a glorious vinyl makeover. On February 15, 2011, the album will be issued as a double vinyl set with deluxe gatefold packaging, and on 180 gram vinyl - the first-ever Dio album to be released in this high quality vinyl format. The album was mixed and mastered under the supervision of Dio's longtime engineer, Wyn Davis, and comes hot on the heels of the CD version's success (debuting at #98 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart - Dio's strongest chart debut in the "Soundscan era").
The first disc of 'Dio at Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987' was recorded at the first-ever UK performance by Dio's solo group, while on tour supporting their classic debut, 'Holy Diver.' And the set-list does a superb job reflecting Dio's debut (featuring such classics as "Rainbow in the Dark," "Stand Up And Shout," etc.), as well as classics from both Rainbow and Black Sabbath ("Man on the Silver Mountain," "Heaven and Hell," etc.) - resulting in a thorough retrospective of Dio's career, from Rainbow to Black Sabbath to solo hits. The second disc of 'Dio at Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987' features guitarist Craig Goldy's debut - recorded in 1987, in support of the 'Dream Evil' album, and contains further highlights from Dio's career.
Between Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, the Dio social media followers now number over one million. Also recently opened for business is the Official Dio Webstore, which gives fans worldwide the opportunity to purchase t-shirts, limited edition items, and CD's/DVD's that fans have been requesting. 2011 is shaping up to be a busy shopping year for Dio collectors, so stay tuned!
For more information, please go to: / / / /




Monday, December 13, 2010

Hi folks, time for a little end of year 'where are we at' update. For the past 6 months I have been planning a complete redesign of the site – retaining the features and style that are most loved about the site, while also adding some fresh ideas and a new approach to how I deliver parts of the site content.
I want an easier to update site so all sections can be better updated at regular intervals.
Not to mention brining this self-designed and self-built archaic 2002 era platform up to 2011 standards of full interactivity for users.

As I searched for the right CMS platform to suit the site's needs I quickly found out that nothing short of a purpose built design was going to cut it. So I have hooked up with a premiere US based Drupal design agency to help build MelodicRock Mk. 4, to be launched in the first half of 2011.
Unfortunately, there is a substantial cost to do this and I am calling upon the melodic community that reads and enjoys this site to help fund the re-design.

The state of business in general in this scene is pretty dire – I'm not sure how many people realize just how bad it is and how many small operators are struggling. We all are. But the fight must go on!
For that reason, I am just not in a position to be able to afford an upgrade without the support of readers.

So today I launch the MelodicRock Upgrade Donation Drive. I'm hoping that I can raise at least $2000 in donations, but anything over that will also go into ensuring that I can continue to deliver news, reviews and everything else for the foreseeable future.

Anyone that does donate to the cause will find themselves in a group of VIPs that will be used to beta-test the new site and gain first access to new interactive features. You'll see it first and you'll use it first and I will keep all folks updated with news of how things are coming along. Plus – you will be encouraged to add your own input into the site and what you would like to see included.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any support you can offer. The idea is to bring MelodicRock not only up to date, but put it firmly in front as a leader in this scene for years to come.

Donate via Paypal on the link provided. Other methods for donating can be accommodated, please e-mail for options.


Avenue Of Allies Press: "The schedule for 2011 will be kicked off by the smokin' hot albums of Miss Behaviour, Hell In The Club, Moritz and Danger Zone, all due January 28.

Miss BehaviourLast Woman Standing (Sweden 2011 – Avenue 11 01 0021)
"Last Woman Standing" is a Melodic Rock and AOR album of the highest order based in the classic Eighties sound and including a guest appearance of guitar player Roland Grapow (Masterplan, Ex-Helloween). Certainly one of the highlights in the upcoming year in the genre. The professionally shot video to the ballad Till We Meet Again just premiered on YouTube: /


Danger ZoneLine Of Fire (Italy 2011 - Avenue 11 02 0022)
Danger Zone's "Line Of Fire" is an album of catchy Melodic Rock songs with an harder edge. Recorded back in the prime days of Melodic Rock, with producers Jody Gray and Mark Cobrin, both successful with the Japanese Hard Rock outfits Loudness and EZO. "Line Of Fire" is now available for the first time ever carefully remastered from the original source by Roberto Priori and packaged as a Special Limited Edition in a jewel case with an individually numbered slipcase.
WebLinks: /


Moritz - Undivided (United Kingdom 2011- Avenue 11 03 0023)
The amazing return of one of the UK's finest AOR bands, twelve new classic AOR tunes in the vein of Strangeways, FM, Airrace and Tobruk. A very pleasant surprise and definitely a must-have for any serious AOR and Melodic Rock fan. The official promo video for the song Should've Been Gone is available on YouTube: /


Hell In The ClubLet The Games Begin (Italy 2011 - Avenue 11 04 0024)
Created by members of two of the most talented Italian Heavy Metal bands around: Secret Shere and Elvenking, Hell In The Club is a successful venture into a different musical territory delivering fist pumping Hard Rock anthems with ultra catchy hooklines. /


News from the office of Firefest: "After a few weeks rest and recuperation for all the crew, it has been decided that we simply cannot resist seeing all your smiling faces again in 2011. We are just awaiting a written confirmation or two from various managers and agents regarding some of the acts that we have lined up for next year. We are hopeful that we will have everything completed by Christmas but in the event that the holiday period causes some unforeseen delays we are pretty sure that we should be ready to go in early January with a full announcement of venue, dates (and no it's not the same weekend as last year!!) and full line up.
It has not been decided yet if we will run a three day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) Firefest. We are all well aware that a three day show incurs a lot of extra expense (extra tickets, accommodation costs etc.) and at this point in time we are leaning strongly towards a return to a Friday and Saturday only, but that's not to say we cannot be persuaded to extend that . We have a LOT of bands keen to play the show , so there is certainly no problem in running a 3 day , but our primary consideration as always is affordability for those attending. As you are no doubt aware we do this every year without any major commercial sponsorship, so if anybody interested in sponsoring any part of the show would like to step up we would be delighted to hear from you.

We're not going to give the game away with regard to who is or who is not playing at this point in time, only to say that 2011 will be a year for a lot of 'firsts' ... in fact we looked at the potential line up earlier tonight and went WOW! As soon as we have the line up completed and fully confirmed we will announce it through the usual channels.
A brief update regarding the live DVDS and CDs recorded at Firefest 2010. Mixing is currently taking place on all the recorded material, and hopefully we should have the first recordings available in late January or early Feburary. More news as soon as we have it, in the meantime, wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a rocking 2011." - Kieran, Bruce and the gang.

Awesome news for fans of Mid-western rock - Little America will reform for the first time since 1989 and play a live show at Club Fortune Casino in Henderson, Nevada Feb 26 at 10pm.
The band's Andy Logan e-mailed me the news today, stating: "I've had fun working through the old tunes and getting my gear in order. We'll be sticking to the old stuff. No solo material."
I suggested to Andy that there should be a live recording of this show!


The Danish Power Metal band Seven Thorns announced the release date for Return to the past in Germany at the 14. January 2011. Feat. special guests - Erik "Ez" Blomkvist, Mikkel Henderson and Olaf Lenk. Recorded and mixed in Media Sound Studios by Peter Brander. Mastered by Tommy Hansen, Jailhouse Studios. The band inked a deal with the promo agency Rock N Growl ( and booking with "Red Lion Music" ( from Germany.
The new website of "Seven Thorns" is online! Seven Thorns: "The new Seven Thorns website is on air. We hope you like it as much as we do. Check out the media player, where you can hear a couple of our great songs!" -
The new video for the hit song "Liberty" is on its way. Stay tuned for updates!

Statements "Return to the past":
"It kicks ass!!" :: Tommy Hansen
"The best album ever - from the leading Danish supplier of catchy power metal" :: Steen (Power of Metal Magazine)
"Seven Thorns is Denmark's best answer to a metal band of international stature, as the album's production qualities also testify. These guys know what they want and they are really good at doing it" :: Martin (Power of Metal Magazine)
"Return To The Past is most likely to be the best power metal release in 2010" :: Johanne (Gaffa Magazine)
"Return To the Past is without a doubt one of the best Danish power metal album in quite some time, and an album that should help Seven Thorns establish themselves as one of Denmark's leading power metal bands with ease. Go get!" :: Kenn Jensen (Power of Metal Magazine)
Check :: :: :: for all announcements.


Greece's Rockpages Web Magazine did an exclusive interview with Australian's new melodic rock sensation White Widdow. Here's an excerpt: 80's AOR has been quite fashionable lately, but it seems like it's making a strong come back now. What does White Widdow have to offer in this re-emerging scene?
Enzo Almanzi:
80's AOR is definitely thriving more at the moment in other certain parts of the world than it has in years. I guess we offer a slightly harder edged sound than most AOR bands. The fact is that each member of White Widdow has quite diverse influences, hopefully sets us slightly apart from the current (and awesome!) crop of melodic rock bands. At the same time, we always set out to play this style of music because of our long term love for it, so we aren't likely to ever deviate far from this sound. How long did the band exist before the album release? Have you tested the material live?
Enzo Almanzi:
The idea of White Widdow and forming an Australian AOR band was born in late 2007. I was friends of Jules and Trent (Wilson, bass) though playing in a Van Halen tribute with Jim (Nais, drums) on the same bill as their band The Deadthings many times. I approached Jules one night at a local hard rock club here in Melbourne about possibly working together on music in the near future. Within a few days he called me to meet and discuss the idea further which led to White Widdow. Trent, Jules and I quickly recruited a drummer and Jules' brother Xav on keys and began playing shows locally, doing mainly AOR covers from bands such as Treat and Aviator. We were writing our own songs in rehearsals and slowly worked them into our set. Jim was brought in to replace our first drummer last year. We continued playing shows and touring the main Australian cities right up until we were signed by AOR Heaven earlier this year!
Read The Full Interview On:




Friday, December 10, 2010

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release of Hurtsmile self-titled debut album on January 21st 2011 in Europe, with US release to follow.
Hurtsmile is the new band featuring singer Gary Cherone (Extreme, Van Halen) who has teamed up with his brother Mark to write his most succinct record to date. The self-titled, Hurtsmile is a raw sonic sucker punch in the face! From the opening buzz saw riff of "Just War Theory" to the epic finale of "Slave" and "Beyond The Garden/Kicking Against the Goads", Gary continues to push and poke you in the ear with his lyrically provocative themes.
"Hurtsmile was a long time coming… I always wanted to write a record with my brother," says Gary. "I'm a big fan of Mark's song writing and his snarling guitar riffs." The timing was right as Extreme was in-between their touring and record cycle, leaving Gary the freedom. They recruited Joe Pessia (bass) an alumnus of Nuno Bettencourt's Dramagods as well as the guitar player for Tantric. Joe also engineered, and co-produced the record with Gary. To round off the lineup they enlisted heavy hitter Dana Spellman on drums "It's an east coast-Boston thing," states Gary. "Mark, my brother, was in a band with Nuno's brother… Joe was in Nuno's band and Dana was a friend, and student of Mike Mangini (former Extreme drummer)…we like to keep it in the family."
The lineup is not the only thing familiar with the band. In true Cherone fashion, the record is chock full of swaggering guitar, soaring vocals and the trademark Cherone eclecticism on tracks such as "Jesus Would You Meet Me", the reggae-tinged "Just War Reprise" and the Dylanesq "The Murder of Daniel Faulkner (4699)". "Hurtsmile was about returning to my roots, writing a record in my basement, a straight up rock 'n' roll record… but it turned out to be more diverse and ambitious than I expected."

Gary is no stranger to taking on intense topics, and Hurtsmile is no exception. The first half of the record is a group of more loosely knit songs such as the cynically inquisitive "Just War Theory", the limit's of free speech "Tolerance Song (edit)" and the disturbingly mesmerizing "Kaffur (Infidel)", inspired by the beheading of Daniel Pearl.
The 2nd half of the record is more conceptually cohesive; an introspective look at the nature of man and the condition of the human heart. "Stillborn" introduced earlier, and "Set Me Free" both touch on mans inclination toward darkness, culminating with an epic journey from sin to salvation… "Slave" to "Beyond the Garden/Kicking Against the Goads".
For the most part both themes are represented as 2 sides of a record. A concept familiar to Extreme fans but make no mistake, whether reading between the lines or just moved by the visceral power of the music, this is a completely different type of record. Gary adds, "All the boys in the band have brought something new to the table, and you'll never know what hit you!"

"Hurtsmile" tracklisting includes: Just War Theory; Stillborn; Love Thy Neighbor; Kaffur (Infidel); Painter Paint; Tolerance Song (Edit); Set Me Free; Jesus Would You Meet Me; Slave; Beyond The Garden / Kicking Against The Goads; Just War Reprise; The Murder Of Daniel Faulkner (4699).
The songs "Just War Theory" and "Love Thy Neighbor" can exclusively be listened in full in streaming on the Frontiers Web radio. Tune in at:

Hurtsmile: Gary Cherone ­ Vocals; Mark Cherone - Guitars; Joe Pessia - Bass, Mandolin; Dana Spellman ­ Drums, Percussion. Produced by Gary Cherone, Joe Pessia.


Oliver Weers - Evil's Back / Out: February 25, 2011/ label: Metal Heaven
Oliver Weers stormed into Danish consciousness in 2007 with his emphatic performances during the auditions of the biggest talent show in the world, The X-Factor. His popularity amongst the Danish population sky rocketed with his legendary performance in the final, singing Queen's classic "The Show Must Go On".
One success led to another. Being a household name in Denmark his debut album was hotly anticipated by the press, and in early 2008 fans were rewarded with the fantastic "Get Ready". Released by Target Records "Get Ready" proved apt advice for the tour de force of Oliver's powerful vocals and the album's impressive musical line-up. Not many debuts can boast performances with producer/musicians like Søren Andersen (Mike Tramp/Artillery), drummer Tommy Aldridge (Ozzy Osbourne/Whitesnake) and bassist Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake/ Thin Lizzy). By September 2008 the album was set for international release in the rest of Europe and Japan.
In the following years Oliver has established himself as one of the leading hard rock artists in Scandinavia. Through impressive live performances at some of the biggest festivals in Denmark and support slots for giants such as Motley Crue and Whitesnake his fan base is rapidly growing.
For "Evil's Back" Oliver has collaborated with an international and mixed generation team of artists; with young and vibrant Anders Borre and Anders Bo, from Denmark, and talented guitarist Laki Ragazas, from Greece. This is a team for great composing and song writing, completed by Kristian Thomsen who has mixed the album.
Track list: 1. Intro, 2. Evils Back, 3. All My Life, 4. Without You, 5. Hero, 6. Need it Bad, 7. Beautiful Rain, 8. Much too Much, 9. Fighting the Mountains, 10. Devils Chain, 11. Demolition Man, 12. Rainbow Star.

Sound clips in advance: All My Life / Much Too Much / Need It Bad.


Sideburn - Jail / Out: February 25, 2011 / label: Metal Heaven
Sideburn were founded on the ashes of Swiss Heavy Metal band Genocide (which were active between 1986-1997) in 1997 by vocalist Roland Pierrehumbert and rhythm guitarist Fred Gudit. "Sell Your Soul (For Rock 'n' Roll)" (1997), the self-proclaimed "rebaptism" as Sideburn saw the band's redirected approach, which resulted in this bare-knuckled album. Sideburn seemingly made no apologies for the full-scale change from Heavy Metal to riff orientated Hard Rock. The name "Sideburn," in fact, is also admittedly rooted in rock tradition. Relentless gigging, including a pinnacle supporting slot for KISS at Hallenstadion in Zurich and a couple of line-up changes followed.
Following a brief hiatus where the realigned band tightened the screws a few turns, Sideburn resurfaced in 2001 with "Crocodile" and later with "Gasoline" in 2004. Swiss production guru Juerg Naegeli also re-enlisted for both discs. These releases continued to exhibit the band's progressive dedication to the favored Aussie sound.
Over this period, the band's reputation as a tight, dedicated outfit both in the studio and live led to an impressive list of supporting tour engagements. Sideburn opened for legends Def Leppard, Motorhead, Dio, Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy, Krokus and Doro... and even Meat Loaf. 2006 marked the 20th anniversary of the Sideburn/Genocide project. The band celebrated the milestone with the career spanning anthology titled "Archives" before the most recent album "Cherry Red" was released in 2008. The song "Six Feet Under" was featured in the last season of the famous show "24" with Kiefer Sutherland. In 2010, Sideburn worked on their new release with multi-platinum producer Beau Hill (over 50 millions album sold Ratt, Gary Moore, Winger, Twisted Sister), as co-producer and mixer. Since September 2010, the fans can challenge themselves by playing the song "Cherry Red" on Xbox 360's music game "Rockband 3".
The new album "Jail" will be released on the 25th of February 2011 by Metal Heaven in Europe (except Switzerland) & Japan.
Tracklist: 1. Live To Rock 2. Devil And Angel 3. One Night Stand 4. Rock'n'roller 5. Lazy Daisy 6. Jail 7. Chase The Rainbow 8. The Red Knight 9. Long Beard And Boogie 10. Good Boy 11. Kiss Of Death 12. Creedence Vibe.

Sound clips in advance: Lazy Daisy / Live To Rock / The Red Knight.


MR-X has been updated with the following new features:
- Skid Row - Best Of Live (17 Tracks)
- White Lion - When The Lion Cries 1991 (Full Live Show)
- Odessa - Demos (Sweden 1989)(3 Tracks)
- Los Angeles - Demos (US 1987)(4 Tracks)
- Palma - Demos (UK 87 - 88)(8 Tracks)
MR-X Membership Details.

To promote a series of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal memorabilia auctions, eBay seller EliteWorks has posted an excerpt from a never-before-seen 1971 pro-shot of the original Alice Cooper group.
The 39-year old film features the original band in all of their glory, during their Killer Tour. The concert was recorded on New Years Eve 1971 in Toronto, Canada and this is the first time any moving images have surfaced of the original band performing Be My Lover. The footage is so rare most die-hard Alice Cooper collectors were not even aware of its existence.
The Hard Rock/Heavy Metal themed auctions include several vintage Alice Cooper items notably; rare 1970s paperwork, monogrammed sticks from original drummer Neal Smith and even the highly-sought after 1975 Performance Magazine Welcome To My Nightmare cover story. The auctions can be seen here:
Alice Cooper performing Be My Lover from 1971 may be viewed here:

Music Industry veteran and musician Steve "Buckshot" Seabury was interviewed on last night's edition of Fox News' "Red Eye" show with host Greg Gutfeld. During the interview they discussed the inspiration behind "Mosh Potatoes - Recipes, Anecdotes & Mayhem From The Heavyweights Of Heavy Metal", a food tasting and the humorous stories behind each recipe. "Red Eye" is a late-night/early-morning talk show on the Fox News channel. Airing at 3:00 a.m. EST on weekdays with repeats on weekends at 12:00 a.m. EST, the show covers a variety of topics, including news, entertainment, sports, and gossip. It is hosted by former Maxim U.K. editor Greg Gutfeld.
Here is the link to watch the interview on Red Eye:
The Chicago Reader noted for its literary style of journalism, is acclaimed for their critic's choices and recommendations in film, music, art and dining has named Mosh Potatoes in their top 10 cookbooks of 2010 in their year end Food & Drink Column:
Over 5 years in the making, Mosh Potatoes (Simon & Schuster) features 147 exciting recipes from legendary icons like Lemmy, Zakk Wylde and Lita Ford to the thrash titans of Pantera, Megadeth, Testament, Overkill and Anthrax to the hair metal bands of Guns & Roses, Dokken, La Guns, Steel Panther, Twisted Sister to the mayhem of metal including Mudvayne, Lamb Of God, Shadows Fall, Hatebreed and Devildriver.
For more information please check out the new Mosh Potatoes website at: /


New Reviews online today for Nelson, Dan Reed, Appearance Of Nothing and Captain Zapped. Read Now.




Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Schmankerl Records Crew proudly presents: the Digital Remastered 2010 Re-release of the ultra-rare 1988 Melodic hard rock indie release from the U.S.A. - Adrian Dodz.
The album features Hal Selzer & John Bushnell (later - Silent Witness) ~ the perfect combination of Red Dawn + Network + Icon - incl. 3 unreleased bonus tracks.
The re-issue is available right now from:


Jeff Scott Soto and his solo band featuring members past and present (Howie Simon, Gary Schutt, Edu Cominato, BJ) will be playing a special show at the Whisky-A-GoGo in Hollywood, CA on Thu, January 13, 2011, with headliners Fozzy featuring Chris Jericho and Brooklyn's Z02, the band from the hit TV series Z-Rock, which will be sponsored by many of the companies endorsing these acts. The show is All Ages and will be a sell out so get your tickets early!


Portugal's biggest metal band of all time - Moonspell - is also ranks among the pioneers of Gothic metal, along the likes of Type O Negative, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and Katatonia. Especially Moonspell's debut album "Wolfheart" (1995) ranks among the classics of the genre with its rough black metal edges around the ominous core. After a number of years and releases of a more experimental, poppier kind, Moonspell returned to their heavy origins on "Under Satanae" (2007) and "Night Eternal" (2008) - to the delight of their fans. Moonspell are currently working on their tenth album, that singer Fernando Ribeira promises will be their darkest, sexiest and heaviest in ages. Excellent timing, with the band's first SRF-performance coming up.
Read more under Bands 2011 -

Press release from Jamie Mallender, best known as bass player for former Black Sabbath vocalist, Tony Martin:
Released 1st December 2010 as a taster from the forthcoming "Tunes From The Mothership" EP, Slip Away, is a download only single, available from all the usual digital download sites - iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby etc.
Jamie states: "It's been just over a year since "Return To Bass," and I really didn't want to wait this long to put out another record. I love recording and I have a lot of music in me, I just need the time to put it down on tape! I've been singing a lot whilst I've been working with Eaglesque this last 12 months and this has got me back into the singer/songwriter thing. So I've decided that as soon as i can, I'll put out an EP, 3 vocal tunes (one of which is a cover of one of my favourite songs) and 2 instrumentals. The EP will be called "Tunes From The Mothership," and Slip Away will be track 1. I'm releasing the single version of it now as a download only, as a little taster and to keep the fans awake!"
Some fans may recall "The Free Download EP" which was available on MySpace a few years ago, for a limited time only. The most popular track from that demo recording was, "Don't Let It Slip Away" which is the track Jamie has re-recorded here, giving it the Mothership studios treatment, a shortened name and here it is.
Written and recorded by Jamie Mallender, also featuring Jamie on all instruments and all voices: /




Wednesday, December 08, 2010

SPONSOR CALL: is actively looking for new sponsors – big or small – in the industry or outside. This site has a very large and loyal reader base, should any company out there be looking to reach into new territory or further expand their brand name in one easy step.
I will also happily take suggestions or leads from any readers.
A complete set of statistical data is available on request for any interested parties. For details, please e-mail:

After storming the world for nearly 40 years and taking their very special brand of heavy metal to all four corners of the planet, Judas Priest - one of the most influential heavy metal bands of all time, have announced this will be their final world tour!
However, the mighty Priest will certainly be going out strong as they rock the planet starting in 2011 on the massive Epitaph Tour - hitting all the major cities throughout the world, they will be playing the songs that helped make the name Judas Priest synonymous with heavy metal!
With all guns blazing and amps cranked to eleven, the band will be giving all their fans one last chance to witness the ultimate metal experience that is Judas Priest!
Judas Priest will be starting their world tour in Europe - we have just confirmed the following festivals for 2011 -

9th June Sweden Rock Festival, Sweden
11th June Sauna Festival, Finland
17th June Copenhell Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
19th June Hellfest, Nantes, France
22nd June Gods of Metal Festival, Milan, Italy
25th JuneGraspop Festival, Belgium
23rd July High Voltage Festival, London, UK
5th August Wacken Festival, Germany
Stay tuned as we announce more dates - information will be forthcoming soon - so start getting prepared to rock one final time with the incomparable JUDAS PRIEST!

"The fans spoke, and now they have gotten what they wanted. Canadian rock royalty Triumph, has launched a brand new, completely overhauled website and online store, for all your Triumph needs! The website will serve as both the band's official website and as a community for Triumph's devoted worldwide following. The new site (whose URL will remain will feature streaming music, videos, classic interviews and memorabilia, as well as many other options for fans to learn the history behind one of Canada's greatest hard rocking bands.
Additionally, by going to Triumph's new site, you'll be able to access the group's Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter pages, as well as the group's official YouTube page (comprised of kick-ass, vintage video clips), and the Triumph iLike page, where you can purchase downloads of Triumph music.
As the site content continues to grow, Triumph fans will be treated to exclusive free music downloads, a monthly newsletter, fan forum, and online store featuring rare merchandise bundles, including t-shirts, signed CDs, posters, videos, etc., among other goodies.
Right now, there are a total of four "bundles" for sale. There are three different bundles for the 'Greatest Hits' release (including a "digital bundle" , a "classic bundle" and a "deluxe bundle" ), as well as a "limited edition bundle" for the bands classic 1977 release, 'Rock & Roll Machine' (a release that celebrated its 33rd anniversary of release this past November).
On December 3, Frontiers Records released, in Europe only, official reissues of Triumph's ten classic albums, in digipak version and with the original track listings.
These albums include 'In The Beginning' (1976), 'Rock and Roll Machine' (1977), 'Just a Game' (1979), 'Progressions of Power' (1980), 'Allied Forces' (1981), 'Never Surrender' (1983), 'Thunder Seven' (1984), 'Stages (Live)' (1985), 'The Sport of Kings' (1986), and 'Surveillance' (1987).
The CDs have been remastered and have an extensive booklet including lyrics. For the serious Triumph fan, Frontiers has released, also in Europe only, a very limited edition collector's Box Set, entitled 'Diamond Collection,' which will include all the 10 albums in vinyl replica, featuring the artwork from the original vinyl editions of the albums.
By special arrangement, the Triumph online store has imported 300 Box Sets that are available for sale in North America. The Box Sets are numbered and will not be sold anywhere else.
Keep an eye on and visit it frequently, as you never know what surprises, exclusive content, and sales may lay in store for you. And always remember...Fight The Good Fight!"

Buy any other CD with a Jimi Jamison/Jim Peterik Extra Moments CD on and receive one FREE Legendary Scorpion Drummer Herman Rarebell's band HZG world tour short sleeve tee shirt (L-XL or 2XL) for their upcoming February World Tour. This is a must have for true Scorpion fans!!!!! See shirt on

Los Angeles, 2010 – Stan Bush's timeless hit The Touch is now available for Rock Band! Bush has partnered with The Authority Inc. and the Rock Band Network to create "The Touch" Video Contest!
"The Touch" Video Contest challenges participants to create any kind of video – from live action to animation – that makes reference to both "The Touch" and the Rock Band game (any version) The subject matter is completely up to the participant(s). Videos to be considered for the contest must be created and uploaded no later than January 11th, 2011 and can be hosted on any site of the participant's choosing (YouTube, dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.) Judging of the videos and the three top winners will be handled by Stan Bush himself! The grand prize for "The Touch" Video Contest is a complete set of Stan Bush CD's, each personally autographed by the artist. Runners up will receive CD's and/or a Stan Bush t-shirt. Complete rules for the competition can be seen here:

To submit your entry for consideration in "The Touch" Video Contest, send an email to containing your full name, e-mail address and the URL of your completed video no later than January 11th, 2011. Winners will be contacted via e-mail.
Also coming in 2011, the Rock Band Network release of Stan Bush's "Til All Are One" from the hit video game Transformers: War for Cybertron! Plus, Stan teams with "The Touch" co-writer Lenny Macaluso once again for the forthcoming single "Heat of the Battle," available soon for digital download.
One other note: a special reissue of the original classic "Stan Bush & Barrage" album, featuring "The Touch" and "Love Don't Lie", is now available at!

Welcome to the brand NEW official music page of Terje Eide on Facebook. This will be the main official site on Facebook for Terje Eide and his music. It will include News, Music, Videos, Photos and much more...Terje Eide Official Music Page on Facebook:!/pages/Terje-Eide/177804195563257.


One for Quiet Riot fans to check out:

A lovely interview with Eric Martin can be found at: Eric talks about the new Mr. Big, being back together again, working with Kevin Shirley, his "audition" for Van Halen, meeting Bon Scott, having Elvis Costello yelling "Piss off!" to him, his brief stint w/Toto and lots more.

Alyson from is doing an interview with Harry Hess from Harem Scarem/First Signal which will be on her show on Thursday December 16. It airs from 7pm EST-9pm EST. Tune in at:




Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release in Europe of John Waite's new studio album entitled Rough & Tumble on January 21, 2011.
Waite's anticipated new release follows 2007's Downtown…Journey of Heart and shows a new and fresh side of the British singer/songwriter's creative output. Part of the album was recorded in Nashville. The record wrapped with a spirited studio session in Los Angeles with the members of his touring band.
Waite says of Rough & Tumble: "As much as I feel the release of the live album, In Real Time, last May was a defining moment and as much as I have enjoyed playing those songs, I consider this album a new beginning. I approached this project with an entirely different ambition musically than I've had in the past. It's the first record I've made that I think is made up of singles. All 12 tracks are contenders. They're all alive in their own way. I'm not really sure what the energy is behind the songs, but there is a real kind of velocity in the album where we just picked up speed and kept going. We just wanted to play and win."
A good portion of Rough & Tumble was written and produced in a sweet pocket of creativity enjoyed over the past year and a half with Matchbox Twenty lead guitarist/songwriter Kyle Cook, who Waite met through a mutual friend. "It's pretty much extraordinary," Waite says about the material he created for the new album. "It's not like what people would expect from me. It's a step to the left. There's a rock imprint on the music and a melodic presence, but it's just shifted gears. It's an extreme record. It has an identity and a philosophy of its own, which is really fresh for me."

The Waite/Cook collaboration has proved to be nothing short of phenomenal, as evidenced by songs like "Evil" (a thumping rocker-meets-dance-club tour de force), "Better Off Gone" (a hook-laced better-off-on-the-open-road anthem), the deep groove-laden "Love's Goin' Out of Style" and the soaring magic ballad "If You Ever Get Lonely". "I'm not saying it's high art, but genuinely speaking, it's fantastic for me," Waite says, reflecting on his new music. "I certainly am interested in spending the rest of my life doing something creative rather than just living in the past".
On Rough & Tumble, Waite also managed to keep the rougher live rock edge that shines through on In Real Time alive and well. The no-holds-barred, riff-ready title track and the driving renditions of "Sweet Rhode Island Red" (a Tina Turner number) and "Mr. Wonderful" (a new take on a hidden gem originally included on his debut solo album, Ignition) are set to shake heads during the next tour. The melodies of the amazing "Shadows of Love" are yet another highlight of Waite's new superbly varied and interesting musical statement.

Rough & Tumble final track listing includes: Rough & Tumble, Shadows of Love, Evil, If You Ever Get Lonely, Skyward, Sweet Rhode Island Red, Love's Goin' Out of Style; Better Off Gone, Further The Sky, Peace of Mind, Mr. Wonderful, Hanging Tree.

The songs "Shadows of Love" and "If You Ever Get Lonely" can be listened to in full exclusively on the Frontiers Web Radio. Tune in at: The first single "Shadows of Love" is available NOW for digital purchase!
Weblinks: (The All New Official John Waite Page Coming Soon) / / / /

John Waite ­ Vocals
Luis Maldonado ­ Electric & Acoustic Guitar on "Rough & Tumble," "Shadows Of Love," "Skyward," "Sweet Rhode Island Red," "Mr. Wonderful"
Tim Hogan ­ Low End on "Rough & Tumble," "Shadows Of Love," "Skyward," "Sweet Rhode Island Red," "Mr. Wonderful," "Further The Sky"
Billy Wilkes ­ Drums/Percussion on "Rough & Tumble," "Shadows Of Love," "Skyward," "Sweet Rhode Island Red," "Mr. Wonderful"
Kyle Cook ­ Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Programming & Harmony Vocals on "Evil,", "If You Ever Get Lonely," "Love's Goin' Out of Style," "Better Off Gone," "Peace of Mind"; Keys on "Evil," "If You Ever Get Lonely" & "Love's Goin' Out Of Style"
David Santos ­ Bass Guitar on "If You Ever Get Lonely," "Love's Goin' Out of Style," "Better Off Gone," "Peace of Mind"
Mike Webb ­ Hammond B3 on "Shadows of Love," "Skyward," "Sweet Rhode Island Red," "Further The Sky"
Fred Eltringham ­ Drums/Percussion on "If You Ever Get Lonely," "Love's Goin' Out of Style," "Better Off Gone," "Peace of Mind"
Shane Fontayne ­ Electric & Acoustic Guitar on "Further The Sky," Acoustic & Baritone Guitar on "Hanging Tree"
Rodger Carter ­ Drums/Percussion on "Further The Sky"
Bobby Keys ­ Saxophone on "Love's Goin' Out of Style"
Jennifer Paige ­ Background Vocals on "If You Ever Get Lonely" & "Better Off Gone"


Press Release / "Following the release of our latest albums by Fabri Kiareli's F.E.A.S.T., Perfect View and Fire in October, the label is currently putting the finishing touches to the first releases for 2011.
Meanwhile members of the bands Shining Line, Skill In Veins, Wheels Of Fire and label manager Gregor Klee met in the North of Italy on the Lake Como for a classy Italian dinner and a short trip to Milan to visit the famous Domo and to check out the local record stores.


On the bands websites you can find the latest reviews and news including information about upcoming live dates, the brand new line-up of Skill in Veins and the Japanese Edition of Wheels Of Fire, including two brand new bonus tracks (released in Japan through Bickee Music / Happinet on November 24): / /

In further news Fabri Kiareli's F.E.A.S.T., Skill in Veins and Perfect View recently completed interviews with the renowned Dutch website Lords Of Metal. You can read the interviews here:
Fabri Kiareli's F.E.A.S.T.:
Skill in Veins:
Perfect View:

To conclude today news round-up we'd like to present you a clip from the energetic live performance of "Dangerous Love" by Fabri Kiareli's F.E.A.S.T. on October 29:


The next news update from Avenue of Allies will present the first four albums of the coming year, due on January 28, 2011. The outlook on the new year is very promising and the schedule will be kicked off by the smokin' hot albums of Miss Behaviour, Hell In The Club, Moritz and Danger Zone.

Have a Rockin' Good Christmas time, Gregor Klee." - Avenue Of Allies /

The newly revamped lineup of the NWOBHM band Tokyo Blade — featuring 4 members from the classic Night Of The Blade line up in Andy Boulton (guitar) guitarist John Wiggins (Paul Di'anno's Battlezone/Deep Machine/Slam), bassist Andy Wrighton (Deep Machine/Shogun) and drummer Steve Pierce (Shogun), alongside new singer Nicolaj "Nick" Ruhnow (Irony, Voivittu, Domain, Hellfort) — have signed with Sony/Fastball Records and will release its new album, tentatively titled "1000 Men Strong", in February 2011. The CD is being helmed by veteran British producer Chris Tsangarides, who has previously worked with Thin Lizzy, Y&T, Free, Black Sabbath, Ian Gillan, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne and Anvil, among others. Video footage from the new line ups debut at the Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival can be viewed below.
Black Abysss (New Song) -
Lightning Strikes -

Commented the band: "We are treating ['1000 Men Strong'] as [our] third album, or the third album that should have been, so to speak. We view it as the natural follow-up to [1984's] 'Night Of The Blade' as the songs hark back to the glory days of NWOBHM. We have deliberately recorded the whole thing in a very live manner in just over a week (real time) as albums were recorded [back in the early '80s]. No keyboards, no bullshit — just 100% heavy metal helped considerably by the talent of our new vocalist, Nicolaj, and classic heavy metal producer Chris Tsangarides."
The band have also confirmed live appearances at Headbangers Open Air 2011 and Rocktower Festival 2011 with more dates currently being arranged.
Tokyo Blade's current lineup is: Andy Boulton (guitar), John Wiggins (guitar), Andy Wrighton (bass), Steve Pierce (drums), Nicolaj "Nick" Ruhnow (vocals).
For all information go to the bands official website at:

Liberty N' Justice is trying to create awareness of epilepsy and raise money for research to find a cure.
The disease hits very close to home for Justin Murr and his family. Justin's oldest daughter, Trinity Paige Murr, was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 7. For the past five years she has battled through daily medication, hospital stays, cluster seizures, induced comas, three weeks in the ICU ­ and finally brain surgery. To raise awareness, Murr got together with Vic Rivera and wrote 5 songs from a perspective of what he saw his daughter going through, his love for her, doubting his own faith, and where his relationship with his wife was at the time. Murr states, "I held nothing back in the lyrics and wanted people to see what this disease was doing to my family and my heart really wants to raise awareness and help other families going through the same thing."

Donate $7.50 or more and you will be able to download this new LNJ EP while helping a great cause. Donations will be made to The Epilepsy Foundation in Trinity's name. Donations can me made through LNJ's website at All the musicians and the cover artist (Rex Zachary) donated there time and talents to this EP. The track listing is...

Say Uncle (Paul Shortino of Rough Cutt/Quiet Riot/King Kobra, Ron Keel of Keel, and Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister)
Throwing Stones (Donnie Vie of Enuff Z' Nuff and JK Northrup)
Paige's Song (Philip Bardowell of Magdalen/Unruly Child/The Beach Boys and Tony Palacios of Guardian)
Playing God (Terry Ilous of XYZ, Jeff Paris and Richard Kendrick of Near Life Experience)
Chasing A Cure (Benny Mardones, John Pine and Bill Leverty of Firehouse)
Besides the new EP, LNJ has opened there own digital store (our complete discography including a newly released album Here: LNJ demos and unreleased songs) through there website and any album or song bought between now and Feb 14,11. LNJ will donate those proceeds as well.
You can check out a video featuring Trinity Murr at:

Please help us spread the word about this project...We hope even if you don't like this style of music you would consider making a donation for a great cause and "pray" we stop chasing and start catching the cure for epilepsy!


Last Saturday night, Venice used a day off from their performing duties as the backup singers on Roger Waters' "The Wall" tour to stage their annual Venice Christmas Concert in Santa Monica, CA. In attendance was the entirety of Waters' touring band. After delivering a blistering two hour set, Venice surprised the crowd at their first encore by returning to the stage with Robbie Wykoff, Harry Waters, Dave Kilminster, GE Smith, Graham Broad and Jon Joyce. They proceeded to perform "Goodbye Blue Sky," "Comfortably Numb" and a medley consisting of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition," David Bowie's "Fame," Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" and the Rolling Stones' "It's Only Rock and Roll (But I Like It)." The excitement and enthusiasm from the sold out crowd practically tore the roof off. Here's a clip:

Street Symphonies Records is proud to present the Swedish band Pompei Nights, whose debut album, still without a title, will be released in 2011. Young, good-looking and rebel, Pompei Nights isn't surely the nth sleaze band from the Scandinavian wave willing to try, without success, to write a new Appetite For Destruction or Girls Girls Girls. Their is on the contrary a modern hard rock that moves with the times, with two sharp guitars, a thumping rhythm section and a voice maybe a bit mould-breaker, but that won't definitely pass unnoticed!
Born just one year ago in Stockholm, Sweden, Pompei Nights have already a goal clear in mind: to conquer the most prestigious stages to the sound of rock'n'roll.
The album will be anticipated by the release of the promo single "Midnight Mistress" that will also include another track, "I Want It".
Pompei Nights: remember this name, they are the next big thing!

Pompei Nights: Joey Eden - Vocals, Olli Cox - Lead Guitar, Matt Cosby - Lead Guitar, Rob Cold - Bass, Devlin - Drums. /

12/6/2010 – Germany – In celebration of their 40 year band history, a new cinematic document of Germany's most successful progressive rock band Eloy take the friends of their music on a journey through four decades of the band's fascinating history. In the 90-minute documentary Mighty Echoes (DVD 1) former and current Eloy musicians (Frank Bornemann, Klaus-Peter Matziol, Jurgen Rosenthal, Hannes Folberth, Michael Gerlach, Fritz Randow, Hannes Arkona) talk about their time and work with Eloy. Likewise engineers, product managers and other important companions of the band also have their say. All phases are documented and enhanced with previously unpublished pictures making this the definitive documentary of the legendary German ensemble. On the clip compilation (DVD 2) there is an additional collection of old TV shows, live videos and promotional videos, such as The Midnight Fight, The Sun Song, Decay of Logos, Silhouette and Voyager of the Future Race.
The entire Eloy history, discography, pictures and more can be viewed at
Frank Bornemann hand-signed copies of 'The Legacy Box' as well as new editions of T-Shirts, picture cards and stickers at our store:




Monday, December 06, 2010

Discussions have taken place between myself and Angelmilk Records owner Andy Bramhall in regards to the titles originally signed to that label during the time of our partnership together and how we can complete the job first started. I am very pleased to announce that we have worked out a plan and these albums will now finally find themselves released in the first half of 2011.
MelodicRock Records will take over the release of these albums, in partnership with Andy's new studio venture Analogue Baby. All titles will be pressed, released, marketed and sold through the established MelodicRock Records channels.

Andy Bramhall sent in this message for all that have followed news of these releases:

"Hello, Andrew and myself have finally got our heads together to get theses titles out there for you guys, we both feel that all these titles deserve the right to be heard by all on here.
Its a collaboration between 2 people that really haven't seen eye to eye over a lot of things over the past 2 years... I've infuriated him many times over a lot of things - BUT, we're still talking on the phone and still finding time for a laugh or two, this is good.
Andy is running the site and trying to get MRR off the ground and I'm busy building (two thirds of the way done) what we believe here to be one of the finest stereo and 5.1 mix environments in the WORLD. The studio is called "Analogue Baby" and its the real deal, featuring a brand new 60 Channel NEVE 88RS large format analogue console in a perfect acoustic space, the 500 sq ft control room with 16ft ceilings has been designed by Roger D'arcy of Recording Architecture, many high profile music mix projects and computer game projects will be done here in 2011 (unfortunately no MR) so I'll drop in from time to time and keep you all posted.
The web address is just a holding page at the moment but things are getting there on the site.
We'll be helping each other out in the future I have no doubt, and I'm sure there will be some new music coming out of our place with the MRR and Analogue Baby name on it (mixed in the studios down time periods)....he sniggers....we'll keep you all posted on that I'm sure... Enjoy the music and thanks for listening.
All the best to you and have a great Christmas...."

The titles in question are:

Chris Antblad - Century (debut solo album from former Spin Gallery vocalist - classic AOR with modern touches)
Andreas Novak - Novakation (new solo album from former Mind's Eye and new House Of Shakira vocalist - classic style melodic rock with modern touch)
Infinity - Infinity (Pre-cursor to Red Dawn - Archive release of unreleased mid-80s project featuring Mitch Malloy and David Rosenthal)
Rick Springfield Tribute - Featuring various rockers; 7th heaven, Gary Schutt, Eric Martin, Mitch Malloy, Vinny Burns, American Anthem, Thom Griffin & Hardway, James Christian and many more...
Nexx - Another Dawn (Spanish Version) and Colours (Re-Mixed & Re-Mastered Version)
Vox Tempus - In The Eye Of Time (Re-Mastered Version)(Digital Release Only)

There will also be fresh (brand new/sealed) copies made available of the first three Angelmilk titles - Alias - Never Say Never; Poley/Rivera - Only Human and Nexx - Another Dawn (English Version).
All titles will be available on CD via mail-order, wholesale/retail outlets and also via Digital Release.
An idea of possible release dates and further details about each individual release will be posted later this week. Personally....I thank Andy for his co-operation and original belief in these titles, which I remain very proud of...and very excited by. Despite being temporarily 'lost', I'm confident these titles will feature on many 2011 Best Of lists. Stay tuned!


Frontiers Records is proud to announce the signing of a new Distribution Agreement for its label products with EMI Music Distribution in North America. The new Agreement will be effective from January 1st 2011 and marks a "huge step forward in the label's expansion strategy" ­ as stated by Frontiers President, Serafino Perugino.
EMI Music will distribute physical product from Frontiers Records in the United States of America and Canada. Plans are already underway to expand the territorial areas of partnership.
"We are happy that Frontiers Records have chosen us to partner with to release some of the greatest rock bands of all time - on their label you will find greats such as Whitesnake, Asia and Yes" said EMI's Executive VP / General Manager Mike Harris. "True classic rock artists that have sold millions of records worldwide. We look forward to a very rewarding relationship and know we will see true success in 2011."
Frontiers has recently announced the new partnership with Derek Shulman and 2Plus Music Entertainment who will oversee the label development and marketing over the North American market in conjunction with the EMI team in New York. Shulman said: "Our friends at EMI are all real music enthusiasts and we are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them. The North American Frontiers team is gearing up for the first quarter release, which includes new music from Mr. Big, Nelson and Whitesnake".
The first releases which will be distributed with the new set up in January 2011 will be the recent Yoso debut "Elements", the Allen Lande hit album "The Showdown", along with Nelson's recent comeback "Lightning Strikes Twice" and Mr. Big's forthcoming "What If...". The first quarter release plan shall be officially announced shortly.

In related Frontiers news - New first hand information on the new John Waite single Shadows Of Love from the upcoming Rough and Tumble album, plus John's notes on this song can be read now at:


Niclas Olsson sent in this long awaited update: The new Alyson Avenue album is taking shape and lead vocals are now recorded on almost every song. Arabella has done a really great job. It's some very melodic stuff but more versatile than on our previous album. Fredrik Bergh and I have written one track together and Michael Bormann is doing a duet together with Arabella on a semi-ballad.
I have also started to record the new Second Heat album together with the band and we have nailed two songs that sounds incredible fresh. 11 new songs will be recorded. Another album that we just do for the fun of it with influences from new and old heroes in rock music. The difference this time is that we will probably do some shows after the release.

James LaBrie: "Dream Theater Will Still Go On Forward And Be Strong And Come Out With Incredible Music":

Gene Simmons interviewed on CNN:

Michael Brandvold has posted another new archive interview online: "While in college radio at KGMA at Mankato State University I did a phone interview with Poison lead singer Bret Michaels shortly after their debut album Look What The Cat Dragged In was released. Bret discusses their touring at the time, filming of videos, the history and influence of the band and more. This might be the first time it has been heard. Note there is about eight seconds of silence at the start of the recording. Interview with Poison lead singer Bret Michaels, April 17, 1987 Part One - 22 Minutes. Part two of this interview will be posted next week:

Sydney based rock fan and part time Journo Giles conducted a video interview with Ted Poley for a YouTube channel called 'Schitzophonic Media'. Ted discusses, D2, Prophet, Solo, touring, even his work on the Sonic Hedgehog soundtrack CD. Check it out at: /

Clips of the new Ted Poley Band in Sweden @ Klubben can be viewed at: / / /




Friday, December 03, 2010

Producer Kevin Shirley was recently interviewed by Music Radar, covering his work with Iron maiden, Black Country Communion and of course, his current work on new albums with Mr. Big and Journey.
The full interview can be found here:

Shirley on Mr. Big: I mean, you take a band like Mr Big. There's such an amazing depth of talent in that band, and the same goes for Journey and Maiden and all these guys. They're brilliant. The trick, for me, is to make them feel like they're 19 again." And how do you do that? "By getting them to write great songs and not be too clever with their musicianship. Stop thinking about the press and the reviewers. Do it for the right reasons. Make music to pull chicks and stop worrying about turning on the Steely Dan guys."

On Journey's Trial By Fire album: Still, that had to be difficult when you worked with Journey hooking back up with Steve Perry - there was so much acrimony between everybody at the time. "Well, there wasn't when I worked with them. To be brutally honest, I had never even heard Journey until I started working with them. I didn't know a thing about them. [Former A&R exec] John Kalodner called me to his office and he played me Separate Ways, and he asked me what I thought, and I said, 'There's a lot of reverb on that.' And that was my only comment. But when I got together with the band, I wasn't starstruck or anything. We went to work in a warehouse for six weeks, and we fine-tuned every drum fill and turnaround. They had a good time. They were Journey again. It was fantastic."
Did you have the feeling that Steve Perry and drummer Steve Smith were going to quit again? Which, of course, they did. "No, I didn't. But you know, Steve Perry developed, and he reached the point where he…you know, people's voices change. You look at a guy like Robert Plant, who's doing his Alison Krauss thing now. In 1969 he was doing the Whole Lotta Love Thing, and he just doesn't do that anymore. Same thing with Steve Perry, who probably struggles to do Open Arms now. He was probably scared to go out there and have trouble doing what people wanted."

On recent studio work with Journey: How has it been producing Journey's current lineup with their new singer, Arnel Pineda? Does it get tougher with a heritage act as the years go by? "Uh…it gets tougher when somebody in the band is frustrated. And there are frustrations in this band, for sure." Can you elaborate? "Well…it's probably not the right time for me to do so, especially when we're finishing up a record. But it's not easy trying to make a record when there are opposing forces in the band. There's people who want to be in a heavy rock band, and there's people who want to have hit ballads. It's just a matter of who stamps their feet the loudest."
There was a rumor going around recently that Steve Perry wanted back in. "Well, that's just that - a rumor. But I can tell you he's still a key component of the decision-making part of the band. Nothing gets played or released without Steve Perry signing off on it. I'm not privy to the details of their arrangement, but I can tell you this: if Steve Perry wanted to be back singing with Journey, everybody would find a way to make that happen." You had glowing things to say about Mr Big. What were they like in the studio? They had a bit of a rough breakup before this reunion.
"This was my first time working with them, but I thought they were terrific. We had two weeks in the studio, not a lot of time, but it forced me to capture them playing live and getting a lot of energy - which definitely happened. Musically, they were much more like a Stone Temple Pilots band than, say…you know, hair metal of the '80s. They were hungry and ready to go, and I think the results speak for themselves."

QMI Agency is reporting that J.D. Fortune is writing new material with Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith. The Canadian singer, who replaced the late Michael Hutchence after winning the Rock Star reality TV show in 2005, also says that one of their songs has been picked up by Jerry Bruckheimer for an undisclosed film project. As for Inxs, Fortune is back on the road with the Australian band after it was widely reported that he had been fired.
"We had just got off tour and we took a break," said Fortune. "And in that break, things got misconstrued. We were not able to communicate with each other -- we live 12,000 kilometres apart." Fortune reunited with the band to perform at the Vancouver Olympic Games earlier this year, followed by shows in Australia. He is reportedly working on new material with them now. "We got together after the show in Melbourne and just started jamming. And all the sparks went off -- it was like fireworks and bells and whistles. We all went, 'Awesome. Let's keep doing this.' The possibilities are endless. It's really exciting. I'm just honored to be fronting the band again."

Jesús García Forés from City Of Dreams website was the only western press in place for the Voices Of Rainbow tour in Japan recently. He was in Tokyo and Fireworks magazine has his exclusive review and some photos for the December magazine. But you can check out a full concert photo album at:
Tour Link:
Joe Lynn Turner was backed by his Japanese band, which has accompanied him on other Japanese shows: Akira Kajiyama on guitars, Toshio Egawa on keyboards, Atsushi Hasegawa on bass and on drums, Kenichi Fujimoto. This was the band also used by Doogie White to perform some Rainbow classics, while Graham Bonnet appeared with Alcatrazz, with his set-list alternating between songs from his Rainbow days and Alcatrazz classics. This line-up was Howie Simon on guitar, Tim on bass and Jeff Luce Bowders on drums.

Joan Jett entered rock history in 1975 when she co-founded The Runaways - the world's first successful all-female rock band. The Runaways folded in 1979 and Joan, the band's front woman and guitarist, started a solo career and then a new band, The Blackhearts. The cognoscenti predicted a colossal fiasco, but had to eat crow big time when Joan Jett and the Blackheart's "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" became a monumental hit in 1982.
Over the years, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts have released a total of 12 studio albums in their own right, crammed with raw garage-rock in a Hard Rock package. Apart from the abovementioned super hit, "Bad Reputation", "Crimson and Clover", "Do You Wanna Touch", "Light of Day", and "I Hate Myself for Loving You" also rank among her most revered numbers. This is actually the first time the iconic rock 'n' roll heroine visits SRF - could it be the beginning of a beautiful friendship? promises to be a fascinating experience.

MR-X has been updated with the following new features:
- Aerosmith - Live 1986
- Poison - Best Of Live
- Van Halen - Best Of Balance Live 1995
- Ozzy Osbourne - Live In Japan 1998
MR-X Membership Details.




Thursday, December 02, 2010

Well, it's December 2, so it's officially the Silly Season, so I can start flogging merch along with every other man and his dog. I've rolled out a couple of special offers and hope they might appeal to all. Reader support is vital for this site's existence, especially in the current upheaval that is the music industry.

First - what better present to give rock n rolling members of your family and circle of friends, than a PayPal Gift Voucher to spend in the MelodicRock/MelodicRock Records Store! Nominate any amount you like, pay and then present to anyone for use in the store. Voucher number is added at check out time. Titles include the current MRR releases and all MRCD volumes.


The perfect way to rock out at Christmas is with MRCD6 - We Will Rock Yule. There are limited numbers left of this Christmas compilation, which for this occasion has been discounted to $9.00 + shipping. Limited time only!

If you have not yet purchased MRCD7 - Forces Of Dark & Light, for this limited time and via this link only, you can get both MRCD7 and MRCD6 sent together for $30! That's $22 + $8 shipping. 2 CDs/ 3 Discs for just $30.


The initial dates for UFO's 2011 North American tour have just been revealed. The band will be touring North America in support of their latest studio effort which is slated to be released in June 2011 via SPV/Steamhammer. The East Coast leg of the tour will kick off May 11, 2011 at Bourbon Street in Baltimore, MD. The following are a list of all confirmed dates as of now:
May 11, 2011 - Baltimore, MD @ Bourbon Street
May 13, 2011 - New York, NY @ BB Kings
May 14, 2011 - Foxboro, MA (Boston) @ The Showcase Live
May 20, 2011 - Chicago, IL @ The Arcada Theater
May 21, 2011 - Chicago, IL @ The Aracada Theater

Expect more dates for the East Coast leg of the tour to be announced in the coming days and an announcement will be coming soon about the West Coast leg of the tour slated to kick off in September. UFO's latest two releases 2009's "The Visitor" and 2010's "Best of a Decade" are available now via SPV/Steamhammer. True rock legends such as UFO are characterized not only by the fact that they have added several classic anthems to the annals of rock history, but that their musical output, after many years, still remains at such a consistently high level and they always have something new and fresh coming up. With classic albums such as "Phenomenon", "Force it" and "No Heavy Pettin" Phil Mogg, Vinnie Moore, Andy Parker and Paul Raymond still sound vital and imaginative to this day.
Visit UFO and SPV on the web: /

Sammy Hagar Talks Autobiography, Cabo Wabo:

Lars Ulrich Still Loves Metallica's Death Magnetic: has uploaded photos of Pretty Maids November 20, 2010 concert at Sala Heineken in Madrid, Spain. Also available are pictures of support act Arkania. Check them out at this location:
Pretty Maids 's set list was as follows: Pandemonium, I.N.V.U., Wake up to the real World, Walk Away, Savage Heart, It comes at Night, Queen of Dreams, Cielo Drive, Back to Back, Rodeo, Please Don't Leave Me - John Sykes, Love Games, Future World, Little Drops Of Heaven, Red, Hot And Heavy.

Takara's last show - complete set of songs:

During December ONLY - get both Line Of Fire albums at a special price @ Tribunal E_Store! Momentum - $10.99 Line Of Fire (Deluxe Reissue) - $6.99:

PJ Rautiainen Secret Isle interview by Urban "Wally" Wallstrom,

Shockwaves/HardRadio Podcast #48: On this episode host Bob Nalbandian interviews renowned vocalist David Reece (Bangalore Choir, Accept, Sircle of Silence). Currently residing in Germany, David recently reformed the great late '80s blues-based hard rock band Bangalore Choir who just released their new CD Cadence. Also on this episode is a fantastic interview with guitarist Andy Charters and vocalist Nige Roberts of the legendary and pioneering NWOBHM band Marseille who also recently reformed and recorded their new CD Unfinished Business.
Direct Link to All Episodes:

Los Angeles based hard rock artists Will Wallner (Guitarist) & Vivien Vain (Vocalist) announce debut album featuring an all-star line up of guest musicians. The duo have written and recorded several songs and are in the process of recording the final tracks for their debut release.
The project began when Wallner/Vain had a chance meeting with Carmine Appice (Blue Murder / King Kobra) and Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath / Dio) at the Rainbow Bar & Grill on the Sunset Strip. Half of the songs feature Carmine and half feature Vinny. Bassist Tony Franklin (Blue Murder / The Firm) plays alongside Carmine which reunites the duo who played together in the critically acclaimed Blue Murder. Vinny performs with bassist Jimmy Bain (Rainbow / Dio) who had previously played together in the classic line-up of Dio. Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne / Quiet Riot) also plays on several tracks with Vinny.
Guest musician Tony Carey (Rainbow / EBC) also plays on two tracks and reunites Carey with Jimmy Bain who last played together on Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow – Rising. Mixing the album is industry ppro Gary Tole who in addition to working with Bon Jovi and Metallica has worked with David Lee Roth and Joe Lynn Turner.
Finally a song from Will Wallner's previous project with Keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater / Black Country Communion) will be included on the album. The song was produced by Derek and features Brian Tichy (Whitesnake / Pride & Glory) on drums with Tony Franklin.
The album will be released sometime in 2011. For more information go to: Thanks for your time and consideration we would love to hear what you think of our music!

(New York, NY) — eOne Music has signed a world wide deal with NY rock band The Bronx Casket Co. "I am totally psyched to be working with eOne for the new Bronx Casket release! They did an amazing job with the Overkill record and I know they will do the same for this. Having a label home where people "get" it and are psyched to work a record is a great feeling", says front man DD Verni.
The band originally formed in 1998 by Overkill co-founder and bassist DD Verni. Having played in one of the most respected thrash bands ever for over 2 decades, why have another band? Two reasons, states DD, "the challenge of writing interesting new material and for fun of course!"
The bands second release caught the ear of playwright Andrea Lepcio. Soon after, Verni and Lepcio were collaborating with 3-time Tony Winner Hinton Battle to direct and choreograph. Soon the seeds of "The Bronx Casket Co., A New Musical" were planted. Verni quickly recruited several members from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra to perform. The cast consisted of performers from the Broadway shows Hairspray, Rent and Dance of the Vampire. There have been several performances off-Broadway for producers/backers and the show is still in the writing stages. It has a gothic/Broadway score with a twisted love story woven throughout. Songs from the first two Bronx Casket Co. releases are included in the show, as well as 13 new songs D.D. Verni penned just for the musical.
It's been five years since The Bronx Casket Co. last released an album and has been well worth the wait. Verni concludes, "This Bronx Casket record is the best we have done, and we are looking forward to getting out on the road and doing some shows." As with every Bronx Casket Co. release, Verni has charted new territory, and stretched his writing boundaries.
The Bronx Casket Co: DD Verni – Vocals & Bass, Jack Frost – guitars, Charlie Calv - keyboards, Rob Pallotta – drums, Michael Romeo – shredding guitar solos on new album - Antihero.
Partial Track Listing For Antihero: Antihero, Bonesaw, Holy Mother, NYC (Devil's Playground), You Look Like Hell, I Never Loved You Anyway, Death On Two Legs (Queen cover song), My Way (Frank Sinatra cover song).
WebLink: Left to right: Jack Frost/guitar, Rob Pallotta/drums, Charlie Calv/keyboards and DD Verni/vocals & bass.




Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter Gary Schutt (Jeff Scott Soto Band) has his brand new solo album ready to roll. Contingency Plan will be released worldwide December 21.
Members: Gary Schutt - lead guitar & lead vocal, Angelo Collura - drums & vocals, JR Williams - bass & vocals.
Gary states: "This album of 11 brand new Heavy-Pop-Metal tunes continues in the path of 2002's Excruciating Pleasures. Very heavy guitar riffs, catchy vocal melodies and hooks, a perfect mix of old and new school rock, lyrics that everyone can relate to, and enough melodic shred guitar playing to keep the guitar enthusiasts entertained and the radio listeners tuned in! Check frequently for details of distribution for physical CDs and digital downloads."
See the below videos to sample Gary's magic.


On December 1, 2010, Dunbar Entertainment will release A Very Merry X-Mass EP. an exclusive 2 Song Christmas CD featuring "Jingle Bell Rock" & "Grown Up Christmas List." All proceeds from the sales of this "X-Mass" CD will benefit the Toys For Tots foundation. Mass have had numerous accomplishments over the years, but most notably is the selling of over a half million albums.
In 1985, Mass was signed to RCA records and released the album, New Birth. The single, Do You Love Me, was number one for over six weeks at many radio stations along the east coast. The video for that single was also in rotation on MTV and hit the Billboard charts. During the 1980’s, Mass went on to release Take You Home and Voices in the Night, which was produced by Michael Sweet of Stryper. These albums have been re-released on Retrospect Records. In July 2007, Mass released their comeback album, Crack of Dawn on Escape Music.
2010 has been a very productive year for the band. In May, the band released its new studio album Sea of Black via Escape Music. The band played several successful shows in support of Sea of Black, most notably the M3 Rock Festival in Columbia, Maryland along side such Classic Rock legends as the Scorpions, Cinderella, Vince Neil of Motley Crue and Kix. Mass also performed to a sold-out crowd at the legendary Regent Theater in their home state of Massachusetts, which was filmed for a DVD to be released by Dunbar Entertainment in early 2011. Most recently, Retroactive Records released the band's long-lost A&M Records release, Fighter and also reissued the band's 84 Unchained EP.
Click Here for a free 60 sec song sample of "Grown Up Christmas List". "A Very Merry X-Mass" EP is only available exclusively at


Sinai, the new rock band featuring former Shinedown and Silvertide guitarist, Nick Perri, former Silvertide & Automatic Fire vocalist Walt Lafty and former Jealousy Curve drummer Shane Rozum played their first show together at the legendary TLA in Philadelphia, PA as part of 93.3's WMMR's Gobblaroo.
Video footage of Sinai performing "Can you hear me" and "Shake" on November 24, 2010 has been uploaded at and
SINAI is writing and recording their first album for a 2011 release. For more information, visit

Tasmanian based, Australian 'old school' hard rock metal act, Tyrant – will release their new CD, the bands' 5th release titled, Save The Devil - has just been released.
The new CD was recorded at Izaneer studios, in Tasmania and was engineered, mixed and produced by Brett Collidge. Collidge produced Tyrant vocalist, Neil Steel's other band project, Roadkill's debut CD, "God Bless America" in 2007.
"Save The Devil" - track listing is: Intro (0:58), Courage Of The Heart (4:04), Lay Down The Law (4:36), Defenders Of The Faith ** (3:20), Devil Woman (4:56), Tumbling Down (4:15), Fire In The Sky ** (5:00), Young Blood (4:29), Killing Machine (4:30), Running From The Law ** (3:07).
** Demo versions of these songs are currently available at the bands ' my space page which differ from the above recordings! A track by track synopsis of the new CD is also available at Tyrant's my space page.
Tyrant's new "Save The Devil" CD marks the first studio recording, to feature the latest line-up of the band who made their debut on the 2005 CD release, "Live Bootleg!" This will also be the first new Tyrant studio recording in 7 years, their last release being 2003's, "Thunder Down Under" album. Vocalist Neil Steel Wilson said, "It's taken a little longer than expected - no thanks to my car accident in August 2008 but the recording process was put back on track and the finish line, is finally here!"
Initially, to be an EP to celebrate 25 years since Tyrant's debut release - the CD has now become a full length album instead! Steel added: "I think that the new CD is gonna be a real cracker and it's definitely going to surprise a lot of people! As a wise man once said: 'You either do it or you don't ' - this CD will show any who ever doubted my dedication to Tyrant and ass-kickin' old school metal!"
A new song from the up-coming CD has been uploaded at the bands' my space page titled, 'Fire In The Sky' – which shows a less commercial feel and a non-standard type of arrangement, a more 'traditional' style. "The songs sound massive, the playing is second to none and the execution is truly awesome! TYRANT in 2010 is a far more metal sounding beast, than we were before and the band will absolutely 'kill' when they hit the stage later this year!" A track by track synopsis by vocalist, Neil Steel can be viewed at the Tyrant MySpace page.




Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Styx Bassist Ricky Phillips Talks Grand Illusion/Pieces of Eight Tour and More - Hardrock Haven had the privilege of speaking with Styx bassist Ricky Phillips after the opening night of The Grand Illusion/Pieces Of Eight Tour. In this exclusive interview Ricky gives the readers a detailed look into the making of one of the most anticipated tours of the season.
HRH: Ricky, Thank you for checking in with Hardrock Haven. Styx recently kicked off The Grand Illusion/Pieces Of Eight Tour. How did opening night go? What were some of the highlights?
Ricky: The highlights were remembering the songs. (Laughter) We are actually doing a lot of material in the set that we haven't played in ages, and some stuff that Styx that has never performed. We have got such a comfortable place in our set where we are running around jumping off the drum riser, summersaults all kind of crazy stuff onstage. Now all of a sudden we got to stop and think there are moments when I got lead boots and I am just standing there going oh my God what is next? But it gives it a great energy. I have to say last night's show had such an undercurrent of intensity that we talked about afterwards that we got offstage. There is a very cool vibe. There is a different type of audience coming to this. More of the audio file type of audience and we like that. It is fun to see and fun to feel. It is not so immediate of people just jumping up and down and rocking out for no apparent reason. It is people who are checking it out and us out in the process. It was a great show and good fun.
To read the entire interview, head to:

Steve Summers from Pretty Boy Floyd was interviewed from Skylight Webzine about past & present of the band... He talks about the first days in MCA Records, the Sunset Strip Era, Reality Shows, Kristy Majors, etc. Read the full interview here:

Rocknation interviews Alice Cooper guitarist Keri Kelli. Keri talks about Alice Cooper tour with Rob Zombie and Murderdolls. Keri also talks about the highlights of his AC/DC tour with Slash and Big Bang Babies one of his first bands in Hollywood.
Rocknation also interviewed Seventh Rize vocalist Stacy "Big Daddy" Humphries. Stacy fills in the details with Jeff LaBar of Cinderalla fame performing on guitar with their latest Texas concert opening for Lou Gramm. Stacy also talks about the 'Brother In Arms" tour with Mark Slaughter. Both audio interviews can be heard on Rocknation Radio player at:

A couple of news items from - Jason Bonham Reflects on His Own Led Zeppelin Experience ( and Paul Rodgers Plots 2011 Tour (

The first official music video for the new Myon single is finally ready, preview it from this link:

Rhino Bucket European Tour Dates - More info at:

6/1/2011 Verviers - Belgium @ Spirit of '66
7/1/2011 Kerkrade - Holland @ The Rock Temple
8/1/2011 Zweibrucken - Germany @ Erdgeschoss Live Music club
9/1/2011 Uelsen - Germany @ UJT
10/1/2011 Koln - Germany @ Sonic Ballroom
11/1/2011 Bochum - Germany @ Zwischenfall
12/1/2011 Hamburg - Germany @ Hafenklang
13/1/2010 Drammen - Norway @ Buddy's
14/1/2010 Lillehammer - Norway @ Heroes Rock café
15/1/2010 Favang - Norway @ Kvitfjell Pub & Stage
16/1/2010 Oslo - Norway @ Buckley's
19/1/2011 Helsinki - Finland @ Nosturi
20/1/2011 Tampere - Finland @ Yo Talo
21/1/2011 Turku - Finland @ Clubi
22/1/2011 Seinäjoki - Finland @ Ilona
24/1/2011 Halden - Norway @ Dr Feelgood
26/1/2011 Skien - Norway @ Kikkis Rock Cafe
27/1/2011 Kopenhagen - Denmark @ Templet
28/1/2011 Luebeck - Germany @ Rider's café
29/1/2011 Berlin - Germany @ Wild at Heart
30/1/2011 Prague - Czech Republic @ Exit
1/2/2011 Velden - Austria @ Bluesiana
2/2/2011 Weiden - Germany @ Musikclub Salute
3/2/2011 Kufstein - Austria @ Q-West Club
4/2/2011 Uster - Switzerland @ Rock fabrik
5/2/2011 Worblaufen - Switzerland @ Tibis Downstairs
6/2/2011 Ravensburg - Germany @ Balthes
7/2/2011 Frankfurt - Germany @ Batsckapp
8/2/2011 Spaichingen - Germany @ Café Passé
9/2/2011 Ludwigsburg - Germany @ Rockfabrik
10/2/2011 Regensburg - Germany @ Alte Maltzerei
11/2/2011 Solothurn - Switzerland @ Kofmehl
12/2/2011 Genova - Italy @ Crazy Bull
13/2/2011 Milano - Italy @ Rock and Roll
14/2/2011 Bologna - Italy @ Thunder Dome
16/2/2011 Monzon - Spain @ Zona Rock
17/2/2011 Barcelona - Spain @ Rocksound
18/2/2011 Vila Real - Spain @ Japan Club
19/2/2011 Valencia - Spain @ Durango Club
20/2/2011 Orihuela - Spain @ La Gramola
21/2/2011 Granada - Spain @ Plants Baja
22/2/2011 Cadiz - Spain @ Sala Supersonic
23/2/2011 Lisboa - Portugal @ Music Box
24/2/2011 Madrid - Spain @ Gruta 77
25/2/2011 Logroño - Spain @ Biribay Jazz Club
26/2/2011 Bilbao - Spain @ Azkena
27/2/2011 Leon - Spain @ Grand Café
3/3/2011 Rennes - France @ Mondo Bizarro
5/3/2011 Eindhoven – Holland @ The Rambler
5/3/2011 Eindhoven - Holland @ Rambler



Monday, November 29, 2010

Degreed's killer debut album Life, Love, Loss is now available digitally via iTunes worldwide. The album has been warmly received by fans and critics alike, with the latest great review of the Swede's album just posted at:
You can purchase the CD release via many great melodic retailers and direct from
More MRR titles will be available digitally in coming weeks.


Following the release of the critically acclaimed new studio album All's Well That Ends Well, and his packed out UK gigs in London, Wolverhampton and Southampton earlier this month, Toto guitarist Steve Lukather has just announced a handful of further UK solo concerts during March 2011.
Lukather will play the Leamington Spa Assembly (Thu 17th March), Manchester Club Academy (Fri 18th March) and Holmfirth Picturedrome (Sat 19th March). Tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday November 26th via the 24 hour box office: 0871 230 1110,
"AOR for intelligent guitar fans... Lukather plays everything from Hendrix-style groove rock to Steely Dan 'clever chords' pop and twisted guitar fusion." - Total Guitar
"Lukather has opted for a heavier melodic approach... The complexity of the instrumental 'Tumescent' proves he's lost none of his ambition." - Classic Rock presents AOR
Read the full official web announcement -

Big Swede got a new 2 disc 23 track CD out: "BS In Da Club" ( released by Big Swede Studios). Rod Jackson (Slash's Snakepit) is guesting on 3 tracks and Howie Simon (Alcatrazz) is guesting on one track. This is an Electronica/Dance record. The song "We Need To Regulate This Soul Music" features both Rod and Howie and is a mixture of Electronica and Rock, with a cool guitar solo from Howie. - "It's interesting to record these guys on tracks that you normally wouldn't hear them on. I like to mix and match vibes & flavors", says Big Swede. You can hear the track on Big Swede Studios Facebook page, first in the music player: or
Also for more info see: (where you can hear Rod and Howie on a few rock tracks in the Rock/Pop player: "Digging Your Own Grave" and "The Most Wanted" - These tracks are not released yet).
More info/credits:

Legendary vocalist and songwriter Graham Bonnet, who has been in the band Rainbow, The Michael Schenker Group, Impellitteri and currently in Alcatrazz is making available for sale his Fender Stratacoustic. It has a Stratocaster guitar body, it's made in China and it's approximately 11-years old. It was used to write many of his famous songs and still has the original strings on it.
Graham Bonnet has some new endorsements, which means new guitars are coming into his collection!. He doesn't use this guitar anymore and wanted to make it available to fans. If you wish, the guitar can be personally signed to you by Graham Bonnet. For price and info. please e-mail:

In an interview with German "Rock City" magazine, Eric Singer revealed, that Kiss will be back in Europe soon. They will be going into the studio early next year to do the yet untitled new studio album. He also said, that there will be more Kissology DVDs coming.

New Quiet Riot - Metal Health - Denver, Co. - 11-26-2010 -

Rock Sugar on "Private Chefs of Beverly Hills" - /

Metal Shrine talked in depth with Jeff Scott Soto about his first meeting with Yngwie, his one recorded song with Journey, his fear of KISS growing up, TSO, Vinnie Vincent, Babylon AD and more:

Soul Secret are proud to announce that Marco Sfogli will appear as a guest star on their upcoming album performing a guitar solo. He declared: "It was a great pleasure to work on that track. Finally a campanian band that is every bit as good as the great international names!".

Finally we found Paul DiBartolo lead guitarist of the 80's sensation Spread Eagle but a little twist his name now is Salvado Poe...Come read the interview that Spread Eagle fans were looking for. On RockEyez -

Damage ControlDamage Control CD is now available for only £4.95 +pp - Damage Control - Damage Control CD British Rock/Blues at its best. Line-up: Spike: lead Vox (Quireboys), Robin George: guitar/B vox (Thin Lizzy - Robert Plant), Pete Way: Bass/B Vox (UFO, Wasted, Fastway), Chris Slade: Drums (AC/DC - Micheal Schenker). Listen to edits on

John Waite's recent live album "In Real Time" has just been released and re-titled in the US as part of the Extended Versions series.

Meet & Greet applications for the FM Christmas Party are now open. FM will be meeting & greeting after their set at London O2 Academy Islington on December 1st. Places are limited and the closing date is midnight Friday 26th November, so don't hesitate! For more info and to apply please go to:
If anyone is wondering whether this will be the unmissable Christmas Party of the Year here's a little info about the evening...
Four Wheel Drive will open proceedings at 7.10pm. Their brand of high-rollin' rock 'n' roll has been getting rave reviews and we highly recommend you check them out. 4WD will be filming on the day for their first live DVD. More info at:
Good friends of FM, Airrace need no introduction. They will be taking to the stage at 8.10pm and there's a whisper that their set will include a couple of brand new songs from their currently-being-recorded new album. Don't miss it!
Keeping the evening running smoothly will be Master of Ceremonies none other than DJ Steve Price of ARfm. Mr. Bah Humbug himself will be playing some cool Yule music in between bands and ensuring that matters get very out of hand...
… and so to FM. They've always loved their Christmas shows and on December 1 they're planning to have an absolute blast. To help them celebrate the evening they'll be sharing the stage with some very special guests. More details soon...
As 2010 winds down, FM would like to thank everyone for helping to make this year a fantastic year for the band.
"You've wholeheartedly embraced our new songs on Metropolis and City Limits EP. You've sung your hearts out at our shows. We can't wait to see you at our Christmas Party and at Hard Rock Hell on December 3. We're excited about what 2011 holds for FM and look forward to going on that trip in your very good company. We'll start 2011 on a good footing by confirming that we are delighted we'll be appearing with Thin Lizzy at London Hammersmith Apollo on January 22."
FM website – / Christmas Party Tickets –

Fatal Smile will be playing at Hardrock Hell IV in Prestatyn Sands, Wales on the "Hard Rock Heaven" stage on Dec 3 and the showtime is like below. So make sure to catch them kicking ass after the following great bands:
17.00 Diamond Head / 18.00 FM / 19.15 UFO / 20.35 Uriah Heep / 22.00 Airbourne / 23.35 Skid Row / 01.10 Fatal Smile.
The band is currently working on their new album Welcome To The Freakshow and will enter the studio in December to follow up their masterpiece World Domination that was released in February 2008. They´ve been on a massive wourld tour and done over 300 shows and the album will be released in the spring 2011 and will be followed up by a even bigger world tour. Stay tuned for more info.

With the build up to probably the best UK AOR release in recent years, Vega's Kiss Of Life, Nick Workman's fans have created an online portal to help promote his work past and more importantly present at The site has the full approval from Nick himself, who also promises to help with future content.
The aim of the site is to promote the latest from the singer / frontman who started his recording career with Kick, allowing his fans to communicate with others on the internet and create a virtual online 'street team'. In addition to the site, the fans have also created a Yahoo Group, which will also act as a mailing list at (Link is also provide at the portal).
The site(s) are still being developed to allow maximum exposure to Nick and his work. Which means those who are running the site(s) would like fellow fans' input and feedback to ensure that this is the best source of information, etc for Nick.




Friday, November 26, 2010

These releases are available immediately from the Rock Candy website ( for a discounted price of £11.99 each ending December 12.

Survivor Caught In The Game CANDY087 / "From pretty much out of nowhere Survivor scored one of the biggest ever selling hit singles in 1982 with the classic 'Eye Of The Tiger', a song written for the blockbuster movie 'Rocky III', featuring Sylvester Stallone. Buoyed by that success, the band took stock and regrouped to record their fourth album, the much overlooked 'Caught In The Game'. Mostly written and rehearsed in a Carpet Warehouse in their native Chicago, then recorded in Los Angeles and produced by guitarist Frankie Sullivan (engineered by future Guns N' Roses producer Mike Clink), the album is a pithy coalescence of Survivor's trademark sound and style. Arresting but smoothly produced, the songs ring with crystal clear clarity, refusing to out stay their welcome. With 'Caught In The Game', 'What Do You Really Think?', 'I Never Stopped Loving You' and the epic 'Santa Ana Winds' standing out from the pack. Amazingly, the album (originally released in 1983) failed to repeat the massive achievement of the 'Eye Of The Tiger' record, delivering no hit singles and making only a fleeting appearance on the album charts. It was a shocking development especially when you consider that 'Caught In The Game' harbours some of the band's best songs. It was also the last album to feature vocalist Dave Bickler, and saw the band going through some major changes in an effort to reverse their lack of continued good fortune."
Track Listing: 1. Caught In The Game 2. Jackie Don't Go 3. I Never Stopped Loving You 4. It Doesn't Have To Be This Way 5. Ready For The Real Thing 6. Half-Life 7. What Do You Really Think? 8. Slander 9. Santa Ana Winds.

Survivor Vital Signs CANDY088 / "Despite notching up a huge worldwide hit single with 'Eye Of The Tiger', Survivor's career trajectory was in a state of some flux. The band's last album - the 1983 released 'Caught In The Game' - although still maintaining an outstanding level of production and song writing, failed to connect with their audience, leaving the band scratching their heads in disbelief. Disappointed but not deterred, they retreated back to their home city of Chicago and laid down plans to record another album, one that would, as it turned out, put them squarely back in the spotlight. Naturally, changes had to be made, not least of all a change of lead vocalist from Dave Bickler (who had left because of vocal problems) to Jimi Jamison. In addition, the band decided to recall veteran producer Ron Nevison (Heart, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company) back into the fold to handle knob twiddling duties.
The results were spectacular. 'Vital Signs' blew the roof of the charts, delivering three US top 20 hit singles ('The Search Is Over', 'High On You' & 'I Can't Hold Back') whilst the album itself made #16 on the album charts. It was a spectacular recovery from what had looked like a desperate situation and is now recognised as arguably Survivor's finest moment, packed with killer tracks and boasting a superior production. Truly one of the most essential AOR albums of all time."
Track Listing: 1. I Can't Hold Back 2. High On You 3. First Night 4. The Search Is Over 5. Broken Promises 6. Popular Girl 7. Everlasting 8. It's The Singer Not The Song 9. I See You In Everyone BONUS TRACK 10. The Moment Of Truth.


SPV is pleased to announce that veteran A&R Derek Oliver will join forces with the label effective immediately. This alliance signifies yet another positive step forward for the company following a period of consolidation and restructuring that denotes a renewed commitment to expanding SPV's presence in the international market. Working closely with SPV's Hannover based operational HQ, Derek will contribute his successfully proven A&R activity in addition to communicating to the global artistic community opportunities that now exist with the label. Based in London, Derek will focus on working with established artists looking to broaden their appeal by plugging into the infrastructure of one of the last truly comprehensively independent rock record labels in Europe.
Commencing his career as a music journalist with the Melody Maker and later Kerrang!, Derek relocated to the USA in 1989 to work in A&R for several labels, including Atlantic, Atco, East West, Elektra and Roadrunner, signing and working with a number of acts, including Dream Theater, Pantera, Better Than Ezra, The Rembrandts, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Bad Company and The Cult. Derek is also the owner of highly respected rock reissue label Rock Candy Records.
SPV General Manager Frank Uhle comments: "With Derek we have found a well respected and experienced insider who still retains a deep passion for music – something that is quite unique in this business. Derek joining the SPV family will help to strengthen and expand our A&R skills and bridge the gap between classic rock and cutting edge metal."
Derek Oliver states: "I'm very excited by the opportunity of working with SPV and in particular executives Frank Uhle and Olly Hahn, who have proved to be dynamic and forward thinking pillar's of strength in an organisation that I truly believe is well placed to meet the great challenges of our industry ahead."

Avenue Of Allies takes pride in presenting the sophomore album Last Woman Standing of the Swedish Melodic Rock band Miss Behaviour as the first release of the label in 2011. "Miss Behaviour" released their critically acclaimed debut album "Heart Of Midwinter" in 2006. In the following years the founding members Erik Heikne (guitar) and Henrik Sproge (keyboards) recruited the duo of Sebastian Roos and Anders Berlin, both of the band Shineth as their new lead vocalist and drummer respectively.
"Last Woman Standing" is a Rock album of the highest order, ranging from classic 80s styled AOR anthems like "1988", "Cynthia" and "Emergency" to the harder edged Melodic Rock of "Perfect War", featuring a blistering guitar solo of Roland Grapow (Masterplan, Ex-Helloween). Other highlights include the epic title track "Last Woman Standing", a duet with female vocalist Kajsa Berg and the ballad "Till We Meet Again", a tune already receiving airplay on National Radio in Sweden, with a professionally shot video to follow in the coming weeks. On the strength of "Last Woman Standing" is geared up to enter the stage in 2011 and introduce the all new "Miss Behaviour" live in concert.

APRIL RAIN PROMOTION have come up with a tribute album to Gotthard's Steve Lee. The press release sent out would not allow me to copy the text into this news update, but I can provide the track listing for the Digital Album (physical release under negotiation with Gottard management it seems): 1) Tank & Mitzi (Italy) "Heaven" 2) GoodWins (Russia) "Hole In One" 3) B.J. (Brazil) "Someday" 4) Chicka (Italy) "Let It Be" 5) Edoardo Menchicchi (Italy) "Angel" 6) Pub Connection (Germany) "Sister Moon" 7) Hugo M. Otsuki (Japan/Brazil) "All I Care For" 8) Freak Show (France) "Mighty Quinn" 9) MMM Acoustic Trio (Italy) "One Life One Soul" 10) Sound Explosion (Hungary) "She Goes Down" 11) Junkie Dildoz (Italy) "Come Alive" 12) Nathalie Griffart (France) "And Then Goodbye".
More info at:


Sunset Strip legends London, who helped launch the careers of artists such as Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx, Guns N' Roses' Slash and W.A.S.P.'s Blackie Lawless, are currently working on material for a new album which would be the band's first studio release since 1990's 'Playa Del Rock'.
London vocalist Nadir D'Priest tells Sleaze Roxx, "At this time we are working on new material to put together a new London album. This is the original line-up from 1989 -- we have Brian West on bass, Sean Lewis on guitar and Krigger on drums. It has been over 20 years since we have had this line-up together, which are the original players on the album 'Playa Del Rock'. I am really looking forward to new tunes, a new album, and also a new music video. The band sounds louder and better than ever. It's great having Brian West and Krigger back on the London ship. We are now ready for take off!"
"The voice is still there and we are going to put together a new album -- looking at 2011", continues Nadir. "It would be great to have a tune from Nikki Sixx and Blackie Lawless with me on vocals, and maybe the others who came through London. What do you think? It would be killer. I don't think that would happen though, way too big for little old London."
To read Nadir D'Priest's interview with Sleaze Roxx visit

Heavy Metal Museum Records ( is a new label out of the USA for LP releases. The first is Kix vocalist Steve Whiteman's band Funny Money and their album Back Again, available on super limited colored vinyl in the following colors:
Total pressing 500 pieces, hand numbered limited edition.
001-100 Green Vinyl -- Pink Splatter
101-200 Green Vinyl -- Black Splatter
201-300 Green vinyl -- Solid Green
301-400 Green vinyl -- Halloween Orange splatter
401-500 Green Vinyl -- Red Splatter
Customers can find them in my the label's E-Bay store for purchase - save $10 on the complete set, and wholesale inquiries welcome.


MR-X has been updated with some killer soundboard live shows this week after several weeks of adding demo and rare titles. And it's a big update featuring the following:
- John Waite - Tower Theatre, PA, 1985
- Cheap Trick - Tacoma, WA 2010
- Van Halen - Unchained Monsters (Star Pavilion, Hershey, PA July. 26, 1998 + Rock Im Park Nurnberg Germany May.29, 1998)
- Rush - First Part of Counters (Jan. 18, 1994 Civic Center, Pensacola, FL)
- Great White - Big Blues Live (Electric Ladyland, NY 1991) - Feature Album - ZEROp - From Zero To Hero
MR-X Membership Details.




Thursday, November 25, 2010

After the successful re-releases of Casanova's "Heroes", After Hours' "Take Off" and Steel Breeze's "Heart On The Line", the AOR Heaven Classix series continues with the digitally remastered re-issue of a much sought after West Coast AOR gem - The L.A. Cowboys "Endless Summer". The album will be out on November 30th, 2010. Originally released in 1993 on EMI-Toshiba in Japan, and five years later as a limited edition of 1.000 copies via AOR Heaven, this cracker has definitely stood the test time as an ultimate masterpiece of the genre, right next to Planet 3 and Chicago.
Led by James Studer and Wayne Nelson (Little River Band) the album features world renown musicians like Joseph Williams (Toto), Buzz Feiten, Mick Fleetwood, Michael Thompson, Tris Imboden, George Hawkins Jr. and many more. Digitally remastered by Chris Lyne and featuring liner notes from Takeshi Ito this strictly limited edition of 1. 000 copies is your chance to grab a copy of this much sought after gem.
Due next in the AOR Heaven Classix series in January 2011 is the re-issue of Paul Laine's mega classic "Stick It In Your Ear" (incl. the 4 bonus tracks from the Long Island re-issue), which will get remastered by Chris Lyne and will contain liner notes by Dave Reynolds.
Following hot on the heels is the re-issue of Time Gallery's self-titled debut, originally released in 1989 and produced by Keith Olsen. In conjunction with the band and EMI-Denmark this great Toto flavoured album will get remastered by the band and will include four previously unreleased bonus tracks. The album will be limited to 1.000 copies as well. Both albums from Paul Laine and Time Gallery are scheduled for a release on January 14, 2011.

Mickey Finn, former lead vocalist for Jetboy would like to clarify some remarks made in a previous press release and subsequent interviews regarding that release.
In the initial release, Mickey gave the impression that he was unhappy with the way the band has been managed for the past four years. Mickey Finn in no way meant to include Richard Riis of R&R Management in that assessment. "Richard got us some amazing gigs, and some guarantees that never would have materialized had he not been in the picture". Says Mickey "We played Rocklahoma, M3 (twice), South Texas Rock Fest, and a myriad of other amazing shows. Good Lord, the guy got us gigs we never could have dreamed of on our own".
"As I said on the Rock and Roll Geek Show with Michael Butler last week, it was more about the guys in the band not managing ourselves right, and not being willing to go all-in. I guess I just said it wrong, and I never meant to give off the wrong impression. The band's publicist Ray Miller has stepped up and is helping out with managing the band now, and he too has done great work on Jetboy's behalf."
Mickey Finn is no longer doing interviews regarding Jetboy and asks that the press respect his decision to move on to his new project with the Cold Blue Rebels. Mickey Finn wishes his former bandmates Billy Rowe, Fernie Rod, Jess Reckless, Jessie Mendez and their new vocalist DK Revelle nothing but the best and encourages fans in Europe to embrace the tour and to support Jetboy.
"I know how tough it is to be a frontman. I've seen the video of DK fronting Jetboy, and I think the guy is doing great with the gig. I'd love to be doing it myself, and if I didn't say that it feels weird to see someone else fronting the band I'd be lying to you. That being said, I hope DK continues to kick some ass my friends keep blowing away audiences. Jetboy will always have a special place in my heart, and I truly wish the guys health and happiness."

The all female rock band Jaded, teaming up with new vocalist Katy Reign this past year, has just released their new EP Higher, recorded in Boston, MA. This fall is filled with great shows in the New England area while working to finish up more new tunes for the full length album. Following in Aerosmith's footsteps, Jaded is putting their name on the map as Boston's Bad Girls of Rock N' Roll - and they'll give it to you, high heels and all!
- National and international touring (direct support for WASP) - Recording experience with Grammy Award winning producer Gary Katz (Steely Dan, Joe Cocker) - Support for bands including Alice In Chains, Twisted Sister, Buckcherry, Shinedown, Damage Plan, Lita Ford, Skid Row, Kittie, Halestorm, Doro Pesch, Disturbed etc. - Endorsements: Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth, Jackson Guitars, Dunlop, Ovation Guitars, Hercules Stands.
WebLinks: / / /


Electric City is the 7th solo release from guitar virtuoso Mike Campese. The 14 song, over 76 minute Cd is filled with some of the most blistering guitar work Mike has ever recorded. The CD kicks off with a bang with the tune "Eleventh Degree" featuring some intense melodic shredding and jazzy harmonies. Just when you thought you heard some crazy guitar playing, Campese takes it up another notch with" Shred Machine", which is just pure non stop shredding done very tastefully. This is defiantly Mike Campese's most heaviest CD to date, with the down tuned song "Heavy Thing" and the in your face progressive vocal tune "LandShark". Mike Campese really shows off his versatility with the Indian inspired tunes like "Cruisin Across the Mojave" and "Camelryde".
Like each Mike Campese CD there is something for everyone, Campese does some pretty intense over the top guitar work, especially on the demonic arpeggio blistering tune "Over The Top", which Paganini fans would love and the face melting tune "Napali Coast". Mike does sing on a few tracks on this disc like on the epic tune "Kauai Blue", which is loaded with lush harmonies. Mike can really shred but he has a strong sense of melody that he is known for which can be heard on his catchy ballad "Closer To The Sun" that has some beautiful haunting melodies. Campese even gets a little funky on the tunes "Butterfingers" and "Punk Ass", featuring some hip sassy melodies. The Mike Campese fans are going to love this CD and it should bring him over the top.
The latest GP lesson is this link here:
Mike Campese on YouTube: /
Orders, soundbytes and more info at:




Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This week sees the release of the most extensive live collection of Fair Warning to date. This 3 CD and 2 DVD set features three full length shows, from 3 of Fair Warning's classic Japanese concerts. USA readers - AOL MUSIC is currently hosting a full album listening party for the first disc of the 3 CD anthology. Get your first listen at:
It was only four years ago that Fair Warning - led by charismatic front man Tommy Heart - re-entered the stage after a break of nearly five years to introduce the reunion album "Brother's Keeper". A sold-out tour through Japan as well as various festival appearances throughout Europe followed.
In summer 2009 they released the much-acclaimed studio album "Aura". After a great concert at Tokyo, Japan's Loud Park festivals in 2009 and a sold-out tour of Japan in 2010, the band decided to release a live CD and a live DVD to document what they do best... play intense live shows and put on some of the best rock performances in the world.
Check out the exclusive video trailer at:


This press release in today from journalist Michael Brandvold: "Today I posted a 12 minute radio interview I did with Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick back in 1986. While in college radio at KGMA at Mankato State University I did a phone interview with Cheap Trick lead guitarist Rick Nielsen. I am pretty sure this interview never aired, so this is the first time you are hearing it... in its entirety, uncut. I wonder if the kid who answers the phone is now Cheap Trick's drummer, Daxx Nielsen?
A little back story for this interview. I was supposed to interview Rick Nielsen backstage at the Met Center in Bloomington, MN. Cheap Trick were on tour opening for Ratt. Unfortunately my backstage access was messed up and I was not able to interview Rick. So it was arranged to do a phone interview. Interview with Cheap Trick lead guitarist Rick Nielsen, December 31, 1986 - 12 Minutes.

Coney Hatch frontman Carl Dixon is one "lucky dog", surviving a near fatal car crash in Australia a couple of years back. Now he has a new solo album on the verge of release:
"It's finally ready. My new album Lucky Dog is the best thing I've ever done. I hope you'll try it and see if you don't agree. Thirteen of my songs plus one little known gem by Peter Ham of Badfinger adds up to fourteen tracks of "a love letter to my generation". That's Carl Dixon, Lucky Dog, because that's what I am."
Pre-Orders via:


Former Pretty Boy Floyd bassist, Leslie Sanders, is back with a new band called Prophets Of Addiction:

Legendary Welsh rabble rousers Tigertailz are back with their first new album release in three years! December 6th sees the launch of the no-holds-barred live album 'Bezerk Live - Burnin' Fuel' and Tigertailz and Sleaze Roxx have teamed up to give you a sneak-peak of the new album with a cover of The Osmonds' hit single "Crazy Horses" at:

Scott Leifer wrote and recorded this tribute to Ronnie James Dio and hopes fans will enjoy:

The new Nazareth CD is titled Big Dogz and will be released in February 2011:

Demonstrating an appetite for litigation, former Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose is suing video game maker Activision Blizzard for $20 million. He is alleging fraud and breach of contract relating to the company's popular Guitar Hero III game, Radar Online said today. Rose has also claimed unjust enrichment, saying that he is the majority owner of the trademarks and licensing associated with his former heavy metal band. Rose said Guitar Hero III uses several Guns N' Roses hits in the game, including Welcome to the Jungle, without his permission.
While there was an agreement for the song, Rose said: "Activision breached the contract when it released GH III which prominently features Slash imagery in direct connection with the use of Welcome to the Jungle, exploits the prior association between [former band member] Slash and Guns N' Roses, promotes Slash's and VR's [the band Velvet Revolver] separate interests and includes VR tracks as available downloads, all of which was and is directly contrary to the contractual obligations of Defendants," according to legal documents seen by Radar.
Read more:

Pavlov's Dog Live and Unleashed Label: Rockville Music / Out: January 28th, 2011 / Live and unleashed is the first Pavlov's Dog live album in it's 36 year history. The band is touring again regularly since 2004, and receives terrific reviews for energetic, emotional, and congenial concerts.
LIVE and unleashed captures the unique spirit of a Pavlov's Dog show authentically. The 7 piece live-lineup, incl. violin, melotron, piano, guitar and David Surkamp's unique voice, generates the typical Pavlov's Dog sound. Some arrangements are quite different to the studio versions, and overall the band is live more heavy. Powerful rock songs such as Breaking Ice or Looking For My Shadow, take turns with ballads such as Standing Here With You or Angel's Twilight Jump. Branded by beautiful violin melodies and Surkamp's affecting vocals, Pavlov's Dog live gives the heebie-jeebies for granted. Live and unleashed comprehends a cross-section of all Pavlov's Dog and David Surkamp periods. The album contains not only tracks of any Pavlov's Dog album, but as well Heart Of Mine (a track originally by HIFI, Surkamp's band in the 80ies together with Ian Matthews), and with Wrong and Looking For My Shadow two tracks of Surkamp's 2006 solo album Dancing On The Edge Of A Teacup. And despite Live and unleashed was recorded in 2009, it comprehends already four tracks of the brand new studio album Echo & Boo, which was released in October 2010. LIVE and unleashed, and the tour 2009, are dedicated to Sigfried Carver. The original Pavlov's Dog violin player passed away in 2009.
Track list: 01 Preludin, 02 Of Once And Future Kings, 03 Breaking Ice (Intro: Dedication to Sigfried Carver V2009), 04 I Don't Need Magic Anymore, 05 Heat Of Mine, 06 Late November, 07 Not By My Side, 08 Theme From Subway Sue, 09 Episode, 10 I Love You Still, 11 Gold Nuggets, 12 Looking For My Shadow, 13 Wrong, 14 Standing Here With You (Megan's Song), 15 Angeline, 16 Angel's Twilight Jump.

Central Park Reflected / Label: Rockville Music / Out: January 28th, 2011 / Reflected is the 2nd album by Munich based Progressive Rock band Central Park. Founded in 1983, during the renaissance of Prog-Rock powered by bands such as Marillion, Asia or Saga, Central Park performed to „the summit of Germany's Progressive Rock League" (quote Keys Magazine). Central Park first split in 1989. 2006 the band reunited in their original lineup – accidentally inspired by a Yes concert. The debut album 'Unexpected" (a pair of CD & DVD) was released 23 years (!) after the band's initial foundation. The enormous feedback by press and media made Central Park the most recognized German Progressive Rock act in the fall of 2006. E.g. Kultur Spiegel magazine wrote: „Hipster Vincent Gallo would have highly appreciated the majestic debut."
In Summer 2010 new singer Jannine Pusch joined Central Park. She was not only the new face in the front. The impressing vocal variety of the educated soprano singer was the ignition for change and advancement. Pusch's preference for heavy sounds inspired and challenged Central Park's musical brain and keyboard player Jochen Scheffter. "Reflected" easily meshes both rocking and classic elements, it unifies hymn-like with Crimsonesque influences, symphonic and metallic sounds. The opener 'Guns R Us" decries the child abuse found in child soldiers around the world, starting with a memorable rhythm sounding like gun shots. And with the typical 21-minute Prog Rock opus 'Vision of Cassandra", Central Park transport the vision of Troy's decline from ancient to today's world, and create an actual apocalyptical vision for the ears.
Track list: 01 Guns R Us, 02 Free Fall, 03 White Princess, 04 Another Part; Vision Of Cassandra (3 Parts): 05 Vision, 06 Doom (Winterstorm), 07 Awakening, 08 Path Of Mercy.




Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Boston-based band, Mass, is a juggernaut in melodic metal circles. They self-released a self-titled debut vinyl-only 4 song EP in 1984, selling 10,000 units in the Boston area alone! By 1985, the band released the legendary New Birth album on RCA Records. The band resurfaced in 1988 with the classic 6 song EP, Take You Home, on Enigma Records. 1989 brought fans Voices In the Night produced by Stryper's, Michael Sweet.
What most fans never knew was that Mass actually signed an ill-fated record deal with A&M Records in 1982, when the band was still full of teenagers! Fighter was recorded on a budget of $150,000 with the intent to release on their new label. Conflicts between the band's manager and A&M escalated and legal issues prevented the release from ever seeing the light of day. Almost 30 years later, the Iowa-based Christian record label, Retroactive Records now brings this Mass-ive metal record to fans across the world!
Four tracks from the 1982 A&M Fighter album, 'Too Far Gone,' 'Voyager (Look For The Edge),' 'Do You Love Me' and 'Watch Her Walk,' ended up on the band's 1985 RCA album, New Birth. This release is special because the 1982 A&M Fighter album was the way MASS originally wrote these songs during their teenage years – different recordings, different tempos and even different lyrics.
Tom Allom (Judas Priest) produced this classic metal release from 1982. It's the same musical genius MASS has provided on every release - full of hard-charging metallic guitar riffs and powerful melodies! For fans of Bloodgood, Stryper, Saint, TNT, Quiet Riot, Warrant, and Scorpions!

After spending two years in court trying to free themselves from a bad management situation, Mass wrote four brand new songs and released their debut record on their own label, Mass Records in 1984. The self-titled EP was a big success, selling 10,000 units in the Boston area alone. The EP got the attention of major labels and eventually resulted in Mass signing with RCA in early 1985. The tracks 'Holy One' and 'Pedal to the Metal' would later see nationwide release via on 1988 Enigma Records release, Take You Home. However, the songs were remixed with vocal harmonies and completely redone guitars added for that release. This Retroactive Records EP release has the original raw energy that showcases these classic songs as they were originally intended. '84 Unchained is the original 4 song self-titled EP with the addition of the previously unreleased bonus track, 'Bones!
'84 Unchained includes exclusive liner notes by Mass front man Louis St. August. The EP has been re-mastered from the original tapes by the legendary J Powell of Steinhaus. Releasing on the Iowa-based Christian record label, Retroactive Records, this classic EP + bonus track is available on CD for the first time ever! It has been re-titled '84 Unchained because the band was breaking free from the legal barriers that held them back for years. This special EP unleashed a heavy metal renegade band that went on to make history as hard music legends with RCA and Enigma Records for years to come! This classic metal rarity is as good as metal gets! For fans of Stryper, Bloodgood, Quiet Riot, Warrant, Barren Cross and Dio!
Retroactive Records:


Top Fuel Newz - Stephen Pearcy (Ratt) to hit the studio to start work on his 4th solo release. Pearcy says; "Expect the unexpected, It's time to pull out all the stops on this one, no f*#kin' around. We've got more then enough material, and the material is ass kicking! There's a couple songs that should of been on "Infestation" that's for sure, stubbornness and politics prevented that. But there's a reason for everything. I've been writing songs the last year to this day, you can never have enough music.
I'm going to work the songs up at Fred Coury's (Cinderella) studio, and yes, hopefully he'll be drums on as much of the new music as I can get. My partner in grime; Erik Ferentinos, from my solo band and I have written plenty of songs for the "Battering Ramm" project, so were good to go. I'd also like to get a song with Carlos (Cavazo, who co wrote "Eat Me Up Alive and "Best Of Me" with Stephen for Ratt "Infestation") in there. "It's all about the best solo music I have, and songs for "Battering Ramm" right now. We'll have some great players all over the new CD! Hopes are to take the same players on tour next year. "With new management, I've got a full plate at the moment for 2011, and wouldn't have it any other way at this time". Stay tuned...."

Full detailed Firefest 2010 review and photos from the Fireworks crew now up on Relive the weekend, or see what all the fuss was about!

AhORa Rock Podcast #5 is now online at As well as featuring the latest melodic releases from the likes of Vega, Bad City, Michael Bormann, Legion and Casanova, we also have an interview with the star of Firefest 2010, Jimi Jamison. So make sure you make a date with the beautiful and irrepressible princess of rock, Pilar Sanchez, and check out AhORa Rock now!

Metallica's final Death Magnetic World Tour stats: The World Magnetic tour crossed 45 countries, 143 arena shows, 34 festival shows, 29 stadium shows, 4 club/theater shows, 3 tv/radio shows, 2 hall of fame shows, 3790 songs, and not a single setlist was the same (KISS, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, etc... please take note of that last part of the sentence).

RockEyez presents Ted Poley Band @ Dingbatz doing "Bang Bang", "Naughty Naughty" w/guest vocals by Ian Criss of Rock Kandy And "Stone in Love" Featuring Doug Odell:

Faith Circus has entered the studio with producer/engineer Thomas "TomTom" Haugland to begin work on the follow-up to their 2008 debut (Kivel Records).

On this weeks Hair Metal Haven, Chris Nelson will be talking to Mathew and Gunnar Nelson about there new album Lightning Strikes Twice, the death of there father Ricky Nelson and there plans for 2011. Also on the show its the 2nd of the 18 & Life personal interviews featuring Nick Workman of new Frontiers signings Vega. So join Chris this Saturday 27th Nov 17.00-19.00 GMT on

Metal Sludge's Top 10 Drunkest (Living) Rock Stars of All Time -

Hollywood Killerz have inked a deal with logic(il)logic for the release of their much anticipated new album, "Dead On Arrival". Harry lead singer of the band commented: "Dead on Arrival is a major step in the history of this band, it really represents ourselves and what we've been through to become what we are today. It contains some Hollywood Killerz classic tunes like "Grey Celebrations" or "Lovecrash" as well as new songs written exclusively for this album. It's a decadent glam-punk cocktail, often angry, sometimes intimate and sometimes cheerful. In conclusion it's the perfect soundtrack for a quiet weekend of disorder".
The 13-tracks CD will be released on December 11 and track list is as follows: 1. 700.000 2. Grey Celebrations 3. Luxury Depression 4. Girls ® Dead 5. How (Could I) 6. Going Down 7. Somewhere Out Of This Mind 8. All Tomorrow's Parties 9. Over And Over 10.Through The Sand 11.Our Memories May Be Right 12.Lovecrash 13.More Than It Hurts You.
The release party will take place in Turin, the band's hometown, at the United Club, with Superhorrorfuck as special guest logic(il)logic is Street Symphonies Records' new sub-label dedicated to metal and rock in all possible forms.
WebLinks: / /

CAGE VOCALIST SEAN PECK FEATURED IN NEW THE RIGHT TO ROCK PODCAST: has issued their latest Podcast (episode #111), featuring Cage Vocalist Sean Peck. Sean took time out of his busy schedule to discuss Cage's upcoming DVD release. Sean discusses the layout of the DVD, as well as what fans can expect on the new CD. Sean also gives The Right to Rock an exclusive listen to their new track War of the Undead. Interview lasts approx. 40 min.
Yes, Halloween came and went without our usual show - but we promise we had a good reason! Apparently, that bastard John, jealous that we would even think of doing the show without him this year, did his best to utterly destroy misplace the tapes. Luckily, they've been found, Blair Witch Project style and the mysteries of our time spent in central Texas killin' zombies and such are yours to be enjoyed. Sorry about the generator noise, we had a problem with that, but hopefully you'll be able to understand us. As for Mel...nobody really understands him anymore anyway, right? Then the boys get a call from our West Coast correspondent (hunkered down out East this time), Sean Peck of Cage, whose z-killin' skills are unmatched. Sean takes a little time out from whoopin' undead ass to tell us some mouth-watering news about the new CD and DVD, and even drops a world premiere exclusive track on ya! Zounds!




Monday, November 22, 2010

Warner/Chappell recently inked deals with legendary rockers Sammy Hagar, David Lee Roth and Michael Anthony, all of Van Halen fame. As part of the new agreement, Warner/Chappell acquired the entire catalog of songs written by Sammy Hagar—songwriter guitarist, and former lead singer of Van Halen (1986 through 1996)—including his work with the bands Van Halen, Montrose and Chickenfoot, as well as his music as a solo artist.
Additionally, Warner/Chappell extended and expanded its worldwide administration agreements with songwriters David Lee Roth, original lead singer for Van Halen (1978 through 1984), and Michael Anthony, bassist for Van Halen and Chickenfoot. Roth's existing catalog, including his Van Halen and solo work, as well as Anthony's work with Van Halen and Chickenfoot's debut self-titled album, are part of the agreements.
"Sammy Hagar, David Lee Roth and Michael Anthony have not only each co-written hit songs recorded by Van Halen on some of the highest-selling albums of all time, but each had success on other solo or band recording projects as well," said Scott Francis, President, Warner/Chappell Music, and Chairman and CEO, Warner/Chappell Music U.S. "Their work is classic, timeless and adored around the world. The entire Warner/Chappell staff is excited to be working with such revered musicians who we know will continue to thrill fans for years to come."

The timing on the above announcement is nothing short of fascinating don't you think?!

In related news for those seeking every molecule of information on Van Halen's coming plans, this scan from Melbourne (Australia's) Sunday Herald Sun. I'll see what I can do to reach out to the promoter in question (I've been told who it is...) and I will seek comment from Van Halen's spokesman. However, I don't believe the album title mentioned or proposed January release date is accurate.


Multinational Melodic Metallers Eden's Curse have released their first DVD titled Creation Of Eden which is a 2 DVD rockumentary of the Making of their self titled debut album and the highly acclaimed follow up The Second Coming. Released on November 29th, on their own label, A&D Records, the DVD clocks in at 169 Minutes and also features several bonus interviews and interactive band biographies.
Pre-Orders are now available at special discounted price from:
A a DVD Trailer is also available here:


Glen Burtnik's Xmas Xtravaganza, an annual holiday concert which benefits food banks and other charities, will celebrate 20 years of fundraising on Saturday, December 18, 2010. The show, which last year featured over one hundred performers, will be held at Count Basie Theatre, 99 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, New Jersey.
Born at a small club in New Jersey in the late 80's, this annual holiday concert revue of seasonal musical performances has grown larger each year, evolving into a New York-New Jersey area tradition not to be missed. It features a colorful cast of characters which changes from year to year, but in the past has included such luminaries as Patty Smyth, John McEnroe, Phoebe Snow, Billy Squier, Marshall Crenshaw, The Patti Smith Band, Billy J. Kramer, Fred Schneider (B-52's), Jill Sobule, Idina Menzel, Jeffrey Gaines, Freedy Johnston, Jonathan Cain, Madison Cain, Steve Augeri, Dan Bern, John Waite, Curtis Stigers, STYX, Mary Lee Kortes, Kimberley Dahme (Boston), Deborah Harry, Ian Hunter, and Willie Nile, among others. Shows have been sold out for the past six years running. Originally started in 1989, the show has been held every year except 1990 & '91, making the 2010 Xmas Xtravanganza the 20th Anniversary of this event.

"It's a celebration of the music of the season," says Burtnik, "which I've always found a magically effective genre. Once I realized it was a worthwhile undertaking, I decided it'd be most appropriate to the spirit of the show to give the profit to people in need. I take the overall show as a great compliment, that all these amazing artists, assistants and technicians donate time for no pay so I can raise some money for local charities. This is a blessing I do not take lightly. That the audience brings so many giant Hefty bags full of canned food, warm clothes and toys to be distributed to soup kitchens and family shelters - simply because I ASK, is a gesture which causes me to tear up."

What: Glen Burtnik's Xmas Xtravaganza, 20TH ANNIVERSARY
When: Saturday, December 18 @ 7:30 PM
Where: Count Basie Theatre, 99 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-842-9000.
Tickets: $45, $35, $30, $20 available at venue box office or online

A benefit for New Jersey food banks, Elijah's Promise in New Brunswick, and other worthwhile charities. Audience members are encouraged to contribute warm clothing, new toys and canned food for those less fortunate.

Hallelujah: One of the most memorable, captivating and inspiring songs you will ever hear sung by the world renown singer Mili Matijevic. The voice of Mark Wahlberg in the movie Rock Star, SteelHeart and most recent the front man for Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger "The Doors". Mili delivers a touching rendition of Hallelujah written by Leonard Cohan. Recorded for the holidays, this track captures the true emotion and the spirit of "Hallelujah". Accompanied by piano, string section and a choir. Produced by: Matijevic. Link:

If you are into classic rock music, you've probably heard about Moonstone Project: It is Italian musician Matt Filippini's super studio project featuring rock giants like Glenn Hughes, Ian Paice, James Christian, Clive Bunker, Ken Hensley, Carmine Appice, Graham Bonnet, Steve Walsh, Eric Bloom and many more! They released 3 studio albums between 2006 and 2009; the last one's been "Rebel On The Run" released by Blistering Records in June 2009.
On November 26th, 2010 Moonstone will play their last show @ Highway Star Club in Sospiro (CR) Italy. It will be an intimate gig in a small club, with the band playing near Matt's hometown, Cremona (Italy).
After the European dates with Carmine Appice on drums that Moonstone played during Sept/Oct 2010, Matt decided it's the right time to start new musical adventures.
The last studio project for Moonstone will be a cover album to be released sometime next year; this album will feature some great classic rock song performed by Matt and his band mates with some international special guests like Bobby Kimball (Toto) and Carmine Appice.
And after that? Of course Matt will write some more music, possibly forming a new exciting band.
Moonstone Project and Matt Filippini websites: /

Bon Jovi will perform a private concert for 300 guests being flown out for Oprah Winfrey's Australian TV specials along with hundreds of other VIPs.
More than 1000 invitations were yesterday sent out for the December 15 concert at Star City with stars including U2, Bob Geldof , Winfrey and her fans, plus high-rolling gamblers all expected to attend. The show will attract world-wide attention thanks to Winfrey's association and the elite of Sydney's business, social and showbiz circles have been invited to the intimate show, which coincides with the US supergroup's Australian tour. Star City is undergoing an $860 million renovation and new management has recruited Bon Jovi for the relaunch -- aimed at making it a world-class venue.
The new management of Star City want to make a statement . . . the private Bon Jovi concert show and the after-party will be one of the biggest VIP events Sydney has seen in more than a decade, a source said.
Invited guests include Cate Blanchett, Russell Crowe, Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman, James and Erica Packer, Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch, Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness.
Read more:

A big CD Showcase update today, featuring a number of new and upcoming releases - Prime Suspect, Vega and a Nelson double header (Frontiers Records, out December 3); Appearance Of Nothing (Escape Music, out January 21); Seventh Wonder, Michael Harris, Anthriel & Mistheria (Lion Music, out now); Survivor re-issues (Rock Candy Records, out now); Michael Bormann, Dan Reed, Poison Sun, Steel Breeze & After Hours (all AOR Heaven/Metal Heaven, out now). Check them out now.




Friday, November 19, 2010

Some great Van Halen feedback in the last 24 hrs. It seems most fans see past the official spin, but the most disturbing aspect is witnessing just how frustrated long suffering VH fans are (that included me...). There is a lengthy and intelligent conversation going on at: which is worth a read.
Additionally, Blabbermouth have reported on both my initial news item and the "official word" added yesterday here. They have also added a nice summary of events over the last 12 months, all the reported comments from various people suggesting just what I was reporting on earlier this week.
One fan did e-mail me and asked me to stick to the facts when reporting VH news....I thought I had done just that... Stay tuned.

These releases are available immediately from the Rock Candy website ( for a discounted price of £11.99 each ending December 1st.

Burning Tree 'S/T' CANDY086 / Although Los Angeles was at the epicentre of the 'big hair' hard rock explosion during the 1980s, it was also a place where other, less flamboyant, musical renegades were carving out a niche for themselves. Groups such as Jane's Addiction and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers may have been ploughing a thoroughly modern path but deeper in the undergrowth lurked a retro centric three piece power trio by the name of Burning Tree. Taking their cue from late sixties Blues boomers such as Cream, Mountain and the Jimi Hendrix Experience they cooked up a musical soup by showboating a number of golden elements, including hard rock, psych, soul and blues.
The power trio approach was, for the era, something of an exception, and focused the spotlight not on outrageous antics but squarely on the music. Marc Ford's guitar work was pivotal to the band's sound; a sinewy stylist with a carefully executed sound that placed the emphasis not on how many notes he could squeeze into each track but more on how much space he could leave for the song to breathe. No wonder the Black Crowes snapped him up immediately after Burning Tree's demise. Despite valiant efforts to the contrary, Burning Tree's expansive sound failed to connect with a mass audience, leaving the band with little choice but to splinter and eventually disband. Retro for sure, but in a strange way there's was also the sound of uncompromising futuristic blues.
Track Listing: 1. Burning Tree 2. Wigs, Blues And High Heeled Shoes 3. Fly On 4. Mistreated Lover 5. Masquerade 6. Playing In The Wind 7. Last Laugh 8. Crush 9. Same Old Story 10. Baker's Song 11. Baby Blue 12. Turtle BONUS TRACKS: 13. Burning Tree (Live) 14. Fly On (Live) 15. Mistreated Lover (Live) 16. Same Old Story (Live).

Circus Of Power 'Vices' CANDY085 / During the late 1980s New York played host to a number of crucial hard rock contenders, including the Throbs, Smashed Gladys, Raging Slab and, of course, Circus Of Power. The latter's debut album, although failing to set the charts on fire, had blown the proverbial roof off with its brazen mix of low-slung guitar worship and a surly attitude to rival the best of West Coast rivals Guns 'N' Roses. The perfect set-up, in fact, for album #2.
Produced, like the debut album, by Daniel Rey and titled 'Vices' (for obvious reasons), Circus Of Power's sophomore release is finely hewn from a similar block of tough granite. Big riffs peppered with throat ripping vocals atop huge blasts of guitar are the order of the day, all expertly inserted into some of the most combustible songs the band ever penned. Incredibly, despite universal praise, the album failed to propel them into the upper echelons of the hard rock elite, leaving the band floundering in shallow water on a label that couldn't quite get to grips with such radically charged music. The band's last hurrah for RCA was the release of a five track live EP recorded in New York (included here as bonus material) before agreeing to disagree with the label and moving on to the more welcoming arms of Sony. 'Vices' remains, however, an essential, overlooked classic of its kind, a record that has found its place with the passing of time.
Track Listing: 1. Gates Of Love 2. Desire/Fire In The Night 3. Two River Highway 4. Vices 5. Don't Drag Me Down 6. Last Call Rosie 7. Doctor Potion 8. Los Angeles 9. Got Hard… 10. Temptation 11. Junkie Girl 12. Simple Man/Simple Woman BONUS TRACKS: 13. Gates Of Love (Live) 14. Call Of The Wild (Live) 15. Los Angeles (Live) 16. Vices (Live) 17. How Many More Times (Live).


Occasionally a musician has to take a step back into the past to develop artistically. Tom Englund, guitarist and vocalist with Swedish rock group Evergrey, took this risk and reorganised his artistic environment. "The most recent Evergrey line-up had reached a point where we no longer had fun as a group," he confesses, adding: "So we went our separate ways to save our friendship. There were no angry words, and we're still friends privately."
Naturally, the decision to break up wasn't easy for these long-standing friends, especially for Englund and his remaining keyboardist, Rikard Zander, for whom a continuation of Evergrey was never called into question. Yet they both had to face a new challenge: "In the beginning, we weren't sure whether we'd be able to write a new album without the wealth of experience that the previous line-up brought in. But after Rikard and I had composed a full three numbers during the first week, we felt that was a real coup."
Listeners will feel this positive energy throughout Glorious Collision, the band's eighth studio album, which is due for release on 28 February 2011 (Germany: 25 February 2011; USA/Canada: 22 February 2011) on Steamhammer/SPV. A dynamic goody bag featuring the most diverse material ever released on an Evergrey album. "This may sound like a contradiction in view of our personnel situation, but Rikard and I have allowed more influences on Glorious Collision than ever before. Some elements on Glorious Collision are classic rock, based on a metal format, sometimes the tracks are quiet and haunting, sometimes wild, demanding and gripping."
This diversity is also expressed in the instrumentation of this extremely dynamic studio production which presents the new band members Marcus Jidell (guitar), Hannes Van Dahl (drums) and Johan Niemann (bass). "It's great to hear what a breath of fresh air Marcus, Johan and Hannes have brought into the band," Englund enthuses. "Although the entire material, except for two songs to which Marcus contributed on the compositional side, had already been decided when we started recording, they all left their own, very personal mark on this album." The great experience of Jidell and Niemann, who have worked with acts such as Royal Hunt and Therion, among others, and have now contributed lots of positive energy together with the 20-year-old drummer, Van Dahl, can be felt throughout the album.
Tracks: Leave It Behind Us * You * Wrong * Frozen * Restoring The Loss * To Fit The Mold * Out Of Reach * The Phantom Letters * The Disease ... * It Comes From Within * Free * I´m Drowning Alone * ... And The Distance * ... And The Distance ("Carina" - Bonustrack for limited digipak with female vocals).

Evergrey live 2010:
25.11. SE/FI – Stockholm/Turku – Silja Galaxy Cruise
16.12. D-Bochum - Matrix
17.12. NL-Rotterdam – Baroeg
18.12. NL-Kerkrade – The Rock Temple
19.12. D-Ludwigsburg – Rockfabrik
20.12. CH-Pratteln - Galerie
WebLinks: /


MR-X has been updated with the following new features:
- Crossfire - Battlefront (Rare Album)
- F.K.M. - Demos (UK 89)(4 Tracks)
- Mindstorm (Unreleased LP)
- Maeday (Rare 1987 Album)
MR-X Membership Details.




Thursday, November 18, 2010

Frontiers Records is proud to announce the highly anticipated European release of Mr. Big's new studio album entitled What If… on January 21, 2011. The North American release, also on Frontiers records, shall follow in February with more exciting details to be announced!
What If… is Mr. Big's first "all original" album since the reunion of the four original members, Eric Martin, Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan and Pat Torpey back in early 2009. Sixteen years after the release of Hey Man, the new recording is set to bring back MR. BIG on the height of the current Hard Rock scene.
Guitarist Paul Gilbert said: "This is the first MR. BIG album I have been a part of, since fourteen years and it was done in a snap. It was fun and we had really a good time in making this one". Continues Billy Sheehan "It's so great to be back with Paul, Eric and Pat too. We wrote this record like we did in the old days for the first 2 records. Jamming together in the same room to write songs". Pat Torpey adds "Some of the recording process is different now from what we were used to in the old times. But I think this record really managed to capture the performances of the band, not of the individual musicians".
Eric Martin concludes: "I like to compare this to the first album, when we just got to know each other in a rehearsal studio and cut it in 8 or 9 days. This is like chapter 2. We had so many years, so many records and so many things behind us. Now this feels like a beautiful brand new chapter starting for all of us".
What If… was produced by Kevin Shirley (Journey, Aerosmith, Rush, Iron Maiden) and the release will be followed by a World Tour which will kick off in South America in March and will hit Europe in early summer.

Formed in 1988, Mr. Big forged its place in hard rock history by combining trademark "shredding" musicianship with awesome vocal harmonies. The original line-up ­ vocalist Eric Martin, guitarist Paul Gilbert, bassist Billy Sheehan, and drummer Pat Torpey. Mr. Big produced numerous hit songs that ranged across a wide array of rock genres ­ be it ballads, heavy metal, or blues rock.
Their hits included "To Be With You" (Billboard Hot 100 number one single in 15 countries for weeks, in 1991, propelling the band the band to huge international success and record sales in the multi-millions), "Wild World", Green-Tinted sixties Mind", "Just Take My Heart", and a host of heavy metal songs that were played mostly during their live performances: "Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy", "Addicted to that Rush", "Colorado Bulldog", and "Take Cover".
"What If…" will be released in a special edition CD + DVD in digipak, regular CD, vinyl and digital download and in a limited edition luxury box including the CD, DVD, LP and exclusive memorabilia.

"What If…" track listing includes: Undertow; American Beauty; Stranger In My Life; Nobody Takes the Blame; Still Ain't Enough for Me; Once Upon a Time; As Far As I Can See; All The Way Up; I Won't Get In My Way; Around The World; I Get The Feeling; Unforgiven (exclusive bonus track for Europe / North America ­ not on vinyl edition).

The DVD will include the video clips of "Undertow" and "All the Way Up" plus a documentary "Making of" the album including interviews and exclusive behind the scenes features of the four members.
The first single "Undertow" will have an official promotional launch on November 27.


Just to add a few comments since I have been most fortunate to hear the new record - this is a seriously hard rocking Mr. Big album. It has the raw energy and feel of the debut, with the intimacy of Lean Into It and even a little of the Hey Man mood. But above all - this sounds like a fresh, energized Mr. Big and in places, heavier than ever. There is an updated contemporary feel to several of the tracks, especially in Paul Gilbert's sound, while on other tracks, it is as if the band was recording a sequel to Lean Into It.
And I have to say that the entire album is riddled with shredding Paul & Bill guitar and bass solos and a pummeling drum sound. And Eric Martin sounds as if he hasn't aged a day since 1991.

A few personal favourites at this early time:
Undertow - hard hitting, but moody melodic rocker with a vibe similar to Take Cover from Hey Man. Very commercial.
American Beauty - Straight ahead uptempo hard rocker with a hook.
Stranger In My Life - big commercial ballad, but still rocks. Just Take My Heart perhaps? But better!
Nobody Takes the Blame & Still Ain't Enough for Me - Heavy heavy heavy!
Around The World - Big rock n roll anthem.
I Get The Feeling - Another big harmonious chorus.
A full track by track review in the weeks to come. But not a weak track in sight on What If...


Preface: I know you folks are just gonna love this…

Earlier today I was contacted by the office of Larry Solters – spokesman for Van Halen asking me to give him a call. I did so and was asked to pass on clarification of my Van Halen news item earlier this week. It seems there was some surprise in the VH camp following my news and the official word is that… "none of it was true."
Yep…incredibly, the official word is that there is "no tour on the books" right now and "no new album on the books".
Mr. Solters did concede that the guys hung out together "working on stuff", but as of right now – no album, no tour in 2011. He kindly added that I'd be the first to know when there was news.

That's all I have to add right now. Safe to say that this rebuke has not put me off digging deeper into this and I'll report back when possible. I'll leave it up to you Van Halen fans to choose what to believe!

Frontiers Records is proud to present the new issue of Melodic Rock Fanzine. The 41st release of the label's successful magazine is available for free all over the world through record shops, mail-orders and every fine dealer carrying the Frontiers Records releases. Here are the previews of the two Melodic Rock Fanzine covers:


This new issue includes reviews and interviews of Nelson, The Poodles, Darkwater, Signum Regis, F.E.A.S.T., Perfect View, Poison Sun, Prime Suspect, Jeff Scott Soto, Vega, Allen Lande, Michael Bormann... and more! Electronic readble version of the magazine is available on the Frontiers official site and here.

A Drummer's Perspective is an original and unrivalled collection of over 200 photographs celebrating the world of drumming. This large format book brings together some of the finest unseen photographs of legendary drummers. It is a unique collection of pictures taken by the author David Phillips, who has been given rare access on stage and behind the scenes to many of the biggest bands in the world.
These images capture the raw emotion and sheer excitement of playing live: You'll be able to see the view from behind the kit on stage in front of tens of thousands of people, get up close to the action at sound checks and see exceptional shots of some of the most amazing rock concerts and festivals.
The book features over hundred drumming legends from every type of genre and includes new photos of Dave Grohl, Joey Jordison, Zak Starkey, Ginger Baker, Dominic Howard, Neil Peart, Nicko McBrain, Mitch Mitchell, Roger Taylor, Dennis Chambers, Mike Portnoy, Nick Mason, Alex Acuña, Dave Weckl, Josh Freese, Chad Smith, Joey Castillo, Thomas Lang and this list goes on and on!
Renowned drummer, Terry Bozzio has written the foreword. Each picture is accompanied with details of where and when it was taken, recollections and anecdotes from the author, together with tour memorabilia such as backstage and photo passes.
The powerful images and text give a fascinating insight to drummers, their playing and their world. This coffee table book retails for £29.99 and can be purchased exclusively from . It will go on sale from December 6 and pre-orders can be placed via the website before this to reserve your copy in time for Christmas.






MelodicRock Records is proud to announce the release of yet another debut album - this time Italian symphonic metal outfit Violet Sun. Their debut album Loneliness In Supremacy is available for shipping as of now. Melodic Rock retailers will have this in stock release mid-late next week.



The core of Violet Sun goes back to 2005, when Dario Grillo (Platens, Thy Majesty) heard the voice of Alessandra Amata, a singer of great talent of Catania, well known in the Sicilian musical circle. Dario had some interesting unpublished work that proposed to her. Alessandra immediately showed herself to be very enthusiastic about the project and so in a few months they began to work to the drawing up and the realization of the songs contained in the debut album.

Loneliness In Supremacy is not a normal Metal album, but a real blended work in which the styles such as classic and opera music, heavy metal, oriental, progressive and AOR blend perfectly together to create powerful and memorable melodies. This record places itself midway between a real Metal Opera (Avantasia, Aina, Nostradamus) and bands as Nightwish, Epica, Kamelot.

MelodicRock Records owner Andrew McNeice: "There is nothing harder in this scene than breaking in a new name, but just as my other signings have impressed, so to did Violet Sun. One listen and I called upon Dario to sign up. I wasn't looking for a heavier project to add to the label, but taking each release on its merits, this just screamed out for attention. The production is simply world class. Intense themes, immense arrangements and the power and emotion of the material appealed to me instantly. I am very happy to have such a strong group of artists involved in the label and Violet Sun only enhances that. Female fronted symphonic melodic metal at its best!"


The album comes with 12 powerful tracks and a deluxe 16 page booklet featuring the outstanding artwork of CadiesArt (Degreed).

Track Listing (and audio samples):
01) Dust In The Wind
02) Inside Out
03) Midnight [Instrumental]
04) When The Lights Go Down
05) Cross The Line
06) Falling In Love
07) Where Is My Way Home
08) My Flame Still Burns
09) Pray On The Grave
10) Break Your Chains
11) Synthetic Pleasures
12) Loneliness In Supremacy [Instrumental]

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Some early reviews of "Loneliness In Supremacy":

"Right from the start, there was this cherry blossom fragrance that heralded the special character of the album. Special because I knew this journey would take several attentive listens before it would sink in. Special because there is so much going on here, any description will be inaccurate. After his break with Thy Majestie, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Dario Grillo kept himself busy with his new female-fronted band Violet Sun. Loneliness In Supremacy, the band's elegant debut, makes you dig through layers and layers of symphonic edges that draw up the blueprint, enough progressive hooks to prevent the album from being easy digestible, and even a few gothic abstracts which give color to the darker sides of the album. Clearly Grillo had still many more bright ideas up his sleeve, as Loneliness In Supremacy abounds in creativity, variety and versatility. Loneliness In Supremacy is a still-evolving journey. At one point I thought I had reached the heart of the album, where seemingly unrelated emotions are woven together. But then that thrill was gone as quickly as it had come, entangled in debris, and I knew I had to start all over again. A real tease indeed." -

"Violet Sun's music has its core in Symphonic Power Metal, with a wide variety of influences ranging from Gothic Metal and Progressive Metal. We like how the futuristic sounding keyboards enrich the music and make it sound very different than most bands (a lot like Anthropia). The overall Symphonic atmosphere of the album is top notch and creates a very unique world to "Loneliness in Supremacy". The female vocals feature a nice range and a very unique sound to them, allowing them to have (yet another) identifier to their own sound. The choir sections are just more icing on top of the cake, and just and grandiosity to the songs where they are used. "Loneliness in Supremacy" is a majestic release that has all the right elements and the correct sound to get worldwide acclaim. With the use of Sax, oriental instruments, a full on opera choir, and mastering by Mika Jussila, the band means serious business. If you like Power Metal, Progressive Metal, or Gothic Metal, give Violet Sun a try you will not regret it." -




Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Danger Danger vocalist Ted Poley announces the addition of guitarist/ keyboardist Paul LaPlaca to his solo touring band. LaPlaca has previously worked with such acts as ZO2, Zandelle and Chris Caffrey of Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Savatage. Poley's current roster also includes drummer Dennis Leeflang (Lita Ford, Bumblefoot), guitarist Maz Mazza (40 Ft. Ringo, Detroit Cheeta) and bassist Doug Odell (All Pointz West, Ice Age). The new lineup is scheduled to make its live debut on December 3rd, 2010 at Klubben Fryshuset in Sweden.
Paul's inclusion in Ted's touring band continues a busy year for the multi-talented musician, which most recently saw him serving as associate producer of the new album from SplitScreen Entertainment, "Whole Lotta Love: An All-Star Salute to Fat Chicks." For this unique project, LaPlaca produced 5 tracks in total, working with members of L.A. Guns, Quiet Riot, W.A.S.P. and Twisted Sister.
"It's just been a crazy year so far and every day is completely different." states the in-demand Paul LaPlaca. "Working on the 'Whole Lotta Love' album was an incredible experience, with so many different styles and such outstanding musicians. After that I was able to squeeze in some tech duties for one of my all-time favorite bands, Living Colour. In between I worked a Disney fashion show and manned a camera for insanely talented drummer Jojo Mayer. I was even flown from New York to Tampa to shoot a product demo for Rocktron. Now instead of taking a break, I'm preparing for the European festival date with Ted Poley, a reunion show with members of October Thorns and a live set of metalized Hanukkah favorites with NY's own Gods of Fire. I guess I can sleep when I'm DEAD!"
Making LaPlaca's induction into Poley's band all the more appropriate is the fact that he'd previously produced a song called "Ted Poley" for the 2008 tribute album "Kiss My Ankh: A Tribute To Vinnie Vincent." A parody of the Kiss song "Unholy" by Vincent and Gene Simmons, the song was performed by rock & roll comic C.C. Banana and even featured current Poley bandmate Dennis Leeflang on drums. The track has proven to be a favorite with Ted's fans and has been used to open his solo shows ever since.
Considering that Poley himself recently signed with ARM Entertainment (management firm of such notable talent as Bret Michaels, L.A. Guns and Dokken), Paul anticipates keeping busy for foreseeable future.

New York, NY: Cavalera Conspiracy announced today the title of their second album, Blunt Force Trauma. The band released Inflikted in 2008 to much critical and fan acclaim. The album was a momentous occasion in the heavy metal universe, as it reunited brothers Max and Iggor Cavalera for the first time since Max left Sepultura in 1996.
The Brothers Cavalera co-founded Sepultura, the Brazilian metal band that redefined and established the genre outside of the US and Europe. After Max exited the band, there was a rift between himself and his brother, one that was eventually repaired through the redemptive power of music. Some time had passed and Max and Iggor were unable to resist the musical pull in their magnetic fields and their musical collaboration was renewed. The duo are back for round two with Cavalera Conspiracy.
Cavalera Conspiracy's lineup is filled out by guitarist Marc Rizzo, who plays with Max in Soulfly, and bassist Johnny Chow. Blunt Force Trauma is due out in March via Roadrunner Records. The track listing is: 1. Warlord 2. Torture 3. Lynch Mob 4. Killing Inside 5. Thrasher 6. I Speak Hate 7 . Target 8. Genghis Khan 9. Burn Waco 10. Rasputin 11. Blunt Force Trauma.

Fresh off the success of their first European tour in 20 years, Rhino Bucket immediately returned to the studio with ace producer Doug Boehm (Dirty Sweet, The Vines) at the helm. The hard rockin' result is Who's Got Mine, their sixth studio album and third on Acetate Records.
Recorded at legendary Hollywood rock-shack Grandmaster Recorders, the disc features original members Georg Dolivo & Reeve Downes, accompanied by Brian "Damage" Forsythe (KIX) and touring drummer Anthony "Tiny" Biuso (TSOL, The Dickies).
A full-scale European tour starts Jan. 6, US dates to follow! In Stores Feb 8, 2011 - Pre-orders ship Jan. 15!


Don't Stop Believin' – The Untold Story Of Journey by Neil Daniels is published early next year by Omnibus Press. More details to follow. Visit and for more info.

Sign up tot he new Eddie Money mailing list at: and receive a free download of Eddie's new song One More Soldier Coming Home.

On this weeks Hair Metal Haven, Chris Nelson will be talking to Bangalore Choir vocalist David Reece about the new album Cadence, what it was like to replace Udo in Accept, and his plans for a new solo album. Also on the show Chris will be talking to Jules from new Australian rockers White Widow. The interview is Chris's first 18 & Life chat in which he discusses 18 close and personal questions about their likes and dislikes. So tune in this Saturday 20th November 17.00-19.00 GMT, only on

Following his keynote address this week at the M For Montreal music conference, rock legend and business magnate Gene Simmons will introduce the city to the first signing of his Simmons Records/Universal Music Canada imprint: the Toronto-based rock quintet The Envy. The first-come, first-served free concert will take place at 8:30pm on Wednesday, 17th November @ Cafe Campus. The 60-minute set will also be filmed in conjunction with the celebrated reality television series Gene Simmons: Family Jewels.
The Envy will release their debut album, recorded with JUNO award-winning producer Gavin Brown (Billy Talent, Metric, Three Days Grace) as well as the legendary songwriter/producer Desmond Child (Katy Perry, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Tokyo Hotel), in early 2011. The band has toured across North America with such contemporaries as KISS, Marianas Trench, The Midway State and Stereos.
Event Details: Date: Wednesday, 17th November 2010 Doors: 7:30pm Performance: 8:30pm to 9:30pm Venue: Cafe Campus Address: 57 rue Prince Arthur Est (corner St-Laurent)
Online: /

Y&T IN MADRID: has posted pictures from Y&T's November 9th show in Madrid, Spain at Sala Heineken. Pictures of support act Lynch Mob are also available. Go to this location to check it out:
Y&T's setlist on the night was as follows: Highway To Hell/Prelude, On With The Show, Hard Times, Mean Streak, Lonely Side Of Town, Shine On, If You Want Me, Lipstick & Leather, Hurricane, I'm Coming Home, I Believe In You, Eyes Of A Stranger, Midnight in Tokyo, Blind Patriot, I'll Cry For You, Black Tiger, Mike Drums Solo, Rock & Roll's Gonna Save the World, Dirty Girl, Summertime Girls, Forever, Winds of Change, Open Fire, Rescue Me.

TRIUMPH BASSIST MIKE LEVINE FEATURED IN NEW THE RIGHT TO ROCK PODCAST: has issued their latest Podcast (episode #110), featuring Triumph Bassist Mike Levine. Mike took time out of his busy schedule to discuss Triumph's new greatest hits package, Mike discusses what it was like going through the video archives to put this DVD together as well as what it was like remixing the classics, Interview lasts approx. 35 min.
These days it seems like everybody's throwing the horns up sign like they're running for office, with Hollywood starlets wearing classic (and probably original – meaning they cost $100-200 from some vintage clothing store) metal band t-shirts. The question is, how should we as metal fans feel about this? Is it cool? Is it disrespectful? Should we be happy or angry? And what does it mean for the state of metal? Join Genghis and Ragman as they ponder this topic and much more, following with legendary Triumph bassist Mike Levine for a chat. Mike Discusses Triumph's latest greatest hits package as well as the future of the classic band.




Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Let's great straight to it - it's been quiet in the Van Halen camp since a wave of expectation and excitement broke following news leaks a few months back regarding a possible new album and tour for 2011.
The Tour: The band will tour extensively in 2011, taking in North America, likely European dates and even some Australian dates, which local newspaper the Herald Sun stated Sunday - [VH] "...are very close to confirming an Oz visit next year..."
The line-up will remain as it was for the 2007 tour - Eddie, Alex, Wolfgang and David Lee Roth.

The New Album: Numerous reports about new music coming from the band are true. There is new music recorded with the expectation of an all-new studio album featuring David Lee Roth to be released in 2011. What is not known right now is the time frame for this.
Here is what I was told. It seems DLR's vocals are being recorded away from the 5150 studio, with Eddie receiving various vocal tracks from the singer, but not always to the guitarist's satisfaction. I'm told that it's work in progress between Eddie and Dave.
I also heard, but cannot confirm, that Eddie has recorded most of the bass parts for the album.

There is a deal in place between Warner Bros. and the band for a new album (as announced a few months back). However, I'm told there is a genuine fear from the label that the album may now not be ready before tour commitments begin. The album was definitely expected to be released in early 2011, but there has been so much going back and forth and re-arranging, so if the recordings are not turned in by early 2011, the label have developed a contingency plan.
That is preparing re-masters of the Sammy Hagar era catalogue (curious decision perhaps, but the only albums left to do), as well as preparing Blue-Ray releases of Live Without a Net and Live Right Here Right Now so at least there is something on the market when the band tours.
Additionally they are preparing limited edition Vinyl releases, which have just appeared on the Rhino/Warner schedule. 1984, Women And Children First and Van Halen II will be released on LP December 13.

And to close - the band apparently tested a few different producers, but the man at the helm for this album is one Ross Hogarth. Go look him up. His website makes no mention of any work with Van Halen, but in July he did make one reference to a new record he was starting. He stated: "The record I just started ROCKS!!! [it] will be amazing...that is all I will say..."

Stay tuned as always...more soon.

The forthcoming solo album from Primal Fear singer Ralf Scheepers is in the very final stages of production. Some very special guests agreed to appear - the list includes guitarists "Metal" Mike Chlasciak (Halford), Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray), Sander Gommans (After Forever) and Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear, Allen/Lande).
Powerhouse American vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens (Yngwie Malmsteen, Judas Priest, Iced Earth) is dueting with Scheepers in the track "Remission Of Sin", Swedish multi-instrumentalist Snowy Shaw (Therion, Dream Evil, King Diamond, Dimmu Borgir) appears on drums and Primal Fear's Mat Sinner is playing bass on the entire LP and produced the album. Achim Koehler is currently in the final stages of the mixing session and will shortly be mastering the production.
Scheepers revealed that his upcoming solo album will include a remake of his song "Saints Of Rock" Scheepers originally recorded with his band Tyran Pace and a cover version of the Judas Priest classic "Before The Dawn'.
"'Saints Of Rock' is gonna be, of course, a little bit more modern and updated than it was [when the original version was recorded] in 1986," he explained. "I mean, right now we have much more possibilities to make songs sound a little bit more modern, starting with the drum sound and the bass sounds." He added, "I think 'Before The Dawn' pretty much is a straight cover, but the first song I'm playing (nearly) all instruments — just a little more orchestral things going on. Vocal-wise, I just added harmony vocals, plus the two outstanding guitar solos by maestro Victor Smolski (Rage). The album is like a trip through my entire career from hard driven crushing metal, groovy heavy beats, orchestral epic to stripped down basic songs and of course some nice surprises!"
The musical direction of his forthcoming solo CD is more diverse than Primal Fear, from the hardest to the softest tones. The album was recently presented to the German press and some of the reactions included:
"A varied, magic masterpiece! Intensive, passionate and faithful - a terrific singer!" - Markus Wosgien (Rock It!, EMP, Blast!)
"A surprisingly varied and still compact metal-masterpiece, that leaves nothing to be desired!" - Andreas Schöwe (Metal Hammer)
"The vocals and the songwriting are just terrific and you've never experienced Ralf Scheepers so relaxed. The album is a hit! Does the world needs a solo album of the Primal Fear singer? Yes, of course!" - Birgit Braeckle (Breakout)
Frontiers plans to release the album in February 2011.


Foreigner will release a double live album next week. Can't Slow Down … When It's Live! is released in Europe via earMUSIC.
"Can't Slow Down is about fresh starts," said founding guitarist Mick Jones. "For the band, it was a chance to step out from the shadow of the past and establish its own identity. Personally, the album helped me reclaim my confidence as an artist and rediscover the fun of making music again." Last year, Foreigner unleashed their first studio album in 15 years – Can't Slow Down – but their new live album also includes plenty of old-school Foreigner hits. Keeping up their live momentum, Foreigner recently announced plans to tour the U.K. with Journey and Styx next summer.
Can't Slow Down … When It's Live! track list: CD1: 1. "Double Vision" 2. "Head Games" 3. "Cold as Ice" 4. "In Pieces" 5. "Blue Morning, Blue Day" 6. "Waiting for a Girl Like You" 7. "When it Comes to Love".
CD2: 1. "Feels Like the First Time" 2. "Urgent" 3. "Juke Box Hero" 4. "Long, Long Way From Home" 5. "I Want to Know What Love Is" 6. "Hot Blooded" 7. "Can't Slow Down" (bonus track).


Michael C. Dragon - Dragon Of Transylvania / release date: 19.11.2010 / Michael C. Dragon's album 'Dragon Of Transylvania' originally was released as private pressing on the artist's own label in 1997 and is one of the best Melodic Rock records from this era. Dragon, the composer and singer on this record, is also well known from his contributions to the 'German Rock Project' album in 1991. Today, the original Michael C. Dragon 7-track album is one of the most sought after collector's item of the genre and especially appeals to fans of early Bon Jovi, Whitesnake and Blue Tears material. Remastered and re-released through Yesterrock incl. three bonus tracks, this lost treasure now is available again for a reasonable price. A absolutely must for any fan of this genre!

Lyraka - Lyraka Vol. 1 / release date: 26.11.2010 / Lyraka is a heavy metal opera written by composer Andy DiGelsomina. The CD, 'Lyraka Volume 1', is the first in a set, featuring vocal performances by Graham Bonnet (Rainbow, Alcatrazz), Tommy Heart (Soul Doctor, Uli Jon Roth, Fair Warning), and Veronica Freeman (Benedictum). The Lyraka opera is the heavy metal event of the century. Never before has there been a Wagnerian Opera approach applied to guitar-driven heavy metal music. In the tradition of Richard Wagner's 'Ring der Nibelungen', Lyraka's allegorical concept is presented in a musico-literary fashion . The music of Lyraka ROCKS and follows the traditions of bands like Black Sabbath, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, Manowar, and Kreator. The cover artwork was created by Ken Kelly who also designed artwork for Rainbow and Manowar.

Janina And The Deeds - Last Girl Standing / release date: 15.10.2010 / Rough, straight, upright! With only few instruments, but a clear attitude, Janina and the Deeds are beating at the pulse of time. Janinas exceptional talent for smashing tunes, the vivid lyrics of Dominoe-Singer Jörg Sieber and the straight production style of Robert Papst: 'they get together in an awesome way and created 11 rock-songs, which in their harsh presence partly remind of 1970es punk and rock music with a modern appeal'. Last Girl Standing Janina Dietz completed classical singing instructions and worked as an actress on Berlin theatres. In New York she deepened her education in the arts. Recordings for the Berlin pop-project 'Soul's Travesty' followed. As a studio-singer, Janina Dietz has been working for many German musicians. Since 2009 she also has worked as a presenter for Power Radio Berlin, FM. The album Last Girl Standing is mastered by Gavin Lurrsen, Los Angeles, who worked with artists like Matchbox 20, Robert Plant and Sheryl Crow. Janina and the Deeds' agenda is filled up with several live-gigs. The album includes a video clip from the current single 'Bye, Bye, Bye'.

Walk The Wire - Walk The Wire / release date: 26.11.2010 / Walk The Wire were a five-piece, keyboard-driven AOR band from the UK which was active during the mid 90's. Their self-titled album originally was released in 1994 and included 10 great AOR hymns in the tradition of fellow bands such as FM, Strangeways or Atlantic. The catchy tracks 'Nothing To Lose' and 'Crossfire' received numerous airplay at the time of the original release. Through the years, 'Walk The Wire' became a hard to find collector's item. Yesterrock now re-issues this pure gem of British 90's AOR with three bonus tracks and with an amazing re-mastered sound.

Brian McDonald Group - Desperate Business / release date: 29.11.2010 / Brian McDonald has released three albums as a solo artist. 'Desperate Business' is the first out of these releases and was originally released in 1987 via Sony Music. This album impressively reflects the AOR sound of the 80's and awakens memories on the great Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and Winger in their early years. Catchy melodies and a keyboard-driven sound are the trademarks of this album. Later, Brian McDonald has released the records 'Wind It Up' in 2000 and 'Voyage' in 2003. 'Desperate Business' today is a real collector's item and will now be available through Yesterrock in collaboration with Sony Music for a reasonable price. All tracks have been digitally remastered.


One of many news items around today... This one from:
"A rock star arrested for assault, marijuana possession and mischief? There's nothing out of the ordinary about that. But a rock star arrested for allegedly biting someone working at a bar? That's almost unheard of. Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach was arrested and charged with assault after allegedly smashing a wine glass and reportedly biting a staff member at a Peterborough, Ont. bar early this morning. According to The Canadian Press, Bach got into a fight with the staff at Riley's Old Towne Pub and was told to leave around midnight today, and threw a wine glass at the door when he was told he couldn't continue to get his drunk and take the wine with him.
TMZ reports Bach was then held down until the cops showed up, but then decided to get all Mike Tyson on the owner of the bar and allegedly bit his left hand. Good thing it wasn't an ear. Right, Evander? Bach was charged with assault, marijuana possession and mischief under $5,000 and is due to appear on court today.

Classic Swedish metal merchants Overdrive have signed a new licensing deal with Lion Music for the upcoming album Angelmaker, due out in January 2011. This time the band wrote and recorded 18 songs of which 12 are set to appear on the album. "This time we used a panel of 15 people to help us select which tracks to use. It was really great to hear what people outside of the band thought of the tracks before we decided on which to put on the album. Some of our own favourites were not as high up on the list as expected, while others were higher than expected, which was interesting. Hopefully our listening panel reflects the general public, which then would make this a killer album", says guitarist Janne Stark.
The album was recorded by the band and Johan Blomquist (Blinded Colony, Kaptain Sun etc) and mixed by Pelle Saether (Grand Design, Diabolical, Wolf) at Studio Underground.
"I have been working with Pelle on several other recordings, such as Locomotive Breath, Mountain Of Power and Zello, and he has an ability to understand and capture just the sound you're after. He did that this time, too. To be honest this is the best sounding Overdrive album to date", Janne continues.
Overdrive still features original members Janne Stark and Kjell Jacobsson on guitars, Kenth Ericsson on bass and Kenta Svensson on drums, plus vocalist Per PeiolOz Karlsson who joined the band at the reunion in 2003 and has since been an integral part of the band.
On December 3rd Overdrive will support Pretty Maids in Karlshamn (SWE), where the bands actually did a show together back in 1983!
For more information and samples from the forthcoming album visit:


With the release of Seventh Wonder's highly anticipated fourth album The Great Escape fast approaching on Dec 3, the band have announced details of the official release party which takes place the following day. The release party will also prove to be the end of an era for the band also marking the departure of drummer Johnny Sandin.
The info is as follows: Saturday December 4th, 20:00 / Najespalatset in Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden / 100 SEK paid in cash at the door (no exceptions and no cash machine nearby!).
Full information on "The Great Escape" can be found at:


Looks like the US 2011 tour circuit will feature a duel bill of Poison and Motley Crue. Poison frontman Brett Michaels meanwhile will release another solo album later this year or early next year - a contemporary country-Americana album tentatively titled Once A Cowboy, Always A Cowboy.

Helix will release of their new acoustic album, Smash Hits Unplugged in January. Track listing: Rock You, Heavy Metal Love, Gimme Gimme Good Lovin', Make Me Do (Anything You Want), Wild In The Streets/No Rest For The Wicked, Deep Cuts The Knife, The Kids Are All Shakin', Dream On, That Day Is Gonna Come, Good To The Last Drop, A Touch of Magic.

A new review of the Fenrik Lane album 317 can be viewed at:




Monday, November 15, 2010

Swedish rockers Degreed have just released their killer debut album Life, Love, Loss through MelodicRock Records. It is available now at a number of good melodic rock retailers and a few more to come (news soon). Or purchase direct from MRR:

A few early reviews are in. This from Kaj Roth at "Over a year ago I got to hear the un-mastered untitled debut from Swedish AOR band Degreed and I was amazed by their impressive cover of Steve Perry's "Captured By The Moment", I also thought they had lots of potential on their original tunes as well but I never thought it would sound this good as the final product "Life Love Loss". The songs have been mastered and the album has a much bigger and heavier sound which is super, they deliver a heavier style of AOR but of course done with class. Their fellow countrymen in H.E.A.T couldn't have written a better tune than "A little bit", roll out the red carpet because these guys should walk up to the next years Grammy Awards nominated as the best new rock album from Sweden. Treat and H.E.A.T are not alone my dear friends, if the opening track "B.O.D" or the excellent "Captured By The Moment" won't get you knocked out. I don't know what will!"

And...Dave Laroxx: "It really rocks. Lots of good stuff."

John Patrick (Radio Caroline): "What do I say about "Degreed"? It is utterly fantastic. It is one of the strongest sets of music I have received in a very long time. I will be including them in my "Newband" slot where I will tell the audience about the band and play about 5/6 tracks from the CD."


Now hear the songs and read a track by track commentary from the band:

01. B.O.D. - I've had this riff laying around for a couple of years and wanted to show it to the guys and as soon as we started jammin' away - magic was in the air! It turned out great and also one of the heavier songs on the album and a personal favorite too! - Micke Jansson

02. Arms of Misery [Full Length Download] - The song on the record taking the longest amount of time to finish, it took over three months until it started to take shape as a song. Even after the three months spent writing the song we developed the song later along with our producer Erik Lidbom, who also added strings, additional synths and beats which really lifted the song. Daniel wrote the lyrics to this one, a song that defines the name of the record - "life, love, loss". It has always been a favorite of mine. - Mats Ericsson

03. A Little Bit - I wrote this song along with Erik Lidbom, our producer. He came up with the music and I wrote the lyrics. This is the last song that we wrote/recorded before releasing the album, and I think it's a step closer to a more commercial level. - Robin Ericsson

04. Captured by the Moment - It's actually a cover song from Steve Perry's album "Street Talk", which we choose to record cause we all just love the song. Some of us hadn't even heard the song before Robin came with the brilliant idea of recording it for our debut album but after he showed it the first time for everyone, we just knew that it would fit perfectly on the album. - Mats Ericsson

05. Just Imagine - The oldest song on the record! I think Robin wrote the basics back in 2001 or something. But somehow it stuck with us through the years and saw the light of day once again in 2010, after a much needed face-lift! A straight up, no bullshit, heavy rock tune! - Micke Jansson

06. Story of Life - This song is pretty old. I wrote it along with our former guitar player, Jonas Erikers, back in 2006. It brings the music back to the eighties rock, but with a heavier modern touch. One of the best lyrics I've ever written. - Robin Ericsson

07. Human Being? - Another song that's been with us for a while, even before degreed existed. The basics of the song's written back in 2003-04 but have since then been modified a bit and is actually a bit different on the record than the live version now as well. I think it's the only song on the record that has a slightly different sound than the others, it isn't as keyboard based as the other song – it's more guitar based. It's a real heavy tune and one of two songs were Daniel used a 7-string to get a real heavy guitar sound and it's just kick-ass. - Mats Ericsson

08. Color Me - "We need more cowbell". One day Daniel came to us with this really cool guitar riff which we immediately started to goof around with. I took it home one day and finished it. The lyrics just wrote themselves. Some fancy guitar-work by Jesper made the song fly and here we are. Great song! We actually never rehearsed this song before recording it. Respect. - Micke Jansson

09. Catch the Feeling - The first song I ever wrote together with Daniel. A charming piece of music. Something that we never would write today, but still a good song. - Robin Ericsson

10. Keep me Alive - Jonas Erkers, a good friend and former member of the band, actually wrote a lot of the music to this song and a bit of the lyrics as well. Me and Robin helped him with the lyrics he had and then wrote the rest of it when we sat on the bus home from a rehearsal while we still lived at our moms. After Jonas had shown us what he had music wise for the song we started dribbling with that and this is how it turned out. It was a pretty smooth song writing session. - Mats Ericsson

11. My Fall - I remember us sitting in our old rehearsal place in Skanstull and working on the vocal melodies on this beautiful tune! Happy times! Probably the smoothest and easiest song we ever wrote together! Everything just fell into place right away! - Micke Jansson

12. By Your Side - This one wasn't meant to be a degreed song at first. It's a very personal song which I wrote a few years ago. I was a lot into singer/songwriter artists like Ryan Adams and Damien Rice, and I think you can hear that in this song. It's a piano ballad and I'm very happy that it ended up at Degreed's first album! - Robin Ericsson.


Canadian pop sensation Nelly Furtado has just released her new single - a cover of the iconic Rush song Time Stands Still (actually my favourite Rush song ever!). She obviously turns it into a dance/pop tune, but does a fine job nevertheless. Nelly is a rare pop artist that can actually sing! (What a concept...). Check it out here:

Rush's Geddy Lee responded with this: "She was part of a Canadian film called Score: A Hockey Musical. We got a call that she wanted to sing that song. It's really sweet of her to do that. I don't know how she came about choosing that song, but she obviously responded to it."

Press Release / "Parting ways with a family member is never easy, and believe us it was a bitter pill to swallow. When Mickey made his plans known that he would not be participating in the European tour, or the future of Jetboy the rest of the band were forced into action. As a group, Jetboy did not want to let fans down and back out of their first European tour, that being said, we immediately began the search.
"We're all still friends, and we wish Mickey nothing but the best going forward. We are incredibly happy to have someone as professional as D.K Revelle to step in on a months notice and front the European tour" said founding member Billy Rowe. D.K. Revelle has a long pedigree, having worked coast to coast honing his craft. Most recently, D.K. fronted the band Beggar's Ball in Hollywood, California (2005-2008) recording two albums. D.K. was also the vocalist in the New York based act Feels Like Fiction, under the management of the famous Bill Aucoin (Kiss/Billy Idol).
D.K. Revelle is the consummate front man, bringing not only professionalism and talent to the table, but a filthy-dirty rock and roll style that Jetboy fans have come to expect from the band. "From the moment we began to jam, the chemistry was undeniable" says founding guitarist Fernie Rod, "when something works, its effortless and it just makes sense. We're excited to bring Jetboy to our European fans for the first time in the band's history, and to tell you the truth, you are getting us at what feels like the best moment in Jetboy's storied career. This band is primed and ready to bring rock and roll from the gutters of California to the other side of the pond. Get ready Europe, we're gonna rock your ass off!"
Jetboy is excited to announce the bands first ever European tour to support both the worldwide release of Now And Then (The Collection), as well as the European re-release of 'Damned Nation'. The re-release of 'Damed Nation' comes 20 years after the CD debuted to critical acclaim in 1990. The re-release comes with bonus tracks and a 16 page booklet that includes lyrics and rare photos of the band from that era. The disk was released on October 20th, and will be available throughout Europe and via the internet on Bad Reputation Records.
The re-release of 'Damned Nation' comes fresh on the heels of their 'NOW AND THEN' release which includes a collection of songs from 1986-2010 available on Demon Doll Records which was released October 31. Jetboy's European tour will begin on November 11."

7th heaven has 3 new releases available now at:
1 - Jukebox - 700 song box-set of music from the 25 year history of the band
2 - Merry Christmas In Chicago - Christmas CD of 14 tracks (4 original)
3 - Live at Solider Field - DVD of band opening for Bon Jovi
Entire Jukebox and Merry Christmas In Chicago CD available on Apple iTunes and can be previewed on the band's website.

Brand new Petra soundclips form their upcoming album Back To The Rock:

From Soul Secret: / "We finally found the right bass player for us, his name is Claudio Casaburi! It's a talented musician and a wonderful guy, he will play on our next album as he recorded and composed every bass line on it. We look forward to let you feel his groove! We are proud to announce that we also met a great new singer, his name is Fabio Manda. The partnership starts immediately, Fabio will sing on our next album and will join our promotional tour! Fabio is a great frontman, has a powerful voice and a very nice personality... just what we need since the beginning!"

UK rockers The Mercy House won the Kerrang competition to get their track Greed on the next 'Guitar Hero' game. Check out the link below and video clip of the final:

A new Harry Hess interview online now at:

Spanish rockers RadioZ have just recorded a single with acclaimed European rock producer Michael Voss. Muertos despiertos can be viewed here: RadioZ MySpace:

A Paul Shortino interview has just been posted at:

Press Release / "We are excited to announce that our newest Charity Release "The Christmas Gift" which was released yesterday through our new charity imprint label There Is Hope Records. "The Christmas Gift" is not your traditional Holiday release in fact many of the songs are have nothing to do with Christmas or the Holidays rather they are songs from the heart. So you might ask yourself what is the purpose of this release called "The Christmas Gift" if it's not an album filled with holiday tracks.
"The Christmas Gift" is an album of songs donated by 14 bands and or solo artists to help raise money for the homeless and displaced families. As many as 3.5 million Americans are homeless each year. Of these, more than 1 million are children and on any given night, more than 300,000 children are homeless and these stats only reflect homelessness in America.
We are donating all proceeds to Habitat For Humanity via Music for Relief an organization set up by musicians and helping those in need."




Saturday, November 13, 2010

There are widespread media reports online today attributed to a news item posted online, suggesting that Steve Perry had reached out to his former Journey band mates to rejoin the band.
These reports are 100% false. There has been no contact between parties and Journey has a new studio album with vocalist Arnel Pineda due early 2011 and a full touring schedule planned through 2012.
Any such rumors of Steve Perry's return are to be disregarded.




Friday, November 12, 2010

A whole ton of new Reviews have been added today...catching up with a lot of releases from 2010 that have yet to be covered. A lot of InBrief Reviews also. No matter the length of the review, do check them out, as there are a number of recommended releases in amongst today's reviewed titles.
Reviews are now online for: Steve Lukather, Black Country Communion, James LaBrie, Bangalore Choir, White Widdow, The Poodles, Asia, Houston, H.E.A.T., Ozzy, Grand Illusion, Eric Martin, The Poor, Black Label Society, Tunnel, Casa Mendoza, Juke Kartel, John Norum, John Farnham, Dangered Ace, Goodbye Thrill, Boys Of The Band, Cry Wolf, Ides Of March, High Road Easy, AOR, Reckless Love, Ken's Dojo, Hartmann, Erik Gronwall, Masterplan, Robert Plant, Axel Rudi Pell, The Bluesmasters, D'Ercole, Leverage, Johnny Lima, Wicked Sensation and more... Read The New Reviews.

TNT - A Farewell To Arms - Release: 21.01.2011 - With the release of "A Farewell To Arms", their third album with the current lineup, TNT returns to their roots. The music is more hard edged than on the last few albums, and the truth is you'll have to go all the way back to 1984's "Knights Of The New Thunder" to find the band so heavy. TNT was formed in Norway back in 1982, and the band released its eponymous debut album the following year. After some changes in the line up the classic "Knights Of The New Thunder" were released in the fall of 1984, by a band now consisting of extremely talented guitar player Ronni Le Tekrø, drummer Diesel Dahl, American singer Tony Harnell, and bass player Morty Black.
Throughout the eighties the band released the melodic hard rock gems "Tell No Tales" and "Intuition", while building a fan base in Europe, America, and especially in Japan where "Intuition" became a hit. In the early nineties the band broke up, but TNT returned with a couple of more alternative hard rock albums later in the decade, before disappearing again. At the turn of the millennium TNT slowly began to rise once more, and came back with full force when "My Religion" was released to rave reviews in 2004. The band then started to fall apart, and as bass players changed at a rapid pace, singer Harnell left the band in 2006 to be replaced by Tony Mills.
Diesel Dahl and Ronni Le Tekrö were by now the core of TNT, and in Victor Borge (ex Jack In The Box, Autopulver) they found a permanent bass player. When Tony Mills entered the scene TNT was finally a complete unit again, and released "The New Territory" in 2007. TNT have been touring extensively in Norway ever since, and at the same time been working on new music. This resulted in "Atlantis".
"A Farewell To Arms" was produced by Tekrö at his Studio Studio, and the songs are mainly written by Tekrö and Mills. It still hasn't been an easy road for the band: just as the new album was finished Mills suffered a heart attack at Oslo's main airport, but quick response from the airports paramedics saved the singer's life. With the combination of Ronni's powerful riffs and great melodies TNT will once again please their fans with a catchy piece like "Don't Misunderstand Me", the groovy "Engine", more heavy stuff like "A Farewell To Arms" and "Take It Like A Man - Woman!", or a ballad like "God Natt, Marie".
TNT are: Tony Mills - vocals, Ronni Le Tekrö - guitars, Victor Borge - bass, Diesel Dahl - drums.
Track list: 01. Engine, 02. Refugee, 03. Ship In The Night, 04. Take It Like A Man – Woman, 05. Come, 06. Barracuda, 07. Signature On A Demon's Self Portrait, 08. Don't Misunderstand Me, 09. A Farewell To Arms, 10. Someone Else, 11. God Natt, Marie, 12. Harley Davidson.
Soundfiles in advance: Refugee / Ship In The Night / Barracuda.
For more infos:


Bad Habit - Atmosphere - Release: 21.01.2011 - It's all about 'striking a chord...' both musically and emotionally... It's about connecting with listener... at more than one level... It's about delivering powerful melodic rock that inspires people... and that triggers positive feelings, thoughts and actions...This has been the Bad Habit approach for many years... and continues to be so... now more than ever - with new album 'Atmosphere'...
With their 10th album, Bad Habit cement their position as one of melodic rock's finest bands... once again delivering what will most likely become yet another classic album for the band… with everything from an outstanding production to superb songs with a high 'BFC' - factor (Big Chorus). With Hal Marabel in the producer seat and Jonas Reingold behind the mixer... you can't go wrong... For this album, a few outside songwriters were also invited to join the creative process... which turned out to be a fruitful collaboration... adding a new dimension to the overall Bad Habit sound expression...
Formed in 1987 in Sweden, Bad Habit represent a diverse combination of musical talent and vast experience... that stretches the boundaries and conventions of the rock genre... Something that their fans have come to love and appreciate over the years...Bad Habit is about exceeding expectations... leading with example... and creating the right 'Atmosphere' to become your best... Enjoy the experience…
Bad Habit are: Bax Fehling - Lead vocals; Hal Marabel - Guitars, keyboards; Sven Cirnski - Lead guitar; Patrik Södergren - Bass; Jaime Salazar - Drums.
Tracklist: 1. In The Heat Of The Night, 2. Words Are Not Enough, 3. Every Time You Cry, 4. I Wanna Be The One, 5. I'll Die For You, 6. Angel Of Mine, 7. Fantasy, 8. We Are One, 9. Only Time Will Tell, 10. Break The Silence, 11. Save Me, 12. Catch Me When I Fall, 13. Without You.
Soundfiles in advance: In The Heat Of The Night / Words Are Not Enough / Every Time You Cry.
For more info:


November 19, mark it on your calendar, will be a big night for Rock City Angels - performing live with a forward march and a look back to the storyteller past, where they will be celebrating the release of Midnight Confessions on FnA Records, a collection of demos recorded from Memphis to England with Brian Robertson of Thin Lizzy fame on what would have been their second Geffen Records release.
Bobby Durango talked about Midnight Confessions; a collection of demos spanning three years after the release of their first Geffen album Young Man's Blues. "We had the same A&R as Guns n Roses at Geffen and that is where they put their money and promotion". The label didn't give them an idea of when they would drop the second record, "The A&R guy just kept saying "This stuff is great but I don't hear THAT SONG, it was almost like Geffen was saying we are not going to put money into this".
Rock City Angels went through several lineup changes that even included Brian Robertson of Thin Lizzy featured on "Heart and Soul" between 1989 and 1992 before they were sold a bad idea. "Bands are much more savvy now. I just wanted to be a musician, not a businessman. Our lawyer was in collusion with the label. He was the one who sold us on the idea of declaring Bankruptcy." Rock City Angels were told at the time by their own Lawyer that when it was done Geffen Records would sign them again, when in actuality it was a way to wash their hands of the band without having to buy them out of their contract. The tracks that make up Midnight Confessions are working demos that would have eventually made up their second Geffen release. Bobby isn't bitter, "If you listen to the record (Young Man's Blues) it still holds up, a lot of bands can't say the same thing." Bobby hates being lumped in with the hair band scene, "We were more like The Stones. It's time to clear the record. For the most part our fans know the difference".

Rock City Angels has been busy this last year after the release of their newest material "Use Once and Destroy" a straight ahead rocker, "We were never about going after that elusive hit. We were after an overall theme like Aerosmith Rocks: A great album. Use Once and Destroy is what would be an official follow up to their first album. They will feature at least two gems from Midnight Confessions, ""Sweet Ambition" sounds killer and we have never done it live. We have an updated arrangement of "Shattered Shake"". Neither song has ever been performed live and will make their debut on November 19 at The Muse in Nashville. They will perform songs from all of their releases, making sure to mix crowd favorites with newer material and diamonds from the past. It will be a night that kicks off renewed interest in the band especially in Europe. "We just had a five page article come out in Popular One in Spain. We hope to get over to Europe; we have a lot of fans over there."
There is still a lot of unreleased music as well as new stuff to the forefront. "Geffen spent a lot of money on the first album. We actually recorded it once with Producer Jim Dickinson (The Replacements, Big Star, Mudhoney, and Mojo Nixon) and Geffen decided we had to re-record it and the second recording became Young Man's Blues. I still have that first recording". Okay, it's time for Geffen to consider a re-release with both mixes. The current lineup of Bobby Durango, Pagan Raygun, Jorge Hernandez, Mark Binko and Adam Keller is primed and ready for a killer show. "We have a great future ahead of us, so… fuck 'em". Enough said. ~ Brad Hardisty, Nashville, TN.


File under utterly rediculous. It seems the Hard Rock Cafe think they own the term Hard Rock! What next!! Read on...

Brian Basher the owner of the domain and host of the Hard Rock Nights Radio show was served a cease & desist letter from Hard Rock Cafe International claiming copyright & trademark infringement.
Hard Rock Cafe International has threatened a lawsuit against Basher if he does not immediately take down all content and cease operating and immediately transfer to Hard Rock Cafe International any and all rights to the domain name Although he makes no money or profits from or the Hard Rock Nights Radio show Basher has decided to fight this frivolous legal action from Hard Rock Cafe International. From Brian Basher: "Hard Rock Nights and are in no way shape or form associated with Hard Rock Cafe International. I'm a disabled veteran who makes no money whatsoever from the website or radio show and it isn't about that. Hard Rock Nights is about celebrating the genre of Hard Rock and the bands that make the greatest music in the world and sharing that music with fans old and new around the world. I find it very hard to believe a term or genre of music can be trademarked."
More information, and the Cease & Desist letter is available at the following link: inst-hard-rock-nights/

Revised and updated for 2010 with 4 new tracks, We Wish You A Metal Xmas & A Headbanging New Year is the all hard rock and metal compilation of everyone s favorite holiday songs which features the likes of Dave Grohl (Them Crooked Vultures) Geoff Tate (Queensryche), Ronnie James Dio, Lemmy, Alice Cooper, Billy F. Gibbons (ZZ Top), George Lynch (Dokken) and more!
The 2010 edition features 4 new recordings featuring Dez Fafara (DevilDriver), Doro Pesch, Steve Lips Kudlow (Anvil) & other metal greats!
CD1 (original release): 1. Jeff Scott Soto, Bruce Kulick, Bob Kulick, Chris Wyse, Ray Luzier - We Wish You A Merry Christmas; 2. Lemmy Kilmister, Billy F. Gibbons, Dave Grohl - Run Rudolph Run; 3. Alice Cooper, John 5, Billy Sheehan, Vinny Appice - Santa Claws Is Coming To Town; 4. Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi, Rudy Sarzo, Simon Wright - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen; 5. Geoff Tate, Carlos Cavazo, James Lomenzo, Ray Luzier - Silver Bells; 6. Dug Pinnick, George Lynch, Billy Sheehan, Simon Phillips - Little Drummer Boy; 7. Tim 'Ripper' Owens, Steve Morse, Juan Garcia, Marco Mendoza, Vinny Appice - Santa Claus Is Back In Town; 8. Chuck Billy, Scott Ian, Jon Donais, Chris Wyse, John Tempesta - Silent Night; 9. Oni Logan, Craig Goldy, Tony Franklin, John Tempesta - Deck The Halls; 10. Stephen Pearcy, Tracii Guns, Bob Kulick, Billy Shehan, Gregg Bissonette - Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer; 11. Joe Lynn Turner, Bruce Kulick, Bob Kulick, Rudy Sarzo, Simon Wright - Rocking Round The Xmas Tree; 12. Tommy Shaw, Steve Lukather, Marco Mendoza, Kenny Aronoff - Happy Xmas (War Is Over).
CD2 (new bonus tracks): 1. Doro Pesch, Michael Schenker, Tony Franklin, Frankie Benali - O' Christmas Tree; 2. Girlschool: Kim McAuliffe, Jackie Chambers, Enid Williams, Denise Dufort - Auld Lang Syne; 3. Steve "Lips" Kudlow, Bumblefoot, Chris Chaney, Kenny Aronoff - Frosty The Snowman; 4. Dez Fafara, Doug Aldrich, Blasko, John Tempesta - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.

From "New Romantic wild boys Duran Duran are set to return to their glory days this coming year with the release of their 13th album, All You Need Is Now. The album was produced by Amy Winehouse producer and recent solo artist Mark Ronson. Keyboardist Nick Rhodes enthused to Spinner, "It's the best record we've made in over two decades."
But Rhodes didn't stop there. He also announced that the band would approach the material as they had back in the days of Rio, with plenty of well-produced videos. "One thing I can say is that we will be making videos for every track on the album, which is something we certainly haven't done since the very beginning. We feel that visual material and content now is actually becoming of value again," he said, citing Lada Gaga and Kanye West as artists who have made music videos interesting again for the first time in ages.
Rhodes also promised fans the chance to see the band in the flesh. "We're going to be touring next year for sure," he said. "We haven't announced anything yet, but this record is built for touring, so we're definitely excited about that." All You Need Is Now will be available on iTunes on December 21 and will be in stores in February 2011.

A Swiss only hardrock/AOR/Metal record and CD fair "Metalbörse" is coming up November 27. The details are as follows as provided from the organizers:
"It is an event for lovers and fans of rock music only (no pop, no jazz, no commercial stuff). Our approach is to give the rock fans here in Switzerland a possibility to find rare items, merchandise or gems of their favorite rock bands."
Event: Metalbörse 2010 / Location: Zofingen, Switzerland / Fair ground: Grosser Stadtsaal / Date: Saturday 27 Nov 2010 / Opening time: 9 am to 4 pm.


L.A. AOR gods Silent Rage are stirring again. Lead singer and songwriter Jesse Damon took a break in the studio to talk about his upcoming solo album, the Rage's plans for 2011, what we can all learn from Gene Simmons and whose chest is on the cover of their melodic rock masterpiece, Don't Touch Me There.
HRH: Jesse, thanks for taking a moment and giving the Hardrock Haven audience an update on what you and SR are up to. Is there a new Silent Rage album in the works?
Jesse Damon: It's my pleasure to talk to Hardrock Haven about the latest news from the Rage camp. We are performing one more date this year on Nov. 20 in Los Angeles with Gilby Clarke and Little Caesar on the same bill. We're also writing new material and stockpiling songs, but first on the agenda is to record two bonus tracks for our Don't Touch Me There CD reissue, plus have it remastered. Then we plan to continue recording for a possible fifth studio album. No word as to a tentative release date or record label involved yet. One thing I can say is that we've been talking about having Paul Sabu (Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Shania Twain, John Waite, Heart) involved with producing it. We're also planning a short trip to Europe for a festival in Italy, along with a string of dates in several countries Feb. 2011. We'll be issuing a press release soon...
To read the entire interview, head to: has issued their latest podcast (episode #109), featuring Former Harem Scarem Vocalist Harry Hess. Harry took time out of his busy schedule to discuss his latest project First Signal. Harry discusses his involvment in First Signal, as well as the possibility of a Harem Scarem reunion, somewhere down the line. Interview lasts approx. 40 min.
What effect does alcohol have on an artist and their music; does is make it better or worse? We have lost several of our heroes to the juice - as well as other extra-curricular activities - so is it a good thing or a bad thing? Considering that some of the best music ever made was by artists under the influence, is it really worth it? Join Genghis and Ragman as they explore the effects of alcohol on artists and the music they make. After which, the boys bring in Harry Hess for a one on one as he discusses life after Harem Scarem as well as his latest rock release, First Signal.

Jeff and Frank from Tesla stop by to chat on the next episode of VH1 Classic's That Metal Show:
Frank Hannon explaining to everyone that the Guns 'n Roses song "Patience" was a rip off of a Tesla demo called "Better Off Without You." Frank Hannon: "Let me tell you something: "Patience", we were label mates with Gun 'n Roses on Geffen, there's a demo of a song that we wrote called "Better Off Without You". It is "Patience" note for note."

MR-X has been updated. Online today are the following new features:
Breakout - Promo EP (5 Tracks, Denmark)
Chase (11 Track, Indie , 1992)
Circus - Demos (UK 90, 4 Tracks)
MR-X Membership Details.




Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Pull needed to be released, and it deserves to be heard because it's a really special record. There are a lot of Mr. Mister fans out there, and they deserve it, hardcore fans who loved our band." (Richard Page, founding member of Mr. Mister)

After a 20-year wait, legions of loyal Mr. Mister fans around the world are buzzing over news of the official release of Pull, the band's previously unreleased fourth and final album from 1990. Subject of rumor and speculation for two decades (and shoddy, often partial bootlegs that have never done justice to the album's pristinely crafted sound), Pull will finally be available at online retail in digital form starting November 23, 2010 through RCA/Legacy, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. Physical CD packages of Pull will be available exclusively at and


At the same time, two of Mr. Mister's classic albums, originally released on RCA, will also be available at online retail in digital form starting November 23 through RCA/Legacy. Out-of-print in this country for at least 15 years, the two albums are:
I Wear The Face (1984), the first Mr. Mister album, with their first Hot 100 chart single, "Hunters of the Night"; and Go On... (1987), the third album, with the Top 30 hit "Something Real (Inside Me/Inside You)" and the Grammy nominated track, "Healing Waters."

I Wear The Face and Go On... now rejoin Mr. Mister's legendary second album, Welcome To the Real World, with the career-defining consecutive #1 singles, "Broken Wings" and "Kyrie." A consistent RIAA platinum catalog best-seller, Welcome To the Real World also enjoyed high chart success after its 1985 release in Austria, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and elsewhere.
As every fan of Mr. Mister knows, they evolved from the late-'70s Los Angeles-based group known as Pages, who released two albums on Epic Records. At the end of Pages' run, three of the members – bassist Richard Page, keyboardist Steve George, and principal lyricist John Lang – joined with guitarist Steve Farris and drummer Pat Mastelotto to form Mr. Mister. The two Pages albums, which were once issued on CD in Japan, will now join the two Mr. Mister albums as part of this reissue campaign. The self titled Pages debut album of 1978, and Future Street of 1979, will be available at online retail in digital form November 23 through Epic/Legacy.
After a near decade and a half hiatus from the spotlight, Richard Page released a new solo album in 2010, Peculiar Life, and recently concluded the "11th All-Star Band Tour," a two-month, 32-concert tour with Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. Page joined a band that included Edgar Winter and Gary ("Dream Weaver") Wright on keyboards, Rick Derringer and Wally Palmar (from the Romantics) on guitars, and Gregg Bisonette on [second] drums. Ringo graciously cameoed Page on "Broken Wings" and "Kyrie" as a nightly feature of the tour.
(The tour encompassed Ringo's 70th birthday at Radio City in New York, including a surprise appearance by fellow Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, who sang "Birthday" from the White album. A gala party afterwards at the Rainbow Room was attended by Keith Richards and many other friends. Including Richard Page.)

In the March 1, 1986 issue of Billboard, RCA Victor recording group Mr. Mister joined an elite handful of contemporary artists who have charted – in the same week – a #1 album (their second LP, Welcome To the Real World) and its #1 single ("Kyrie," follow-up to their #1 '80s rock anthem, "Broken Wings"). It was RCA's first chart-topping album in a decade, since Jefferson Starship and John Denver back in 1975; and the company's first consecutive #1 singles by an artist since Elvis Presley back in 1959-60-61. At the dawn of the MTV era, Mr. Mister was on top of the world – and gold and platinum around the world.
But in 1987, a so-called 'regime change' in senior management at RCA changed the picture, and Mr. Mister suffered. After Welcome To the Real World went to #1 and RIAA platinum, Go On… only rose to #55. Richard accepts part of the responsibility, "I may have made the mistake of thinking, 'Look, we've got everybody's attention now, we can do whatever we want.' But when I was growing up listening to music, the bands that I liked were always breaking new ground with every new record, and I thought that's what you were supposed to do."

They eventually began to work on their next album, as the songwriting team of Page, Steve George and John Lang "Pulled" together. "It was just a matter of making the best music we possibly could," says Page, "and satisfying ourselves first, figuring if we liked it, other people would like it, that was always our criteria for making records." Lang was the main lyricist. "John had the real unusual take on life, a real poetic sense," Page says. "He'd usually come in with the idea and I'd refine the lyrics. "George is a super accomplished musician, he's the kind of guy who can sit down and play piano like Bill Evans, or play a pop song – or classical. He's just one of those guys who has a broad, deep musical palette. The disparate musical distance between Steve and I is what made that interesting contrast of the simple melody with the complex harmonic structure and rhythmic thing. He loved jazz, we all loved Weather Report" (whose 1978 album, Mr. Gone, on Columbia Records, supposedly inspired Mr. Mister's name). Also, in the wake of the departure of Steve Farris after Go On…, Mr. Mister was able to work with a variety of guitarists, among them musician's musician Buzz Feiten, Trevor Rabin of Yes, and James Harrah, as well as Cuban percussionist Luis Conte. The other element was a reunion with producer Paul DeVilliers, who produced Welcome to the Real World, and engineer Kevin Killen who worked on Go On… "Paul is sonically very experimental and very pioneering," says Page. "He just liked to try new and odd things, and he had great arrangement ideas, so he definitely had a lot to do with construction and arrangements of the songs and their sonic quality. Kevin mixed most of the album, he really understands space and e.q. and how to create a panorama." The whole concoction described the essential chemistry of Mr. Mister. "That's really how we worked off each other and how we complemented each other."
Their spirit, however, may have been too adventurous. In 1990, with new A&R and a new president, RCA rejected the "sneak previews" of tracks they heard from the new album by Mr. Mister. Despite the high level of craftsmanship in "Close Your Eyes," "Waiting in My Dreams," "We Belong To No One," and "No Words To Say" (Page's autobiographic paean to growing up in the segregated Jim Crow deep South of Montgomery, Alabama in the 1950s) – Pull was ultimately shelved. Mr. Mister disbanded that year, and the members went their separate ways. Page began recording as a solo artist and then collaborated in 3rd Matinee with Madonna's producer Patrick Leonard. Page and Leonard wrote Madonna's #2 hit of 1994, "I'll Remember," but after Page released his solo album Shelter Me in 1996 (on Blue Thumb Records) he put his public career on hold. Steve George toured as Kenny Loggins' music director from 1990-96, and later worked with Jewel before leaving the industry and settling in Sedona, Arizona. One of the busiest drummers on the planet, Pat Mastelotto has been a member of King Crimson since 1994 (some 20 studio and live albums' worth), and works with bassist Tony Levin on many KC side projects. As for any long hoped-for Mr. Mister get-together happening, Page has the final word: "There's always a chance for a reunion, never say never."


Comments On Mr. Mister's Pull

Richard Page: "Albums are much like your children. You do everything you can to nurture them and hope they grow up to be happy and successful. Pull is like an orphaned child who had the potential of being a stand out, but was denied the opportunity. Finally, after 20 plus years, it will get its chance to shine. This album, I believe, best represents what our band was all about; stretching the boundaries of pop music, not conforming to the conventional wisdom that you have to write within accepted perimeters, allowing ourselves the freedom to express the musicianship and writing skills we encouraged in each other. Like many other successful bands, Mr. Mister will always be remembered and defined by our hits and understandably so. But there is so much more to what we did in our short time together, and I think Pull is proof of that. I have to acknowledge Paul DeVilliers, who co-produced this album with us (Paul also co-produced Welcome to the Real World). Paul was an uncompromising force in the studio, who left no stone unturned. He was responsible for so many of the unique arrangements and the sonic quality of Pull. Truly an under-appreciated talent. Also, Kevin Killen, who not only mixed most of the tracks, but even volunteered his own time and money to see it finished. We love you Kevin. Lastly, I'd like to mention all the fans, who over the years have never given up their passion and desire to have this album properly released. And, selfishly, I'm glad I will never hear again, "Man, when is Pull going to be released!"

Steve George: "It's hard to believe that it's been twenty years since we recorded this album. It has such a timeless quality about it that it sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday. That's due, in no small part, to the superb engineering and co-production by Paul DeVilliers and masterful mixing by Kevin Killen. Thank you, gentlemen. In addition to the great sound of the album, I also believe that this represents some of Mr. Mister's best work in all respects – songwriting, arranging, singing and musicianship - and it's a privilege to have been a part of it. An enormous amount of effort by all involved went into making this record and I'm thrilled that it's finally going to be heard. Rich, Pat, John, George – I love you guys. To our fans everywhere – Thank you!"

Pat Mastelotto: "It was 20 years ago today, that Sgt. Pepper. . . --no wait-- that was another melodic pop band with a paronomastic name that went all artsy. And that was 20 years before the 20 years I'm talking about. I'm talking 1990 and Pull the last recordings of Mr. Mister, the group that had brought RCA its first back to back number one hits since Elvis, but had since moved into uncharted territory and got dropped from their label for being too Artsy (wtf? - music that has too much art??)
What we have here, in Pull, is a time capsule, the cache left on a shelf. . . until now."

The gang's all back (besides the departure of Steve Farris) -- this record sees the trio, of Rich, Steve and Pat, reunited with John Lang (co-writer of "Broken Wings"), engineer Paul DeVilliers (who co produced the #1's like "Broken Wings" & "Kyrie"), sonic wonder boy Kevin Killen (Peter Gabriel, U2) to oversee mixing. Listen closely, and you might even recognize additional guitar from Trevor Rabin of Yes.
Truly a time capsule recorded and mixed in (then state of the art) Analog and (early) Digital at the very best of the classic L.A. studios, Ocean Way, Sunset Sound, Sound Castle, Sound Factory, and Mastered by legendary Bob Ludwig.
When we set out to make our Pull, we wanted a different sound so gone are the sequencers and drum machines used on the massive hits. A more intermittent style of 'big' production took hold. After first entering the studio with 10 new songs the band retreated to smaller studios to write and nurture arrangements of another dozen songs till we felt we had the right balance of material.
Since the demise of the Misters and being the drummer in King Crimson, XTC and many other bands favored by the discerning highbrow critics I am often asked how it was, or even why, I was in Mr. Mister. . . why? I'll tell you why -- because these guys were good! Still to this day I've never worked with singers the quality of Rich and Steve, and by this 4th record our sense of band self was codifying as we stretched arrangements using metric modulations and beat displacements, words I'd never even heard at the time, that would become such a large part of today's progressive music. Personally I think Pull is the missing link to explain how I got from pop music to the avant-garde art music. . . but the fact is I never saw them as anything but two sides of the same coin, and I think many of the Mister's fans always understood and embraced that."
So after 20 years of fans asking when can we hear Pull? I can answer 'now'.
WebLinks: / /

UK rock band Tara's Secret have added Spanish and German language pages to their website, as hits from Spain, Argentina & Germany went through the roof in October, following the release of the band's first video Rock & Roll Beauty Queen
Interest is still increasing for this independent band and its 3rd album Vertigo which first hit the rock news pages in February 2010. Guitarist Craig Chapman says "we had label offers for Vertigo, but having put so much into this album, we chose to promote it ourselves through our own Black Cat Music. So, unlike a label release with all its upfront promotion, we have slowly grown our contacts list and 9 months later the momentum is still growing. Our first reviews in USA and Argentina are only just reaching rock music fans in those countries and the reaction is really exciting."
The band is also climbing the "Sign Me To Roadrunner Records" charts and hope more fans will take the time to visit to vote and leave their comments.
The band will be playing live at a Derby Rockhouse Reunion on Nov 26 in Derby and supporting Vega at Yardbirds Club, Grimsby on Dec 9. Festival appearances are already confirmed for 2011. Plenty of new songs are coming through ready for a 4th album and this time the band are keen to talk to labels before heading for the studio!

After last years successful debut release in 2009 and a busy year of writing, recording and performing just a few gigs, Outloud - Chandler Mogel, Bob Katsionis, Mark Cross, Tony Kash and Sverd T. return with only one show in Greece for their fans on Friday, November 19th to the Revenge Of Rock in Athens, Greece! Recently the "Revenge of Rock" expanded its stage, added new lights and sound to it's production and will ensure much greater live quality in the future!
Outloud will perform a full set of their first album's material, as well as a few songs from the upcoming album which has recently been mixed, but not released yet! Don't miss that unique show, meet the band and rock away the night! The ones who will be there, have the chance to be the first to catch the pre listening of the new album! Soon the band will announce details about the upcoming album, which is scheduled for 2011!
Revenge Of Rock / Alexandras Av.34 Athens, GR / Doors: 10pm / Entrance: 10,00 EURO incl. 1 beer!
WebLinks: / /

Australian Led Zeppelin cover band The Led Zeppelin Show has just been booked to perform at Zepp Fest 2011, to be held in Washington DC, USA May 2011. This festival is labelled it the world's largest Zeppelin festival, with 5 stages, 50+ bands including some US Zep tributes and TLZS, who will represent Australia.
Links for bookings and more info at: / /

(New York, NY) – British rock legend Graham Parker will release his first ever live performance DVD titled Graham Parker & The Figgs: Live at The FTC on December 7 on Primary Wave Records. With backup from cult favorites The Figgs, Parker uses this occasion to celebrate his 20th album, Imaginary Television, released earlier this year on Bloodshot Records, as well as 21 classic cuts such as "Life Gets Better", "Mercury Poisoning" and "My Love's Strong". The performance was filmed in 5.1 on April 23, 2010 at Fairfield, Connecticut's FTC Stageone. The DVD also features a career-spanning interview with Graham Parker, as well as a companion CD featuring the concert in full.
Parker says, "Typically, when the film crew turns up for the one gig on the tour they are scheduled to film, something goes wrong and the band don't get a proper sound check. The singer (me) is sick with the tour bug and has lost half his voice. A blizzard occurs and half the audience don't show. Whatever: it's often less than ideal. Not the case with this little, beauty, thankfully! The band rocked like Safari Park Chimps, the film crew were non-intrusive, I was in full, strong voice, and the weather did not conspire to keep the punters at home. What a strange confluence of fortuitous events! This one's a keeper."
Executive Producer Seth Faber says, "After months of cajoling, Graham agreed to let us set up our cameras and capture his show at the FTC, so long as our approach was laissez-faire. That noninvasive direction proved wise; we skillfully captured Graham in his natural habitat, as honest, acerbic, and electrifying as ever."




Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It is now official - Journey will be joined by Styx and Foreigner on a UK tour next (northern) summer.
Dates announced are:
London Wembley Arena - June 4th
Birmingham NIA - June 5th
Newcastle Metro Radio Arena - June 7th
Manchester Evening News Arena - June 8th
Glasgow SECC - June 9th

On Journey's return to Britain, guiatist Neal Schon said: "We're so excited to be coming back to the UK to play arenas with our friends Foreigner and Styx. Be prepared to hear a lot of hit songs."
Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones adds: "This will be one of the main events of the summer. Bands who represent the magic era in classic rock together for the first time in my home country. Get ready to rock!"
Styx guitarist James 'JY' Young enthuses: "Styx has always enjoyed sharing the stage with Journey, going back to the Santa Monica Civic Center in 1976. The tour we did with them in 2003 across the United States was an amazing success of sold-out arenas. Journey, Foreigner and Styx seems like a can't-miss 'guitars a-blazin', vocals amazin' kind of a classic rock evening."

The tour will be sponsored by the brand new magazine Classic Rock Presents AOR. Editor Geoff Barton had the following to say: "With melodic rock on the resurgence, this tour is going to be one of the must-sees of 2011. We're happy to set the ball rolling by featuring Journey on the cover of our brand new magazine, Classic Rock Presents AOR, which goes on sale on November 17. And, of course, with Journey's classic song Don't Stop Believin' enjoying a brand new lease of life, it was only right that the track, making it back into the Top 10 nearly 30 years after its release, would be in the running to receive 'Event Of The Year' at our prestigious Classic Rock Roll Of Honour Awards."
Tickets go on sale 9am on Friday November 12 priced at £42.50 adv London / £40.00 regionally (subject to booking fee) and are available from


Now we've got Firefest 2010 out of the way, time to let you all know Fireworks #42 is out NOW. 100 full-colour pages over-flowing with melodic rock goodness, this latest issue sees interviews with Vince Neil, LA Guns, Rob Halford, Zakk Wylde, Joe Satriani, Magnum, Terry Brock, Marci Free, Skin, Ronnie Wood, Spock's Beard, Dweezil Zappa, Edenbridge, Kamelot, White Widdow, Liv Kristine, James LaBrie, Marseille, Issa, Bangalore Choir, Tarja and MANY more. Also packed to the brim with more CD/DVD and live reviews than you could shake a pink fluffy stick at!! On top of all this, there is also a free 18 track CD featuring the likes of Bangalore Choir, Nelson, Skin, Phenomena, White Widdow, Kissin' Dynamite and lots more.


The magazine can be ordered at, in the online Shop, or bought in UK in WH Smith (see online store detector in Rocktopia for which WH Smith stores stock the magazine). Or for UK orders, can send a cheque for £6 (Payabel to 'Bruce Mee') to Fireworks Magazine, 10 Dunnock Close, Offerton, Stockport, SK2 5XD.

Download version available exclusively in the FW Showcase (and PayPal link below) - right now! Back issues still available also.


Also AhORa Rock Podcast #4 Available For Download & Stream - Issue #4 of AhORa Rock's excellent melodic rock programme, hosted by the wonderful Ms Pilar Sanchez, is now online for download or streaming. This latest issue features the latest releases from Nelson, Poodles, Gotthard, Kissin' Dynamite, White Widdow, Houston, Phenomena, Survivor, an exclusive Robin Beck track and many more! Check it out at

Firefest Friday – Request For Help - One of our good friends dropped her phone in the Trent University on Friday night. It was found some time later in pieces, minus the Memory Card. It pains me that someone from our close-knit family scene would do this rather than hand the phone in. The SIM is useless, but contains irreplaceable family photos. If whoever took the Memory Card would be kind enough to return it to Fireworks Magazine at the address above, no questions asked, we would all be very grateful. Many thanks ~ Bruce.

Black Country Communion, the critically acclaimed rock supergroup featuring vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Trapeze, Black Sabbath), award-winning blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa, drummer Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin, Foreigner) and keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Billy Idol), today confirmed that they will perform two long-awaited UK concerts in December.
Fittingly, the first concert will take place right in the heart of the Black Country at the legendary Wolverhampton Civic Hall on Wednesday 29th December, followed by a concert at London's o2 Shepherd's Bush Empire on Thursday 30th December.
Planet Rock Radio will launch an exclusive 4-day ticket pre-sale from Monday 15th November, for full details visit Tickets will then go on sale to the general public from 9.00am on Friday 19th November, via the National 24 Hour Box Office - 0871 230 1101,,
To read the online press release -

Steve Brown dropped me a short e-mail this morning - it reads: "Just wanted to let you know, the mighty Trixter has started work on a new CD...most of the songs are written and we've started tracking drums. Some song titles Drag Me Down, The Coolest Thing, Tattoos And's sounding killer...the band is pumped."

Via Billboard/Reuters/Gibson and more: "After almost 40 years with EMI, rock legends Queen have signed a deal with Universal Music Group, according to Reuters. Re-releases of the band's studio albums have been announced for 2011, which also marks Queen's 40th anniversary. "We are very excited, after all this time, to be embarking on a new phase of our career – with a new record company, with new ideas and new dreams," Queen guitarist Brian May said in a statement. The switch from EMI to Universal has been rumored since May but was only recently confirmed. This marks another high-profile loss for EMI, who have parted ways with The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Radiohead in recent years.
Starting in 2011, Queen albums will appear on Universal subsidiary Island Records. Reportedly, the label will release each of the band's 15 studio albums with bonus content and remastered sound. In March, the first five re-releases – Queen, Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack, A Night at the Opera and A Day at the Races – will hit stores and online retailers."

Eric Martin's latest solo release Mr. Vocalist 3 is out now. The third Japanese exclusive release features Martin singing Japanese female artists' hit songs. Includes a duet song "Sekaiju no Dare Yori Kitto" with Debbie Gibson. Gibson meanwhile is the new Mrs. Vocalist and has released her first album in what will no doubt be an ongoing series. The duet with Eric Martin appears on her album also.




Tuesday, November 09, 2010

MelodicRockRecords signing All I Know have provided Track By Track comments about their debut album Vanity Kills. Frontman Ward Dufraimont is doing the talking. The album is available now from all good melodic rock outlets and direct from MelodicRock Records Store. Buying this album supports great new talent and purchasing direct from MRR in turn helps both the artist and the new label. Thanks in advance for that support! Purchase here. Click on song titles for audio samples.

Vanity Kills - Track By Track:

All Night Long: Album opener, also long-time live show opener. Last song we wrote before we started recording the album. At the time, and still, one of our personal favourites. First song, along with 'Rain', we released to MySpace before the album release.
Bad Boy: Written by our Guitar player Michaël. Fun little party number. Has a kind of Poison-esque vibe to it, not in the least lyrically. Note the live handclaps in the middle eight, courtesy of Michaël and Fiona Brown, producer Staf Verbeeck's girlfriend.
Asphyxia: The BIG ballad. Possibly the oldest song on the album. Written on acoustics in about half an hour. In my opinion the best song on the album, musically as well as lyrically. The piano and keyboards came out just right, arranged by one of Belgium's top session men, David Poltrock.
Rain: The lead single. This is the song that led legendary producer Beau Hill [Europe, Alice Cooper] to contact us about remixing some of our key tracks. This is the first thing he worked on back in his home studio in Austin, Texas. Rock royalty ladies and gentlemen. What an honour. Most cryptic AIK lyric to date.
Turn Back Time: First of 2 new songs, recorded in June 2010 in the legendary Jet Studio in Brussels, Belgium. This was not on the 2008 self-released version of 'Vanity Kills'. Actually written for the follow-up album, hopefully to be released somewhere in 2011. The album originally had 2 other, older songs, which have been replaced by 'Turn Back Time' and 'All The Way'. Later used as exclusive free downloads with all pre-orders of the album. This is one of the heaviest tracks in our set.
I Need You: Another rocker in the Bryan Adams tradition, specifically the 'Waking Up The Neighbours' era, which we are big fans of. Going for that Mutt Lange magic. The opening riff might ring a bell. It's called an homage, people!
Into Your Heart: Another Michaël song. I love the hook on this one. Always interesting to see what the other half in our song-writing partnership comes up with. Great live song.
I Wanna Rock You: One of the older songs on the album, and I think it shows. Debuted live at the end of 2006, go figure. Short, poppy little diddie about, yes, a girl.
Sweet 17: One of several fun songs, lyrically. Based on a true story ! Hard song to pull off live. Note the keyboard lines, played by Michaël. Strong Europe influence here musically.
Teenage Queen: Similar to the previous track subject-wise. Features Dave Martijn on lead guitar, courtesy of Belgium's biggest dance act Goose. Dave mostly plays keys now, but lets it rip here one more time, and how!
All The Way: Second new track. First song written for the follow-up to 'Vanity Kills'. Label chief Andrew wanted some exclusive tracks for the re-release, and we immediately thought of this one. Up-tempo rocker, and also our new live set opener. Gotta give props to Michaël for the lead guitar work here!
Hope And Dreams: Album closing acoustic ballad, written and sung by Michaël. Floored me first time I heard it. Initially 'Rain' was the album closer, until we heard the final mixes and realised we wanted it to be the first thing people hear from the album. 'Hope And Dreams' was a nice way to close out the album in a mellow way instead.

Weblinks: / /


Frontiers Records is excited to announce that Derek Shulman and 2Plus Music Entertainment has agreed to oversee the label development and marketing over the North American market.
After an internationally acknowledged career as singer for the Progressive Music band Gentle Giant, Derek Shulman became involved in the recording business in the early 80's. Starting as an A&R representative at PolyGram Records, where he rose to the ranks of Senior Vice President, he signed Bon Jovi, Dan Reed Network, Cinderella, and Kingdom Come, among many others. In 1988 he became President and C.E.O of Atco Records (where he signed the progressive metal band Dream Theater, as well as Pantera). He also re-established the careers of AC/DC and Bad Company, both of whom sold multi-platinum albums under his watch. He then went on to become President of Roadrunner Records overseeing signings like Slipknot and Nickelback.
2PLUS directors, internationally renowned music impresario Leonardo Pavkovic and CFO Lawrence Offsey join him in this endeavour.
2PLUS will coordinate artist acquisition and marketing for Frontiers in North America and will represent the label in the relationship with the local distributors and promoters.


Pictured L to R: Larry Offsey, Derek Shulman, Serafino Perugino, Leonardo Pavkovic, Mario de Riso

Frontiers Records label President Serafino Perugino stated, "Working with "the professor" Derek Shulman has been nothing but a joy so far. His experience and wisdom are going to guide Frontiers Records growth to the next level and we are absolutely excited to share with him and 2PLUS a vision for the future growth of Frontiers in the North American market".
Derek Shulman stated "I am extremely excited about being involved with Serafino and Frontiers Records. It is very gratifying to work with people who are music fans and yet understand the dynamics of the ever-changing music business model. Frontiers Records is committed to making the leap to become the premiere independent rock music company worldwide. I am very happy to lend my experience to my friends at Frontiers to realize this goal".
WebLinks: /

The latest Frontiers Records YouTube promo spot is now online:


TNT is back with their latest studio album A Farewell To Arms is in the can and ready for release in Japan December 15. And before anyone makes preconceived judgments - there's something a little different about this album. It rocks! Yes, TNT turn to a much harder rocking sound with an album of energetic, guitar-shred filled tunes. They don't completely abandon the eccentricity that can be TNT, but they are much closer to the band's trademark sound and they are heavy! It's the third album to feature vocalist Tony Mills.
A European release will be announced shortly and my further comments on the album itself will follow.
Track Listing: 1. Engine 2. Refugee 3. Ship In The Night 4. Take It Like A Man - Woman! 5. Come 6. Barracuda 7. A Signature On A Demon's Self-portrait 8. Don't Misunderstand Me 9. A Farewell To Arms 10. Someone Else 11. God Natt, Marie 12. Not Only Lonely (Bonus track for Japan).


Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain updated his website with a lengthy blog this week. Highlights from the comments are as follows:

"Before handing the house over to the new owners, I felt I had unfinished business. A vineyard on our hillside where pinot noir needed harvesting and Neal Schon wanted to come over to my studio to finish up some guitar parts for the new upcoming Journey album. I also downloaded my analog tapes onto digital formats that required baking tapes for sometimes as long as eight hours. It was strange being in the studio alone without Doc--my beloved tech who died last year of liver cancer. Doc Shaffer worked tirelessly for seventeen years not only for me but for Journey on countless projects. Before I went on the road we shared a bittersweet visit. I spent an afternoon with him at the hospital two days before he passed.
The Nashville move was tedious and it took several Mayflower truckloads to transport the layers of belongings and keepsakes we had accumulated over the years as a family to Tennessee. The part I procrastinated on and dreaded the most-- tearing the 1500 square foot recording studio apart I built back in 1991. It took weeks to sort through --but with the help of some friends and Brent Jeffers, my keyboard tech, I was successful in vacating Wildhorse Studio--a space that helped me create over nine CD's and countless Journey projects—including writing material for the new album to be released next year, which Neal and I started-- back in late January this year.
Fittingly, Neal Schon came over to my studio in October to play some guitar on the new Journey album (due out next April) before I had the place taken apart. Pictured is the two of us on the last day of the recording session. As we hugged that afternoon, I got caught up in emotion recalling the memorable musical events that had taken place there. Not only did we crank out Neal's Beyond the Thunder, and Soul Sirkus there—I recorded and mixed 8 solo albums—spanning genres from pop to jazz to new age. Elvin Bishop, Greg Allman, and yes-- even Steve Perry-- all sang there. This was the space that Neal and I put Journey back together in 1997. A clubhouse that we could create in Wildhorse proved to be a needed tool for us to continue to hone our sound.
In June, with Kevin Shirley at the helm as producer, the recording for the new Journey album began at Fantasy Studios over in Berkeley, where we did Escape and Frontiers. We laid down the basic tracks that Neal and I had created during the early part of 2010. It was inspiring being back in the studio we had so much success in the 80's. Not much had changed except that the old console had been replaced by a newer SSL. The tracking went quickly as Neal and I brought in several new songs we demoed on the weekends at Wildhorse to add to the mix. The staff was friendly and helpful during the time we were there and I even got to see some Giants games right over the Bay Bridge at AT+T Park. A concept album--the new release is a departure from what we have done in the past. It has a hard-hitting rock edge with soul-searching lyrics. Arnel soars along with some of Neal's best playing -- the band is solid as ever. I look forward to next spring when we will release it—probably at Walmart.
From Cain's latest update:

For the first time in Australia, Vagabond Entertainment presents Ted Poley. As the voice of Danger Danger and over a musical career spanning three decades, Ted Poley is regarded as one of the premier hard rock performers in the world.

Corner Hotel, Melbourne - Wednesday 10 November
Bald Faced Stag, Sydney on Saturday 13 November

With Danger Danger, Poley enjoyed much worldwide success with the albums 'Danger Danger' and 'Screw It!' selling millions of copies worldwide. Video clips for the singles 'Naughty Naughty', 'Bang Bang' and 'Monkey Business' enjoyed high rotation on MTV worldwide and tours with the likes of KISS, Alice Cooper, Warrant and Extreme solidified Danger Danger's place in the world of rock.
After leaving Danger Danger in the mid 90's, Ted released albums under the guises of Bonemachine and Melodica, with both projects firmly establishing Poley's standing within the worldwide melodic rock community.
After an eleven year absence, 2004 saw the return of Poley to the ranks of Danger Danger. The re-united band's first show was in front of 25,000 people at the prestigious Sweden Rock Festival, their performance hailed as one of the highlights. In 2006 Poley released his very successful debut solo CD 'Collateral Damage', following that up with the equally successful 'Smile' in 2008 on Frontiers Records, an album full of immediately recognisable hooklines and total 80's attitude that saw Poley at the top of his game.
In 2009 Danger Danger released their highly anticipated new album 'Revolve' which coincided with the 20th anniversary of their classic debut. Speaking of Poley's performance on the album, Danger Danger bass player Bruno Ravel says "anytime you hear Ted sing, you immediately think "hey, that's Danger Danger. I think it's the best he has ever sounded…on any record!"
With a setlist aimed to please, now it is your chance to hear live in Australia, Ted Poley, the voice of Danger Danger. He will be joined by Australian melodic rock sensations White Widdow for both shows. White Widdow recently released their debut self titled album through European label AOR Heaven which has been received rave reviews by such publications as Classic Rock, Fireworks and Powerplay. Ted Poley and White Widdow will be joined by the female-fronted hard rock of Spitfire Rain in Melbourne and a reunited Mr. Scary in Sydney. Ticketing information available at

A just delivered update from Swedish guitarist and producer Tommy Denander reads as follows...(cut and paste from Tommy's e-mail to me):

"To say that life is an adventure is an understatement!!! For the most part i've never been more happy and satisfied with life than right now, the amount of great work i do is amazing so i feel i have very little to complain about.
So to clear up the only sad part; I'd been looking forward so much to Firefest for 6 months, counting the days until i could experience another weekend at the best festival i know. And this time i was playing with the amazing Jimi Jamison and a killer band i put together so all was set up to be perfect…and it was until i was falsely accused of a VERY horrible crime!!!
For legal reasons i can't go into all the details so i'll keep it short for now…a truly disturbed person wanted to get attention from Jimi Jamison and made up a big scary lie to the police which got me arrested and thrown in jail!!!!…..the worst 24 hours i've had ever.
It's all 100% untrue and i'm being cleared from everything but still….how one sick person can lie and ruin someone innocent this easy scares me! This made me miss my flight home, cost me 400€ to get new tickets home and i was scared i would have to cancel the Swedish tour with Jimi but luckily i got back in time. And the worst part…this all happened cause i felt sorry for this girl who seemed alone and sad that nobody cared, being nice as i always try to bit me hard in the ass to say the least!!!

So on a happier note;
I've had to keep this a secret for a little while but i got to play guitars on the coming Alice Cooper album and i got to work with the legendary Bob Ezrin, i also play guitars on 3-4 songs on the coming Ricky Martin album that Desmond Child produced, i also play on the number 1 hit "All i need is you" that Andreas Carlsson and Enrique Iglesias wrote for the Swedish Idol Allstars..…and i've done guitars on one song for the K….ops...he is so big i can't tell you yet!!
And the new Radioactive album is almost done and features a stunning cast of singers, Robin Beck's new album is out soon and i think we've done her best one to date, Chris Ousey's album is almost finished and i produced it together with Mike Slamer who also mixed it, i'm right now working on new albums for House Of Lords, Fiona, Ozone (Steve Overland & Chris Ousey), LA Project, Joseph WIlliams - Peter Friestedt, Viktor Fritz-Crone etc...

And to top it all off…my signature VGS "Tommy Denander" guitar is a major success around the world, it's featured on the cover of 9 guitar magazines soon including the recent issue of the biggest magazine in Europe "Gitarre & Bass" The new model features the two greatest inventions in the history of the string instrument, the Evertune bridge that makes it completely impossible to make the guitar go out of tune and True Temperament which makes the guitar 100% perfect in the intonation. In January a 12 month marketing explosion around the world will begin for i'm excited!
So i'm gonna let the good and positive in life cure the shock i'm still carrying from what happened in Nottingham. My friends and fans are the best and i can't thank you all enough for the support…to Bruce, Kieran, Tony, Sue and all the rest at Firefest…you are the best!!!!
Best, Tommy Denander."


In the run up to the release of the eagerly anticipated fourth album The Great Escape (December 3rd), Swedish progressive metallers Seventh Wonder have lined up a mini tour of Finland. Fellow Lion Music label mates Status Minor support the band in Jyväskylä making this a fantastic Friday night for the prog metal fanatic.
11 Nov 2010 Klubi Turku Turku, Finland.
12 Nov 2010 Pub Katse Jyväskylä, Finland (Support From Status Minor).
13 Nov 2010 Dante's Highlight, Helsinki, Finland.
In addition the band has also announced details of a release party for The Great Escape on:
4 Dec 2010 Naespalatset Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden.
Full information on the The Great Escape can be found at:

Guitar virtuoso Michael Harris' latest release Tranz-Fused has been picking up rave reviews from press. Check out a video taster of the album at: and read a selection of press quotes below.
Tranz-Fused finds guitarist Michael Harris going places only the most fearless guitarist would: the realm of fusion and experimental guitar. This is masterful, creative, and often totally over-the-top wild stuff. Call it genius or merely an exercise in boundless creativity for Harris, and pure intrigue for the listener. 5/5 at
Jazz, Metal, Blues, Funk......any way you slice it, "Tranz-Fused" is the real deal. 95/100 at
Tranz-Fused album is an absolutely brilliant instrumental fusion. 18/20 at
Another fine album from a guitarist who must rank one of the worlds most overlooked by the general public – take a chance and check it out. 88% at
The range of moods and sounds can be described as a giant wall of funkiness, weird, beautifully composed and played from top to bottom in a state that seriously showcases Michael's amazing guitar skills. You think this is deserving of some attention? Yea I think so. Go check it out!!! 8/10 at
Find out more about Tranz-Fused at:

Milan Polak has just made available a promotional video for the track All I Want, which has been hailed by many as one of the best songs on the Straight album. View here:

Between his time with Zephyr, the James Gang, Moxy and Deep Purple (to name but a few bands), alongside a series of lauded solo recordings, Tommy Bolin is one of the world's most recognizable guitarists who's had an indelible impact on the generations that followed. The six-string slinger from Sioux City, Iowa literally set the world on fire with his unmistakable riffs, technical precision, attention to detail and larger than life personality, which continues to be chronicled throughout a series of compilations and live recordings from the archives.
But what sets this particular project apart is its ability to cull together some of the guitar god's unfinished works, which earn the royal treatment thanks to a series of friends, professional colleagues and proverbial protégés. All the while, the tunes are interpreted through classic, modern, alternative and blues rock lenses under the initial vision and ongoing direction of executive producer Bill Schenk and creative consultant John Schenk (co-founder of the rock n' roll Rainbow Foundation charity).
"I've always been a Bolin fan and the thought of doing a track was very appealing," muses musical contributor Randy Jackson (of Zebra fame). "I love anything melodic and "Celebration" was a really melodic track with some cool space in it. It was an honor to participate and I'm glad it turned out so well."
Along with an all-star cast that also includes Jeff Pilson from Foreigner, Dokken and Dio, Derek St. Holmes from Ted Nugent Band, Eric Martin from Mr. Big, Kimberly Dahme from Boston, Doogie White from Rainbow and Tommy's own brother Johnnie Bolin (to name a few), it's a one of a kind treasure trove that continues to extend Bolin's lauded legacy, while simultaneously introducing his music to legions of younger fans. "We felt a responsibility, first and foremost, to make sure that the listener realizes what a great songwriter Tommy Bolin was," assures co-producer/musician Chuck Giacinto. "These songs are 35 years old and had never been completed and yet they sound as relevant as if they were written yesterday."
Adds fellow co-producer/musician Christopher Peterson: "To see this go from a small handful of demos to where it is now is nothing short of amazing. His depth of creativity was endless. Everyone has been incredible to work with. Getting to work with people I've respected for years as peers and fellow musicians made this project both insightful and incredibly special."
In addition to the wealth of musical ingenuity contained within this space, a percentage of the proceeds from this very project will benefit the Jackson Recovery Center (, a drug and alcohol rehab facility in the artist's hometown. So sit back, relax and crank up the amplifiers to eleven for the full-throttled sonic affair, sure to showcase Bolin's enduring songwriting genius and bring his seminal career full circle.
"The fact that the project will benefit a great organization like the Jackson Recovery Centers makes it all the more a worthy venture," adds Giacinto. "Everyone brought their best to the table. You got the sense early on that each person that came on board realized that this was something special and wanted to put their best work forward. And in the end, when you listen to the project as a whole, it doesn't really seem to be about the artists in any competitive way. It's about the songs. And in that sense, I think we've succeeded."
Track listing: 1. They're Gonna Let Me Die (Doogie White) 2. You're No Angel (Eric Martin) 3. Meaning of Love (Jeff Pilson) 4. Celebration (Randy Jackson) 5. Tears & Turpentine (Brandon Reid Allen) 6. Evening Rain (Cristina Sanchez) 7. I Want You To Take Me There (Pale Angel) (Van McLain & Ronnie Platt of Shooting Star) 8. Jump Back (No Sky Today feat. Fin Muir) 9. Glory Train (Doogie White feat. Rex Carroll) 10. Gypsy Moon (Derek St. Holmes) 11. Road to Walk (The Michael Sean Affair) 12. It's Up To You (HiFi Superstar) 13. Slowdriver (Kimberly Dahme) 14. Blues Gonna Take Me Away (Robin McAuley) 15. Long Way to Go (The 77's) 16. Feel It's Time For Love (A Gain of Ten) 17. Love is a Bandit (John Kelly Gannett).
WebLinks: /


Uriah Heep are heading to Australia in early 2011 and its time for Celebration! Uriah Heep has often been referred as "one of the greatest bands from the '70s". In their 40-year musical career Uriah Heep accomplished to release 21 studio-albums. Altogether their records sold more than 30 million units worldwide. To celebrate their 40th band-anniversary Uriah Heep decided to look back to their past without melancholy or nostalgia. Uriah Heep look to the future proudly and are happy about their 40 years of joyful relationship with their audience. That's how the title 'Celebration' came about. Heep history has been an extraordinary journey and it was time that their greatest classics were recorded in studio by the line up playing them live to fans all over the world for more than 20 years.
The band re-recorded 12 of their most successful songs: classics like 'Free Me', 'Gypsy', 'The Wizard', 'Easy Living' and of course their all-time smash-hit 'Lady In Black'. In addition to that they have composed and recorded two completely new songs as a special gift to their fans 'Only Human' and 'Corridors of Madness', two of their best tracks in years. 'Celebration' will also be a tour, reaching every major city all over the world including Australia. This Deluxe Edition is the one all hardcore fans will want to have in their collection. It will feature a DVD with Uriah Heep's outstanding live-show at legendary 'Sweden Rock Festival 2009'.

Australian Tour is on sale for March 2011. One of the biggest rock bands ever – 30 Million + sales. Great collector's edition in deluxe Digipack and bonus DVD! Totally re-recorded 'Best Of' with 2 new tracks!


This is fascinating listening for those that have a little spare time - Kiss fan Michael Brandvold has a series of rare Kiss related audio on his Blog. One such piece is a 1hr radio show from 1983 - Truth About Rock Ministries 'Kiss Exposed' Protest by the Peters Brothers, basically a 'reverend' taking up his cause to rid the world of Kiss, but then coming up against Gene Simons. Check it out at:

MSN /Rock Metal TV recently conducted an interview with guitarist Steve Lukather. Steve discusses New Solo Album All's Well that Ends Well. Steve confirmed that it will not record any more Toto album's in the future. MSN /Rock Metal TV is the new rock television in Spain directed by Mario Ruiz from Krea Films and veteran Spanish journalist Rafa Basa from

US rockers Takara performed live for the first time recently. This clip from the band on YouTube:

Beggars & Thieves pay tribute to Gotthard's Steve Lee at Firefest:

On this weeks Hair Metal Haven, Chris Nelson will be talking to Europe's brand new super group Tainted Nation. They consist of Pete Newdeck on Vocals (Eden's Curse, Steve Grimmett), Pontus Egberg on Bass (The Poodles), Mark Cross on Drums (ex Firewind, Outloud), & Ian Nash on Guitar (Steve Grimmett Band). Then on the Power Hour hear Chris talking to Mathew Greywolf from top Power Metal band Powerwolf. This Saturday 13th November 17.00-19.00 GMT on

Welcome back! We have a killer episode of Strictly Stryper this November! We are going to hear another exclusive brand new track from Stryper that was just released on iTunes! That's right a brand new reworked version of the smash radio hit 'Honestly'. And we love that new version of 'Heaven and Hell' so much your gonna get to hear it again too!
And the new music does not stop there! You are going to hear another brand new exclusive track from Bloodgood coming off of the brand new Intense Millennium Records remastered CD's coming out this November! Plus we have a very cool Strictly Stryper cover song coming to us this month by way of one of the original members of Stryper covering a Beatles song? You will have to tune in to check this out! PLUS plenty of Stryper news and updates!
So tune in to one of our fine affiliates beginning the first weekend of November… Pure Rock Radio, Almighty Metal Radio , Untombed Radio , Uncontrolled Noize, The Refinery Rock Radio Show or brand new to carrying our show Rock X Radio!! Also check out the brand new Facebook fan page for all the news:

Born from the some of rock's most notorious and influential musicians, Velvet Revolver brought their almighty brand of hard rock to a whole new generation of post-millennial fans. On November 16, their very first live DVD, Velvet Revolver: Live In Houston, hits the shelves, courtesy of Eagle Rock Entertainment. [MSRP $14.98]
Filmed in 2005, while Velvet Revolver was touring in support of their best selling/Grammy Award-winning debut Contraband, Live in Houston features the original line-up of vocalist Scott Weiland, lead guitarist Slash, bassist/vocalist Duff McKagan, drummer Matt Sorum, and rhythm guitarist Dave Kushner. Showcasing rock's elite bringing the heat on hits like Slither and Fall To Pieces before the raucous, riotous Texas crowd, this 78-minute rock fest also treats fans to tracks from each member's background, including Guns N' Roses It's So Easy and Used To Love Her, and Stone Temple Pilots' Sex Type Thing, and Crackerman.
Additionally, interview footage with each of the members on the band's formation is spliced into the mix, making Live in Houston the ultimate Velvet Revolver experience.
Click here for e-card:
Track Listing: 1.) Sucker Train Blues 2.) Do It For The Kids 3.) Headspace 4.) Crackerman 5.) Illegal I 6.) It's So Easy 7.) Fall To Pieces 8.) Big Machine 9.) Set Me Free 10.) Used To Love Her 11.) Slither 12.) Sex Type Thing.

Fans patiently (and not so patiently) awaiting the release of Chris Brooks' second solo instrumental album will not only get their first taste of the Australian guitar sensation's sophomore effort with the release of the first single set for release on November 29, but also be given the chance to jam their own version of the track with a deluxe edition also soon to be on offer.
"Velvet Claws" is the lead single from the forthcoming album entitled "The Axis of All Things", which Brooks hopes to release after another single or two.
Brooks chose the first single from the new album based on the positive reception from fans who've attended recent clinics, and also from fans privy to a sample of the song on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. A commercial track in Brooks' opinion, "Velvet Claws" sees Brooks transcending the prog-isms of some of his early recorded work in favour of a live-sounding melodic rocker. "It's just one of the styles on the new album, but I like it for its live vibe and instant appeal factor", says Brooks.
Brooks single release, the first under his new label moniker Axiology Records, will be available in a conventional digital release via CD Baby and Apple iTunes, as well as a "Deluxe Download Edition" from Brooks' site ( which will feature the single, the music video, a backing track, and a concise transcription of the guitar lines in the song, giving buyers an opportunity to jam to the track and add their own styling.
Chris Brooks first came to the attention of the guitar-music and prog-metal communities with the release of his debut album "The Master Plan", which has now sold over five thousand copies. Since then he has recorded with members of Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, Dio, and Lord, and recorded tracks for compilation albums from Frontiers Records and Liquid Note Records.
The dynamic music video for "Velvet Claws" has been created by Wollongong NSW based company Dusk Music Video Production, under the direction of Lord Tim of the band Lord, and James Lopes. The video will be launched on YouTube on same day as the single's release; November 29, 2010.
WebLinks: / /




Monday, November 08, 2010

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the European release on December 3 of two (2) Nelson albums: Before the Rain the demo collection of songs that secured their recording deal with Geffen Records in 1990 and Perfect Storm – After the Rain World Tour 1991 live concert album. A North American release will follow in February 2011, as a complement to the release of Nelson's brand new original album Lightning Strikes Twice.
"Both of these extraordinary albums provide a Nelson time capsule," reflects Gunnar Nelson. "From the early demo recordings on 'Before the Rain' to the rare live tour recordings on 'Perfect Storm', the music on these albums offers a unique glimpse of our early career."
"These two Nelson albums are indeed newly unearthed roots of the Nelson family tree," adds Matthew Nelson. "They both offer valuable insight to what makes our current sound what it is by way of an amazing journey back in time as we were first putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together."
The phenomenal success of Nelson's 1990 debut LP "After The Rain" did not happen overnight. It came after years of hard work that are documented in the "Before the Rain" album, a release that tells the story of twins Matthew and Gunnar Nelson and their five year musical journey (from 1986 to 1990) to reach the Rock N' Roll Promised Land.

In 1986, after writing songs with Dweezil Zappa for his debut LP "My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Momma" and writing and recording the title cut for the film "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" under the band name Power Tool, Matthew and Gunnar Nelson decided they needed to hone their songwriting craft and learn from experts. They started with writer/producer Jack Ponti in New Jersey and recorded the songs they wrote that year with friends that eventually became the band Skid Row. Next, they journeyed to Australia to collaborate with Little River Band's hit writer Graham Gobel and other writers for two months Down Under. A subsequent 3-month stay in the U.K. to write with hit makers Adrian Gurvitz and Argent's Russ Ballard followed.
Though elements from those experiences and sessions would wind up in later attempts, Nelson finally hit musical pay dirt writing songs in a bedroom in Pacific Palisades California and recorded them in a 16-track demo studio in a converted garage in the San Fernando Valley with a then unknown writer/producer named Marc Tanner.
The results are what can be heard now on "Before the Rain". These are the original demonstration recordings that caught the attention of A&R legend John Kalodner in late 1989 and scored Nelson a recording contract with Geffen/DGC Records which led to eventual sales of more than 3,000,000 copies of "After The Rain" and all the success that followed, including a World tour with over 300 concerts.
Nelson's live line-up included some incredible virtuoso musicians such as Bobby Rock on drums, Brett Garsed on guitar, Paul Mirkovich on Keys and vocals and the addition of Joey Cathcart on vocals and second lead guitar. Nelson provided 4-part harmony, stellar musicianship, veteran showmanship, twin frontmen, and most importantly - great songs. Nelson played venues ranging in size from 1,200 to 60,000 seats between 1990-1992 from New York to Tokyo, sharing the stage with some other great bands with some strong openers, including House Of Lords, Tyketto, Enuff Z'nuff, Cinderella and Lynch Mob.

Amazingly and sadly, throughout the 3-year phenomenon of "After The Rain", none of the tour's concerts were ever filmed in their entirety. "Perfect Storm" live audio recordings are all that remain to document the height of Nelsonmania for posterity. If you were there you are sure to remember how you felt that night experiencing the magic of the "After The Rain" tour in person. If you weren't, you can be transported back in time now through this amazing live album.
With all the right components for success, the right cast of characters, the best fans, everything converging at the right place and time.... Nelson's After The Rain World Tour was "The Perfect Storm".

"Before the Rain" track listing includes: After The Rain; Bits And Pieces; (Can't Live Without Your) Love And Affection; Will Ya Love Me; You're All I Need Tonight; More Than Ever; (It's Just) Desire; I Can Hardly Wait; Senorita; Everywhere I Go; Let's Get This Show On The Road; Far Away From Home; It's Gotta Get Better; I Wish; That's Love; Avalon; Runnin' Outta Time (The Silence Is Broken); Love Is All We've Got.

"Perfect Storm" track listing includes: On With The Show!; Fill You Up; More Than Ever; Only Time Will Tell; Uluru; Will You Love Me; (Can't Live Without Your) Love And Affection; Two Heads Are Better Than One; Bits And Pieces; After The Rain; The Legend; Thank You And Good Night; Interlude; Everywhere I Go; Keep One Heart (full band version - studio Bonus Track).

Before the Rain – performers: Matthew and Gunnar Nelson – All instruments

Perfect Storm – performers: Gunnar Nelson – Lead Vocals, Guitar; Matthew Nelson - Lead Vocals, Bass; Brett Garsed - Vocals, Lead Guitar; Joey Cathcart - Vocals, Guitar; Paul Mirkovich - Vocals, Keyboards; Bob Rock - Drums.

Weblinks: / / / /


Osukaru looks like being the latest new melodic rock force out of Sweden, with their debut release GBG2LA out November 15. Founded in late 2009 by the former Eye and Katana guitarist Oz Osukaru and the awarded American drummer Ryan Coyle, this band quickly found its place in the reborn AOR scene. The idea was to deliver high class harmonic hard rock for the true dreamers out there. Along the way Oz was reunited with his former Katana band mates; Johan Bernspång with an A-class vocal register as well as guitarist Tobie Karlsson with more of a metal edge to his sound. As the last piece of the puzzle, a very young, beautiful and new talent named Emma Lee joined the band on bass.
Read more:
Tell Me You'll Stay is the new single, a video for which is now available on YouTube:

Unfortunately there already seems to be a snag in the bands plans, with this update posted at MySpace: "Unfortunately, Philip Lindstrand have to step down from his role as our lead singer for, hopefully, a limited time only because of some private reasons. But (!!) this doesn't mean he have left the band though he, if everything goes as planned, will return by the end of the summer. 'Till then, filling in as our lead singer we got Johan Bernspång from the heavy metal band Katana as well as a 2nd guitarist; Tobias Karlsson from the very same band.
And yes, we will still release a CD this July as promised but because of the situation, we will make it very special for you guys. It will be a mini-album featuring the entire band, both lead singers and some special guests! It will also be a limited edition of only 1000 units so be sure to get a copy. But some major online record stores around the world will have it in stock and we will bring you the CD at our live shows as well!"

So I'm not sure what this debut release consists of song wise, but I'll keep an eye on it and report back ASAP.


New Steve Augeri song Riverside can be purchased via digital download at iTunes and Amazon now.

Queensryche's triple-platinum selling album, Empire, has been remastered and expanded for a 20th Anniversary Edition that will be released by Capitol/EMI next Tuesday, November 9. The new 2CD and digital packages both include the remastered album, featuring six hit singles, including the #1 smash "Silent Lucidity," as well as 13 bonus tracks, among them 10 previously unreleased live performances recorded in 1990 at London's Hammersmith Odeon.

Gene Simmons has posted the following today on his Twitter page: "Working on overview of my boxed set. Literally hundreds of songs... Bigger project than I had imagined." Hundreds of Gene Simmons songs? Yikes!

Donnie Iris is releasing a Christmas CD titled Ah! Leluiah! The Christmas Album this month. It's available for order on Official release is noted as November 18, but pre-orders are shipping now. Track Listing: 1. Introduction 2. Angels We Have Heard On High 3. We Wish You A Merry Christmas 4. Blue Christmas 5. Emmanuel 6. O Come All Ye Faithful 7. White Christmas 8. Carol Of The Bells 9. Alleluyah Sasa! (He Is Born) 10. This Child * 11. Ave Maria 12. We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Reprise) 13. Panis Angelicus 14. The Hallelujah Chorus 15. Auld Lang Syne 16. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 17. Silent Night. *written by Mark Avsec.




Friday, November 05, 2010

The Milan based AOR act known as Myland is proud to announce the upcoming release of a brand new CD, Light of a new day, scheduled to be out in stores in January 2011, produced and distributed by Point Music Germany. Led by the charismatic drummer Paolo Morbini (Eva, Exilia, Brunorock), the band has been completely refreshed since the latest release (No Man's Land -2008), and the new lineup now is: Hox Martino (Guitar), Davide Faccio (Keyboards), Fabian Andrechen (Bass), Franco Campanella (Vocals). Myland's musical direction didn't change though. Sure the new material is still very much AOR! 100% guaranteed!
More info at: /


George Bellas has recently composed a new album that is chock-full of epic themes, rich harmonic underpinnings, intricate rhythms and advanced forms. Recording is scheduled to commence in November 2010. As with his latest release "The Dawn Of Time"; drumming legend Marco Minnemann will once again be laying down the drum tracks. Further details regarding this new album will be revealed through progress reports during the production process. Prepare for some exquisite romanticism.
All parts for the entire album have been scored and are now just waiting to be recorded. The music is heavily immersed in romanticism and is molded using some complex developmental forms that have not appeared on previous releases. Some pieces are of short to moderate length while others are just under or exceed the ten minute mark. The album has a total running time of approximately 80 minutes.
Much of the thematic material on this upcoming release was developed within very elaborate forms. The melodies were of utmost importance and much focus was devoted to developing them through various composing techniques. The harmonic schemes are colourfully rich and diverse. And of course, the unique rhythms used are a recognizable staple of George's style.
Epic themes and grandiose forms packed into an 80 minute new album!

French progressive metallers Venturia have recently undergone some line-up changes as they're about to enter the studio at the end of November to record their third studio album entitled "Straight", a title that represents the efficient and catchy nature of the new tunes that have already been penned.
Guitarist Charly Sahona comments, "First, bassist Thomas James Potrel decided to quit Venturia in order to focus on different projects. It was really sad news for us as he brought a lot to the band. Thomas is an amazing guy and musician, we respect his artistic choices and wish him all the best in the world and we will miss him as well as always keeping a door open for him. We are delighted to announce that Thomas' replacement is none other than our friend Franck Hermanny (Adagio) who is now an additional member as and when his Adagio schedule allows. We're very excited and proud to have the opportunity to do some stuff together with Venturia. Secondly one half of Venturia's dual vocal team Marc Ferreira will not be collaborating with the band anymore. There is no personal or artistic reason behind the decision but purely comes down to the economic times we are in. As long-time fans know the band is based in France yet Marc lives in the USA, as Venturia make no money (for the moment) asking somebody from the US to come and stay here in Europe for a recording, rehearsals involves a lot of money, more than the band makes at present and its no longer a viable position. Marc is a great musician and we wish the situation was different and I encourage everyone to check out his solo albums."

As a result Charly Sahona will undertake lead male vocals to compliment the exquisite female vocals of Lydie Robin. On his new dual role of guitarist/vocalist Sahona states "It's a really big challenge for me and I will do all I can to deliver the best performances possible." The line up is completed by long-term drummer Diego Rapacchietti.
Those wishing to follow the bands making of "Straight" can do so at the bands official Facebook page where during the recording of the album, all the different steps of the making of will be shown and commented by the band.

Shredguy Records is making available some rare and unreleased tracks from guitarist Toby Knapp. Shredguy Records' Michael McDowell says "due to Toby gaining some new fans from his successful release The Campaign (release earlier this year), it's time to make some of his earlier work available for those fans to purchase". Here is an overview of the release:

Archives Of Magick will include - The 1995 EP Infinite Opposition will be released in it's entirety. Originally pressed at only 500 cassette copies on the Wild Rags record label, "Infinite" showcases the work Knapp was preparing as a follow up to his Shrapnel debut "Guitar Distortion", this time loaded with razor sharp solos behind a wall of thrash/death metal and progressive rock. The Archives will also contain Knapp's 3 song MCD "Darken" originally released in 1998 on the Defiled Records. The music of Darken can best be described as atmospheric Black/Doom metal with keyboards, searing guitar solos and hellish vocals from vocalist Necrotriton. In addition to this, the much sought after Darken demo track "Eternal Winters" will be included by popular demand. To complete the compilation Toby Knapp's 10 track solo album "Misanthropy Divine" will be released in it's entirety. Originally released in 2008 by German label "Rock It Up" records, "Misanthropy" will finally be easily available to U.S. listeners. The 20 song experience provides a glimpse into Knapp's unique world that musically knows no boundaries as sophisticated Instrumental music merges with straight up Heavy Metal and some of the most intense Black Metal to be unleashed from the U.S. The Archives is an essential addition to fans of Toby's solo outings, his work with Onward and his heralded collaborations with the Unholy entity, Godless Rising.
The tracks will be available to download as a full CD or individual tracks on, iTunes, and

Finally it's time for Rhapsody Of Fire to play Sweden Rock. With "The Cold Embrace of Fear" the band have arrived at their ninth full-length album, and in 2011 they make their highly anticipated return to the live scene. Including SRF, like so many of you have been yearning for so long.
Machistic rock, based on fat riffs, contagious choruses and a lethal groove is their simple but effective recipe for success. Mustasch will be back at the festival next summer. Next artist has developed his very own style as a blues- and rock guitarist, exemplified by his latest and 20th solo record "Common Ground". We welcome Walter Trout to Sweden Rock 2011. Last, but not least we proudly present legendary Groundhogs with guitarist Tony McPhee up front!
Confirmed bands so far out of a total of around 70: Ozzy Osbourne, Saxon, Rhapsody of Fire, Mustasch, Jason & the Scorchers, Agent Steel, Walter Trout, Groundhogs, Fläsket Brinner.
The tickets to Sweden Rock Festival 2011 are now released and you buy them directly online at our homepage. The first 4000 ticket holders will also get a unique jubilee t-shirt.
More information at:

As part of the annual House of Guitars Guitar Expo day, Eminence Speakers ( is sponsoring a Chris Poland guitar clinic/ performance featuring his old Welkin band mates Mike Meaney and Robert "Moon" McGeoch on drums and bass respectively. Lots of special guests lined up to join in, including Rob Lamothe, vocalist of The Riverdogs and young guitar phenomenon, Randy McStine, from Binghamton, NY. More special well-known guests are awaiting confirmation. Below is some footage from Chris Poland's April 24, 2010 clinic at The House of Guitars: / as well as some videos of Chris demoing Eminence Speakers at the 2010 Winter NAMM:
In addition to Chris Poland's performance on 11/20, Michael Angelo Batio (Nitro) will also be giving a clinic performance at the House of Guitars Guitar Expo.
The days events are free so come on out and be a part of something very unique and special at The House of Guitars, a historic landmark -

MR-X has been updated with the following new features:
- Kristine Nichols (The Storm) - Blue Avenue (Solo Demos)(10 Tracks)
- No Sweat (UK) - Demos 87 (5 Tracks)
- Bon Jovi - Tokyo, Japan, 31st December 1988 (Soundboard)
MR-X Membership Details.

New Reviews online today for: Allen/Lande, Two Fires, Salute, Stratosphere and Tom Galley Phenomena. Read them now.




Thursday, November 04, 2010

It's been mentioned before - but here's the latest press release and the actual magazine cover for the new Classic Rock AOR Magazine:
"An all-new magazine from the Classic Rock stable – Classic Rock Presents AOR – goes on sale November 17. We've got a major melodic-rock exclusive for the cover story: Steve Perry, the legendary former Journey frontman, talking about the band's pivotal album Escape – the record that gave the world the song Don't Stop Believin'.
Elsewhere in the issue we've got a great mix of old 'n' new: the likes of Night Ranger, Survivor, REO Speedwagon and Heart stacked up alongside Crashdiet, Reckless Love, Houston and Train.
There's a sprawling feature on the Top 40 AOR Vocalists Of All Time, written and compiled by Derek Oliver, the renowned melodic-rock guru. Who's No.1? Sir Michael of Bolton, perhaps? Brad Love of Aviary, even?! You'll have to buy the issue to find out.
There's also a free 15-track CD, Coliseum Rock, featuring Journey, Enuff Z'Nuff, Triumph, W.E.T., Issa, White Widdow, Bangalore Choir, Moritz and many more.
Geoff Barton, Editor of Classic Rock Presents AOR, said: "With acts like Foreigner and FM on Radio Two, Journey's Don't Stop Believin' the biggest-selling download of all-time, and a wave of reunions and new artists, the genre that seemed terminally out of fashion is back." Classic Rock Presents AOR hits newsstands on Wednesday, November 17, with a cover-price of £7.99.
The issue comes in a special cardboard wallet featuring an all-new, specially commissioned interpretation of Journey's distinctive scarab logo (see below). Plus, on the cover of the mag itself, there's rare artwork from famed Bay Area artist Stanley (Journey, Grateful Dead) Mouse!"


MRCD Special Offer! It's coming up on Christmas once again, so what better way to get merry (besides drinking), then tune into some melodic rock Christmas tunes.
As a frontpage special offer, order MRCD6 We Will Rock Rule together with the new MRCD7 Forces Of Light And Dark and you'll pay ZERO for airmail shipping (Save $8.00).
Purchase the set now for $33.00 and it will ship immediately. CD Details for MRCD6 and MRCD7.



More sad news for classic rock fans - Jim Clench (April Wine/BTO) has passed away overnight in Canada. Jim is a Canadian bassist best known for his roles in the Canadian rock bands April Wine and Bachman Turner Overdrive.
Clench was asked to join April Wine after Jim Henman decided to leave the band. Clench was April Wine's bassist from 1971 to 1975. And although Myles Goodwyn was April Wine's primary lead singer, Clench also took part in some lead vocals on songs such as "Oowatanite" and "Weeping Widow". In 1975, he decided to leave the band and was replaced by Steve Lang. His last album with the band was "Stand Back", released just before he left.
In 1978, Clench was asked to join Bachman Turner Overdrive to replace Randy Bachman, who decided to start a solo career. Clench was with BTO until its demise in the late 1970s.
R.I.P. Jim.

Devestating news to the Australian rock community - with breaking news this afternoon that Models frontman James Freud has died. Updates to follow...

"Undercover has heard that James Freud, the singer with Models, has taken his life in his Melbourne home this morning. Freud was noticeably absent when his band Models were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame last week. Sean Kelly commented that James "had fallen off the bike". In his autobiography, Freud described his life as "not without a few old-fashioned rock'n'roll excesses". He had a long-term battle with alcoholism and recounted those battles in his two books. Freud was 51-years old."

Adler's Appetite, the band led by former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler has announced more tour dates, including additional dates for their European tour, set to start on Feb. 3rd 2011 in Rome, Italy. The band has also officially released their new single "Alive", It is currently available on iTunes as well as other online music stores. This will be the first chance for fans to get the full version of the track.
A radio edit of "Alive" was released on July 29th in conjunction with Adler's tell-all biography My Appetite For Destruction: Sex Drugs and Guns N' Roses. For more info check out
"The new songs are coming along great" says Adler. "After the response we got from performing "Alive" all summer, we are really excited to put out more original music". The band is currently in the studio writing and recording new material for a 2011 release.

Tour Dates are as Follows:
Dec 11 - Feelgoods, Las Vegas, NV
Jan 15 - Whiskey A Go Go, Hollywood, CA NAMM Weekend Show
Jan 21 - Sky City Augusta, Augusta, GA
Jan 22 - 37 Main, Buford, GA
Jan 28 - Club Red, Tempe, AZ
Jan 29 - The Rock, Tucson, AZ
Feb 03 - Qube, Rome, Italy
Feb 04 - New Age Club, Roncade, Italy
Feb 05 - Rock n Roll Arena, Romagnano Sesie, Italy
Feb 07 - Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland
Feb 08 - Metropool, Hengelo, Netherlands
Feb 10 - The Rock Temple, Kerkrade, Netherlands
Feb 11 - Le Forum, Vaureal, France
Feb 15 - Cafe Del Theatre, Lleida, Spain
Feb 16 - Durango Club, Valencia, Spain
Feb 17 - Porta Caeli, Valladolid, Spain
Feb 18 - Sala Inferno, Vigo, Spain
Feb 19 - TBA, La Coruna, Spain
Feb 20 - Musicbox Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal
Feb 22 - The Underworld, London, UK
Feb 23 - The Regent, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK
Feb 24 - The Yardbirds, Grimsley, Lincolnshire, UK
Feb 25 - The Diamond, Sutton, Nottinghamshire, UK
Feb 26 - The DUchess, York, Yorkshire, UK
Feb 27 - The Robin 2, Bilston, Wolverhampton, UK

Relentless, the stunning new album from guitar legend and classical metal master Yngwie Malmsteen, will hit streets on November 23 via Malmsteen's own Rising Force Records. The album contains more than 60 minutes of brand new material and showcases the guitar great at his best with the signature virtuosity and mind-blowing technical speed for which he has come to be known. Relentless also features striking vocals from Tim "Ripper" Owens (Judas Priest, Iced Earth), who first collaborated with Malmsteen on 2008's critically-acclaimed Perpetual Flame (Malmsteen's first album for the Rising Force Records label).
For nearly three decades, Grammy-nominated Swedish guitar icon Yngwie Malmsteen has been amazing audiences with dazzling technical speed and ability. Malmsteen's signature style of playing, which combines elements of seemingly disparate styles of music - metal and classical, spawned the now commonplace genres of heavy metal known as "shred guitar" and "neo classical" and earned Malmsteen the title "the Paganini of heavy metal". Malmsteen was the first guitarist to have his own Fender signature guitar model (even before Eric Clapton). He has graced the cover of more than 200 magazines worldwide, has won every guitar award imaginable and to date, has sold millions of records. Time recently named Malmsteen one of the "Top Ten Greatest Electric Guitar Players", an honor he shared with the likes of Les Paul, Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix. "Guitar Hero" enthusiasts know they have arrived when they are bestowed with the Yngwie Malmsteen award in the Xbox 360 version of "Guitar Hero 2". The award signifies a 1000+ note streak in succession.

Two new Phil Vincent cover tunes can be sampled and purchased via the following links: Cover of The Who's Baba O'Riley - and Cover of the Beatles And I Love Her -

November 2 sees the long awaited release of Notorious - The Original Radio Silence sessions, featuring Sean Harris (ex-Diamond Head) and Robin George (Phil Lynott / David Byron). Available at Check out Robin's other 7 albums also available from Angel Air Records, iTunes, HMV and all leading record stores, including the re-mastered classic, Dangerous Music, featuring Robin's biggest hit single, Heartline and bonus tracks.
More Information:


Provogue is pleased to announce the UK release of the companion piece to 2009's hugely successful DVD release Joe Bonamassa - Live At The Royal Albert Hall (originally released in October 2009). Now, for the first time, the legendary concert, featuring a special guest appearance from Eric Clapton, will be released on special 2 x CD and Blu-Ray formats in the UK on Monday November 15th and Monday November 22nd respectively.
For the official online announcement and pre-order links, click here -
When blues rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa took the stage at Royal Albert Hall in May 2009, he fulfilled a dream he'd held since first picking up a guitar as a kid in upstate New York. The sold-out concert — fresh off the back of his album The Ballad Of John Henry — marked Bonamassa's headlining debut at arguably the most prestigious concert venue in the world. "May 4, 2009 was a day 20 years in the making," says Bonamassa. "I have never been so honoured in my life. It was truly larger than the sum of its parts."
The Blu-Ray edition, which also features an exclusive interview with Bonamassa, presents that magical night in full — for posterity, and for all the fans that couldn't be among the 4,000 concert goers who filled the seats. The 12-camera high definition, Surround Sound shoot was produced by Bonamassa's collaborator Kevin Shirley.




Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A strictly limited edition CD-single only to be sold on the Scandinavian LA Project concerts featuring Joseph Williams in November 2010. The single features a first taste from the Joseph Williams & Peter Friestedt album which is to be released in 2011. The song "Say Goodbye" is a great mix of Westcoast and classic AOR and for sure a future fan favourite. The other songs are "Gotta Find It" from the first LA Project album and "One More Night" from the second, lead vocals on all three by Joseph Williams. If, that is if, we have some left after the tour they will be up for sale in our webshop!
LA Project Tour-dates:
November 12. Fasching, Stockholm, Sweden.
November 13. Nefertiti, Gothenburg, Sweden.
November 14. Glenghuset, Sarpsborg, Norway.
For those in Stockholm we will be at the record fair in Solnahallen on November 27, we will have all the CD's (incl. the new ones) from the shop plus many many more on sale - hope to see you there.

Rolf Jardemark Sunset In Guitarland / Rolf Jardemark makes a triumphant return to the sound that characterized his 1989 debut album "Soft Landing" back in 1989. The new album "Sunset in Guitarland" is a greatly produced album of Westcoast and Smooth Jazz. By his side, Jardemark has some of the genres most legendary musicians, like John JR Robinson, Ralph Humphreys, Neil Stubenhaus and phenomenal vocal contributions from both Bill Cantos and Michael Ruff! On here is also drummer Per Lindvall and guitarist Ulf Wakenius. Bass player Lars Danielsson and keyboardist Dan Evmark, who both was part of the classic Swedish Westcoast band Rite On Time are also well represented. "Sunset in Guitarland" was produced by Peter Friestedt and recorded between 2006 and 2010 in Sweden, Los Angeles, Hawaii and Brazil.

Josef Melin Offshore Monsters EP / Hailing from Sweden, Josef Melin is the brainchild of the band Smooth Reunion; they released their critical acclaimed full length debut "Cleaning Up the Business" in 2008. The EP "Offshore Monsters" is a first taste from his solo debut "Prepare for Y2K", to be released in January 2011. This is an excellent mix of Pop, Jazz, Soul with a big portion of Steely Dan; well crafted, humoristic and performed with brilliance and charm! The EP features two versions of the title track, a long cool version of "Let Me Know" and the non-album track "Wave to Friends and Family". Four songs in total and an absolute must for those who can't wait and indeed something extra for connoisseurs and collectors!
For more information, store and sound-samples - please visit /


David "Rock" Feinstein - the former member of Ronnie Dio & The Prophets, The Electric Elves, Elf, and the leader of the legendary NYC band, The Rods - is about to unleash an all-new solo effort via the Niji Entertainment Group, Bitten By The Beast. Although the album's official release date is November 23, 2010, fans can now pre-order 'Bitten By The Beast' via the Official Ronnie James Dio webstore. To pre-order the album, you can go to this direct link:
The nine-track disc will also be available as a deluxe Digipack, and will certainly be of interest to metal fans worldwide, due to Feinstein's impressive hard rock pedigree. But also, because the album features what turned out to be one of the last-ever recorded vocals by Ronnie James Dio (Feinstein's cousin), on the headbanging anthem "Metal Will Never Die."
"I feel like it was meant for me to write 'Metal Will Never Die'," explains Feinstein. "And it was meant to be that Ronnie James Dio should sing it! Whatever power it was that brought the two of us back together musically, I am so thankful for. Now, 'Metal Will Never Die' means more to me than any other song that I have written in my whole career as a songwriter and musician. I can't wait for the world to hear it!" And now, fans have the opportunity to pre-order and be the first to experience this must-hear metal disc.
'Bitten By The Beast' Track listing: Smoke On The Horizon, Evil In Me, Break Down The Walls, Metal Will Never Die (Featuring Ronnie James Dio on lead vocals), Kill The Demon, Rock's Boogie, Give Me Mercy, Run For Your Life, Gambler Gambler.
For more information, visit: / /

Glen Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath) has announced on Twitter that Black Country Communion will begin recording their second album in January.

The first new music from The Cars can be heard on Facebook: For Cars fans, it sounds like the band stepped right back into 1984.

New Haven music video on YouTube:

George Lynch says Jeff Pilson will join Brian Tichy and himself on the next Lynch Mob album - but no word if Oni Logan will be vocalist:

For those curious, a recent set list for Great White featuring Jani Lane (October 31) was as follows: 01 Desert Moon, 02 Lady Red Light, 03 Face The Day, 04 On Your Knees, 05 Save Your Love, 06 Jani Lane-Warrant Medley, 07 Mista Bone, 08 Rock Me, 09 House Of Broken Love, 10 Can't Shake It, 11 Once Bitten Twice Shy.

POWERWORLD ALBUM IN STORES NOVEMBER 9, 2010 ON SPV/STEAMHAMMER: is exclusively premiering the title track of the new Powerworld album entitled "Human Parasite". Check out the song on Bravewords "Knuckle Tracks" Player by heading over to Powerworld is releasing their new album in North America on November 9.
After leaving Freedom Call in the end of 2005 Ilker Ersin started to build up his own band Powerworld. Ilker wrote every song, produced the demos and searched for the right musicians to complete the band.
It was clear, that he would ask his long-time friend Barish Kepic of ex-Jaded Heart for the spot as guitarist. With vocalist Steffen Brunner, Nils Neumann ex-Freedom Call on the keyboards and ex-At Vance drummer Jürgen Lucas, the line up was ready to record the songs.
Drums were recorded by Sascha Gerstner of Helloween in his G-Tracks Studios. Chris Lausmann (Bonfire/Jaded Heart/Pink Cream 69/Voices of Rock/Cornerstone etc.) did the rough mix. Ilker finished the mixes of all the songs and Achim Köhler (Brainstorm, Primal Fear, Edguy, Avantasia etc.) did the mastering.
The band signed a worldwide record deal with Metal Heaven/AOR Heaven and released their self titled debut of in March of 2008. Unfortunately, due to prior engagements Powerworld were unable to play live.

During the making of the second CD, vocalist Steffen Brunner and drummer Jürgen Lucas parted ways with Powerworld. The rest of the band finished the work on the new CD as fast as possible to fulfil their contract with the record company.
With drummer Simon Michael of Subway to Sally they had found a man who was able to play the new songs in the studio in just a few days. The band started the search for the right vocalist immediately after the drum-recordings. After a short time the ex-Sargant Fury/Threshold-front man Andrew "Mac" McDermott was found. He possessed the necessary self identity and musical maturity to complete the Powerworld package, giving the whole sound a more rocky and less mainstream metal sound than their debut. Shortly after that Barish asked drummer Achim Keller of Victory to join the band as a full member.
SPV / Steamhammer signed a worldwide deal with Powerworld in August 2010. The new album "Human Parasite" will be released in Europe on October 22nd and in the USA/Canada on November 9th. The band will embark on a European tour in early 2011. Stay tuned.
LINE-UP: Andrew "Mac" McDermott - vocals (Ex-Sargant Fury, Ex-Threshold), Ilker Ersin - bass (Ex-Freedom Call, Ex-MoonDoc), Nils Neumann - keyboards (Ex-Freedom Call), Barish Kepic - guitars (Ex-Jaded Heart), Achim Keller - drums (Victory).
Tracklisting: 01. Cleansed by Fire 02. Stand Up 03. Evil In Me 04. Time Will Change 05. Human Parasite 06. Hope 07. East Comes To West 08. Children Of The Future 09. Caught In Your Web 10. Tame Your Demons 11. Might Of Secrets 12. King For A Day.
Visit Powerworld on the Web: /




Tuesday, November 02, 2010

New Rock Candy titles - both are available now from for a discounted price of £11.99 for the next two weeks ending on November 14.

Melidian 'Lost In The Wild' CANDY084 / The late 1980s provided an avalanche of melodic rock bands, a movement that fed off the poptastic cavorting of big-haired platinum rockers such as Slaughter, White Lion, Winger and Warrant. Naturally, every label in the world was on the lookout for their very own stars, resulting in an extraordinary amount of talent landing prized record deals. Of course, lack of quality control meant that a fair amount of tosh hit the record racks, most of which was rightly dismissed by the public, but amongst the endless supply of also-rans were a number of classy melodic rock acts that really should have received far more attention and success. The lone Melidian album 'Lost In The Wild', originally released on CBS in 1989, was truly a peach of an album, yet it was one of those sadly lost amidst the throng of half baked records desperately vying for a slice of a market that was about to be engulfed by back-to-basics grunge and irritating college rock. Perhaps Melidian's educated musical roots were to blame – their sound was a triumphant mix of pompish keyboard driven AOR and muscular riffs, laced with razor sharp guitar riffs. Imagine a satisfying combination of Survivor, Bad English and Giant for an accurate approximation of their sound and you'll be half way to paradise. Time now to reappraise a most satisfying, yet largely unheralded, album from this little known New York City five piece.
Track Listing: 1. Ready To Rock 2. Livin' Under The Gun 3. Fire Up The Heart 4. Sleepless Nights 5. Hands Off 6. Lost In The Wild 7. Overheated 8. Top Of The Rock 9. Broken Toys.

Heavens Edge 'S/T' CANDY083 / It's no secret that Philadelphia has, over the years, become synonymous with the sweet sound of meticulously manufactured soul and r 'n' b. However, if you dig a little deeper, you'll uncover a thriving hard rock scene best exemplified by the late 80s banshee wail of bands like Cinderella, Britny Fox and Tangier. Add to that list the name of Heavens Edge and suddenly you've got a pack of lean 'n' mean rockers that could - and did - rival both Los Angeles and New York for sheer quality and bravado. Assembled from the cream of local Phili bands, Heavens Edge rapidly snagged a substantial deal with industry powerhouse Columbia Records, who at the time were a label eager to increase their market share of profitable melodic rock acts. Renowned British producer Neil Kernon (Dokken, Queensryche, Autograph etc) was tapped to produce but when the album was delivered they found a new label hierarchy had taken over... one much more fixated on the embryonic sounds of grunge. Originally released in 1989, 'Heavens Edge' contained a bumper selection of loud and proud hard rock anthems, tracks that were easily comparable to their contemporaries bringing to mind a delicious blend of Bon Jovi, Ratt and Dokken; fiery melodic rock with a finger firmly on the trigger all wrapped up in production to die for. It doesn't get much better than this.
Track listing: 1. Intro 2. Play Dirty 3. Skin To Skin 4. Find Another Way 5. Up Against The Wall 6. Hold On Tonight 7. Can't Catch Me 8. Bad Reputation 9. Daddy's Little Girl 10. Is That All You Want? 11. Come Play The Game 12. Don't Stop, Don't Go Bonus Tracks: 13. Superstition (Demo) 14. U Got It (Demo) 15. Just Another Fire (Demo).


The Great Escape will be the title of this new masterpiece and will be out on February 11.
Originally from Brooklyn, Robin Beck's career started long before anyone had ever heard of her. "I dreamed about being an artist and a song writer since I was about 9 years old". But it wasn't Robin's fate to be a country singer. Growing up in Brooklyn in the 70's Robin learned a lot about R&B, and the Beatles and Carol King, right there on the stoops and corner of her block. "There were a few boys that used to gather on the corner with a guitar and I was drawn to the sound like a moth to a flame... they always invited me to sing and I was loud!".
Robin was just a kid when she left home to find herself in Daytona Beach Florida searching for her dream to sing in a rock band. She was discovered by a local musician (Alex London) who got Robin her first professional job with guitarist Johnny Conklin. Robin landed her first recording contract for a single entitled Still In Love, after being discovered while playing in a Detroit club Back in New York, Robin started to work on different projects including the Broadway musical "Got To Go Disco" and finally started a proper recording career with the release of her first album Sweet Talk in 1979 with Kenny Lehman of the famed "Dance, Dance, Dance".
While living in the Big Apple, she started to become involved in the jingle business and it was during that period that she got to work with some of the greatest musicians in the world. It was thanks to a certain jingle that Robin's name came to prominence in 1988 when the song First Time (a Coca-Cola theme tune) became a huge hit worldwide. The subsequent album Trouble or Nothin' featured contributions from such luminaries as Steve Lukather (Toto), Paul Stanley (KISS), Diane Warren, long standing writing partner Jeff Kent and Desmond Child to name a few. Robin's follow up album, Human Instinct, was released on the D.S.B. label in 1992 and featured once again the cream of the session world (Jeff Porcaro, Kim Bullard, Tim Pierce, Michael Landau, Lee Ritenour, Michael Thompson etc.) and songwriters (Mark Spiro, Jeff Kent, Journey's Jonathan Cain, Heart's Ann and Nancy Wilson, Sue Shifrin, Glen Burtnik etc.).Can't Get Off dates back to 1994 on East/West and once again she proved her qualities as a fine singer with songs offered by the likes of Clif Magness (Avril Lavigne, Steve Perry), Steve Kipner, Michael Bolton, Ole Evenrude, Marc Jordan.
A break from the music industry was in the cards and it was during this time that Robin met and married James Christian, record producer and singer with the rock band House of Lords. Together they had a beautiful daughter, Olivia. Despite her new role as a mother, Robin couldn't stay entirely out of the limelight and in 1998 she recorded a duet with Italian star 'Pupo' which required that she travel throughout Italy and Germany to promote it with nine month old Olivia at her side.
In 1999, Robin released the singles "Jewel in my Crown" and "Shut up and Kiss Me" and in 2003 she released the full album "Wonderland".
Robin's solo career and writing has always been the most important part of her focus. However, through the years her talents have been called upon many times for session work alongside some of the music greats of 20th century. She has performed with Patty Austin, headlined with Tina Turner and Richard Marx and recorded with top artists such as, David Bowie, Michael Bolton, Deep Purple and Cher to name but a few.
Her long awaited return to melodic rock happened finally in 2005 with Do You Miss Me, a beautiful piece of melodic rock music with superb original songs and was right up there with her most rocking efforts like "Trouble or Nothing" and "Human Instinct". "Living On A Dream" was released in 2006 by Frontiers Records. The classic 'First Time' was also back in the spot light and during that same year as Robin was asked by Universal to re create the vocal along with a new dance mix of "First Time" with the famed Sunblock mixers. This too proved to be an instant success and Robin performed on Top Of The Pops. Robin once again topping the chart with a spot on the UK's official Billboard Charts at #9 and selling to date over 3, million units.
In February 2009 Kicking off her new label Her Majesty's Music Room, Robin gave her fans a real treat by releasing the 20th anniversary Silver Edition Trouble Or Nothin' CD. Every note was newly recorded, with a host of killer new songs included. This was something Robin had wanted to give her fans for a long time.
By now you may be wondering why Robin has ventured off on her own and starting her own label Her Majesty's Music Room. Well true to form as life goes, we will all at some point or another go back to where we started from. For Robin it's about her dream of becoming a songwriter who sings her own songs and travels to the beat of a different drum. While others may be waiting for their big break to come and get out of the straggle hold of fear, Robin is breaking down all the barriers "For years I believed that I had no power because I didn't sit behind a desk up at a record company drawing a check and calling the shots. Those days are over! In order to live the dream you have to take stock in it. After all it's my dream and if you aren't sharing it you may as well not be in it with me."
After a long 2 years of writing and performing along with managing a new young band from Wales named Kane'd, and running her own record label, Robin has completed her long awaited follow up to "Trouble Or Nothing" 20th Anniversary edition. The new cd is called "The Great Escape" and is due February 11th 2011. The album will be distributed by Sony/Neo and Cargo Distribution.
Get ready for "The Great Escape". 11 original songs, no sleepers all keepers! Passionate and tough, sensitive yet cutting lyrics and melodies that will resonate and find a home with the rock n' roll classics. Never underestimate a true Rocker!
Robin never gives up and she never gives in… "I waited a long time to do a duet with one of my favorite male rock gods, Joe Lynn Turner of Rainbow and Deep Purple… "That All Depends On What You Do Tonight"…The wait was well worth it!"
The Songs are written by Robin Beck, Tommy Denander and James Christian and produced by James Christian, mixed by James Christian and Co-produced by Tommy Denander.
Robins goal is to succeed by her own terms. She continues to be a driving force, an innovator and a true leader in her Genre. One of the dynamics that makes Robin so special and unique is that she truly appreciates and loves her fans as much as they appreciate and love her. The proof of this is right there in the music.


Today Filter premiered a video for No Love over at AOL. Noisecreep also posted an acoustic session with the band that was recorded back in September. You can check out both from the links below. Filter is in the middle of a headlining tour that wraps up Nov 12 in St Paul.
No Love video: / Noisecreep Acoustic Session:

Filter 'No Love' Tour
Oct 22 Dallas, TX @ Palladium Ballroom
Oct 23 The Woodlands, TX (Buzzfest w/ BUSH & more)
Oct 24 Tyler, TX @ The Venue Down Under
Oct 27 Little Rock, AR @ Rev Room
Oct 29 Knoxville, TN @ Valarium
Oct 31 Chattanooga, TN @ Rhythm & Brews
Nov 1 Nashville, TN @ Exit/In
Nov 2 Cleveland, Oh @ The Grog Shop
Nov 4 Flint, MI @ Machine Shop
Nov 5 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Intersection
Nov 6 Chicago, IL @ The Cubby Bear
Nov 9 Des Moines, IA @ People's Court
Nov 11 Fargo, ND @ The Venue
Nov 12 St Paul, MN @ Station 4
More dates TBA…

Oh My God, it's two weeks away! That's right folks, Gary Schutt Band is gonna rock downtown St. Petersburg FL on Saturday November 13th at 2:00 p.m. right before Rick Springfield! All new originals, new merch, covers songs you love and special guest singer Todd Plant! You don't want to miss this! Ribfest is an annual event, and it's huge! For ticket and information go to


"Bobby Lee Morgan, Musician and Songwriter of the Nashville, Tennessee late 80's-early 90's rock band Badd Attitude passed away on Oct. 29th just weeks after a Rock and Roll showcase that saw the reunion of what was the "Hometown Hero Hair Band" waiting to be signed back in 1990 before the onslaught of the grunge scene. Bobby Lee wrote well crafted, melodic, catchy rock songs about girls, parties and love that set Badd Attitude apart from the rest of the local Metal scene. The Badd Attitude album never saw the light of day in 1990 and sat collecting dust until being released this past July by FNA Records. After the CD release there was talk of more shows as well as the opening of a nightclub in Printers Alley that Bobby Lee had been working on for some time. Bobby Lee was well loved among the Nashville Rock Scene and was in the middle of one of the most successful periods of his life. Bobby Lee is preceded in death by his Grandmother and Mother who he had thanked in the CD liner notes for their support and love. On Nov. 7th a benefit Concert will be held at Nashville Center Stage. FNA Records is donating Five Dollars towards funeral expenses for every Badd Attitude CD purchased before Nov. 30th. The charitable balance will benefit his niece and nephews." - Brad Hardisty, Nashville, TN.


Herman Ze German featuring legendary scorpions drummer Herman Rarebell, has joined the Los Angeles based artist roster of the Biggtime Entertainment Agency. Biggtime is the USA booking agency for Great White, Kix, Slaughter, Leatherwolf, Steven Pearcy of Ratt and others! Lead guitarist of "HZG" Duke Jackson says "we are very proud to be part of the Biggtime family. And Herman can't wait to get on the road and rock you into a "blackout". "Herman Ze German" will be playing some US festivals and concerts in 2011.
line up: Herman Rarebell (Scorpions) - drums; Duke Jackson (Strikeforce) - lead guitar; Joe Council (Push) - bass; Timexx Nasty (Drivin Rain) - vocals. Check out Biggtime at: /


Glam & Sleaze Rock Veterans Jetboy have inked a deal with Demon Doll Records to release a Greatest Hits compilation CD entitled "Now and Then". Comprised of the band's strongest material from 1986 to present, "Now and Then" gives fans a collection of Jetboy tunes that will satisfy their every taste. The entire 14 song CD drips Glam, Blues, Sleaze and Punk that fans have come to expect from the legendary San Francisco bad boys. The new album will be available exclusively for sale worldwide distribution through on Halloween October 31st, 2010.
"Now and Then" pushes the envelope with remastered versions of their biggest hits, "Feel the Shake", "Make Some Noise" and "Snakebite" from their 1988 Billboard Charting debut "Feel the Shake" as well as "Stomp It (Down To The Bricks), "Evil", "Heavy Chevy" and "Bullfrog Pond" from their 1990 Sophomore Release "DamnedNation".  Never before has Jetboy ever offered a comprehensive greatest hits package of this kind.
Jetboy's distinctive sound will hearken you back to the late 80's and early 90's with the new whiskey soaked, groove oriented smash tracks "Going Down (Above the Clouds)", "Perfectly Wrong" and "Dogs Gotta Roam" as well as cutting loose the brand new, never released ass kicker "Dying Inside". This is a must have for every Glam & Sleaze fan on the planet!
Sharing the stage with the likes of The Scorpions, Motley Crue, Kix, Whitesnake, Poison and Cheap Trick as well as terrorizing Headbanger's Ball into heavy rotation with their videos "Evil" and "Feel The Shake", it's safe to say that Jetboy have left their mark on the Glam & Sleaze scene for many years, and with "Now and Then" - Jetboy's Greatest Hits, the band is poised to usher their fans into 2011 with an updated sound based in classic grinding blues. "Now and Then" is a total package designed to escort fans who still believe in one of the greatest eras in Rock 'N' Roll History!
Track Listing: 1. Dogs Gotta Roam 2. Going Down (Above the Clouds) 3. Perfectly Wrong 4. Stomp It (Down To the Bricks) 5. Heavy Chevy 6. Evil 7. Bullfrog Pond 8. Feel the Shake 9. Make Some Noise 10. Snakebite 11. One Night Stand 12. I Wanna Be a Millionaire 13. No Limit 14. Dying Inside (Unreleased Track).
To purchase "Then and Now", please visit Demon Doll Records at the following address:


What a kick ass year 2010 has turned out to be for rockers Jackyl! Jesse Dupree (Vocals), Jeff Worley (Guitar), Roman Glick (Bass) & Chris Worley (Drums) celebrated the release of the new Jackyl CD, When Moonshine and Dynamite Collide by personally calling everyone that pre-ordered to thank them for their support. "We never expected just how cool that was going to be" Jackyl Lead Vocalist Jesse James Dupree quoted. As their first single She's Not A Drug shot up the active rock charts, Jackyl continued to tour from coast to coast.
The shenanigans were just beginning! Dupree serves as executive producer of the truTV hit series Full Throttle Saloon, which looks at the behind-the-scenes mayhem at Michael Ballards legendary biker watering hole in Sturgis, South Dakota. The second exciting season, which features a performance by Jackyl, launches on Wednesday, Nov. 17, at 10 p.m. (ET).
Jackyl are ending 2010 with a bang by collaborating with R&R Hall of Fame legend DMC from Run DMC by releasing the single Just Like A Negro. DMC will be performing the extremely powerful song with Jackyl on stage during their late fall and winter tour. Darryl is an inspiration and its an honor to sing and share the stage with him, especially having such a impacting message in our song, Just Like A Negro says Dupree of DMC.
The single is available for purchase at and comes with a limited edition Jackyl featuring DMC poster, or download at ITUNES. Check out the video here:

Jackyl Fall Tour Dates Confirmed:
11/24 in Kansas City, MO @ Midland Theatre.
11/25 in Louisville, KY @ Phoenix Hill.
11/26 in Traverse City, MI @ Ground Zero.
11/27 in Flint, MI @ Machine Shop
12/1 in Fargo, ND @ The Venue
12/2 in Council Bluffs, IA @ Whiskey.
12/3 in Green Bay,WI @ The Club at Tom, Dick, & Harrys.
12/4 in Libertyville, IL @ Austins.
12/5 in Tailgaters ­ Bolingbrook, IL
12/10 in Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts 96 Rock X-Mas Show.
More dates TBC...
For more information, please visit:

For the first time in its 19-year history, the Moondance Jam rock festival will be broadcast on television. America's premier television provider, DIRECTV, will air the 2010 festival exclusively on The 101 Network. Blaze TV filmed performances during the festival last July 15 – 17 and are producing ten one hour shows featuring Moondance Jam main stage acts. The programs will air as part of the DIRECTV Concert Series and begin airing on The 101 Network this November. Here is the schedule so far. More shows will be added soon:
· Saturday 11/20: REO Speedwagon
· Monday 11/22: REO Speedwagon
· Saturday 12/11 Buckcherry
· Monday 12/13 Buckcherry
· Saturday 12/18 Sammy Hagar
· Monday 12/20 REO Speedwagon
· Monday 12/27 Jonny Lang
This news comes as the staff and fans of the festival continue to mourn the passing of festival founder Bill Bieloh. Bill passed away in the morning hours of September 24. His legacy can never be put into words, but perhaps a small part of what he meant to the bands, fans and staff of the Moondance Jam festivals will be apparent when you watch these performances from the 2010 festival.




Monday, November 01, 2010

New Studio CD, First In Nearly A Decade, Slated For 2011 / Grammy Award winners Yes, one of the most influential and ground-breaking progressive rock 'n' roll bands, today announced the signing of a new worldwide recording deal with the Italian-based record label, Frontiers Records. Songs such as "Roundabout", "I've Seen All Good People", "Owner Of A Lonely Heart", and countless others, have served to place the group upon the pantheon of rock 'n' roll history. But history is still, yet to be written, because Steve Howe, Chris Squire and Alan White, along with Oliver Wakeman (Rick Wakeman's son) and new lead singer Benoit David, will enter the studio to record the group's first new CD in a decade. It is anticipated for release before Summer 2011.
Frontiers Records President, Serafino Perugino said: "I am truly honored and excited to have these Rock and Roll pioneers on the label. Yes have written some fabulous pages in the history of this music and I look forward to keep on writing new exciting chapters with them!"
"Having the two new guys in the line-up has inspired the impetus behind the need for Yes to return to the studio" explains Chris Squire, while Steve Howe adds "The new lineup has shown that we can operate well as a touring band, so now to expand that to recording would broaden our repertoire and the inclusion of Oliver and Benoit on new recordings will show a new leaf in YES music's continuing development."
One of the most popular concert attractions of all-time Yes's remarkable career has served to re-define the boundaries of rock. Proving to be a dominant force, for more than four decades, YES has sold over 33 million albums worldwide. Their symphonic use of sound and innovative musical style has made each of the group's players are virtuosos in their own right.


Legendary American musician Meat Loaf has released a special digital EP entitled If I Can't Have You, featuring a rollicking version of title-track "If I Can't Have You" and two brand-new bonus tracks. "If I Can't Have You" is a duet with former American Idol judge and world renowned songwriter Kara DioGuardi, and also features House star Hugh Laurie on piano. Besides the powerful duet, the EP also features a live version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show classic "Hot Patootie Bless My Soul" from Meat Loaf's successful Hang Cool Teddy Bear Summer tour. The third song on this release is "Don't Get Me Goin," a Hang Cool Teddy Bear studio B-side.
In other exciting Meat Loaf news, he recently appeared as a Rocky Horror Picture Show-hating newsman (alongside original Rocky alum Barry Bostwick) on Fox's hit show Glee. The episode "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" featured the Glee cast re-imagining the original film, with multi-talented actor John Stamos performing Meat Loaf's signature number, "Hot Patootie Bless My Soul."


Bare Bones is the eleventh studio album from Canadian rocker Bryan Adams and was recorded during his acoustic 'Bare Bones Tour' in early 2010. The album features re-workings of songs from Adam's extensive back catalogue stripped back to just vocals and guitar, with the occasional backing by keyboardist Gary Breit. The album captures Adams at his most vulnerable and raw and breathes new life into some of his most popular songs.
Adams says he was inspired to re-record the tracks by his experience recording 'MTV's Unplugged' in the Nineties. So he began performing the re-worked songs during his live shows. 'As the tour rolled across the USA and Canada, many people were asking for a recording of the songs as they had just heard in the show. So in response to that, I decided to record a few shows to see if a recording was even interesting… I like the way the songs carry themselves warts and all, bare-boned, without the original arrangements of a full band or an orchestra. These recordings only have the voices and hand claps of the fans in the audience and the ambience of the room to lift them.'
Narrowing down the selection of songs was such a difficult task that Adams threw it open to his fans, who voted through Twitter and his official website. The Canadian-born singer-songwriter has sold more than 65 million albums worldwide, garnered 21 top ten hits, and earned nominations for three Academy Awards and five Golden Globes.
Bare Bones track listing: You've Been A Friend To Me, Here I Am, I'm Ready, Night To Remember, It Ain't A Party (If You Can't Come 'Round), (Everything I Do) I Do It For You, Cuts Like A Knife, Please Forgive Me, Summer Of '69, Walk On By, Cloud Number 9, It's Only Love, Heaven, Right Place, The Way You Make Me, The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You, You're Still Beautiful To Me, Straight From The Heart, I Still Miss You...A Little Bit, All For Love.


Ax-slinger Gary Hoey has had a busy year with numerous projects and extensive touring. Most recently, he wrapped up his latest album Utopia, which released on his own label Wazoo Music Group. While Hoey is known for his signature versions of covers (Hocus Pocus, Lowrider, Misirlou, etc.) this album features 12 all new, all original songs. Utopia features Hoey's widely recognized guitar skills, while showcasing his growth as a singer and songwriter. "Utopia's been a long time coming," explains Hoey. "Utopia took over 2 years to make because I wanted time to develop my songs on tour and then bring that to the studio. That is why I started my indie label, Wazoo Music Group, so I could have that creative control over my music and be able to give it to my fans on my own terms."
Hoey has toured North America throughout the year opening shows for Jeff Beck, Styx, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and Bret Michaels. Additionally, he was Camp Counselor at Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp. That session was filmed and produced by Mark Burnett for a reality TV series that is currently airing on VH1 Classic.
With a collection of 17 albums and five top 20 Billboard hits, it's clear to see why Gary Hoey is listed in the top 100 greatest guitar players of all time. Whether Hoey plays rock, blues, surf or Christmas, Hoey's command of each style makes his live show one of the most exciting on the circuit today.
Utopia is a must have for your collection, available now through , iTunes and

Friday October 15th 2010 Bob Catley was interviewed Live on Greece's Metalzone radio show with Kostas Purevil Kyriakakis and Helena Mihailidou. Bob talked about the upcoming Magnum album "The Visitation" and also his solo projects. Listeners also had the chance to listen the rough mixes of three songs which will be included in the upcoming album. Download and listen to the album at this location:

Ted Nugent is expanding his activities with the U.S. cable network The Outdoors Channel by entering into a multi-year endorsement agreement that will cover not only his current program, Spirit of the Wild, but will extend to all media including the internet and live appearances.

The Angels will celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the 'Dark Room' album by performing the entire album at their upcoming Australian shows.

John Corabi is doing a benefit gig for Toys For Tots. Says John: "We can help make somebody's Xmas better...I know I can count on you guys! And thank you sooo much to everybody who has sent in a generous donation already!" Friday, December 3 at 8:00pm - December 4 at 3:00am / Drifter's Bar-B-Q (East Nashville) 1008 Woodland St. Nashville, TN.

Swedish melodic metal masters Lion's Share will perform 2-3 songs together with legendary drummer Vinny Appice (Heaven & Hell, Black Sabbath, Dio), during his Scandinavian Drum Day appearance on October 30 in Stockholm, Sweden. Lion's Share was the main band during the Ronnie James Dio Tribute Concert that took place on the Sweden Rock Cruise on October 7, together with guests from In Flames, Hardcore Superstar, King Diamond, Stratovarius, Yngwie, Amon Amarth etc.
A fan filmed clip of Lion's Share performing the song "Heaven & Hell" can be found on the following location:
Lion's Share's critically acclaimed "Dark Hours" album was released in March 2009 via Blistering Records. The follow-up to 2007's "Emotional Coma" was mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Symphony X, Paradise Lost, Amon Amarth) and features a guest appearance by Symphony X guitarist Mike Romeo (guest solo on "Behind The Curtain").

3 new CD Showcases added today - 3 new releases for Avenue Of Allies Music: Fabri Kiareli's F.E.A.S.T, Fire & Perfect View. Check them out now.




Friday, October 29, 2010

Triumph is one of Canada's greatest Hard Rock bands. With 10 classic albums released between 1976 and 1987, they have left an indelible mark on the history of Hard Rock, Melodic Rock and are nowadays considered among the forefathers of Progressive Metal.
Epitomizing the essence of the Power trio sound: Rik Emmett (guitar and vocals), Mike Levine (bass and keyboards) and Gil Moore (drums and vocals) are regarded as virtuoso musicians in their own right and great entertainers thanks to the Triumph concert spectacle that was second to none.
Frontiers Records is therefore proud to announce that the official reissues of Triumph's 10 classic albums, in digipak version and with the original tracklistings, will be released on December 3.
In The Beginning (1976) Rock and Roll Machine (1977) Just a Game (1979) Progressions of Power (1980) Allied Forces (1981) Never Surrender (1983) Thunder Seven (1984) Stages (Live) (1985) The Sport of Kings (1986) Surveillance (1987).
All CDs have been remastered and feature an extensive booklet including lyrics.
In addition, Frontiers will issue a very limited collector's edition Box Set entitled "Diamond Collection" which will include all the 10 albums in vinyl replica, and will feature the artwork from the original vinyl edition of the albums.
While future plans remain uncertain for the band, and after the recent reunion shows, the time to re-live the impressive legacy of their music has come. This new set of reissues is a real present to the Triumph fans, both old and new, who now have the opportunity to own these timeless masterpieces of Classic Rock.
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Gotthard will release a new compilation CD Heaven – Best of Ballads Part 2 in Europe on November 26. Featured are 17 songs including one new track What Am I. Additionally Heaven, Don't Let Me Down, I've Seen An Angel Cry, Have A Little Faith and Falling are featured as acoustic-piano versions.
Track Listing: 01. Heaven 02. What Am I * 03. Where Is Love When It's Gone 04. Need To Believe 05. One Life One Soul 06. The Call 07. Don't Let Me Down 08. Nothing Left At All 09. Unconditional Faith 10. Have A Little Faith ** 11. Tears To Cry 12. Everything I Want 13. I've Seen An Angel Cry 14. Tomorrow's Just Begun 15. Falling *** 16. And Then Goodbye 17. Merry Christmas.
* previously unreleased ** special piano version / previously unreleased *** special acoustic version / previously unreleased.


Sweet Sounds Music & Management have taken many of their artists and signed them to major record deals throughout the years. We also offer world wide digital distribution to artists who are in need of this service. We are proud to be working with Melodic Rock in promoting artists current CDs such as Jimi Jamison/Jim Peterik Extra Moments as well as other artists under the Melodic Rock label. To order "Extra Moments" please visit

Hair Metal band Beautiful Beast throws a rock party like it's 1989. It's freakin' old-fashioned, outdated and over the hill, but you will love the big-haired choruses, spandex-clad licks and the eyeliner-induced attitude. The group is the new project of singer/guitarist Julian Angel. Angel has released two solo albums ("", 2001; "Choreography Sucks", 2007), was nominated for German Rock Awards as 'Best Guitarist' and (since mid 2009) has been producing music for film, television and commercials.
With Beautiful Beast, Julian Angel wants to bring the good times back when bands had long hair, wore fancy clothes and used more reverb in their productions than grunge boy can imagine.
"We will look, sound and feel like it's 1989" says Angel "and if anyone calls us out-dated then our mission will be accomplished".
Beautiful Beast are currently putting finishing touches to their debut CD Adult Oriented Candy. The album will be mixed by Rolf Munkes (Empire, Razorback) who's currently playing with ex-Black Sabbath Tony Martin and is set for release in January 2011.
If you wish that Bon Jovi would still sound like "Bad Medicine", Autograph would churn out another "Blondes In Black Cars" and that Alice Cooper sounded that cool on a "Bed Of Nails", then Beautiful Beast will give their very best to make your wishes come true. Stay tuned...
WebLinks: / /

Matt Wardlaw recently had the chance to chat with Kipp Lennon of Venice about their participation in the current Roger Waters tour for the Riverfront Times. The interview is online now in two parts. Part 1: Part 2:
Some additional Venice-related chat and a few other tidbits from the Waters tour online at my blog ( within the next week or so...

News release from the Thunder camp: "Danny has asked me to let you know that he will be making a guest appearance at Dave "Bucket" Colwell's "Bucket & Co" album launch show at The Purple Turtle in Camden London on November 9. He will sing 3 songs. Dave will be showcasing the songs from his new album, and his band will feature the following musicians:
Paul Guerin (Quireboys) - guitar, Benjy Reid (Praying Mantis/Ted Nugent) – Drums, PJ Phillips (Rod Stewart/others) – Bass, Dick Young (ASAP) – Keys & Ronan Kavanagh on Vocals.
The irrepressible Spike from the Quireboys will be making a guest vocal appearance, as will Tracie Hunter. Terry Marshall will join in on saxophone, along with Judd Lander on harmonica.

More Free Thunder Downloads - As part of an ongoing process of improvements since launching the new site, I'm quite pleased to announce that as of today, six more live Thunder tunes are now available to download free via Music Glue. The songs are:
· You'll Still Need A Friend (from Rock City Case #2) · Love Worth Dying For (from The Magnificent Five Do Xmas) · Shake The Tree (from Rock City 6 - The Smell of Snow)· Long Way From Home (from Rock City 8 - The Turkey Strikes Back) · Miracle Man (from A Bit Of Rough Vol. 1) · Everybody Wants Her (from A Bit Of Rough Vol. 2).
All can be found on the Live Albums page, or if you can't wait, click here to go straight to Music Glue and get your free tunes.
Watch this space peeps, the band may be gone, but the name goes on, there'll be more news soon…"
WebLinks: /

Shockwaves Skull Sessions Episode #42: On this episode Skullsessions returning guests Monte Conner (VP of A&R for Roadrunner Records) and legendary Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward, along with newcomer to the Skullsessions and thrash-metal drummer extraordinaire Gene Hoglan (Fear Factory/ Deathclock), join Skullsessions host Bob Nalbandian on this astounding and diverse conversation about modern-metal bands, the art of drumming and the use of dynamics, the metal music business of today, modern recording techniques vs. analog, the great John Bonham and much, much more!

Shockwaves/HardRadio Podcast #47: On this episode host Bob Nalbandian interviews founding guitarist for the classic German heavy metal band Accept, Wolf Hoffman. The two discuss the new Accept album Blood of Nations and some great stories about the past. Also on this episode is a feature interview with legendary Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward. Bill discusses his new projects, the new Black Sabbath Paranoid Classic Albums DVD and he also shares some fond memories of Ronnie James Dio.

Come join the witch hunt and watch the legend burn: Praying Mantis have just celebrated their 30th Anniversary. The band were a landmark in the founding's of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal era, appearing on the legendary Metal for Muthas 1 Compilation as well as touring alongside legends Iron Maiden and Angel Witch.
To celebrate their 30th Anniversary, the band are releasing their awesome never been released new single Witch Hunt as a Free Download for 5 days available via iTunes starting on the 29th October 2010. This will be followed by a Special Limited Edition EP in late November 2010 which will include a number of their classic tracks!
Song stream: More info: /

New Reviews added today - Unruly Child, Nelson and Strangeways. Read the reviews now.

CD Showcase has been updated with Nelson's new album to check out.

MR-X has been updated with the following new features:
- Giuffria - Silk & Steel Outtakes (4 Tracks)
- Gudrun Laos - Demos (14 Tracks)
- Nick Henderson - Demos (US 88)(10 Tracks)
- Asher - Asher EP (US 84)(4 Tracks)
MR-X Membership Details.




Thursday, October 28, 2010

Escape Music will release a Heartland Best Of titled Travelling Through Time, set for release January 21, 2011. The set adds one brand new song and five unreleased tracks.
Included tracks (in no particular order for now): Search Goes On (New Track), Eyes Wide Open, Elena, When Angels Call, Whatever Gets You Through The Night, One Love, City Of Light, Too Sad To Cry, The Best Yet To Come, Man In The Iron Mask, Magazine, Staring Down The Gun, Where the pieces fall, Wide Open, A Leap In The Dark.
Plus 5 Unreleased Bonus tracks: The Fall, I Believe, A Man I'll Never Be, These are The Days, Stranger In This City.

The releases: Heartland (1991 A&M) / Wide Open (Escape Music 1999) / III (Escape 1995) / Bridge of Fools (Escape 1997) / Miracles by Design (Escape 1998) / When Angels Call (Escape 1999) / As It Comes (Escape 2000) / Communication Down (Escape 2002) / Move On (Escape 2005) / Mind Your Head (Escape 2007).

The Players: Chris Ousey – All Vocals / Steve Morris – Guitars, Bass & Keyboards, Steve Gibson - Drums, Steve Millington - Keyboards. Plus many many more Guests musicians!

Chris Ousey's career goes from strength to strength. His first main achievement was with Polygram recording artists "Monroe" with guitarist Gary Sharpe, but Chris never made it to the album as he was snatched in the pre-production stages by John Bonham's son, Jason, for his new band of the moment, Virginia Wolf. The band notched up 250,000 album sales between two records in the form of their self titled debut (produced by Queen's Roger Taylor) and "Push" (produced by Keith Olsen).
Heartland was actually formed by Chris with Gary Sharpe and their self titled debut on A & M Records in the early nineties was produced by James "Jimbo" Barton. Barton eventually teamed up with Heartland bassist Phil Brown and the pair went on to produce Trixter, Steve Perry and Queensryche. Heartland originally toured with Mr. Big in support of their debut album. Chris and Gary later got together and put out "Wide Open" in 1994, an album that has been reissued by Escape Music with bonus tracks (ESM 046). Later that year, Escape Music's Khalil Turk introduced Chris to guitarist Steve Morris. Steve is a guitar virtuoso and as experienced as Chris in his own field having recorded two albums with Epic recording artist's "Export" ("Living in fear of the Private Eye" and "Export") as well as touring with their own independent album supporting Slade. Through Export he got to work with Tony Bongiovi and Lance Quinn as well as writing with Bob Halligan Jnr. and Michael Bolton. Finally, Steve became guitarist for Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan and recorded three albums in addition to co-writing all the material, before he hooked up with Chris Ousey.
The album Heartland III (ESM 002), which was essentially the first release on the then newly formed Escape Music label, has done extremely well since its release in November, 1995 and 12 years later is still very much a popular album. This third outing was considered more commercial than the previous two albums, but nevertheless kept the rock fan's respect as well as gaining a wider audience. In early 1997 the album "Bridge of Fools" (ESM 011) was unleashed, with a return to rock roots and more of a 'band' feel. Along with Chris on lead vocals and Steve on guitars, Say keyboards player Chris Lloyd and original Heartland drummer Steve Gibson joined the line-up, together with bassist Tim Duncan. At this point in time, Escape Music was working on many other projects, one of these being Vancouver based band "Pokerface" (Life's A Gamble ESM 008). This particular outfit is fronted by Darcy Deutsch (Prism) and features guitarist/song writer/producer Kenny "Kaos" Loney. Kenny was to become very much a part of Heartland when Steve was tied up recording "Dream Catcher" with Ian Gillan. Hence, the collaboration between Chris and Kenny, known as "The Distance", culminating in the release of two albums "The Distance" (ESM 022) and "Live and Learn" (ESM 042). Soon after, the production started for "Miracles by Design" (ESM 029), the fifth Heartland album. The album was released in May, 98 and recorded in Parr Street Studio's (Belonging to Genesis's management) using Ken Nelson as sound engineer. As keyboards player Chris Lloyd (Say) had recently been injured in a car crash, Steve Morris had to finish the keyboards before the tapes went to Vancouver for completion. Kenny made his contribution to the album and "Distance" cohorts John Counsel and Dave Hopia added keys and bass respectively. Loverboy/Blackstone man Paul Dean in his own Vancouver studios carried out the mixing.
Chris and Steve have both expanded their already sound experience by working with many Escape Music artists in recent years, examples being Change of Heart, Message, Radio Silence and Newman, plus both Foreigner and Boston tributes. Their production and input is clearly evident. Since the release of "Miracles", Heartland have released a sixth (acoustic) album "When Angels Call" (ESM 043), featuring songs old and new as the Heartland wagon train rolled ahead into a new millennium. The Ousey/Morris core remained backed with original drummer Steve Gibson, bass player Tim Hewitt (Boulevard) and keyboards aficionado Steve Millington (10cc).
"As It Comes", the seventh album, was a major leap forward by the band in the way that it combined all of their best elements and brought them out in a beautiful manner. This album Rocked!: it was a winner from the start, with production from Steve Morris, mixing by Ray Roper (Stonebolt) and mastering by Craig Wadell. Heartland recorded album number eight, "Communication Down" in 2002 and this saw Heartland going for the throat. This album was a real ripper and the band was now pushing towards a more hard rock sound. Keyboards were supplied by the great Dave Chapman (Change of Heart).
"Move On" was the ninth studio album by this great British melodic rock band. It was over two years in the making and was well worth the wait. Steve Morris has also been a very busy man, as well as working with Gillan he has also been working on the Shadowman albums with Steve Overland (FM, The Ladder). Mind Your Head was their 10th studio album no less. The core of the band Ousey and Morris are at their best, like a fine red wine they have matured into the much loved band we hear and love today.

Just recently Chris is recording a solo album produced by Mike Slamer & Tommy Denander and is also working with Steve Overland on a new project called Ozone.
In the meantime "Travelling Through Time" is an enjoyable way to be reminded of how great they are, with tracks old and new and something you may just never have heard before….this is a milestone achievement from both Escape Music and Heartland, here's to the future of a great working relationship that has stood the test of time.


One of the most anticipated releases in the progressive metal genre is released on December 3. Having built a reputation as one of the most exciting, skilled and enthralling metal acts currently on the scene as well as making a name for themselves with potent live performances Sweden Rock Festival and two shows at the prestigious ProgPower USA, Swedish progressive metal masters Seventh Wonder have raised the bar even further with The Great Escape.
This spectacular new album is a continuation of where the band left us last with 2008's Mercy Falls. The band's trademark first class melodies and great choruses are still in focus along with astonishing lead work from all musicians throughout the CD. Yet there is for the first time in Seventh Wonder history a really epic track on the album with the adventurous title track that clocks in at 30 minutes.
The story of this track is based on the epic space saga Aniara, written in 1956 by Swedish Nobel Prize winner Harry Martinson. The band even obtained written permission from the author's daughter who holds the copyright, to use phrases from the original book after hearing a few Seventh Wonder tracks and liked them. The rest of the lyrics on the album sees the bands usual wide variety of topics dealing with everyday life and challenges in our modern society, as well as more fictional stories and historical themes. Some other novel musical excursions also appear on the album, while staying true to the Seventh Wonder formula of writing music.
Sonically the new album is somewhat drier than its predecessor Mercy Falls and in that sense more reminiscent of the sound on Waiting In The Wings, a more guitar driven sound. The sound is still very clear such that all instruments are clearly audible, as we have come to expect from Seventh Wonder releases with the album being a great reflection of the power the band possess in the live arena.
Never an act to stand still the band wanted to try something new this time. The new stuff constitutes about half of the albums playing time and is made up of the aforementioned epic title track on one hand and the slow, almost poppy song Long Way Home on the other, featuring Jenny Karevik on additional vocals and Andreas Blomqvist playing fretless bass, adding to the different feel of the track. If these two tracks represent the new flavour, then the rest of the songs are exactly what you would expect from Seventh Wonder, only newer and better.
In the build up to release the band made their first promotional video for the song Alley Cat which scored over 20,000 hits on YouTube within 14 days of upload and at the time of writing has had over 35,000 hits. A clear sign the band are ready to move to the next level in terms of popularity.
The Great Escape features some new flavours for the Seventh Wonder fans indeed, but always staying true to the formula that have gained them thousands of fans around the globe; -technically advanced progressive metal with hooks and melodies to die for.

Track Listing: 01. Wiseman. 02. Alley Cat. 03. The Angelmaker. 04. King of Whitewater. 05. Long Way Home. 06. Move on Through. 07. The Great Escape.
Musicians: Andreas Blomqvist – Bass Johan Liefvendahl – Guitar Tommy Karevik – Vocals Andreas Soderin – Keyboards Johnny Sandin - Drums.
WebLinks: /




Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of Jeff Scott Soto's double live album Live at Firefest 2008 on December 3rd 2010. Firefest has become a pivotal event in the Melodic Rock season in Europe. Born from the ashes of the 'Gods of AOR' festival, Firefest started in 2004 and not only did they continue the tradition of Europe's finest Melodic Rock/AOR festivals, but exceeded all previous expectations.
Not many bands have the chance to play on 'that' stage nowadays and when Bruce Mee and Kieran Dargan have realized the demand for particular artists to continuing rounding up annually. Jeff Scott Soto was no stranger to 'that' stage. He performed at the Gods festival in 2002 putting up an amazing show that was mirrored with a live CD/DVD. So when the call came to Jeff about the new and continued version of this proven festival, he wasted no time in answering "Of course!".
But not all good things come easily… "Unfortunately the date clashed with my commitments touring with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in the US for their annual Winter Tour" recalls Jeff. "This meant a week of 12 hour rehearsals in the US, leaving on a Friday to land in London on a Saturday morning, bee-line it up to Nottingham for 4 hours in traffic, meet with the band for 30 minutes, as they were wrapping up the ONLY rehearsal we had prior to the show (the last time we had played together was nearly a year prior!), straight to the venue and onstage within the next hour!"
But once onstage, the warmth of the crowd and the energy transmitted by the electricity of the event was such that Jeff and his band stormed through our 70 minute set like gangbusters! It was the first time the songs from the "Beautiful Mess" album were performed in Europe and the last show the original JSS band featuring Howie Simon on guitar, Dave Dzialak on drums and Gary Schutt on bass played together.
In JSS words: "Here it is in all its glory, a little extra something for you all to help me remember this wonderful night of music and memories".

"Live at Firefest 2008" tracklisting includes:
CD1: 21st Century; Colour My XTC (prelude); Soul Divine; Drowning; Our Song; DD Solo; Guitar Jam; Mountain; Eyes Of Love; Testify; Broken Man.
CD2: Hey; Crazy; Piano Medley (If This Is The End, Nobody Said It Was Easy, 4 U); Gin & Tonic Sky; I'll Be Waiting; Funky Medley (Play That Funky Music, Jungle Boogie, The Roof Is On Fire, Brick House, Shake Your Booty, Kung Fu Fighting, Yo Baby Yo, Macho Man, Ice Ice Baby, Stayin' Alive, Another One Bites The Dust, Walk This Way, My Love, My Friend)
The songs "21st Century" and "Eyes Of Love" can exclusively be listened in full in streaming on the Frontiers Web radio. Tune in at:


New Frontiers videos can be viewed now on YouTube. Two Fires (Is It Any Wonder): And Nelson LST EPK: and You're All I Need Tonight:

The following signing session are being held over the Firefest weekend, between band performances. Please note that due to time restrictions, a maximum of TWO items per person will be allowed. The perfect excuse for buy that amazing 36 page full-colour Firefest programme for a risible £5. The signing sessions will take place in The Cellar, which is the room to the left as you exit down the stairs from main room (opposite entrance to The Rig).

Friday October 29
9.50pm: Signing Session: Reckless Love (After Crazy Lixx set)

Saturday October 30
Doors Open : 12.15
5.10pm: Signing Session: Bangalore Choir (after Shotgun Symphony set)
6.35pm: Signing session: Shotgun Symphony (after Bonfire set)
8.05pm: Signing Session: Bonfire (after Dare set)

Sunday October 31
Door Open : 12.15
1.15pm: Signing Session: Stage Dolls (after Grand Design set)
2.30pm: Signing Session: Strangeways (after Newman set)
3.50pm: Signing Session: Steve Newman (after Stage Dolls set)
5.10pm: Signing Session: Jimi Jamison (after Strangeways set)
6.35pm: Signing Session: Nelson (after Pretty Maids set)
8.05pm: Signing Session: Pretty Maids (after Jimi Jamison set)

Greece's Rockpages Web Magazine did an exclusive TV Interview with Derek Sherinian from Black Communion Country, Planet X and many others regarding various topics including the new Black Communion Country album, life on the road, Alice Cooper etc. Here's the link where you can see the TV Interview and read the whole script:

A recent interview with Joe Satriani is online now at:

RockEyez interviews Marcie Free (Unruly Child):

A detailed interview with Two Fires frontman Kevin Chalfant can be found at:

The charismatic Oliver Weers (German born, currently located in Denmark) is ready to unleash his new album Evil's Back. Many should recall his predecessor "Get Ready" from 2008, which featured such names as Tommy Aldridge (Ozzy, Whitesnake) and Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake). The record was released through out Europe and in 2010 reached Japan. The Japanese magazine Burrn wrote: "He's doubling the charm of authentic Hard rock music…" and the magazine Player states "This really rocks!".
Oliver Weers has supported such giants as Mötley Crüe and Whitesnake. Surely "Get Ready" did consolidate it self as a success and manifested Oliver Weers as a great artist.
Needless to say Oliver Weers has something to live up to these days, and with "Evil's Back" he is ready to prove to the critics and audiences that he is here to stay. The 2nd album is a response to what is going on in the world today.
"With the upcoming Album "Evil's Back" we can expect more depth and heavy tones," Oliver Weers comments. "Not heavy in a "metal" sense but more detailed and exciting. It will take us through a very sensual world of delicacies which open many of our natural emotions. I'm much occupied with our global crisis and witness a change in people's behavior and well-being. We're all in the same boat wherever I go. I think many people around will be able to relate to the words and have their own personal interpretations to the songs."
With perfect cut riffs and catchy hook lines, Oliver Weers is perfecting his expression and growing as an artist, but also leaving some room for surprises to the hard rock audiences. The first single "All My Life" is a great indicator of what people can expect from the new Oliver Weers record. The track can be downloaded for free here at
WebLinks: /!/pages/Oliver-Weers-Official/145636002143151?ref=ts /




Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time for some MelodicRockRecords updates. Firstly I am very excited to announce the signing of cult AOR legends Taxxi for an album of previously unreleased gems. The band sadly split on the verge of releasing their 5th studio album (2nd for MCA), following the inclusion of the amazing Heaven And The Heartaches song on the Secret Of My Success soundtrack.
From the same sessions of that song and a couple of other trips to the studio comes a sensation compilation of material that I believe would have been rated classic for its time.
The 11 unreleased songs are all of exceptional quality. One track Writing On The Wall was previewed on MRCD5 a year or so back. The remaining songs are just as great! Further details and soundbytes will come in due course. The album will hopefully be released in February 2011.


I am also closing in on another artist deal to bring some more unreleased material from this popular band that should have come out long before now. Never too late though!

The Jimi Jamison & Jim Peterik release Extra Moments has sold out of it's 2000 unit run, so I have no more stock here to sell. However, a number of the usual melodic rock retailers still have stock, including AOR Heaven, NEH Records, Sweet Sounds Music and Music Buy Mail to name a few.

Fenrik Lane's debut album 317 has been gathering some favourable reviews. calls it "melodic rock even if it's performed in a more modern way...".
Nick van der Meulen: "The band sounds gloriously like a mix of a more melodic version of Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Live and U2. Very easy listening, the band produces upbeat, light, melodic rock that any rock fan would listen to and enjoy."
HardRock Haven says: "Not only are they strong musicians, but they write stellar songs. Even the production efforts on 317 are pristine. Fenrik Lane is all about potential right now, but potentially, these guys should make a lot of waves in 2010 … and beyond."
You can purchase the album via all good melodic outlets or direct from myself at:


Out next week are the next two MRR releases - another two debut albums! First Swedish rockers Degreed Life, Love, Loss. The band mixes classic and modern with a really sharp production and some big melodic anthems. The first 6 samples can be heard at: And right now I'd like to present samples of the other 6 tracks on the album. Please check them out, I don't think there is a dud track to be found!
Download: 07) Human Being 08) Colour Me 09) Catch The Feeling 10) Keep Me Alive 11) My Fall 12) By Your Side.
Once again, you can purchase the album via all good melodic outlets (as of next week) or direct from myself at: (shipping this week).

All I Know's debut album Vanity Kills is also out Monday, with pre-sales shipping this week. Remember that all direct orders via the MRR store will receive 2 bonus tracks as free download. Full details and audio samples at:


Violet Sun will be released November 19 and Taxxi in February. Beyond that is wait and see at this point, but I have some additional plans brewing. I am looking for additional distribution opportunities for the label and will continue working these releases for some time to come. I believe their quality deserves continual promotion and hopefully the good word will continue to spread.

As far as the MelodicRock Compilation series - MRCD7 is out now and ready to ship on demand. the 2CD set features a number of exclusive tracks and there are plenty here to shift, so please consider supporting this site and the artists involved by purchasing a copy now.


MRCD8 and MRDVD1 are both on hold for the time being due to financial constraints placed upon me by the ever weakening value of the US Dollar. Basically it just costs too much to manufacture and ship these sets out at current prices. So I'll work through the current period promoting the MRR releases and see where we are at in the new year.

And that about that! Thanks for the support of the label and the site and stay tuned for further updates.


As most will be aware, Pride Of Lions vocalist Toby Hitchcock has a solo project coming out very soon. Toby hooked up with Eclipse/W.E.T. mastermind Erik Martensson to create a killer melodic rock record that steps outside the POL sound. And I'm pleased to say that this record looks like delivering just as expected. I've heard 5 tracks to date and love them all, so that's a great sign of what the finished album promises. The sound mixes Toby's big booming voice and Erik's own unique sound for a record that is going to appeal to all fans of Price Of Lions, Eclipse and W.E.T.
A brief description of the tracks I have heard:
A Different Drum - A dramatic style hard rocker that would definitely sound at home on the W.E.T. release. Great chorus and some big harmony vocals.
I Should Have Said - Definitely has that hard edge Eclipse sound and builds intensity into a huge chorus and some tasty guitar soloing. Strong uptempo melodic rocker.
Let Go - Has that lush AOR sound that featured on W.E.T. with keyboard fills and an intense vocal from Toby that sees him stretching his voice.
Strong Enough - This has a great sound...a real urgency to it. A big anthemic AOR number with a fast tempo and lots of backing vocals.
This Is The Moment - A darker and heavier side to Toby and Erik here with some major keyboard parts. A dramatic chorus and somewhat lighter verse. Definitely a touch of POL here and an orchestral double kick-drum finish!

Release news and audio samples to follow as soon as possible....but soon!


Escape Music are pleased to announce their next scheduled release Appearance of Nothing and their album All Gods are Gone, due out January 21, 2011.
Track List: 1- The Mirror's Eyes 6.03 2- 2nd God 6.18 3- Sweet Enemy 9.00 4- Destination 9.10 5- The Call of Eve 5.17 6- …I said Silence 7.31 7- The Rise and Fall of Nothing 4.56.
The Band: Pat Gerber: Vocals / Guitar, Omar Cuna: Vocals / Bass Peter Berger: Lead Guitar, Marc Petralito: Keyboards, Yves Lüthi: Drums.
Produced by Markus Teske, Bazement Studio & Marc Petralito. Mixed & Mastered by Markus Teske.
With Special guests appearance: "The Mirror's Eyes", "... I said Silence" & "2nd God" death Vocals by Dan Swanö (ex Edge of Sanity/ Nightingale). "Sweet Enemy" Lead Vocals by Devon Graves (ex Psychotic Waltz/Deadsoul Tribe)

Download this full length preview: The Call Of Eve.

Swiss band Appearance of Nothing was founded 2004 by Pat Gerber (Vocals/Guitar), Yves Lüthi (Drums), Omar Cuna (Bass) and Marc Petralito (Keys). After a short experimental period the band began to write their own songs. Since then Pat and Omar both share the part as lead singers which adds additional variety to the songs.
In 2005 the first self-produced demo Behind Closed Doors was released, which gained a lot of positive reaction, so the band decided, together with their new lead guitarist Peter Berger, to take a big step forward. In 2008 Wasted Time (ESM174) was released and the band engaged Markus Teske as producer who worked together with famous bands such as "Vanden Plas" and "Symphony X". What we have with this highly acclaimed release is a very symphonic and highly enjoyable sound that brings together the best elements of Dream Theater, Symphony X, Saga and Vanden Plas. Arrangements are grand and lush with powerful keyboard passages and strutting guitars, all backed with a great rhythm section.
In the years 2008/2009 Appearance of Nothing concentrated on playing headliner shows, as well as shows as supporting act of Gurd and at the Swiss RAW festival in front of 4000 people on the main stage.
It's 2010 and Appearance of Nothing have a new recording: All Gods are Gone. The album has a considerably more aggressive and more modern attitude. Not only the sound but also the collaboration with vocalist Dan Swanö (ex Edge of Sanity/Nightingale). The first track Mirrors Eyes is actually a follow up to the song Man in the Mirror from Wasted Time. This is one seriously good recording, although with a more modern approach this new release should see the band attracting new fans as well as keeping their current fan base more than happy.
A truly epic release.


Following up on the Beggars & Thieves EP news from yesterday...Stone Alone Firefest collectors EP will be a limited edition (500 units) EP available at Firefest this coming weekend. Featuring the lead new track Stone Alone - Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Churko (Ozzy Osbourne, Hinder).
The band's in-progress album is apparently almost ready and should be mixed and mastered in the beginning of the 2011.
Right now though....the band have given permission to offer the brand new song for free download - right here.

Download: Beggars & Thieves - Stone Alone.


The tragic death of Gotthard singer Steve Lee has triggered a record demand for the band's albums. For the first time in the history of the Swiss charts, 13 albums from one band are among the top 100 at the same time – and that means all albums that Gotthard have released so far in their career. Also in the Swiss single charts, the loyalty and sympathy after Steve Lee's death are very apparent. The single "Heaven" even made it to the top of the charts with "One Life One Soul" at number four. In total, nine single are in the charts.
In the album charts it is "Need To Believe" and "One Team – One Spirit" that have the highest positions, numbers two and three respectively.
Just last Sunday, the official funeral service for the Gotthard front man was held on top of the Gotthard mountain. In spite of snow and winter temperatures, more than 3000 people came to pay their last respect to Steve Lee. Among them were all the band members, Lee' s girlfriend Brigitte Voss-Balzarini and his sister as well as all the people involved with Gotthard such as management, technicians, crew, label and promotion. In a memorial tent, mourners could place candles and flowers and say goodbye to Steve, to the sound of Native Indian music – the same music that Steve avidly listened to while visiting a camp of the Indian Shoshone tribe just one day before his death in the USA.
At 13.00 the eulogy was held in Italian and German by two monks of the Gotthard hospice. In Swiss history the term "Gotthard" has always stood for the uniting of the south, north, east and west and therefore would have a very special status for all, the monks said. Yet it also represents "onward journey" and "stopover". The speech was closed reverently with the song "One Life One Soul" in a duet with opera diva Montserrat Caballé.
Gotthard are one of the most successful groups Switzerland has ever had. Several platinum, double and triple platinum awards enrich their history. 216 times, the Rock group has appeared in the single charts and a total of 378 times in the album charts. Twelve Gotthard albums have topped the charts. The single "Heaven" is only the second song in Swiss music history to achieve a second number 1 entry after being out of the charts for a while.


Faithealer is Ivan Gunn (ex-Balance Of Power/Pride) & Jason Marks (ex-Forever/S.I.N). Formed from the ashes of Europe's bright AOR hopes Pride and S.I.N, this is a meeting of melodic minds with a plan to write the best most emotional melodic songs write with no agenda and what comes from the heart.......the result Welcome To The Edge Of The World.
Featuring guests Chris Green and Mat Mitchell (ex-Pride/Furyon) and Rick Hunter Martinez, this is an album full of hooks melody and emotion.
Faithealer are proud to announce the release of their debut album through King Records in Japan on OCT 27 and that they have signed a sub publishing deal with Fuji Pacific.
Also Faithealer are proud to announce that they have been selected to be on the cover mount CD of the first ever issue of Classic Rock's new publication Classic AOR in November. And finally proud to announce they have signed a worldwide digital release agreement with The Orchard for the new album meaning you will be able to down load from the Rest Of World version of this album contains a bonus track and the album is released in November and available from
Samples of the album can be heard at: Contact the band at:
Faithealer audio samples can be heard via this link: The band will also be distributed via Wishing Well Entertainment in the USA.


Music fans were surprised and elated in 2009 when prog rock supergroup Transatlantic announced they were reforming for a new album. The Whirlwind went on to be their best-selling album, entering mainstream charts in the US, Germany and Netherlands.
Ten years earlier, four of progressive rock's finest joined together to form the supergroup, Transatlantic: Neal Morse (lead vocals, guitar, keyboard), Roine Stolt (lead vocals, guitar), Mike Portnoy (drums, vocals), and Pete Trewavas (bass, vocals). Their two seminal albums, tours and DVDs redefined prog's artistic and commercial possibilities with a combination of modern and traditional prog, classic pop sensibilities, and mind-blowing musicianship.
The Whirlwind tour was the group's largest, covering both sides of the Atlantic across 11 countries. With the addition of Pain of Salvation's Daniel Gildenlow on guitar and keyboards, it was also their most musically powerful. On May 21, 2010, at Shepherd's Bush Empire in London, the cameras were rolling.
The concert featured the entire Whirlwind album performed exactly as on the studio recording. But that's just the beginning. For the next two and half hours, Transatlantic performed nearly every song they've ever recorded, along with some surprises. The audio recorded at the show was later mixed by the band's own Roine Stolt, ensuring a genuine presentation of the music from that night.
The show doesn't end, though, with the fading echoes of the final note. Backstage, in and around cities throughout Europe, the cameras accompanied Mike, Neal, Roine and Pete on their journey. Uncensored experiences and candid moments reveal the good, the bad, and the unexpected of life on the road. Also included is the band's encore from the final night of their tour, a headlining spot at the UK's High Voltage Festival. For the last song, they performed the Genesis classic, Return of the Giant Hogweed, joined onstage by original Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett.
Travel from the last decade of prog to today and from the backstage to the soundstage. Capturing a thousand timeless moments, Whirlwind Tour 2010: Live at Shepherd's Bush London captures musicians and audience uniting to create an electrifying musical experience. Join Transatlantic as they unleash their very best as you've never seen, heard or imagined them.
DVD 1 (147 minutes) 1. The Whirlwind 2. All of the Above 3. We All Need Some Light 4. Duel With the Devil.
DVD 2 (160 minutes) 1. Bridge Across Forever 2. Stranger in Your Soul 3. Documentary 4. Band Interview 5. Return of the Giant Hogweed (w/ Steve Hacket)
CD Release - Audio CD 1 1. The Whirlwind (79:52) Audio CD 2 1. All of the Above (30:19) 2. We All Need Some Light (8:40) 3. Duel with the Devil (28:31) Audio CD 3 1. Bridge Across Forever (6:03) 2. Stranger in Your Soul (30:00).
WebLinks: / /

The time has come! November 12th is the date when Gothenburg band Danger Avenue will release their album Long Overdue. This will be celebrated with a huge release party at Valand in their home town, and with the help from special guests, fellow Gothenburg rockers Siphon Fuel, and the musician store Jam, we'll make this night a special one! No fan of classic, 70´s and 80´s inspired rock can afford to miss this! The album "Long Overdue" is a 12 track statement that shows what's been missing for too long in the music of today: Really good and powerful songs, and a dynamic sound with depth.
The album is recorded with, mixed and produced by Roberth Olausson (Hardcore Superstar, Evergrey among others). Mastering is done by the highly praised, and incredibly experienced Dragan Tanaskovic. For only 100 SEK, you get entrance to Valand, a full-on concert with Danger Avenue + special guest, and you also get a copy of the album "Long Overdue"!
For free tickets or press contact, please contact: /

The Swedish melodic Supermetal band 7days are back with their long awaited 2nd album - Into Forever. 7DAYS is a must album for all lovers of Avantasia, Symphony X & Ayreon. Featuring a killer line-up with members from Therion, Divinefire, Harmony, Dark Water, Murder Of My Sweet, Royal Hunt, Rob Rock & Narnia. WebLinks: /

ReinXeed - The Swedish melodic power metal band are back with their 3rd album Majestic. The album scored 88 points in Burrn! Magazine in Japan and reached top positions on Japanese Metal Charts for several months. The 22 year young Tommy Johansson guitar & vocal hero in ReinXeed & Golden Resurrection reaching new fans all over the world with his exceptional guitar playing and vocal talents. WebLinks: /

Johnny Lennartsson Group - The New Classic Rock And Power House Trio Sensation From Sweden. Feel The Fire is the title of the debut album and what you get is melodic classic rock in the finest way. The musical influences are Michael Landau, Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa, Black County Communion & Steve Lukather. WebLink:

Rockpalast is a world renowned German television series that began airing in 1974 on the German television station Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR). Translated into English as "Rock Palace" the television series still airs today. Over the years countless artists and bands have appeared on the show and now MIG is pleased to present four memorable performances from some of Rock's most iconic bands and musicians. All of the recordings will be available in CD and DVD format, with the exception of the John Cale release which has a Double CD, Double DVD and an LP version and the Roger Mcguinn release which is available only on DVD.
In conjunction with the release of these amazing archival performances, AOL Music and are presenting Full Album Listening Parties of the Rockpalast Performances from John Cale & Band, UFO, and Michael Schenker Group.
John Cale & Band can be heard at the following links: / UFO can be heard at: Michael Schenker Group can be heard at:

DVDs can be found at:

Metal masters Vicious Rumors have just signed with German label SPV/Steamhammer for the world except Japan. The new CD Razorback Killer will be released world wide March 2011. The new Album is Vicious Rumors at their very best!
Vicious Rumors mastermind Geoff Thorpe has put together 10 power tracks full of killer guitars and melody's. Larry Howe is the thunder hammer on drums, new vocalist Brian Allen has a wicked high range and power while Kiyoshi Morgan shredding on guitar and Stephen Goodwin pounding on bass. Songs like "Razorback Blade" is a speed metal anthem, "Deal with the Devil" and "All I Want Is You" are classic Vicious Rumors!! The thrashing "Axe to Grind" and "Murderball" is pure power. Produced by Geoff Thorpe for GTM World Wide and Juan Urteaga of Trident Studios ( Machine Head, Ted Nugent, Night Ranger,) "Razorback Killer" is a real metal classic!
Vicious Rumors is very excited to have Mark McGee return to the band on guitar for 2 songs in a very special re-union on this new CD . Geoff and Mark trading solos and doing harmonys in the studio just like the old days! Vicious Rumors was honored to have Brad Gillis (Night Ranger, Ozzy) make a guest appearance for a blazing solo. Just when you thought you were safe Eric Peterson (Testament) records a wicked harmony and shred solo on the killer track "Murderball". With these songs and the new "old" logo Vicious Rumors keeps the ball rolling!
Vicious Rumors is currently on tour all over Europe. They will co- headline the Keep It true Festival in Germany in April 2011 with a "Tribute to Carl Albert" featuring Carl Albert`s son Kevin on vocals with former members Mark McGee and Tommy Sisco.

Vicious Rumors "European-Tour 2010"
29.10. D-Uelsen - UJT
30.10. D-Hannover - Metal Shock Festival
02.11. F-Paris - Le Klub
04.11. E-Gijon - Sala Otto
05.11. E-Vigo - La Fabrica de Chocolate
06.11. PT-Lisbon - Side B
07.11. E-Madrid - Ritmo y Compas
11.11. NL-Eindhoven - The Rambler
12.11. CH-Uster - Rock City
13.11. B-Antwerp - De Rots
WebLinks: /

There are famous artists, there are legendary ones - and there is Ozzy Osbourne. Not only is "the Prince of Darkness" one of hard rock's most iconic characters, he has also remained at the very top of his career for longer than any of his peers. We are proud to announce that Ozzy Osbourne will make his only Swedish appearance in 2011 at Sweden Rock Festival!
His career took off on Friday the 13th of February 1970, with the release of Black Sabbath's eponymous debut - the Big bang in heavy music history. Until 1978 the band would release another seven albums featuring Ozzy's uniquely scornful voice over ominous Doomsday riffs, in countless immortal tracks like "Paranoid", "Iron man" and "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath". 1980 saw the arrival of the singer's solo debut "Blizzard of Ozz", another landmark release establishing the characteristic Ozzy sound with tough riffs combined with strong melodies. In the following years Ozzy's status has grown to Olympic proportions. Events like the reunion of the original Black Sabbath and the controversial reality show "The Osbournes" have been commercial triumphs.
However, his prime achievements remain the albums themselves. In 2010, "Scream" materialized as Ozzy's tenth studio release, featuring the single "Let me hear you scream". The latter is the newest addition to an array of classic songs including "Crazy train", "Mr. Crowley", "Bark at the moon" and "No more tears". To name but a few. His recent show at the Stockholm Globe Arena sold out completely soon after the tickets were released and was unanimously hailed by the press, proving Ozzy is as pivotal as ever to the world's rock and metal scene.
It is this heavy metal titan that in June 2011 makes his very first appearance at Sweden Rock Festival. And his mind is setting on putting on a stellar show. As Ozzy himself puts it in an upcoming Sweden Rock Magazine cover story: "I would pay to see my fans. I love meeting them and making sure they have a good time."

What do Rob Zombie, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Alice Cooper, Marky Ramone and so many other rockstars have in common? They all love animals and have signed guitars and more to help support the upcoming concert Humanity Thru Music and the building of a No-Kill animal sanctuary. Right now you can get your ticket for $35 as a special Halloween price – Just Paypal to and get yours now!
Come wag your tail and rock-out in Hollywood on November, 6 at the First Annual "Humanity Thru Music" concert and paw-sta dinner in benefit of Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary a 501c3 dedicated to much needed animal welfare in California. Come help save the lives of our homeless animals from having to enter shelters and face needless euthanasia by supporting the building of Southern California's first full NO-KILL animal sanctuary, medical and educational center.
The night will dazzle you with bright lights and stars as you cross the green carpet to the corridor off of Hollywood Blvd for fun, food and a paw-stompin concert with Platinum super-group players from Yes & Toto – Yoso - playing hits from both bands Roundabout, Owner Of A Lonely Heart, Rosanna, Hold The Line and so much more!
Join celebrities and rockstars at the vegetarian Paw-sta buffet bar then trot over and chase your tail around one of the largest silent auctions full of the best treats, including guitars signed by Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, George Lynch, drum heads signed by Marky Ramone, weekend trips, Hi-end spa weekends, signed sports memorabilia, autographed Star Wars memorabilia, Two Brunches at the House of Blues, Tickets from the LA Philharmonic (winter season) and Hollywood Bowl tickets (summer season), a Two Night Stay at the beautiful Carmel By the Sea, Cypress Inn - part owned by Doris Day and pet friendly. The list of auction items is endless and all proceeds go to Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary to further their goal of building in 2011.

Nights Schedule: Will-call opens at 5:30 pm to check in and purchase tickets with the Green Carpet and silent auction starting at 6:00 pm. The vegetarian paw-sta buffet starts at 6:30 pm with a martini and wine bar. 8:00 pm is your cue to go rock-out to classic rock in the amphitheater for the concert that will start at 8:30pm. The concert will end about 11:00 pm in which the guests will return to the corridor for the last chance to bid on the silent auction before the winners are announced. At this time, coffee and dessert will be served.
Online Advance Sale: General Admission seats, dinner and dog tags (festival seating) is $50, VIP seating, dinner, dog tags and commemorative book is $100 (guaranteed first 5 rows), $195 VIP Backstage (First 3 center rows seating guaranteed | VIP Lounge | After-Show Meet & Greet | Special Yoso Gift bag), Platinum group seating for 10 includes all above* $1250.
To Buy Tickets – Go to, Paypal at OR Paypal direct with ticket seat-type and quantities to – You will be provided with a confirmation page you will bring to will-call night of the event. Will-call starts @ 5:30 pm sharp!
WALK-UP (day of show): General Admission seats, dinner and dog tags (festival seating) is $50, VIP seating, dinner, dog tags and commemorative book is $100 (guaranteed first 5 rows), VIP Backstage not available.

Castaway Records is a new European record label. We are licensing and promoting our products to countries worldwide as well as co-operating with distributors in all important countries.
Castaway Records is now releasing a compilation entitled "These Band Rock! - A Compilation of new and upcoming bands". The compilation is released to promote new and upcoming bands and artists to the European rock scene and to help them to get their music out to the masses. The compilation was already promoted this summer at various summer festivals around Europe as well as will now be sent to all major online mags, rock/metal radios, rock clubs, printed mags etc.
Tracklist: Asylum Pyre - Laughing With The Stars, Neuronia - White Mouse, Bones Of Freedom - Honey Bee, Disharmony - Cosmic Anarchy, Oriz - Rocktree, Dimmz - So Easy, Aim Deep - Disbelieve, Shades Of Crimson - Nightfall, The Indigo - I´m So Alive, Loud At Least - Drive Any Road, Martyr - Circle Of 8, Cross Section - Don´t Have To Be Here, Everlasting Blood - When The Heavens Fall.

Metallica posted this news update online: "If you picked up "Six Feet Down Under," you may have noticed the words "EP One" on the package and were quick to ask "what the hell does that mean?" Well, drum roll please . . . you guessed it, there is indeed an "EP Two" in the works . . . very clever clue, don't ya think? Look for "Six Feet Down Under Part II" in Australian and New Zealand stores, along with and, on November 12. In our quest to have something unique and special to celebrate our long overdue visit to this part of the world, as well as the final stretch of World Magnetic tour dates, we wanted to release some live recordings from previous tours on EP # 1 and a companion EP from the current 2010 tour. The first time around we called on you to send us your bootleg recordings from those earlier tour dates going back as far as 1989 and we pulled a track list together from the submissions. Once again we went to you, the 'Tallica faithful, for help and polled Fan Club members from Australia and New Zealand to come up with their top eight picks from all the 41 songs played during the early part of the Trans-Tasman run this year. We played 'em . . . you picked 'em . . . here it is:
Blackened, recorded live on October 16, 2010, at the Brisbane Entertainment Center, in Brisbane, Australia, Ride The Lightning, recorded live on October 14, 2010, at the Vector Arena, in Auckland, New Zealand, The Four Horsemen, recorded live on September 18, 2010, at the Acer Arena, in Sydney, Australia, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), recorded live on September 15, 2010, at the Rod Laver Arena, in Melbourne, Australia, Master Of Puppets, recorded live on October 16, 2010, at the Brisbane Entertainment Center, in Brisbane, Australia, ...And Justice For All, recorded live on October 18, 2010, at the Brisbane Entertainment Center, in Brisbane, Australia, Fade To Black, recorded live on September 18, 2010, at the Acer Arena, in Sydney, Australia, Damage, Inc., recorded live on September 22, 2010, at the CBS Canterbury Arena, in Christchurch, New Zealand.


In September Supertramp started their 70-10 Tour through Europe, celebrating forty years since the release of their first album, "Supertramp", in 1970. Joining Supertramp's founder, lead singer and keyboardist, Rick Davies, are legendary Supertramp members John Anthony Helliwell, saxophones and woodwinds, and Bob Siebenberg, drums. Veterans of past Supertramp tours, Jesse Siebenberg, lead vocals, guitars and percussion, Cliff Hugo, bass, Carl Verheyen, guitars, and Lee Thornburg, horns, will round out the lineup.
Simfy live features high-quality live audio recordings of the concerts of Supertramp's 70-10 Tour. The live recordings are available as Supertramp 70-10 Live-CD-Set or as MP3 download. During the two hour show the band performs a plethora of classics from their forty year history, including Bloody Well Right, Dreamer, From Now On, Goodbye Stranger, The Logical Song, Rudy and many, many more.
More details at:





MelodicRock Records is proud to announce the release of yet another debut album - this time Italian symphonic metal outfit Violet Sun. Their debut album Loneliness In Supremacy will be released November 19, with pre-orders shipping November 12.



The core of Violet Sun goes back to 2005, when Dario Grillo (Platens, Thy Majesty) heard the voice of Alessandra Amata, a singer of great talent of Catania, well known in the Sicilian musical circle. Dario had some interesting unpublished work that proposed to her. Alessandra immediately showed herself to be very enthusiastic about the project and so in a few months they began to work to the drawing up and the realization of the songs contained in the debut album.

Loneliness In Supremacy is not a normal Metal album, but a real blended work in which the styles such as classic and opera music, heavy metal, oriental, progressive and AOR blend perfectly together to create powerful and memorable melodies. This record places itself midway between a real Metal Opera (Avantasia, Aina, Nostradamus) and bands as Nightwish, Epica, Kamelot.

MelodicRock Records owner Andrew McNeice: "There is nothing harder in this scene than breaking in a new name, but just as my other signings have impressed, so to did Violet Sun. One listen and I called upon Dario to sign up. I wasn't looking for a heavier project to add to the label, but taking each release on its merits, this just screamed out for attention. The production is simply world class. Intense themes, immense arrangements and the power and emotion of the material appealed to me instantly. I am very happy to have such a strong group of artists involved in the label and Violet Sun only enhances that."


The album comes with 12 powerful tracks and a deluxe 16 page booklet featuring the outstanding artwork of CadiesArt (Degreed).

Track Listing (and audio samples):
01) Dust In The Wind
02) Inside Out
03) Midnight [Instrumental]
04) When The Lights Go Down
05) Cross The Line
06) Falling In Love
07) Where Is My Way Home
08) My Flame Still Burns
09) Pray On The Grave
10) Break Your Chains
11) Synthetic Pleasures
12) Loneliness In Supremacy [Instrumental]

WebLinks: / /


Some early reviews of "Loneliness In Supremacy":

"Right from the start, there was this cherry blossom fragrance that heralded the special character of the album. Special because I knew this journey would take several attentive listens before it would sink in. Special because there is so much going on here, any description will be inaccurate. After his break with Thy Majestie, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Dario Grillo kept himself busy with his new female-fronted band Violet Sun. Loneliness In Supremacy, the band's elegant debut, makes you dig through layers and layers of symphonic edges that draw up the blueprint, enough progressive hooks to prevent the album from being easy digestible, and even a few gothic abstracts which give color to the darker sides of the album. Clearly Grillo had still many more bright ideas up his sleeve, as Loneliness In Supremacy abounds in creativity, variety and versatility. Loneliness In Supremacy is a still-evolving journey. At one point I thought I had reached the heart of the album, where seemingly unrelated emotions are woven together. But then that thrill was gone as quickly as it had come, entangled in debris, and I knew I had to start all over again. A real tease indeed." -

"Violet Sun's music has its core in Symphonic Power Metal, with a wide variety of influences ranging from Gothic Metal and Progressive Metal. We like how the futuristic sounding keyboards enrich the music and make it sound very different than most bands (a lot like Anthropia). The overall Symphonic atmosphere of the album is top notch and creates a very unique world to "Loneliness in Supremacy". The female vocals feature a nice range and a very unique sound to them, allowing them to have (yet another) identifier to their own sound. The choir sections are just more icing on top of the cake, and just and grandiosity to the songs where they are used. "Loneliness in Supremacy" is a majestic release that has all the right elements and the correct sound to get worldwide acclaim. With the use of Sax, oriental instruments, a full on opera choir, and mastering by Mika Jussila, the band means serious business. If you like Power Metal, Progressive Metal, or Gothic Metal, give Violet Sun a try you will not regret it." -




Monday, October 25, 2010

Power pop-rock trio The Outfield, who scored big in the 1980s with a series of venerable Top 40 hits, including "Your Love," "Say It Isn't So" and "Since You've Been Gone," have been working diligently in a London studio finishing up several new tracks that are expected to make the setlist for the band's new album. Guitarist and chief songwriter John Spinks is said to have hit an impressive creative streak— penning a prolific number of new songs over the last year and a half that the band hopes will resonate with long-time fans as well as the three-million-plus people who purchased their multi-platinum debut album Play Deep.
Early previews of their studio work indicate that the band is on course to release a record of stellar new material with the same melodic pop/rock sound and sensibilities of their earlier records. The return of original drummer Alan Jackman is being credited with sparking a vitality in the studio that can be heard in the most recent recording sessions. The songs represent a truly inspired and productive reunion for the trio, who haven't worked collaboratively since 1989 when Jackman left the band after recording the Voices of Babylon album. And from the still-growing collection of new material, the band has recently identified a sonic focus for their next album and begun a challenging process of elimination to decide which songs will make the cut.
Led by the highly infectious "California Sun," which has been tentatively scheduled for release as a single in January 2011, the other tracks said to be contenders for the album all share a reverberating energy that has become a hallmark of the band's distinctive and dynamic sound. All the components that fans have come to expect from The Outfield are there— Tony Lewis' octave-soaring voice, Spinks' driving power-chords, Jackman's skillful percussion and those lush vocal harmonies that are rivaled only by recordings of Lennon and McCartney. Collectively, these elements are probably most evident on the songs "A Long, Long Time Ago" and "Who Would You Be," which offer a perfect blend of pop and rock that recalls the best of the band's Bangin' repertoire. Perhaps even more irresistible is a tune called "New York City" and its clever, circular melody that systematically steers the song as if it were locked on cruise control. In that regard, it shares a euphonic kinship with "California Sun" as another song that will be audibly stuck in your head for days.
Nevertheless, each of the new tracks has a contemporary sound that is quintessential Outfield mixed with slight tinges of Spinks' musical influences woven into them. "In Your Company" and "Sandman," for example, immediately evoke sonic comparisons to the stylings of another popular 80s rock trio, The Police. And much like the demo for "Baby, I'm Crazy" that was previously featured on The Outfield's website this year, the song "Mr. Paranoia" features an edgier guitar sound and shades of Led Zeppelin that demand you play it at a louder volume for full effect.
If the new material reflects the direction that The Outfield is taking with this new album, the band is enthusiastically demonstrating— intentionally or unwittingly perhaps— that they were never destined to be a nostalgia act. And despite having achieved enormous success with their debut album 25 years ago, there clearly isn't any desire to record "Play Deep, Part 2" or to release an album of subpar songs simply for the sake of touring on the hits again. Instead, The Outfield appear to have built upon their own unique brand of pop/rock foundation to craft an entirely new set of songs that seem fresh and spirited, yet instantly classic at the same time.
For more information on The Outfield, visit the band's official website at

Band management added a little extra info for me: "Since Alan has come back into the fold, the band decided to basically re-start from scratch in the studio. We now are set to release the album in April/May 2011 with some exciting new projects with Sony that will be released in January of 2011. We will start with a new Best Of The Outfield - Playlist Series (Sony) which will include a new track from the upcoming album California Sun."

Inxs have revealed November 8 as the release date for their hotly-anticipated all-star Greatest Hits album, Original Sin. Two years in the making, Original Sin revisits all their best-loved tracks with the help of stars like Ben Harper, Rob Thomas, Tricky and on-again, off-again singer JD Fortune, who reinterprets The Stairs.
"We've re-invented these songs. Some have been done by an orchestra, some [are] stripped down and some tracks may take you [a while] to recognise what it is," Jon Farriss told Triple M's Home Brew earlier this year. It's INXS' unique way to pay tribute to songwriter Andrew Farriss and their legendary frontman, the late and great Michael Hutchence.
"We wanted to celebrate the songs, they're such great songs," drummer Jon Farriss says. "I think initially there was a mixed bag of emotions and feelings, which was probably a good thing because we realized how much the songs meant to us," Farriss continued. "But at the end of the day we started to realize that this is actually cathartic for us and it might be for everyone else as well."
The music world were equally moved. "Inxs' material, specifically Inxs' songs, set the table for singers," said Ben Harper. "In my opinion, they're any singer's dream songs to sing," Harper added. Covering, 'Never Tear Us Apart' is like covering 'Dock Of The Bay.' That is one of the greatest soul songs ever written."
Several of the artists who bravely stepped into Hutchence's shoes in the studio didn't make this record, like The Killers' Brandon Flowers and Vanessa Amorosi. The outtakes may one day surface on a second volume according to band insiders, but this is by no means confirmed. Young Aussie singer/songwriter Dan Sultan will not only be sharing the stage with the band at this year's ARIAs, he also sings his version of Just Keep Walking with the band.
"We put the track down between shows in London. The producer saw our last show and asked if [his songwriting partner/guitarist] Scott [Wilson] could play guitar on it," Dan says. "[Dan Sultan guitarist] Scott was blown away as he played a Telecaster that was apparently owned by the great Carl Perkins and later by Ray Davies of The Kinks. So, it was an Inxs song, [played on] Carl Perkins' guitar and recorded in a studio owned by Robbie Williams' producer," Sultan says. The unique stories behind each track will be revealed in due course.

Inxs Original Sin tracklist as follows: 1. Drum Opera - Jon Farriss 2. Mediate - feat. Tricky 3. Original Sin feat. Rob Thomas 4. Never Tear Us Apart - feat. Ben Harper & Mylene Farmer 5. Beautiful Girl - feat. Pat Monahan 6. New Sensation - feat. Deborah de Corral 7. Just Keep Walking - feat. Dan Sultan 8. To Look At You - feat. Kav Temperly 9. Mystify - feat. Loane 10. Don't Change - Andrew Farriss & Kirk Pengilly 11. The Stairs - feat. JD Fortune.


The Ric Ocasek-led new wave band the Cars have reunited to record their first album in 23 years and may support it with a tour, has learned. The sessions were first confirmed by veteran engineer Paul Orofino in posts on the Pro Sound online message board that have since been deleted, and follow the late July posting on Facebook of a photo with the band's four surviving original members together in a Boston recording studio.
Last week, the Cars revealed a 73-second snippet of a new song, "Blue Tip," on their Facebook page, but provided no additional information about the album. Orofino's posts previously indicated that the band, which features Ocasek, guitarist Elliot Easton, keyboardist Greg Hawkes and drummer David Robinson, recorded only new songs for the album at his studio in Millbrook, N.Y. Orofino added that Hawkes played and/or programmed all the bass parts, filling the role served during the Cars' original 1976-1988 run by Benjamin Orr, who died of cancer in 2000.
Sources tell Billboard the group is strongly considering touring, but dates have yet to be confirmed.

Beggars and Thieves have uploaded a new video the first in 20 years. No More Broken Dreams - a new video from the upcoming Stone Alone Firefest collectors EP, Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Churko (Ozzy Osbourne, Hinder). Featuring the single Stone Alone with 2 new tracks recorded at the We are the Brokenhearted sessions plus bonus acoustic versions of No More Broken Dreams and Beggars & Thieves. EP purchase details to follow, but for now, sample the acoustic No More Broken Dreams here:

Ratt's Robbie Crane made the following statement to Metal Sludge regarding his tenure in the band: "As far as I'm concerned there is no Ratt to be "fired" from as Ratt is on an indefinite hiatus as we've finished the Infestation tour in Japan last week... Warren has dates with his and Dee Schnider's Christmas band, Stephen has 4 to 6 months of solo dates, Carlos is working with Rudy and Vinny on an awesome new project and I'm touring with Lynch Mob over the next couple of months... Thanks for the concern... "
This follows recent comments that frontman Stephen Pearcy was returning to his solo endeavors once the current tour concluded.

Keyboardist Michael T. Ross embarks on more European shows in November with guitarist Alen Brentini, which includes supporting Richie Kotzen at Boogaloo in Zagreb, Croatia on November 18. "While on some down time with Lita Ford, I'm excited to go back to Europe and work with Alen and share the stage again, which is a follow-up to our successful shows in May in Croatia", Michael states.
Full Show Listing- November 5- Rock Caffe (Pula Croatia), 6- Club Pepe Rosso (Rijeka, Croatia), 11- Bluesiana (Velden, Austria), 12- Risto Birreria Accademia (Venezia, Italy) w/ Chemistry Room, 17- Klub Sax (Zagreb, Croatia), 18- Boogaloo (Zagreb, Croatia) w/ Richie Kotzen, 20- Rock City at The Soundcave (Uster- Zürich, Switzerland).
You can hear Michael's keys on Alen's new single called "Make You Happy" at:
Other recordings Michael played on are Lizzy Borden "Appointment With Death", Terry Ilous "Hear and Gone", Lillian Axe "Sad Day on Planet Earth", Hardline "Leaving The End Open" and Alen Brentini "Treca Dimenzija". Current interviews of Michael can be seen at and in the October issue of Roadie Crew (Brazil).
For more information please visit these sites:,,,

The auction will showcase over 400 exceptionally rare pieces of rock memorabilia, featuring members of such legendary groups as Pantera, Ministry, Quiet Riot, Dio, White Zombie, Whitesnake, Alcatrazz, Queensryche,  Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate, Ozzy and more, direct from the private collections of notable rock and metal icons from the past 3 decades.
Houston, TX - October 7, 2010 – Backstage Auctions is proud to present the "Rock Gods and Metal Monsters Auction", an unprecedented hard rock and heavy metal online auction event. "Almost every item being offered in the auction is "iconic memorabilia" and is easily identifiable to a specific artist or band," explains Backstage Auctions founder Jacques van Gool.
The auction, which is scheduled to go live on Halloween, features amazing pieces direct from the private collections of Al Jourgensen (Ministry), Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot, Ozzy, Whitesnake, Dio), Graham Bonnet (Rainbow, Michael Schenker Group, Alcatrazz, Impellitteri), Scott Rockenfield (Queensryche), Kip Winger (Winger) , Bobby Rondinelli (Black Sabbath, Aerosmith), Andy Laroque (Mercyful Fate, King Diamond) and John 5 (Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson) and that is just the tip of the rockin' iceberg.
"When we designed the hard rock and heavy metal themed auction, we really tried to build an event that was not only unique but give fans and collectors access to pieces of rock history that were equally rare and one of kind and we have definitely achieved that goal," says Jacques. The auction catalog features over 50 gold and platinum records awards, guitars, drums, gear, stage props, artist stage worn apparel, master recordings, vinyl, handwritten lyrics, rare concert posters and photos and the list goes on and on.
"It's not an every day event that you can stand behind and grab on to Al Jourgensen's infamous "skull and bones" microphone stand which he used extensively on many Ministry shows and rehearsals. The historical relevance of that one piece in the rock community is well documented and is going to be one heck of a conversation piece for lucky fan or collector that grabs it in auction," says Jacques.
Equally impressive is the private collection of Concrete Management co-founder, Walter O'Brien which features a jaw dropping collection of RIAA record awards presented to him while managing Pantera and White Zombie. On a more personal level, Sarzo and Bonnet have both offered up their personal vintage "rocker apparel" that they wore on stage, during photo shoots and really cool music videos back in the day.
The auction wouldn't be complete without a few guitars, drums, stage props and handwritten lyrics. Amazing pieces that Scott Rockenfield of Queensryche, John 5 of Rob Zombie, Bobby Rondinelli and Kip Winger have pulled out of their personal collections are sure to get quite a bit of activity during the auction.
"While this is a stellar line-up of artists, we are still adding headliners to the event, which is exciting. It will be interesting to see the final line up." says van Gool.
The event, aptly titled the "Rock Gods and Metal Monsters Auction", is a not-to-miss opportunity for fans and collectors around the world to own an authentic piece of one of the most significant genres of music history. The auction, which will be held on-line at starts on October 31, 2010 and will run through November 7, 2010. A special preview of the entire auction catalog will be available to view beginning Sunday, October 24.

Guitarist, songwriter and singer Eric Johnson brings listeners Up Close to his stunning musicality when the Grammy winning artist releases his sixth studio album on his own Vortexan Music label (via EMI Distribution) on December 7th 2010. The 15-track disc presents 14 new Johnson compositions plus his version of the Electric Flag song Texas, and features guest appearances by fellow master players Jimmie Vaughan and Sonny Landreth on guitar and vocals by Steve Miller, Johnny Lang and Lyrical themes of reflection, emotional revelations, personal growth and fulfillment are underscored on the album by Johnson's most daring, urgent, progressive and at times raw and fervent guitar work to date. As with all of Johnson's work, his all-encompassing style draws from rock, blues, pop, country, jazz and classic to exemplify his stature as an extraordinary guitar player accessible to ordinary music fans (Memphis Commercial Appeal). Malford Milligan as well as Johnson. It returns him to the EMI family where Johnson enjoyed his greatest record success with the albums Ah Via Musicom and Venus Isle.
Praised by All Music Guide as "one of the very few musical artists [to] achieve a true signature style which makes comparisons to other musicians impossible", Johnson expands, deepens and enhances his sound on his first album release since Bloom in 2005. The title reflects the revelatory and spontaneous performances on Up Close as well as its sonic immediacy thanks to a mix by legendary veteran engineer Andy Johns.
"I decided to let go a bit and allow things to happen and just go with the flow", explains Johnson of his approach to the album. "I like my work to have a high proficiency, but I also wanted to go for the energy and magic of the performances." He precedes the album's release with a special acoustic Guitar Masters tour alongside acclaimed players Peppino D'Agostino and Andy McKee in October, and follows it with his second appearance on the Experience Hendrix tour later this year and another leg of the Guitar Masters tour in January 2011. Lyrical themes of reflection, emotional revelations, personal growth and fulfillment are underscored on the album by Johnson's most daring, urgent, progressive and at times raw and fervent guitar work to date. As with all of Johnson's work, his all-encompassing style draws from rock, blues, pop, country, jazz and classic to exemplify his stature as an extraordinary guitar player accessible to ordinary music fans (Memphis Commercial Appeal).
Track Listing: 1. Awaken 2. Fatdaddy 3. Brilliant Room (Malford Milligan -Vocal) 4. Texas (Steve Miller ­Vocal, Jimmie Vaughan - Guitar) 5. Gem 6. Traverse 7. Austin (Jonny Lang - Vocal) 8. Soul Surprise 9. On The Way 10. Arithmetic 11. The Sea And The Mountain 12. Vortexan 13. A Change Has Come To Me 14. Change - Revisited 15. Your Book (Sonny Landreth - Guitar).
For more information, visit

MR-X has been updated with my promised tribute to Gotthard's Steve Lee (RIP). The tribute features 4 live shows (3 audio, 1 DVD):
- Gotthard - Live 2007 (Soundboard)
- Gotthard - Switzerland, April 25 2010 (Audience Recording) - Gotthard - Switzerland March 9, 2004 (Audience Recording)
- Gotthard - Unplugged Live - DVD (Pro-Shot. AWESOME show!)
MR-X Membership Details.




Thursday, October 21, 2010

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of Prime Suspect debut album on December 3.
Prime Suspect is a new melodic rock combo formed by Daniele Liverani, Tommy Ermolli and Dario Ciccioni, three Italian musicians who came to the attention of the Melodic Rock crowd thanks to their performances on the three Khymera releases. Liverani, the most experienced musician of the lot, had a long career in the Italian HR/HM scene releasing albums with the Prog Metal groups Empty Tremor and Twinspirits and also with the Genius Rock Opera in 3 chapters, showcasing an international all star cast of singers including Daniel Gildenlow (Pain of Salvation), Mark Boals, DC Cooper (ex Royal Hunt) and many more.
Since the Khymera last two albums saw the bulk of the songwriting from the brothers Tom and James Martin, Liverani started to put together some Melodic Rock tracks which could live on the quality of arrangement and performance of the previous Khymera releases. "The awesome songwriting of the Martin Brothers for the Khymera albums I've been arranging and producing inspired me a lot and that's why I decided to accept the challenge of writing some original material in the more Melodic Rock style" says Daniele Liverani presenting the new album. " I would say that Prime Suspect is a combination of what I've been learning with Khymera and my personal style and I have been thrilled with the result... It's been very refreshing to work on this record, and it's been awesome as usual to work all the musicians involved, that provided great performances and the right sound for this new challenge".

After a few demos, the three musicians started looking for a suitable singer who could gel with the material written and the search was over when Olaf Senkbeil, from the German band Dreamtide, came into the picture. The icing on the cake was offered by the Swedish songwriter Christian Wolff (On The Rise, Johnny Lima, Mecca) who contributed with two songs "What Do You Want" and "It Could've Been You" for the amazing final result. "Basically there's a lot of classic melodic rock inside the tunes" tells Liverani "but the sound is very modern and powerful with a touch of experimentation that comes from my Progressive experience. That's an interesting combination that hopefully the listeners will find interesting and entertaining"
A brilliant debut album which offers a contemporary and European sounding / flavoured Melodic Rock, which is granted to appeal to the fans of Khymera, Last Autumn's Dream and class AOR music.

"Prime Suspect" track listing includes: What Do You Want; I'll Be Fine; Change This World; I Never Knew; I Would Like To Reach The Sun; It Could've Been You; Hear Me Calling; Deep In My Heart; So Strange; Watch Me.
The songs "What Do You Want" and "Change This World" can exclusively be listened in full in streaming on the Frontiers Web radio. Tune in at:


Never before seen music video You're All I Need Tonight from Nelson's forthcoming album Lightning Strikes Twice premiers live on AOL Music and Noisecreep - or
You're All I Need Tonight is the first music video created by Matthew & Gunnar Nelson in over 15 years. It is the first single to be released from the critically acclaimed new album "Lightning Strikes Twice" from Frontiers Records scheduled for release in Europe on November 5th, and in the U.S. in February 2011 from Frontiers Records USA. "Lightning Strikes Twice" is a sequel to Nelson's classic multi-platinum debut album, "After the Rain".
You're All I Need Tonight captures the melodic rock signature Nelson sound and harmonies from the twin lead front men and songwriters performing at the top of their game. A-list stage performance led by Matthew Nelson and featuring backing musicians Juke Kartel, provide the perfect compliment to the powerful lead vocals of Gunnar Nelson, whose stellar vocal performance ignites the screen.
Video trailer here: OR
Nelson's single You're All I Need Tonight is now available for digital audio download purchase from Frontiers Records online at, iTunes and Napster.


For the princely sum of 99c, you can now own the new Leverty / Kunes classic hard rock single: All The Girls Are Crazy. Leverty & Kunes pay tribute to the songwriter, Mike Montgomery, from Paul Kossoff`s band Back Street Crawler. This is the debut effort between two longtime musical friends: Bill Leverty of Firehouse fame, who also has a stunning blues solo record, "Deep South" (; and Cactus/Savoy Brown vocalist frontman Jimmy Kunes, who also has two solo records to his credit as Jimmy Kunes Band : "Slow Moving Vehicle" / Love Train and Gate Of All Saints (
The pair were thrilled to have the full support of Cayman Publishing to achieve the goal of bringing this classic gem back into the hearts and minds of true rock fans around the world. Leverty and Kunes recruited the powerful drumming talents of Andre LaBelle for this recording. Special thanks to David Clayton at Free Appreciation Society for his help and continuing support.
Get your high quality digital copy today from any of the following outlets: / /


Power Quest have finished the recording part of their new album Blood Alliance, the follow up to 2008's highly acclaimed "Master of Illusion".
Steve Williams checks in: "The recording of "Blood Alliance" has now finished at Foel Studios. Big thanks to Chris Fielding and Dave Anderson for all their hard work over the month we spent there. We worked 14 hours per day most days and everyone was pretty much destroyed by the end of the session but we are all extremely pleased with the results!
Mixing is due to commence at Remaster Studio in Vicenza on October 26th. Nick Savio, who mixed "Master Of Illusion" will again be in the hot seat for this.
Release dates are currently being discussed with Napalm Records and everything is on course for a February 2011 release. Felipe Machado has completed another awesome job with the artwork and booklet and Dijana Capan has provided us with some excellent photos for the booklet and the promotional campaign."

The Rob Rock Band will play the "Together For The Revolution" festival in Mexico City on November 20th 2010. Check this site for more info:

This weekend, master guitarist Joe Satriani will be stepping in for Steve Black and hosting The Chop Shop Classic Guitar Radio Show. Tune in to see what surprises Satriani has in store for listeners, including a Hall of Fame salute to Rush and a Founding Fathers segment with Kenny Wayne Shepherd paying tribute to the James Moore blues original "I'm A King Bee." Satriani will also talk about his new album, Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards, which hit stores last week.
The Chop Shop and Chop Shop Classic feature weekly updates on bands and tours, web exclusive content, and special guests all while playing 10 songs an hour. Both versions are two hours in length and contain two feature interviews as well as the exclusive Chop Shop Hall of Fame feature, where such guests as Ted Nugent, Brian May, Leslie West, and hundreds others pay tribute to guitar legends Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Angus Young, Slash and more. Visit




Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of Vega's debut album Kiss of Life on December 3 in Europe.
VEGA is a band that formed in may 2009 from the union of former KICK vocalist Nick Workman with the successful and respected song writing partnership of Tom and James Martin (House of Lords, Ted Poley of Danger Danger, Khymera, Sunstorm to name but a few), VEGA is a new band but rest assured they are about to take the Melodic Rock world by storm!
Their debut album "Kiss of Life" has been produced by John Greatwood (engineer for Tom Lord Alge of QUEEN fame) and mastered by the one and only Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69) and features 12 rock songs which mix classic Bon Jovi and Def Leppard, with a pinch of U2 and Journey.

"We wear our love of 80's rock music on our sleeve, but we also have injected our love of modern rock music to it" says Tom Martin. "We aren't trying to rehash anything: the sound we have achieved is 100% VEGA. We didn't want to try and guess what people expect and get it wrong. Normally when we write songs we have the control over the lyrics/melodies but this time with Vega we left Nick to this part because we really rate him as a songwriter and he did a fantastic job with this on Kick's albums, so we knew he could make our sound more unique and make it a bit different from the AOR songs we write".
Tom and James met Nick 10 years ago when KICK was supporting Thunder on the first of their farewell tours. In the time that followed, the guys had always wanted to work with Nick, and opportunity came when the two brothers and drummer Dan Chantrey met Nick for a second time at a U.K. rock festival. Conversations about movies and music finally moved on to the all important question….."When are we going to work together?". The answer ended up being the next day, and VEGA was born. The chemistry between the guys was obvious and two brothers became four!

Vega wrote 25 songs in the coming months and chose the best songs for recording. No expense was spared and a top UK recording studio was booked and in John Greatwood a producer with numerous UK and European top 10 albums and singles was on board! Following recording and mixing in October, Dennis Ward stepped up to the plate to put the final touches to the album, mastering it in his studio in Germany.
Get ready to experience the band live! "We do have a couple of gigs confirmed and others that we are waiting on" says singer Nick Workman. "We will support Danny Vaughn at Dudley JB's on December 10th, the week the album comes out. As we were going to be rehearsed for that it would be silly not to do another gig, so we booked a date at The Yardbird's the night before to blow out the cobwebs!! It's going to be a lot of fun to play these songs live."
You can expect Vega to be on many people's best of list of 2010 even if the album will be released almost... out of time!

Kiss of Life tracklisting includes: Into The Wild; Kiss Of Life; One Of A Kind; Staring At The Sun; Too Young For Wings; A.N. Other; Headlights; Hearts Of Glass; Stay With Me; Wonderland; What It Takes; S.O.S. - Kiss Of Life (videoclip). The songs "Into The Wild" and "Kiss Of Life" can exclusively be listened in full in streaming on the Frontiers Web radio. Tune in at:
Enjoy the "Kiss of Life" videoclip:
WebLinks: / /


The latest Frontiers Records promo spot can be viewed via YouTube now:


On a music scene which laments with increasing vehemence a lack of consistency and artistic standards, Magnum are a band who possess these very qualities. For almost 40 years, they have been among the most consistent leading lights in rock history and continue to impress with their unique style, a mix of powerful energy, deep melodiousness and perceptive lyrics. At the same time, Magnum's songs immediately captivate their audience and lose none of their fascination, even after repeated listens. "I'd even say that many of our songs reveal all their strong points only after you've heard them a few times," guitarist/songwriter/producer Tony Clarkin explains, adding: "Our brand-new compositions in particular feature a large number of harmony and rhythm changes, I feel they should definitely be heard a few times so you can discover their many details." Clarkin is referring to the latest Magnum release, The Visitation, due out on Steamhammer/SPV in Europe on 17 January 2011 (Germany: 14 January; US & Canada: 25 January) and without a doubt one of the strongest albums in the band's history to date.

The five Magnum members, Tony Clarkin (guitars), Bob Catley (vocals), Mark Stanway (keyboards), Al Barrow (bass) and Harry James (drums), have invested all their passion, skill and great experience to come up with an optimum result. "I feel we haven't brought out one really weak album, yet none of our previous recordings featured a better production than The Visitation," Clarkin announces proudly. "This release sounds more rock-oriented and at the same time more personal than anything we've recorded so far, and it definitely features the widest range of stylistic directions and atmospheres. What makes it so special is the fact that the music's arrangements match the atmosphere and the lyrics' statements. Every cog turns perfectly within the wheelwork."
Magnum prove repeatedly on The Visitation that their lyrics are anything but superficial or mediocre: 'Mother Nature's Final Dance' has the musicians decry the destructive way we treat our environment. "Just look at what's going on in the world at the moment, toxic red mud polluting a whole village in Hungary, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico – terrible. It's always a mix of greed and lack of responsibility which leads to these kinds of tragedies." The rock number 'Freedom Day', a kind of paean of praise to self-determination, is equally profound. Clarkin: "We live in freedom in Europe, but looking at a lot of South-American or African countries, you see oppression, you see people living under the brutal reign of a dictator. That's why we say: let's fight for freedom."

The cover artwork, which was again created by graphic designer Rodney Matthews, reflects the lyrics of 'Door To Nowhere', which has Magnum look back at their own childhood. It would hardly be possible for a track to be more typical of this band than this number with its dynamic guitar parts, gritty arrangements and charismatic vocals. The Visitation will be available in four different formats: as a standard version (see the cover in yellow), in a limited-edition DigiPak featuring a bonus DVD (the black cover), as double gatefold coloured vinyl (the black cover) and for download. Starting early March 2011, Magnum will embark on a two-month European tour which will see the band present, along with songs from The Visitation and popular classics, tracks which haven't featured on their live playlist for a number of years. So the party is about to begin!

Tracklisting: 01. Black Skies , 02. Doors To Nowhere, 03. The Visitation, 04. Wild Angels, 05. Spin Like A Wheel, 06. The Last Frontier, 07. Freedom Day, 08. Mother Nature's Final Dance, 09. Midnight Kings, 10. Tonight's The Night.
Bonus DVD / Limited Edition Digipak: The Visitation Lyrics / Live at the High Voltage Festival 2010 in London 2010: Brand New Morning - Les Morts Dansant - All My Bridges - When We Were Younger / Eyes Like Fire - footage (this is one of the tracks that didn't make the album) / Behind The Artwork video with Al Barrow (with tracks The Moonking & In My Minds Eye) / Rodney Matthews Artwork / Photo Galleries / Moonblog - montage.

"The Visitation" - Tour 2011
09.03. SE-Stockholm – Debaser Medis
10.03. SE-Gothenburg – Brew House
11.03. D-Berlin – Fritz Club (in the Postbahnhof)
12.03. D-Leipzig – Hellraiser
13.03. CZ-Prague - Exit Chmelnice
15.03. D-Munich – Ampere
16.03. D-Nuremburg – Hirsch
18.03. D-Mannheim – Capitol
19.03. D-Memmingen – Kaminwerk
21.03. CH-Pratteln – Z7
22.03. D-Freiburg – Jazzhaus
23.03. D-Bochum – Matrix
25.03. D-Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal
26.03. D-Winterbach – Lehenbachhalle
27.03. D-Cologne – Kantine
29.03. D-Würzburg – Posthalle
31.03. D-Hamburg – Fabrik
01.04. D-Osnabrück – Rosenhof
02.04. D-Worpswede – Music Hall
04.04. D-Saarbrücken – Garage
13.04. GB-Glasgow – The Garage
14.04. GB-Newcastle – Academy 1
16.04. GB-Liverpool – Stanley Theatre
17.04. GB-Leamington – Assembly
18.04. GB-Oxford - Academy
19.04. GB-Norwich – Waterfront
20.04. GB-Sheffield – The Cooperation
22.04. GB-Holmfirth - Picturedome
23.04. GB-Wolverhampton – Wulfrun Hall
24.04. GB-Southampton – The Brook
27.04. GB-Nottingham – Rock City
28.04. GB-Manchester – Academy 2
29.04. GB-Treorci - The Park & Dare Theatre
30.04. GB-London – Shepherd`s Bush Empire
01.05. GB-Bristol - Academy
WebLinks: /


A few notes from Firefest, in the lead up to the event in under 2 weeks time -
"Due to Rock City imposing a REALLY STRICT 10PM curfew on us both nights we have had to review the door opening times and the complete running times for Saturday and Sunday. Can you all take note of the NEW door opening and band running times..."

Running Times Firefest 2010

Friday October 29

Doors Open: 7pm
Reckless Love : 7.30 – 8.30
Crazy Lixx : 8.50 – 9.50
HEAT : 10.15 – 11.30

Saturday October 30

Doors Open : 12.15
Grand Illusion : 12.35 – 1.15
Beggars and Thieves : 1.35 – 2.30
Bangalore Choir : 2.50– 3.50
Shotgun Symphony : 4.10 – 5.10
Bonfire : 5.30 – 6.35
Dare : 7.00 – 8.05
Lynch Mob : 8.35 – 9.50

Sunday October 31

Door Open : 12.15
Grand Design : 12.35 -1.15
Newman : 1.35 – 2.30
Stage Dolls : 2.50 – 3.50
Strangeways : 4.10 – 5.10
Pretty Maids : 5.30 – 6.35
Jimi Jamison : 7.00 – 8.05
Nelson : 8.35 – 9.50

Firefest 2010 Merchandise

All t-shirts designs (2 for men, 3 for girls) are now up online at our shop at for pre-order at £15 each plus postage. Also online is the awesome 36 page full colour A4 programme for the ludicrously low price of £5. All prices have had postage built in, with options for UK, Europe and USA/Rest of World. In the first 12 hours on sale we shifted over £1500 worth of t-shirts, so be sure to get your Firefest merch before it is all gone! Also listed in the Shop are bargains for all our available official Firefest DVDs.


Thank you for all the support and kind words during my sick leave. I'm not 100%, but at least I hope updates can resume from today and I'll do my best to catch up in the next week...




Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hi folks. I attempted a comeback to work today…I've been laid flat with the flu since late last week. I know there are some that get critical and frustrated with down time, lack of news and whatever…my apologies for that. Glad there has only been one e-mail telling me how much I suck on this occasion.

I have had ongoing health issues over the last year or two that have caused delays and I'm continuing to try and get those figured out. Believe me – I'm my own worst critic and I'm more frustrated than anyone else out there might be. Hey – if you are bored, buy some of my CDs!

But for better or worse, I run the site as I always have and right now I'm simply too tired to be able to sit at my desk and get anything done. I've been trying all day, but going nowhere. This pushes me ever further behind and there's a lot of stuff that needs dealing with, announcements, news, reviews, MR-X, showcases etc…but nothing is guaranteed before next Monday.

Thanks to all (most at least!) for hanging in there yet again…




Friday, October 08, 2010


Forgive this late tribute and lack of general news; I've been sick most of the week. Sadly this has only given me more time to reflect on just what a tragic situation we find ourselves in. Steve Lee's accidental death is simply unbelievable. Gotthard were one of the blueprint bands for "getting it right" in the scene this website covers. I was an early fan of the band before losing my way a little, but like so many others, found myself right back seriously pumped about the band with the release of their Lipservice record.
That was a storming return to form, which propelled the band further ahead as far as their overall reputation and building stature as an amazing live act. They became Switzerland's biggest rock band and retained that crown with each subsequent release. They could do no wrong as far as I and many others are concerned...
And the overwhelming feedback I have had from newer fans in the last couple of days (besides the obvious shock) is that they discovered the band right here and were instantly hooked. That's the kind of band they were. One listen and they engaged the listener.
And a big part of just why this was so, was the natural charisma and vocal talent of frontman Steve Lee. A dynamic frontman and songwriter, he also had that perfect voice for rock n roll and I count myself as one of the fortunate ones to be a fan of his voice, his stagecraft and his band.
I was lucky enough to meet the very humble Steve at Firefest one year and saw Gotthard in full flight. I'll remember that set for it's energy and the way the crowd lapped up every note.
This unbelievably tragic event has taken Steve from his family, his band mates and thousand's of adoring fans way way way too early. His music will live on forever, but in this close knit community, his talent will leave a massive, unfillable hole for all.
R.I.P. Steve Lee and my personal, heartfelt condolences to everyone who's lives he touched.

An official condolence site for Steve has been established at: The photo's above are courtesy of Edwin van Hoof. Take in Gotthard in their prime, live on stage via the clips below.

Gotthard's record label, Nuclear Blast Records, has released the following statement:

"The world has lost one of its greatest rock singers: Gotthard frontman Steve Lee was killed accidentally during a motorcycle trip in the USA on Interstate 15 between Mesquite and Las Vegas and died at the scene. The Gotthard singer had flown to the U.S. with some biker friends just this weekend to fulfill a long-cherished dream for which he'd never had the time due to his heavy touring schedule for many years. It was to be two weeks through the States on a Harley-Davidson.
The 21 Swiss bikers started their journey on Sunday on a total of 12 motorcycles. On Tuesday, October 5, about 50 miles from Las Vegas, the group had stopped at the roadside to put on their rain gear as it had started to rain. On the slippery road, the trailer of a passing truck began to skid. The driver attempted evasive action but his trailer clipped five of the motorcycles parked at the roadside; one of them hit Steve Lee. Rescue services attempted resuscitation but efforts were stopped after 20 minutes. At 16:13 local time, Steve Lee was pronounced dead.
Among the passengers were Gotthard bassist Marc Lynn and Lee's girlfriend Brigitte Voss Balzarini. All other fellow riders were unharmed. Steve Lee was 48 years old.
With Steve Lee, we not only lose one of the world's best rock voices but also an extraordinary personality. Despite his enormous success, the Ticino singer had retained a very subtle eye for detail and often impressed the people around him with his sensitive observation. Due to his personality, he had a serious outlook, without losing his sense of humour and lust for life.
Steve Lee met his environment with respect but always had, in his gentle way, a very simple, personal touch. He understood like no one else how to enjoy without going too far — to him, alcohol and parties were things he met with level-headedness.
The singer sold several million albums throughout his career with GOTTHARD, several of them reaching platinum, double or triple platinum status. And yet all this bears no relation to the human greatness of Steve Lee on a daily basis."

MSN/Rock Metal TV Spain exclusively filmed in high quality several songs of the last Gotthard gig in Madrid. The footage is totally unreleased. We want to remember Steve Lee and pay him a little homage.
Gotthard - Top Of The World

Gotthard - Need To Believe

Gotthard - Sister Moon

MSN/Rock Metal TV is the new rock television in Spain directed by Mario Ruiz from Krea Films and veteran Spanish journalist Rafa Basa from

Frontiers Records have released a new EPK for the Unruly Child album World's Collide, due out October 15.


Escape Music will release the debut album from Sebastien titled Tears Of White Roses on November 19. Packed with special guests, the track listing is as follows:
1. Museé du Satan Rouge (with Tore Moren's guitar solo), 2. Femme Fatale (with Amanda Somerville's voice), 3. Dorian (with Fabio Lione's and Roland Grapow's voice), 4. Remiel In Flames, 5. Tears Of White Roses (with Mike DiMeo's voice), 6. Phoenix Rising (with Roland Grapow's voice), 7. Voices In Your Heart (with Mike DiMeo's voice and Roland Grapow's guitar solo), 8. Fields Of Chlum (1866 A.D.) (with Fabio Lione's voice), 9. Lake Of Dreams, 10. Silver Water (with Apollo Papathanasio's voice), 11. Black Rose - part I (with Doogie White's voice), 12. Black Rose - part II (with Amanda Somerville's voice).
Band: George Rain - vocals, guitars; Andy Mons - guitars; Peter Forge - bass; Rob Vrsansky - keyboards; Radek Rain - drums.
Produced by: Roland Grapow.

Full Length audio download: Dorian.

"I put lots of my energy in them because I believe they can wake up the interest abroad and reach the international success." Roland Grapow.
Sebastien origins date back to February 1999. The first real line-up appears under the name Calypso in December 1999. Two years later the name is changed to Navar. In studio "Dark" the first CD "Navar" with songs from the creative workshop of George Rain and Julián Záhorovský (later Czech Pop Idol finalist) is recorded. Then the period of frequent concerts, recording the single "Shine of Light" and finally realization of the second CD "Commotion" occurs.
In summer 2004 the band goes to the studio again to present the new image of Navar! It is heavy metal EP "Proti všem". In April 2006 the new CD "1621" is baptized and self-published, rewarded with many positive reviews (Spark rock magazine...) and expanded to Japan (with Leviathan Records).
In 2008 two members leave the group... Torso of Navar ­ Rain brothers and Andy Mons ­ invite new members. The new band is born, known as Sebastien! At the same time George Rain is involved in the preparation of Czech metal opera, Fraternitas. New SP "Závidím" is recorded and George Rain and Andy Mons work on the material for the new album...
In November 2009 the band goes to the Grapow Studios (of Roland Grapow - guitarist of Masterplan, ex-Helloween) to record long-promised album "Tears Of White Roses"... Lyrics are written by poet Jan Petri (he also works for Czech prog-thrashers, Asmodeus) and songs are written and arranged by George Rain and Andy Mons...
For the first time in the history of rock/metal music you can hear a great, fresh CD with strong melodies and modern sound coming from the heart of Europe, from country small only in its size ­ Czech Republic. This album shows off seven famous names of favourite artists and is proud to be called the first of its kind on rock/metal scene. No doubt the new rock/metal masterpiece is ready to be served to hungry fans...


Escape have previously announced the limited edition DigiPack release of the two classic Steelhouse Lane albums Metallic Blue and Slaves Of The New World on November 19. The exclusive artwork has just been released:

MR-X will be updated Monday with a special tribute to Steve Lee and Gotthard.

There was an issue with postage rates being added to T-Shirt orders in error. That should now be fixed and those that have ordered will be contacted Monday to sort out.




Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sad, tragic and heartbreaking news has just broken - Steve Lee, the hugely respected voice of Swiss hard rock heroes Gotthard has been killed in a motorbike accident in California. There is no press release or official statement as of yet, but there will be in the hours to follow. News will be updated ASAP. Swiss news reports:
My personal heartfelt condolences go to his family and band mates and friends...and all the fans of Gotthard. R.I.P. Steve - a true hero of the melodic rock scene.

It's been over 25 years since the legendary Uriah Heep have played on Australian soil. In that time we've witnessed a lot of changes to our musical landscape: the birth, death and rebirth of trends; musical marriages and mix-ups; assassinations and cultural revolutions; and of course the dawn of the digital age. Through all of this, Uriah Heep has ensured at least one constant on the horizon - a hard, heavy rock band that continues to deliver.
Uriah Heep's unique, progressive, hard sound has made them a mainstay of the rock circuit for four decades. Famed for their accomplished musical chops, diverse song writing and powerful live performances, the band has released some of the most popular and defining music of their genre. With a catalog that includes albums such as 1972's 'Demons and Wizards', 1982's 'Abominog', and the 2001 release 'Future Echoes Of The Past', it's no surprise that the band has sold over 30 million records worldwide.
Australian audiences in particular have taken Uriah Heep into their hard-rocking hearts, with the band scoring consecutive charting albums and singles in the country on more than one occasion. Heep's remarkable popularity in the Great Southern Land spawned the exclusive Australian compilation 'Downunda', released to commemorate their 1974 tour. What's more, in 2003 Uriah Heep enlisted the vocal talents of none other than Aussie rock legend Jimmy Barnes on the 'Relentless' album, thus cementing their affinity to this country.
Uriah Heep have toured consistently throughout their 40-year career, performing in over 48 countries to millions of faithful fans, including headline performances at Redding and the prestigious Sweden Rock Festival. In 1987 they became the first major rock act to perform in the Soviet Union, playing to audiences of 185,000 people.
Uriah Heep bassist Trevor Bolder (ex-David Bowie & the Spiders from Mars) revealed the secret of the band's longevity is its passion for live performance. He says, "You go in and out of fashion but we've always wanted to play. we love being on the road."
Make sure you catch Uriah Heep on their triumphant return to Australia in 2011.

Thursday 31st March. Brisbane. The Tivoli
Friday 1st April. Sydney. Enmore Theatre
Saturday 2nd April. Melbourne. Palais Theatre
Tickets on sale Friday October 15 at 9am

News from Eric Martin - "Doing background vocals with the guys this week and then it's mixing time for the new Mr. Big record. Out December 15th!" Can't wait!!

Tune in every Thursday night at 10 pm Central (Midwest) USA to (97.5FM) - The Metalshop Worldwide show! Playing the best metal on the planet! National, local, international, major and independent artists featured weekly! One hour of killer metal/hard rock! Featuring artists from MelodicRock Records, Retrospect Records, Frontiers Records, AOR Heaven, Sweetsounds Music and other major and independent labels. This weeks top rock artist charts (Sept 30, 2010) include Jimi Jamison - Dream Higher * Fenrik Lane - Diamonds In The Waste * Jim Peterik - Hearts Are Gonna Roll * Doogie White - Times Like These * First Signal - When You Believe *Bangaloir Choir - Dont Act Surprised * Halford - Electric Eye (Live!) * Strikeforce - Last Train * Accept - Rolling Thunder * Overkill - Ironbound * Joe Lynn Turner - This Is Who I Am.
Top artist charts are based on worldwide email requests - e-mail your hard rock/metal requests to:

Y&T update: "On behalf of Phil, his family, and Y&T, we would like to thank everyone who has so generously donated something to Phil. There is not a donation, no matter how small, that goes unnoticed or unappreciated. We've been so moved by some of the stories--fans who could probably not afford a cent yet they gave what they could anyway, even if it was $5; a number of fans who have been kind enough to give more than once; a fan in Japan who sold his extra guitar and donated the funds to Phil; George Bisceglia who is building a "Facemelter" guitar to auction for Phil (details to come); Denise & Eric Martin who gave a generous donation; a popular booking agent in the UK who gave a substantial donation for his pal Phil; one of our agents in Belgium who wired a healthy donation into Phil's account. Those are just a few of the many events that have overwhelmed us.
And one donation that has touched us all...Wendy Dio phoned Jill to say that the board of the "Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund" met and decided to give a sizeable donation to Phil. The check arrived the next day, along with a handwritten note from Wendy for Phil. As Dave recently posted on the forum, what you all are doing demonstrates more how you feel about Phil than just the monetary value of your donation. Thank you, one and all, for your outpouring of love and support for our buddy Phil.
Since our last email update, Phil has posted two new threads on the forum regarding his health and well-being - and
As Phil stated, he is reading (and re-reading) every single response. Please post your messages to Phil in one of the above posts.




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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Click on the image to enjoy the clip of Very First Time - the monster AOR track from Unruly Child, taken from "Worlds Collide" Out on October 15 via Frontiers Records.


Former Metal Church frontman Ronny Munroe has announced his departure from Lillian Axe, less than four months after he joined the Louisiana-based band. In a statement Ronny is quoted:
"I'm sorry to announce that I have had to step down from my position as lead vocalist of Lillian Axe," Munroe writes in a statement. "My commitments to my other bands have made it impossible to give Lillian Axe the time and dedication that it truly deserves. I want to thank Steve Blaze [guitar] and the rest of the Lillian camp for the opportunity to front such a great band and I wish them all the best for the future."

Rock Eyes have an band interview with Shotgun Symphony who are playing Firefest later this month:

Steve Lukather is featured in an interview up now at: As is a live report of Black Country Communion's recent showcase gig.

Joe Satriani interview feature:

Australian hard rock band ERUPTION are splitting up (they released the 2009 debut album "All Screwed Up" via Escape Music). Darren Grant (lead vocalist/guitarist) is currently recording a solo album and is now based on the Gold Coast Australia. Darren is looking for musicians to put together a new Christian rock band. If your interested, contact him at Guitar virtuoso Santi Rigolizio is currently recording a solo album also.




Monday, October 04, 2010

Rick Springfield is filling a long left void in the market place and frequent fan request by compiling all his career video clips onto one DVD - Video Vault.
The quote from R9ick's Merch site reads: "In this first-ever compilation of music videos from GRAMMY-awarding winning musician Rick Springfield, Video Vault captures the artist's meteoric rise from the early 80s through his still red-hot performances today. All the classics from Rick's amazing 30-plus year career are included, accompanied by personal commentary from Rick himself that will have you singing and laughing along to Jessie's Girl, Love Is Alright Tonite, Love Somebody, and more. With a running time of 127 minutes, and more than 70 minutes of Rick's own commentary, this special release DVD captures Rick's incredible talent that has produced 17 Top 40 hits and sold 19 million records. Special DVD features include Rick's favorite television appearances – performances that can't be found anywhere else but inside the Video Vault."
DVDs are currently in production and will begin shipping on 10/8/10. By purchasing this item, you agree and understand the conditions of this pre-sale. We will not respond to emails about shipping status until after this date. Thank you!"
Pre-Order at:

Video Listing: Jessie's Girl, I've Done Everything for You, Love Is Alright Tonite, Don't Talk to Strangers, What Kind of Fool Am I, I Get Excited, April 24, 1981, Affair of the Heart, Human Touch, Souls, Love Somebody, Bop 'Til You Drop, Don't Walk Away, Celebrate Youth, State of the Heart, Rock of Life, Dance This World Away, Honeymoon in Beirut, Christmas With You, What's Victoria's Secret, Don't Keep the Sandman Waiting.


SPV/ Progrock Recording artists Takara announce there first live gig ever! The debut live show will be on October 30, 2010 at 11:15 pm, at Paladinos night club in Reseda, a suburb of Los Angeles CA. Attendees of this performance can expect to hear a set of music from Takara, that spans their entire music career catalogue, from their first album "Eternal Faith" all the way through to their latest release "Invitation to Forever". The band is extremely pleased to be finally be performing all these songs from the bands entire catalogue. More Takara shows will be announced for Southern California in the coming weeks.
Takara is also please to announce it's new lineup. On Lead Vocals is Jaimie Kelli, Drums Gene McEwen, Bass, Surge Black, and on Guitar, is Takara founder Neal Grusky.
All Takara CD's are available through the Takara site: Takara merchandise/CD's will be for sale at the Paladinos show as well. All Takara music is available via digital download at iTunes, as well as all other fine music download sites too.

Grand Design / Metal Heaven Records (Ger) are proud to introduce the 2nd video "Sad Sound Of Goodbye" from Swedish rock sensation Grand Design. The song is a soft rock song all about broken hearts:

SLEAZEROXX.COM PREMIERES TRACK FROM ZODIAC MINDWARP AND THE LOVE REACTION": will be exclusively streaming a track from Zodiac Mindwarp And The Love Reaction's new album "We Are Volsung" which is slated for an October 12th release via SPV/Steamhammer. The track entitled "Stark Von Oben" can be heard in its entirety at the following link:
While you are there, be sure to check out Sleazeroxx's exclusive interview with ZODIAC and their review of the new album.

They were the prime mover, they preached back seat education, and together with Alice Cooper they fed they are back....meaner, leaner and heavier than ever. Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction will enter a new decade of heavy dirty street rock n`roll as they declare "We Are Volsung". Inspired by the Nordic mythology the album features ten brand-new unadulterated. The album will be available in three formats: CD, LP and digital download. The band has just unveiled the cover art for "We Are Volsung" which can be seen above.
SPV / Steamhammer are very proud to have the band on board for a journey to Valhalla and back. The album will be released in the North America on October 12th and followed by a US Tour in January /February 2011.
In a musical world of hairspray and spandex, two long haired leather clad rockers were introduced to each other by their "exotic dancer" girlfriends; one, a graphic artist and poet, the other, a budding philosopher. They immediately dropped everything, joined forces and created the dirtiest, wildest band of all time. One year later, they signed to Polygram and released the ground breaking High Priest of Love EP, and the Tattooed Beat Messiah album shortly after, which contained the well received single "Prime Mover".
Overnight, they accidentally changed the look of all the rock bands of the time from the obligatory spandex, eye liner and tinsel, to rough biker jackets, engineer boots and goatee beards. Mötley Crüe declared them to be their favourite band and immediately restyled themselves for their Girls, Girls, Girls record. ZMATLR grew in notoriety, touring the World and America, co-headlining arenas and theatres with Guns `N` Roses and finding themselves at home playing festivals and baseball stadiums with Iron Maiden. After attending a Hammersmith Odeon ZMATLR concert and giving it his seal of approval, Alice Cooper recorded the Zodiac Mindwarp penned "Feed My Frankenstein", which was later, performed in the film Wayne's World...
The critical acclaim of ZMATLR then caused rare misfortune, when they lost their young naive bass player to the lures of The Cult. The band soldiered on regardless. Sometime later, in Paris, Slam Thunderhide, their drummer decided to put down his sticks to become a Go-Go dancer in Vancouver.
Today with The Cat shaking the Earth on drums and Jack Shitt rumbling the low frequencies, they ride again, honing their skills playing for the Viking descendants in Scandinavia. From these tough, manly ordeals, a new set of recordings have been forged. "We Are Volsung" is the result, a celebration in the Norse tradition.
Current Line-Up: Zodiac Mindwarp - vocals, Cobalt Stargazer - guitars, Jack Shitt - bass, The Cat - drums.
WebLinks: / /

Greece's Rockpages Web Magazine talked exclusively to the SCORPIONS' drummer, James Kottak for the promotion of his solo album "Rock & Roll Forever" and the upcoming Scorpions concert in Athens, Greece. Here's an excerpt regarding Kottak's feelings toward Scorpions' decision to retire after this tour: Scorpions have announced their split after the tour ends. Please let me know how you imagine the last show? Would James like something special for this show?
James Kottak: You know this is a tough question because we have just started now on the tour and it is so far away that I imagine "this is really it", that's three years from now. It's hard to go. So it's like going on the high school, feeling great, what's going to be like on the graduation day? I don't know...shall I retire? I don't like it... Which element do you believe, eventually, made thousands of people shed tears and faint in front of Scorpions' stage, which element made millions of people love Scorpions, some of them even if they don't deal with rock or metal music? Was it their composing craft, Klaus Meine's voice, the ballads, all this together or maybe something else?
James Kottak: I don't know what it is but Scorpions is a kind of guitar thing, it's not narrow, it's Scorpions itself you can say it's a phenomenon. And the fans are so die hard. It's just crazy! They are so dedicated.
Read The Full Interview on:

There is an effort underway by a large group of Neil Diamond fans to generate support for his induction into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. He has been nominated and the voters will be casting ballots in the coming weeks. We have created a Facebook page to help gain exposure for Neil and to provide an outlet for fans to voice their support for him. Neil Diamond's influence on rock-n-roll is undeniable. Rockers such as Chris Cornell, Deep Purple, Kid Rock, Elvis Presley and Urge Overkill have all recorded Neil's material. Artists from other musical genres have covered his material as well. (Frank Sinatra, Tim McGraw, etc.)
The "Induct Neil" Facebook page can be found at:




Saturday, October 02, 2010

One of Rock Music's most renowned guitarists, Joe Satriani is giving fans an exclusive preview of his new album Black Swans & Wormhole Wizards ahead of its UK release next Monday (October 4).
Joe has created a series of "webisodes" via his official website (, explaining the thought process behind each track on the album. A new track will be previewed each morning leading up to the album's release next week. Click the link below to view tracks 1-7 from "Black Swans & Wormhole Wizards" and also to view today's new upload, "Two Sides to Every Story." -
You can pre-order "Black Swans & Wormhole Wizards" from Amazon UK here -
Joe's UK tour kicks off on October 17 at the Manchester Apollo, dates includes Bristol, London, Newcastle, Glasgow and Birmingham, tickets –

Sad news for Tesla fans, with their long used recording studio extensively damaged by fire -

"Sacramento recording studio of the rock band Tesla and an apartment building next door. The blaze broke out just before 2 a.m. at 1012 27th St. Some of the well-known band's memorabilia was lost. Firefighters salvaged musical instruments from the damaged studio. John Carlson, who was displaced by the fire, said he woke up as the blaze was breaking out. "The power kind of surged, and then it went off," he said. "And then we heard crackling, popping noises." Fire crews arrived within five minutes to find heavy fire and smoke coming from the two-story apartments, Sacramento Fire Department Capt. Jonathan Burgess said. Flames from the apartments jumped to the nearby two-story building that is home to the studio, Burgess added. The studio is located on the second floor. Burgess said firefighters had a hard time accessing the attic of the studio building because of its thick walls and ceiling. It took more than 86 firefighters more than an hour to extinguish the two fires, Burgess said. No firefighters or residents were hurt, but two cats died. The Red Cross responded to help five residents displaced by the flames. The cause is under investigation. The studio is run by the band's bassist, Brian Wheat. The group formed in 1984 and was known as City Kidd. Inspired by electrical engineer Nikola Tesla, the name was later changed to Tesla. The band hit it big with 1986's "Mechanical Resonance."

New Virgin Steele blog by David Defeis: "Well....believe it or not...we have actually finished the album and sent it off to our label, Steamhammer SPV for publication/replication. It was a mad, wild time these past few weeks & days recording and mixing like banshees! But....we made it....A week ago seems like an entire lifetime ago. It seems like every possible situation and change of season has occurred in a matter of hours and days. I personally went through the full dynamic range of emotional upheavals possible....One minute I was on top of the World, the next completely beneath it....and everything in between. Through it all as we say here in the Land Of Steele....we remained...Invictus!
As always when it comes time to actually part with an album and send it off into the World, I get very crazy. I always want to completely re-do it, to go back to the beginning and live with everything longer, but this of course is impossible. I am always frantic and rushed with every album, but this one was exceptionally challenging. Its birth was very much like how they did it in the long, long past, when people like Chuck Berry or Elvis would record a song, and then it would be immediately pressed and released only a few short hours later. After finishing these final mixes, I straight away began the process to send the album over to our label, so I really did not have the opportunity to live with these final mixes, listen back and adjust anything along the way....I trust that all turned out well and can only judge things from my initial gut reaction....which was that everything seems fine and nice and raw! In the end Life goes on and all projects must have their completion, and this one is now well on its way to landing in your hands soon. I hope you enjoy it....All of us here in the House Of Steele stand behind it, and think that it makes a very appropriate soundtrack to the coming Autumnal Season...We poured all of our blood, sweat, & energy into these tracks, and everything from $200 dollar scotch (a very nice gift from a Fan) to 7-ll coffee went into the making of it. May it empower you and take you on journeys both strange & beautiful.... Cheers & By The Black Sun & Moon." - David DeFeis September 27, 2010.
The new album "The Black Light Bacchanalia" will be released in 4 formats with 3 different covers:
Limited Edition Digipak incl. Bonus CD with 2 bonus tracks and a spoken history.
Standard Jewel Version & Download.
LP boxset incl. 3 LPs with printed inner sleeves, the standard jewel version, 10 page history booklet, poster, sticker and postcard (limited to 3.000 copies worldwide).
Tracklisting: 01. By The Hammer Of Zeus (And The Wrecking Ball Of Thor), 02. Pagan Heart, 03. The Bread Of Wickedness, 04. In A Dream Of Fire, 05. Nepenthe (I Live Tomorrow), 06. The Orpheus Taboo, 07. To Crown Them With Halos Parts 1 & 2, 08. The Black Light Bacchanalia (The Age That Is To Come), 09. The Torture's Of The Damned, 10. Necropolis (He Answers Them With Death), 11. Eternal Regret.
Bonus Tracks on the Limited Edition Digipak: 01. When I'm Silent (The Wind Of Voices), 02. Silent Sorrow, 03. From A Whisper To A Scream - (The Spoken Biography) – spoken by David DeFeis.
Release Dates: Germany: October 22, Europe: October 25, USA/Canada: November 9.
WebLink: /

MR-X has been updated with the following new features:
- Heaven's Edge - Demos (US)(12 Tracks)
- Heaven's Edge - Missing Pieces (US)(12 Tracks)
- Breakout - Promo CD (Denmark,1997)(5 Tracks)
- Asher (Demo, 1984)(4 Tracks)
MR-X Membership Details.




Thursday, September 30, 2010

11 years after calling it a day, Skin are back! The original quartet of Myke Gray, Neville MacDonald, Andy Robbins and Dicki Flizsar rocked us all with hits like 'Look But Don't Touch', 'Money' and 'House Of Love' and made three albums before calling it a day. Out of the blue, a chance to play Download in 2009 resulted in the band getting back together and blowing away everybody present. Due to the amazing reaction of the fans, Skin have decided for one last hurrah and made a stunning new record, aptly titled 'Breaking the Silence'.
Featuring 11 brand new tracks, the band are selling it independently via their secure web-shop on their site Myke explains to James Gaden in the upcoming edition of Fireworks 42: "We wanted to make a record that sounded like we did live. When the decision was made to make a new record I listened to all the albums and realised that the second and third albums sounded very different from the first. We wanted to go back to our roots and take it a step further - we wanted it to sound raw and real... We did have interest from a major label, it went as far as them listening to the songs and talking about producers, but the general consensus in the band was that we didn't want to sign to a label and have them telling us what to do, regarding touring, promotion, etc... we take the risk but in our minds it is worth it for control."
The band have made an official video for one fo the new tracks, 'Born To Rock 'n' Roll', which features footage from their performance at Download 2010, which you can see here:
The song is available as a free mp3 from: An acoustic live album 'Up Close And Personal' of the performances that wowed audiences who saw them supporting the likes of Chickenfoot and Mr. Big is also available there, along with the 'Skin Reunited' DVD which offers a documentary about the band reforming, as well as their entire Download 2009 performance.
'Good To Be Back', also from the brand new album, features on the free cover-mounted CD with the upcoming Fireworks 42, as well as the full interview with Myke where he discusses the new record, reforming, Download, and the decision to finish off with a Farewell Tour in the UK in December. "We love Skin and our relationship with the fans is amazing - we have done it for two years now, to say thank you and hopefully have a happy ending to our legacy... This album was inspired by and is dedicated to all the Skin fans that gave us the time of our lives. This is our way of saying thank you - and without you we are nothing!" Fireworks 42 will be in WHSmiths across the UK from mid October and available from The purchasable PDF version of the magazine with the CD tracks as mp3s will also be available from right here at shortly after the hard copy goes on sale.
'Breaking The Silence' tracklist: Good To Be Back / Don't Call It Love / Stronger / Can You Feel It? / The Book Of Your Life / When I'm With You / Trigger Inside / Indestructible / Redemption / Bad Reputation / Born To Rock 'N' Roll.

Skin Farewell tour:
Wed 8 Glasgow Cathouse
Thu 9 Newcastle 02 Academy
Fri 10 Manchester Academy 3
Sat 11 Norwich Waterfront
Sun 12 Bristol Thelka
Tue 14 Bournemouth Firestation
Wed 15 London Underworld
Thu 16 Birmingham 02 Academy
Fri 17 Oxford 02 Academy
Sat 18 Nottingham Rock City
Support from Matti Alfonzetti (ex-Jagged Edge) acoustic and Toby Jepson (Little Angels) acoustic. Tickets available from or from links provided at


Rick Springfield's classic live performance at this year's, Sweden Rock Festival is currently being streamed on P4 Live out of Sweden:
Track Listing for this vibrant show was: Affair Of The Heart, Living In Oz, Victoria's Secret, Celebrate Youth, Venus In Overdrive, I'll Miss That Someday, Love Is Alright, Crossroads, Don't Talk To Strangers, Love Somebody, Human Touch, Jessie's Girl, Kristina.

Press Release: "Rufus Stone Limited Editions is a brand new, high-end music book publisher. Quite simply we're passionate about music, books and publishing. We are a group of creative thinkers, working together to create a new publishing venture specializing in producing the best quality products that both fans and artiste would be proud to own. It's that simple.
The market for "investment books" has grown over the last few years but this means limited edition high-end products can sell for £200 up to £3000. Even we think this is a little steep. Our approach is to generate high quality, bespoke content in short runs at a price point people can afford.
Yes, they are still expensive but you are buying a product that can't be purchased on the highstreet, featuring hours of investment in intellectual content and the very highest production standards. Quite simply we only produce books and boxsets we'd buy ourselves. They will be works of art and they are vinyl sized as well (12" square). As the "label" grows we have plans for some exciting and unusual books. We'd like to work directly with a variety of artistes and bands at all levels with projects starting at just 250 copies. Of course, some of our titles will be gloriously unofficial but sometimes that makes for a better, more independent product.
One of our USP's is the Hardkases range of books. Hardkases is a new type of collectible... a strictly limited edition book and goodies complete in a custom-built flightcase. Each book is carefully housed in a foam recess inside the flightcase, keeping it safe for years to come. A true collectors product, they are hand numbered and printed on the front with details of the title inside. We expect these editions to sell out fast, even though they cost a premium. Payment plans are available to customers who wish to pay over 4-6 months.
We have launched with three titles, Ronnie James Dio – A Photographic Memoir by PG Brunelli, Whitesnake – The Definitive Biography by Simon Robinson, John Tucker and Nigel Young and The Beatles – Monochrome, a unique photo-documentary of the bands first American tour.
We are already working on further titles and we are keen to work directly with bands, writers, photographers and license holders to bring new and unique products to the book market."
The website URLs to browse and buy from are: /

Rufus Stone Limited Editions is proud to announce the following releases:

Ronnie James Dio - A Photographic Memoir by PG Brunelli
Ronnie James Dio was one of rocks most respected and talented frontmen, renowned for his instantly recognisable vocals, lyrics and stagecraft. On May 16th 2010 Ronnie succumbed to cancer and the world of hard rock lost one of it's greatest talents. Renowned music photographer PG Brunelli traveled the world with Ronnie from 1983, photographing him onstage, backstage, at home and in the recording studio. This special, large format hardback book takes the best of PG's photography and weaves a memoir of Ronnie's life starting onstage at Donington Monsters of Rock in 1983. Together with unique written contributions from Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Doug Aldrich and many of his peers, colleagues and fellow professionals. This book has been compiled with the knowledge and approval of Ronnie's wife, Wendy.
Available in two limited edition versions, starting at just £40 (plus p+p) Ronnie James Dio - A Photographic Memoir is released at the end of November 2010. To secure your standard or Hardkase version (£150 plus p+p) early ordering is essential. £10 from the sale of the standard version and £30 from the sale of the Hardkase edition will be donated to the Stand Up and Shout Cancer fund.

WhitesnakeThe Definitive Biography
The Whitesnake story is one of rock's most enduring and complicated stories. Formed by frontman David Coverdale after the demise of Deep Purple in the 1970's, the band has been on a rollercoaster ride ever since, attaining huge worldwide success in the 1980's with the multi-million selling "1987" album. This unique coffee table sized in-depth book traces the history of the band from humble beginnings playing Rafters in Manchester in front of 500 people to their current position as one of Classic Rock's most successful stadium acts. Written by Simon Robinson, John Tucker and Nigel Young, The Definitive Biography celebrates the success of Whitesnake with the full story, comprehensive discographies and an extensive gig list together with hundreds of rare and many unseen colour pictures, and memorabilia from across the band's career. 
This huge volume, available in two strictly limited edition versions, including a 250 copy Hardkase edition, is a must for all fans of the band and will become a true collector's item in years to come. The standard edition (just 750 copies) costs £175.00 each and the Hardkase edition (250 copies) costs £225 each plus p+p

The BeatlesMonochrome
In 1964 the Beatles undertook their first tour of America, a two week visit that took in The Ed Sullivan show, playing live in Washington and New York before finishing in Florida with a second Ed Sullivan experience. Photographer Joe Allen followed them on the entire visit, taking hundreds of black and white images to document this historic first trip to the USA. For the first time, all of Allen's negatives have been scanned in hi-resolution, meticulously retouched and restored to better than their original glory and assembled in this huge, limited edition photo album. Beautifully printed and bound using the latest technologies Monochrome is destined to be a true collectors item in both it's standard and Hardkase edition. The Hardkase editions also includes 4 hand numbered giclee prints of each band member, re-coloured from the original negatives and never to be released in any form outside of this publication. The standard edition costs £175 and the limited Hardkase edition (350 copies only) costs £290.00 + p+p.
WebLinks: /

Bassist Paul Ranieri and vocalist Chandler Mogel from the band Dangered Ace checked in with Hardrock Haven to discuss the debut release GoTenGo; how the band was formed and why they are called Dangered Ace; why their music can be defined as Hard Swing playing live with the various musical elements in the band; and a whole lot more. To hear the interview, head to: has issued their latest Podcast (episode #107), featuring Ex-TNT Vocalist Tony Harnell. Tony took time out of his busy schedule to discuss his new band The Mercury Train and their debut release Round Trip, as well their touring plans. Tony gives us the low down on life after TNT and more. Interview lasts approx. 40 min.
It is still hard to believe that Mike Portnoy has left Dream Theater. I shudder to think what might happen to the band having just lost a key member. Yes, they're all talented, but Portnoy was such an integral part in this band's make up, that it will be hard to imagine them without him. Join Genghis and Ragman as they discuss the departure of Portnoy and the future of DT. Next, the boys rounded up former TNT lead singer Tony Harnell for a one on one as he discusses his current project, The Mercury Train, and their debut CD, Round Trip. Tony gives an in-depth look into the new CD and discusses the challenges of making an old song sound new.

Rush are named Live Legends: "Despite being snubbed (again) by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Canadian rock legends Rush will be honored at the 2010 Billboard Touring Awards. The trio of Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart will receive the Legend of Live award on November 4 in New York City."

Lifted from: It could have been any other Friday night at Matt's Saloon in Prescott, Arizona. The beer was flowing, the band was playing and everyday folks were celebrating the start of a hard-earned weekend. Oh yeah, and Bruce Springsteen was there. No E Street Band, no Patti Scialfa, just an unannounced visit from The Boss and a few of his buddies, who had come from Los Angeles to northwest Arizona on their motorcycles. Springsteen bellied up and ordered a beer.
Wearing a leather vest and a bandana around his neck, Bruce was enjoying drinking and talking with the regulars, according to Utah's Deseret News and Denny Orr, rhythm guitarist for that night's entertainment, The Mile High Band. Soon word got out and the crowd jumped "from seven or eight people to 80 or 90 in 10 minutes," Orr said. "It went nuts." Before long, Springsteen was on stage, playing with the band. Orr remembered seeing the rock star enter Matt's and "the next thing I knew, he said, 'Come on, boys. Let's jam.'"
Bruce played with the band for about an hour, leading the guys through a bunch of rock and roll classics, including Elvis Presley's "Don't Be Cruel," Chuck Berry's "Sweet Little Sixteen" and the road-running gem, "Route 66." He also sang "I'm on Fire" – one of the seven Top 10 singles from his 1984 blockbuster, Born in the U.S.A. – with The Mile High Band. According to Orr, the band also asked him to play "Pink Cadillac" with them, but Bruce said he couldn't remember the words to his own hit song.
The impromptu jam session wasn't even the coolest thing that happened because of Springsteen's visit. While at the country-western bar, Bruce had overheard the barmaid's sad story. Brenda "Bubbles" Pechanec had incurred some serious bills because of a medical issue. Even after leaving the bar that night, that tale must have made quite an impression on Springsteen. About a week later, a letter was delivered to the saloon, addressed to "Bubbles." In the envelope might have been the biggest tip ever given to a barmaid. Bruce had sent her a check for $100,000 to take care of her hospital expenses. The Boss had blown into town, rocked the house and left behind a legendary story.

Boston-based rock band Switchblade Suicide announces the release of their long-awaited EP Japanese Release, available now on iTunes & The four-song EP encompasses the band's uncompromising, unapologetic and unbridled rock sound with edgy vocals, sleazy guitar riffs and a solid rhythmic backbone. The CD features the single "Stronger," a runaway freight train of powerful rock melodies, harmonizing and edgy vocal sounds. This EP is a follow up to their debut, self-titled, three-song EP that released to rave reviews.
A recent review on says: "Switchblade Suicide has stayed true to their sleazy '70s inspired roots on "Japanese Release" while expanding their sound ever so slightly. They kick things into high gear during "Stronger," "DFC" and "Sunset Rose" with an updated Little Caesar blueprint with gritty guitars, a strong backend and vocals that combine a bluesy delivery with hard rock."
After a busy summer — including opening for Cheap Trick, Squeeze, and KISS — Switchblade Suicide is planning a series of acoustic shows in and around Boston for this fall. For information:


DDrive will be hosting a special show at Nola's in Rochester, NY on October 23rd. This is a special show to introduce the recently released DDrive CD titled "3D". There will be a drawing to win an assortment of prizes from the DDrive vault with paid admission. Prizes include a DDrive CD Collection, T-Shirts, Nola's Gift Certificate & the Grand Prize - A brand new electric guitar autographed by DDrive (Courtesy of The House of Guitars) there is no opening act as DDrive will play 2 sets show kicks off at 10:00 pm for more information or

Progressive hard rock band Slaves To Fashion from Norway has just finished recording and mixing the new album, which is due to release later this year. The album has been mixed by Rudolf Fredly in Sweetspot studio in Norway and the tracks have now been sent for mastering to Mika Jussila (Masterplan, Nightwish, Stratovarius) in Finnvox studio in Finland. "The new album is progressive, heavy, melodic, dark and fashionable - and we can't wait to get it out there. Mr. Fredly did a great job mixing it and we're all excited to hear the final result from Mika Jussila", says vocalist Johannes Støle. More details about the album will follow soon. Slaves To Fashion on Internet:




Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2010 has been one hell of a year for FM so far. Their highly-acclaimed album Metropolis (released March 2010) continues to garner approval from fans and critics alike and tracks from the album continue to see regular airplay. Their May single "Hollow" was playlisted for a month on BBC Radio 2 and throughout the nation on regional radio. They have toured the UK to a great reception everywhere and were invited to play the Main Stage at Download 2010 in June with headliners Aerosmith. Their London show in July was Classic Rock magazine's 'Gig of the Week', and they featured heavily in the Summer issue of Classic Rock in the article "The Return of AOR – How Journey, FM & Foreigner made it back on the radio". FM will round-off a very successful year with 3 more regional shows in October; a return to London O2 Academy Islington on December 1 and an appearance on the Main Stage at Hard Rock Hell IV in Prestatyn on December 3. All this and the release of a stonking new 9-track mini-album too!
Released via Riff City Records, the City Limits EP will no doubt please fans old and new. Lead track "Bring Back Yesterday" (from this year's Metropolis album) has been playlisted on BBC Radio 2, receiving plays on the Chris Evans and Steve Wright shows amongst others. Also included on the mini-album are 5 tracks from Metropolis recorded live at FM shows this summer. Fans will be champing at the bit to hear brand new song "Start It Up" and a breathtaking new acoustic version of "That Girl" (originally released on the band's début album Indiscreet and still one of their most popular songs, regularly included in their live set). The mini-album concludes with one of DJ Juppy's (drummer Pete Jupp) tour de force extended mixes of lead track "Bring Back Yesterday".
City Limits EP is released on October 11 and will be available to download from all good internet retailers. The CD may be purchased from the FM webshop at from October 11. Those wishing to get their hands on a copy prior to the general release date can do so as the EP will be sold at the band's forthcoming October UK live shows.
Full track-listing: Bring Back Yesterday (Radio Edit); Start It Up; That Girl (Acoustic Version 2010); Wildside (Live); Hollow (Live); Metropolis (Live); Over You (Live); Flamingo Road (Live) and Bring Back Yesterday (City Limits Extended Mix) *** Soundclips can be heard on the Fmofficial Media page ***

Oct 6 Newcastle O2 Academy2 0844 477 2000 Moonlight Valentino
Oct 7 Manchester Club Academy 0161 832 1111 Madison & Rollin Thunder
Oct 8 Buckley Tivoli 0870 264 3333 Whiskey And Lace
Dec 1 London O2 Academy Islington 0844 477 2000 Airrace
Dec 3 Prestatyn Hard Rock Hell IV 0870 264 3333

Applications are now open for Meet & Greets to be held at the October FM shows. Full details on how to apply can be found at


Magnum's next studio album The Visitation will be released January 17, 2011. The Rodney Matthews artwork has been unveiled at the band's website ( in the form of a promo spot seen below.


Press Release: "Connected through powerful music, witness first-hand a timeless love affair that has bonded rock icon Rick Springfield with multiple generations of fans from around the globe for over 30 years. Rick Springfield has been writing and performing music for more than four decades. To date, he has sold over 19 million records with 17 Top-40 hits. He has performed for millions of devoted fans over the past three decades and continues to play over 100 shows a year. Rick Springfield continues to attract new fans wherever he goes with his unique brand of audience interaction, unstoppable energy, and unforgettable songs that have become part of the soundtrack to people's lives.
In addition, he is an accomplished actor who has performed on Broadway, headlined in Las Vegas, and starred in numerous movies and television series; most recently, he played a twisted version of "himself" in Showtime's hit Californication. Follow the Yellow Rick Road as we gain an all-access view of Rick Springfield's life today and the lives of a few of his most devoted fans.
Our film crew is currently in full production mode and will continue shooting through the end of 2010 (making stops throughout the USA, Europe, Canada, on Rick's upcoming Late, Late at Night book tour, and concluding on the 3rd Annual Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise). The film is scheduled to be released in 2011 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Working Class Dog, the album that included the #1 hit "Jessie's Girl."
Right now, you have a unique opportunity to become a member of the YRR's VIP Virtual Crew and witness the process of making this landmark film. As a VIP Crew Member, you will have access to exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and stories about this talented musician and his loyal fans. You will also be entered into private contests, have the opportunity to communicate with YRR Producers and other VIP Crew members on a private message board, and be privy to information not available anywhere else. Plus, your VIP membership fee will help fund the production costs involved in making this film. We appreciate your interest and your support of this project. Please tell your friends to follow the Yellow Rick Road, too.

And don't forget Rick's Autobiography Late Late At Night coming up in just under 2 weeks time - "In a searingly candid memoir which he authored himself, Grammy Award-winning pop icon Rick Springfield pulls back the curtain on his image as a bright, shiny, happy performer to share the startling story of his rise and fall and rise in music, film, and television and his lifelong battle with depression. In the 1980s, singer-songwriter and actor Rick Springfield seemed to have it all: a megahit single in "Jessie's Girl," sold-out concert tours, follow-up hits that sold more than 17 million albums and became the pop soundtrack for an entire generation, and 12 million daily viewers who avidly tuned in to "General Hospital "to swoon over his portrayal of the handsome" Dr. Noah Drake. Yet lurking behind his "success as a pop star and soap opera heartthrob" "and his unstoppable drive was a moody, somber, and dark soul, one filled with depression and insecurity.
In "Late, Late at Night," the memoir his millions of fans have been waiting for, Rick takes readers inside the highs and lows of his extraordinary life. By turns winningly funny and heartbreakingly sad, every page resonates with Rick's witty, wry, self-deprecating, brutally honest voice. On one level, he reveals the inside story of his ride to the top of the entertainment world. On a second, deeper level, he recounts with unsparing candor the forces that have driven his life, including his longtime battle with depression and thoughts of suicide, the shattering death of his father, and his decision to drop out at the absolute peak of fame. Having finally found a more stable equilibrium, Rick's story is ultimately a positive one, deeply informed by his passion for creative expression through his music, a deep love of his wife of twenty-six years and their two sons, and his life-long quest for spiritual peace."


VH1 was awarded the News & Documentary Emmy® Award in the "Outstanding Arts and Culture Programming" category last night for its VH1 Rock Doc Anvil! The Story of Anvil. It's the second time that the critically acclaimed VH1 Rock Docs franchise has won a News & Documentary Emmy® Award in five Emmy® nominations.
Other nominees in the category included "Finishing Heaven" (HBO); "No Subtitles Necessary: Laszol and Vilmos" (PBS); "Woodstock: Now & Then" (VH1 & History Channel). The awards were presented by the National Academy of Arts & Sciences (NATAS) in a ceremony held at Frederick P. Rose Hall, Home of Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York.
"Anvil! The Story of Anvil" is the directorial debut of screenwriter Sacha Gervasi ("The Terminal") and was produced by Rebecca Yeldham ("The Kite Runner" and "The Motorcycle Diaries"). The film follows Kudlow, Reiner and their band, Anvil, which released one of the heaviest albums in metal history, 1982's Metal on Metal. The album influenced an entire musical generation of rock bands, including Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax, who all went on to sell millions of records. Anvil, on the other hand, took a different path—straight to obscurity. The film is both entertaining and touching as it follows their last-ditch quest for the fame and fortune that has been so elusive to them. "Anvil! The Story of Anvil" is a timeless tale of survival and the unadulterated passion it takes to follow your dream, year after year.
"Anvil! The Story of Anvil" contains appearances by an array of heavy metal icons, including Metallica's Lars Ulrich, former member of Guns N' Roses' Slash, Anthrax's Scott Ian, and Slayer's Tom Araya, among others.
The overwhelming response and incredible buzz created by the film paved a stellar comeback for Anvil guitarist Steve "Lips" Kudlow and drummer Robb Reiner who started the band 30 years ago. During its theatrical run, "Anvil! The Story of Anvil" garnered extraordinary support from the public with continual updates on social networking websites, Twitter postings and declarations of, "You must see this film!" not only from fans, but from celebrities unconnected to the film such as Dustin Hoffman, Mandy Moore, Keanu Reeves and John Mayer. Features in Newsweek and Rolling Stone, and a national television appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! shined a cultural spotlight on Anvil, propelling them to the opening act slot for also the opening act for AC/DC's Black Ice World Tour at the Gillette Stadium show on July 28th and the Giants Stadium show on July 31st, 2009.
"Anvil! The Story of Anvil" is part of VH1's Emmy Award-winning VH1 Rock Doc franchise.  VH1 Rock Docs are high-end feature-length documentaries that each reveal an untold story in the history of rock and hip-hop music, combining never-before-seen footage with a unique and unconventional narrative approach.  The documentaries tell some of the most unique stories of artists and music from a wide range of genres, styles, and musical perspectives.
"Anvil! The Story of Anvil" was executive produced by Rick Krim, Brad Abramson, and Shelly Tatro and Warren Cowan served as supervising producer for VH1.

For those who cannot witness Shotgun Symphony performing their entire classic debut CD October 30th at Firefest, you can now for the first time download the CD in its entirety from Amazon, iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, and many more starting today. This self-titled debut received rave reviews in industry bibles such as Kerrang and Burrn!, and is considered by some as "possibly one of the greatest debut albums of the melodic rock genre". Also available will be the bands 1997 release "On The Line Of Fire" and 1999's "Sea Of Desire". For up to date information on these releases and the moments leading up to Firefest 2010, visit and

New CD Showcases have been added for the following new releases: Unruly Child, Strangeways & Asia Live (Frontiers Records, October 15 release); Stratosphere (Escape Music, October 22 release); White Widdow (AOR Heaven, October 29 release) and Bangalore Choir (AOR Heaven, out now). Check them out now.




Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On September 29, 1991 Nelson reached the height of the US Single charts with their evergreen hit "(Can't Live Without Your) Love And Affection". Their music has stood the test of time and now 20 years later Matthew and Gunnar Nelson explore fresh creative territory in the present with their new album, Lightning Strikes Twice scheduled for first release in Europe on November 5, with US and Asian release to follow.
Magical melodic songwriting and soaring sibling harmonies continue to ensure that this dynamic duo is still a vital part of the music scene's future. The new album goes straight back to the absolute brilliance of Nelson's first album, hence the title and an amazing set of songs that are going to restore the faith in Nelson.
"After the Rain" was the debut multi-platinum album by Nelson in the early 1990s. They zoomed to number one with their hit song, "(Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection," which made history landing America's iconic Nelson family (bandleader Ozzie Nelson, rock legend Rick Nelson, and twins Matthew & Gunnar) into the Guinness Book of World Records as the ONLY family in Entertainment with 3 successive generations of #1 hitmakers.
Nelson's "After the Rain" record and tour became a phenomenon just prior to the rise of grunge. The last major success of the good time rock'n'roll era, Nelson has had (1) Number One, (4) Top Ten, and (5) Top 40 Billboard Hot 100 hit singles, plus (5) #1 MTV videos and has sold over 6.5 million albums worldwide!
Nelson has always been synonymous with entertainment in America. Matthew and Gunnar follow Ozzie Nelson's vision of embracing connecting with people and audiences through all forms of media. They have been doing television-hosting work for VH1 and E! Gunnar is also a standout reality TV star with VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club". Plus, Gunnar co-hosted Lifetime Radio's nationally syndicated morning show.
A&E channel's Nelson Family "Biography" episode is still one of the top-rated 'Biography' installments. Matthew & Gunnar embraced this fascination by creating a touring show to celebrate the TV Nelsons and the amazing career of their legendary father, Ricky, for whom Life magazine coined the phrase "Teen idol". They share video clips & tell stories about their Hollywood family and perform their Pop's music live to audiences in Ricky Nelson Remembered while separately touring as Nelson.
Nelson has been headlining at major rock festivals around the globe celebrating the 20th anniversary of "After the Rain". Touring in China, the U.K. and of course the U.S. where they have also toured extensively with Peter Frampton and Styx. In October 2010 the band will head to the UK to headline day 2 of the Firefest festival appearing with label mates Jimi Jamison, Lynch Mob, Strangeways, Pretty Maids amongst others. A world tour at the beginning of 2011 will follow.
"'Lightning Strikes Twice' has allowed us creatively, artistically and musically to resolve some unfinished business," Gunnar says. "We've had a blast going into the studio writing and performing some of our best songs. Plus, being back on the road with Nelson is living the dream all over again. New fans are discovering our music and original fans have shown incredible support all over the world. It ROCKS!"
Matthew adds, "Who could believe we would be doing a Nelson sequel to 'After the Rain" twenty years later? Gunnar and I feel it's our best work to date and should live up to its name 'Lightning Strikes Twice'. We believe Nelson fans will agree with that forecast and hope they feel it's been worth the long wait."
"Lightning Strikes Twice" tracklisting includes: Call Me; Day By Day; Ready, Willing and Able; How Can I Miss You?; You're All I Need Tonight; To Get Back To You; When You're Gone; Take Me There; Come; In It For The Money; Change a Thing; Kickin' My Heart Around.
The first single "You're All I Need Tonight" and "Call Me" can exclusively be listened in full in streaming on the Frontiers Web radio. Tune in at:
Musicians on "Lightning Strikes Twice" include: Gunnar Nelson: Lead Vocals, Guitars; Matthew Nelson: Lead Vocals, Bass; With special guest appearances: Gary Corbett: piano, keyboards; Brian Burwell: drums; David Morgan: piano, background vocals; Steve Lukather: guest guitar on "To Get Back To You".
Weblinks: / / /


"Shred guitar" and "neo classical metal" are two phrases that have been commonplace in the world of heavy metal for decades by this point, but both can be attributed to the unmistakable work by Yngwie Malmsteen. Ever since the early 1980's, Yngwie has been pushing the limits of guitar, and influencing countless other players in the process. And he continues to impress to this day, as evidenced by his forthcoming album, Relentless, the highly anticipated follow-up to 2008's critically acclaimed 'Perpetual Flame' (Yngwie's first album for Rising Force Records).
The album is the second to feature ex-Judas Priest and Iced Earth singer Tim "Ripper" Owens, and features over 60 minutes of incredibly complex, kick ass arrangements.
"This title truly is the right one for this album", explains Yngwie. "I mean, after all these years, some kind of force is driving me to create something that totally surpasses everything I've done before. I tried to capture the raw energy of a live performance, yet push myself to the most demanding level of playing and composing to harness that elusive magic that can't just be switched on. All the way out, caution to the wind, but disciplined performances was what I went for. Maybe I did it too, check it out!"
Confirmed song titles for 'Relentless' include "Relentless," "Look At You Now," "Shot Across the Bow," "Adagio B Minor Variation," "Caged Animal," "Critical Mass," "Into Valhalla," "Enemy Within," and "Caprici Di Inferno."
Bursting onto the scene with such classic releases as 1984's 'Rising Force,' 1985's 'Marching Out,' and 1986's 'Trilogy,' Yngwie instantly made a name for himself, by recreating the spirit of celebrated composer/musician Niccolo Paganini, but within the realm of heavy metal guitar.
Soon, countless other guitarists were copying Yngwie's style...but there is simply only one Yngwie. Yngwie's career continued to thrive throughout the world, including such additional triumphs as his totally classical work for orchestra and solo electric guitar, 'Concerto Suite,' which proved once and for all that his classical credentials were genuine.
Yngwie continues to receive accolades worldwide, such as recently being selected as one Time Magazine's "Top Ten Greatest Electric Guitar Players" (amongst the stellar company of Les Paul, Jimmy Page, and Jimi Hendrix).
A respected musician among both his peers and his fans, Yngwie continues to play and compose at a level of mastery that many career musicians only dream of. 'Relentless' is a must-have, which will appeal to all Yngwie fans and rock music fans alike. Prepare yourself for a 'Relentless' classical metal attack!
For more information, visit: /

80's rockers XYZ return to Denver after a 17 year absence to play the legendary club Bangles, Friday October 22nd. In what promises to be an amazing night, the band has decided to document the evening!
Singer Terry Ilous stated: "Hello everyone, we will shoot a live DVD and record a live CD that night…XYZ Live In Denver…so its simple…in order to be 'in' that at night, you will have to dress up totally 80's, It should be a lot of fun…Girls, mini skirts and white pumps. Guys, well I don't know, hide your beer guts ha ha."
XYZ also features Pat Fontaine on bass, Tony Marcus on guitar and Joey Shapiro on drums. Joey is a veteran of the Denver hard rock scene and was a regular at Bangles playing with his band Dirty Boys. In fact, it was playing there that landed him the gig with XYZ when they were touring the country as a 3 piece doing acoustic shows back in 1992.
Sharing the bill that night are some of Denver's top hard rock acts: The Dark, Lil' Dreamer and Bone Circus.
Tickets are $12.50 online or $15 day of the show. You can buy them at until 10/21.
Brought to you by David B Productions.
Bangles @ The Sangria Lounge. 4501 E Virginia Ave, Glendale Co. 720-941-0138.

Special Festival V.I.P Tickets for the HEAT festival available. They are limited to 30 tickets and the price is € 150,-. It includes:
- Festival ticket for both days
- V.I.P. Festivalshirt
- Food and drinks for free on both days in the catering area of the bands
- Possibility to meet the bands there
- The first three songs in the photo/press area in front of the stage to shoot some photos

If you already bought a ticket, you can pimp it up to a V.I.P ticket with € 110,. First come, first serve. The tickets are available only through the festival website -
The H.E.A.T Festival takes place in Reichenbach/Fils near Stutgart/Germany on October 16th & 17th at the venue h20.
Saturday, 16th: Wig Wam (N), H.E.A.T (S), Soul Doctor (Ger), Bad Habit (S), Bangalore Choir (Usa), Bai Bang (S), Markonee (I)
Sunday, 17th: Axxis, playing classic set (GER), O'Hrenfeindt (Ger), Hartmann (Ger), Subway (Ger), Subsignal (Ger), Wicked Temptation (Ger), Redlight Ballerina (Ger).


This song was written for Trinity Paige Murr, who was diagnosed with epilepsy 5 years ago, and is in the process of defeating this horrifying disease. Through proceeds and donations, Liberty N' Justice hopes to raise awareness and encourage families who feel hopeless. The song features Benny Mardones, John Pine and Bill Leverty of Firehouse. More details and the release date of Liberty N' Justice's new 5 song EP, "Chasing A Cure", coming soon. The song and a video featuring Trinity and be viewed




Monday, September 27, 2010

Avenue Of Allies is proud to announce three brand new releases, all due out on October 15 via This time we cover the Melodic Hard Rock, AOR and Classic Rock genres with bands hailing from the Mediterranean area:

Fabri Kiareli's F.E.A.S.T - Rise (2010 / Avenue 10 10 0018) / A Hard Rock debut from Italy rich in variety. Melodic and metallic, energetic and balladic. Feat. Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever, Glenn Hughes, Eden's Curse). /

F.E.A.S.T. is the brain child of Italian born singer and guitarist Fabri Kiareli. The debut album "Rise" of Fabri Kiareli's F.E.A.S.T. showcases the musical influences of its main man, ranging from straight ahead Heavy Rock anthems ("Fire And Dynamite", "Feed The Hunger", "(Ain't Done) 'Til It's Over") to Classic Rock power ballads ("Broken Dreams", "Cold Hearted") and from fast paced Metal tracks "Win Or Lose"), to the epic masterpiece "The Meaning Of Life" and the Melodic Rock hymn "Follow The Way", a duet with Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever, Eden's Curse, Shining Line, Axe, Glenn Hughes, Bernie Marsden). While Fabri handled most of the instruments on "Rise" himself, except for the drums, he has now put together the band line-up of F.E.A.S.T., including Lukino "Luke" Ballabio (guitar), who also played the guitar solo on "(Ain't Done) 'Til It's Over", Angelo Perini (bass) and Mao Granata (drums). Together they will present the album live in Italy and beyond.

Soundbytes - Fire And Dynamite / Feed The Hunger / Follow The Way.


Perfect View - Hold Your Dreams (2010 / Avenue 10 11 0019) / Italian Newcomer on the heels of Toto, Saga and Winger. Keyboard laden AOR spiced up with rocking guitars, brilliant melodies and fabulous harmonies. Great musicianship and a crystal clear sound courtesy of Roberto Priori (Wheels Of Fire, Los Angeles, Killing Touch).

The work on the songs for Perfect View's debut album "Hold Your Dreams" was a collective effort with contributions coming from each musician. The finished recordings were eventually mixed and mastered in the spring of 2010 by Roberto Priori (Wheels Of Fire, Los Angeles, Killing Touch) at his PriStudios in Bologna, Italy. The big sounding songs showcase the musician's high level of instrumental skills and Massimiliano's powerhouse high pitched vocals that evoke thoughts of Tony Harnell, Tony Mills and Rob Moratti. After just a few bars of the opener "A Better Place" you know that the band was successful with their task to balance great melodies and vocal harmonies with hard rocking guitars while giving the keyboards lots of space to shine in many different colours. To get hooked to the sound of Perfect View just listen to the radio-ready midtempo track "Closer", the Toto-like AOR of "Believe" or the power ballads "A Reason To Fight" and "Where's The Love" with their symphonic arrangements. To keep up the interest of the listener there is always a certain complexity added to songs like the title track, "I Need Your Love", "Speed Demon" and "Showtime", similar to what Extreme did on their "Three Sides To Every Story" album and what Saga managed to achieve on most albums during their long career.

Soundbytes - A Better Place / Closer / Hold Your Dreams.


Fire - Ignite (2010 / Avenue 10 12 0020) / The 2006 debut album of the Maltese Melodic Hard Rockers. Internationally available for the first time, incl. two bonus tracks, one of them the classic Bryan Adams track "Run To You". Finest Classic Rock for fans of Y & T, Thunder, Gotthard, Whitesnake and Krokus. /

After the the successful international release of Fire's second album "Thrill Me" in the fall of 2009, Avenue Of Allies now presents the band's debut album "Ignite" as an expanded CD re-issue. Originally only released on the band's home island of Malta, the new version includes two exclusive bonus tracks, that haven't been available on CD before. The first one is a newly recorded version of the Bryan Adams classic "Run To You" featuring the trademark Fire-sound. Rounding out the album is "Miss You This Christmas", a track which was originally sent out to Radio stations on Malta back in December of 2007. The story of Fire began around 1998 with the band mainly playing Classic Rock covers. As time went by the band started to write its own material and in 2006 they finally released their first album "Ignite". The record also included the two previously released singles, with "Manhunter" being one of the albums highlights with its infectious hookline and catchy chorus. Another song with a massive sing along refrain is "Home And Dry", written by Joe Mizzi, a friend of the band, who also contributed one song to the band's follow-up album "Thrill Me". The album opener "Get Out Of My Way" is another straight ahead Rocker showcasing the characteristic Fire guitar riffs and the Hammond organ in the background. And it's a cut you won't get out of your head once you've heard it. A different side of the band show the Classic Rock power ballad "Goin' Down" and the dark and more complex, but still catchy Rock epic "Conspiracy Theory".

Soundbytes - Get Out Of My Way / Manhunter / Goin' Down.


The latest promo spot for Frontiers Records can be viewed below:


Black Country Communion's self titled debut album has charted at #13 in the Official UK Top 40 Album Chart - The album has also hit #1 in Official UK Top 40 Rock Album Chart ( and #2 in the Official UK Top 40 Indie Album Chart (
The album, produced by Kevin Shirley (RUSH, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Black Crowes), features vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes (Trapeze, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath), award-winning guitarist Joe Bonamassa, drummer Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin, Foreigner) and keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Billy Idol, Dream Theater).
Having recently performed a secret concert to a select audience of 160 people in London on September 20th, BCC are finalizing details of concerts in the UK this December.

Greece's Rockpages Web Magazine talked exclusive with Bangalore Choir's singer, David Reece, about the band's comeback record "Cadence". Reece commented, also, on Accept's new record with Mark Tornillo on vocals. Here's the excerpt: Accept reappeared with a new singer (Mark Tornillo). Did you have the chance to listen to the album and would you like to tell us what do you remember from the short time that you were the band's frontman?
David Reece: I've heard it but honestly don't like it. My short time with Accept was a good and bad thing…the best part was it gave me the opportunity to showcase my work so I'm grateful for that.
Read The Full Interview on:




Friday, September 24, 2010

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of The Poodles live package including the No Quarter CD and In The Flesh DVD on November 5.
Having carved in stone their reputation as prime time entertainers with the release of three acclaimed studio albums and over 350 shows in the entire Europe in the past few years, not counting Gold and Platinum record awards in their home country, The Poodles close the first chapter of their musical adventure and set their sails for the next step.
As a tribute to the first years on the road, The Poodles offer the fans a live package including a CD and a DVD recorded during the "Clash of the Elements" tour in 2009, which portrays the band in the most natural environment: the live show. "The high points for us as a band is anytime we go on stage", says guitar player Henrik Bergqvist. "This may sound like somewhat of a cliché but it is no less true. It doesn't matter if we play a crowd of 10.000 people at Graspop or in front of a handful on a rainy November Monday in Copenhagen, those are the moments we relish and live for. We've had so many special moments on stage over the past couple of years that it seems impossible to single even a few of them out. Having said this, some special moments can certainly be seen on the live DVD and heard on the live CD".
"We are very proud of how the live CD and live DVD turned out and we feel that they really shows what the band is like on stage"
continues Bergqvist, "being able to watch a DVD of your favourite band is great and there are a few really nice ones out there, but the connection that takes place between the band and the crowd during live shows cannot be formatted to the screen. You can catch a glimpse of it, but to experience a band live will always be different from listening to or viewing a recording of that band. Have a look and see for yourselves, though!"
Aptly titled "In The Flesh" the DVD is a real in deep look at the Poodles style of life with in-deep interviews, that present each band member, behind-the stage instant footage and a collection of the promo videoclips shot for the "Clash of the Elements" promotion. In addition, a selection of the band's classic cuts performed live shows that the Poodles are delivering the goods when the play live. The live cd, soundtrack of the DVD, plus the song "Lullaby For Jimmy" as cd exclusive, shows that behind the look and the words there is a solid band playing great music!
Henrik concludes: "The future plan for The Poodles is closely connected to the band's cooperation with Frontiers Records. The band expects to play for an ever expanding audience as a result of it and take the mission of Heavy Metal to virgin lands. We want to see our beloved fans again on the road and make new friends too. The future is bright for us, and that's good because we already wear shades!"
The live CD "No Quarter" track listing includes: Too Much Of Everything; Caroline; Seven Seas; Metal Will Stand Tall; Like No Tomorrow; One Out Of Ten; Lullaby For Jimmy; Drum Solo; Echoes From The Past; Thunderball; I Rule The Night; Night Of Passion; Flesh & Blood; Line Of Fire.


The Live DVD "In The Flesh" table of contents include: Movie: Introduction; Stockholm, Party & Fun; About The Poodles; Metal Standing Tall; The Director & Crew; Being On Top; Jakob; Henrik; Pontus; Kicken; The First Five Rows; Tribute To The Fans; End Credits. Concert: Too Much Of Everything; Caroline; Seven Seas; Metal Will Stand Tall; Like No Tomorrow; One Out Of Ten; Echoes From The Past; Thunderball; I Rule The Night; Night Of Passion; Flesh & Blood; Line Of Fire. Extras: Like No Tomorrow (Video); I Rule The Night (Video); In The Flesh (Video); Warrior (The Movie Trailer); Majestic Film And Metal Warriors. The DVD will be released in NTSC Region Free format with Screen 16:9 and Mix in 2.0.
There will also be a limited release of a luxury packaging including the live CD "No Quarter" and the DVD "In The Flesh" is a luxury digipak edition.
The songs "One Out Of Ten" and "Caroline" can exclusively be listened in full in streaming on the Frontiers Web Radio. Tune in at:
WebLinks: / / /
"In The Flesh" trailer can be enjoyed following this link on Youtube:


Right at the very top of my playlist for several weeks now is the new Unruly Child. I am absolutely addicted to this marvelous album of intelligent song writing and intricately crafted melodies and hooks. So no better time than to preview another 3 tunes from the album World's Collide, due for release October 2 via Frontiers Records.
Check out: Insane / Love Is Blind / Read My Mind.


MelodicRock Records recently announce two new releases for October - All I Know (Belgium) and Degreed (Sweden). Both albums are released October 22 for pre-orders and in-store October 29.
I will continue to offer free full length downloads with each release to help folks sample the bands in their best light. If you haven't checked out the MelodicRockRecords releases yet, here is some links to the free tracks on offer. Additional Soundbytes for all can be heard at: Purchase and pre-order at:

Degreed - "Life, Love, Loss" (MRR004)
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Release Date: October 29. Pre-Orders Ship: October 22.

Free Download: Arms Of Misery
All I Know - "Vanity Kills" (MRR003)
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Release Date: October 29. Pre-Orders Ship: October 22.

Free Download: Rain
Fenrik Lane - "317" (MRR002)
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Free Download: MRR EP (01. Megalomania, 02. Call Her Name, 03. Cover Your Eyes, 04. Hot Lips, 05. Going Nowhere)
Jimi Jamison & Jim Peterik - "Extra Moments" (MRR001)
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Free Download: Cry Of The Wild Heart
Harem Scarem - "The MelodicRock EP"
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Free Download: Human Nature

In January 2011 the original singers from Deep Purple, Foreigner, Nazareth and Gotthard will go on tour on the 2011 edition of "Rock Meets Classic". Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), Lou Gramm (Foreigner), Dan Mccafferty (Nazareth) and Steve Lee (Gotthard) will perform some of their hits in "a Classical and rocking way". They will be backed by the RMC Band under musical supervision by Mat Sinner, and the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague under musical supervision by Philipp Maier.

"The Crunge was a dance conjured by Jimmy Page, guitarist of Led Zeppelin. The steps were impossible to execute. Jimmy Fukstaak, the central character of the novel The Crunge, leads a life as awkward, ridiculous, funny and sad as that dance. The manuscript is a roman à clef of the Sydney underground rock scene in the late 1980's and through the 90's. Many followed the grunge fashion. Some lived the life. There's an incessant flow of Twelve Step confessionals from successful rockers, but what happens to the far more common resultants of gambling all for the life: the ones who don't make it?
Jimmy escapes poverty and abuse and Canberra after the death of a close friend. Finding himself homeless and centless in Sydney's Kings Cross, he is taken in by the unlikely benevolence of the petty street crims. Establishing somewhat of a living there, he finds himself joining a hardcore punk rock band. From there Jimmy pursues a career in inane, unenjoyable sex, alcohol, marijuana, speed, and heroin abuse. And rock n roll. Searching for love and comfort, and meaning, Jimmy barks with humour and melancholy up continuous wrong trees. All the while doing the recording and gigging dog-paddle in the sea of punters and bands that make up the Sydney inner-city rock circuit. Until things really have to change.
He joins the army, thinking the discipline and implied health will transform him. There is a transformation of sorts, but Jimmy is running away from things that exist universally. A scaring injuring sustained in Southeast Asia sees him discharged, and left with more psychological scaring than he went into the army with.
But life improves. Jimmy finds music again. Finds family. He even almost finds love. And redemption. But there's always that omnipresent monster: addiction. The Crunge may make some readers cringe; but despite his rather deep flaws, Jimmy Fukstaak draws compassion."
Quarterpipe Records is stoked to release our first digital novel / e-book - especially one as drenched with sex, drugs, rock n roll as The Crunge. Truly never a dull moment in these 209 pages. Award winning author Damian McDonald was formerly the bass player for Sydney hard rock bands Detriment, & Money Tree Seeds, and as such his many references to the venues & characters of the 90's Sydney hard rock scene ring true throughout.
The Crunge can be downloaded in PDF format for AU$8.00 (works just fine on your iPhone or iPod Touch):

Muskogee, OK - Prog rock musician/keyboardist Lisa LaRue has recruited guitarist Mitch Perry for her CD release "Fast and Blue" by 2KX. Gold records, sold out concert tours, MTV video and network TV appearances, numerous magazine features and recognition in the form of several guitar awards - over the last 25 years, Mitch Perry has accomplished all of the above in a career working alongside some of the most renowned and popular musicians in the world. Mitch's discography and touring experience reads like a who's who of rock ranging from Aerosmith to Michael Schenker Group to Cher and Edgar Winter. He is currently the guitarist for Asia Featuring John Payne. His performances both live and in the studio show him to be a truly world class guitarist. Perry has added his riffs and licks to one 2KX song and may be recruited for more dependent on additional funding resources.
The "Fast and Blue" CD by 2KX will be packaged as a souvenir 'magazine' containing a DVD with the title track's video, the trailer for the "Fast and Blue" CD. and all video blogs as well as the music CD. A sneak peak video blog is currently available for viewing at The video for the song "Fast and Blue" will be uploaded to Facebook and YouTube on November 1 along with the single being available for sale on the same day at The tentative release date for the full-length CD is February 14, 2011.
Fans can be involved in the 2KX project and reap rewards for doing so via funding resource Kickstarter. For information on pledging to this project, please visit Those who pledge to the project could qualify to receive a song written by LaRue for them or a loved one as well as numerous other rewards for their participation.
LaRue has already recorded tracks with co-producer John Payne (Asia featuring John Payne), Maxi Nil (Visions of Atlantis), Steve Adams (ARZ), Mike Alvarez (Bass Clef Experiment), and Merrill Hale (ARZ). A song sample is available at Other musicians in the project include David Mark Pearce (Oliver Wakeman Band), along with LaRue on keyboards. Additional musicians to be announced.
To be a part of this project, have the satisfaction of making a dream come true though quality music that will last through the ages, and at the same time reap rewards for yourself, visit

MR-X has been updated with another selection of classic unreleased demos from the likes of:
- Only Child - Demos (US 89) (13 Tracks)
- Autograph - The Demos (14 Tracks)
- Angeline - Demos 1989 (9 Tracks)
- 1 Way Street - Demos 1990
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Poison Sun - Virtual Sin / Release Date: 19.11.2010 / Imagine a merciless rock riff, blazing hook, mixed up with one (female's) voice that could even melt the coldest iceberg: when the hot new band Poison Sun dives into VooDoo on their vigorous debut feature Virtual Sin, it only takes a few seconds for bedlam to break loose! This new band dishes out Metal, the way since this musical divinity was created - with no thrills, but yet, irresistible. You don´t have to be a prophet or have any clairvoyancy (ESP) to predict an overwhelming entrance onto the world stage, for this band!
Don´t be surprised by Poison Sun's lead singer. Martina Frank's voice, with its rough, low-key and melodic singing will fester your ears, the way you like it. Martina Frank is THE rock and roll diva prototype, the kind we haven't heard much of lately and is certainly one of a kind even on the international level. Her very bones are wrapped up in Rock, Blues and Metal, but listen in to her sensitivity, when she delves into the sensible tunes that grabs, displays her expressions. Martina Frank has worked in sound studios and has earned praise as a back up singer for bands like UFO, Jane and Weinhold. Now the time is ripe for her own new band, teamed up with Hermann Frank.
Poison Sun is a Hannover based band that enriches the German metal scene with their own let-loose and vital versions of traditional power metal. The brains, producer and (along with Martina) songwriter of Virtual Sin, is Herman Frank, a well established professional for profound riffing and virtuosic solo styles. The duo Frank/Frank as the driving catalyst can create songs for Poison Sun divined to become simplistic Groove-Monsters. Especially noted should be the energetic sound that Herman Frank's Arena 20 studio has waived it's magic hand over.
By their side are the notable bassist Stefan Hammer and drummer Florian Schönweitz which round out the band Poison Sun. Both of which were previously active in the Munich Metal band, Silent Decay. Both take on the task of capturing the ten songs with the essential groove. A case, that the rhythmic duo conquer and excel the occasion.
You will praise them, when their songs, dripping with brute force, blast through your speakers. Whether it's the headbanger tunes like Rednex or Rider in the storm, or foot-stompin´ marches like Hitman and Virtual Sin or the poetic hymns a la Princess and For Ever, or even the breath-taking rendition of the Pointer Sister's classic Excited: Poison Sun will grab your wicked metal soul, which ever direction they'll lead you. Perhaps we should shout it from the rooftops, this band with their undeniable debut album will be the album that the world will be bowing down to, within the next few months. Will we be worthy of this jewel dawned upon the metal world? We are worthy…
Line-up: Martina Frank – Lead Singer, Herman Frank – Guitar, Florian Schönweitz – Drums, Stefan Hammer – Bass.
Soundfiles in advance: Killer - Red Necks - Voodoo.


Michael Bormann - Different / Release Date: 19.11.2010 / Michael Bormann explodes into the music scene with his latest greatest fireball Different. This great record, loaded with 12 fine, diverse songs includes tons of radio singles. "Different" clearly demonstrates that Bormann is a dynamic "one of a kind - artist" in today's music industry, capable of going in many different AOR musical directions as the album not only includes a mix of typical AOR but also some fine acoustic tracks, powerful uptempo songs and wonderful ballads.
Bormann proves his fantastic songwriting skills once again. Even though he played almost everything by himself, he also had a little help from some of his long-time companions Andreas Rippelmeier, Chris Ivo, Eric Ragno, Lanvall and Marco Grasshoff. The fact that the singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer spent most of the time alone in the studio, corresponds with the intransigence on Different.
Different, produced with intense hammerhead commercial appeal, touches the very core of the soul that leaves devoted fans blown away and takes us into a new heart-felt journey that shows a different side of the great artist Michael Bormann, who is headed into astronomical success as a heavy hitter crossover artist.
Soundfiles in advance: Breathless - Life Is A Miracle - To The Top.


Keyboard virtuoso Mistheria returns with an all star cast for the neo-classical progressive metal tour de force Dragon Fire. Home to 13 tracks of full on metal pomposity, this is music crafted around stirring vocal melodies and impassioned first class musicianship. The virtuoso meter of the personnel involved sets a new standard and fans of artists such as Symphony X, Malmsteen and Artension will find this a sheer musical delight.
The grandiose music on offer has its home within the classical music masters but the metal charge brings Dragon Fire firmly into the present day. Yet this is more than musical virtuosity. Mistheria has taken great care to produce songs first and foremost with catchy vocal melodies and big choruses and just one listen will prove that he has succeeded in his aim producing captivating compositions. After demos for the album had been made the personnel was then hand selected by Mistheria to bring out the best in each track with the highest calibre musicians within the genre chosen to do justice to his songs.
The vocalists comprise of John West (Artension/Royal Hunt), Rob Rock (Impellitteri/Solo), Mark Boals (ex Malmsteen/Ring Of Fire/Royal Hunt), Lance King (Balance Of Power) and Titta Tani (ex Astra / Ashent). Each vocalist's unique style has been selected for the appropriate track to deliver Mistheria's vision. The same process was used for the guitarists with George Bellas (solo/Ring Of Fire), Neil Zaza (solo), Roger Staffelbach (Artension/Angel Of Eden) and Emir Hot (solo) plying their virtuoso guitar work which blend beautifully with Mistheria keyboards to recreate the classic guitar/keyboard pairing in all its glory. The bass was ably handled by Alberto Rigoni (Twinspirits) and drums come courtesy of John Macaluso (Ark, TNT, ex Malmsteen) whose performance is full of high-power heavy grooves and tons of energy making this one of his best performances to date.
Yet despite the number of musicians involved there is an impressive sense of cohesion to the material all thanks to the quality of Mistheria's initial vision shining through in all aspects. Even the sound of the album has produced and mixed to his own personal taste. Mistheria comments, "Since I only wrote vocal melodies and lyrics for Dragon Fire and vocal melodies for Eye of the storm songs (although I gave ideas for the others), all singers involved influenced the songs prominently with really great lyrics and melodies. John Macaluso's job on drums has been nothing short of astonishing starting from my programmed drums guideline. The guitarists moved on my own demo ideas as well as Alberto Rigoni on bass and their job has been simply perfect. Ivana Greguric wrote a song exclusively for the album (The Beast) and her work is really remarkable."
Track Listing: 01. Dragon Fire. 02. Lies & Deception. 03. Killing The Pain. 04. Two Of Us. 05. Metal Opera pt.1: A.D.1982 06. Metal Opera pt.2: Eye Of The Storm. 07. Now It's Never. 08. Fire & Flames. 09. Prelude 18 In F min. 10. Chopin Fantasy. 11. The Power Of One. 12. The Beast. 13. A Beautiful Dream.
Musicians: Mistheria – Keyboards, Piano and Keytar. John West – Vocals on 1, 3, 7, 11 & 12. Rob Rock – Vocals on 2. Mark Boals – Vocals on 6. Lance King – Vocals on 4. Titta Tani – Vocals on 1, 8 & 13. George Bellas – Guitar on 2, 4, 6 & 10. Neil Zaza – Guitar on 7. Roger Staffelbach – Guitar on 3, 11 & 12. Emir Hot – Guitar on 8. Alberto Rigoni –Bass. John Macaluso – Drums.
Official Web Links: / / /


Guitar virtuoso Michael Harris returns after the successful Orchestrate album ready to take on a fresh new challenge in his every widening musical vocabulary. Enter Tranz-Fused which is Harris' first all fusion instrumental recording; although this isn't just jazz fusion in its purest sense as it incorporates prog, metal, blues and some funk elements as well. Despite the change of musical expression one thing remains the same - the stunning guitar work of Michael Harris.
Michael's musical goal with making the album was first and foremost strong songs with melodies that hold up as well as a little wackiness. In a performance sense Michael has delivered a strong yet tasteful vibe with effective dynamics. Sonically Michael has gone for a more stripped down approach with less overdubs and making use of cleaner guitar sounds, old school fusion keyboard and some guitar synth sounds as well as a dose of effects such as octave and ring modulators for true authenticity. Influences for the album have come from the likes of Clint Strong, John Scofield, Pat Martino, Al DiMeola, Scott Henderson and Jeff Beck.
Joining Michael for the album is a stellar supporting cast of bassists Adam Nitti, David Harbour, James Martin and Bunny Brunel. Drums come from Mike Haid and Marco Minnemann whilst Bernard Wright delivers a keyboard solo on Seizure Salad. On his fellow musicians Harris comments; "I was grateful to have a roster of great musicians on the record, who all brought chops, style, dynamics, and substance to the table!"
Tranz-Fused is a welcome return from one of the instrumental scenes best loved players.
Track Listing: 01. Seizure Salad. 02. Wizard of Odd. 03. Rocket Surgery. 04. Blue Shift. 05. Left of Right. 06. Nitrous Oxide Strut. 07. Professor Grunklesplat's Math Assignment. 08. Pathos. 09. Prosthetic Brain 10. Ocean Blues.
Musicians: Michael Harris – Guitar, Guitar synth, Keyboards; Adam Nitti – Bass; David Harbour – Bass; James Martin – Bass; Bunny Brunel – Bass; Mike Haid - Drums; Marco Minnemann – Drums; Bernard Wright – Keyboard solo on Seizure Salad.
Official Web Links: / /


John Farnham's comeback album is titled Jack and is a mix of new material and cover versions. Featuring a photograph of a tanned Farnham, Jack will be in stores on October 15. Farnham premieres the first taste of the album, a mash-up of Ray Charles's 1961 hit Hit the Road Jack and Peggy Lee's 1956 anthem Fever, on tonight's Footy Show. [Just been to air and sounded much as expected - jazzy pop]. He will also perform another track from the album, a Percy Sledge song called 24-7-365. Producer Ross Fraser said the album bears Farnham's nickname because it "represents him so well" and pays homage to Ray Charles.
"Ray Charles was one of two people John grew up worshipping, along with Stevie Wonder," Fraser said. "It's melodic, a bit of soul, a bit of blues, a bit of pop. I don't feel we've had such a deep record song-wise since (1990s) Chain Reaction. Right to the last song they're good songs." Farnham began recording the album in July in South Melbourne's Armstrong studios. Fraser said it was Farnham's first album since 2005's covers set I Remember When I Was Young. "He was in the studio on the first day before any of us and was the last to leave... Once he decides he's going to make a record everything else stops."
The album includes a song written by hit maker Steve Kipner, Love Chooses You. In a statement Farnham said he had enjoyed recording the album. "Going back into Armstrong studios... was like going home to record." Farnham starts his new tour on October 4 in Sydney.
Track Listing: Love Chooses You, You Took My Love, Hit The Road Jack/Fever, 24-7-365, Nobody Gets Me Like You, You Don't Know Me, Love Me Like You Do, Today, I'm The One Who Loves You, Love Come Knockin', Sunshine.




Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release of the third chapter of Allen / Lande project entitled The Showdown on November 5.
Allen / Lande represents the finest expression of Melodic Metal nowadays. With two world renowned singers, Jorn Lande (of Jorn and Masterplan) and Russell Allen (of Symphony X) sharing lead vocals, this project has become a staple among the fans of Hard Rock and Melodic Heavy Metal music. The first chapter of Jorn Lande and Russell Allen's collaboration, "The Battle" was unleashed in September 2005 with unanimous acclaim from fans and critics alike. Many websites and magazines named it "Record of the Year". Its success made it one of the most popular releases ever in Melodic Heavy Metal, thanks to beautiful, sweeping piano and keyboards, heavy guitar riffs, virtuoso guitar solos, hooky choruses and the vocal talents of two of the finest Heavy Metal vocalists around.
In spring 2007, the second chapter entitled "The Revenge" was released and met again with an amazing reaction from press and fans. Heavier and with a tighter production, thanks to the involvement of Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Angra, Place Vendome) at the mix, the album excited the fans who loved the first chapter.
Now it is the turn of "The Showdown", the anticipated third album of the studio project. "With two of the best singers in the business it's easy to get inspiration to write good music" says the mastermind of the project, Swedish guitar player, songwriter and producer Magnus Karlsson, who adds "When it was decided that Russell and Jorn were going to sing on the first album I knew that if I could just write great songs and get the right mix it would have a very good chance to be a success". Musically "The Showdown" sounds like "A mix of both previous releases with "The Battle" being more Melodic and "The Revenge" which was more in the Hard Rock direction", according to Karlsson, who concludes "I'm more satisfied than ever with the songs and performances, but also because the mix by Achim Kohler (Primal Fear) is by far the best I ever had on any album!"

"The Showdown" cover art was designed once again by Rodney Matthews (Asia, Magnum, Diamond Head etc.) and includes the following tracks: The Showdown; Judgement Day; Never Again; Turn All Into Gold; Bloodlines; Copernicus; We Will Rise Again; The Guardian; Maya; The Artist; Eternity; Alias (bonus track).

The video clip shot for the song "Judgement Day" with Jorn Lande's lead vocals can be watched on YouTube:
The songs "Judgement Day" and "The Showdown" can exclusively be listened in full in streaming on the Frontiers Web radio from September 21. Tune in at:
The album will be exclusively be available in the CD Digipack edition (first pressing), limited vinyl and digital download.
Allen / Lande: Jorn Lande: vocals, Russell Allen: vocals, Magnus Karlsson: guitars, bass, keyboards, Jaime Salazar: drums.


Vocalist Michael Bormann (Jaded Heart, Rain, Redrum) has completed work on his new solo record, to be titled Different. The album will be released on November 19 via Digital Outlets and on CD at your usual favourite online vendors. Track Listing: 01 Life Is A Miracle, 02 To The Top, 03 Think Twice, 04 Somebody 05 Mr. Rock N Roll, 06 My Favorite Time, 07 Breathless 08 Don't You Tell Me, 09 Wouldn't Let You Down 10 Who Really Wants To Get Older 11 No Way Out - It Hurts, 12 Was Mir Fehlt.


ProgRock Records have made the following announcement: "Hello Prog fans! Summer may almost be over, but it's still hot in the Prog world! There's a brand new studio album from Manning and some excellent pre-orders for new releases, including Pure Reason Revolution, the High Voltage festival live CD's from Marillion, ELP, Asia and Argent, and Steven Wilson's new double DVD, amongst others. And some exciting new items now in stock, including Tinyfish, Glass Hammer, Ark, K2, The Windmill, Oceansize, and many more. Hope you find something you like."
Full information about all of these releases can be found on the label web site at:

As first reported several months ago, world renowned classic rockers Kansas have launched a highly anticipated "Collegiate Symphony Tour" (Presented by D'Addario), which in turn would help raise funds for school music programs. And the lads are certainly proving that they are men of their word, as this past weekend, Kansas played to two packed houses at the University of Alabama. Additionally, the band was honored as musical guests during halftime at the Alabama vs. Penn State game (which Alabama won, 24-3). With a mammoth crowd of 106,000 looking on, spectators were treated to renditions of two Kansas classics performed by Alabama's Million Dollar Band - "Carry on Wayward Son" and "Point of Know Return." Video of the pep rally where band were guests and over 40,000 attended can be found here:
"We were extremely excited to have the opportunity to feature the members of the band Kansas as guests of the University of Alabama Million Dollar Band during the halftime show of the Alabama vs. Penn State football game," says Alabama's School of Music Director, Skip Snead. "These guys are one of the best-known, iconic groups of classic rock and it was a treat for the marching band members and all of the fans to have them introduced and honored during halftime."
Adds Kansas drummer Phil Ehart - "Standing in the middle of that stadium, surrounded by over 100,000 people, and the Million Dollar Band blasting away on 'Wayward Son' and 'Point of Know Return' was truly one of the most unique experiences of my life. It was goose bump time!"
During the 1970s, Kansas went on to become one of the decade's most popular rock acts. The band - which is comprised of singer/keyboardist Steve Walsh, guitarist Rich Williams, bassist Billy Greer, violinist David Ragsdale, and drummer Ehart - continue to rock on to this very day.
With the success of the Alabama shows under their belt - 'Kansas Collegiate Symphony Tour' may point to the band's future. And Ehart agrees with this assessment - "This is going so well, that other schools are contacting us for 2011 and 2012. City orchestras are even calling us about doing the same for them. Kansas has always been a symphonic rock band. We have found our niche!"
Confirmed 'Kansas Collegiate Symphony Tour' dates and venues:
September 17, 2010 - University of Texas - San Antonio (Laurie Auditorium - San Antonio, TX)
September 18, 2010 - Wichita State University (Hartman Arena - Park City, KS)
September 23 & 24, 2010 - Oklahoma State University (Stillwater High School Performing Arts Center - Stillwater, OK)
September 25, 2010 - Hardin-Simmons University (Behrens Chapel Auditorium - Abilene, TX)
October 9, 2010 - Truman State University (The Family Arena - St. Charles, MO)
For More Information, Visit:

Dave Gilmour, Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Rick Wright of Pink Floyd, perform at the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park in London July 2, 2005. Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters has revealed the British group are edging closer to another one-off reunion for a major charity show, but there will never be a full tour. The rocker recently teamed up with ex-bandmate David Gilmour for a low-key charity gig in England and now admits he's considering another get together which will mirror the band's stunning Live 8 reunion in 2005. Since then, Floyd stars Syd Barrett and Rick Wright have died and Waters insists the time is right for another spectacular.
He tells Rolling Stone magazine he's still fired up about the four-song Live 8 show five years ago, and is keen to repeat it. He explains, "I'm so thankful that we managed to do that 18 minutes together, that the four of us (Waters, Gilmour, Wright and Nick Mason) got to draw some kind of a line under it." And he admits his renewed friendship with former foe Gilmour has really helped: "Things have gotten better since then (Live 8) between David and I. We don't see each other socially - he very much lives in the middle of the countryside in England, and I very much live in Manhattan, so our paths don't cross, but, when we end up being in England, we'll probably have dinner... (and) there's no fussing and fighting going on. David and Nick and I might do a one-off (show) somewhere, but there's no way we're going to do a tour... (Maybe) like a Live 8 but probably just with us. It's such a shame that we didn't get around to it before Rick died."
And Waters' plans have been echoed by drummer Mason, who insists he's ready for a reunion that will be Pink Floyd's swansong: "We played Live 8 which is hopefully a template for something we could do again. It might almost be better if we really kept it as something to be used for good. I think that would be a rather nice way to finish the Pink Floyd existence... just doing a show for the right reasons."

Two new interviews have been posted on One with Annica Wiklund (her album Badly Dreaming came out in 1988). And Aino Laos (released albums as LAOS). news of the day - Gibson's Top 50 Guitar Solos of All Time ­ 40-31: / Legendary Guitarist Rik Emmett's Blog Launches: / Steven Tyler: Turning Japanese for First Solo Project?: / Ozzy Osbourne's 'Wit And Widsom':

Dust and Bones will release the follow-up to Voodoo on Feb. 26th, 2011. The CD is called Rock N Roll Show. 12 strong melodic rock songs! CD will distributed through Perris Records. Voodoo is available at under new releases. Check out the band's webpage at for news, videos and music!

Rocknation just interviewed Greg Fraser (Fraze Gang) along with Tony Harnell. Sammy Hagar photo feature of his latest tour with Aerosmith in Houston, TX. All posted online at Rocknation newspaper issue 14. Link:

Radioz is the first Spanish band to gain the services of producer Michael Voss. Their single has 3 songs: 1. Muertos Despiertos, 2. Perdido, 3. Awaken. The single will be available on October 2010 and the band are recording it between Alicante (Estudio Sacramento - Spain) and Münster (Kidroom Music - Germany).

Solo artist and former Jeff Scott Soto band mate Gary Schutt will open for Grand Funk Railroad and Rick Springfield on Saturday November 13th. The day is part of a three day outdoor music and food festival called Ribfest. It takes place every year at the Vinoy Park in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.
Gary opens the Saturday events on the mainstage from 2:00 for 3:15 p.m. and will have special guest vocalist Todd Plant (Cryptic Vision) do a couple classic covers with the band. Grand Funk and Rick perform later on in the evening. Friday headlines Dave Mason and The Doobie Brothers. Sunday headlines Lee Brice, Phil Vassar and Eric Church.
Gary's band will perform over an hour and will feature brand new and classic original songs from Gary's 8 album arsenal, plus a few surprises. Merchandise will be available including new t-shirts and a limited release of his brand new CD Contingency Plan (formerly to be titled Catharsis). The new CD will only be available at the concert and nowhere else for now.
Gary was recently voted runner-up 'Best Intrumentalist ­ Guitar' in the Tampa Bay magazine Creative Loafing's 'Best Of the Bay' 2010 readers poll.
For more info on Ribfest, visit Everything Gary Schutt, visit

New video and "Ride Of The Shadowking" - Tour announcement / After their successful tours with Gamma Ray and Axel Rudi Pell in spring and the great reception on the summer festivals the band played in Germany, Switzerland, France and the Czech Republic, Freedom Call are now more than ready to embark on their biggest headliner tour ever. Together with several great support acts Chris Bay & Co are hungry and willing to show the fans what they can do best: enter the stage and play like madmen. The set list will be a mixture of all their albums with a more dominant aspect of their latest album "Legend Of The Shadowking". To promote the tour and the album Freedom Call shot a video for the song "Thundergod" which shows the energy of the band wih a story behind the song. So put on your metal jackets, go to the shows and do the ride of the shadowking!

Freedom Call "Ride Of The Shadowking" - Tour 2010
25.09. F-Eloyes – Escape Culturell (plus Mob Rules)
09.10. NL-Kerkrade - The Rock Temple (plus Orden Ogan)
10.10. D-Bochum - Zeche (plus Kissin`Dynamite + Orden Ogan)
27.10. SE-Växjö - Folkets Hus
28.10. SE-Linköping - Atmosfär
29.10. SE-Gothenburg - Sticky Fingers
30.10. SE-Västeras - Sigurdsgatan 25
04.11. UK-Bournemouth – Champions
05.11. UK-London – Purple Turtle
06.11. UK-Manchester – Satan`s Hollow
07.11. UK-Wakefield – Snooty Fox
08.11. UK-Glasgow - Classic Grand
20.11. D-Kaufbeuren – Allkarthalle (plus Kissin`Dynamite)
27.11. CZ-Zlin – Winter Masters Of Rock 2010
02.12. SE/FIN-Stockholm/Turku - Sabatonkryssen
22.12. D-Aschaffenburg - Colos-Saal (plus Orden Ogan)
28.12. D-Andernach - JUZ Live Club (plus Kissin`Dynamite)
29.12. CH-Pratteln - Z7 (DVD recordings)
WebLinks: /

DJ's Ralph Sutton and Stacy X, from Envision Radio Network's syndicated radio show The Tour Bus, recently aired their annual Shiprocked Cruise special featuring artists from this year's November 11-14, 2010 voyage. The interviews can be heard at: and include discussions with:
Clint Lowery from Sevendust, Niki Barr from the Niki Barr Band, Brian Vodinh from 10 Years, Vince Neil, CJ Pierce from Drowning Pool, Jason McMaster of Broken Teeth, Sarah Anthony from The Letter Black, Fred Coury of Cinderella, Ben Wells from Black Stone Cherry, Lynam's Jacob Lynam, Dave Rude of Tesla.
In his return from 2009, The Tour Bus' Ralph Sutton will be co-hosting Shiprocked with Kayla - satellite radio's Heavy Meatal Siren heard on the Boneyard, Octane and Message Amped - making for a virtual one-two punch of today's great rock radio voices.

Apologies for the downtime in the last 24hrs. A spambot-delivered Trojan virus make use of a weakness in an old portal left open on my server and got through to the frontpage of this and the site. This site is now 100% clear and any gateways for future attacks have been closed. MRR site is being fixed currently for those looking to place orders for CDs. I'll be at the post office again tomorrow for those interested in new releases Fenrik Lane and MRCD7.




Monday, September 20, 2010

Escape Music are pleased to announce the re-issue of two truly classic albums of recent years - Steelhouse Lane's Metallic Blue and Slaves Of The New World. This Re-mastered Special Limited Edition Digipack Double CD with Bonus Track is out November 19.
Track Listing: Disc 1: Metallic Blue: Metallic Blue / Surrender / Addicted / Find Your Way Home / Dr. Love / Still / Best Years Of My Life / Can't Fight Love / Feel My Love / Fire With Fire / Can't Stop / Brighter Day
Disc 2: Slaves Of The New World: Give It All To Me / Find What We Are Lookin' For / Son Of A Loaded Gun / Turn Around / Slaves Of The New World / All I Believe In / Into Deep / The Nightmare Begins / All Or Nothin' / Seven Seas / Where Are You Now. Plus bonus track: If Love Should Go.

Steelhouse Lane is: Mike Slamer – Guitars / Keith Slack – Lead Vocals / Drums - Barron DeWayne / Chris Lane – Guitar / Alan Hearn – Bass. Backing vocals: Chris Thompson, Tony Fields, Keith Slack.

Mike Slamer is a legend in his own lifetime, in his early career he found fame with British band City Boy; the song 5705 should probably register with most people who grew up in the early eighties! City Boy recorded several albums and they were one of the best British Rock pop bands that the country ever produced. The band Streets saw him work with Kansas main man Steve Walsh, a band that produced two great recordings. Mike has worked with Billy Greer, also of Kansas, and recorded two albums as Seventh Key. He has also recorded a solo CD and has been involved with many a production.
In the late nineties, MTM music released Two CDs by the fantastic Steelhouse Lane, a band that featured Mike, and also Keith Slack, later to front Taz Taylor band. This brace of recordings from 1998 and 1999 respectively are raw slices of hard melodic rock. Metallic Blue was recorded in 1998 and features 12 tracks of brilliant melodies and superb guitar playing from Mike himself. In 1999 the band stepped up a notch to record Slaves of the new world, a special recording indeed that gives us another 11 tracks of excitement. This music is hard melodic rock of the very highest order, and with a bonus track on offer then this makes this nostalgic package something to savour.


Directly from John Waite via
"John is putting the finishing touches on his brand new album, which is scheduled for an early 2011 release in Europe and the U.S. He recorded half of the record in Nashville and recently wrapped additional recording sessions in Los Angeles with members of his band. Several of the songs were co-written and produced with Kyle Cook, lead guitarist of Matchbox 20. Stay tuned for an album title, track listing and more details soon. Some of the titles we can share: Evil, Lonely, Gone, Keys To The Highway, and probably a remake of Hanging Tree."

Mike Tramp, former frontman of White Lion and Freak of Nature. Have together with his Rock'n'Roll Circuz band, created a beautiful tribute of epic proportion, to the late Ronnie James Dio. The song clocking in at almost 9 minutes long, takes you through a magical journey of RJD's life, and you will be left breathless at the end.
The track will premier September 27th on Eddie Trunk's satellite Radio show in USA and Canada. And immediately following the broadcast, fans will be able to download the 9 minute track from exclusively for the following week. There after Mike Tramp permits anyone to place the song on their website for free download. The song and "Download-Player" will be available from
Tramp wrote and recorded the song while recording his new album 2nd Act, with his rock'n'roll circus, due out next year. Tramps says that the song always needed to stand by it self and never felt that he could include it in any form for commercial album. This song belongs to all of Ronnie's fans, it's not just a tribute, it's a Hymn, something much more sacred to fit the man with the true voice of rock'n'roll.
Tramp got to tour with Dio in 1993 and speaks of Ronnie as a gentle man who wouldn't hurt a fly and who spoke from the heart and made you feel welcome in his company. Tramp is an enormous Rainbow fan because of Ronnie James Dio and the same goes for Sabbath. Ronnie brought so much melody to heavy metal, it was a great change. Tramp says that with Ronnie gone, so is the space and throne he occupied, and no one can and will replace him or even fill his shoes. Now let's keep his rock'n'roll alive, always. Ronnie R.I.P. Written by: Mike Tramp, Performed by: Mike Tramp & The Rock'n'Roll Circuz, Keyboards by: Tony Carey original Rainbow keyboard player (the Dio years), Recorded at Medley Studios Copenhagen, Denmark by: Soren Andersen, Mixed by: Michael Voss, at Kidroom-Music, Germany.
Free download from September 27. Check out for further news.

Fozzy, the band featuring WWE Wrestling Superstar Chris Jericho and Stuck Mojo mastermind Rich 'The Duke' Ward have announced that due to overwhelming public demand they will return to Australia for the first time since 2005! Fozzy,who also feature Sean Delson and Frank Fontsere (Stuck Mojo) and Billy Grey (Dangerous New Machine), will hit Australian shores this December touring in support of the latest and critically acclaimed album 'Chasing the Grail'. There is no doubt the Fozzy are one of the most dynamic and energetic live acts on the scene. Jericho brings his WWE theatrics to the stage along with Ward's lively stage presence and fretboard wizardry topped off by the technical powerhouse rhythm section of Fontsere and Delson.
Chris Jericho sounds the war cry: "Our fans in Australia are some of the best Fozzy fans in the world and we heard your demands, so we are coming back and we are looking forward to tearing the house down with each and every one of you crazy bastards this December!" 'Chasing the Grail' is in stores now via Riot! / Warner Music.

Former Tango Down lead singer, Alex Barbieri, has re-emerged on the scene, this time as a new staff writer for Barbieri says, "Since my early teens, I have been a huge hard rock and metal fan. My love of the bands and music has never waned. I am very excited to join Hardrock Haven to write reviews and interviews for one of the genre's premier websites."
Hardrock Haven says, "Tango Down's Damage Control was one of our favorite albums of the year, and to have someone like Barbieri on board reviewing music -- with his insight into songwriting, singing, production, and everything else that goes into making a complete album -- is a coup for the site. He's already posted his first review: Check it out to see why we are so jazzed to have Barbieri as part of our review crew!"

Greece's Rockpages Web Magazine conducted an exclusive interview with Triumph's bassist, Mike Levine, in the wake of the band's recent release of the "Greatest Hits" album. Here's an excerpt where he talks about the possibility of a full-blown reunion and the recording of a brand new studio record: After what you just said, someone might think that the band should reunite and do some shows, like you did a couple of years ago in Sweden, and some other places…
Mike Levine: Well, we were close to do that after the Sweden Rock Show, and Rocklahoma… we'd already started to plan a tour, and we had hockey arenas on hold in a bunch of cities in North America, and then in January of 2009 the economy looked like it wasn't going to recover, so we just put all touring plans on hold at that point, and our coordinate advisor suggested that we also stay for this summer, because summer time is the only time you go on the road these days, in North America anyway, because they predicted it wouldn't be very big for concerts this summer. So, if we decide to go out it will be 2011, and again IF we decide to do it, and everybody is available etc. then it will be North America, and Europe as well. Is there a chance for new songs from Triumph?
Mike Levine: Ahhm, we will cross that bridge when we come to it, but you know we spent a lot of time apart after the band broke up, and as you may know most bands break up in the recording studio (laughs), so we don't want that risk, plus the fact that you're damned if you do, and damned if you don't new music… I think unless you've got something absolutely spectacular, if you are an old band, -older band I should say! I hate the word "old"!- if you have been from our era, the '80s, your fans are not interested in new music. They love the old music. So, if we recorded something and they'd go buy it, and very few people buy this records, from anybody from that era, then they're going to think "oh, they're going to play all the new songs at a concert, and I am not going to hear half the songs that I want to hear". They want to hear the music of their life as I call it, the music they grew up to, they got married to, they got their first blowjob to…whatever! That's what they wanna hear, so why jam down their throats something new, just because you think you should? I don't know, I don't get it. What we may do, if we go on the road, maybe do a couple of songs, if we have really good material, and put them up on iTunes, or that kind of thing…
You can find the whole interview on:

New CD Reviews online today for: Issa, Kiske/Somerville, Heart, Edge Of Forever, Sora and Line Of Fire. More to come... Check them out now.

Just wanted to let folks know that all pre-orders of MRCD7 and Fenrik Lane have been shipped and should start arriving at destinations Friday this week or early next week.




Friday, September 17, 2010

Two of our most anticipated releases of the year are unleashed today (17th September 2010). MindSplit are a new band yet one with years of experience behind its individual members. With a style planted somewhere between straight metal, progressive metal and classic rock the band deliver a truly epic tale with their debut album Charmed Human Art Of Significance. To tie in with the albums release today a special video has been produced for the track "Battle Of The Mind" which was produced by Longshot Video Production. View the video at
Full details on the album can be obtained at: / /

With their spectacular debut The Pathway, Finnish progressive metal outfit Anthriel have produced an album which has all the potential to be hailed a classic and is guaranteed to fascinate metal fans worldwide.
Anthriel - the Archangel of balance and harmony is the perfect name for the bands music. With a sound driven by big guitar riffs, deft keyboard touches, a rock solid articulate rhythm section and a healthy dose of expressive vocals high in melody built into intricate yet digestible arrangements this is metal that is easily appreciated on first listen – yet where further plays reveal numerous hidden depths that will keep the listener coming back for more. The quality of material would not be best represented with anything less than a superb production and this is exactly what the The Pathway serves up being an impressive self production. Fans of the likes of Symphony X, Adagio and Yngwie Malmsteen will not want to miss this release.
Full details on the album can be obtained at: / /
As always both albums can be ordered now for same day shipping from the Lion Music Store (See Banner at top of page).

Seventh Wonder would like to thank everyone for their support in regards to their debut video for the track "Alley Cat" taken from their forthcoming release "The Great Escape" (release date tbc). The video has seen over 22,000 views in just 2 weeks on YouTube with exceptional high praise in the comments section. The band would also like to thank all that turned out for their appearance at Prog Power 2010 in Atlanta which was another phenomenal success. If you have yet to check out the new video follow this link (


Ali G and Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen is to play Freddie Mercury in a film about Queen, the rock band's guitarist Brian May has confirmed to the BBC. "We have Sacha Baron Cohen, which will probably be a shock to a lot of people, but he's been talking with us for a long time," May told the HARDtalk show. Frost/Nixon scribe Peter Morgan is writing the screenplay, he added. The film, which will focus on the period leading up to Live Aid in 1985, will begin shooting next year. "I think we'll try and keep ourselves out of it as much as we can," May said.
Baron Cohen had been "on this project since we started talking about it seriously with Peter Morgan a couple of years ago," he added. May and Queen drummer Roger Taylor will oversee music featured in the film, which will include songs by the band and by Mercury as a solo performer. Graham King, of GK Films, which is co-producing the movie along with Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal's production company Tribeca, said Queen was "a music brand all unto itself". "Freddie Mercury was an awe-inspiring performer so with Sacha in the starring role, coupled with Peter's screenplay and the support of Queen, we have the perfect combination to tell the real story behind their success."
Morgan, whose previous works include the Oscar-nominated screenplays for The Queen and Frost/Nixon, is already working on the script for the as-yet-untitled project. Queen's 21-minute appearance at the Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadium featured Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are The Champions and Radio Ga Ga. It is considered to be one of the classic rock performances.

Release Date Europe: November 22nd, 2010 Release Date: Germany: November 19th, 2010 Release Date USA/Canada: November 23rd, 2010
It´s only 4 years ago when Germany's first class rockers Fair Warning around their charismatic frontman Tommy Heart reentered the stage after a break of nearly 5 years with great power to introduce the reunion album "Brother's Keeper". A sold out tour through Japan as well as some really impressive festival shows throughout Europe followed. In summer 2009 they released the much acclaimed studio album "Aura".
Finest guitar rock from the feather of bass player Ule W. Ritgen (9 out of 12 songs) and Fair Warning's guitarist Helge Engelke. Beside that you felt the fun and spontaneity the four guys seem to have during the production – never before the band sounded more self-confident and focused. Aura was an album leading the band – even more than the predecessor - back to old virtues like first class songwriting being interpreted from 4 exceptional musicians rocking unrestricted without stylistic bonds reaching a unique integrity.
After a great show at Tokyos Loudpark festivals in 2009 and a sold out tour in Japan in 2010 the band decided to release a live CD and a live DVD to show what they can do intensive live shows which show that they are one of the finest live bands in the world.
Current Line-Up: Tommy Heart – vocals, Helge Engelke – guitars, Ule W. Ritgen – bass, C.C. Behrens - drums.

Track listing 3CD Digipak: CD1: Tokyo January 2010 - Intro, Out On The Run, Here Comes The Heartache, Save Me, Angels Of Heaven Don't Give Up, Sakura/Kashmir, Generation Jedi, Don't Keep Me Waiting, The Last Goodbye (Keyboard feature), Falling Reprise, Long Gone, Hey Girl
CD2: Tokyo January 2010 - Walking On Smiles, I'll Be There, Longing For Love, I Fight, Still I Believe, Burning Heart, Get A Little Closer, When Love Fails, Fighting For Your Love.
CD 3: Loudpark 2009 - Intro, Angels Of Heaven, Save Me, Generation Jedi, Out On The Run, Here Comes The Heartache, Long Gone, Longing For Love, I Fight, Don't Give Up, Burning Heart, Get A Little Closer, When Love Fails.

Track listing 2DVD Digipak: DVD1: Tokyo January 2010 (Tracklist see CD1 and CD2) Approx. 120 min DVD 2: Loudpark 2009 (Tracklist see CD3) + private footage Approx. 135 min / Format 16 : 9 NTSC Regional Code 0 PCM / Dolby Stereo 2.0.

Boxset with 3 cardboard sleeve CDs, 2 cardboard sleeve DVDs, different cover and booklet Packaging: Hardcover box (height 13 cm, depth 4,5 cm, width 14,5 cm) Limited to 3.000 copies worldwide.
Content boxset: - CD1 cardboard sleeve, Tokyo January 2010 - CD2 cardboard sleeve, Tokyo January 2010 - CD3 cardboard sleeve, Loudpark 2009 - DVD1 cardboard sleeve, Tokyo January 2010 - DVD2 cardboard sleeve, Loudpark 2009 + private footage & shots - booklet - different cover.
WebLinks: /


"For every pet you adopt from a pet store, another three in a shelter will die", says Poison drummer Rikki Rockett. Long-time animal activist and vegetarian, Rockett will join Last Chance For Animals' Chris DeRose at this weekend's gathering, Puppy Mill Awareness Day, to bring attention to this animal problem. The event will take place on Saturday, September 18, from 11 AM to 3 PM at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. Cesar Millan of The Dog Whisperer fame will be one of the speakers, as will Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Chris DeRose and Rikki Rockett will take the podium at noon to speak about the Puppy Mill & Adopt, Don't Shop campaign.
Other TV personalities, live entertainment and a raffle will be featured. Rockett has appeared at the East Coast Awareness Day for many years, but will join the activities in Los Angeles this year. Austin, Texas, will host a Puppy Mill Awareness Day the following day, Sunday, September 19.

Marco Ferreira, singer/guitarist of the American hard rock band Goodbye Thrill, band Ferreira and former singer of the French prog metal band Venturia will be playing his one man acoustic (4 hours) show in Switzerland.
Oct 8 at Memphis Pub - Ornella Corsano / Rue Aimé-Charpilloz 11 / 2735 Bévilard
Oct 9 at Shannon's Pub - Rue de la Préfecture 2 / 2800 Delémont, Switzerland
"I'm very excited and honored to be back to beautiful Switzerland. I have played those venues a couple of years ago and it was great!!! My kind of place. They have some good beer and every tune I play is a shot song, and I play a lot of songs! Some Goodbye Thrill and Ferreira material and lots and lots of fun covers. "

Houston's debut album immediately made it to no. 16 on the Swedish album charts on the week of it's release. The band is currently negotiating a deal with a frontline Swedish booking agency and are eager to start touring this fall!

ZZ Top Working with Rick Rubin:

Alice Cooper, ZZ Top, Matt Sorum (Velvet Revolver, Ex-Guns N' Roses, The Cult) with Cherie Currie (The Runaways) and the Darling Stilettos, Black Country Communion and Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction) are among the artists who performed at the John Varvatos' 10-year anniversary party on Saturday, September 11 at Varvatos' Bowery store (former CBGB location) in New York City.
Shirean Harrison caught these pictures: /

Los Angeles, Sept. 2010 – Emmy-Award winning recording artist Stan Bush, a worldwide icon of Melodic Rock, releasing his new album "Dream the Dream" now available at! Dream the Dream, Stan Bush's 11th studio album, finds the veteran singer/songwriter on top of his game, delivering the kind of powerful melodies and positively charged lyrics that have earned him a loyal following that spans the globe. Longtime fans and new listeners alike will be pleased to find Bush's no-nonsense approach to rock n' roll and emotive lyrics ring true in this new audio gem, the follow up to his critically acclaimed 2007 smash, In This Life. "We've been working on the new album for a year and a half, and I'm very happy with it," says Bush, "the last album, In This Life, got great reviews and though we had to work really hard, I think we've got ourselves another amazing album. Some of the songs have a 'go for it' message, and some are about love, life and a search for meaning."
Producer and multi-instrumentalist Holger Fath joins with Stan Bush once again for Dream the Dream, co-creating more of the unique brand of melodic rock that has become their hallmark. Other songwriters contributing to this new release are Bobby Barth (Axe, Blackfoot,) Curt Cuomo (KISS, Eddie Money,) Ed Tree and Lenny Macaluso. "I was honored to again work with Holger Fath as producer/guitarist (and also keys,)" offers Bush, "I think he's brilliant, and he's been a close friend for years. Matt Laug (Alice Cooper, Slash,) is one of the best rock drummers in Los Angeles, and on bass, Matt Bissonette (David Lee Roth, Rick Springfield,) is incredibly solid."
While crafting new material, tracks from Stan Bush's previous albums have continued to appear in television and major motion pictures the world over. His all-time hit "The Touch" from "Transformers: The Movie" and "Boogie Nights" was also featured on Chuck (NBC) and recently on American Dad (FOX). Stan's song "Til All Are One (Transformers Theme)" is featured in the new Activision game. Transformers: War for Cybertron. Bush's "'Til I Was Loved by You" captured an Emmy Award in 1997 for Best Original Song, a true career highlight. As a vocalist, Bush has sung on albums by renowned artists such as Alice Cooper and Jefferson Starship, and has worked with a bevy of the music industry's top producers including Ron Nevison, Giorgio Moroder, Andy Johns, Mick Jones, Desmond Child, Peter Frampton and Richie Zito. Bush has co-written with top songwriters like Jonathan Cain (Journey,) and Jim Vallance (Bryan Adams, Aerosmith,) and Paul Stanley of KISS. A European tour in support of the release of Dream the Dream will be announced by Stan Bush in the near future with details and dates forthcoming.
Dream the Dream final track listing: Never Hold Back :: I'm Still Here :: Don't Give Up On Love :: Two Hearts :: In My Life :: Love Is The Road :: If This Is All There Is :: Dream The Dream :: More Than A Miracle :: Your Time :: All That I Am :: Sam's Theme (The Touch)
Musicians on Dream the Dream: Stan Bush (vocals,) Holger Fath (guitars, keyboards,) Matt Bissonette (bass,) Matt Laug (drums.) Dream the Dream – available at


SEATTLE – Reunited after 20 years, Seattle-based metal band Fifth Angel is currently in the writing stages of its as-yet-untitled third album, and is actively recruiting a permanent lead singer to complete its lineup.
Fifth Angel is seeking a lead vocalist in the style of its original singer, Ted Pilot, who fronted the band in its first incarnation. Preferably, the singer should be a male with exceptional vocal range and tonal qualities in a similar style found on Fifth Angel's two albums – Fifth Angel and Time Will Tell.
"We need someone that understands Fifth Angel is not going to be a gig where we hit the road without an end in sight," guitarist Ed Archer explained. "We all have a passion for music, and this band is the perfect way to express musical thoughts and ideas, while maintaining our lives that we've established. This is an opportunity for anyone interested to create new music, play some festivals and have some fun."
Fifth Angel, which consists of Archer, bassist John Macko, guitarist Kendall Bechtel and drummer Jeffrey McCormack, performed for the first time as a band at the Keep it True Festival in Germany this past April, fronted by vocalist Peter Orullian. Due to his commitments as an author and other time constraints, however, Orullian will not be able to continue on with Fifth Angel, so the band is looking elsewhere.
"We really appreciate everything Peter did for us by stepping in, learning our songs in a very short period of time and delivering a killer set at the Keep it True Festival," said Archer. "Peter is an amazing creative talent and his new book publishing deal will keep him busy. We all wish him the best of luck!"
Fifth Angel's progress toward a new album was put on hold temporarily, as the band prepared to play the KIT Festival and was held up again this summer due to some personal challenges. But the band is fired up to finish writing a new album and to play live again.
"After KIT, there were a number of serious things on a personal level that caused a delay in our plans," Archer said. "The good news is that we now have quite a number of new songs stockpiled with ideas continually popping up. We're looking forward to continuing the creative process and finding the right voice for the band.
"The most perfect solution would be someone in the Seattle area,"
the guitarist added. "But we're open to all possibilities."
If interested for Fifth Angel's vocalist role, please submit your contact information, MP3s (or links to samples of your singing) and promo photos to
For more on Fifth Angel, visit the band online at (official site), (official Facebook page), or (official authorized fan site).

Celebration time for fans of vocalist Ray Gillen - / "Sanctuary/Universal UK will be releasing The Eternal Idol Box Set on October 25th. The additional tracks include 'Some Kind Of Woman' and 'Black Moon' (demo) on Disc 1. Disc 2 will comprise the Ray Gillen Eternal Idol album! Complete track listing is as follows:
CD 1: 'The Shining 'Ancient Warrior 'Hard Life To Love 'Glory Ride 'Born To Lose 'Nightmare 'Scarlet Pimpernel 'Lost Forever 'Eternal Idol 'Black Moon' (demo) 'Some Kind Of Woman'
CD 2: 'Glory Ride' 'Born To Lose' 'Lost Forever' 'Eternal Idol' 'The Shining' 'Hard Life To Love' 'Nightmare' 'Ancient Warrior'
Sanctuary/Universal UK will also release the Seventh Star Box Set on October 25th. The first disc of Seventh Star will include the album as well as the remixed version of 'No Stranger to Love', which appears in the music video of the same. Disc 2 is a live concert recorded on June 2, 1986 and has Ray Gillen on vocals.
The complete track listing is as follows:
CD 1: 'In For The Kill 'No Stranger To Love 'Turn To Stone 'Sphinx (The Guardian) 'Seventh Star 'Danger Zone 'Heart Like A Wheel 'Angry Heart 'In Memory 'No Stranger To Love 'No Stranger To Love' (remix by Jeff Glixman)
CD 2: 'Mob Rules' 'Danger Zone' 'War Pigs' 'Seventh Star' 'Die Young' 'Black Sabbath' 'N.I.B' 'Neon Knights' 'Paranoid'.

David "Rock" Feinstein - the former member of Ronnie Dio & The Prophets, The Electric Elves, Elf, and the leader of the legendary NYC band, The Rods - is readying a new solo effort via the Niji Entertainment Group, 'Bitten By The Beast.' Released on November 23, 2010, the nine-track disc will be available as a deluxe Digipack, and will certainly be of interest to metal fans worldwide, due to Feinstein's impressive hard rock pedigree. But also, because the album features what turned out to be one of the last-ever recorded vocals by Ronnie James Dio (Feinstein's cousin), on the head banging anthem "Metal Will Never Die."
"I feel like it was meant for me to write 'Metal Will Never Die'," explains Feinstein. "And it was meant to be that Ronnie James Dio should sing it! Whatever power it was that brought the two of us back together musically, I am so thankful for. Now, 'Metal Will Never Die' means more to me than any other song that I have written in my whole career as a songwriter and musician. I can't wait for the world to hear it!"
"Metal Will Never Die" is sure to be a hit at active, hard rock, and metal radio (which the Skateboard Marketing team will be heavily promoting for the coming months). Additionally, Feinstein will be supporting the release with live dates with The Rods for all of 2011. 'Bitten By The Beast' will surely catch the attention of Dio fans, as well as fans of vintage, anthemic metal sounds. "Nobody could really know how Ronnie worked in the studio, unless they saw it for themselves," adds Feinstein. "How effortless it was for him to sing. Years ago, Ronnie and I spoke about doing some kind of project together again." Soon, fans will be able to hear firsthand what Ronnie James Dio had known for decades - Feinstein is the real deal, and 'Bitten By The Beast' will prove this point once and for all.
The Niji Entertainment Group was started by Ronnie James Dio and his wife/manager, Wendy Dio, in early 2010 (shortly before Dio's tragic passing in May of this year). The first non-Dio related release will be 'Bitten By The Beast,' which will lead to further releases by other artists throughout next year, including solo efforts by Tim "Ripper" Owens, Lynch Mob vocalist Oni Logan, and former Dio guitarist Rowan Robertson.
'Bitten By The Beast' Tracklisting: Smoke On The Horizon, Evil In Me, Break Down The Walls, Metal Will Never Die (Featuring Ronnie James Dio on lead vocals), Kill The Demon, Rock's Boogie, Give Me Mercy, Run For Your Life, Gambler Gambler.
For more information, visit: / /

With a new lead singer and a fresh 'take on the world' spirit in tow, Los Angeles rockers (via Sweden), Vains of Jenna, are proud to announce the release of their latest video "Everybody Loves You When You're Dead 2010 Mix". The song, which was originally released on 2009's "The Art of Telling Lies" features new frontman Jesse Forte is currently available on the band's YouTube site. The video, co-directed by Eric Sernot along with band bassist and co-founder JP White, was shot in Sweden between tour dates during VoJ's European Tour, which led them from Italy, Czech Republic, France, Denmark, Germany, The UK and back to their former homeland of Sweden. Additionally, as of September 1st, 2010 a new 5 song EP (on RLS/Raw Noize Records) has been released on iTunes with the official hard copy release available September 14, 2010. VoJ will return stateside for a Fall US Tour beginning October 2nd, 2010 at the infamous "Whiskey-A-Go-Go" in Hollywood, CA and will be playing shows in Argentina and Brazil in late October 2010 for the first time ever. In 2011 the band will release special edition covers release (through Deadline-Cleopatra Records) followed by another full-length release of brand new original music and a coast-to-coast tour.
Vains of Jenna are proudly endorsed by: Carvin Amps, Guitars and Basses, Rockett Drum Works, Zildjian, DW, Monster Energy, Draven Shoes, Heroes Clothing, Vestal, Rotosound, X-Cel, Against, Aquarian Drum Heads, Cla$ick & Metal Sludge.
For sights and sounds log onto: / /

MR-X Members Area has been updated with the following new features:
- Femme Fatale - The Durty Blonde Demos (7 Tracks)
- David Wright - Demos (US 88) (4 Tracks)
- Elektradrive - Demos (1991) (6 Tracks)
- Harlequin - Live In Montreal
MR-X Membership Details.

Just a little short on time to complete another several Reviews today, so check in Monday for those to be posted. Also working on a Release Dates update for those that have asked about that section.




Thursday, September 16, 2010

MelodicRock Records is proud to add another fantastic band to its small roster of artists in signing Swedish melodic hard rocker band Degreed for the release of their debut album Life, Love, Loss. The album will be released worldwide October 29, with pre-orders (available from today) shipped the week of October 22.



Degreed were founded during 2005 at the Conservatory of Music in Stockholm by Mats Ericsson, Robin Ericsson, Jonas Erkers and Daniel Johansson. With the same musical interest and the same taste of music Degreed started writing music with the result of a hard/melodic/alternative musical mix of five peoples minds and feelings.
During 2006 they participated in Emergenza, and won the Swedish/Norwegian/Finish finals, which resulted in that Degreed represented these three countries in the world finals in Rothenburg, Germany. 8000 bands participated in the competition but only 21 of these 8000 came to the world finals. Degreed finished at the 10th place but won a couple individual prices such as 2nd best drummer, best arrangement, 2nd best guitarist.

2007 Micke Jansson, who's Robin's and Mats cousin, joined the band on keyboards, which brought the band to a whole new level musically.
After the band came home from playing the Frankfurt Music fair Jonas left the band due to musical differences and Jesper Adefelt took his place.
Vocalist Robin Ericsson participated in the Swedish Idol during the fall of 2008 and took the Swedish people by storm and gained a lot of respect and credibility among the young as well as the older viewers. He ended up in sixth place and got himself and Degreed a load of fans that voted and followed him through Idol and are now following Degreed.
During the fall of 2008 and the spring/summer 2009 Degreed recorded their first full length CD with the producer/songwriter Erik Lidbom (Sheri, Masterplan, Paulo Meneguzzi, Kat-Tun etc). Another new track was added to the final sessions just a week ago, resulting in the completion of the final master for an amazing debut album set to be unleashed upon the world.

MelodicRock Records owner Andrew McNeice: "Degreed is another band I have been friends with for some time now, and have been following the recording of their debut from the demo stage until now. Quite frankly, it is once again a shock to me that such a fantastic sounding band with quality musicianship and brilliant songwriting hasn't already been signed up by a major label, leaving me the great pleasure of being able to sign them myself. I can't wait to unleash another quality fresh new face on the rock scene and believe this is just the beginning for a great group of guys. Fans of fellow Swede's Eclipse, Goran Edman and Europe need to check these guys out pronto. Another album without a filler in sight. I'm really proud of these guys."

Track Listing (and audio samples):
01) B.O.D.
02) Arms Of Misery (Full Length Song Download)
03) A Little Bit
04) Captured By The Moment (Steve Perry cover)
05) Just Imagine
06) Story Of Life

07) Human Being
08) Colour Me
09) Catch The Feeling
10) Keep Me Alive
11) My Fall
12) By Your Side

WebLinks: / /



All I Know, from Kortrijk, Belgium, was previously announced as the other MelodicRock Records October release. It is now time to reveal the rest of the album audio previews. Pre-orders for the October 29 release are open now.

For all those that pre-order Vanity Kills, you will receive 2 exclusive MP3 Bonus Tracks - Consume Me and Only You. These tracks are only available to those that pre-order the album, prior to release direct from the MRR Store.

All I Know's sound sees them mix up the best influences of Bryan Adams, Van Stephenson, REO Speedwagon and Bon Jovi. All I Know are: Ward Dufraimont (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Michaël Neyt (Guitar/Vocals), Amély Mondy (Bass).

Track Listing for "Vanity Kills":

01) All Night Long
02) Bad Boy
03) Asphyxia
04) Rain [Beau Hill Remix]
05) Turn Back Time
06) I Need You
07) Into Your Heart
08) I Wanna Rock You
09) Sweet 17
10) Teenage Queen
11) All The Way
12) Hope And Dreams

WebLinks: / /

Release Date: October 22 (pre-orders, including 2 exclusive bonus track downloads!; October 29 in-store).





Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 2010 - Whitesnake have announced keyboardist Timothy Drury is leaving the band to pursue a solo career...
"For over seven years now I have been fortunate enough to travel the world, to play and sing my heart out and to share the stage with David Coverdale as a part of Whitesnake. I've learned so much from David Coverdale and this experience, about following one's heart, about being authentic, about never letting fear prevent one from pursuing one's destiny.
More than ever, I see the value of what I can express as a composer and producer, photographer, songwriter, singer... as an artist. That is why I must now say my goodbyes to you all and take my leave to pursue some very important creative projects that have been brewing for some time now.
I am currently preparing for my first photography show in the Winfield Gallery in Carmel where I will be performing my cinematic music at the opening and projecting my images and video on screens. The event will be happening as part of the Carmel Art and Film Festival, October 6th through the 10th."

Whitesnake singer David Coverdale said..."We are sad to lose such a valued member of the band, but, we understand, support & sincerely wish Timothy every success in his solo career & thank him for a great, fun journey together."
At this time the band are focusing on finishing the new studio album before seeking a replacement keyboard player. For the full statement from Timothy please visit

Legendary German Power-Metal band, Nuclear Blast recording artist Blind Guardian have been confirmed to headline the second annual Florida Powerfest held at State Theatre in Saint Petersburg, Florida on December 18th, 2010. This will be Blind Guardian's exclusive Floridian Date.
The Lineup for Florida Powerfest II will also include the touring package of support acts, Prosthetic Records artist Holy Grail and Nightmare Records artist Seven Kingdoms. Theocracy, Psyaxis, Halcyon Way, and Sanctum will round off the bill.
Tickets go on sale September 17th via Ticketmaster. Presale tickets are $35, Day of $45, and VIP $65. VIP tickets and details will be available exclusively through Seven Kingdoms homepage:
Florida PowerFest 2010 Line-Up: Blind Guardian, Holy Grail, Seven Kingdoms, Theocracy, Psyaxis, Halcyon Way, Sanctum.
Please visit for more information. Please check and for updates.




Tuesday, September 14, 2010

After the tragic passing of co-founding Quiet Riot singer Kevin DuBrow in 2007, many figured that the band was over. But while going through the vaults of vintage video material for an upcoming documentary of the band's history, the spark was reignited once more for drummer Frankie Banali to kick QR back in gear. The easy part was filling the guitar and bass slots - as former members Chuck Wright (bass) and Alex Grossi (guitar) promptly signed on. However, having to fill DuBrow's large shoes was no small task.
A longtime fan of heavy metal, singer Mark Huff came to Banali's attention while fronting a California-based Van Halen tribute band (that focused on the "Sammy Hagar era"). A true Cinderella story, Huff auditioned via a cattle call audition, promptly blew Banali away, and got the gig. After getting the blessing from DuBrow's mother to carry on with Quiet Riot (and to celebrate her son's music), the group was ready to rock once more.
Quiet Riot hit mega-success with their first-ever US release in 1983, the classic 'Metal Health.' Spawning two hit singles that have gone on to become synonymous with heavy metal - "Cum On Feel the Noize" and "Metal Health" - the 'Metal Health' album went on to become the first-ever metal US debut to hit the #1 spot on the Billboard album charts, and resulted in a solid year of sold-out arena shows and non-stop MTV video airplay. However, it was the DuBrow-Banali-Wright-Grossi line-up that proved to be DuBrow's favorite touring line-up (and also, most stable).
Quiet Riot is currently firming up plans for a full U.S. tour - their first in three years. And with the aforementioned documentary on the horizon, and the band's music being used in hit films ('The Wrestler,' 'Tropic Thunder'), video games ('Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's'), and even musicals ('Rock of Ages') - as well as QR being name-checked in songs by Weezer and Ben Folds - Quiet Riot remains a major force in heavy metal. And soon, you will get a chance to bang your head once more to Quiet Riot, at a concert venue near you!
For more information, visit: /

Mike Peters to sing for legendary celt-rockers Big Country who are all set to return to the British stage with the announcement of 4 UK shows to take place in January 2011. More may be added.
Big Country exploded onto the scene in 1982-83 with anthemic songs such as 'Fields Of Fire' and 'In A Big Country' which were culled from their classic debut album 'The Crossing' which sold several million worldwide. They followed up with a number one album 'Steeltown' and released 8 studio albums all of which entered the Top Ten. Big Country released 28 singles 5 of which were also Top Ten.
Approaching their 30th anniversary, Big Country (with Mike Peters from The Alarm as guest vocalist), are lining up concerts for a period of celebration that will not only embrace their illustrious past but also honour the life and times of original lead singer, guitarist and co-founder Stuart Adamson, who passed away so tragically in 2001.
"I first met Stuart on stage at a U2 concert in Hammersmith Palais back in 1983" says Mike Peters. "Bono introduced us to his audience as being "part of the the new breed" and Stuart was literally passed up onto the stage by the fans and I shook his hand as I handed him a guitar - an unforgettable entrance. The last time I saw him was also on stage with Big Country at Glasgow Barrowlands for the last night of the Final Fling tour in 2000, when we sang Neil Young's 'Rockin' In The Freeworld' together.
When Bruce Watson called and asked me to sing for Big Country, it was something I didn't need to think twice about. I'm looking forward to meeting all the fans again and playing a part in keeping the spirit of Stuart Adamson alive and celebrating the music of a band I have loved from near and afar for the whole of my adult life".

Bass guitarist Tony Butler says "To play again as Big Country was something that was only going to happen if we could find someone who could compliment the band and sing the songs in the way they need to be sung - with heart and soul. Mike Peters from The Alarm has stepped in to fill the premise. It's about time the songs got another airing, and we think Stuart would be pleased too".
The new Big Country line up consists of: Tony Butler - Bass Guitar and Vocals, Mark Brzezicki - Drums and Vocals, Mike Peters - Vocals and Guitar, Bruce Watson - Guitar and Vocals, Jamie Watson - Guitar.
Dates so far are: January 2011
Wednesday 5th Newcastle O2 Academy
Thursday 6th London Islington O2 Academy
Friday 7th Birmingham O2 Academy
Saturday 8th Liverpool 02 Academy
All shows are on sale from Saturday 11th September at 9am via or Tel: 0844 811 0051Tickets are Priced £20 (£22.50 London).
For further information visit:

Melodic Rockers Haven are back with a new single and video - this one being for a good cause. The band sent me this update: "A Charity called Homes for The Troops ( is getting involved with the song and we are going to donate the profits to them for this song. Our goal is to get 1 million downloads. I am asking everyone to go to iTunes and download the song. So it would be great if you could help! Please feel free to share the video with anyone you think would enjoy it or would want to help with the Charity by going to iTunes:

Mr. Mister will be releasing it's fourth album Pull this October on vocalist Richard Page's own Little Dume label - CDs available online and via Download. The album was recorded back in 1994.

Welcome to the Jungle: The Top 10 Debut Albums in Rock History:

Indie hard rockers from Sydney, Australia - Mr. Scary have a new CD out - The World Can Wait. Check them out at:

Phil Vincent has a new band website online at:

Starz returns to action in October - Legendary 70's hard rock band Starz will make 2 live appearances in October - Friday, Oct 1 at Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, PA. ( and Saturday, Oct 2 at Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, OH with special guests-Detroit's own Bazooka Jones. ( Don't miss this rare chance to see Michael Lee, Richie, Dube, Bobby, and George live!

King Kobra (with vocalist Paul Shortino) have their first new song streaming online via the band's Facebook page. "Monsters & Heroes" (a tribute to Ronnie James Dio) can be heard here:

UK rock band Tara's Secret have released their new video Rock n Roll Beauty Queen, taken from their latest album Vertigo, released on Black Cat Music. "Rock n Roll Beauty Queen" follows the classic teenage runaway story and the video features Felicity Burrows-Flower in the roll of the runaway. Video Link:
The band will be playing more UK shows this year, including tour support slots in December.

A great insight into Aerosmith's current mis-fortunes from someone who knows the band better than anyone - A&R guru John Kalodner. Article from:

"Is Joe Perry, Steven Tyler's Aerosmith bandmate, right, wrong or just plain jealous in saying that if the rock god joins "American Idol" it would be one step above starring in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? According to one who really knows, "This is Steven Tyler's great opportunity to transition to something he's always wanted to be: a Hollywood celebrity! And that's the problem right there." Ouch.
No, that's not Perry savaging Tyler again. This time the tough talker is no less than A&R legend John Kalodner, the guy behind Aerosmith, Foreigner, Iron Maiden and Bon Jovi for starters.
According to one who really knows, "This is Steven Tyler's great opportunity to transition to something he's always wanted to be: a Hollywood celebrity! And that's the problem right there." Ouch. For decades Kalodner worked cheek-by-jowl with Aerosmith, helping them become one of the biggest bands in rock history, but whom he calls, "The ultimate dysfunctional family. Joe is completely wrong. It's jealousy. He's ultra pissed off." Tyler, Kaldoner told me, always wanted to be more than just a rock god -- "he sought Hollywood recognition, and now he can get that." Too much is never enough for some rock gods. But can he transition into a TV talent judge?
"Simon Cowell was a failed A&R person, a nothing, who is an incredible TV personality. Randy Jackson? The greatest studio musician, but an average A&R guy who became a terrific TV personality. I don't know what will happen because Steven gets his energy from singing in front of 20,000 people. Sitting in a TV studio with scripted sound bites? I'm not sure he'd be able to even use his own great quips. I'll be able to tell you in the first show or two if he'll be his superstar self."
What about Perry's claim that he could easily replace Tyler with another lead singer when/if Tyler joins "American Idol? If he makes a giant success as a TV personality he won't want to go back on the road. And there is no Aerosmith without Steven Tyler. Period," says Kalodner.

Matt Wardlaw spoke with former Triumph singer/guitarist Rik Emmett this past Thursday for the pop culture blog Addicted to Vinyl ( regarding Emmett's upcoming acoustic tour, which begins on Friday, September 24th in Pittsburgh. Emmett will once again team up with his longtime songwriting partner Dave Dunlop as The Troubs (the newly shortened nickname of their Strung-Out Troubadours project) for a short series of dates that will feature tracks from Push and Pull, the latest Troubs album plus acoustic versions of Triumph favorites, selections from Emmett's solo catalog and some brand new material the pair will be road testing. Visit for a complete list of upcoming tour dates.

Here are a couple of excerpts from the interview:
On the transition from Triumph to being a solo artist, plus related thoughts about Mike Portnoy's departure from Dream Theater:

Just looking back a bit, I heard the tracks from your solo debut [Absolutely, released in 1990] for the first time as you were playing live during a radio broadcast from the Empire Concert Club, a club here in Cleveland that's long gone.
Oh yeah, I remember that one now! [Laughs]
It struck me as a really powerful statement and a strong first move for your debut as a solo artist. 20 years later as you look back, what was it like making that transition from being a member of Triumph to being a solo artist? As a listener, Absolutely came across as a very confident record, so it seems like something you would have been happy with at the time.
I was, but I do remember it as an extremely emotionally turbulent difficult time in my life. It was just weird to be kind of caught in a situation where I really wanted to try to step out on my own. I wasn't sure what form that stepping out was going to take. And then of course you have all of the pressure - managers and agents and record company people that are leaning over your shoulder saying "now now Rik, you shouldn't go too far away from that image." You have that Absolutely cover and you can see there's a guy that he's got the MTV hair and he's got the leather jacket and he's playing the black Les Paul. That was what record companies, managers and agents were saying, you've got to do this. I do think it had a certain kind of strength, but now when I listen to the record I go "geez, there's an awful lot of late '80s/'90s kind of reverb in the mixes." There was reverb on everything! Reverb for the snare, reverb for the kick and reverb for the background vocals and it just seems ga