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Friday, December 21, 2007

Wow, I can't believe we are here. December 21. My son's 2nd Birthday tomorrow and Christmas just days away.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every reader of this site for the continued support, friendship and positive feedback over the last 12 months (and indeed, the last 10+ years!). May everyone have a safe, warm, enjoyable, relaxing and peaceful Christmas and holiday break. May Santa bring you melodic-friendly gifts and for those North of the equator, stay warm.

This is the last news update for 2007 (unless someone does something really that case I'll be right back). I need a break big time, but I'll be back, recharged and ready for 2008 on Monday January 7.
There's a bunch more to talk about...see below. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all right off the top.

I am very pleased to announce the availability once again, of the very first MelodicRock compilation - MRCD1 Revealed & Revisited. Originally released in 2003 and long out of print and sold out, the CD is now available via my own little MelodicRock Digital Download Store.
Now, the term "store" is a little generous as there is only 1 item for sale! But MRCD1 is packed with 17 tracks and some killer unreleased material, including knockout exclusive tracks from Talisman, Adriangale, Mike Tramp, Jim Peterik, Jesse Harms, Mecca and more.
The tracks are not available individually - the songs were donated for a compilation and I'm respecting the original intent of that - so MRCD1 is available as the complete package, at the new low price of US$9.99.

A few notes about the Digital Release:
The Digital Download process is handled by the store, and the payment is via Paypal. You do not have to register to purchase, just add the item to your cart and check out.
An e-mail will be generated once Paypal has processed the payment and that e-mail will include customized links to each track and another link to the Artwork.
The files are encoded at 320kbps.
The Artwork is in fact, full high-res scans of the front and back cover and the entire original CD booklet. The files are all included in one ZIP file, but as the Store program only recognizes .jpg files are the artwork, you will be prompted to download a file called MRCD.jpg. Once the download of that is complete, rename it and it will then act as a regular Zip file.
Original CD Details:

Online MP3 Digital Store:
Enjoy and thanks for supporting the site and the involved artists. As usual, MRCD2, MRCD3 and the new MRCD4 can all still be purchased via the CD page.
While I will not be updating the site as such, I will still be checking e-mail and all orders placed over the holidays will be shipped out on time.


T-Shirts! Where are our T-Shirts!!! Well...good news...sort of...they are on their way! The silly season did delay the process a little and they have not arrived here in time to be shipped out. But I can confirm the manufacturer in the USA completed the order and shipped the box this week, so they should arrive during the holiday break and as soon as they do - all those orders will be processed and shipped ASAP. Thanks for your patience in this regard.

So, this has been an amazing year - one that has presented more challenges than ever, but one that also delivered the best experience I have ever had while running this site - that being MelodicRockFest. I'll talk in full detail about that and everything else in the MelRock Awards. Thank you to all the sponsors that stood up to be a part of that show and to everyone that came along on the day to help create a magic event.
What a time it was! I'm looking forward to 2008 being a relatively normal year (as normal as this business gets), but thinking ahead, shall we contemplate doing another MelodicRockFest in 2009??? Several things would have to fall into place for that to happen, but I'd love to see it happen.

In keeping with the MelodicRockFest subject matter - as we al know, Harem Scarem didn't make the trip, but as a way of making up, the guys promised to record some exclusive acoustic tracks and I am pleased to say that those acoustic tracks have arrived.
For curious Harem Scarem fans, the following tracks have been delivered fresh from the studio -
1. Human Nature, 2. If There Was A Time, 3. Caught Up In Your World, 4. Honestly, 5. Coming Down.
The 5 tracks sound killer and will all definitely be a part of MRCD5, plans for which continue to develop in my mind. I'll be back with an update on that sometime in January.

No end of year update would be complete without mentioning a couple of releases I am excited about. Beyond that has already been mentioned at least.
I want to especially plug the upcoming Places Of Power release which sees Philip Bardowell and Bruce Turgen joined together. Shadow King fans - hold on to you hats! A sequel to that very underrated release is coming your way, with Mr. Bardowell doing his very best Lou Gramm.
I have also heard 3 rough mixes of the new White Lion release. Debate the line-up if you will, but Mike Tramp has (from what I have heard) written and recorded a set of songs very true to the White Lion name and I think this new album could be the natural successor to the Main Attraction album, with an updated feel, but classic big White Lion melodies.
I have also had a sneak peak at a new From The Inside (featuring Danny Vaughn) and have no doubt that will be another winner too.
I'll go into more detail the 2007 MelRock Awards and cover all the other upcoming releases too.

One last 2007 update to MR-X has been completed. A couple of special things online today. The best being a special 5 minute clip pro-shot behind the scenes at MelodicRockFest in October. This 5 minute clip features Scrap Metal warming up in their dressing room before the show. The clip was part of some backstage footage shot on the day and perhaps you'll see some more in 2008!
Also online is a special Feature DVD - a 15 track compilation of my favourite melodic rock/AOR video clips from the past, including tracks from Giant, Stan Bush, Van Stephenson, Dare, Tyketto and more.
And finally, a new compilation - Soundtrack Classics Volume 4 and 2 unplugged Dokken Videos - Dream Warriors and Slipped Away.
MR-X Membership Details.

The new Leverage album is due January 25 and will no doubt get the melodic metal year off to a flying start. Here's the album track by track from guitarist/main composer Tuomas Heikkinen.

"The new album is titled Blind Fire. Our drummer, Valtteri, came up with that. He's an artist in many ways, he designs our artwork, he has designed our logo and so forth. The title has many meanings, it kind of describes where we stand as a band now, we're firing out as hard as we can, but we can't tell who we're gonna hit, when it's going to happen, and how they'll take it. We're still very much a newcomer as a band. The title also has a lot to do with the lyrics on the album, those who've listened to 'Tides' know that our stuff is not about knights, dragons or such, no offense to any band, it's more about human feelings often dressed into little stories that hopefully some people can relate to."

"The album opens with Shadow In The Rain, it is a pretty heavy and massive uptempo thing with some rhythm hooks and plenty of guitar to it.
Next up is King Of The Night that is a midtempo, fairly straightforward song with a nice chorus. Then it's Stormchild, an upper midtempo heavy rocker with some pounding riffs.
Number four is our first single, Sentenced, that has slow tempo heavy riffing, nice melodic vocals and a very-easy-to-remember chorus all along with a lengthy guitar solo in the latter half.
The fifth song is the heaviest stuff we've recorded so far, it's called Hellhorn, it opens with a mean horn-like sound and turns into a real heavy ride yet with a nice chorus. Pekka pushes his lungs out on this one. The midsection has some pretty damn heavy stuff to it and the ending is almost over the top.
Track six is called Mister Universe, to me this is the song that is exactly what Leverage is now; a pounding main riff, easy ride verses leading to a huge chorus, Torsti flares away on his guitar on a separate part in the middle before I bring it back with mine, Valtteri goes crazy towards the end, good stuff.
Then it's to the first ballad on the album, Don't Touch The Sun, some moody clean guitar at the beginning growing to the theme, verses and eventually to heavy chorus, this one is meant to grow until the very last strike and Pekka sure makes it happen.
Track eight is called Run Down The Hill, the fastest song on the album with a rollercoaster feel to it, Torsti and Marko go pretty wild during their solo interchange.
Song #9 is called Heart of Darkness, this is written by Torsti, a classic rocker with easy verses and a catchy chorus.
The album ends with a beautiful song also by Torsti, Learn to Live starts with acoustic guitars, strings and Pekka singing beautifully and grows into a huge ballad, love it."


A note from guitarist Bill Leverty (FireHouse): "I just want to thank everyone who ordered my new CD, Southern Exposure. If you haven't gotten your copy yet, you can get one from my website: I'll be happy to sign it for you if you add a "note to seller" when you check out with Paypal. If you order by mail, just put a note in the envelope telling me that you want it signed.
Another new addition to my MySpace page is your ability to download any of the songs for 89 cents each, or the entire album for only $7.99. You can hear samples of the songs here too:
As for tour dates, the big gig to attend is this New Year's Eve at Myth in Maplewood (Minneapolis), MN. We're playing with Brett Michaels on his Rock Of Love Tour. There's a cover charge that includes all of your drinks. By the way, there's a hotel literally in the same parking lot, just call Myth and ask them for info."
Myth: 3090 Southlawn Drive / tel: 651.779.6984 /

Night Ranger and FireHouse will rock Japan together in April! The dates are:
04/19/2008 Tokyo, Japan Akasaka Blitz
04/20/2008 Tokyo, Japan Akasaka Blitz
04/23/2008 Nagoya, Japan Aichi Kinro Kaikan
04/24/2008 Osaka, Japan IMP Hall

Rainbow Rising at The Wharf in Tavistock, Devon UK, Saturday 19tJanuary 2008. Tickets £10 in advance, £12 on the night. Contact venue for details.
Rainbow Rising was formed in 1996. The aim was to recreate the unique Rainbow sound and also capture the visual spectacle that was Rainbow live on stage. The band is made-up of a group of musicians who possess not only immense musical talent, but also an almost fanatical interest in the phenomenon that was Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow.
The band perform live all the classic Rainbow tracks and more besides, drawing from the entire Rainbow back catalogue and featuring the material produced by every legendary line-up of the band from Ronnie James Dio, Graham Bonnet to Joe Lyn Turner.
The sheer attention to detail given to the act of recreating the live Rainbow experience is evident in every aspect of the band's performances. From guitar smashing, to stunning vocals, thunderous percussion and bass to dazzling keyboards and of course unmistakable Blackmore guitar work.
Hear the legendary tracks that include All Night Long, Since You Been Gone, Man of the Silver Mountain, Catch the Rainbow, Temple of The King, Long Live Rock & Roll, Tarot Woman, Stargazer, I Surrender, Gates of Babylon, Can't Let You Go...and songs that will have you reminiscing for the days when rock bands truly were awesome.
This is a tribute band for rock purists who take their rock seriously...
Band website – / Venue website - / Venue Box Office - 01822 611166.

VindictiV CD Showcase is online now. The self titled album is due out January 21 from Escape Music.




Thursday, December 20, 2007

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the signing of White Lion for their first studio album in 16 years entitled Return of The Pride.
White Lion left its mark in the late 80's with a series of hit singles and videos that defined the MTV generation, thanks to the likes of "Wait", "When The Children Cry", "Tell Me", "Broken Heart" and "Little Fighter". But equally so, the band was also recognized for its signature album tracks that transcended socio-political themes such as "Lady Of The Valley", "Cry For Freedom", "Lights N Thunder" and "Warsong".
White Lion disbanded in 1991 and their members moved on to their own paths. In 2003 singer Mike Tramp built again the band around the talents of Jamie Law on guitar, Claus Langeskov on bass, Henning Wanner on keyboards and Troy Patrick Farrell on drums. This line-up appeared with much acclaim in such Festivals as Bang Your Head, Gods Of Metal, Sweden Rock and Rocklahoma.
And if these stand out live performances aren't testimony enough, then the new album will surely once again assert White Lion as a legitimate musical force. The first White Lion studio record in over 16 years was recorded during 2007 in both Australia and Copenhagen and is entitled Return of the Pride. According to singer Mike Tramp this title could be interpreted in two ways "In a musical sense we have taken a step back in time, rather than a step forward in time. Over the course of this album lyrically and musically many concepts and themes have been explored, maybe "Return Of The Pride" means something entirely different".
Produced by Mike Tramp and Claus Langeskov, White Lion features now a truly international line-up of musicians handpicked by Mike himself, the band will hit the road again in the summer of 2008. "We are not interested in fixing what isn't broke. Our mission is simple, to bring the classic sound of White Lion to the people across the world that still live for that music" says Tramp stating that the band's new album will be "classic rock in its truest form and a representation of the musical influences that have attached themselves over time".
Return of The Pride will be released in Europe on Frontiers Records on March 14, 2008 with release in Japan to happen on King Records. More details about the album will be released at a later stage.


Escape Music will release the new Last Autumn's Dream studio album Hunting Shadows on February 22 across Europe.
Swedish/German Melodic Rock band Last Autumn's Dream have done it again and recorded another top class album that outshines all they have done previously. This is their fifth studio album and they can certainly prove they have what it takes to become top of the melodic rock genre. The talented four-piece consisting of singer Mikael Erlandsson, axeman Andy Maleck and Talisman's rhythm section, Marcel Jacob and Jamie Borger have showed us they can write very good songs which are well structured and have huge potential.
Mikael Erlandsson is one of the best singer/songwriters in Sweden today with a successful career as a solo artist, especially in Europe and Japan. Andy Maleck, from the successful German Hard Rock band Fair Warning is a very talented guitarist, has a brilliant tone and a flair for putting guitar harmonies together. Marcel Jacob and Jamie Borger are something of the best bass/drums units you can find around.
The opening blast of "Strange Operation" is enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention. This song has a powerful guitar chord backed with a punchy bass line before it breaks into great harmonies and a magical guitar solo from Andy. "My Alibi" is a pleasant tune which just runs effortlessly with its sing-along-chorus and powerful riffs. The ballad "I'm not supposed to love you anymore" is as good as it can possibility get, and has a "Journey" feel to it. The song "Lost in Moscow" could almost be something from a huge film soundtrack as it sounds that classy, it has all the elements to be the theme running through an action film. In fact there is not a weak song on the whole album. This is such a strong release, and songs like "War of the Worlds" and "Rainbow Sky" just take one listen before you are under the spell of Last Autumn's Dream.
As previously mentioned this is the band's fifth studio release and it is a tremendously talented piece of work from four guys that know how to write excellent songs. This should put them at the top of their field; it is such a great album. Last Autumn's Dream are ready to dominate the melodic rock market once again with this fantastic introduction to 2008.
Track List: Strange Operation / My Alibi / Overnight Sensation / I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore / War Of The Worlds / Rainbow Sky / R U Ready To Rock N' Roll / Every Beat Of My Heart / Serenity / Lost In Moscow / Save Our Love.
Line-Up: Mikael Erlandsson (Lead Vocals, keyboards), Andy Maleck (ex-Fair Warning; guitars), Marcel Jacob (Talisman; bass), Jamie Borger (Talisman; drums).


The forthcoming third Cloudscape album will be entitled Global Drama. 12 songs were recorded for 'Global Drama' and it will, according to Cloudscape's management, be the most varied and interesting album by Cloudscape so far. It contains a few really hard and raw melodic metal songs and there will also be a few atmospheric and dynamic songs progressively spiced. More details such as release dates and further information will be announced very soon.
The artwork for Cloudscape's third album will once again be handled by Mattias Norén ( Global Drama was produced by Pontus Lindmark and recorded at RoastingHouse Studios in Malmö, Sweden.

Z Rock 08 will be held at the all new venue "The Asylum" in Hampton Street, Hockley, Birmingham and will open its doors during late March 08. Acts already confirmed for Z Rock 08 include Bonfire, Britny Fox, Von Groove, Shy, Stormzone and Redline with at least 3 more to be announced during early January for the two day event on May 16/17 2008.
Tickets are on sale now at or

Updated tour dates for Michael Schenker & Friends are below. In addition, Michael Schenker can be heard live on Total Rock Radio this Sunday between 5.00pm and 7.00pm on the Chris Glancy show - Dates confirmed so far:
10th Jan. 2008 12bar Swindon
11th Jan. Limelight Crew
12th Jan. Riffs Blackpool
16th Jan. Riga Southend
17th Jan. Boom Boom Club, Sutton
19th Jan. The Palace Tamworth
24th Jan. Princess Pavilion Falmouth
26th Jan. Twist Colchester
5th Feb. Concorde 2 Brighton
9th Feb. Academy 3 Manchester
10th Feb. Boardwalk Sheffield
16th Feb. The Flowerpot Derby
17th Feb. Thekla Bristol
18th Feb. Waterfront, Norwich
22. Feb. Cathouse, Glasgow

StoneLake present new webpage made by Carl André Beckston, take a look at Now up and running! StoneLake would like to thank all their fans worldwide for great support and for a wonderful 2007. Don't forget to register and join the official StoneLake webpage at:

The last Reviews update for 2007 has been uploaded for your enjoyment. Check out new Reviews for: The Poodles, Sebastian Bach, Northern Kings, Steve Grimmett and Lynn In Brief Reviews for Sircle Of Silence, Minds Eye, Stereo Fallout, Ken Hensley, Rick Springfield (3 Reviews), StoneLake, Cinder Road, Night Ranger, Endeverafter, Crazy Lixx, The Click Five, Yellowcard, Ann Wilson and Ted Nugent.
Check the reviews out.

In regard to moving forward from this point and the upcoming 2007 MelRock Awards - there are still several titles in need of reviewing and I do hope to get to those, but at some point one has to move on and admit not everything can be covered in the time permitted. The holiday break and start of a new year is that point for me and there will only be a few more 200 titles reviewed early next year, then it will be a fresh start for 2008 and hopefully the best review coverage yet. Due to other commitments, I didn't review as many titles as I'd like to have this year, so look for that to be corrected in 2008.
A final note - all titles mentioned, featured in any way and released in 2007 will be included in the 2007 MelRock Awards (due online at the end of January), including several titles not yet reviewed here, but very worthy of being mentioned among the best of the year that is drawing to a close.




Wednesday, December 19, 2007

As the world slowly turns digital, I get a lot of e-mails looking for a place to purchase digital downloads of Melodic releases featured here. Frontiers Records, Metal Heaven and some other companies have representation in iTunes and elsewhere, but many don't and not all titles are available.
I have some good news for those looking for a one-stop place for melodic downloads and that is -
This is not something of my doing, I simply do not have the time to even think about this at this time, but Hans who has run AOR Dream Zones for a number of years has branched out with this new service. Frontiers, Z Records and now Escape Music have joined MelodicDownloads to offer their releases, as well as a number of independent artists.
Click on the logo below or the banner ad above at any time to sample what the store has to offer and I will continue to update readers as to any new developments with this great service.


Crazy Lixx has been invited as special guests to support Hardcore Superstar in UK. Crazy Lixx are very happy about this, their second UK-tour. See them here:
2008-01-17 Aberdeen Barfly, Aberdeen, Scotland
2008-01-18 Glasgow Barfly, Glasgow, Scotland
2008-01-19 Mansfield Intake Club, Mansfield
2008-01-20 Birmingham Barfly, Birmingham
2008-01-21 Liverpool Barfly, Liverpool
2008-01-22 Brighton Barfly, Brighton
2008-01-23 London ULU, London

Press Release / "Desmond Child and the Greek official Desmond Child fan club proudly present the launching of fan club's official MySpace page. A few months ago we had the honor to meet the one and only Desmond Child and decided to form the 1st official Desmond Child fan club. Just the mention of some of the songs that he has written is sufficient enough in order to understand Desmond Child's brilliance: "Livin' On A Prayer", "You Give Love A Bad Name", "I Was Made For Loving You", "Poison", "Dude (Looks Like A Lady) etc. Within December, the fan club's official web site ( will be online but you can find already more news and updates on Desmond to the official fan club's myspace page at We're looking forward to receiving your messsages and your thoughts about it and we'll be more than happy if you join us!" The Team.

Press Release / Robert Plant is a genuine rock legend. He is the archetypal Rock God. Amazingly, thirty years on, his star continues to shine and his ambitions and convictions grow stronger. The tumultuous but endlessly fascinating tale of Led Zeppelin is central to his life, but that twelve-year period ended with the sad and premature death of drummer John 'Bonzo' Bonham in 1980. And Plant has been recording new music almost constantly in the twenty-five years since.
For the first time, his solo years – famously working with his former Led Zep cohort Jimmy Page, numerous guest appearances and on his own material – are covered in depth in a complete rock biography. With Led Zeppelin he conquered the world and with a close and continuing partnership with Zeppelin six-stringer Jimmy Page he straddled the boundaries of rock, blues and heavy metal. He teamed up with Jimmy Page in 1994 but their two-album partnership came to an abrupt and controversial end in 1998. The likes of his revered solo album Dreamland, which consists of a relatively obscure batch of cover songs, pays homage to Plant's earliest and ongoing influences and passions such as Southern American blues and classic fifties R&B; the book also places Plant's later work in the wider context of both Led Zep's own legacy and the broader history of modern music.
The book will make a wonderful companion piece to Plant's 2-disc compilation Sixty Six To Timbuktu which includes pre and post Led Zeppelin material. In an interview with Spin magazines Chuck Klosterman, surprisingly, Plant said that he'd never read the famed Hammer Of The Gods bio but "the only thing I read was the 'After Zeppelin' part, because I was so eager to get on with music and stop living in a dream state." Evidently, Plant himself wants the world to understand and appreciate his solo music and what better way than in a book?
This is the very first book to tell the complete story of an enthusiastic young kid from the West Midlands who belied his humble blues roots and defied his stern parents by becoming one of the world's most recognisable and iconic rock superstars. This biography brings his career slap-bang up-to-date covering his latest album Raising Sand with the revered bluegrass singer Alison Krauss and the highly-publicised Led Zeppelin reunion in December, 2007. This book tells you how he got there and remains so today.
The Author: Neil Daniels is the author of The Story Of Judas Priest: Defenders Of The Faith (Omnibus Press.) He has written extensively about classic rock and heavy metal for a wide range of webzines and fanzines. He currently contributes to Record Collector, Rock Sound, Powerplay and Fireworks. This is his second book. More information is obtainable from

Obviously this happened a few days ago, so excuse the delay in mentioning Dan Fogelberg's passing here. Dan's official site has posted the sad news and a nice news article can be read here:

Release Dates have been updated, adding some new titles and a stack of other expected releases for 2008. Check out the update.




Tuesday, December 18, 2007

SOUL DOCTOR will promote their new album Blood Runs Cold (out now on Metal Heaven) live in Italy in January 2008. The dates:
17.01.2008 (I) Milano, Legend 54
18.01.2008 (I) Verona, Lucille
19.01.2008 (I) Prato, Siddharta
20.01.2008 (I) Bologna, Sottotetto

Redrum is a melodic Hard Rock Band based in Thessaloniki (Greece). Athan 'Lyssa' Kazakis and Panos Baxevanis started the project in September 2003 and a year later they recorded 12 songs in a local studio. After getting in touch with the well known German Vocalist Michael Bormann, they'd sent the material to Duisburg, where Michael recorded all the vocal parts and co-write a couple of the songs. Unfortunately because of some line-up changes they had to re-record all the drums and bass parts. The mix then took place in Michael's "RMB – studios", where Panos, Athan and Michael finally completed No Turning Back.
No Turning Back, the band's debut album, is out now - listen to some sound samples on:

Press Release / We are very happy to be celebrating our still small anniversary but we are even more proud to do so! 5 years back we have started with a handful of CD's for sale. Nowadays we can offer quite a big catalogue. We had to handle a heavy workload the past years and we have always enjoyed to present good rock music to you!!
We want to use this opportunity to thank you very much because without you we couldn't go any further…for the next days we can offer you a 10% discount on all CD's and DVD's. Furthermore you can get additional savings in our "specials" section and each package includes a free surprise CD!
We'll do a lottery drawing from all your mails concerning congrats, critics and suggestions and the winner will get a KISS - "Kissology 3" Box!
Thanks a lot for the past 5 years and we are looking forward to the next 5! Your Music Buy Mail team!

Takara has begun work on it latest album. The band are said to be very excited. Guitarist Neal Grusky tells me that pre-production has been proceeding very well and he is pleased to confirm the lineup for this forthcoming Takara album:
Neal Grusky - Guitar (Takara); Bjorn Englen - Bass (Takara, Soul Sign, Bleed); Patrick Johansson - Drums (Yngwie Malmsteen); Derek Sherinian - Keyboards (Yngwie Malmsteen, Billy Idol).
Takara will be announcing the new singer in the next few weeks. Neal says: "All we can say now is, that this will be quite a great Takara album. For all of you that enjoyed any of our previous album's, you will be very pleased with this one as well."
WebLinks: /

From the desk of Rob Halford: "As a thank you to all our existing customers and as a welcome to our new customers, download Fight's Christmas Ride MP3 for FREE.

Mind Key are immensely proud to announce the final, extraordinary guest contribution on their new album - Reb Beach, guitar Hero of legendary hard Rock/class Metal Bands like Winger & Whitesnake. The band says: "We are all Whitesnake and Winger's fans, and we'd like to thank Reb to gift us his class on our song called Now Until Forever." Mind Key are going to start the mixing and mastering sessions for the next album next week.

4 new CD Showcases online today - all due for release January 25 via Frontiers Records - Leverage (new album and re-issue of debut album); Bassinvaders and Saint Deamon. Check them out.




Monday, December 17, 2007

Ex-Survivor vocalist Jimi Jamison will embark on his First ever UK tour in May 2008. UK Female fronted rockers Dante Fox (featuring vocalist Sue Willetts) have been choosen by Jimi Jamison to not only support but also to perform as his band on all Nine dates.
Dante Fox will be promoting their latest album Under The Seven Skies which has received great reactions from both press and fans.The album was released on Frontiers Records earlier in the year.
Tickets are now on sale from the tour promoters website:
Dates are:
Thursday 8th May, The Robin Hood 2 Bilston, Tickets 17.50
Friday 9th May, Manchester Academy, Tickets 17.50
Saturday 10th May, The Boardwalk Sheffield, Tickets 17.50
Sunday 11th May, Rock City Nottingham, Tickets 17.50
Tuesday 13th May, The Point Cardiff, Tickets 17.50
Thursday 15th May, Waterfront Norwich, Tickets 17.50
Friday 16th May, B.I.C Pavilion Bournemouth, Tickets 17.50
Saturday 17th May, Shepherds Bush London, Tickets 20.00
Sunday 18th May, The Bierkeller Bristol, Tickets 17.50
For more details check out: / / /

Norwegian progmetal masters Pagan's Mind will be one of the 3 headliners of ProgPower Europe 2008. Because we celebrate our 10th anniversary next year the festival will be a full 3-day event with 3 bands on Friday and 6 on Saturday and Sunday. Pagan's Mind will return to ProgPower Europe after their excellent performances back in 2003 and 2005, but this time they will offer you a full show of almost 2 hours.
Tickets will go on sale on January 2, but check out for all the details.

Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Lordi and now Whitesnake have been tapped to take part in a massive rock festival in New Zealand in 2008. The details are:
ROCK2WGTN Rocktacular - Easter 2008
Latest - Legendary Rock Icon, David Coverdale, the former lead singer with Deep Purple is bringing his band Whitesnake to New Zealand for the very first time. Whitesnake joins heavy metal star Alice Cooper and fellow rockers Ozzy Osbourne and Kiss for the biggest rock concert event weekend ever to hit New Zealand.
Wellington is set for a rock and roll Easter with the two-day 'Rocktacular' concert in the capital. Wellington's Oscar-winning Weta Workshop has been drafted in to create special effects for the giant rock festival to be held on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 March next year.
Tickets to Rock2Wgtn go on sale from Ticketek on 20 December with the Visa Pre-sale starting on 17 December.
Concert promoter Phil Sprey said the concert was attracting attention from around the world. "Hotels are seeing bookings rolling in from as far away as Scandinavia, Canada and Argentina," he said.
Whitesnake joins Alice Cooper, Lordi, Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss, The Valves, Sonic Altar and Weta Workshop at the event in Wellington over Easter for the ROCK2WGTN Rocktacular concert. Expect Easter 2008 to see Wellington explode with some of the greatest legendary bands on the planet in the two-day double concert programme at the Westpac Stadium. Rumour has it that the final international act will be along the likes of Aerosmith or Def Leppard, so watch this space for the next announcement coming soon...
Concert Lineup: Confirmed Acts to date
Saturday 22 March Music starts at 6:30pm:
Special NZ Act / Lordi plays 1 hour / Alice Cooper plays 1 hour / Kiss plays 1 ½ hours
NZ bands in between: Sonic Altar + TBA / Total 5 hours
Sunday 23 March Music starts at 6:30pm:
The Valves /International act to be announced / Whitesnake plays 1 hour / Ozzy Osbourne
NZ bands in between: Sonic Altar + TBA / Total 5 hours
Full details and more artist information at:

Italian rocker Chris Catena has a brand new EP ready to roll. Born Again is out now and available via Digital Distribution only. The EP is mixed by Michael Gapys and produced by Chris Catena for "Glitter And Gold" productions and includes the single Born Again (it will not be included in the forthcoming album) in two versions plus an acoustic version of the cover Just The Beginning by the Swedish band Europe, featuring the great guitar player Kee Marcello, among the others.
Tracklist: 1 - Born Again - Radio Edit, 2 - Born Again - Alternative Version, 3 - Just The Beginning (Featuring Kee Marcello), 4 - Baby Baby, 5 - L. Starlight 08.
The digital EP will be released by various digital distributors such as, iTunes and many many others.
Chris adds: "...wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year...I hope you will rock with my new release waiting for the album The Discovery...which will be released in 2008..."


Press Release / We would like to take this time to say we were sorry to hear the news of legendary bluesman Ike Turner's passing! We worked with Ike for over a year on his comeback shows and we were his road manager for some big Blues Festivals!
Also check the photo below with our sold out show with The Dirty Knobs with Mike Campbell (Tom Petty and the Rock and Roll hall of fame) and Slash (Guns and Roses) at Cozy's jamming on the classic Hendrix tune "Hey Joe" The place went crazy! Marco Mendoza will play his solo rock project's first shows at Lavelee Jazz Club a Namm event on January 14 and 15 with Kenny Aronoff on drums (John Mellencamp and John Fogerty) and special surprise guests Tickets on sale at
Pick up some music today from Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty), Taylor Mills (Brian Wilson), Neal Schon (Soul SirkUS), Steve Fister (Lita Ford), and Jeff Young (Steely Dan), The DVD of Heaven and Hell with Dio today. We also want to remind the fans the Zeppelin compilation by Frankie Banali and Friends including members of, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Guns and Roses, Quiet Riot, Toto and Kiss are on sale today! Check the sound bites on our website the CD is fantastic. Look for new releases and some exciting shows and new artists in 2008. Happy New Year! The Best Players On The Planet! Buy music or get tickets to all our shows on


Candlebox is currently in an LA studio writing songs to their highly anticipated album of new material that is due in late Spring. The band plans to start touring in late Spring as well and has initial plans to play a series of Florida radio shows. Check out new Candlebox music at:

A few seasonal mixes (Merry Axemas & Jingle Hell) courtesy of modern rockers Kill Whitney Dead are online at:

Chris Nelson will be talking to Jeff Scott Soto and Steve Grimmett on this weeks edition of the Hair Metal Haven, Saturday 22nd December 17.00-19.00GMT/18.00-20.00 CET.Only on

Y&T VOCALIST/GUITARIST DAVE MENIKETTI FEATURED IN NEW THE RIGHT TO ROCK PODCAST: has has issued their latest podcast (episode #39), featuring Vocalist/Guitarist Dave Meniketti from Y&T. Dave took time out of his busy schedule to discuss his latest release Y&T Live - One Hot Night as well as his band's current tour. Dave gives you the skinny on all that is Y&T and much more. Interview last approx. 45 min.
Can an album come out better the second time around? Tune in and find out while Genghis and Ragman discuss some current Re-do's. The boys discuss whether or not an older album has the capability of coming out better than the original, if it is remastered or re-recorded. Next lock in for a killer interview with vocalist/lead guitarist Dave Meniketti from Y&T. Dave takes you into the world of Y&T and gives you the lowdown on what the band is currently up to. Get your splashgaurd ready, because this episode is full of piss and vinegar...




Friday, December 14, 2007

Limited Editions with First Pressing only!!
Swedish/German Melodic Rock band Last Autumn's Dream are ready to rock you with this exciting double album, the first of which is a recording live from the "United Forces of Rock" festival at Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg. After four high class albums, the band knows how to make it up there to the top bands of the genre. The talented four-piece consisting of singer Mikael Erlandsson, axeman Andy Maleck and Talisman's rhythm section, Marcel Jacob and Jamie Borger entertained a very enthusiastic audience with eight perfectly executed songs. The first three songs are straight from the latest studio album "Saturn Skyline" and it just shows how the band has matured since the first album. The audience are involved from the start backing up the impact these four guys make when they are on stage together. A really tight performance is the order of the day.
Mikael Erlandsson is one of the best singer/songwriters in Sweden today with a successful career as a solo artist, especially in Europe and Japan. Andy Maleck, from the successful German Hard Rock band Fair Warning is a very talented guitarist, has a brilliant tone and a flair for putting guitar harmonies together. Marcel Jacob and Jamie Borger are something of the best bass/drums units you can find around. This live performance reflects that bond as they turn out great melodic rock tunes one after the other, with plenty of help from the audience!!
Just to make this disc special we have two studio recorded bonus songs "When You Love Someone" and "You Won't See Me Cry", these are both excellent tunes.
The second disc is a "best of" and there are plenty of great tunes to choose from here. Even with just four studio albums under their belt, Last Autumns' Dream have a list of tunes that everyone would want to hear again and again.
This double CD package is a dream come true for Last Autumn's Dream fans and shows them in good light for their forthcoming fifth studio album, details to be announced soon!!
The new Last Autumn's Dream title Hunting Shadows will be release on the 22nd February 2008 more update shortly.
Best Of Last Autumn's Dream And Live In Germany released January 21.
Disc One: Recorded Live on 30th September 2007 at Rock Fabrik, in Ludwigsburg, Germany - For The Young And The Wild / After Tomorrows Gone / Pages / Heat Of Emotion / Love To Go / It's Alright / Rock'n Roll is Saving My Soul / Again And Again.
Plus 2 bonus studio tracks newly recorded: When You Love Someone / You Won't See Me Cry.
Disc Two: Best of Last Autumn's Dream - Again And Again / Break The Chains (Of Destiny) / Pages / Up In Paradise / Love To Go / Going Home / Winter In Paradise / Brand New Life / After Tomorrows Gone / Don't Let Our Love Go Down / Rocket Of Love / American Girl / Domino / Running / Doin´ Time / Skyscraper.
LAD is: Mikael Erlandsson (Lead Vocals), Andy Maleck (ex-Fair Warning; guitars), Marcel Jacob (Talisman; bass), Jamie Borger (Talisman; drums)


After 8 studio albums, 3 live albums/DVD´s and a few special releases (EP´s, compilations etc.) – combined sales over 1,5 million copies – Royal Hunt decided to produce a sequel to their critically acclaimed release from 1997 Paradox (an album, which in a majority of respected publications like: Metal Hammer, Burrn, Break Out, Classic Rock, Metal Edge etc., was honourably mentioned as one of the most essential albums of the 90´s).
The sequel (Collision Course… Paradox II) takes off from the idea and atmosphere of its predecessor but – without a doubt – sounds charged to go for 2007. No ammunition's being saved for this one – 6 months of recordings in NorthPoint Studio, mix at EMI Studios, best musicianship possible (the band was there to define the term neo-prog with their first release back in 1991) and even a bunch of good friends as participants: Doogie White (Rainbow, Y. Malmsteen), Ian Parry (Elegy, Consortium Project), Kenny Lubcke (Jokers Wild, Narita), Henrik Brockmann (ex-Royal Hunt, Evil Masquerade) among others. And yes, there are female voices, real violins, cellos and woodwinds thrown in for good measure.
With this album ROYAL HUNT is introducing their new lead singer Mark Boals (ex-Y. Malmsteen, Ring Of Fire). His great voice and talent, plus many years of experience are perfect fit for the band.
Andre Andersen comments on the band's website: "Album is done. It's such a great feeling to finally be able to hold your new "baby" in your hands (weird at the same time… looking at this tiny CD, knowing how much time and money went into its creation). And a bit sad at the same time – we had such a blast making it, there's been tons and tons of great moments in the process: countless barbeques and other assorted "nights out", a bunch of dear friends/guests who joined us along the way and even the fact that all of us – for almost 6 months period – had this album as a cornerstone of our lives, the goal which we were working so hard to achieve – as a unit. I know, I know it sounds sentimental but there's always that bittersweet feeling than the job is done and you're looking back at the process…But now it's all history – for us, at least. For you there's another album to discover and – hopefully – to enjoy, and we all wish you the latter… in spades".
The lyrical concept is as controversial as the original Paradox – this time concentrating on a "collision course" of modern Western world and "a new breed", grown on Eastern religious movements. Musically you'll have it all – album runs in a "non stop" fashion (all songs are chained together): there are huge epics, intricate progressive arrangements and all good things metal with killer melodies… and there will be videos… and a concert tour. Combine all this with an astonishing line-up and a grand scale production, and you've got a winner: ROYAL HUNT is about to reinvent this style of music – don't miss it. Frontiers Records will release in Europe Collision Course…. Paradox II on March 14, with more details to be announced at a later stage.
Soundclips: and click media.


It has been almost 20 years since the British melodic rock act Magnum brought out one of the best and most successful recordings of their career: Wings Of Heaven entered the British charts at no.2 and included three successful single releases. A milestone in the history of a band who decided to perform and re-record the full album as part of their tour of Britain in autumn 2007. The result is called Wings Of Heaven Live and will be released on double CD by SPV on 25 February 2008 (Germany: 22 February 2008, US: 8 April 2008).
CD 1 consists of a cross-section of the band's career, featuring classics such as How Far Jerusalem, Vigilante, Kingdom Of Madness and All England's Eyes, plus tracks from their current studio release, Princess Alice & The Broken Arrow, such as When We Were Younger, Dragons Are Real, Out Of The Shadows and Like Brothers We Stand. CD 2 includes haunting live versions of the full Wings Of Heaven opus, starting with the opener, Days Of No Trust and closing with the furioso finale, Don't Wake The Lion. The show's final number was Magnum's legendary Sacred Hour from their 1982 classic, Chase The Dragon.
Wings Of Heaven Live was recorded between 10 and 18 November 2007 in Glasgow, Cambridge, Birmingham and London, among other cities. The album was produced by guitarist Tony Clarkin. The line-up, the same as featured on Princess Alice & The Broken Arrow, was one of the strongest in Magnum's history, consisting of Clarkin and his experienced colleagues, Bob Catley (vocals), Mark Stanway (keyboards) and Al Barrow (bass), plus new addition Jimmy Copley (drums).
Founded in the mid-Seventies, Magnum brought out their debut, Kingdom of Madness, featuring diverse prog-rock of the melodic variety, in 1978. Magnum II, out one year later, sounded even more symphonic, and their first live album, Marauder, arrived at the stores twelve months later. Chase The Dragon (1982) and The Eleventh Hour (1983) documented the musicians' unmistakable development, but the big breakthrough took a long time in coming. It arrived, deservedly, in 1985 with On A Storyteller's Night, Vigilante (1986) (produced by Queen drummer Roger Taylor) and Wings Of Heaven, which made no. 2 of the British album charts and spawned three top 30 single hits. Celebrated tours and invitations to most important open-air festivals of the Eighties followed, the Reading Festival, the Monsters Of Rock in Castle Donington among them, as well as several shows at the Wembley Arena and annual appearances at the legendary Hammersmith Odeon.
In the early Nineties, the musicians flew to Los Angeles, where they recorded their Goodnight L.A. album, composer Clarkin being supported by Russ Ballard and Jim Vallance. The band's record company released The Spirit, featuring rare or previously unreleased tracks from another studio session, towards the end of their mutual contract, followed by Sleepwalking, another new, regular studio album soon afterwards. The first chapter of Magnum's success story ended in 1994 with Rock Art and a major farewell tour, during which the final live album The Last Dance (out in May 1996) was recorded.
Clarkin went on to work as a producer and songwriter for other artists, released two albums with Bob Catley, recorded by their intermezzo project Hard Rain in 1997 and 1999 (Hard Rain & When The Good Times Come), and generally recharged his musical batteries. Then, almost precisely eight years after Rock Art, glorious times returned for Magnum. Their 2001 album Breath Of Life oozed present and past all at once and was followed by a number of celebrated shows. "It was very inspiring for me to write and produce material for Magnum again," Clarkin explains. "Compared to the Hard Rain tracks, Magnum compositions are more powerful, deeper and more passionate."
With their 2004 album, Brand New Morning, and a major European tour in late summer of that year, Magnum went even further at an ambitioned artistic level, documenting that this band, like a good wine, gets better with every year. Looking at it this way, Princess Alice & The Broken Arrow came as no surprise but was the logical result of a mature and well thought-through creational process.
WebLinks: / /


The Keepers of the 7 Keys are finally on their way to Australia!
Press Release / The Legendary German Metal band Helloween came together in the early 80's and went on to be one of the most influential Metal bands of all time! Their debut album, 'Walls Of Jericho,' and particularly the two subsequent offerings, 'Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I and Part II,' which each sold over 250,000 copies in Germany alone, catapulted them to the major leagues and had them rubbing shoulders amongst the most elite of worlds biggest hard rock acts.
Helloween were a major success, not only in Germany, but also in Japan and the US. Their first live recording, 'Live In The U.K.,' conclusively proved the high musical standard that the band stood for in those days. Following the release of their 'Pink Bubbles Go Ape' (1991) and 'Chameleon' (1993) albums and another personnel change (in vocalist Andi Deris), the band went on to celebrate their triumphant return to the top of the scene with their seventh album, 'Master Of The Rings.' Their subsequent release 'The Time Of The Oath,' revived Helloween mania in Japan and South America even more. The ensuing world tour and 'High Live,' album (their second live release), crowned an era that had earned the musicians worldwide success.
In 1998, their eighth studio album, 'Better Than Raw,' picked up seamlessly where the triumphal march of the previous years had left off, presenting at once the group's stylistic development and the justified confidence of the band members who had tried out and courageously realised experimental song structures. Their 2000 album, 'Metal Jukebox,' showed the five musicians coming from an unusual but by no means less fascinating side, featuring Helloween's interpretations of memorable rock and pop songs from over thirty years of music history.
'The Dark Ride,' a modern and impressive metal statement of an advanced international standard, came one year later. 'Rabbit Don't Come Easy' saw the band embark on a more melodic direction again, before going on to continue the tradition of their greatest classic on 'Keeper Of The Seven Keys III – The Legacy.' Their live recordings, 'Live On 3 Continents' (double DVD) and 'Live In Sao Paulo' (double CD) were cut during the subsequent world tour, which resembled a triumphal march.
The momentum of this world tour also prevails on the new Helloween recording, Gambling With The Devil! which is probably Helloween's most ambitious and strongest album yet and it is filled with haunting melodies, driving rhythms, virtuoso guitar solos and other typical Helloween trademarks.
Now for the first time ever Helloween set foot on Australian soil and they are bringing their highly acclaimed 'Hellish Rock Tour' with them and the legacy and the legend that is Helloween will undoubtedly leave their mark on all of us!
Helloween 'Hellish Rock' Australian Tour 2008 Dates: Tickets on sale from December 21
Tuesday 26TH February Brisbane The Arena Oztix | 1300 762 545
Thursday 28TH February Sydney The Metro Theatre Ticketek | 132 849
Friday 29TH February Melbourne The Forum Ticketek | 132 849
WebLinks: (coming soon) / / /

Australian melodic power metal band Black Majesty have been announced as a support act for the upcoming Helloween Australian tour in Sydney and Melbourne. Black Majesty will support Helloween on Thursday 28th of February 2008 at The Metro in Sydney with Pain Division and on Friday 29th of February 2008 at The Forum in Melbourne with Vanishing Point.
Black Majesty have recently returned from their European tour where they launched their new album Tomorrowland at major Heavy Metal festivals including Wacken Open Air Germany, Masters of Rock Czech Republic and Metal Universe Slovakia. Checkout for further information.

Brother Firetribe storm back with a brand new studio album, following their acclaimed debut, early in 2008.
Following the brilliant False Metal, the new album Heart Full Of Fire will be released through Spinefarm Records in late February or more likely March. The band are still mixing, so no track details are available as of yet.


Honeymoon Suite suite guitarist Derry checks in with a note: "Hey Everybody, It's Derry logging in. It's been a while since I've talked to you all, and I must apologize as we have been busier than usual for this time of year. Lots of great stuff going on though. As you know, we are back with the original lineup and going strong. The summer tour was awesome and many extra dates were added, taking us into the fall. We are having a lot of fun on stage and I think it shows. We saw a lot of old friends again out at the shows, plus a lot of new fans. I want to thank everybody who came out to the shows...we can't do it without you!
The other big news is a new HMS studio album in the works. That sounds funny" album" they even call it that anymore? Or should I say "disc"? But then, they probably won't be around much longer either. The whole business is changing so much, but we will move with it. Sorry, got sidetracked there...where was I?? Oh yeah, the new CD! Yes, we start recording next week.
It's going to be all new original songs and the original band will be playing on the record, as well as some special guests. It's being produced by Tom Treumuth, who also produced our very first record, so it's kind of cool how all the pieces are falling into place. The songs are mostly all rockers and are in the vein of the classic HMS sound. We are all excited to get started.
The CD will be released hopefully early in 2008 in Europe on Frontiers Records, and also in North America on a label yet to be determined. Anyways, got to go. Heading over to Johnnie's house to do some writing today, but we'll see you all again on New Years Eve, live from Niagara Falls, Ont. We'll rocking in 2008 with our old friends Loverboy and Denis DeYoung, it's gonna be a blast!"

Press Release / Philadelphia, Pa / Boston, MA (Nov. 28, 2007) – Let CN8, The Comcast Network transform you from "Cold as Ice" to "Hot Blooded" as it heats up the airwaves with "Celebrate '08," an exclusive television event airing live from Universal Orlandoâ Resort on Monday, December 31 at 9:00 p.m. The special broadcast features performances by headliner and multi-platinum artist Foreigner as well as nationally renowned comedians Lynne Koplitz and Keith Robinson. Veteran television personality and longtime E! Entertainment host Todd Newton will emcee "Celebrate '08" with CN8 "Backstage" entertainment reporter Bessie Tsionis co-hosting.
"Our New Year's Eve broadcast has become a can't-miss tradition," said Jon Gorchow, vice president and general manager, CN8. "We're excited to welcome in 2008 while celebrating all of CN8's successes from the past year including our new Washington, D.C. studio and continued network expansion."
The three and a half hour entertainment event will feature many of Foreigner's classic hits including "I Want to Know What Love Is," "Waiting for a Girl Like You," "Double Vision," "Urgent," "Feels Like The First Time," "Jukebox Hero" and more.
From live music to lots of laughter, comedians Lynne Koplitz and Keith Robinson will add laughs with stand-up routines. Koplitz's television appearances include a Comedy Central special, a co-starring role on "Life and Style" and as a co-host on the Food Network's "How to Boil Water." A Philadelphia native, Robinson was a regular guest on "Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn," and has been featured in a Comedy Central special.
Having hosted E! Entertainment's "Coming Attractions," "Talk Soup", "E! News Live," as well as countless red carpet events, Todd Newton will entertain audiences with his quick wit and charm between performances. Also on hand will be CN8's entertainment reporters Bessie Tsionis and Tim Estiloz along with special correspondents Naamu Delaney and Mary Lou Palumbo to provide firsthand accounts of all the New Year's Eve festivities.
Throughout the night, "Celebrate '08" reports live on other New Year's Eve events in Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. A team of CN8 reporters including John Carchedi from Boston and Robert Traynham from Washington, D.C. will be checking-in regularly from these locations.
"Celebrate '08" can be viewed three ways – on air, online or On Demand. The special will air live on CN8 and stream simultaneously online at Following the broadcast, "Celebrate '08" will be available on Comcast Digital Cable's On Demand service for at least one week following the live broadcast.
On January 20, an exclusive behind-the-scenes special, "A View from the Truck" will be made available On Demand for two weeks. The 60-minute show will feature interviews with the performers, hosts and crew, offering an in-depth look at the trials and tribulations of producing a live New Year's Eve television special.


From the Rush Newsletter: "Following the very well-received Snakes and Arrows tour, we are pleased to announce that Rush will go on tour again in 2008! For more details, please visit the news section on to read the press release.
RUSH has been nominated for a 2008 Grammy in the Best Rock Instrumental Performance category for "Malignant Narcissism." Congrats to the boys!

Did you know that there was one guy behind the sound of most of the classic rock records that came out of modern rock's first Golden Age (1967-1972)? His name was Eddie Kramer and we can in a large part, thank him for the sound of Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Santana, Kiss and dozens of others including The Beatles. Eddie was the producer/engineer of so many classic rock records and recordings it's hard to imagine he accomplished so much in such a short amount of time.
But the greatness of Kramer doesn't stop at the music- Eddie photographed the moments in-between recording when the artists were listening back to their tracks for the first time. What exists in the Kramer Archives today are incredibly intimate shots of these legends hearing their songs for the first time and reacting to them in the moment- golden moments of creative inspiration.
This Friday, December 14th, 2007, join us in celebrating Eddie's contribution to music and pop culture at the Eddie Kramer Retrospect at Von Dutch LA (819 N La Brea, between Melrose and Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood). Kramer himself will be there to sign prints and share stories. Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity for true classic rock fans and candid photography fans.
There will also be a very special surprise musical guest.
Eddie Kramer Retrospective - Von Dutch Los Angeles, 819 N La Brea, Los Angeles CA 90038 / Preview begins at 5:00 pm Event is from 7:00pm - 10:00 pm.
For a complete history on Eddie Kramer, check out visit

Press Release / (Los Angeles, CA) December 13, 2007 - Van Halen's explosive drummer Alex Van Halen talks in an exclusive interview with Modern Drummer magazine about helming the heavy artillery in the iconic band. The extensive 21-page story hits newsstands on February 5.
"As the pounding, aggressive heartbeat of one of the greatest bands in rock history, Alex Van Halen has inspired drummers the world over with his unique sound and style," says Modern Drummer magazine's Editor In Chief Bill Miller.
The article not only features Alex Van Halen chatting with Modern Drummer about the band, the new tour and his equipment, but several exclusive shots of Alex attacking his drum kit.
In the meantime, additional Van Halen shows have been announced. Keep visiting for up-to-the-minute ticket and tour information. often.

Press Release / (Los Angeles, CA - Dec. 12, 2007) - Los Angeles glitter and glam rock heroes Spiders & Snakes are celebrating the release of their new 'Melodrama', album on Corporate Punishment Records (distributed by Koch Entertainment) by making a few waves to close out 2007 and kick the new year off in grand style!
The band has three songs, "Friends Like You", "Shoot Me Down" and a cover of the Bay City Rollers' classic "Yesterday's Hero" featured on Cleopatra Records' Digital-Only release, "Metal School 101', which currently a top seller on iTunes.
They are set to perform at the annual Cleopatra Records Christmas Party held on December 19, 2007 at The Viper Room on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, CA alongside such artists as Jetboy, Blackboard Jungle, Peppermint Creeps, Dr. Know and more! This will be the band's last performance of the year.
Spiders & Snakes' Lizzie Grey and Timothy Jay were recently featured in the Chrome Dreams DVD release, "Duns N' Roses: 2 Classic Albums Under Review: Use Your Illusion I and II". The duo were interviewed about the impact that Guns N' Roses had on the Hollywood, California music scene and also Lizzie Grey's personal involvement with the various GNR band members. Drummer, Jay, gives his take as well on the Guns N' Roses phenomena - having been part of the infamous band London with Spiders & Snakes co - founder Lizzie Grey (London at one time or another featured Izzy Stradlin, Steven Adler and Slash), Tim also worked during the day at both Capitol-EMI and Metal Blade Records in the GNR era, ironically having previously interfaced professionally with Lonn Friend and Malcolm Dome whom are also featured in this documentary film. Snippets of the new Spiders & Snakes song "Shoot Me Down" (from the brand new album 'Melodrama') were used by the producers of the film as background music in this unauthorized documentary film.
Lastly, Spiders & Snakes will be a part of the special 'Hollywood Rocks' triple vinyl album released in early 2008 through Cleopatra Records. The release will be a limited run of only 500 hand-numbered and coloured copies designed in a custom, hand-packaged boxset. The label hand-picked the rare Spiders & Snakes track "The End of Marylou" (from their 1991 debut EP 'Arachnomania') for this set.
What's next for Spiders & Snakes? First a music video is in the works with famed director/producer David Sterling from the Sterling Film Factory(Gothic Vampires from Hell, The Curse of Lizzy Borden) on a track to be named later. In January 2008 the band will be signing autographs at the NAMM show in Anaheim, California at the Cleopatra Records booth and will be performing as part of a live concert series at a venue TBA as part of the NAMM Concert Events.. The band has also scheduled a last minute performance for this Saturday, Dec. 15th at Club Vodka / The Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA. The band's set time will be at 7:00pm sharp.
For more information, please visit and

Madonna, John Mellencamp, Leonard Cohen, the Ventures and the Dave Clark Five will be enshrined next year in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, organizers announced today (Dec. 13). The 2008 induction will be held March 10 at New York's Waldorf Astoria hotel.

MR-X has been updated. Online today is a very cool and very rare classic Night Ranger performance! In support of their debut album Dawn Patrol, the band played 9 of the album's 10 tracks Live On Air @ 5th Floor Studios WEBN in 1982. Also online is some stuff to celebrate the current Van Halen reunion - 10 original classic demos from the 70s and the band Live Cox Arena, San Diego, 2007.
The new Feature Album is some sleaze rock from Asphalt Ballet. And the following new Video Clips are also online:
Damn Yankees - High Enough, Autograph - Turn Up The Radio, Quiet Riot - Cum On Feel The Noise & Metal Health, Night Ranger - Don't Tell Me You Love Me and Vixen - Edge Of A Broken Heart.
MR-X Membership Details.

I am very pleased to announce that the original CD Compilation MRCD1 - Revealed & Revisited - will be available online right here as a Digital Download from next week. The CD has been long out of print after the 1000 units pressed, sold out a few years back. Stay tuned for more details...




Thursday, December 13, 2007

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of Khymera's third album The Greatest Wonder on February 22!
Born as studio project featuring Kansas' Steve Walsh and Italian multi-instrumentist Daniele Liverani (Genius), Khymera reaches now the third chapter with its ultimate evolution in a stable band's lineup and musical concept.
With British twin brothers Tom & James Martin (House Of Lords, Ted Poley) working on the complete songwriting and a line-up that – following the amazing responses gathered by the second album A New Promise – features again Liverani's keyboards prowess, Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69) on bass and vocals, Tommy Ermolli on guitars and Dario Ciccioni (Hartmann) on drums, Khymera offers one of the most shining examples of what European Melodic Rock is all about: crystal clear production, soaring vocals, killer musicianship and a songwriting that reminds the heydays of the genre when bands like Giuffria, Icon, FM and Signal ruled the airwaves!
Ivory-tinkler Daniele Liverani says: "It was a great journey to produce and arrange these songs provided by the Martin brothers. I tried to give the songs the full and warm sound of the '80s with my keyboard work, but with a touch of modern style. Both Dario on drums and Tommy on guitars did a great job and of course Dennis delivered some incredible vocals and bass too. I truly think this new album is a step ahead for us as a band. With every album we gel better and better together. I can't wait to start working on the next chapter and hopefully to perform some shows during the new year!"
Just like the previous record A New Promise delivered a killer melodic rock selection, the new one adds a richer and more mature songwriting along, with truly outstanding musicianship and huge production.

Dario Ciccioni – Tommy Ermolli – Dennis Ward – Daniele Liverani

The Greatest Wonder final tracklisting includes: Ablaze (intro); Beautiful Life; Borderline; Burn Out; Since You Went Away; Love Has Been And Gone; No Sacrifice; The Greatest Wonder; Fight For Yesterday; If I Can't Be; Love Will Find You; Stay Forever; The Other Side.
The next step for Khymera will be the debut as live unit on stage and plans are already underway for a live debut in the European melodic festivals of 2008.
The Greatest Wonder will be released in Japan on King Records and in the USA on Eagle Rock Records.
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Great White announce the European tour in support to the release of their album Back To The Rhythm.
January 25, 2008 Copenhagen, DENMARK The Rock
January 26, 2008 Helmond, HOLLAND Club Plato
January 28, 2008 Newcastle, UK Carling Academy
January 30, 2008 Glasgow, UK The Cat House
January 31, 2008 Wolverhampton, UK Robin 2
February 1, 2008 Southampton, UK The Brook
February 2, 2008 London, UK Sheperds Bush Empire
February 6, 2008 Madrid, SPAIN Heineken
February 7, 2008 Barcelona, SPAIN The Apollo
February 9, 2008 Pratteln, SWITZERLAND Z-7
February 10, 2008 Piacenza, ITALY TBA
February 11, 2008 Treviso, ITALY TBA
February 13, 2008 Stockholm, SWEDEN Debaser
February 14, 2008 Malmö, SWEDEN KB

Dokken posted a rough mix of the song Oasis taken from the up and coming album Lightning Strikes Again due out on Frontiers Records in the Spring 2008 on the band's myspace site: The new track showcases a straight return to the classic sound that brought the best success for the band. Stay tuned for more outstanding tracks from this highly anticipated release.

For the first time ever, Blackie Lawless will be bringing his legendary band W.A.S.P to Australia. The Crimson Idol World Tour celebrates the 15th Anniversary since the release of the landmark 'The Crimson Idol' album (1992). W.A.S.P will be performing 2 gigantic sets - SET 1: The Crimson Idol album in its entirety; SET 2: A mix of old classics and new material including tracks from the latest album 'Dominator' released in April 2007. Joining W.A.S.P as very Special Guests will be Australian hard rock legends, THE POOR, who will be hitting the road for the first time in 10 years!
The Poor back in your face and asking for More Wine Waiter Please!
This tour promises to be a romping, stomping, foot thumping, head banging good time. Expect nothing less!
Tues, April 08 Sydney Metro Theatre
Thurs, April 10 Brisbane The Tivoli
Sun, April 13 Adelaide The Barton Theatre
Tues, April 15 Melbourne Forum Theatre
Tickets on sale Monday January 14th 2008 - /

ARfm have upgraded their online stream to a new, higher capacity, server. The new stream can be found here:

A couple of new interviews are online now at Rock Of Life -
Candice Night: and Bumblefoot:

Comcast, a national cable carrier in the USA, ran a commercial last night advertising a free Foreigner concert as their New Year's Eve celebration programming. I am not yet sure if that will be a new concert or a broadcast of the band's recent live DVD.

Whitesnake have updated their website with the news of 2 Festival shows - Sweden Rock Festival and Sauna Open Air metal festival. The band's new studio album is due early next year.

The new Firefest MySpace page is online at:

Toto's Falling In Between Live 2CD set will get a US release February 5 with the DVD to be released March 18 - both through Locomotive Records.

This little post comes from former Alice Cooper guitaist Ryan Roxie:
"Hello there Ladies & Gentleman...Hello there Ladies Gents...
Your humble host Ryan Roxie here...
I wish I could start EVERY letter I wrote out with a Cheap Trick quote! But alas, we are not here to discuss the legendary status of "Trick", but to kick start the debut release single of the band I have been working on for the greater part of 2007 and heading into 2008, Happypill.
I'm very proud of the music and the sound that we have been able to put together as a band, and I'm very excited for you to listen to it... so much in fact, that I'm giving it to you.
I have come up with some unconventional means of promoting the music with the concepts of the Conscience Free Download (C.F.D.) and Splitting The Profits (S.T.P.). But with a little help from my friends (this being you) and a bit of good ol' fashioned luck, I'm hoping that the Happypill debut single "This Year" will reach each and every ipod, cell phone, and boom box within the continental universe in the coming year.....aim high, right!?!
Sooooo....if you haven't been by the Happypill myspace site lately, please drop on by so you can see and hear what I'm talking about.
My "official" launch date is set for December 17, 2007 (you know me and the "77" by now, don't cha!)....but your involvement can start any day you would like to. Just shoot me an email at and tell me you are ready to help start working "on the pill" and I'll send ya some info on ways that would really help us out.
Simple stuff really, but just things like featuring our song "This Year" as your site's theme song and making "Happypill" your "top friends" on sites like myspace and facebook...... plus, stopping people randomly in the street and scream "Happypill" repeatedly in their face until you drop from exhaustion....see, simple stuff!
I just wanted to sincerely thank you beforehand, because I truly appreciate everything that you have done for me in the past, which has helped me create what is now in the present, and now gives me great hope of what we will be able to accomplish in the future....
Remember....if YOU believe in UNICORNS....UNICORNS will believe in YOU.....wait, that wasn't what I wanted to say....that sounds crazy, no?...........or is it?
Peace, Love, and Happypill."




Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Escape Music pleased to announce start of the productions for the new Shadowman album (their third) at Parr Street, Liverpool, UK., and will be mixed by Tommy Hansen at Jail House Studio in Norway. The album will be released in the Spring of 2008.
Shadowman is - Steve Overland: Lead Vocals (FM), Steve Morris: All Guitars / Keyboards (Heartland / Ian Gillan), Chris Child: Bass (Thunder), Harry James: Drums (Thunder).


Initial dates for the Michael Schenker & Friends UK tour have been announced, but his agent sent me a little extra info -
"At each show Michael will be signing fan's stuff at the merchandise stand, and will draw out a ticket number from the show which will then be put into a prize draw at the end of the tour with a chance to win the guitar Michael used to record his new MSG album, In The Midst of Beauty."
I responded with a question about Michael's health, to which I got the following reply: "Michael is doing very well, he is fit, healthy and raring to go with loads of exciting new plans for a World Tour."
So, with that said and one - the dates so far are:
10th Jan. 2008 12bar Swindon
11th. Jan Limelight Crew
12th. Jan Riffs Blackpool
16th. Jan Riga Southend
17th Jan Boom Boom Club, Sutton
24th. Jan Princess Pavilion Falmouth
26th Jan. Twist Colchester
9th Feb Academy 3 Manchester
10th Feb.Boardwalk Sheffield
17th Feb. Thekla Bristol
18th Feb. Waterfront, Norwich
22nd Feb Cathouse, Glasgow

A third show has been added to Journey's upcoming visit to South America. The latest date is February 24 at Grand Hotel and Casino of Viña del Mar. I asked Cristián, who has been updating me on these dates and writes for, what the people of his part of the world think of the news Journey is coming and what he thinks the general impression of the new line-up will be.
He responds: "Many fans of around countries like Argentina, Peru, Uruguay and Brazil come to Chile to see the only 3 shows that the band play in South America for the first time in 30 years! Here the fans really love the "Frontiers" era line-up, with Schon, Valory, Smith, Cain and of course, Steve Perry. But then with Steve Augeri and Deen Castronovo in the band the attention of the people continue. About Arnel Pineda, I hear and read only positive things here in Chile. The people go to YouTube, see the videos of Arnel and say that him have a perfect voice to the band. Definitively, Chile receive Journey with "open arms"!"

The Brazilian Andre Matos is doubtlessly among the most charismatic and versatile vocalists on the international rock/metal scene. His voice is unmistakable, his compositional talent beyond all doubt. In the late Eighties, Matos formed the band Viper, practically a predecessor of his top-selling act Angra, which he launched in 1991. Three internationally successful albums, plus four EPs and sensational tours around the globe marked the Angra years from 1992 to 1999 with Matos as their frontman. Following his departure, he formed Shaman, simultaneously proving himself to be a multi-faceted musician, who also cuts a fine figure away from heavy metal, alongside guitarist/producer Sascha Paeth in their Virgo project. Now his solo debut, Time To Be Free, is due to be released, featuring eleven brand-new songs which confirm his unusual vocal range and underline that Matos has matured in every respect. The album is scheduled for release on 25 February 2008 in Europe (Germany 22 February 2008) on SPV/Steamhammer.
Matos was supported by truly excellent musicians: His solo band includes the renowned trio consisting of Luis Mariutti (bass), Hugo Mariutti (guitar) and Fabio Ribeiro (keyboards) – all of them former members of Angra and Shaman – plus guitarist Zaaza Hernandes, with whom Matos worked in the early Nineties and who is considered one of Brazil's best guitarists, as well as Eloy Casagrande, a 16-year-old drum talent who came first at the Modern Drummer drum competition in the US.
The album was produced by Roy Z (Judas Priest, Bruce Dickinson, Helloween, among others) and Sascha Paeth (Edguy, Kamelot, Rhapsody) in Brazil, Germany and the US. Directly after its release in Japan, the album stayed at no. 2 of the Japanese sales charts for a full month, ahead of big names, such as Metallica and Heaven & Hell.
Tracks: Menuett * Letting Go * Rio * Remember Why * How Long (Unleashed Away) * Looking Back * Face The End * Time To Be Free * Reason * A New Moonlight * Endeavour.
WebLinks: /


Press Release / EndeverafteR's debut album Kiss or Kill is in stores and they've been touring non stop to support it. Although at the very beginning of their career, EndeverafteR's live shows are so impressive that they have won them opening slots for rock legends such as Kiss, Poison and Cinderella. The band will hit the road as support for the Fuel/Trapt co-headlining tour in mid-October (see below for tour dates).
EndeverafteR's debut album Kiss Or Kill was released October 30, with first single "I Wanna Be Your Man" shipping to rock radio earlier in the month. Hailing from Sacramento, CA, the young quartet is already creating a buzz well before the release of their debut album Kiss or Kill. A sexy, behind-the-scenes look at their triple X-rated video shoot for "Baby, Baby, Baby" by NGTV (No Good TV), was the #1 Most Viewed video on YouTube with nearly 500,000 views in one day alone (link below).
To watch the video in question:
YouTube link to video of I Wanna Be Your Man:
EndeverafteR is giving away a brand new Washburn Guitar!
EndeverafteR on tour:
Dec 10 2007 8:00P Dream Catcher Showroom - Alpine, California
Dec 11 2007 6:30P The Grove Of Anaheim - Anaheim, California
Dec 12 2007 5:00P House of Blues - Las Vegas, Nevada
Dec 13 2007 5:00P Last Day Saloon - Santa Rosa, California

It seems the MelodicRockFest show in October made a lasting impression with the Scrap Metal guys as they continue to team up with Jimi Jamison and now Joe Lynn Turner again! A one-off show has spawned something special it seems...

Press Release / Celebrity Rock Super Group Scrap Metal announced more special guest stars to perform during their upcoming 'Metal Christmas' holiday concert event at the Wildhorse Nashville December 15, 2007. Special guest star Joe Lynn Turner former lead singer for legendary rock groups Deep Purple; Rainbow; and Fandango will perform with Scrap Metal at The Scrap Metal Jingle Bell Rock Party.
"We have a lot of surprises planned for the Jingle Bell Rock Party," raves Scrap Metal co-founder Gunnar Nelson, "The Wildhorse is a legendary place, and Joe Lynn Turner is a legendary performer. We're excited to have him as our special guest in Nashville."
Other special guest stars announced for the event include Jimi Jamison former lead singer of Survivor.
'Party Like a Rock Star' at The Scrap Metal Jingle Bell Rock Party, live concert featuring Scrap Metal on Saturday, December 15, 2007 at 10:00 pm at The Wildhorse Saloon 120 Second Avenue in Nashville, Tennessee 37201. Doors open at 9pm. Tickets are still available at Ticketmaster locations or or or by phone (615) 902-8211.
Visit the Scrap Metal official website at

Press Release / It has been decided that we will push the boat out for next years ZRock 08 show and go for a 2 day event, the dates will be May 16 and 17. We have already had the verbal ok for a major act to headline on May 16 and hope to have info for you ASAP re-who it is and ticket details.
We cannot stress how important advance ticket sales are, and we appeal to to everyone to make the effort to purchase their tickets well ahead of the show. If this show fails to break even it will be the last ever Z Rock, sorry but these are the facts. We hope we can count on your support. Confirmed line up so far: Bonfire, Britny Fox, Von Groove, Shy, Stormzone with more to follow.
For further details visit:

Styx bassist Ricky Phillips writes from London, fresh from witnessing the Led Zeppelin gig:
"I'm In London and still buzzing from the Zep show last night. Robert paced himself well and sang the set as if he was a much younger man. He still had bullets in the chamber at the end of the night and hit every note in Kashmir which was the last song before the encores. But, little Jason Bonham stole the night. He played like it was the last time he'd ever play the drums and with a reserve that made the pockets huge and the groove factor was spectacular. Jimmy was a bit less flamboyant but very in charge of the many parts he had assembled in the original recordings and gave you the root, then a harmony, then an incidental part you'd forgotten about and pretty much with ease throughout the night. John Paul Jones continued as if their last show was the night before with a quiet presence visually but audibly he added to the thunder and was again the glue to everyone else in the band. His keyboard work was excellent and Kashmir in particular was better than the recording...on everyone's part."

And following the show, Robert Plant has admitted there is a desire among fans for a tour and while it may not be a full scale world tour, more dates are possible. Of course they are! More on the show at

December 10, 2007 – Los Angeles, CA - The T. J. Martell Foundation in conjunction with 10th Street Entertainment, is proud to announce it will auction off a Day in the Studio Experience with Eleven Seven Music / Atlantic Records Recording artists Buckcherry, with proceeds going to Leukemia, Cancer and AIDS Research. In an eBay auction, which will begin on Sunday, December 16, 2007, at 12:00 p.m. PST/ 3:00 p.m. EST, and running for one week only, Buckcherry fans can bid on a once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend a day in a Los Angeles, California recording studio with the band while they record tracks for their fourth full-length CD release.
The winning bidder and a guest will receive round-trip coach airfare courtesy of Continental Airlines from any major U.S. city, two nights accommodations from a leading Four Star Hollywood or Beverly Hills hotel, and two days use of a Mercedes Benz C300 courtesy of Midway Car Rental. As a memento to remember this experience, the band will also present the winning bidder with a brand-new autographed Schecter guitar.
Buckcherry, with their hit singles, the Grammy nominated 'Crazy B*tch,' as well as 'Broken Glass,' 'Everything,' and 'Sorry,' from their 2006 release "15", which has remained on the Billboard 200 for a remarkable 85 weeks, has reached Platinum RIAA sales status. Arguably the most popular multi-format hit-makers in America, reaching the upper echelons of the Rock, Alternative and now the Hot/AC and Pop charts, Buckcherry also has the third most popular MySpace page, with almost 12 million views and 340,000 friends. The band will also be celebrating their 300th live show at Las Vegas' House of Blues on December 15th in support of their triumphant current release.
All proceeds from the Day in the Studio with Buckcherry Experience Auction will benefit the life-saving research conducted at eight leading research facilities, including Children's Hospital L.A., The Mayo Clinic, Vanderbilt-Ingram, Columbia Presbyterian Cancer Center, and others. The T. J. Martell Foundation has auctioned off many celebrity experiences for charity on eBay such as a Day In The Studio with Metallica, front row Bon Jovi concert tickets, tickets and stage access for the 2004 through 2007 Vans Warped Tour, autographed instruments, as well as other experiences with top bands and recording artists.
Columbia/Sony music industry executive Tony Martell, who was instrumental in the signing of Ozzy Osbourne and Stevie Ray Vaughn, among others, founded The T. J. Martell Foundation in 1975 in memory of his son, T.J., a victim of Leukemia. The T. J. Martell Foundation, which has raised more than $230 million over 32 years, remains dedicated to raising money for the innovative initial and ongoing research of the treatments and cures of the world's three most deadliest diseases: Leukemia, Cancer, and AIDS. In 2001, T.J. Martell Foundation funds contributed to the discovery of Gleevec, the breakthrough drug that has a profound effect on a rare strain of Leukemia.
Bidders can access this Buckcherry auction by clicking on the "T.J. Martell Auctions on eBay" link found at, as well as at




Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Press Article / The death last month of Kevin DuBrow, lead singer for the 1980s heavy metal band Quiet Riot, has been ruled an accidental cocaine overdose. Clark County coroner spokeswoman Samantha Charles confirmed the cause Monday after toxicology results were received Monday.
DuBrow was found dead Nov. 25 at his Las Vegas home. He was 52. Quiet Riot was perhaps best known for its 1983 cover of "Cum on Feel the Noize." The song, featuring DuBrow's powerful, gravelly voice, appeared on the band's album "Metal Health" — which was the first by a metal band to reach No. 1 on the Billboard chart.
DuBrow recorded a solo album in 2004, "In for the Kill," and the band's last studio CD, "Rehab," came out in October 2006.

Led Zeppelin appear to have met crowd expectations with a rousing set in London. If you haven't seen the set list, it was - Good Times, Bad Times, Ramble On, Black Dog, In My Time Of Dying, For Your Life, Trampled Under Foot, Nobody's Fault But Mine, No Quarter, Since I've Been Loving You, Dazed and Confused, Stairway To Heaven, The Song Remains the Same, Misty Mountain Hop, Kashmir, Encore: Whole Lotta Love, Rock and Roll.
Pictures, reviews and comments all in one place at:

Another news item from the wires that you may have already seen:
"Rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen's Hollywood Hills home narrowly escaped serious damage on Monday, after a broken water main sent mud and debris gushing across his yard, the Los Angeles Times reported on its Web site. Van Halen's swimming pool disappeared under the deluge, and potted plants and trees were also demolished, his girlfriend Janie Liszewski told the paper. But the house was saved after firefighters fortified it with sandbags, she said.
The couple were not at home when the destruction started shortly after midnight on Monday. They were in the Canadian city of Edmonton for a reunion concert the night before by Van Halen's eponymous band.
They returned on Monday to survey the damage, which was caused by a broken air valve on a water main, the paper said. It sent torrents of water through the streets of the bucolic Coldwater Canyon neighborhood, but Van Halen's property was the only one affected by the flood."

Eric Ragno -- keyboardist on new albums you may have heard by Ted Poley, David Readman, Steve Grimmett, American Angel, etc. -- checked in with Hardrock Haven to talk about the upcoming CD release of his band Vox Tempus on Angelmilk Records; what it was like playing at the recent Melodic Rock Anniversary Show and Firefest IV in the U.K.; his new project called China Blue with Tony Mills on lead vocals; and what it's like being sponsored by a keytar company. To listen to the interview in its entirety, go here:

Former Toto vocalist Joseph Williams has two new solo releases out now in Japan. Both releases are all covers in a piano ballad style. Basically these are sequel albums to the 2006 released Two Of Us album. Full details of each release is detailed below.
And dare I say...I have seen some sorry album covers in my time, and no offence to the normally dapper looking Joseph Williams, but who let these through quality control? Tears especially is horrendous!
Track Listing: Tears - 1. Against All Odds 2. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight 3. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word 4. Whiter Shade Of Pale 5. Tracks Of My Tears 6. All In Love Is Fair 7. Everytime You Go Away 8. Always On My Mind 9. All By Myself 10. Tears In Heaven 11. She 12. My Immortal.
Smiles - 1. Don't Worry Baby 2. Walk Between The Raindrops 3. Still Crazy After All These Years 4. Wonderful Tonight 5. For Your Love 6. Song For You 7. Peaceful Easy Feeling 8. More Than I Can Say 9. Heaven In Your Eyes 10. Maybe I'm Amazed 11. Don't Know Why 12. Somewhere Only We Know.


A new Dokken track (in rough mix form) titled Oasis can be found at the band's MySpace page:

The Musician's Voice - - has a new cool MP3 interview with the great songwriter Jim Vallance. Jim talks about his successful collaborations with Bryan Adams, Aerosmith, and Ozzy Osbourne, as well as what it's like writing with other artists, his thoughts on the current state of songwriting in music, and much more...

A unique concert at the famous venue Nalen in Stockholm will see Europe on stage semi-acoustically, performing songs from their new CD Secret Society together with some of their classic hits. The concert will be broadcast live over the world wide web through their website: on January 26.

Site reader Frank Moore was at this week's Back N Blue re-union show and was kind enough to send me a couple of comments, plus the pictures below.
Says Frank: "First of all, the show was outstanding. Everyone looked and sounded great and it was a perfect evening. I have included a few photos for you. Sorry for the quality, but all I had was a camera phone. The one of Jamie came out pretty good. After the show I played reporter and spoke for a while with Jeff "Woop" Warner.
Jeff said (of the new album) "we want to release it as soon as possible but it's just not the number one priority right now. Tommy is playing with KISS and Jamie's been with Warrant for a while so we haven't had time to finish it. There are a lot of other things going on right now. Yes, we'd like to have it out by the summer. If I had to say when I'd say next summer."
Frank added this: "During the show, Jamie also commented that this would NOT be the last we've seen of Black N Blue. Matter of fact, the band plans on playing "a lot more" in 2008.
Also, Marc Ferrari (Keel, Cold Sweat) was there as a special guest and jammed with the guys after the show. I have enclosed a photo of him as well. He's playing Woop's Gibson Flying V in the photo."


Astra sign to Lion Music -
After their successful debut album About me: through life and beyond, Italian prog metallers Astra start the recording session for the new album called From Within, their debut release for Lion Music next year. Astra are also playing live on December 13rd at Qube in Rome (Italy).
WebLinks: /

Again some cool news from the Engine of Pain front line! We are talking about 2 brand new Engine of Pain tracks called: Rack and Ruin and Spit out the Anger which will be an approximate direction of the style of the second album to be released worldwide 4th quarter of 2008 on Lion Music. These are the first studio tracks of the new line up. Both songs are recorded at the PITstudio (Weert) and mastered by Peter Neuber at Vintagemastering Studio (Berlin).
Guess what?! Rack and Ruin is set "downloadable for free" at the Engine of Pain Myspace site, our official website and the Lion Music website! Check it out! Even the lyrics are downloadable so you can shout along at the top of your voices!
If you want to get hold of a cool official very limited printed version of the promo (a full colour CD in a full colour wallet) visit the Shop section of the Engine of Pain website for further instructions!
Engine of Pain is very proud to announce that Patrick and Bastiaan are now endorsed by ENGL amps! On the new endorsement the guitar duo commented, "The amazing boost and force of these ENGL 100% turbo tube monsters is incredible! They give a great attack with very well defined lows and clear highs. Try it out: you just can't get a bad tone out of these amps! Don't need any distortion effects or other crap ... the amp itself is the Generator of the Ultimate kick ass Metal Tone! So if you play metal, you urgently need to have an ENGL ... Bet you won't regret it!"
Check out the Kuiper-Waltmans Alliance at the ENGL website noted professional users:
WebLinks: /

A newly released independent song, Before the Tree Comes Down, is causing a strong reaction about America's war effort in those who hear it. Available Worldwide on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody and Amazon, the song boldly covers the separation felt by many families as Christmas approaches and their loved ones are away in the service of the United States Military. The proceeds are going to the Armed Forces Foundation in support of wounded troops and their families.
Written by Christa Wells, winner of the GMA Songwriter of the Year Award 2006, and recorded by well-known Chicago singer Lisa McClowry, the song has created strong reactions wherever it has been aired. "When I played the song to my husband, at the end there was just one reaction - complete silence," says Lisa. Her mother was the same.
"After a few tears and some red faces the conversation usually turns to the importance of family, appreciating the people you love and never taking life for granted." Lisa continues, "I've seen the song raise some powerful debates regarding the war efforts. Good or bad, the song has people talking." "I played it for my golfing buddies after a game, at their insistence." Says Executive Producer Jim Covert of Chicago, "I was surprised at the length of the silence and the moist eyes at the end". "This song deals with some big issues."
Lisa McClowry is a gifted performer, having provided the movie singing voice for "Princess" in "The Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, and also sung the theme song "Bridge to the Stars" for the Wild Thornberrys movie soundtrack. She also co-wrote "Through the Eyes of a Child" for the motion picture The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle." Lisa continues to perform in the Chicago area.
WebLinks: / /

I am very pleased to finally update a very popular section fo this website - the MiniBytes page.
Another victim of the MelodicRockFest workload, the MiniBytes MP3 preview page is my own way of featuring a bunch of different releases from various bands and various labels that don't get featured elsewhere on the site. Each album is represented with 5 x 1 minute MP3 previews from that given release and is a great way to discover some great bands all in one place. Come the second week of January when business for 2008 gets underway, this section will be constantly updated during the year.
Some interesting albums are previewed with today's update.

Speaking of catching has been a struggle to balance the everyday needs of this site and the titles that deserve coverage throughout this year. The MelodicRockFest show really did strip every second of my spare time for much of the second part of the year. Sadly a great many albums have missed being reviewed this year. I believe I have covered the most vital and important releases, but many others were missed, probably more than any other year.
I am working on a Reviews update to upload next week, which will cover as many of these missed titles and several more important recent releases that have yet to be reviewed. I want to get as many titles mentioned on the site as I can, so I can conclude 2007 coverage and begin work on the 2007 MelRock Awards (which, at this stage, are likely to be online later than ever unfortunately!).
Please be sure to read through all the reviews, no matter how many words are used to describe each release. All are worthy and interesting titles.
Stay tuned for that update.

Back to the MiniBytes - New previews are online now for: Endeverafter, Crazy Lixx, Stereo Fallout, Waysted, Bill Leverty, Rob Rock, Northern Kings, Shadowland, Teargas, Sacred Heart, The Millions, Liquid Horizon, Shylock, Donnie Vie, Bad Side, Sarasin, Mountain Of Power, Lord, Naughty Boys, Saga, Helloween, Random Damage, The Dirty Pearls and CC Rock.
Check these out now.




Monday, December 10, 2007

Press Release / Legendary Toto singer Bobby Kimball will perform a rocking duet with Kishti Tomita from the Swedish Idol TV show and Tommy Denander at a big TV gala at The Globe arena in Stockholm on December 30th. The song You're Not The Devil was produced by Tommy Denander and written by Tommy and Kishti, it will be released as a single first week of January and Bobby will record his vocals while in Sweden.
Kishti Tomita has been a jury member on the Idol show in Sweden for four years now and she is one of the finest vocal coaches in the world as well as an amazing singer herself, when Tommy recently wrote and produced a song for an American Idol Christmas album she provided backing vocals and ad libs to the song.
Daniel Flores plays drums on the recording and he together with Sayit (on bass for the show!!) will join them on stage. Tickets are still available to the concert and one lucky person will win 1 million Swedish kronor (about US$150,000) on the ticket, others performing on the show include Pet Shop Boys and Swedish country star Jill Johnson but they hope to see as many Toto fans as possible since will be a very unique event.
The song will also be included in the next CD compilation from - MRCD5, due in 2008.


After last week's confusing leak regarding possible recording and touring line-ups, guitarist Michael Schenker has updated his site with a clarification. It reads:
"Michael Schenker is currently setting up a Concert Tour under the name - Michael Schenker & Friends - playing almost all of UK's Rock Clubs (starting January 10th stretching as far as March) to shake up the ground for a major MSG UK and World Tour with a Brand New Album Release in April Titled: In the Midst of Beauty with:
Gary Barden - Vocals; Simon Philips - Drums; Neil Murray - Bass; Don Airey - Keyboards.
Michael Schenker says: "With a new Agent and new plans I want to announce my well being by playing all over the UK before teaming up with the Schenker/Barden MSG Formation for a major UK and World Tour in April."

This statement however still lends itself to a little confusion. Drummer Simon Phillips continues his long held role as Toto drummer and as Toto has a full schedule for 2008, you are unlikely to see Simon playing live with MSG, although I have confirmed he will record his drum parts for the studio album early in January.

News from Power Quest: "Another exciting year is nearly over and we would like to take the chance to wish each and every one of you all the very best for the festive season and we look forward to catching up with you all on the road in 2008! Meanwhile, the band will be gathering in London on December 11th for the Master of Illusion photo shoot with renowned photographer Steve Brown, famous for his work with Turisas, MCR, Lost Prophets and more.
Recording of the new album will be completed on December 22nd and we also have some guest appearances lined up for you as well. More on this in due course!
We'll also be launching a new version of the website in the first part of 2008 to tie in with the album release!"
WebLinks: /

Get Ready To Roll's latest Roll Of Honour interview is with the wild Irish electric gypsy himself, Bernie Tormé. Bernie talks about his collaboration with Robin Guy and John McCoy as GMT, including GMT's set at last month's Hard Rock Hell festival where fellow desperado Dee Snider joined in for a performance of Emaheevull. Bernie also gives his views on the 'Gillan reunion' rumour which is currently going the rounds.

Press Release / "Lion's Share is one of those rare acts who are able to mix classic-sounding heavy metal riffs with infectious melodies without sounding dated or coming across like a throwback to an earlier era. Emotional Coma sees the revamped lineup at the peak of its game, both in terns of songwriting ability and individual performances"—Borivoj Krgin,
It's been six years since Lion's Share released Entrance. On January 29, 2008, Locomotive Records will release the heralded band's fifth full-length album. Emotional Coma features Guitarist/Band Founder Lars Chriss, Vocalist Patrik Johansson (Astral Doors, Wuthering Heights) making his LS CD debut (he has been compared to Ronnie James Dio and Tony Martin), Bassist Sampo Axelsson (Glenn Hughes) and non-touring studio specialist drummer extraordinaire Richard Evensand (Chimaira, Soilwork, Therion).
With songs about suicide, arson, murder, futuristic drug lords, pimps, Armageddon and brainwashing, Emotional Coma's 11 tracks hit home hard. "The philosophy of the band is to write great songs from the heart that we are proud of no matter what trends are happening around us," explains Chriss. "The new album is more uptempo, energetic and to-the-point. Gone are the keyboards, big background vocals and the prog stuff."
Megadeth's Glen Drover guests on lead guitar for the title track, which Chriss calls "a new genre: Doom Ballad!" Bruce Kulick formerly of KISS guests on lead guitar for "The Edge Of The Razor," which will be the first video from the album. Mats Leven (Yngwie, At Vance, Therion) contributes backing vocals.
The album is out now in Europe via AFM Records.




Friday, December 07, 2007

Frontiers Records is truly excited to present the European release of the Work Of Art debut album Art Work on February 22.
Work Of Art is what AOR music is all about! Have you ever dreamt of soaring melodies, heavenly hooklines and a musical technique to die for? Then these Swedish boys have it all for you! This band was put together for the first time in 1992 when Herman Furin and Robert Sall met while attending the SÖL school of music. However it took them about 15 years to convince singer Lars Sarfsund to come in to the project full time and devote his time and efforts to the amazing songs the two of them wrote during the years.
They have recorded a demo (which can still be listened for some time on the band's Myspace page) and started sending it around to websites and labels. What happen is well explained in guitarist Robert Sall's words "For us as a band, these past months has been quite an experience. In February 07 we still considered WOA just a "side project" having only a 3 song demo and here we are now 9 months later, signed to our favourite record label with a completed debut album soon to be released! We're totally excited about this since this is not what we'd expected (or dared to dream about) when we first release our demo. Quite honestly, we didn't know what to expect at all!"
Recording of the debut album started in the summer of 2007 and in early fall the band delivered their masterpiece! Reactions are already overwhelming with such comments as "I'm really digging this record for an ultra smooth dose of traditional Westcoast / AOR" by Andrew J. McNeice of and "the best album of it's type I've heard in years" by Phil Ashcroft of Fireworks Magazine.
Some album samples have been already released on and on the band's MySpace site and they have brought a great deal of interest for the guys, which also brought to licensing deals for the album for a domestic release in Japan on King Records and in the USA on Locomotive Records.
Influences like Toto, Journey and Giant can be easily recognized. Ranging from more up-tempo Rockers like "Why do I?" to more radio friendly songs like "Camelia", with grandiose ballads as "One In A Lifetime" and even contemporary Rock songs like "Cover Me", Work of Art is set to reach not only the traditional Melodic Rock fan base but also to cross over to a wider and more radio based audience.
Final track listing will include the following songs: Why Do I?; Maria; Camelia; Her Only Lie; Too Late; Whenever U Sleep; Once In A Lifetime; Peace Of Mind; Lost Without Your Love; Like No Other; Cover Me; One Hour.
This band is already history of Melodic Rock: don't miss a journey to the AOR stratosphere!
WebLinks: / /


Blabbermouth yesterday ran the following news:
"Schenker is planning to release a new Michael Schenker Group (MSG) album in April, to be followed by a world tour. Entitled "In the Midst of Beauty", the CD will feature the following lineup:
Gary Barden - Vocals; Simon Philips (Toto, The Who) - Drums; Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath) - Bass; Don Airey (Deep Purple, Rainbow) - Keyboards.
A tour featuring Barden on vocals will kick off following the album release."

Looking for more information on this, a little clarification was obtained.
In relation to the Gary Barden reference, one source had this to say: "All is top secret at the moment and I cannot comment...but there is something in the pipe..."
Glenn Hughes was more precise about his involvement, sending me this comment: "The rumour about me joining Up with Michael is bizarre...I got an email from a fellow in Germany a couple days ago askin' if I was interested in makin' a record with Schenker. I never responded about the MSG project as I have been in the studio makin' my new album. At this time I am only interested in my style of music, something which is so very close 2 my heart and Soul."
Glenn added "Everyone on the planet knows, that if I'm not singin' lead vox, there is something definetly wrong with the scenario..."
I await comment from Simon Phillips…

MR-X has been updated. Online today is a new Feature DVD - a 9 track classic TV special - In Concert 91, featuring concert performances from Bulletboys, Slaughter & Poison.
Also online is a new Feature Album M.A.R.S. - Project Driver; a new Feature Live The Hooters - 2 July 2007 - Frankfurt, Germany and the following new Video Clips:
Motley Crue - Shout At The Devil (American Music Awards Live 1997), Nelson - Won't Walk Away (ultra rare early 80s TV performance!), Van Halen - Dance The Night Away, Madam X - High In High School, Ozzy Osbourne - Paranoid (with Brad Gillis) and Poison - I Want Action (Rare - Live on Joan Rivers Show 1987).
MR-X Membership Details.

A little while back, I had Belgium resident and site reader Nick Muller cover Jim Peterik's World Stage show in Belgium, which featured the special guest appearance of former Survivor vocalist Jimi Jamison. After the show Nick was able to speak with Jimi and here is what he had to say - JJ 2007 Interview.




Thursday, December 06, 2007

Official Press Release / After much speculation…the wait is finally over.
Journey--Neal Schon (guitar), Jonathan Cain (keyboards), Ross Valory (bass), Deen Castronovo (drums)--is proud to introduce fans all over the world to their new lead singer, Arnel Pineda ("pin-eh-da"). He replaces Jeff Scott Soto, who parted ways with the band earlier this year after stepping in for Steve Augeri, who had to leave the band in 2006 for medical reasons.
Arnel hails from Quezon City in the Philippines and has been singing Journey songs--in addition to original material--with his band, The Zoo, for the past couple of years in clubs all over his homeland. Joining the legendary band is a dream come true for him.
"It's so exciting to sing with one of the best bands in the world. It'll be a lot of hard work on my part and I'm actually looking forward to the scrutiny I'll get from the hardcore Journey fans. I know they'll expect me to sound exactly like 'the voice' (Steve Perry), but that will never happen. I know there's only one Steve Perry in this world."
When it was time for Journey to look for a new lead singer, the internet came to their rescue. Guitarist Neal Schon wanted someone new to the music business, so he turned to YouTube. After finding Arnel singing "Faithfully," he knew he had found the perfect frontman.
"I was frustrated about not having a singer," explains guitarist Neal Schon, "so I went on YouTube for a couple of days and just sat on it for hours. I was starting to think I was never going to find anybody. But then I found The Zoo and I watched a bunch of different video clips that they had posted. After watching the videos over and over again, I had to walk away from the computer and let what I heard sink in because it sounded too good to be true. I thought, 'he can't be that good.' But he is that good, he's the real deal and so tremendously talented. Arnel doesn't sound synthetic and he's not emulating anyone. I tried to get a hold of him through YouTube and I finally heard from him that night, but it took some convincing to get him to believe that it really was me and not an imposter."
Arnel Pineda picks up the story: "My friend Noel picked up the message on YouTube and told me it was from Neal. I thought it was a hoax so I ignored it. Noel said, 'what if it really was Neal and he wanted to offer you the chance of a lifetime?' So I e-mailed Neal back and the rest is history."
"Arnel brings a soulful and passionate voice to Journey," continues keyboardist Jonathan Cain. "His personality is very well-suited to our music. He's a sincere, authentic person with a great smile and a big heart. I think fans are really going to love him. With Arnel's soaring tenor, Journey returns to our heritage sound."
Schon agrees, "We feel reborn. I think there's a lot of chemistry between the five of us. At first we were going to go into the studio and just write 4 songs, but now it's escalated to a lot of great new and diverse material. The stuff sounds tremendous. Everyone's so stoked about it. We feel very fortunate to have found Arnel."
Journey is currently working on a new album with legendary producer Kevin Shirley, which they hope to release by spring/summer 2008. Details will be announced early next year.

Swedish distribution company Zink Music is now also a label concentrating on the classic Westcoast sound and classic soft Melodic Rock/AOR. The label will do both originals albums and re-releases. They started slowly with the release of the debut EP from Swedish act CC-Rock, a high class release with top notch production and skilful musicianship. The band is looking backwards to the big sounds of the eighties and it's very melodic and highly addictive. Says the label: "2008 will be the year when we really kick things off and we have signed a couple of artists that we really are proud of and two albums will be released around February/March."


Peter Friestedt will release his new album LA Project II; it is of-course the follow-up to the critically acclaimed album from five years ago. The new album features lead vocals from Joseph Williams, Bill Champlin, Randy Goodrum, Lou Pardini, Michael Ruff and Bill Cantos. Some of them also lend their help as featured musicians on the album, among the other musicians we also find Peter Friestedt (of-course) and friends like Abraham Laboriel, John 'JR' Robinson, Tris Imboden and Stefan Gunnarsson. The album is mixed by Ronny Lahti and mastered in HD-quality by Björn Engelman at Cutting Room in Stockholm. The material on the album is very strong and Peter has amongst others co-written with Bill Champlin and Randy Goodrum. What makes this record irresistible is the combination of outstanding musical performances, state of the art song-writing and high quality production!

Daniel Andersson is a new name on the Westcoast scene, but the music he represents is mature and true to the classic sound created in California in the late seventies and early eighties. Daniel has been playing music all his life, he started out by learning the guitar and singing has always been a natural thing for him. The interest for music has grown through out the years and the styles have varied, but some influences have always been there, stuff like Toto, Chicago and Airplay! In 2003 he got the opportunity to study in Los Angeles at MI, where he met and recorded with heroes Jason Scheff (Chicago) and Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets). Being in L.A. was a tremendous experience and he got the chance to meet with a lot of great players and producers, including the Airplay duo Jay Graydon and David Foster. Back in Sweden he decided to write and record his own songs in the same style as he grew up listening to - take part of his Days In L.A.
Zink Music is currently building a new website (, in the meantime, point your browser's at for some exclusive sound samples.


Love/Hate will hit the UK in a couple of weeks. 3/4 of the original Love/Hate are off to the shores of the UK for a 6 city tour:
Dec 17 Camden Underworld
Dec 18 Bristol KLA Social
Dec 19 J.B's Dudley
Dec 20 Nuneaton Queen's Hall
Dec 21 Leed's Rio's
Dec 22 Nottingham rescue Room
One special note - the December 17 Camden Underworld show will see Love/Hate plays their 1st record Blackout in the Red Room in its entirety.

80's rockers Black N Blue will re-unite once again for a one night re-union show in their hometown of Portland Oregon this Saturday December 8th 2007. The show is a benefit show for former Black N Blue road crew member Kenny Nordone who has cancer. The show will feature all 5 original members including Tommy Thayer of Kiss fame. Black N Blue recorded 4 albums for Geffen Records during the 1980's.
Black N Blue with Special Guest Sugarcookie
Saturday December 8th 2007 --- 8:30 PM, Berbati's Pan --- Portland, Oregon USA, Advance Tickets $18.00 / At The Door $20.00.

Quite a news update in from vocalist Michael Bormann. The details are as follows (excuse some of the formatting, I improved the text as much as possible, but didn't have time to re-write it entirely):
First up, Michael says this of his new solo album: "The recordings to the Conspiracy-successor are as good as done. The title of the new output will be Capture The Moment, and contains 13 Songs. A release is planned for March 2008."
This also:
Press Release / "Leslie Monet Management is proud to announce that our client Michael Bormann - conspiracy and rain - stronger CD releases have received sixteen nominations, on the official 50th Grammy Awards Entry List combined! There were over 17,000 music entries submitted for the 50th Grammy awards screening and voting process! We are so extremely proud of michael bormann and rain for this most outstanding and highest of achievements in the music industry! To appear on the 50th Grammy awards nomination entry list with so many other famous notables in the music industry is a huge honor indeed!
Note: the final five Grammy nominee's from each category of music will be announced on national tv December 6th 2007 between 11:30a.m.-noon u.s. eastern time on the CBS Television Network and also about 30 minutes after the major music news announcement the complete list of final nominee's will be available at Those final five nominee's will appear at the Grammy awards television show on February 10, 2008 live in Los Angeles!
A very warm applause and congrat's to singer, songwriter and producer michael bormann-solo and rain!
Best solo rock vocal performance:
Michael bormann- conspiracy 1. Amazing 2. Conspiracy 3. One man one soul 4. Reaching out 5. Stand up (special note: michael bormann holds (5) of the 64 remaining nominations for best solo rock vocal performance!)
Best rock song: 6. Amazing songwriter michael bormann-conspiracy 7. Conspiracy songwriter michael bormann-conspiracy 8. Get over it songwriter michael bormann (rain - stronger)
Best rock album: 9. Michael bormann - conspiracy
Song of the year: 10. I'd die for you songwriter michael bormann- (rain-stronger) 11. The other side songwriter michael bormann (rain-stronger) 12. Reaching out songwriter michael bormann-conspiracy, 13. Stand up songwriters michael bormann and niklas olsson on michael bormann-conspiracy
Album of the year: 14. Michael bormann - conspiracy 15. Rain- stronger
Best pop collaboration with vocals: 16. "michael bormann and anette blyckert" song: two of a kind (duet) from the michael bormann-conspiracy release!
On a personal note when Leslie Monet notified her superstar client Michael Bormann, about being nominated at least 16 times on the official 50th Grammy awards entry list by phone on November 29, 2007 in germany while michael was in his rmb studio recording and producing the successor to conspiracy. Bormann was speechless and extremely happy about these incredible nominations seen on the said 50th grammy awards entry list! The band rain that features michael bormann is very excited too! As the song would be "amazing" to be a final nominee on December 6th 2007! But, we are all thrilled enough to have 16 grammy award nominations which is a miracle in itself and that alone speaks so very highly of the incredible talents of michael bormann solo and his awesome band rain! Huge cheers to michael bormann and rain!!!
Leslie monet management's first target goal was to get michael bormann-solo and rain nominated for the 50th grammy awards! Mission accomplished!!! We will be shopping the fabulous music of michael bormann to the major record companies in the u.s. early 2008 once we get through the grammy process and holidays! Michael bormann holds a very " promising future," in the record business being launched out of the united states worldwide as a superstar cross over artist! In the meantime, michael bormann will continue recording and releasing his incredible music through  rmb records label.
Good luck Michael Bormann and Rain!!! You guys are my pride and joy! Rock on..."

Press Release / American Angel have landed the #1 position on Billboard's Heatseeker (Northeast) chart with the bands latest release Vanity.
Billboard notified Chavis Records and vocalist Rocco Fury last evening with the exciting news. Vocalist Rocco Fury had this to say when notified; "Where is Candid Camera, are you joking with me, is this a hoax? WOW! I am ecstatic and very very happy about this. I knew this was a solid project when we recorded it and I believe whole heartedly in the songs and album. And when we're all gone, Vanity will still stand on its own."
Vanity was released in May of this year and remains a strong and consistent seller and continues to gain positive momentum and attention for the band. American Angel are no strangers to hitting Billboard as they charted in 1990 with their debut release and again in 1993 with EP 92'.
American Angel will continue to tour in support of Vanity with a few remaining dates in 2007 and then hitting the touring season again in 2008. For more information visit:,

Press Release / We are proud to announce that Melodic Revolution Records Recording Artist - Echoes Landing guitarist Gregg Olson is currently holding the 4th spot in Slash's Ultimate Guitar Showdown for the solo on the song Closer to You from the current Echoes Landing CD Closer to you. (2006 Melodic Revolution Records).
You can check out the solo at: or
Greg Olson - Acoustic and Electric Guitars Bass, Percussion and Synth; Allison Von Buelow - Vocals Acoustic Guitars.
Special Guest include: Gregg Bissonette – Drums ( Steve Via, David Lee Roth, Don Henley, Santana & More); Bob Conti – Hand Percussion (has 12 platinum albums under his belt –worked with Bon Jovi, Donna Summer, Bob Welch and more); Wayne Boyer – Flugelhorn (Jose Feliciano, Steven Bishop, Frankie Valli, The Platters, and more); Mike Randall – Slide Guitar; Craig Sadler – Acoustic Guitar; Mic Mahan – Bass; Tom Evans – Wood Winds. Produced and engineered by Gregg Olson.
Echoes Landing was formed by Allison vonBulow and Gregg Olson in 2002 out of a strong commitment to provide a source of music for people that demand sonic and emotional depth in the music they listen to.
For more information: Echoes Landing: Melodic Revolution Records:




Wednesday, December 05, 2007

2007 has been a long year for curious Journey fans and followers, patiently waiting to hear what the next move from the band would be following the decision to part with vocalist Jeff Scott Soto. And the demand for information from readers has been constant, so without further delay - it is finally time for a Journey update.

The band has a new singer. An official announcement and press release will come in due course, but I can confirm today that the brand new vocalist for Journey is Arnel Pineda.
Arnel is the frontman for Philippines rock band Zoo, who earlier in 2007 released their debut album Zoology. Arnel is no stranger to performing, having been in various Asian bands since the 80s and has previously released a solo album back in 1999.
But it is Zoo that has captured people's attention - the band are extremely popular on the club circuit in the Philippines, and to a worldwide audience via a number of clips posted to YouTube. The band is known not only for their originals but for their performances of an array melodic rock covers. The band's most popular covers have been that of Journey's classics and it is these YouTube performances that caught the eye and ear of guitarist Neal Schon.
Check out Arnel Pineda in action, covering: Faithfully -; Open Arms -; Seperate Ways -

Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain and Journey management were so impressed they flew Arnel to San Francisco for an official audition.
Now the band are eyeing off future moves, with a big 2008 on the horizon. A major US tour with possibly 2 other bands in tow has been planned and what's even more interesting is news that the band has already been recording in San Francisco under the watchful eye of producer Kevin Shirley (responsible for the Trial By Fire and Arrival records with the band).
Kevin Shirley has recently commented on his Web Diary that he was working with some "old friends from the Bay Area". Then this comment a week or two later:
"Gosh, is it still 1980? Finished a wonderful, successful, stupidly creative stint in the Bay Area and then drove back home last night, feeling chuffed as only those rare, monster sessions leave you. Sometimes you just know when there's history in the making..."

I contacted Kevin for a comment, but it was another contact that touched base first. I have been given the ok to print those comments from Kevin here:

"Neal and Jon called me and asked me in November to check out a couple of new songs, for an upcoming and possible project with Journey.
I went to San Francisco to assess the new Journey and check out the material. I am so swamped, have a new baby and I did not want to be involved if it wasn't focused and great. I thought I'd be there for 2 days. First, I was stunned at Arnel, who is a monster vocalist. He is the real deal. Just phenomenal. Its true Neal found him on YouTube.
Next I heard the songs. I am always in awe of Jonathan Cain as songwriter/producer and together with Neal Schon, who adds the rock element, they are one of the great songwriting partnerships. Its true they don't always see eye to eye musically, but the combination is magic. We spent a while talking and seeing where they were at. I have been brutally honest with them, and was not interested in being any part of them being a nostalgia/tribute band, which could happen if their focus got lost. Some of the songs were lacking direction which I, as an outspoken and brutal outsider, immediately pointed out and set about repairing. So I cut a couple of tracks and with all the shit out of the way, you have to hear them ignore their egos and me, and just play as Journey. All together in the studio. What a privilege to see all 5 of them playing together. They are fantastic.
I am always cogniscent of the space Perry and Smith occupy in the sound and legacy, and won't let that be underplayed, and Deen and Arnel are brilliant musicians, and with a little focus the entire band has found their place again. This is stronger than Trial By Fire and sounds like Journey, but state-of-the-art. People always talk up upcoming material, but just wait. Its unbelievable. There's a full album of new material coming, but much more, too. Don't believe all you read - there is no one else but the band in the studio to hear the music (although we do have a Make-A-Wish kid coming in soon).
And that's the dirt from Las Vegas, where I am mixing seven new original songs. I head back to San Francisco after a quick visit to London, to see the Led Zep reunion, to finish off where we began. I can't wait, and you are going to love it!"

There has been talk of the band working on other recordings in the studio, but I'll leave that for another update. What I can tell you is that an album of all new studio material is being worked on and is due for release in the American summer of 2008.
Journey's first two shows of 2008 will be in South America - February 21th at Festival of Viña del Mar, at Quinta Vergara Arena and February 23 at Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo in Santiago.

The dust has not yet settled on MelodicRock's MRCD4 compilation, but I am still looking ahead into the new year and plans for MRCD5. I hadn't initially given any thought to another compilation. But things change and there could be a few very special things in the works to make Volume 5 the biggest and most ambitious release yet.
With that in mind...if there are any artists/labels that would like to be involved with MRCD5 - submissions are now being considered.
As in the past, this is a perfect opportunity to feature and advance preview of an upcoming project or feature a rare/unreleased song that thus far is without a home!
Interested parties - drop me an e-mail.

Metal Heaven is pleased to announce the signing of heralded US melodic metal masters, Driver, featuring powerhouse vocalist Rob Rock and acclaimed guitarist/producer, Roy Z (Halford, Bruce Dickinson). Based out of Los Angeles, CA, Driver was one of the top local acts at the height of melodic hard rock in the late 1980's and issued a widely circulated 5-song cassette EP in 1990 that garnered the band a dedicated worldwide following. The band was ultimately denied by major labels with the emergence of the grunge rock scene that dominated the musical landscape during the early 90's, yet Driver's cult status as one of the most underrated HR acts of their time held steadfast over the years.
With Metal Heaven stepping in and inking the band to a deal, Driver will finally get a chance to release the album they intended to deliver back when. The new CD will feature re-recorded versions of songs that were written by Roy Z and Rob Rock during the band's 2-year bi-coastal existence spanning the years 1989 and '90, including those on the original demo and some new songs as well. Original drummer Reynold "Butch" Carlson will perform and some other special guests including Mat Sinner on bass. Stay tuned for more details and keep your eyes open for a Spring 2008 release!


One of Sweden's finest Hard Rock bands, M.ill.ion, will release their first album for their new label - their sixth CD in total - in May 2008 on Metal Heaven. The yet untitled record will be recorded during the late Autumn and coming Winter in Sweden.
M.ill.ion founder B.J Laneby comments: "We are very excited to be joining Georg Siegl's label and look forward to record, promote and tour what we think will be a really, really strong album. Our latest one "Kingsize" received fantastic reviews and attracted lots of new fans and those who liked that one will not be disappointed. We aim to pack the new album with our special combination of hooks, power and rock ´n roll and present it to as many as possible. Can't wait to meet the fans again. See You in 2008!"
WebLinks: /
Check the label's Website at:


Billboard reports: "After a rumor that Led Zeppelin and Metallica would headline the 2008 Bonnaroo festival caused an Internet frenzy in the past 48 hours, the event's promoters have spoken out to quash the reports. "The rumors that are out there about the Bonnaroo 2008 headliners are inaccurate," Superfly Presents and A.C. Entertainment said in a statement released to "We're very excited about the lineup that we're putting together for this year's festival. We'll be announcing the confirmed lineup toward the end of January/beginning of February."
The source of the Zeppelin/Metallica rumor was an anonymous email included last week in industry commentator Bob Lefsetz's newsletter. Led Zeppelin will play its only planned show Dec. 10 in London as part of a tribute to late Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun."

News from Jetboy: "New CD Out Now - The Glam Years Movie And CD - There are six out of the total of 21 tracks (yeah that's right 21 total tracks!) on the DVD/CD that have been previously released, so you can touch Jet with those, right away. True to their Punk Glam roots, though, there's vinyl, too! The vinyl's got 8 tracks from the CD plus two heretofore unavailable LIVE cuts, that are not on the CD. You'll also discover 2 NEWLY recorded trax, including "Feel The Shake (2007 version)" and their stellar version of the classic "Folsom Prison Blues." You'll find "The Glam Years Movie And CD" at Best Buy, WalMart, iTunes, Amoeba and virtually every other retail record store with any taste at all, across the States as well as Europe and Japan."
See more at or

Two new CD Showcases online today - both out now from Escape Music - Lynn Allen & Sircle Of Silence. Check them out.




Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Frontiers Records is thrilled to announce the European release of Steve Lukather's brand new studio album entitled Ever Changing Times on February 22.
Best known as guitar player and singer for Toto and tireless session man, Steve Lukather released so far three vocal solo albums. Ever Changing Times is certainly another musical gem to be added to the list of top quality productions featuring his classic trademarks: exquisite playing, finely crafted productions and a very diverse range of music styles, encompassing heartfelt ballads, straight-ahead rockers and fusion extravaganza.
"It's been 10 years since my last "vocal" record", explains Lukather, introducing his new album "And I thought it was time to rock again and sing". While his songwriting and abilities naturally evolved with time, one can't deny that "good music is always good music", especially when the creative process was "done in the traditional way: guys playing in a room together and writing good songs".
The result of this new studio effort, which lasted several months in between Toto tours during 2007, are eleven songs which incorporate all aspects Steve Lukather is well known for. "The record rocks harder than Toto, but there is enough melodic stuff on there to please any Toto fan. There is also stuff that sounds youthful because my co-producer Steve Macmillan and my son were keeping me honest and up to date" says Luke, "It shows a lot of my influences and music I like. If it sounds good, then I keep it".
Steve of course could not make it all on his own. How could a musician that played on hundreds of records of other amazing artists could make it without some help? But this time there are some very special people and friends involved. "My writing partner / executive producer Randy Goodrum suggested that I should do this record. He got me excited to do something different and work with such great players and songwriters. I was also thrilled that my son Trevor co-wrote 2 of the tunes with us and my daughter sang on a tune and all my friends and amazing musos came out to support". The list of special guest also includes former Toto singer Joseph Williams and Chicago's Bill Champlin on background vocals, Leland Sklar on bass, Steve Weingart, Jeff Babko, Randy Goodrum on keyboards and synths plus a Steve Porcaro cameo on one track, Abe Laboriel Jr. on drums and other friends and guest stars who all lent their talent to ensure a truly exciting and fresh result.
"I think if you blindfolded rock critics and played them Tell Me What You Want From Me, they would be VERY surprised to find out who the artist is", says Luke presenting the songs on the new album, adding "I also really like the way Stab in the Back turned out. I am a Steely Dan fan and I know Donald Fagen and Walter Becker and this was a tribute to them".
Ever Changing Times offered Steve Lukather a unique chance to showcase his invigorating musical freedom and is set to give the listener a complete reward for his attention and dedication.
The complete track listing is as follows: Ever Changing Times, The Letting Go, New World, Tell Me What You Want From Me, I Am, Jammin With Jesus, Stab in the Back, Never Ending Nights, Icebound, How Many Zeros, The Truth.
Steve Lukather will also tour Europe and the rest of the World with his band in the summer 2008. Lookout for dates in a city near you on
WebLinks: / /


German Rockers Jaded Heart have posted their new video for the song Hero taken from their recent release on Frontiers Records Sinister Mind. Watch it following this link and enjoy!

Frontiers Records is proud to present the new issue of Melodic Rock Fanzine. The 23rd release of our successful magazine is available for free all over the world through record shops, mail-order and every fine dealer carrying the Frontiers Records releases.
This new issue includes reviews and interviews of: Winger, Gary Hughes, Seven Tears, Indigo Dying, The Steve Grimmett Band, Airtime, Vengeance, Action, The Codex, Lana Lane and more...Downloadable version of the magazine is available on the Frontiers Records official site or just click here!


Fireworks Issue 30 is out now and available right here for Digital Download.
hard copies are £4.50 (postage £1 UK, £2.50 Europe, £3.50 rest of world) or £3.50 for the PDF version (complete withMP3s of the CD contents)
The new Issue 30 Showcases and PDF Download is available to check out at the MR Fireworks Page.

Also available from AOR Heaven (Germany) and Destiny Records and ST Records (UK).
Interviews this issue: Nightwish, Tarja, Ted Nugent, Status Quo, Scorpions, Foreigner, Jaded Heart, John Parr, Glenn Hughes, Spike, Hanoi Rocks, David Readman, Amaran's Plight, Human Zoo, Mass, Iced Earth, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Heartland, Dogpound, Lec Zorn, Terry Illous, JK Northrup, Black Stone Cherry, Cage and more! 88 fact filled pages!!
Also two CDs full of excellent music, featuring the following 36 tracks!
Disc 1: 1. Jaded Heart – Hero, 2. Poodles – Seven Seas, 3. Heartland – For Pity's Sake, 4. Road to Ruin – The Only One, 5. Dogpound – Glass Jar, 6. Burn – 'Down In Flames', 7. Nightwish – Wishmaster, 8. Human Zoo – Communicate, 9. Amaranth's Plight – Turning Point, 10. House of Shakira – No Faith, 11. Gary John Barden – Voices in the Rain, 12. Soul Doctor – Temptation, 13. Rob Rock – Only a Matter of Time, 14. Mass – Empty Soul, 15. Vendetta – I Executioner, 16. Steve Grimmett - Enemy, 17. Elvenking – The Divided Heart, 18. Sircle of Silence – Words Get Lost.
Disc 2: 1. Relay – Danger Zone, 2. JK Northrup – Wired In My Skin, 3. Sacred Heart – Lost, 4. Terry Ilous – The Road, 5. Rock Ignition – I Can't Resist, 6. Hard Spirit – Knock Your Door, 7. Nightmare World – 'The New Crusade', 8. Million Dollar Reload – Get It Up, 9. Bruno Rock – Julia, 10. Matt Hannon – Where I Wanna Be, 11. M.O.B – 'Scapegoats', 12. The Lec Zorn Projet – Fighting Chance, 13. Mermaid Kiss – Dark Cover, 14. Early Warning System – Bend, 15. Love Strange – Gimme More, 16. Linehouse – First Love, 17. Saskia – Small Town, 18. Aviator Shades - Doing Alright.


Nashville, Tennessee – December 3, 2007 Celebrity Rock Super Group Scrap Metal announced today a special guest star to perform during their upcoming 'Metal Christmas' holiday concert event at the Wildhorse Nashville December 15, 2007. Special guest star performer announced for The Scrap Metal Jingle Bell Rock Party will be Jimi Jamison former lead singer of Survivor, whose powerful vocal Top 10 hits include "Eye of the Tiger", "I Can't Hold Back", and "High on You". As a solo artist, Jameson is best known for belting out the popular "Baywatch" TV theme song, "I'm Always Here".
"We're excited to announce Jimi Jamison as our special guest," enthuses Scrap Metal co-founder Gunnar Nelson, "He brings incredible vocals and some amazing hits. Plus, being from Memphis, he knows how to get a party rockin'!"
"Our 'Rock and Roll Rat Pack' knows how to throw a party," raves band co-founder Mark Slaughter. "And with legendary talent Jimi Jamison it promises to be an incredible event!"
The Scrap Metal Jingle Bell Rock Party will feature a special live performance by Gunnar and Matthew Nelson of their new, edgy rock Christmas hit, "Jingle Bell Rock". The song is currently available on the newly released "Monster Ballads Xmas" CD from Razor and Tie records.
Come 'Party Like a Rock Star' at The Scrap Metal Jingle Bell Rock Party, live concert featuring Scrap Metal on Saturday, December 15, 2007 at 10:00 pm at The Wildhorse Saloon 120 Second Avenue in Nashville, Tennessee 37201. Doors open at 9pm. Tickets are still available at Ticketmaster locations or or or by phone (615) 902-8211.
Visit the SCRAP METAL official website at

The current line-up of the Axel Rudi Pell Band was able to look back at nine extremely successful years in autumn 2007. May 1998 saw the exceptional American vocalist, Johnny Gioeli, join the group surrounding the guitarist from Wattenscheid, Germany, and world-class drummer Mike Terrana followed in September of that year. Pell, Gioeli, Terrana and the longstanding band members, Volker Krawczak (bass) and Ferdy Doernberg (keyboards), are one of the best and most homogeneous German melodic metal acts and have come up with new albums on a regular basis, followed by extensive tours. The band's performance at the 2007 Rock Hard Festival at the Gelsenkirchen Amphitheater is considered one of the band's most outstanding shows and will be released on double DVD under the title Live Over Europe on 25 February 2008 (Germany: 22 February 2008).
The 75-minute concert presents the Axel Rudi Pell Band in a generous mood, performing haunting versions of their most important tracks, among them Strong As A Rock, Tear Down The Walls, Mystica, Rock The Nation and Fool Fool. The release will include an additional bonus DVD featuring select footage from the years 2004 to 2006 from Pell's private vaults, including the 2005 Wacken Open Air, the same year's Bang Your Head, the 2004 Sweden Rock Festival and shows in the UK, Belgium, Switzerland, and his local club, the Zeche in Bochum.
With a total playing time of over three and a half hours, Live Over Europe is a comprehensive document highlighting the impressive live qualities of a band who have quite a few things up their sleeve for next year. Pell: "There will be a new studio album in 2008, plus a number of festival shows, and a headliner tour in autumn." That's all he's prepared to give away at this point, so we'll just have to wait and see.
WebLinks: / /


Longtime rockers, Little Caesar, have signed a worldwide management agreement with Jeff Keller Management LLC (management home for Ratt's Stephen Pearcy and White Lion).
Nobody quite knew what to think of Little Caesar - longhaired, tattooed bikers singing such soulful, yet ballsy, rock music - when they arrived on the scene in Los Angeles in 1987. Little Caesar's eponymous 1990 Geffen Records debut was produced by the infamous Bob Rock (producer of Metallica's self titled 1991 multi-platinum release, Motley Crue's "Dr. Feelgood", and The Cult's "Sonic Temple" among others). The album was a no-nonsense collection of hard rock in the vein of '70s giants like Bad Company and Humble Pie, and was also brimming with classic R&B influences, garnering widespread acceptance and positive reviews from the rock media.
It also featured two soul covers, including a ballsy rendition of the classic Aretha Franklin track, "Chain of Fools," which hit the Billboard Top 100 chart and received strong airplay nationwide on both rock radio and MTV.
The group toured extensively opening for such legendary acts as Jane's Addiction, KISS, Social Distortion, Iggy Pop, Billy Idol, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. They also headlined their own club tours, and appeared on TV's popular "Arsenio Hall Show", "The Rick Dee's Show", and MTV's "Sex in the 90's". Vocalist Ron Young was also featured in the movie "Terminator 2" as a tough talking biker that gets into a fight with the film's star, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
1992 would bring the bands' second full-length album, "Influence", which was produced by the well respected Howard Benson (who has recently produced releases for platinum artists like Daughtry, Papa Roach, and P.O.D. among others). The band completed its first tour of Europe after the release of the album and drew rave reviews and sold out crowds across multiple countries including a sold out headlining performance at the famous Marquee club in London.
In 2002, original members Ron Young (vocals), Loren Molinare (guitar), Tom Morris (drums), and Fidel Paniagua (bass) reunited alongside new guitarist, Chris Latham. Since the reformation, the band has played high profile shows at venues such as the House of Blues, the Key Club in LA, and the Knitting Factory among others.
In 2008, Little Caesar is prepared to move forward with a vengeance on a worldwide level with plans to launch a new website, release new music and a historical DVD, as well as touring in the US, Europe, and Japan. States Jeff Keller, "I am excited to be representing one of my all time favorite rock 'n' roll bands. It's great to see that four original members are still together and sounding as great as ever". Further announcements are expected in the New Year.

The December Velvet Revolver tour of Australia has been postponed until February. And the reason why -

"TMZ has learned that rocker Scott Weiland has been arrested, again, for DUI. Shocker, we know.
The Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver singer was driving on an L.A. highway around 6:15 PM on November 21 when he crashed his car. While the California Highway Patrol was investigating the non-injury wreck, they noticed Weiland appeared to be impaired. (Um ... ya think?) According to the police report, Weiland failed sobriety tests and refused to take a blood or urine test. He was booked for "driving under the influence of a drug."
He was released on $40,000 bail and will be back in court on December 13." WebLink:

Time to announce another 10 bands confirmed for Sweden Rock Festival 2008. Def Leppard is back again after the success in 2006 and so is one of the most classic bands in the history of hard rock, Whitesnake. We continue with some heavy riffs from Testament and this years guitar hero, Joe Satriani. Fast Eddie Clark will be back with his Fastway and Five Fifteen will deliver some classic rock in the vein of The Who and Led Zeppelin. They where voted newcombers of the year by the Swedish audience and now they are here; Sonic Syndicate. Peter Stormare has taken H.E.A.T. under his wings and they will release their début album in the spring of 2008. See them at Sweden Rock as well as one of the most upcoming bands from Ireland, Thin Lizzy-oozing Glyder. We end this announcement with the crazy and vodka drinking Eläkeläiset.

Vicious Rumors Guitarist Geoff Thorpe will appear on The Classic Metal Show on Saturday, December 8 at approximately 9:45pm EST. Thorpe will be calling in to discuss the recent altercation with now ex-Vicious Rumors vocalist James Rivera, as well as providing a current update on the status of Vicious Rumors following the departure of band members following the last tour.
To listen to the show live, fans can go to on Saturday, December 8.

Led Zeppelin tour rumors continue - this time mentioned in relation to the USA Bonnaroo Festival -

Queen's first new recording with vocalist Paul Rodgers can be downloaded off the Official Queen website now. Say It's Not True is a solid ballad that builds to a more engaging climax. WebLink:

Tesla's Tommy Skoech has released his first ever solo record Freak Bucket. You can hear song samples and order the CD on his myspace page right now:


2527 West Publishing announces that guitarist/singer Brandon Keirns has released his 1st CD, Identity Volume: I on iTunes. The 16-song set, clocking in at just over an hour of original music, is a sonic testament to Brandon's love of melodic hard rock from the late 80's & early 90's.
"I learned how to play guitar in 1987; George Lynch, Eddie Van Halen, Phil Collen & Reb Beach were on the covers of the 1st guitar magazines I'd ever bought, and I was in awe of their style & sound. Rock music was very different then from what it's become today, but the riff heavy songwriting, glossy multi-tracked backing vocals, and larger than life production from that era have stayed with me ever since, becoming an undeniable part of my sound."
From the disc's opening salvo, "Am I Alone?", which announces its arrival with deep single note riffs, synths and vocal harmonies riding on top of the groove, to the thumping stomp & crunch of the finale "My Terminal Disease", a new yet familiar sound can be heard. It takes the form of talk-box intros, big drums, bigger guitars, sing-along gang vocal choruses and a sound not typically found on today's rock stations.
Fans of Def Leppard, Hardline, Lynch Mob & Van Halen will find elements of their favorite bands throughout "Identity Volume: I", and that suits Brandon just fine. "I grew up on these bands and have a real love of their music, so I take it as a great compliment when someone hears their influence on my songwriting."
Links: iTunes Store – search for Brandon Keirns / /

The KISSology DVD Series has proven itself a smash hit success with Volume One reaching 5 Times Platinum and now Volume Two reaching an unprecedented 6 times platinum sales success! Kiss Fans can complete the ultimate KISS set this December when VH1 Classic Records releases KISSology: Volume Three 1992-2000 the third and final installment of the KISSology collection on DVD Tuesday, December 18, 2007.
The set jumps right into 1992 with a complete performance recorded at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit and goes straight through June 2000 with "The Last KISS" concert recorded at The Continental Arena in New Jersey. The grand finale brings the KISSology trilogy full circle, leaving audiences with the entire Coventry Concert. The milestone concert marks the first show of KISS in make-up captured on camera. The concert was sneaked on Volume One as an "Easter Egg" but can be seen in full-length for the first time ever on DVD.
"We knew that there would be strong demand for the KISSology series, but we are very pleased with its multi-platinum levels of success," said Paul DeGooyer, Senior Vice President, DVD/Audio/Electronic Games, MTV Music Networks and Logo. "We've truly enjoyed working with KISS to deliver this comprehensive anthology to their legions of fans. It's always exciting when creative and commercial success coincide."
A must-own for any KISS fan, the nearly ten hours of live KISS includes a total of six complete concerts, the MTV "Unplugged" show and an exclusive MTV "Unplugged" Behind-the-scenes documentary in the super expanded four disc set.
Video Streams:
Nothin' To Lose:
Detroit Rock City:




Monday, December 03, 2007

Press Release / Guitarist Steve Brown (Trixter/40 Ft. Ringo/Stereo Fallout) recently announced on Red & Jerry's Rockin' Metal Revival that 90s hair metal champions Trixter will reunite in the spring/summer of 2008 to tour. During an interview with show intern "JimBob", Brown recapped his post Trixter projects before admitting that plans were in place for Trixter to reform and tour in the new year.
Red & Jerry's Rockin Metal Revival – Trixter is like the greatest God Damn Band I ever heard. Tell me what you guys are up to these days. Tell me what you are up to, man.
Steve Brown – Well, for about the last 10 years, me and my partner PJ Farley – my partner in crime for over the last 20 years and my Trixter bass player; we've been doing a couple of projects. We had a band a couple of years ago, 40 Ft. Ringo. It was a funny thing that was destined to take over the world, but it didn't happen. We had a great time anyway. Right now I have a brand new record out called Stereo Fallout. That's my brand new thing. Stereo FalloutThe Other Side. It can be picked up anywhere around the world at or on Itunes. It's great stuff. But most importantly, and I think you're going to be most happy about, in 2008, probably in the spring or summertime, you are going to see the one, the only, the mighty Trixter 2008 Given It To You Good tour coming to a neighborhood near you.
To hear the clip, go to
For more information and airing times for Red & Jerry's Rockin' Metal Revival, go to

Vocalist Tony Harnell has posted this blog on his MySpace page:
"Merry Christmas beautiful people, I decided to share a few of my new demos with you. Not all the songs will end up on my solo album. I am experimenting with different ideas and thought I would open that up to all of you. The internet has changed everything and it just seems old fashioned and silly to hold music back till the final album when you could be enjoying new songs now. These are DEMOS so they are not perfect or finished which I think is the charm of the whole thing. And you can't download but you can come and listen anytime :) With love, Tony."
Click here to listen to the new demos:


A couple of e-mails alerted me to an issue with an upcoming Z Records title - Scream In Eden. Z will release the Scream In Eden CD in Europe in January. However, the band featuring vocalist Joe Dokken and guitarist Rex Carroll is already available elsewhere under a different name.
In fact, iTunes users can purchase the record (originally made in the mid-90s) right now under the name Eden Fan The Flame.

Press Release / Tis the season to be jolly and at Classic Rock Revisited that means bringing something cool and unique to our readers. This year we asked several of our musician friends to recite the classic Christmas poem Twas the Night Before Christmas. They did an amazing job!
First up is Black Sabbath's Bill Ward. He did a great job! Every few days during the holiday season we will add to the list. We have members of the Heart, Boston, Uriah Heep, Krokus, The Tubes, Tower of Power and more all coming your way. So be sure to keep checking back at to see what has been added!
Merry Christmas to all and keep on rocking!

Vertigo's long-awaited CD Take Me Back drops Monday December 3. Renegade Sounds is proud to release this 80's melodic rock album from Canada, on the label that brought you Renegade and Matrex. Brilliantly produced on analog, "Takes Me Back" is full of great songs and is the 'real thing' for lovers of 80's AOR rock.
Go to your favourite online store or visit for samples or to place orders.

Press Release / Big Cock, the self-proclaimed "Hardest Band in the Land!" follows up 2005's debut CD Year of the Cock and 2006's sophomore Big C**k with a sonic, hard rock blast to the face - MotherLoad.
MotherLoad makes it clear that Big Cock considers themselves the heir-apparent to the rock & roll throne, reverently treading in the footsteps of classic rock bands such as AC/DC, Montrose, Van Halen and Guns N' Roses - and they aim to save rock & roll one arena at a time.
A tall order and an arrogant proclamation, but Big Cock clearly fills an aural void left vacant of late. MotherLoad, the band's third full-length CD is a satisfying dose of hard rock served up loud, hot and sticky by the same line-up that's been unapologetically delivering what BC has come to be known for – powerful, melodic music laced with fun, swagger, great playing, and expert showmanship. MotherLoad is blatant truth in advertising and everything you might expect from a band of rock stars called Big Cock.
Pulling no punches, vocalist and lead loud-mouth Robert Mason, BMF (formerly the front man for Elektra records' Lynch Mob and Sony's Cry of Love) breaks the ice with "Get a load of Me", a raucous city-to-city romp through groupie-filled back-stages and endless throngs of adoring fans. Track two is a thundering, drum-heavy Zeppelin-esque homage aptly-titled "Stamina" and drummer John Covington has it – pummeling the song with the braggadocio of his 48" (gong), ear-splitting cymbal crashes, and giant, vintage Leedy drum kit. There's no subtlety to his earned-nickname "The Pulverizer".
The bombastic "Breaking My Balls" continues with an infectious, dirty groove that is guaranteed to keep heads banging and clenched fists pumping– spewing raw energy you can taste and smell. By the time "Bump and Grind" climaxes, you're covered in enough nicotine, cheap perfume and the sour sweat of your favorite exotic dancer that you're feeling guilty and begging for a shower.
"Road to Ruin" puts you on the Big Cock tour bus where guitar hero Dave Henzerling injects blood and emotion (among other things) into the track with a signature, riff-laden style honed during his 80's days with bands such as L.A.'s Keel, Lizzy Borden and Capitol Records' King Kobra. "Slave" follows as a window into the darkness of the band's not-so-private sex-dungeon where cock-sure Mason is happy to show a willing accomplice "the ropes".
On the sensitive side, Big Cock delivers a classic power ballad on MotherLoad's "Don't Ask Me to be Faithful", taunting love-struck rockers everywhere to wave their cell-phones and lighters while Mason not-so-innocently discloses his philandering ways with a crooning vocal and piano delivery that could bring a tear to Elton John's eye. If radio still had balls this tune would sweep the air waves as the soundtrack for a million teenage heartbreaks.
Colby's thundering bass lays it down long and low on the sing-along anthem "Live to Rock" and you can literally feel the testosterone flow like a raging river on "M.I.L.F.", a loving tribute to every hot mom you've ever lusted after. The laid back swing of "Feverish" sets up the CD's coup de grâce, "Built for Speed", a slamming rocker tooled for every NASCAR junkie who's ever dreamed of barreling down the Daytona Speedway at 200 mph with two lingerie models making out in the back seat.
Big Cock carries the rock-&-roll-all-night/lock-up-your-daughters banner with pride and MotherLoad may very well be the next classic hard rock record you'll hear. BC delivers exactly what you'd expect from four guys that claim to be "The Hardest Band in the Land!" – songs about women, fast cars, hard-partying, and the trail of a thousand soiled hotel-room sheets... they're the saviors of arena rock and they're coming to a stadium near you.

New Reviews online today for: Action, Lana Lane, Indigo Dying, Seven Tears, Goodbye Thrill, Empire, Soul Doctor, Shade, Bruce Springsteen, Duran Duran and Terry Ilous.
Check out the new Reviews.




Friday, November 30, 2007

Press Release / Since their original signing, Derringer, has been considered one of the best guitar duos of all time . With the release of their first album, Derringer, the band found themselves the opening act for Aerosmith's "Toys In The Attic", and "Rocks" tours . Derringers' next album release, "Sweet Evil", found them the support act for Boston's "More Than A Feeling Tour". From there they went on to support Led Zeppelin for 2 nights at Bill Graham's "Day On The Green" in Oakland, CA.
After the break up of Derringer, the band members, Rick Derringer, Kenny Aaronson, Vinny Appice, and Danny Johnson, all went on to put their mark on the history of rock and roll by working with some of the most well known icons in the music industry.
Rick Derringer - Alice Cooper, KISS, Cyndi Lauper, Meat Loaf, The McCoys, Todd Rundgrun, Michael Stanley, Steely Dan, Edgar, and Johnny, Winter.
Kenny Aaronson - Bob Dylan, Dave Edmunds, Hall and Oats, Sammy Hagar, Neil Schon, Billy Idol, Joan Jett, Brian Setzer, Mick Taylor, Leslie West.
Vinny Appice - Axis, Black Sabbath, DIO, Heaven and Hell, Hollywood All Stars, George Lynch, WWIII.
Danny Johnson - Alcatrazz, Alice Cooper, Axis, Graham Bonnet, Rod Stewart, and Steppenwolf
Now Derringer, who influenced so many young guitar players, and musicians in general, has reunited once again. Do not miss this opportunity to see history in the making.
The Paramour Group along with Derringer is pleased to announce that Derringer has reunited to perform at Sweden Rock 08, and will be doing selective dates for all of 08.
Visit Derringer's Website:


Press Release / We have now posted a taster from the forthcoming Overdrive album Let The Metal Do The Talking, which will be released by Lion Music in January and Soundholic (Japan) in March. The songs is Army Of Darkness, the album opener which was penned by Kenth Ericsson.
The album was mixed and co-produced by Johan Blomström (Blinded Colony, Calm, Kaptain Sun etc) He's captured the immortal 80s essence of the band, but still provided freshness and power to the production.
The final track list: 1. Army Of Darkness (Ericsson), 2. Fight To The Finish (Stark), 3. Chasing Highways (Stark(Karlsson), 4. Lodestar (Jacobsson/Stark), 5. Den of Iniquity (Stark), 6. Trapped Under Ice (Jacobsson/Stark), 7. Deceived (Ericsson), 8. Bring Me To Submission (Stark), 9. Reincarnation (Stark) (Feat Chris Catena), 10. Gravy Train (Jacobsson/Stark), 11. Let The Metal Do The Talking (Jacobsson/Stark), 12. Sinister Warfare (Stark).
The European version will also include a bonus - the video for "Back On The Hunt" (2006 version), while the Japanese will include the five tracks, off the limited edition MCD "Resurrected" released in June 2006. The cover is made by Monowasp (TNT, Dante Fox etc) and also follows in the fine old Overdrive tradition.
Line-up: Per "PerilOz" Karlsson: Vocals, Janne Stark: Guitar, Kjell Jacobsson: Guitar, Kenth Ericsson: Bass, Kenta Svensson: Drums.
WebLinks: /

Next in line for the Japanese "papersleeves" re-issues with K2 24bit digital mastering is Starship! Knee Deep In The Hoopla, No Protection, Love Among The Cannibals and a Best Of are all part of a JVC twenty-album Jefferson Airplane, Starship & Jefferson Starship cardboard sleeve reissue series featuring the albums "Jefferson Airplane Takes Off," "Surrealistic Pillow," "After Bathing At Baxter's," "Crown Of Creation," "Volunteers," "Bless Its Pointed Little Head," "Bark," "Long John Silver," "Thirty Seconds Over Winterland," "Dragon Fly," "Red Octopus," "Spitfire," "Earth," "Freedom At Point Zero," "Modern Times," "Winds Of Change," "Nuclear Furniture," "Knee Deep In The Hoopla," "No Protection," and "Love Among The Cannibals."
While we are talkign Starship...I'm still trying to get to the bottom of what is happening with the band and new material...

We have a winner! This just in: "Jody Cooney from Green Bay, Wisconsin has won the $500.00 shopping spree and was the 20,000 customer whom placed the order thru our large online database at
Thank you to everyone who tried to win this great prize. Happy holidays to you all, be safe, rock hard! Zane Petersen (CEO / Metal Import Buyer)"

I just wanted to plug a couple of special features currently running over at the always cool Rock United website. 3 new detailed Live Reports can be found for the likes of -
Crashdiet -
Stryper -
Hard Rock Hell -
Go check them out!

Edenbridge's The Chronicles of Eden, a two-CD best of and rarities set, has been released in North American through Locomotive Music.
"I think a double CD for the price of one is a real value for money," said guitarist/keyboardist/composer Lanvall. "For our longtime fans, we have a lot of songs they might not know and for new people we have the best of, which is a good overview of what we have done the past years."
The Austrian act, whose music has been described as "angelic bombast," let its fans choose their favorite tracks to be included on the best of compilation through it website. The rarities disc was culled from unreleased recordings, freshly-written songs, and bonus tracks from international releases.
"Thin Red Line" and "Silent Wake" were originally written during the "Arcana" time period but did not fit on the album. "For Your Eyes Only" is a cover of the James Bond theme that previously appeared on a single. The single version of "Shine," the European bonus from "Shine," "On Sacred Ground," and the Japanese bonus track, "Anthem," are included, as well as several other European and Japanese bonus tracks. "Images in the Sand" is a brand piano/orchestra piece.
"I think it's a great product," said Lanvall. "It's got a nice booklet that captures the band's career from the beginning with a lot of liner notes, old unreleased photos, and so on."
Both CDs were remastered by Andy Horn (Halford, Rob Rock, Cage, Wolf). The cover art was provided by Katja Piolka (Leaves Eyes, Rebellion, Primal Fear).
Edenbridge is in the midst of production for its sixth studio album, to be titled My Earth Dream.
Locomotive Records was founded in 1996 by music producer Goyo Esteban. Since its formation 11 years ago, the company has become one of the biggest Independent labels in Europe, South America, and the United States. With well-known artists from many genres, its main focus remains rock and metal music, and as a US licensor for bigger Indie labels. As a small record label in Spain, the company started with a lone office in Madrid but soon opened up another office in Cologne, Germany, in 2002. That office is now responsible for the international business and artistic vision for the whole company. In January 2008 Locomotive Records will open a US office in New York to increase its profile in the US market and offer a local and country-specific partner to expand its business even further.
Locomotive Records is driven by a passion for music and is always anxious to pave the way for new artists and bands who also share their love for good music and have an ability to delight the audience.
WebLinks: / /

CAGE FEATURED IN NEW THE RIGHT TO ROCK PODCAST: has issued their latest Podcast (episode #37), featuring Vocalist Sean Peck and Guitarist Dave Garcia from Cage. Sean and Dave took time from their busy schedule to discuss their latest CD Hell Destroyer as well their upcoming tour. Sean and Dave tackle a variety of topics and give you the true skinny on the band and much, much, more. Interview last approx. 40 min.
When did metal make its way into the media? Join Genghis and Ragman while they journey back to see when metal was first accepted by Hollywood. From Heavy Metal to Metalocalypse the boys cover it all, or as much as they can think of whilst drinking some Quak. Next stay tuned for a two for interview with Cage. That's right the boys, start off the festivities with Cage guitarist Dave Garcia and then finish things up with Cage vocalist Sean Peck . Dave and Sean discuss their latest metal masterpiece Hell Destroyer as well as their upcoming tour.

MR-X has been updated - this week no surprise, we are paying tribute to the late, great Kevin DuBrow, with Quiet Riot - Live Cleveland USA 8-10-83 (60 minutes) and Quiet Riot Live US Festival USA 1983 (6 tracks)
Also online are the following Video Clips: Bon Jovi - Bounce and Undivided, Gun - Steal Your Fire, Mark Woods - Monkeybats, MSG - When I'm Gone and Mr. Big - To Be With You (Live On Letterman, 92).
MR-X Membership Details.




Thursday, November 29, 2007

Its been a sad week, so what better time than now for some good news in the form of a cool new sneak preview of a forthcoming release. I'm looking towards 2008 being a much better year than 2007 for traditional AOR/Melodic Rock. And two of the very best releases of this genre that I have heard in recent times are both due out at the same time - February 22, 2008.
You have already heard the fabulous Westcoast AOR of Work Of Art, now it is time for Khymera!
Yes, the very same act that originally featured vocalist Steve Walsh before he departed in a cloud of smoke. The project's second release featured a surprise vocalist in star producer Dennis Ward. It was a step in a more AOR direction and was a good fresh start - but the guys have turned it up a notch this time.
The third Khymera album The Greatest Wonder sees the guys really gel together and deliver a truly memorable collection of moody, pure, European AOR songs. In my opinion, every aspect of this new album blows the other 2 releases away.

Track listing for The Greatest Wonder will be: Ablaze (intro); Beautiful Life; Borderline; Burn Out; Since You Went Away; Love Had Come And Gone; No Sacrifice; The Greatest Wonder; Fight For Yesterday; If I Can't Be; Love Will Find You; Stay Forever; The Other Side.
Writing credits for the new album include British twin brothers Tom and James Martin (House of Lords, Ted Poley).
Preview time!!!
Download: Khymera - Beautiful Life, Borderline and Stay Forever.


And I can't help myself...I have to give you another couple of insights into the brilliant Work Of Art album. Check out: Too Late and Whenever U Sleep.

While Van Halen ramp things up for a busy 2008, fans will be interested to learn that the band are still reluctant to do any interviews and just turned down Rolling Stone magazine for a full feature cover story!

Free One Hour Radio Tribute Available For Broadcast / The rock and roll community lost one of its most colorful personalities with the sudden passing of Quiet Riot vocalist and 80s icon Kevin DuBrow. Envision Radio Networks' The Tour Bus, a nationally syndicated radio show featuring party rock bands from the 80's, 90's and today, will remember Kevin with a special one hour tribute show that will be available to stations for broadcast this weekend.
Hosts Ralph Sutton and Stacey X take a look back at the life and career of Kevin DuBrow. The Tour Bus "Kevin DuBrow Tribute" features a full hour of special guests, rare in-studio performances, tour stories, and music from a truly great frontman and his friends. Quiet Riot was the first hard rock band to have a number one album and went on to sell millions of records, touring the globe with a career spanning four decades. Quiet Riot also helped to launch the careers of musicians like legendary Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Randy Rhoads, who was a founding member of Quiet Riot and played on the band's first two albums. This free tribute is available via internet download for broadcast. Please contact Rebecca Pixley with Envision Radio Networks at 216-831-3761 or for complete details.
Envision Radio Networks is the largest independently owned affiliate relations company in America with more than twenty-five years of experience in radio syndication. Currently, ERN has affiliates in every major market in all radio formats and is rapidly expanding. Envision represents all types of programming and services for radio including short-form vignettes, comedy services, morning show prep, long-form weekend programming, live morning show syndication, remote broadcasts and event programming, off-air tools and web content, album releases and artist specials.

The Mitch Minute (with BW&BK's Mitch Lafon) - a quick segment featured on Ottawa's Majic 100's That 80's Show hosted by Codi Jefferies will pay tribute to Kevin DuBrow this Friday Night. The live-to-air segment usually airing at 7:45PM will start sooner (a little after 7:30PM EST). Anybody interested in listening can tune into to for the live stream of the radio broadcast.

Sean Hollywood is working on doing a tribute radio show for Kevin DuBrow. If anyone has any memories of Kevin they would like to share, you are asked to e-mail:

Las Vegas Review Journal -

Steve Lukather comments: "Very sad.. We went to the same high school. A huge personality but a good guy. He was always very cool to me and my guys. He was at our show in Vegas a few months ago and seemed so happy and together? Life... God Bless him."

Stevie Rachelle (Tuff): "I was a high school junior (1983) watching MTV and saw this spider like front man prowling across my TV clad in stripes. He encouraged me to bang my head. And I did. A few years later (1986) going to see Quiet Riot in concert with special guest Poison. I couldn't believe how powerful Kevin's voice was. Quiet Riot & the openers –both blew me away.
In Hollywood late 80s standing around at the "Rainbow Bar & Grill" and seeing him walk in tall and lanky. He was very full of life. A true rock star. At LAX airport mid 90s walking along and realized that Kevin & Frankie Banali were neck and neck with me to the gate. "Hey where you guys going?" Kevin replies with his voice on 10! "To play a festival in Oklahoma. What about you guys, what you up to?" Hello, handshakes, and goodbyes all in less than a minute. It felt cool knowing we were comrades in this industry.
Early millennium (2001-02) I was playing "Pinkees" in Las Vegas with my cover band Motley Priest. We went into "Metal Health" and next thing I know Kevin is standing right next to the stage smiling at me. I motioned to him to come up. He obliged and walked on stage during the solo, the place went crazy as he did the breakdown. He handed me the microphone back. I was honored.
Late 2004 Kevin informs me of his love for Metal Sludge and we become e-buddies. We exchanged e-mails and phone calls every few months. He was always SO nice, and offered to take me to a nice dinner more times than I can count. Being a Dad in recent years, and life in general took up my time – I never took him up on it. It's kind of like a "Cats in the Cradle" scenario I guess. I regret not going.
Metal Sludge filmed a TV pilot (2005-06) with Kevin & Frankie, Paul Gargano, DJ Will & Happenin' Harry. It was a great time, we all had so much in common and so many stories that intertwined. Kevin was watching play back at one point and said: "Wow, looks killer, just like one of those VH1 shows." I was proud.
Walking down Melrose last summer I run into Kevin and Alexx Grossi. Kevin says: "Dude, we're going to Jamba Juice, let me buy you one!" I went, we laughed, talked about the "Bad Boys of Metal " tour and parted ways going opposite directions down the street. He talked me into the wheat grass shot too. I choked it down.
We had not talked much in recent months. I heard disturbing news on Sunday night and called him several times. I kept getting his voice mail, which was full. Hearing his voice made me think of what a great guy Kevin DuBrow was and how much I will miss him. I am truly saddened to lose my friend."

Press Release / UK Female fronted melodic rockers Dante Fox have been chosen by legendary ex-Survivor vocalist Jimi Jamison as support act for his First UK tour in May 2008. Dante Fox will also performing for the whole tour as Jimi Jamison's backing band. The promoters "Factory 5" are currently finalising venues but at this stage we can confirm that the tour dates will consist of the following cities - Wolverhampton, Sheffield, Manchester, Nottingham, Cardiff, Bristol, Norwich, London and Bournemouth with tickets going on sale before the Christmas break.
Dante Fox will be promoting their latest album Under The Seven Skies which was released on Frontiers Records earlier this year and capitalising on the rave reviews for the new album from press and fans.
For further updates please check out,, or


Press Release / Z Records would like to announce their latest signing Chicago's Scream In Eden. The band are yet another fine example of excellent melodic hard rock that fans have grown to expect from Z. Discovered by Mark Alger a few months ago Scream In Eden's debut entitled Original Sin will be released on January 28th 2008 and is essential for fans of Tesla, Dokken and Babylon AD. Over the past week we have ran a special anonymous preview at with amazing feedback, if you haven't yet checked out the two tracks by the band do so now you will be impressed!
Featured around the fantastic vocals of Joe Dokken and the guitar work of White Cross Axeman Rex Carroll Scream In Eden are set to make 2008 their year.

Lillian Axe's Fields of Yesterday re-issue has been delayed until January 28.

Chris Nelson will be interviewing some of the bands that appeared at this years Z-Rock festival including James Christian from House Of Lords, Eric Saint Micheals from the band China, with interviews from Lost Weekend, Sacred Heart & Bullitt. Hair Metal Haven, Saturday December 1st on 17.00-19.00 GMT/18.00-20.00 CET.

Release date for the new StoneLake album Uncharted Souls will be March 30. Cover/artwork design will be made by once again "Carl André Beckston" and the album are gonna be Recorded/Produced/Mixed/Mastered at Unlimited Music Production by Jan Åkesson.
Lineup - Vocals: Peter Grundström (True Metalscream), L/R-guitars and keyboard: Jan Åkesson, Bass: Lasse Johansson, Drums: Jens Westberg.
Label: Unlimited Music Production / Promotion: Unlimited Music production / Distribution: CDInzane.

Press Release / The Meaning Of Christmas is the 6th solo release by lead guitarist Mike Campese. This CD features some of Mike's, balls to the walls, guitar playing with his own original arrangements of 10 holiday classics and 2 of his own original compositions. While listening to this CD, you will know why Mike got picked over hundreds of guitarists to work with the multi platinum band, The Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Campese reinvents new sections and melodies to these traditional Christmas songs, like in the blistering version of "Joy to the World" that shred guitar fanatics will love. Guitar virtuoso Mike Campese does not hesitate to get a little heavier than on his previous CD's, like in his version of the "Little Drummer Boy" and the rip your face off version of the "Grinch". On this CD and all of his others, Mike does not stray from the melodies, this is something he is known for, Mike does a beautiful version of the vocal classic "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and has written 2 of his own Christmas songs. "Christmas in Maui" which features some of the most beautiful melodies Mike has written and the vocal tune "The Meaning of Christmas" which is based from a poem Mike wrote. There can't be a Mike Campese CD without some acoustic on it, Mike does a nice jazzy acoustic version of "Chestnuts and "Silent Night". Mike's reinvented version of "Carol of The Bells" will make holiday music fans very happy. We feel that Mike has put the true meaning of Christmas on this incredible guitar driven CD. Visit for sound clips and info on how to order.




Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Condolences and tributes continue to roll in following the death of Quite Riot frontman Kevin DuBrow. Frankie Banali - QR drummer and long time mate of Kevin's would like to thank everyone for signing the KD Condolence Book right here.
He has also updated his own website with some heartfelt reflections on dealing with this tragedy.
Media continues to cover the story - a few links of relevance include:
LA Times -
Associated Press - -

Jeff Scott Soto has posted a comment on his website: "'I met Kevin back in 1986 when Quiet Riot were on the bill with us (Yngwie Malmsteen) for a few shows in the US. He was a funny, high spirited, overall good guy. Through all that he created his image of the 'mouth that roared', I found him to be a very endearing & genuine soul. He's was a saint then & continued to be such a humble person always treating me with absolute respect since day one. I was a Quiet Riot fan when the Metal Health album came out & through knowing Kevin & Co, continued to support the guys & their quest to continue the path they set for themselves from the ground up.
As we drove to soundcheck today here in the UK, I was given the information that Kevin has passed away. My deepest condolences go out to his family, those near & dear & especially to the boys in QR. Kevin leaves us with his legacy of work that we should always remember him by & knowing him, he doesn't want us to be sad for his passing, he'd want us to celebrate by 'screaming until our throats bleed!'. RIP my friend, we'll meet again!"

Gotta love this...full article available at: -
Universal Music CEO Doug Morris Speaks, Recording Industry in Even Deeper Shit Than We Thought
"In the December issue of Wired, Seth Mnookin sits down with Universal Music Group CEO/supervillain Doug Morris for a pretty excellent profile (which is, tragically, not yet online). In it, Mnookin paints the 68-year old Morris as a crotchety executive who's upset that he can't focus more on simple product and artist development because he's too busy worrying about iPods, MP3s, and his company's digital strategy (which was never really supposed to be part of his job description when he took the gig in 1995). In a way, he almost comes off as cute, like if your grandfather were accidentally hired to run Google (at one point, Morris hilariously compares his embattled industry to a character in "Li'l Abner," a comic strip that stopped running in 1977).
As for his actual digital strategy, it's pretty much what we expected — Morris's singular goal these days is to limit the power of Steve Jobs and iTunes. He puts most of his energy into designing Universal's own Internet music store (Total Music, which is definitely doomed to fail), cutting deals with Apple competitor Microsoft for a piece of those massive Zune profits, and heroically doing all he can to make it even more difficult for consumers to justify paying for music online. But then he says something so ridiculous it sort of blows our minds.
When Morris is asked why the music business didn't work harder, in the early days of file-sharing, to build its own (legal) online presence, there's this exchange:
"There's no one in the record industry that's a technologist," Morris explains. "That's a misconception writers make all the time, that the record industry missed this. They didn't. They just didn't know what to do. It's like if you were suddenly asked to operate on your dog to remove his kidney. What would you do?"
Personally, I would hire a vet. But to Morris, even that wasn't an option. "We didn't know who to hire," he says, becoming more agitated. "I wouldn't be able to recognize a good technology person — anyone with a good bullshit story would have gotten past me."

Even though we shouldn't be, we're actually a little shocked. We'd always assumed the labels had met with a team of technology experts in the late nineties and ignored their advice, but it turns out they never even got that far — they didn't even try! Understanding the Internet certainly isn't easy — especially for an industry run by a bunch of technology-averse sexagenarians — but it's definitely not impossible. The original Napster hit its peak in 1999 — kids born since then have hacked into CIA computers. Surely it wouldn't have taken someone at Universal more than a month or two to learn enough about the Internet to know who to call to answer a few questions. They didn't even have any geeky interns? We give this industry six months to live."

Another top newspaper article - this time on Guns N Roses can be found at: Some highlights -
"There's something missing this holiday season, and it's not just the lack of inclement weather.
For the first time in years, nobody is spreading rumors about the imminent arrival of a new Guns N' Roses album. Chinese Democracy, which has been on the verge of coming out for the better part of a decade, currently has no pre-release buzz, a fact that makes us want to start a rumor right now. Things are a little bit too quiet ...
At this point, though, it might be better if the album didn't come out. A release of "Chinese Democracy" would be like O.J. Simpson suddenly finding the real killer. Aging metal-heads' hearts would give out. Stock markets would crash. MTV newsman Kurt Loder would probably have to stop working, and so would Larry King. (At this point, does anyone doubt that they're the same person?)
When Peanuts creator Charles Schulz announced his retirement in the late 1990s, there was much talk about his final strip. One popular prediction was that Charlie Brown would finally get to kick the football - advice that Schulz very wisely didn't take. If Charlie Brown kicked the football, it would undo 50 years of good comics with one bad one.
That's exactly how I feel about "Chinese Democracy." We, the remaining Guns N' Roses fan base, are Charlie Brown. The album is the football. And Axl Rose is Lucy, repeatedly setting deadlines he knows he'll never make, because the public is gullible enough to believe him. (I think Slash is Schroeder in this analogy, and Stephanie Seymour is the Little Red-Haired Girl, although I haven't totally thought that part out.)
The last time Rose announced a "tentative" release date of March 2007, no less than three dozen different news agencies reported it, including the Chicago Tribune, Hollywood Reporter and Agence France-Presse. March 2007 has come and gone, and here we are, still clutching worn-out copies of "Use Your Illusion II" to our chests, waiting anxiously for the next rumor. There's something that's so sweet and human about the whole charade."

Canadian prog-rockers Saga have announced plans to audition new singers via YouTube. That sounds familiar...
This from the band's website: "We just recorded these two songs without vocals during a sound check in Germany. So all you have to do is download them, and video tape yourself singing along to them. Then post them on YouTube and email us the link along with your name & brief biography of yourself!!! It's that easy!!!"

"For more than two hours, the gods delivered." -- Rolling Stone
In the midst of one of the most highly anticipated and successful tours of the year, Van Halen announces that they will extend their historic tour into 2008. Eddie, Alex & Wolfgang Van Halen and David Lee Roth, together for the first time in 24 years, will kick off the New Year by extending their tour into 29 additional cities, kicking off with a January 22 performance at Oklahoma City's Ford Center and running through April 7 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Bradley Center.
The 2007 tour has drawn over 600,000 fans thus far with sold out shows in dozens of cities across America, winning the praise of fans and critics alike. "From the first power chords of "You Really Got Me," the band hit a hard groove that didn't let up for the next two hours," said the New York Daily News.
"[Van Halen] filled the arena with hard rock energy rarely generated since, well, the band's previous forays," noted USA Today. The Hollywood Reporter said: "For one perfect night…Van Halen was nothing short of spectacular."
Tickets for the San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Omaha, New Orleans, Charlottesville, Hershey, and Atlantic City dates will go on sale Saturday December 1st and East Rutherford and New York will go on sale Monday December 3rd and are available at and Ticketmaster. On sale dates for the rest of the tour will be announced shortly and additional 2008 dates are also expected to be announced soon.
Formed in Los Angeles in 1974, the band has always been known for their electrifying live shows. From the moment they released their self-titled 1978 debut album, Van Halen shook the foundations of rock, thanks largely to Roth's peerless showmanship, Eddie Van Halen's revolutionary guitar virtuosity and their songwriting abilities. Their music has changed rock and roll forever. Van Halen was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2007.
Van Halen Second Leg Dates
Jan. 22 Oklahoma City, OK Ford Center
Jan. 24 San Antonio, TX AT&T Center
Jan. 26 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center
Jan. 28 Houston, TX Toyota Center
Feb. 1 Denver, CO Pepsi Center
Feb. 4 Omaha, NB Qwest Event Center
Feb. 8 New Orleans, LA New Orleans Arena
Feb. 12 Ft. Lauderdale, FL BankAtlantic Center
Feb. 14 Orlando, FL Amway Arena
Feb. 16 Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena
Feb. 18 Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum
Feb. 22 Charlottesville, VA John Paul Jones Arena
Mar. 3 Ft. Wayne, IN Allen County Memorial Coliseum
Mar. 5 Cincinnati, OH US Bank Arena
Mar. 7 Raleigh, NC RBC Center
Mar. 9 Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner Arena
Mar. 11 Manchester, NH Verizon Wireless Arena
Mar. 13 E. Rutherford, NJ Izod Center
Mar. 17 New York, NY Madison Square Garden
Mar. 19 Hershey, PA Giant Center
Mar. 21 Pittsburgh, PA Mellon Arena
Mar. 24 Providence, RI Dunkin Donuts Center
Mar. 26 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Arena
Mar. 28 Atlantic City, NJ Boardwalk Hall
Mar. 30 St. Louis, MO Scottrade Center
Apr. 1 Columbus, OH Value City Arena
Apr. 3 Chicago, IL Allstate Arena
Apr. 5 Grand Rapids, MI Van Andel Arena
Apr. 7 Milwaukee, WI Bradley Center

Press Release / While a lot of artists are doing cover albums, Enuff Z'nuff's Donnie Vie decided to do something a little different and cover himself. Donnie took one of Enuff Z'nuff's most loved albums, 1991's Strength, and recorded acoustic and alternate versions of the songs for his new album Extra Strength. is pleased to offer a preview stream of six tracks from Extra Strength. They are exclusively streaming "Heaven or Hell," "Baby Loves You," "The World is a Gutter," "Mother's Eyes," "It's No Good" and "Missing You" on their Myspace page at:
The album will hit stores in the UK this week (Nov 26th) on Cargo Records. For the U.S. fans (and everywhere else) Donnie is offering one new song for digital download every two weeks from his website. The digital release will include alternate versions of "Baby Loves You" and an A Cappella version of "Mother's Eyes" that are different from the versions on the UK release. Both feature "It's No Good" from the "Seven" album and the UK version features a cover of the Beatles "In My Life".
The idea for this project came from the fans. One of the most heavily traded and most requested Enuff Z'nuff bootlegs is a three hour 1993 radio appearance where Donnie and Chip Z'nuff performed dozens of songs acoustically. Known as the Y108 tape for the radio station, it quickly became a fan favorite. Donnie saw some fan postings about the Y108 tape on his fan club message board and decided it might be fun to give fans studio recordings of acoustic versions of some of the songs and he enlisted his friend Tim Tame to help. The idea quickly turned into re-recording a full album and Donnie selected the band's sophomore effort which earned them a hot artist honor from Rolling Stone when it was released and also ranks at the top among Enuff Z'nuff fans when polled about their favorite albums. Once recording got underway, Donnie's creative side took over and the album became much more than simply acoustic re-recordings of the album tracks. There are also rumblings that Donnie may give the "Paraphernalia" album the extra treatment next. We invite you to now hear six of the tracks for yourself.
Tracklisting: Heaven or Hell*, Missing You*, Strength, In Crowd, Hollywood Ya, The World is a Gutter*, Goodbye, It's No Good*, In My Life (UK Only), Baby Loves You (US Only)*, Mother's Eyes (A Cappela Version is for US Only)*, Long Way To Go, Blue Island, The Way Home, Time To Let You Go, Baby Loves You (electric - UK Only).
* preview available at:
Official Site: / Label Info Page for UK Release:

FireHouse guitarist Bill Leverty talks about his new solo CD Southern Exposure at:

In a brand new, exclusive, interview conducted by Rock N Roll Universe ( with John Garner of Sir Lord Baltimore, the legendary vocalist discusses the band's new album Sir Lord Baltimore III: Raw, which also features Tony Franklin (The Firm, Blue Murder) on bass. Also covered during the interview is Sir Lord Baltimore's stint opening for Black Sabbath on several dates of the 'Paranoid' tour as well as appearing with Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant during a show with The Lizards in Stourbridge, England in 2004.
WebLink: has has issued their latest podcast (episode #36), featuring Vocalist Adam Troy and Bassist Joseph Cumbo from Sonic X. Adam and Joseph took time from their busy schedule to discuss their latest CD 13 as well their upcoming tour. Adam and Joseph tackle a variety of topics and give you the true skinny on the band and much, much, more. Interview last approx. 40 min.
While Genghis and Ragman give thanks, they thought you'd like to feast on their latest Podcast wherein they discuss everything from the recent VH reunion to the rebirth of thrash. And after you've finished your first turkey leg, settle in for a killer interview with Adam and Joseph of Canadian band, Sonic X, who discuss their kick-ass new release, 13, as well as their upcoming tour. So sit back, undo the button on your pants, and enjoy Thanksgiving with your favorite metalhead pilgrims.

A new interview with Eden's Curse frontman Michael Eden is online now at:




Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Frankie Banali: "I can't even find words to say. Please respect my privacy as I mourn the passing and honor the memory of my dearest friend Kevin DuBrow."

Friend and fellow vocal legend Glenn Hughes comments to "We are all grieving...Kevin and I were brothers....We spoke daily, and I mean on the phone, not email.....the Kevin that I knew was a beautiful human being.... He was kind, giving, nurturing.... And generous.....
He would stay @ my LA home when he was in town.... I never saw Kevin Loaded... He respected my sobriety... He always spoke how about the change of my lifestyle, and how he also wanted to change his.....the last conversation I had with him 10 days ago, was about this subject, he said he had to make some life changes.... I was so happy and elated to hear this....
Gabi and I spoke to him last on Fri, the 16th of Nov.... He wanted to know if I could pick him up @ LAX. On the 23rd, the day of a Party @ my house.....then , there was nothing, no communication..... Zero.... Come thanksgiving I knew something was strange.... @ the house, Kevin's room was prepared as always, with his fave Candies next to the bed.... He always requests them when he stays.... I thought, he's gonna come jumping thru the door any minute and Demand to play the winner of the Pool game between Chad Smith and myself.....
As the Party ended, Gabi and I spoke of his absence... She was very upset..... All along, I felt something seriously wrong.... Come Sunday Morning , I couldn't take it anymore. And called Lark Williams. Kevs ex-girlfriend. She was in San Francisco.. I asked her if she knew a paramedic who could go over to Kevs house and investigate..... Dana, the Medic, got in the house only to find my sweet brother......@ peace..... I am completely shell shocked... We were planning to go 2 Hawaii for some relaxation in the new year...... For those of you that didn't know him..... He was a true, true friend.... l'm gonna miss our dinners @ the Palm in Beverly hills.....I'm gonna miss his loud voice bellowing thru my house... I'm gonna miss those oh so corny jokes.... We all will miss him.....sleep well brother.. your legacy is in good hands with me..... Your loving brother Glenn xxx."

QR bassist Chuck Wright comments to "I'm completely shocked and devastated. I've truly lost a brother and it's a very sad loss for the world of rock n' roll. I'm so very fortunate to have been a part of his life these past 26 years. I have so many fond memories and it's a blessing that these recent few years have been so great with the band. There is no reason to say "I wish we could have ...we did!" I still can't believe I won't be sharing the stage with his larger than life presence ever again. The man left a mark wherever he went and I'm heartbroken that he is no longer with us. Blessings, Chuck."

Original QR bassist Kelly Garni: "I ask this to all of you not only for myself but for other friends and family. I ask that no one here offer any speculation or opinions, theories or other things that could be construed as negative or, and I'm sorry for this, even sympathetic, right at this immediate time. I am already within hours of this having to deal with untrue rumors and speculation and that only adds fuel to that. There is a tendency for the subject of Kevin to incite flames on every board and now is not the time for that. I will explain to everyone here the facts and the truth in the next 24 to 48 hours as I realize this will effect us all. So please, until then, be patient. All details and other pertinent info will be passed on to you here when it becomes available to me. Thank you."

Phil Ashcoft (Fireworks Magazine): "I saw Quiet Riot this past summer at the Sweden Rock Festival, the first time I'd seen them since around '84/85, and Kevin still had all the energy and exactly the same powerful voice he had back then. He covered every inch of the massive stage and really got the crowd involved. Back when the likes of Motley Crue and the other LA hopefuls were tentatively knocking on the door to stardom, Quiet Riot came along and smashed it down, along with the final bit of resistance the mainstream media and MTV had against metal bands. I guess you could argue that if it hadn't been them then the time was right and someone else would have done it, but the point is that it wasn't someone else. I don't think they ever got the full recognition for that.
Kevin had a knack of rubbing people up the wrong way and other bands and critics were the main targets for his 'alligator' mouth, but he always treated the fans who put him where he was with respect and a friendly smile. My thoughts are with his family, as well as with Frankie, Chuck and Alex. R.I.P." Statement: "The rock n roll world mourns the loss of one of the great frontmen of the metal era and the face of a movement that to this day retains its passionate and dedicated fans. Unlike any other form of music on this planet, metal is a brotherhood and in the death of Kevin DuBrow, we have lost one of the most recognizable, charismatic and outspoken leaders of the fraternity. My personal regards and condolences go to Frankie, Chuck, Kelly, Glenn and other members past and present of the extended Quiet Riot family. Kevin's death is unfair and well before his time. R.I.P Kevin."

Here is how Kevin's passing is being reported around the world:

(CNN) -- Kevin DuBrow, the lead singer of the 1980s heavy metal band Quiet Riot, has died, CNN has confirmed. He was 52.
Kevin DuBrow and Quiet Riot hit No. 1 with Metal Health in 1983. DuBrow died at his home in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to The Clark County coroner's office was examining the body to determine the cause of death, according to TMZ.
"I'm at a loss for words. I've just lost my best friend," Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali told CNN. "Out of respect for both Kevin and his family, I won't comment further. There's going to be a lot of speculation out there, and I won't add to that. I love him too much."
Quiet Riot hit the top of the charts with its 1983 album, "Metal Health," considered by some sources as the first heavy metal album to hit No. 1. The album was driven by the group's cover of Slade's "Cum on Feel the Noize," which hit the Top 40.
The band's other hits included "Bang Your Head (Metal Health)" and another Slade cover, "Mama Weer All Crazee Now."
The band formed in the mid-1970s behind DuBrow and guitarist Randy Rhoads, who later joined Ozzy Osbourne's band and died in a tour accident. After several years, during which time the band disbanded, regrouped and built an audience, everything came together for "Metal Health," which put Quiet Riot in the vanguard of the Los Angeles heavy metal movement.
But the band's rushed follow-up, Condition Critical, didn't do as well, and DuBrow started taking shots at other L.A. bands, such as Motley Crue and Ratt, according to Within a few years, the band had mutinied (leaving DuBrow at a hotel in Hawaii while other members returned to California, Allmusic's Eduardo Rivadavia observes) and taken on a new lead singer. The bad blood prompted a lawsuit from DuBrow.
By the 1990s tempers had calmed and the band got together again, putting out a live album in 1999 and a new studio set, Guilty Pleasures, in 2001.

Pollstar -
Jeb Wright (Classic Rock Revisited) -

Two recent Kevin DuBrow interviews - KNAC (perhaps his last ever interview)(November 25) -
RockEyez (May 07) -

At this time I would like to invite fans and friends to post their condolences to the Kevin DuBrow Tribute Page, which I have just set up. I'll make sure Frankie and Kevin's family are made aware of the page and everyone's comments. Add Condolences Here.

Geoff Downes, Steve Howe, Carl Palmer & John Wetton announce the release of a brand new Asia studio album on Frontiers Records. World Tour announced.

Asia, the first legendary super group to emerge with the dawn of the MTV-age, reunited in 2006 with its original line-up.
The founding members Geoff Downes, Steve Howe, Carl Palmer and John Wetton all had experiences in Classic Rock icons such as Yes, Emerson Lake & Palmer, King Crimson and The Buggles, and released one of the most enduring and commercially successful debuts of all time. Simply entitled Asia, the album stayed at the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 100 album chart for an astounding 9 weeks in 1982. Only a handful of albums such as Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon" and Michael Jackson's "Thriller" have been #1 on the Billboard charts for a longer time.
Asia celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the debut album's release with a World Tour that brought more than 70 successful dates. During their time and work together, the four musicians began to write new songs and, in the summer 2007, they started working on the recording of a brand new all original studio album.
The natural choice for the band was to sign a worldwide deal with Frontiers Records, the Italian label which has a solid trademark for quality, enthusiasm and professionalism in Classic Rock Music.
"Our initial optimism was more than rewarded by the enthusiasm of our fans" says, John Wetton. Adds Geoff Downes: "It's great finally to give some new music to those Asia fans who have remained with us patiently all these years".
"There is a certain chemistry and energy that comes out when the four of us are working together and the new material reflects this", says drummer Carl Palmer. "This is the REAL ASIA", states guitarist Steve Howe "and the new album will be the landmark of our enthusiasm and pleasure to work together again".
Geoff Downes concludes: "We've all remained dedicated to our craft of making compelling and powerful music. After many years apart, I think we all have a new and very fresh attitude to the music. I am looking forward to playing the new songs on stage."
Recording is well underway with a commercial release scheduled for April 2008. The new album will also see the return of Roger Dean who will provide one of his paintings for the cover art.


Asia has already announced a new UK Tour in March 2008, where they will be showcasing the songs from the yet untitled album for the first time. More tour dates are being settled in the USA and Japan for the rest of the spring 2008, with a full European tour to follow.
Weblinks: / /

Currently listed Asia tour dates are (USA & Japan):
April 1 Harrisburg, PA - Sunoco Performance Theater
April 4 Wilkes Barre, PA - Kirby PAC
April 5 Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun Casino Wolf Den
April 8 Alexandria, VA - The Birchmere
April 9 Ridgefield, CT - Playhouse
April 10 Collingswood, NJ - Scottish Rite Auditorium
April 12 Westbury, NY - North Fork Theatre
April 13 Peekskill, NY - Paramount Center For The Arts
April 15 Verona, NY - Turning Stone Resort & Casino
April 16 Red Bank, NJ - Count Basie Theatre
April 17 Englewood, NJ - Bergen Performing Arts Center
April 19 Cleveland, OH - House of Blues
April 20 Chicago, IL - House of Blues
April 21 Indianapolis, IN - Music Mill
April 23 Milwaukee, WI - Pabst Theater
April 27 Dallas, TX - House of Blues
April 29 Espanola NM - Big Rock Casino
April 30 Phoenix, AZ - Celebrity Theatre
May 2 Agoura Hills, CA - Canyon Club
May 3 Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues
May 4 San Juan Capistrano, CA - The Coach House

May 8 Fukuoka, Japan - Shimin Kaikan
May 9 Osaka, Japan - Koseinenkin Kaikan
May 11 Nagoya, Japan - Shimin Kaikan
May 12 Tokyo, Japan - International Forum

Extreme are set to return in the spring of 2008 with their first album of all new material in 13 years. The band features original members Nuno Bettencourt (guitar), Gary Cherone (vocals) and Pat Badger (bass), along with new drummer Kevin Figueiredo.
In the coming weeks, Extreme will announce their plans for a world tour in 2008 as well as a release date and label for the as yet untitled album, which is being produced by Bettencourt, who says: "It will have all the ingredients of an Extreme record. The music is always Funkier than most rock bands­and born a Bipolar Bastard child of Mr. Zeppelin and Mrs. Beatles."
The Grammy-nominated Extreme have released four albums, plus two greatest hits sets selling over 10 million records worldwide and completed multiple world tours. They also achieved a 1 hit single, "More Than Words" ­ from their 1990 multi-platinum album Extreme II: Pornograffitti on the Billboard Hot 100, which they followed with the Top Five "Hole Hearted." Although these two acoustic hits brought the band great mainstream success, it overshadowed the band's trademark sound: a mix of hard rock funk in the spirit and style of their predecessors Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Queen and Van Halen fueled by Bettencourt's signature guitar flights and Cherone's resonant vocals and matched with a social consciousness in their lyrics. A career highlight came for Extreme when Queen's Brian May asked them to perform at the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert in 1992, which gave the band considerable credibility beyond the hard rock fraternity.
Extreme have been introduced to a new generation of music fans who are connecting with the band through MySpace as a result of the inclusion of their song "Play With Me" on 2007's "Guitar Hero" video game. Outside of Extreme, Cherone joined Van Halen as lead singer in 1998, co-writing the Van Halen III album and touring the world with them. Bettencourt joined up with Jane's Addiction front man Perry Farrell to form the band Satellite Party and co-produce their album Ultra Payloaded. Satellite Party also consisted of drummer Kevin Figuieredo, whom was previously in a band with Bettencourt called Dramagods.
Through the years, Bettencourt and Cherone have remained close and continued to collaborate on occasion. But what exactly inspired them to rejoin forces as Extreme?
"Rock and Roll Famine…I know it might sound crazy, but there is a massive shortage of rock and roll on this planet," says Bettencourt. "It's almost extinct. I mean the true spirit of quality rock and roll­you know, Musicianship, when you would give up every moment of your day to master your instrument and create your own identity and sound so as to respectfully outdo all your past heroes whilst proudly wearing the badge of their influences."
"Passion," says Bettencourt, is what drives Extreme. "To do whatever it takes, with integrity, to bring music to the people, not because of fame…but just cause you simply couldn't wait to share it with them."
"We realized," adds Bettencourt, "not only are the people starved for rock and roll...So are we. Let's eat."
Look for the Boston-based group to perform Saturday, December 1 at the Boston Music Awards at the Orpheum Theatre.


A week or so back I posted news of Journey's first show for 2008 - in Chile, South America. a second date has been added!
First Journey show is on February 21th at Festival of Viña del Mar, at Quinta Vergara Arena, 25.000 seat capacity.
The new Second Journey show is on February 23 at Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo in Santiago, 40.000 seat capacity. Opener bands to this show: Earth, Wind & Fire and Peter Frampton!

November 26, 2007 - Environmental solutions provider BidForGreen announced today that they will be fuelling the famed rock band Styx and Tommy Shaw's side project Shaw/Blades in 2007-2008.
BidForGreen, which fuels Willie Nelson, Pat Matheny and Merle Haggard among others, will provide biodiesel and logistics for the tours. The service has been popular with artists, who get access to quality biofuel, and to drivers, who get help with logistics and delivery.
Tommy Shaw, legendary guitarist and singer for Styx and Shaw/Blades, wrote a blog for BidForGreen highlighting his interest in the company's services: "Bid For Green is doing what needed to be done--creating a data base of fuel suppliers and setting up accounts so that it has been made even easier for us to use biodiesel than to spend the time fueling up in the stinky line at the truck stop, something we've all accepted as part of traveling by tour bus."
Shaw/Blades—Styx/Damn Yankees guitarist/vocalist Tommy Shaw and Night Ranger/Damn Yankees bassist/vocalist Jack Blades—is currently touring the U.S. in support of their critically acclaimed Influence album, which was released March 6 on VH1 Classic Records.
BidForGreen President Dale Wiley was ecstatic with the addition of Styx and Shaw/Blades to their roster. "Many of my teenage hours were spent listening to 'Blue Collar Man' and 'Renegade.' Tommy Shaw is really ahead of the curve on environmental issues, and it is a pleasure to work with him."
Shaw's blog on the environment can be viewed at Shaw also conducted an interview with BidForGreen, which can be seen on the site.
To learn more about BidForGreen Touring Solutions, go to, or call 877-723-0417.
Here are the remaining Shaw/Blades tour dates:
Mon 11/26 Annapolis, MD Rams Head on Stage
Tue 11/27 Hagarstown, MD Cancun West
Thu 11/29 Allentown, PA Crocodile Café
Fri 11/30 Albany, NY Northern Lights
Sat 12/1 Collingswood, NJ Scottish Rite Auditorium
Sun 12/2 Baltimore, MD Sonar
Thu 12/6 Columbus, OH LC Pavilion
Fri 12/7 South Bend, IN Club Fever
Sat 12/8 Nashville, TN Wildhorse Saloon
Sun 12/9 Tunica, MS Horseshoe Casino
WebLinks: / /

Tour starts this Wednesday Nov. 28th in Denver, CO @ The Soiled Dove thru December 12, Bentonville, AR @ The Icehouse. L.A. to be added, New Years Eve show TBA.
Stephen Pearcy Says:
"I have the new solo CD Under My Skin (on Top Fuel Records) out in a couple months, leaked a couple songs on my space, master the thing and away we go 2008. "UMS" is released in Japan Feb 2008 also. I love the CD, took long enough. New Top Fuel Records artist also releasing in 2008, The Antidivision and Gash, Inc.
Now we go out M.I.A. and try a few new songs from UMS. Beside going "Round & Round" and laying it down, I'll be doing songs from Arcade, Vicious Delite, maybe Vertex, the heavier Ratt stuff, anything goes, that's why we set it up. "Metal In America" was set up for exactly what were doing! Back to basic's in your face, ass kicking good time, with a splash of Ratt an Roll. I just finished the large summer venues (don't get me wrong, the bigger the party, the..) but it's always the smaller venues that really kick it up. I'd rather be at a drag race, speaking of...
You bring it, we finish it! We lay down some Priest, Aerosmith, Cooper, Zep, Ratt, whatever. You get crazy, we get crazier, and the party last longer on the solo tours! Don't ask!
Check for dates, only doing a few, but very much looking forward to Jet Boy and my guitarists new band The Antidivision takin' care on business, M.I.A.! We/Top Fuel World with Danno, Evan Knoll-Torco/Skull Gear are planning a new breed of Rock & Racin! A lot to set up for 2008, and then some!! Are you ready for some evil?
"We like going 330 MPH, and makin' you shake"! See Ya out there! And always bring a friend!"

On the heels of their heralded North American tour, Van Halen has announced the release of official ringtones and ringback tones for the first time. Among the 15 official Van Halen ringers available are the Grammy-nominated, #1 smash hit, "Jump," one of the most famous guitar solos of all time, "Eruption," and the iconic rock classics "Ain't Talkin' Bout Love," "Runnin' With The Devil," "Jamie's Cryin'," "Unchained," "Panama," and "Hot For Teacher." Van Halen ringtones are available now by searching "Van Halen" on mobile phones from all major carriers or by sending the text message "VH" to 74466. For the next four weeks, AT&T Mobility will be offering exclusive versions of several of the Van Halen ringtones and answer tones to their subscribers.
Van Halen redefined rock 'n' roll in the late '70s and early '80s and is arguably one of the greatest bands of all time. They were inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year and have sold more than 75 million records worldwide. Van Halen is one of only seven bands in history that have released two albums that sold more than 10 million copies each.
Van Halen Official Ringtones: "Runnin' With The Devil", "Eruption", "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love", "Jamie's Cryin'", "Dance The Night Away", "Somebody Get Me A Doctor", "Beautiful Girls", "And The Cradle Will Rock", "Everybody Wants Some", "Mean Street", "Unchained", "So This Is Love?", "Jump", "Panama", "Hot For Teacher".
2008 Van Halen Tour Dates (so far):
Tue 01/22/08 Oklahoma City, OK Ford Center
Thu 01/24/08 San Antonio, TX AT&T Center
Sat 01/26/08 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center
Mon 01/28/08 Houston, TX Toyota Center
Mon 02/04/08 Omaha, NE Qwest Center Omaha
Fri 02/08/08 New Orleans, LA New Orleans Arena
Tue 02/12/08 Sunrise, FL BankAtlantic Center
Fri 02/22/08 Charlottesville, VA John Paul Jones Arena
Thu 03/13/08 East Rutherford, NJ Izod Center
Mon 03/17/08 New York, NY Madison Square Garden Arena
Wed 03/19/08 Hershey, PA Giant Center
Fri 03/28/08 Atlantic City, NJ Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall
Sun 03/30/08 Saint Louis, MO Scottrade Center




Monday, November 26, 2007

Jeff Scott Soto & his band have started the UK tour with a packed crowd in Sheffield behind them last night. Remaining dates including the newly added one replacing Glasgow are as follows:
Mon Nov 26 - JB's - Dudley
Tue Nov 27 - Nottingham City Centre - Nottingham
Wed Nov 28 - Islington Academy - London
Fri Nov 30 - The Rosetta - Belfast

Unfortunately the scheduled date in Sofia, Bulgaria has been postponed due to lack of time to properly promote the show, however Talisman are reuniting for 2 shows in Italy Dec 14 & 15, more details to come but we are told JSS Band guitarist & Talisman alumni Howie Simon will be joining them for the shows.

Following the massive success of the Countdown Spectacular in 2007, the live concert spectacular returned in August & September of this year for another sold out national tour. Countdown Spectacular 2 is now a 3DVD set featuring the classic live performances from the sold out national tour. Includes a third disc featuring the original videos.
Disc 1: 1. Katrina Leskanich - Walking On Sunshine, 2. Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane Pour Moi, 3. Graham Bonnet - It's All Over Now Baby Blue, 4. The Radiators - Coming Home, 5. Samantha Fox - Do Ya Do Ya, 6. Samantha Fox - Touch Me, 7. Ignatius Jones - They Won't Let My Girlfriend Talk To Me, 8. Ignatius Jones - I'm Not Like Everybody Else, 9. David Paton - Magic, 10. David Paton - January, 11. Richard Gower - Lay Your Love On Me, 12. Richard Gower - Some Girls, 13. Sharon O'Neill & Alan Mansfield - Maxine, 14. Robin Scott - Pop Muzik, 15. Paul Gray - Stimulation, 16. Paul Gray - Sugar Free, 17. Doc Neeson's Angels - Take A Long Line, 18. Doc Neeson's Angels - No Secrets, 19. Doc Neeson's Angels - Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again.
Disc 2: 1. John Schumann & Hugh Mcdonald - I Was Only 19 (A Walk In The Light Green), 2. Doug Fieger - My Sharona, 3. Dave Mason - Quasimodo's Dream, 4. Supernaut - I Like It Both Ways, 5. The Wolfgramm Sisters - Sweet Dreams, 6. The Wolfgramm Sisters - Mama Mia, 7. The Wolfgramm Sisters - Knock On Wood, 8. The Wolfgramm Sisters - Vogue, 9. The Wolfgramm Sisters - Lady Marmalade, 10. Les Mckeown - I Only Want To Be With You, 11. Les Mckeown - Give A Little Love Les Mckeown - Bye Bye Baby, 12. Kate Ceberano - Trust Me, 13. Kate Ceberano - Love Don't Live Here Anymore, 14. Richard Clapton - Girls On The Avenue, 15. Richard Clapton - Deep Water, 16. Richard Clapton - I Am An Island, 17. John Paul Young - Where The Action Is, 18. Martha Davis - Total Control, 19. Martha Davis - Only The Lonely, 20. Martha Davis - Take The L, 21. Birtles, Shorrock & Goble - Medley, 22. Rick Springfield - Affair Of The Heart, 23. Rick Springfield - Don't Talk To Strangers, 24. Rick Springfield - Speak To The Sky, 25. Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl.
Disc 3: (Videos) 1. Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine, 2. Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane Pour Moi, 3. Radiators - Comin' Home, 4. Samantha Fox - Touch Me 2007, 5. Jimmy & The Boys - They Won't Let My Girlfriend Talk To Me, 6. Pilot - January, 7. Racey - Some Girls, 8. Sharon O'neill - Maxine, 9. M Pop - Muzik, 10. Wa Wa Nee - Stimulation, 11. The Angels - No Secrets, 12. Redgum - I Was Only 19 (A Walk In The Light Green), 13. The Knack - My Sharona, 14. The Reels - Quasimodo's Dream, 15. Bay City Rollers - Bye Bye Baby, 16. I'm Talking - Trust Me, 17. Richard Clapton - Deep Water, 18. The Motels - Take The L, 19. Little River Band - Lonesome Loser, 20. Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl.


Press Release / Z Rock Records are extremely proud to announce the signing of UK rockers Alibi featuring Vince O'Regan [Bob Catley, Eden] to a Worldwide deal for their forthcoming all new studio album [title tbc] which will be released on February 25. Lead vocals are handled by Rick Chase [Mama's Boys] and the all new album surpasses their debut both in production and songwriting. The band have recorded 14 tracks in all and we are in the process of deciding the final running order for the new album. ALIBI will be supporting the release on the Live front and may appear at Z Rock 08 watch this space!

Sweden Rock Festival have issued their first press release for the 2008 festival. It reads as follows:
"It's the 24th November and one month to Christmas but Santa Claus has already arrived carrying his "heavy" presents. At the annual kick Sweden Rock Festival, which this year was held at the Tyrol in Stockholm, the first 26 bands for the festival of 2008 were announced. They are as follows:
JUDAS PRIEST - The classic lineup of Rob Halford, KK Downing, Glenn Tipton, Ian Hill and Scott Travis will visit our festival once again. They´re currently putting the finishing touches to a new studio album based on the life of Nostradamus.
ASTRAL DOORS (S) - Astral Doors continue to create cosmic metal with their latest album "New revelation"
AT THE GATES (S) - The band who created "the Gothenburg sound" will reform for an exclusive gig for Sweden and our festival.
AVATAR (S) - A young Swedish melodic death metal band who have received a lot of recognition over the last two years.
AXEWITCH (S) - Another Swedish hardrock act who has decided to reform with four of their five original members. And a new album might face the day next year.
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT (US) - A classic American rock band who got their big breakthrough with "(Don´t fear) the reaper" and Godzilla in the mid 70´s incorporating science fiction and the occult in their music. The band last visited Sweden Rock Festival in 1998 and they will be back in 2008.
BONAFIDE (S) - Those who have seen Bonafide can tell you about a band rooted in Humble Pie, Rose Tattoo and AC/DC.
CARCASS (UK/S) - An English death metal band, but with a Swedish guitar player Michael Amott (Arch Enemy/Spiritual Beggars), will re-unite for Sweden Rock Festival. Drummer Ken Owen will, however, be replaced by Daniel Erlandssson.
COHEED & CAMBRIA (US) - An American progressive band from New York. They´re fascinated by 70´s-rock and many have compared them to Rush. And the producer of their latest album "Good Apollo, I'm burning star IV, Volume two: no world for tomorrow" – Nick Raskulinecz – is the same guy who did "Snakes and arrows"!
DARE (UK) - Melodic rock with Celtic influences is the direction that former Thin Lizzy-keyboardist Darren Wharton has chosen to go since the debut in 1989. A new album entitled "Arc of dawn" will be released next year.
DERRINGER BAND (US) - Derringer-Johnson-Appice-Aronson. Rick Derringer, Danny Johnson, Vinny Appice and Kenny Aaronson released three classic albums in the 70´s ("Derringer", "Sweet Evil" and "Derringer Live") and they´re sure to command interest today as well.
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA - former members of ELO and ELO Part II (UK) - With former members of ELO and ELO II this is a band who will prove that the large audience has not forgotten classic albums such as "A new world record" and "Out of the blues".
GOTTHARD (CH) - A heavy rockband from Switzerland who graced our kickoff with a gig. Eleven of their twelve album releases have reached the number one spot in Switzerland.
HAVANA BLACK (FIN) - Southern rock from Finland? Yes, it can work and did so some 20 years ago with "Faceless days", "Indian warrior" and "Exiles in mainstream". It still does.
HENSLEY/LAWTON & LIVE FIRE (UK) - Ken Hensley first came to prominence as a keyboardist in Uriah Heep and he teamed up with John Lawton in the latter parts of the 70´s. Of course you can count on them to play a couple of Heep-tracks.
LIZZY BORDEN (US) - Got their name from a young American woman who axe murdered her parents. This music will definitely kill you!
MINISTRY (US) - The main man in black has announced that he and the band will retire but not before Al Jourgensen has visited Sweden Rock Festival. This is the band who defined and still defines the term metal with an industrial touch.
MUSTASCH (S) - Probably the most successive hard rock band from Sweden in Sweden during 2007 thanks to their hit single "Double nature" from their latest album "Latest version of the truth".
NEGATIVE (FIN) - They started out as something closer to gothrock but can nowadays be regarded as glam- and sleazerock. Big in Finland and soon to be big everywhere else.
SABATON (S) - They played Sweden Rock Festival in 2005 and their fan base has been growing ever since. A new album will be released this coming spring.
SAXON (UK) - One of the most classic bands hailing from NWOBHM-era makes every festival better. And yes – they´re bringing their eagle with them!
SHAKIN` STREET - Fronted by beautiful Fabienne Shine this band released to albums in the 80´s. Fabienne, Ross the Boss, Mike Winter and Jean-Lou plus Phillipe Kalfon and Phillipe Bonnano are back.
TESLA (US) - Had great success in the early 90´s in the US starting with "Mechanical resonance" but disbanded in 1994. The band members have found their way back together. First ever visit to Sweden Rock Festival.
THE BLUES BAND (UK) - Much talked about bluesband from England who has existed close to 30 years. This is an institution!
ULI JOHN ROTH (D) - Played a handful of songs together with his former bandmates in Scorpions at our festival in June this year and the German guitarist will return with his own band. He has concentrated on combining heavier rock with orchestral elements and his masterpeice "Metamorphosis" was released in 2004. He´s got a new album coming out next year.
VOLBEAT (DK) - Heavy and hard from Denmark with a singer who reminds a lot about Elvis Presley!

Sweden Rock Details:
The festival will be held between the 4th June and 7th June 2008. The reactions from our visitors during 2007 for the 4-dayfestival was so overwhelming that we decided to do it again. The capacity for June 4th will be 10 000 and three stages – Sweden Stage, Zeppelin Stage and the Gibson Tent – will be open with bands performing.
Tickets - Can ONLY be bought via our official website at The festivals in 2004, 2005 and 2006 were sold out well in advance. With some 30, 000 visitors the Sweden Rock Festival was the biggest festival we have staged so far regarding the number of bands and days.
The festival has made a major investment in a building on the festival site with facilities such as toilets and water taps.
New Camping Area For Disabled - As a consequence of this new building our camping site for the disabled has been moved to a site closer to the sea enabling us to accommodate more people.
More Acts To Follow - We will continue to announce more bands over the next couple of months. Please check out our official webiste for more news.

Sponsor Update / "We have now available at our on-line store The Heaven and Hell DVD Live from Radio City Music Hall the Dio years.
Also the Frankie Banali and Friends Tribute To Led Zeppelin's John Bonham featuring Jeff Scott Soto, Glen Hughes, Don Dokken, Kevin Dubrow, Steve Fister, Gilby Clarke, Bruce Kulick and many more.(Check out the sound bites on our site). Do not forget the CD's of Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, Ted Nugent), Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty, Eric Clapton) Steve Fister (Lita Ford), Taylor Mills (Brian Wilson), and Jeff Young (Steely Dan). Special price on the Soul SirkUS Cd which features Neal Schon, Marco Mendoza, Jeff Scott Soto and Virgil Donati. You will receive a picture of Marco Mendoza and a Thin Lizzy guitar pick at no extra charge just $12.99 plus shipping).
Two new shows upcoming also:
December 7 - Cozy's in Sherman Oaks CA. The Dirty Knobs featuring Mike Campbell Rock and Roll hall of fame inductee and guitar player from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. This show will sellout and limited tickets left.
December 13 - the Steve Fister Band live at Lavelee Jazz Club in Studio city Ca. with Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai) and Sandro Feliciano Our annual Xams bash.
To purchase music or tickets from us go to and Happy Holidays to all the melodic rock fans!"

T-Shirt Pre-Orders continue through until Thursday this week when I will have to place the order for what is needed. I won't at this time be ordering many extra numbers as this is purely a fill-requests order. I can't say when I will do any further orders at this stage. So get in this week if you are interested!
Just in regards to the pricing - I had 1 comment about the costs - let me say that these shirts are full color (some band and front) and A-Grade quality, plus the cost of shipping each shirt from here (in the ass-end of the world) is nearly US$10. Plus the numbers being place in this order is a long long way from anything that would get me a bulk discount. I've done the best I can to deliver the best qulaity possible (as I always do) at the best price possible! Thanks for all those that have plced orders thus far.

5 designs available....Blue, Grey and Black Ts, plus a Long Sleeve Shirt, in sizes from Small to 4XL. Pre-Order is open right now.




Friday, November 23, 2007

Press Release / In the pre Pop Idol era, where instant opportunities for fame were few, one young boy found his first musical inspiration singing in a church choir. This choirboy's love of ecclesiastical music harmony would change the face of music…..unlike today's shooting star wannabes he would go on to achieve 18 Gold Albums, 9 Platinum Albums and 3 Multi Platinum Albums, a Grammy and provide his distinctive vocals and bass playing for the legendary band YES – Stadiums would no longer be just sporting venues, the Ford Transit would be replaced by the fleet of articulated trucks and you could knit a sweater in the time it took to play one track.
It is 2007 and Chris Squire has decided to come full circle and release this unique album reworking classic baroque Xmas carols. He is joined by the influential former guitarist of Genesis, Steve Hackett, who is no stranger to worldwide success himself and the sublime vocal beauty of The English Baroque Choir.
The 13 tracks on this new Album steer from the darkly Gothic cinematic Medieval German of Personent Hodie to joyous takes on Ding Dong Merrily On High and I Saw Three Ships. The bonus track is his 1981 Christmas classic - Run With The Fox.
The only member of Yes who has appeared in all of their line ups, performing on their hits Roundabout and Owner of a Lonely Heart , winning many "best bass player in the world" awards over the years, he also had huge success with his solo album Fish Out Of Water and formed the band XYZ with Jimmy Page when Led Zeppelin disbanded.
Chris is appearing in a super group of Rick Wakeman, Paul Rogers and Keith Emerson as support to Led Zeppelin at the London 02 on December 10th and a much talked about classic line up Yes world tour is likely to be announced soon.
Though no actual Swiss choirs were used or harmed in the making of this album, don't try saying "Chris Squire's Swiss Choir" three times!
For more information contact: /


MR-X has been updated with some Swiss treats. The following Swiss rarities are all included in today's update - KC Rose - KC Rose; Nation - Take Off; D/C World (Swiss AC/DC Tribute album produced by Leo Leoni).
Also online are the following new Video Clips: Enuff Z Nuff - New Thing, Kix - Don't Close Your Eyes and celebrating the new Airtime release, some Rik Emmett clips - Rik Emmett - Bang On, Big Lie & When A Heart Breaks plus Triumph - When The Lights Go Down, Somebody's Out There & Hold On.
MR-X Membership Details.

Press Release / It seems like it's been a tough couple of months for our most recent CMS guests. First, Helstar vocalist James Rivera called in to talk about being assaulted by a band member with a bottle, and now CMS Friend and Mad Margritt vocalist Eddie Smith will be calling in this week to talk about a violent car accident that left him close to death. Oh, and he'll also be talking about Mad Margritt's new album Animal as well. Mad Margritt, as you may remember, played at one of our live events a few years ago, and have proven to be good friends of The Classic Metal Show. Given that, and the fact that their album is very solid, we are more than happy to have Eddie on as we do a New Music Listening Party for ANIMAL.
Additionally, Tyketto has "officially" hung up their band recently, but emptied the closet in doing so. They've released a collection of tunes called The Last Sunset Farewell 2007, which is made up of unreleased tracks as well as different versions of some of their most popular material. We'll do a New Music Listening Party for The Last Sunset Farewell 2007, and vocalist Danny Vaughn will call in to talk about ending Tyketto as we have known them before.
A late added guest, and one that will please CMS Fan Evil Batman, The Voice of Triumph, Rik Emmett, has agreed to call into The Classic Metal Show this week! Rik has a brand new band called Airtime, with their debut release Liberty Manifesto just now coming out. It's not really a departure from what you've come to expect from Emmett - a project based on great vocals. In any event, we'll feature a few songs from Airtime, and Rik will be on to talk about this new project, as well as his history in the rock business.
Finally, in the wake of last week's controversial interview with Seven Witches guitarist Jack Frost, The Cursed guitarist Dan Lorenzo was in contact with The Classic Metal Show during the week and would like some time to address these comments. We're only too happy to oblige him. Dan will be calling in to address Jack Frost's comments, as well as updating everyone on his latest musical projects.
The Classic Metal Show airs live from 9p-3a EST on Saturdays at




Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hi folks....finally an update on T-Shirt pre-orders. Look for the links and final details tomorrow. I have to do pre-sales, as I have no freaking clue as to how many are needed or wanted, so I hope people are ok with that and delivery before Christmas (if all goes to plan...).
The designs are both general and some re-prints and left overs from the MelodicRockFest show, in case anyone still wanted those or didn't get one on the night. One brand new design is featured here - the MR Logo and Wombat as a stand alone shirt (not connected to MRF).
The colors are obviously more vivid than what is reflected in these small jpegs, but you get the idea! The designs are as follows: - T-Shirt (Available in Grey and Blue) - The Wombat (Available in Blue, Black and Grey)

MelodicRockFest - Wombat & Show Line-Up

MelodicRockFest - Long Sleeve (Black Only)

I'll finalize prices tonight - the shipping cost is likely to be included in the overall T-Shirt price as trying to work out combinations of different designs and sizes is near impossible, so all will be included in a price-per-shirt deal.
Any questions or enquiries...drop me a line, but full details and links tomorrow.

Artist Service is proud to announce new releases in November -

Terry Ilous Here And Gone – release: 23.11.2007 - XYZ singer Terry Ilous is back with "Here And Gone" - a compilation of rare tracks recorded for his solo projects or with XYZ. He was fortunate enough to record these tracks with some exceptional players, engineers, and producers throughout the years. Several of these tracks were originally recorded long ago for CD releases that never saw the light of the day, while others, recorded more recently as soundtracks for movies and TV. The translation behind the Japanese writing on the CD is "BUSHIDO", meaning "The way of the Samurai". Terry chose this to represent my musical path so far, which has been a tough road filled with many challenges, sacrifices, and its share of disappointments and sadness, yet so full of joy. Truly, an unbelievable journey that took one outcast foreigner all the way to Hollywood for the real American Rock and Roll Dream! Terry Ilous: "I just wanted to share some of those moments in time with my friends and fans from all over the world that I have been lucky enough to touch and connect with in some way through my music." Here And Gone contains 18 rare tracks, featuring JK Northrup, Sean McNabb, Pat Fontaine, Michael T.Ross, Vinnie Appice, Tony Franklin, Matt Bissonette, Jeff Pilson, Jack Frost, James Kottak, Vinnie Colaiuta, Marc Diglio, Paul Monroe, and many more!

Naughty Boys R U Naughty Enough? – release: 23.11.2007 - Already founded in 1989, swedish melodic hard rock outfit NAUGHTY BOYS went through several line-up changes and split up in 1994 but due to the warm feedback their debut album, EP´s and radio singles received, they reunited in 2005 and are now back with their second full-length release "R U Naughty Enough?". 13 new songs, with a heavy, but still melodic sound, hook-laden melodies and brilliant vocal lines. This is how the Naughty Boys sound in 2007 - pure rock'n'roll!

Random Damage Human Flytrap – release: 23.11.2007 - Formed in 1994, Random Damage was quickly snapped up by Mascot Records. Drummer Ray Hartmann is very well known as his previous band ANNIHILATOR had toured extensively over in Europe. The shredding guitar attack of Dean Boland (Doomsayer) and Jonas Falle (Aragathor), together with the booming bottom-end from John Prutton (Doomsayer) completed the metal quartet's aggressive, edgy attack. Melodic, yet, raunchy biting rhythym's portray Random Damage's style. "Human Flytrap" appears in a stricktly limited edition with a bonus CD: the EP "In My Corner" of Random Damage guitarist Dean Boland's solo album!

Hush Mirage – release: 23.11.2007 - In 1998 the Norwegian rock band HUSH released their debut "I You Smile" to rave reviews and massive response first in Japan and later in Europe. The band saw the hardcore fans of AOR and Melodic Rock welcome them to the scene as their music left hints of the best bands of the genre (Bad English, Whitesnake, Journey, etc.) Three years later their anticipated sophomore effort "Hush II" saw the light of day (on Frontiers Records), again to great reviews, and stylistically it was much in the vain of the debut, but still a step further both musically and lyrically. Now, in 2007, the band once again strikes back with a brand new record called "Mirage". It's been in the works for quite some time, but the band wanted the record to sound good in the best possible way – and this is what it is all about.
Accompanied to the new release, "Hush 2" and "If You Smile" are available on digital format! All releases are available in physical and digital format at or lots of other fine shops all around the world!


Evidence One will be touring Europe as support for the mighty Saxon next month. This is actually the second time after 2003 the band's supporting legendary UK Metalheadz. Additionally, E1 will be headlining next year's "Titans Of Power" Festival in Nettetal/Germany.
07/12/07 Karlsdorf Altenbuerghalle Germany (with Saxon & U.D.O.)
08/12/07 Andernach JUZ Live Club Germany (with Saxon)
09/12/07 Hohenems Event Center Austria (with Saxon)
10/12/07 Salzburg Rockhouse Austria (with Saxon)
11/12/07 Pratteln Z7 Switzerland (with Saxon)
12/12/07 Antwerp Hof Ter Lo Belgium (with Saxon)
14/12/07 Strasbourg La Laiterie France (with Saxon)
16/12/07 Nuremberg Loewensaal Germany (with Saxon)
17/12/07 Prague Retro Music Hall Czech Republic (with Saxon)
23/03/08 Nettetal Titans Of Power Festival Germany

The Japanese are at it again! More "papersleeves" re-issues coming your way - this time it is Triumph getting the treatment. Fresh 2007 24bit Digital Masters will be released December 12 for the following albums: "Triumph," "Rock & Roll Machine," "Just a Game," "Progressive of Power," "Allied Forces," "Never Surrender," "Thunder Seven," "Stages," "The Sport of Kings," and "Surveillance".

And while we are on upcoming releases, GTR Live is a DVD scheduled for release in Japan December 19, featuring stereo TV recordings from the band's brief career.

Kotipelto will play at the Atarfe Vega Rock Festival, set to take place the 7th (Friday) and 8th of March (Saturday) 2008, in the city of Atarfe (at 11 km from Granada, Andalusia - SPAIN). By now, this is the billing after adding this new act: Destruction, Exciter, Grave Digger, Katatonia, Korpiklaani, Kotipelto, Mayhem, My Dying Bride, Tribal and Unleashed. More bands to be announced very soon.
This year the shows will be hold at "Coliseo Ciudad Atarfe", a modern covered Bullring, with all the facilities, that a music festival like the Atarfe Vega Rock Festival requires.
First tickets can now be sold. The special price for the two day tickets is 45 Euros + issue expenses, this promotion will end the 27th December. For more info about our festival, please visit the official website




Wednesday, November 21, 2007

News fresh from Tesla - "A Peace Of Time is a 7 song taste of music that was recorded live in the studio and features recordings of Tesla's own songs in a different fashion as well as a few covers that we love. Set to be released for the Holiday season, there is a recording of the Christmas classic Silent Night and alternate recordings of Tesla classics."
An iTunes Digital Download Exclusive! Track By Track as told by the band:
I Love You (Climax Blues Band) - This track was the first song that Tesla recorded in the studio together when reuniting in 2000 after the 5 year break-up. JK asked the band to record this song to be played at his wedding.
Everything I Own (Bread) - Another beautiful love song, this song really showcases JK's vocal ability and Tesla's ability to "own" a classic cover. Transposed using a capo and teslafied during the guitar solo, this track captures Tesla chemistry.
Signs - This is a very raunchy version of our top 10 hit recorded "live" in the studio with a little more grit and attitude than the 5 man "acoustic" version.
The Way It Is - We recorded this version in the studio after coming home from the Canadian "acoustic" tour. It is a stripped down version and we opted to sing it a bit lower to make it more soulful and played the guitar parts with a softer touch.
What You Give - Not much to say about this track except it is one of our favorite songs we've written and our fans seem to love it as much if not more today than ever. This recording is a Hybrid version of acoustic and electric complete with the guitar solo being played acoustically and the twangy country licks complementing JK's soulful lyrics.
I'd Love To Change The World (ten years after) - A Great song! This track was originally considered for the "Real To Reel" set list but somehow got left behind. This is a "live" demo version recorded in the studio and we wanted to convey a fierce "Guitar" battle between Frank and Tommy. There is a lot of aggression in the music and JK put some serious vibes in the vocals.
Silent Night (Acoustic Solo) - This recording is an acoustic arrangement put together by Frank Hannon as a bonus track for the EP's release in December for Christmas. The melody is beautiful and is reminiscent of Tesla's "Love Song" intro with classical guitar lines and finger picking. To add to the arrangement, there are Dobro slide parts and a Mandolin outro added to enhance the holiday spirit. Enjoy! Visit or iTunes for sound clips!


Interesting that it seems there will continue to be two Asia's in the market place. This news update from Asia featuring John Payne:
"John, Jay and Guthrie are pleased to officially announce that the band lineup has finally been completed with the addition of keyboard wizard par excellence Erik Norlander. Erik's evocative synthesizer technique and style is reminiscent of the legendary Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson and Jon Lord while still creating a very unique musical voice of his own. Vocalist John Payne adds, "We know that the keyboard position is extremely critical to this band and therefore much time was invested to find the right person and all roads lead us to Erik". The band has commenced recording the much-anticipated album Architect of Time to be released in 2008. Red Entertainment is currently booking worldwide tour dates."

In related news - Sony/BMG will be releasing an Extended Versions live recording featuring John Payne, Geoff Downes, Guthrie Govan, Jay Schellen. Included on the CD are: Time Again, Only Time Will Tell, Wildest Dreams, Here Comes The Feeling, Silent Nation, Long Way From Home, Cutting It Fine, What About Love, Sole Survivor, and Heat of The Moment.
WebLinks: / /

Press Release / Los Angeles, CA - After a 24-year sabbatical, Dr. Noah Drake has returned to ABC daytime, and the music of Rick Springfield is about to fill our speakers once again. Sonic Past Music, a new label dedicated to bringing fans previously unreleased albums from their favorite classic artists, has just uncovered Rick Springfield: The Early Sound City Sessions. The CD will be available on November 20 and includes material that set the stage for Springfield's rise as a Pop star.
Recorded in 1977 and '78, the album includes songs that were later re-recorded with studio musicians for his Beautiful Feelings album. But, check this out – Rick Springfield: The Early Sound City Sessions features a bonus track, Still Got the Magic, which has never been heard before.
Sonic Past Music was formed as an outlet for popular and recognizable artists to make available albums that had been previously un-released on any label. All Sonic Past albums are available only from the Sonic Past Music website (, CDBaby and
Sonic Past founder, Joey Stec explains, "In today's fractured music industry we don't have to be 19 and mainstream to put out our albums, it's okay to cater to a niche market. These titles are by artists that made their mark primarily on the West Coast in the '70s and '80s. They are my friends, colleagues and family. Collectively we've spent decades together in the studio amassing hundreds of albums'-worth of masters."
Rick Springfield was a triple-threat as actor, musician and teen idol. His role as Dr. Drake on ABC Daytime coincided with the chart-climbing hit "Jessie's Girl" from his album Working Class Dog in 1980. Even as his acting career was taking off in the early '80s, Springfield was first and foremost a musician at heart. The Australian-born artist continued to record after a serious ATV accident in the late '80s and released two albums in the late '90s.
All Sonic Past releases for the U.S. have been digitally re-mastered and include music and art not found elsewhere. Prior Japanese and European Sonic Past releases of some of these albums are available. Further information is available at
Track Listing: Bruce, Just One Look, Solitary One, Spanish Eyes, Everybody's Cheating, Looking for the One, Cold Feet, Brand New Feeling, Beautiful Feelings, Guenevere, Still Got The Magic (Bonus Track).
[Note: The track listing is identical running order to that of the album that would become Beautiful Feelings, which in 1978, was released without Rick's permission using alternative musicians as already indicated. Beautiful Feelings was again re-issued in 1982 - again without Rick's permission. It is nice to get the original recordings at long last]


A benefit gig is being held to raise funds towards the cost of medical treatment for former Magnum drummer Kex Gorin. Taking place on December 10th at the Robin 2 Club in Bilston, near Wolverhampton, in addition to a set by Magnum there will also be a memorabilia auction with many 'unique and collectible items' up for grabs including full size prints of Rodney Mathew's Magnum artwork signed by Rodney and all of the band.
Together with Bob Catley and Tony Clarkin, Kex was a founder member of Magnum in 1972 when they were the 'house' band at Birmingham's famous Rum Runner club and played on the albums 'Kingdom of Madness', 'Magnum II', 'Marauder', 'Chase The Dragon' and 'The Eleventh Hour'. After leaving Magnum in 1984, Kex went on to play with artists such as Robin George, Roy Wood and Leo Lyons. Diagnosed with kidney cancer two years ago, the drugs needed to prolong his life expectancy and ease his suffering are unavailable via the NHS and cost around £2,700 every six weeks.
Advance tickets for the gig are priced at £8 and are available from

Led Zeppelin with The Cult as support for a full tour in 2008?




Tuesday, November 20, 2007

People complain from time to time about the lack of new talent in this scene. I thought I would take a little time out to plug a couple of acts that deserve extra attention.
One has been around a little while already, but is still establishing themselves - Finland's Leverage.
I described Leverage in 2006 as "more in the league of Masterplan – powerful yet very melodic hard rock/metal." and their debut album Tides as "a melodic metal gem, oozing a powerful energy that few other albums emulate....songs full of life and passion, not to mention good choruses, powerful guitar riffs and swirling keyboards."
Well, I have been spending time with the band's brand new album Blind Fire, due out January 25 and I am extremely pleased to say that the guys have matched the brilliance of the debut and perhaps even gone one further. I need some more time with the album, but safe to say that all the elements within the songwriting and all the energy and power displayed on the debut are present again here, with a monster production fueling the quality performances.
Three tracks have previously been sampled (Shadow In The Rain; Stormchild and Sentenced), so right now I'd like to add another 3 clips so folks can get a handle on the kind of quality album this is.
Download - Leverage - King Of The Night / Mr. Universe / Heart Of Darkness.


At the other end of the melodic scale, I'd love to plug Swedish newcomers Work Of Art and their upcoming debut album Artwork. AOR fans rejoice! True quality AOR releases are further apart these days. But in the tradition of killer AOR debut's such as Mecca and On The Rise comes Work Of Art!
I'm really digging this record for an ultra smooth dose of traditional Westcoast/AOR. Two things come to mind when playing this record back. First - Toto. Fans of the band's classic IV, Fahrenheit and Seventh One albums will love the keyboard drenched sound of these guys.
That's the music - vocally I kept being reminded of Mark Free/Signal. So if Toto meets Signal does it for you...check these guys out. In fact, let's road test a few samples now...what the heck! Let's go with the first three songs from the upcoming album which is due via Frontiers Records on February 25!
Download - Work Of Art - Why Do I / Maria / Camelia.


I'm in the midst of playing back some other upcoming 2008 albums too - with the promise of more joy for melodic rock fans to talk about...coming up soon!

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of Markus Grosskopf's Bassinvaders album Hellbassbeaters on January 25.
Markus Grosskopf is mostly known as the bass player of Germany's Heavy Metal legend Helloween, but Bassinvaders has been a creation of Markus while sitting in a bar and enjoying a few drinks. There it was that he got inspired to an impressive idea: a heavy rock record without any guitars at all. He presented this concept to Frontiers Records in early 2007, who was intrigued with the idea and gave it a go.
And yes, at the end of the day the idea paid off! Hellbassbeaters contains all basic elements a heavy rock record and so much more. You got the strong vocals, rhythmic bass, intoxicating drums and even bass & twin bass solo parts. What you hear is what you get: 100 % genuine heavy / rock record with absolutely no discordant guitar note on it at all. To guarantee a great variety of different influences Markus invited some well-known singing bass players from the German Metal scene to join the band. And they didn't need an extra invitation. In Destruction's enfant terrible Schmier, Sodom's frontman Tom Angelripper and Rage boss Peavy, Markus found some real Bassinvaders-friends.
To push it even further Markus invited a few of his bass heroes to play solos on some of the tracks. When he started searching for support making this album excellent he expected to get a cautious response of 2 or 3 musicians. He ended up organizing more than 13 people for a solo appearance on the album. They named themselves – like the album title – the Hellbassbeaters: Billy Sheehan (Steve Vai, ex-Mr. Big, ex-David Lee Roth), Rudy Sarzo (Dio, ex-Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Whitesnake, ex-Quiet Riot), Lee Rocker (Stray Cats), Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, ex-Whitesnake, ex-Ted Nugent), DD Verni (Overkill), Wyzard (Mother's Finest), Dirk Schlächter (Gamma Ray), Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Fates Warning, ex-Anthrax), Stig Pedersen (D.A.D), Nibbs (Saxon), Tobias Exxel (Edguy), Jens Becker (Grave Digger, ex-Running Wild), Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69), Peter Baltes (Accept), Jan S. Eckert (Masterplan) and Michael Müller (Jaded Heart).
Markus has also invited some guest singers for the songs he wrote: Apollo Papathanasio (Firewind, Time Requiem, Evil Masquerade, Majestic) and the frontman of the legendary Danish stadium rock band D.A.D – Jesper Binzer. While the guest drummers are André Hilgers (Rage, Axxis, Silent Force) and Stefan Arnold (Grave Digger).
This guest list and the killer line-up make the first Bassinvaders album something very special, but it's not only about the name dropping. Songs like "Boiling Blood", "We Live", "Voices", "Razorblade Romance", "Armageddon" or the storming Bassinvaders version of the classic Helloween anthem "Eagle Fly Free" are proving that Markus' late night idea won't be just a one-off slap, but the foundation for another "battlefield" for the always smiling bassist.
The album tracklisting includes: Awakening the Bass Machine; We Live; Armageddon; Romance In Black; Godless Gods; Empty Memories (Breaking Free); Boiling Blood; Far Too Late; The Asshole Song; Dead From the Eyes Down; Razorblade Romance; Voices; Eagles Fly Free; To Hell And Back (Bonus Track Europe)


Action guitarist Chip and vocalist Jack Marques sat down to reflect on what inspired them to pen the lyrics for the following songs off of their self-titled debut CD to be released on December 7 on Frontiers Records.
1. Without Your Love - Chip: "In a world where everyone one is forgiving and forgetting...and writing songs about how strong and powerful love matter what, work it out... This song is about knowing when not to work it out...about finding yourself again...moving on, being is strong, beautiful, powerful...but there can be a blind spot where you lose yourself...where is that...who knows...but there is a fine line between love and stupidity."
2. Someday - Jack: "This song is basically about our struggle as musicians chasing a dream! It's a long hard road and you're very often unfairly judged, misunderstood and sometimes viewed as some kind of foolish dreamer. However, those who are not like us, can never understand the passion that drives us, and the hope that some day we will flourish in what we were born to do!"
3. Here In My Heart - Chip: "This one is about holding on to the memory of those loved ones we've lost...and the hope to be with them again someday...until then we have their memory to live with…"
4. Destiny - Jack: "This song is somewhat a reflection of me. It paints the picture of a man who had almost given up on love when the girl that was always destined for him shows up in his life. Then together they discover it was somehow always meant to be!"
5. Forever - Jack: "In a world where so many people are giving up on their relationships, I wanted to write something that would challenge people to work it out and fight through adversity. Too many are just giving up! I believe love is a choice and when you choose to hang in there and fight for your love, the bond is strengthened and your love grows deeper roots. That's what makes great relationships. But that can never be discovered when you give up!"
6. Loveless - Chip: "This one is about the final decision...stay or go...seems simple why is it so hard...any answers?"
7. Don't Leave Me Lonely - Chip: "Written with friends Kevin Morin, Greg Varatta...this one is about a long term relationship gone wrong...seems impossible at times, especially when you are in it, but it does happen...more than we would ever could happen to you or I."
8. Heaven Tonight - Chip: "Written in '86. This was our take on the dream of making it...written with friends Tom Regine and Bill Huling...hey don't we have another song on this record about this same subject...I'll be back, I'm gonna go check, be back...SOMEDAY…lol"
9. Cinderella - Jack: "Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a strong faith in God. This song is based on a true story about a girl who really had a rough life and childhood. She was ready to give up on her life when she learned that the love of God was there for her. That he is there, ready to help anyone who would call and take his hand. Well, she did and amazingly her life completely turned around, and she now lives the kind of life she never thought possible."
10. Feel The Fire - Chip: "Ah true love...that's what this one is about...written in 1990-something...with yours truly and old Action singer, Roger Monteiro. This is a dedication to his lovely wife I ask you...can you feel the fire?"
11. Is It Love - Chip: "The big question is it or isn't it love...the answer we are all waiting for...some will make it a's not... but go on... jump in and love away what do you have to lose... don't be may be blessed for the rest of your life...that's all I have to say about is like a box of..."


It's nice to get through some of the back-log of work still waiting for my attention. Today I have Live Reports from a couple of recent shows and one from way back in June (it's never too late!)
Firstly - with thanks to Sven Horlemann - 2 reports from Germany.
1 - Bang Your Head Festival, June 2007 (Featuring headliners Heaven & Hell, Edguy). Read Report & View Photos.
2 - United Forces Of Rock October 2007 (Featuring Soul Doctor, Last Autumns Dream, Danger Danger, Joe Lynn Turner and more...) Read Report & View Photos.

And with thanks to Nick Muller, a nice report from Jim Peterik's World Stage'Lokerse Feesten', Lokeren, Belgium – Monday, August 6, 2007. Read Report & View Photos.


So what about the Night Ranger Box? Well folks...the title is now out of print as I previously mentioned, but the verdict is now in - it is worth picking up if you are a die-hard Night Ranger fan.
I can confirm that Big Life and Man In Motion have been remastered for this occasion and both sound great!
The first three albums (Dawn Patrol, Midnight Madness and Seven Wishes) are also remastered, but the same masters that appeared maybe 2 years back as individual re-issues (in regular jewel cases).
This 5 Disc set features the brilliant "papersleeves" packaging, featuring thick cardboard sleeves the size slightly bigger than that of regular CD releases, with full LP artwork loving restored as they were first released back in the day. The inner sleeves of those original LPs are also reproduced, right down to the plastic protector you used to slide LPs into after playing. Brilliant!
Sound wise the first three albums sound simply amazing as remasters (if you don't already own the previous re-issues). Big Life features the least improvement overall, but still sounds a little fresher than my original CD and the overall sound is brighter.
Man In Motion sounds markedly better than the original CD, with a fresh booming bass/drum sound and more impact with both vocals and those guitar riffs.
So Night Ranger fans...despite the hefty price tag, the Night Ranger Box is a quality release. I have not yet heard if these albums will be individually released in regular packaging, but stay tuned for updates if that ever happens.

Speaking of Night Ranger remasters though - there is one more still to come! The band's original live release from 1988 Live In Japan (which remains a classic in its own right) is also getting the remaster treatment and will be re-issued in Japan on January 23.

A little hot-off-the-press tour speculation for you today.
First up, it looks as if the first 2008 US show for Journey has been confirmed - the guys will be the main attraction at a corporate only show the 2008 Remax Real Estate Convention - March 6, 2008 at MGM Grand in Vegas.

Secondly - Heart & Cheap Trick will team up for a dual attack on US concert venues in Summer 2008.

And lastly - Van Halen are the hot rumor to be the headline act for Sweden Rock 2008. If true, that places the band in Europe for the first time in a long long time and you could expect further dates are being booked around an appearance at Sweden Rock. Stay tuned...

CD Showcases have been updated today - more great new releases to check out. This time featuring: Action, Seven Tears, Indigo Dying and Lana Lane (Frontiers Records, December 7 release); Angel Of Eden, MCM and Palace Terrace (Lion Music, Out Now) plus Snow (Z Records, November 26 release). Check them all out now.




Monday, November 19, 2007

Just a little teaser here - Crown Of Thorns - busy in a Los Angeles studio with producer Bob Clearmountain. Frontman Jean Beauvoir states: "We've been working hard on the record. Tommy Lafferty just flew back to San Francisco today after some days of guitars. I head to LA on Thursday and we will be working 5 days recording Drums and Bass with Bob Clearmountain in his studio. It's going well!" A release is due in the first half of 2008 via Frontiers Records.


Press Release / It has been over 12 months since Mike Tramp last took the stage in Australia. Since then he has toured the US and Indonesia and completed a new White Lion album (due for release in the new year) and is almost ready to complete a new solo album.
But while all of these things start to take shape, Mike has called on a bunch of his friends to join him for a night of rock and roll and some fun.
Joining Mike will be an array of musicians some of whom Mike has played with previously and some that have become new friends recording with him. It's pretty much "play until we run out of songs or drop, whatever comes first.
"The idea was just to have some fun, the music business is so serious, this is an opportunity just to play the songs I love with a group of people that I enjoy playing with. It'll probably be the longest show I've played - there will be unplugged, plugged in and all kinds of combinations on stage, who knows where we'll end up"
, Tramp said.
The show takes place at The Corner Hotel on Thursday 6 December, tickets are on sale now Ph 03 9427 9198 or through /

In very related and important news - Mike Tramp begins mixing the new White Lion studio album this week! Stay tuned for more details very shortly!

A new note from Eric Martin, with tour dates for his Italian fans. Says Eric: "I'm going to conclude my world tour (for 2007 at least) in Italy. This time I get to bring my entire family with me, so it's more like vacation than work! I'm working on a news section; I've just been very busy since getting home from India. It's coming though. I hope to see you at one of these shows. Ciao, ~E~"
Dec 01, 2007 7:00 PM People of Art, S. Damaso - Modena, Italy
Dec 04, 2007 7:00 PM BSide, Cosenza, Italy
Dec 06, 2007 7:00 PM Black Horse, Cermenate, Como, Italy
Dec 09, 2007 7:00 PM Nord Wind, Bari, Italy
Dec 12, 2007 7:00 PM Borderline Club, Pisa, Italy
Dec 14, 2007 7:00 PM Locanda Blues, Roma, Italy
Dec 15, 2007 7:00 PM Rockhouse, Pescara, Italy

Press Release / Z Records are extremely proud to announce the signing of the legendary BRITNY FOX and their confirmed appearance at Z Rock 08. The bands manager Chris "Bog Poppa" and Z Rock label chief Mark Alger finalised all parts of this impressive deal during the late hours of Friday evening. Both parties are extremely excited that BRITNY FOX will finally return to the UK for this exclusive appearance after 18 long years and in the process record a live album to make it even more special for fans!
The band are set to return to UK shores for a special appearance at Z Rock 08 and record a live album for Z Rock Records to celebrate their return to European soil.
Z Rock 08 will now be held on May 10th [Saturday] in central Birmingham at an all new venue set to open early 2008. Details will be posted soon at Tickets already purchased are still valid but if you are unable to attend on the new date we will happily refund your ticket if you purchased prior to November 19 2007. We apologies if the change of date has caused anyone problems but it was necessary to attract further quality acts whom will be disclosed soon.

Press Release / "Our database is approaching it's 20,000th customer. As of 11/18/07, in Minneapolis is at it's 19,903rd customer. Now take in account that 90% of our customers call their orders in on the phone, once they've a card on file and you're talking metal headz everywhere...
We're in the Christmas spirit and celebrating so here's a mega-present:
The customer who places that 20,000th order will get the best present of this year, a free $500 shopping spree at good for anything and everything, good for 2 years. We will personally call the 20,000th customer by phone and congratulate them and also send them a $500 gift certificate good for all of the best metal in the world. Now you cannot beat that can you? ...and this is a worldwide offer, no matter where you are!!!
We would like to thank everyone who supports this great music, even if you do not buy from us. We would especially like to thank all of our customers and friends who do buy from us for the great business and record sales with our company this year. Music retail sales have truly grown over the past 7 years we've been in business, despite digital downloads. A huge part is in thanks to the great limited editions, box sets and extra packaging of releases coming out of Europe and Japan. Fanz love to hold metal in their handz...
Happy holidays to you all. Stay safe... CD Inzane LLC." - (763) 391-9344 -


Retailer Grand Entertainment has a couple of special offers to plug. They are:
Soul SirkUS (Jeff Scott Soto/Neal Schon/Marco Mendoza/Virgil Donati) on sale $12.99
Live for Tomorrow - Marco Mendoza's solo CD with Ted Nugent, Steve Lukather, Doug Aldrich and more. $17.99 ea get a free Thin Lizzy guitar pick and Marco Mendoza picture with every order.
Also Tribute to Led Zeppelin's John Bonham (Frankie Banali and Friends) CD $14.99 (Featuring: Jeff Scott Soto, Doug Aldrich, Gilby Clarke, Kevin Dubrow, Tony Franklin, Bruce Kulick, Steve Fister)

Press Release / Vicious Rumors would like to thank all the fans and friends who supported the band over the last year on the World War Tour. We had a great time with everyone at all the shows in the USA, Europe & Japan. As the Warball tour ends the band is now in pre-production for a new studio CD to be released next year.
Even tho the band has gone through many changes over the years VR has maintained a solid force in US power metal over the last 25 years. VR has already written several new songs for the new CD to follow up Warball. Due to artistic differences singer James Rivera is no longer in VR. James was let go after the European tour in Sept 07. Recently James Rivera has issued a statement saying VR was Broken up after his departure with a list of other personal problems. We understand that Helstar is his true love and passion and wish them all the best.
VR moves forward to next year with a new CD and a new lineup. After 25 years, 12 CDs & countless tours in no way has Vicious Rumors split up. You cant kill rock n roll...Look for VR on tour with a new CD in 2008.

Greek Scorpions' Fan Club and, present a special radio show on Saturday, November 24th, with special guest Herman Rarebell. At the first half of the show, fan club's members will play some rare Scorpions tunes, while the second half Herman Rarebell will play music for you. The radio show will be broadcasted through
Greece: 12:00 - 14:00; Central European Time: 11:00 - 13:00; United Kingdom: 10:00 - 12:00; United States (New York) 05:00 - 07:00; United States (Los Angeles) 02:00 - 04:00; Japan: 19:00 - 21:00.

Greek born female vocalist Electra has just completed her new 4 song EP produces by Mickey Kravitz ( Harlow, Track order is Blame, Opposites Attract, Felling Good, Teleia. "Electra" has been sitting in every Wednesday night at the Aqua lounge in Beverley hills with Stuart Smith and Richie Onori from ( Heaven and Earth ). Electra is looking for management anyone interested please contact via her website at:

Longtime Foreigner keyboardist Jeff Jacobs has left the band to be replaced with Paul Mirkovich musical director for the Rock Star TV show. No reason for his departure has been announced.

Photo Galleries from BW&BK's Micth Lafon for two recent Montréal shows can be found here: Bon Jovi and Van Halen.

Press Release / Swedish melodic metal masters LION'S SHARE will release their new album, Emotional Coma, in USA on January 29 via Locomotive Music. "Emotional Coma" was released by AFM Records in Europe and Spiritual Beast in Japan/Asia and features guest solos from ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, and Megadeth guitarist Glen Drover. E-card for the album:
Lion's Share will have two songs "Soultaker" and "The Edge Of The Razor", on the "Magic Circle Festival 2007" double-DVD set — shot live at Manowar's Magic Circle Festival in Bad Arolsen, Germany on July 7th 2007. Watch DVD trailer here

In related news Road To Ruin, the new Swedish four-piece featuring Lion's Share guitarist Lars Chriss and bassist Sampo Axelsson alongside drummer Thomas Broman (Hughes/Turner, John Norum, Electric Boys) and vocalist Matti Alfonzetti (Skintrade, Jagged Edge, Scott Gorham), will release its self-titled debut album in Japan on January 23 via Marquee/Avalon. The album was release in Europe by Metal Heaven on October 26.
According to a press release, Road To Ruin's influences come "from the classic rock era and carry trademarks from artists such as Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Rainbow plus — especially when it comes to the guitar sound — Black Sabbath."
Road To Ruin was founded in the year 2005 when guitarist Chriss and Axelsson started to write some material which didn't fit their main band Lion's Share. Full song samples at
For more info and interview requests: /

Press Release / Rock music trivia question - which CD garnered the highest sale price on eBay? A rare Beatles CD, a bootleg of Led Zeppelin unreleased tracks? While these might be predictable guesses - the actual winner of the highest selling CD is, Sudden Impact, by the Philadelphia band, Hit The Ground Runnin (HTGR). HTGR originally hit it big with millions of young adults from their guest appearances on the daily dance show, "Dance Party USA", on USA Network. As their reputation and fan base quickly grew, they also enjoyed success in both Canada and Europe. Hit The Ground Runnin (HTGR) might not jump out to you as a household name......but this Philadelphia quintet holds the title as having the most sought after CD, Album and cassette on eBay today according to The group's debut CD "Sudden Impact" has sold on eBay for a record $1950.52, with an average sales price of $838.17 (for a good condition original copy), and it has held the title as the most valuable CD since 2001.
The band was first signed to a Canadian record label, Autograph Records, distributed by BMG, and was followed up by a standing ovation performance at the 20th anniversary of the Monterey Pop Festival in Monterey, California, where music great Janis Joplin was first discovered. The band went on to sign a 5 year, 3 album deal with an international company, The Music Group, working with the legendary producer, Joe Venneri, who also produced Bob Marley and Vanilla Fudge. Because of issues with their management and management's subsequent legal issues, the group eventually was forced to disband, much to the dismay of their loyal fan base.
A few years ago, original band member Paul Piccari and producer Dan McKeown mastered a dream copy of what would have been the group's second CD release, Control Yourself, from previously recorded material, and placed it on the website Within a month, the results were astounding, with the site generating orders for 15,000 CDs in just 6 weeks...topping the sales of every independent label overseas! Distributors, magazines, and fans old and new wanted to know what happened to HTGR and where to find more product by this American group!
After receiving countless offers from different record labels to re-release the "Sudden Impact" CD and requests to license unreleased tracks for compilation CD's overseas......producer Dan McKeown along with the original members Paul Piccari and Blair Rumsey, who created the group's powerful signature vocals, decided it was time to reunite HTGR.
Earlier this year, Piccari and Rumsey - along with Vinnie Martello, vocals and guitars, Adam Feriolia on drums and Kalah Higgenbottom on vocals and keyboards went into the studio and recorded a 14 track masterpiece, "HGR", which contains new material along with a cover song written by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart called "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone", originally recorded by The Monkees!
The group is planning a 2008 European tour and has offers for the release of the new album. For the band whose infamous first CD still sells for thousands of dollars, HGTR plans to do it again...and this time, they will definitely Hit The Ground Runnin'!!
WebLinks: /




Friday, November 16, 2007

Press Release / Celebrity Rock Super Group Scrap Metal announced today they will appear in concert at a special holiday event in Music City at the Wildhorse Saloon on December 15. The Scrap Metal Jingle Bell Rock Party promises A Metal Christmas for rock fans who want to Party Like a Rock Star with their favorite lead singers from the most popular bands of the 80s and 90s.
"Celebrating the holidays with a special concert in our hometown (Nashville) is something we're all excited about," enthuses Scrap Metal co-founder Mark Slaughter, "A wonderful time of year to celebrate with all our Scrap friends and family!"
"For Scrap Metal to hit the stage at the infamous Wildhorse in Nashville is exciting," raves band co-founder Gunnar Nelson. "We have a few surprises and special guests lined up, so we hope everyone will come out and party like a rock star with our rock and roll rat pack!"
The Scrap Metal Jingle Bell Rock Party will feature Gunnar and Matthew Nelson performing their edgy, NEW rockin' Christmas hit, Jingle Bell Rock live. The song is currently available on the newly released Monster Ballads Xmas CD from Razor and Tie Records.
The Scrap Metal Jingle Bell Rock Party, live concert featuring Scrap Metal is Saturday, December 15, 2007 at 10:00 pm at The Wildhorse Saloon located at 120 Second Avenue in Nashville, Tennessee 37201. Doors open at 9pm. Tickets available at all Ticketmaster locations or or or by phone (615) 902-8211.
Visit the SCRAP METAL official website at


Press Release / Ian Parry is proud to announce the Consortium Project line-up for their 2008 European and Brazilian tour. After the successful release of the new Consortium Project IV cd in Europe, the USA and Brazil, Ian and colleagues will be touring live with a great new Consortium band. The European line-up is as follows:
Ian Parry - lead vocals (Elegy/Ayreon/Hammerhead); Dirk Bruinenberg - Drums (Adagio/Elegy); Joshua Dutrieux - Keyboards & guitar (Elegy); Niels Vejlyt - Lead guitar (Danish masterclass guitarist); Kristoffer Gildenlöw - bass guitar (Pain of Salvation); Erna auf der Haar - female backing vocals
As a prelude to the tour, their will be a new video clip from the C IV Children Of Tomorrow cd The track from the C IV album will be "Nowhere Fast" and can be seen on Ian's youtube site from December:
For further information about the live dates for the Consortium Project 2008 tour, please contact Bert Wildenberg at Multi Fairs Music Agency. or visit /

Sebastian Bach's new solo album Angel Down is out in a week or two and samples from the album can be heard at:
The track listing for the album is: 01. Angel Down, 02. You Don't Understand, 03. Back In The Saddle (feat. Axl Rose), 04. (Love Is) A Bitchslap (feat. Axl Rose), 05. Stuck Inside (feat. Axl Rose), 06. American Metalhead, 07. Negative Light, 08. Live & Die, 09. By Your Side, 10. Our Love Is A Lie, 11. Take You Down With Me, 12. Stabbin' Daggers, 13. You Bring Me Down, 14. Falling Into You.


Press Release / Originally released in 1999 and now much sought after, Lillian Axe's Fields Of Yesterday has been remastered and carries 2 bonus tracks. The album will be re-released on December 10 as part of Z 's 10th anniversary celebrations. Check out two songs in full at Z's MySpace site:
Track Listing: 01 - Death Valley Daze 02 - Do It 03 - Twilight In Hell 04 - For Crying Out Loud 05 - The Last Time 06 - Calm Before The Storm 07 - Pulling The Rats Out 08 - When It Rains 09 - Daddy Long Legs 10 - Blood On The Moon 11 - Kill Me Again 12 - Become A Monster 13 - Throw You Away [bonus track] 14 - Thirst [bonus track].

Tyketto's official homepage ( has copies of the new rarities CD release by the band - available to ship worldwide.

Another Firefest IV photo album can be viewed at:

Mind Key are pleased to announce the second amazing contribution on the upcoming album from singer Tom S. Englund (Evergrey). More info:

In the wake of his quitting Vicious Rumors as the result of a very publicized physical confrontation with guitarist Geoff Thorpe, Helstar vocalist James Rivera has agreed to be a guest on The Classic Metal Show on Saturday, November 1. James will discuss the incident that lead to him leaving the band, as well as discussing the new Helstar Greatest Hits release called Sins Of The Past.
To listen to the show live, tune in on Saturday at 9pm EST at

MR-X has been updated again. This week the members area features yet another Feature DVD! This time some rare Dokken footage, Live At The Beat Club 1982. Also on line is audio from AC/DC - The 2003 SARS Concert - Live In Toronto.
And the following new videos have been added: Bon Jovi - Something For The Pain, Bad 4 Good - Nineteen and a Kiss 3-Play - Crazy Nights, Reason To Live and Turn On The Night.
MR-X Membership Details.

Reviews have been updated again - still catching up from the many titles not covered due to work on MelodicRockFest. Reviewed today is: Loverboy, The Codex, Toto, Richie Kotzen, Airtime, Gary John Barden, Axel Rudi Pell, Eddie Money and Dogpound. Read The Reviews.

I'm hoping to finally have the MelodicRock T-Shirt pre-order details online early next week - Monday even.
I had to get these reviews online, so still coming are the promised Live Features, MiniBytes update and still more Reviews as we count down to the end of the year and the annual MelRock Awards.




Thursday, November 15, 2007

Press Release / Vox Tempus is proud to have signed an exclusive deal with Angel Milk Records in Europe! This has been is a long time coming. Label president Andy Bramhall initially expressed interest in the band when they were first shopping the debut, In the Eye of Time. The album ultimately saw a small independent release in the U.S., with virtually no overseas distribution. Andy went on to form Angel Milk Records in the U.K., and kept in touch with the band through keyboardist Eric Ragno.
With the latest resurgence in progressive rock, there has been a new wave of interest in the band through both My Space and the individual careers of Eric and super-drummer Gregg Bissonette. Says Eric: "We often receive questions about where to buy the album, if there are any leftover tracks and what will come next. In conversations with Angel Milk, many of these same questions arose. After some discussion, it was agreed that we should explore these answers together."
The first step is to re-release the debut album In the Eye of Time in Europe and Asia. The album is being expertly remastered by Andy Bramhall, with assistance by Greg Michael Burnell at Jellyjam Digital UK using Daniel Weiss Engineering products - "the finest Digital Mastering hardware boxes in the world."
Eric continues: "We are excited about this new partnership, and look forward to seeing the album get the overseas exposure that it deserves. Be sure to visit out website at, and visit our My Space page at to hear clips from the album, as well our unreleased cover of the Journey classic Stone in Love."

Andy Bramhall from Angelmilk"This is a quality release as it stands with plenty of light and shade and superb musicianship - I love the progressive vibe if its done well, always have always will, and these boys do it well! I have done a deal with the band to re-master the record in the UK and do a small European release with a Japanese licence to follow, there's a strong possibility that there will be another record from Vox Tempus with the label shouting up some money to get the band out playing to support it, both in the UK for some shows, the USA and Japan."
Stay tuned for release information when available.


Press Article / Tickets for US rock band Bon Jovi's first Australian concerts in more than 10 years have sold out in minutes. The band, fronted by Jon Bon Jovi, are playing shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth in January. Tickets to the Lost Highway Tour went on sale this morning, with the Sydney and Melbourne shows selling out in minutes. A second and final show has been added at Sydney's Acer Arena on January 22 due to the overwhelming demand. The tour, which will be Bon Jovi's first in Australia since 1995, is in support of the band's 10th studio album, Lost Highway, which entered the Australian charts at No.5. Bon Jovi is one of the most successful rock bands in the world, having sold more than 120 million albums. In Australia the band have had 30 hits in the Top 40 and six albums that have topped the charts.
Bon Jovi 2008 tour dates:
* Melbourne, Sidney Myer Music Bowl - January 19 SOLD OUT
* Sydney, Acer Arena - January 21 SOLD OUT
* Sydney, Acer Arena - January 22 (newly added show)
* Perth, Subiaco Oval - January 25
[Note: the article fails to mention pre-sales to fan clubs, VIP seating services and other preferred ticket organizations has been going on for a week now. I'm suprised any tickets were left for the "genral public."]

Release Dates has finally been overhauled and updated. Plenty of new titles featured, but still plenty more to be added next update. For now - check it out.

San Diego based metal band Cage don't short-change fans when it comes to quality material and an all-round quality package. The new album is Hell Destroyer and frontman Sean Peck talks things over in this new Feature Interview.




Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the signing of the next Melodic Metal sensation from Sweden Saint Deamon, for the release of their debut album In Shadows Lost From The Brave on January 25, 2008.
This Swedish/Norwegian band, named after a fictive ghost rider called S. Deamon, was formed in 2006 by drummer Ronny Milianowicz after a 7 year long successful era with Swedish/German melodic metal band Dionysus.
He rejoined his forces with Dionysus bass player Nobby Noberg, which Ronny describe as "The best bass player in the business", along with the exceptional guitar virtuoso Toya Johansson, which Ronny knew back from their studying together at the University Of Music, in Örebro Sweden.
The band scanned the whole internet to find a singer that would do their magnificent music justice and in the spring of 2008, they finally found the ultra talented voice of gold, Norwegian Jan Thore Grefstad, most known for his impressive singing in Norwegian power metallers Highland Glory and for being the singer in TNT guitarist Ronnie Le Tekro's second band Wild Willy's Gang, a position he took over after Jorn Lande.
The Saint Deamon line up was then complete and started to work on the debut album, under the guidance of the high acclaimed monster producer Jens Bogren, best known for his excellent work with Symphony X, Hammerfall, Opeth, Katatonia and Dionysus.
The musical idea of Saint Deamon is to mix four very talented musicians dream and ideas and come up with a unique form of music that varies from apocalyptic riffing and shredding to visions of historical musical landscapes, from Gregorian hymns to the sophisticated aggression of the Saint Deamon stylish trademark of metal.

For those who haven't heard about Saint Deamon and their members, think again, this band has an armada of song writing credits.
Ronny Milianowicz has been co-writing metal anthem singles like "Seven Seals", "Fighting The Darkness" with Primal Fear, "Red Light" with Cans as well as some classic hymns for Dionysus; Toya have been co-writing immortal songs for Sinner and Ride The Sky and in 2006 together with Joacim Cans (Hammerfall), Uli Kusch (Ride The Sky, Masterplan, Helloween) and Ronny, co-wrote the Football World Cup Metal Hymn "Glorious" where some of the world's leading metal singers such as Ralf Sheepers (Primal Fear), Tobias Sammet (Edguy), Edu Falaschi (Angra), Timo Kotipelto (Stratovarius) joined forces and blew of the roof entering on position # 7 in the Swedish charts: the highest position for any of the members ever in Sweden!
Final tracklisting of In Shadows Lost From The Brave will be: The Exodus (Intro); My Judas; In Shadows Lost From The Brave; My Heart; The Burden; No Mans Land; Ride Forever; Black Symphony; Deamons; The Brave Never Bleeds; My Sorrow; Run For Your Life.
A video for the awesome song My Heart was produced and can be viewed following this link!
Prepare to sail the seven seas with Saint Deamon and his crew into the shadowland!
WebLinks: / / /


Guitarist Jonathan Carlemar sent out an interesting insight on the songs included on Prog-Metal hopefuls Seven Tears debut album In Every Frozen Tear due out on Frontiers Records on December 7.
Twist of Fate: A powerful opening track that contains everything that Seven Tears stand for, with heavy riffs and melodic song melodies. It was a part of the demo that gave us the deal with Frontiers Records and it means a lot to us all. Great song!
Faded Memory: This catchy song starts with a really cool 7/4 guitar riff and an awesome synth melody. I'm sure you will sing along to the chorus as soon as you hear it and it has a lot of influences from the 80's!
Hollow Ground: This is one of the heaviest songs on the album and I think that many bearded, tattooed men will enjoy it! Brutal guitars and great vocals in a beautiful combination. I think that this will be the favourite track for many listeners!
Reflections: This song is a nice hybrid between and modern metal and AOR. I think that this track will work on the radio stations worldwide and the chorus has a catchy "hit-feeling". This song will also be released as a radio edit in Japan.
All Alone: This powerful ballad is one of our oldest songs and I just love the version on the record! Heavy guitars, excellent work with the keys and brilliant vocals by Zoran. I hope that the listeners will enjoy it as much as I do!
In Every Frozen Tear: The title track of the record contains a lot of Prog elements and is a nice mixture of heavy guitar rhythms and melodic singing. It has always been a challenge for us to play, but truly fun!
Sorrows: The song starts with catchy riff that leads in to a cool tapping run. I don't know what to say about the song really, but I think it's a great one!
Prayer For The Dying: This track opens with a heavy Megadeth riff that might be the heaviest part of the record. The song is very catchy and a mixture of different styles and influences. One of the coolest if you ask me!
The Story Unfolds: One of my personal favourites on the record. The intro riff is as powerful as the rest of the song and the melodic chorus adds an interesting touch on the track. I'm also very satisfied with the guitar work on this song!
Dream of Insanity: This is a cool track with a great riff melody and a heavy verse followed by a catchy up tempo chorus. It was one of the last songs that we wrote for the album and I am truly satisfied!
Fragments: This dark track is kind of demanding for the listener but a true highlight on the album. It has always been a favourite for us in the band. It has a really cool solo part with an outstanding keyboard solo and a melodic guitar part. The end of the song is kind of weird but we decided to keep it that way because it sounds awesome.
Truth of Tomorrow: I wrote this epic song in a very important time of my life and is therefore a very special song for me. It starts with an acoustic guitar intro that is followed by some strings and a heavy and melodic riff. It's a good end song and hope you will enjoy it as much as the record!



Finnish duo Land Of Tales completed the songwriting of the tracks that will be included in their – still untitled – debut album to be released on Frontiers Records sometime in 2008! Some of the song titles include: Silence, All the Same, Outlander, Keep Out, Choose, Slow Waters, So Long, Nobody Dares. It is possible to look at a few pix of the band busy in the studio on the band's official website:
The original demo tape that earned the band the recording deal can still be listened on the band's myspace site at:

Press Release / American band Kiss will set tongues wagging when they rock the 2008 Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne next March. The band, made up of singer Gene Simmons, guitarists Paul Stanley and Tommy Thayer, and drummer Eric Singer, will fly to Australia especially for the Grand Prix, which runs from March 13 to 16.
Kiss, best known for its trademark face paint and stage outfits, will perform a full concert for race fans on a specially erected stage to close the Formula One race on Sunday, March 16. "Let me see - high octane, roaring horsepower testing the threshold of sound and speed, and then the Formula One Grand Prix. No way we'd miss this," Stanley said. "We'll be firing on all cylinders and the audience will need their seatbelts."
The band is yet to reveal what it has in store for Australian fans, but its live shows are famous for antics like fire breathing, blood spitting, smoking guitars and pyrotechnics. Kiss has released 32 albums and amassed record sales of more than 90 million, with hits such as I Was Made For Lovin' You and Rock and Roll All Nite. Everyone with a valid Grand Prix ticket for March 16 will be able to watch the concert, but a limited number of "Kiss Pole Position" tickets will be available in a reserved general admission area. Tickets go on sale on November 30.

MelodicRock's LA based roving reporter for hire Dan Clavadetscher has been at it again, stalking Jack Blades and Tommy Shaw once again as they re-start the 2007 Shaw/Blades tour. Over to Dan for his report on 3 Californian shows:

Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, California Thursday, Nov. 8, 9:10 – 10:57 p.m. PT
Set List: 1. Summer Breeze 2. Too Much Time on My Hands 3. Down That Highway 4. Your Move 5. I Am A Rock 6. Lucky Man 7. High Enough 8. Sound of Silence 9. Dirty Work 10. Sister Christian 11. Carry On/Foolin' Yourself/Love the One You're With 12. Coming of Age 13. California Dreamin' Encore: 14. Time of the Season 15. Blue Collar Man
Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, California Friday, Nov. 9
Set List: 1. Summer Breeze 2. Too Much Time On My Hands 3. The Night Goes On 4. Beth's Song 5. Your Move 6. I Am A Rock 7. High Enough 8. Don't Tell Me You Love Me 9. For What It's Worth 10. Dirty Work 11. Sister Christian 12. Carry On/Foolin' Yourself/Love the One You're With 13. Love In The Midnight 14. Coming of Age 15. California Dreamin' Encore: 14. Lucky Man 15. Blue Collar Man.
Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, California Saturday, Nov. 10, 9:07 – 10:49 p.m. PT
Set List: 1. California Dreamin' 2. Too Much Time On My Hands 3. Summer Breeze 4. I Stumble In 5. Your Move 6. I Am A Rock 7. I'll Always Be With You 8. Time of the Season 9. Dirty Work 10. High Enough 11. Rock You Like A Hurricane/Sister Christian 12. Carry On/Foolin' Yourself/Love the One You're With 13. Coming of Age 14. Boat on the River 15. Lucky Man Encore: 16. Crystal Ball 17. Don't Tell Me You Love Me/Hotel California/Highway Star 18. Blue Collar Man.

"Following a successful series of four California dates in April, Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades returned to Southern California on the second leg of their "Influence" tour for two shows at the Coach House and one date at the Canyon Club, Thursday-Saturday, Nov. 8-10. Part comedy routine, part VH1 Storytellers and part classic music, the three dates showcased music from "Influence," as well as selected hits from Damn Yankees, Night Ranger, Styx and the first Shaw/Blades release, "Hallucination."
Although the first stop of the Southern California leg was on a weeknight, hundreds of faithful fans turned out on Thursday for the first of two nights at the Coach House. After performing their version of Simon and Garfunkel's "I Am a Rock," Shaw and Blades changed the set list by debuting "Lucky Man" for the first time before a live audience.
Following a Blades introduction in which he explained how much the Emerson, Lake and Palmer song meant to him, Shaw blistered through the guitar solo and garnered a standing ovation at the conclusion of "Lucky Man." The Styx front man explained after the song that he was nervous to play the tune and that his "nerves are shot."
Prior to performing "High Enough," Blades explained that Ted Nugent "taught my kids how to hunt and fish," while Shaw "taught my kids how to cuss." After Shaw and Blades began laughing while performing "Sound of Silence" when Blades mixed up a few words, Shaw turned to his partner and said after the song that "Paul Simon is going to kick your ass. I'm glad we're among friends tonight."
Continuing the night of music and comedy, Shaw later told a story of when he had once jammed with Jimmy Buffett and Christopher Cross. After Shaw assured Buffett that he knew how to play "Margaritaville," a confident Shaw thought he was playing the proper solo, but instead performed the notes from "Brown Eyed Girl."
Despite performing the song nightly on both tours, Shaw mixed up the words on "Sister Christian" and kiddingly told the audience that "everybody knows it but me." He turned to Blades and said that he was used to listening to it in his car with Night Ranger singing it.
Before closing the evening with the customary "Blue Collar Man," Shaw and Blades played "Time of the Season" for the first time before an audience and had the crowd perform the tune's sound effects.
Friday's show at the Coach House featured a different set list, as Shaw and Blades played "The Night Goes On," "Don't Tell Me You Love Me," and "For What It's Worth. They also played a new tune that someone had sent them as a demo called "Beth's Song," and the Styx song, "Love in the Midnight."
On Saturday at the Canyon Club, the evening commenced with a video that Shaw directed for their version of "Dance with Me." Rather than open with "Summer Breeze," Shaw and Blades began their set by performing the song they usually do before the encore, "California Dreamin.' The pair also added "I'll Stumble In" from "Hallucination."
After a woman seated near the stage held up a sign and requested that the pair play her wedding song," Shaw and Blades obliged by performing "I'll Always Be with You." Three songs later, Shaw told a story about how he and Blades performed with the Scorpions in Jakarta in 1995. This led into a brief version of "Rock You Like a Hurricane" leading into "Sister Christian."
After their medley of "Carry On/Foolin' Yourself/Love the One You're With," Blades turned to Shaw (who was holding a mandolin) prior to "Coming of Age" and said: "If Ted Nugent knew you were going to play this song with that tiny mandolin, he would shoot an arrow up your ass." Blades also told the crowd that Howard Stern had invited him and Shaw to perform at the radio legend's wedding.
Three nights of classic music closed with three Styx songs (Boat on the River, Crystal Ball and Blue Collar Man), a Night Ranger tune (Don't Tell Me You Love Me) and a personal highlight, "Lucky Man."
In attendance at the Canyon Club show were former "American Idol" contestant Ace Young and Bob Coburn, the longtime host of the nationally-syndicated radio show "Rockline." Shaw and Blades will conclude their tour on Dec. 8 in Nashville, Tenn.


Dream Theater have confirmed Australian and Asian tour dates - the details revealed this week at:
Dream Theater Chaos In Motion - World Tour 2007/2008
Asia - January 2008
Sat Jan 12th 2008 - Melon-AX Hall - Seoul Korea
Tues Jan 15th - Budokan - Tokyo, Japan
Thurs January 17th - Fort Canning Park - Singapore
Jan 19 Bangkok, Thailand - Bangkok Hall
Jan 22 Beijing, China - MG Live House

Australia - January/February 2008
25th Perth Showgrounds
27th Adelaide Showgrounds
29th Melbourne Festival Hall
30th Sydney The Horden
1st Brisbane Riverstage
All shows will be "An Evening With Dream Theater"

UK writer Robbie Evans was kind enough to send me a review of the recent Firefest IV Festival in the UK. So...over to Robbie:

"Here we go again. Does it really seem like twelve months since we did this last time? Time flies, as they say. The Firefest bandwagon rolls into town once more for two days of the best that the world of melodic rock has to offer. Since the announcement of this gig, earlier in the year, It's safe to say that this has been one of the most anticipated Firefest's, ever! The news that FM would reform for a one off gig, their first for twelve years, was enough to make this gig a sell-out, chuck in the fact that Valentine were also reforming and Tyketto and Harem Scarem would be playing their last ever gigs, then this was one hot ticket.
The Friday night was held at the Trent University, which is situated just down the road from Rock City. Compared to last years pre-show at the Rig, this was like stepping into Wembley Arena (a slight exaggeration, but you get the point). A spacious room, good stage and great views were what was on offer....but were we going to get some great music?

Stormzone were up first and I can remember talking to Harv at last years gig, saying that they should be on next years bill. Well, here we are. With a debut album to be proud of, Stormzone set out to prove that they were also a live band to be reckoned with. Playing in front of a healthy turn out (Friday was nearly sold-out) they tore through the likes of "Spellbound", "Call Of The Wild", "Tugging On My Heartstrings", "Rock On Through The Night" and a superb version of "Crying In The Rain". Harv Harbinson is an assured frontman who commanded the stage and made it his own. I have to say they were probably one of the best opening bands of any Firefest.
The Steve Grimmett Band were next up and certainly surprised quite a few people. I was one of the 30 people that saw him perform at the Cavern, when he was on a Z Rock show, so certainly knew what he was capable of. Running through a healthy selection of material that encompassed all parts of his career, Steve Grimmett certainly had one of the most powerful voices of the weekend. With Eric Ragno (Ted Poley, Vox Tempus) and Pete Newdeck (Eden's Curse) in his band they were a well balanced act. He finished his set with that Grim Reaper classic "See You In Hell". Metal!
One of the highly anticipated bands of the evening were probably Soul Doctor. I've never really taken to Tommy Heart's other band in the same way as I've taken to Fair Warning. However, live they were much better than on record and certainly better live performers than Fair Warning. They gave an energetic, if a little one dimensional, performance that included the likes of "Good Times Slippin'", "Temptation" and "Goodbye". They finished the set with a Led Zep medley and a rousing version of "Soul Doctor". Clichéd for sure, but in a good way.
Hmmmmm, Demon! Not to sure what to make of their inclusion on the bill. NWOBHM stalwarts who have, over the years, made some half decent albums. They certainly had an awful lot of people wearing their T-shirts and went down a storm, so their Inclusion was justified. They were OK in a background noise kinda way (C. Phil Ashcroft) but they left me cold. What they do they do well, but it's pedestrian at best. The crowd loved them and that's what matters.
Threshold, the British Dream Theater. Man, did they leave me bemused, or what? I didn't really know what to make of this mob and their brand of technical metal. I'm not the biggest fan of this genre and bands like this only enforce my view. To me it sounded like one long song that seemed to play forever. They weren't blessed with the best of sounds, but as musicians they were exemplary. Their new singer, who was their old singer, performed well and on the whole they were good if you like that kinda thing. I'm sorry Threshold fans, but this wasn't for me.
Having spent the rest of the evening talking and drinking with Vinny Burns and wishing I hadn't in the morning, it was a great end to a good and varied evenings entertainment.
Saturday morning...whoaaa, steady there. I got up at 7.47, there was no strangers in the night and the ground lights were certainly switched off! Admittedly come show time I was ready, if a little jaded and shaky, for round two.

We proceeded to Rock City to be met by one of the biggest queues I have ever seen at a melodic rock festival in the UK. It stretched right around the corner all the way past the Wellbeck Hotel. Melodic rock, dead? Hmmm, maybe not.
Saturday's opening honours went to Germany's Jaded Heart. After the departure of frontman Michael Bormann, Jaded Heart have had a lot to prove. Hopefully their albums "Helluva Time" and "Sinister Mind" have gone some way to proving that there is life after MB and new vocalist Johan Fahlberg can rest easy as he's certainly a better frontman than Bormann. They were spirited, enjoyable and certainly better than the last time they played in the UK. They gave us the likes of "Sinister Mind", "Tomorrow Never Comes", a rousing "Pay My Dues" and they finished with "It Feels Like Home". Like Stormzone they were one of the best opening acts to grace a Firefest.
I was seriously looking forward to watching Crunch. As Adrian Gale they had released three extremely polished slices of melodic hard rock. But as Crunch? Well, if this gig is the evidence then I have to say I am extremely disappointed. They were beset with sound problems from the very start and looked a bit disjointed as a band. They had some extremely tight harmonies but as a live unit they came across as flat and dull. Jamie Rowe has a half decent voice but just looked strange, in fact other than Vic Rivera they all looked like they hadn't made an effort at all and considering they were being filmed then perhaps they should have. Disappointing.
At this point in the day I was itching for some pure AOR, you know the kind...soft, pink and fluffy. Enter Valentine to deliver the goods, big time! It must be the early nineties since this lot last played live and it was on 1993's Open Skyz album that we last saw them together. It's also hard to believe that it's ten years since Hugo's debut solo album, an album that saw him deliver one of the finest of his career. I actually had the chance to see him in the studio when he was making the album but turned it down due to being busy, it's something I've regretted to this day. There was no way I was going to miss this performance, so I watched it center stage in the photo pit. Hugo looked resplendent in a tan leather jacket, ripped jeans and white shirt. In truth he didn't look a day older from the Valentine days. As for the other guys, well the hair may be shorter but they certainly looked well and played even better. A short intro and they ripped straight into "We'll Find A Way" from Hugo's debut. In one blistering moment the AOR had finally arrived. They moved straight into the Valentine classics "No Way" and "Tears In The Night" and when this song finished the place erupted and I mean, erupted. What an AOR moment. I saw Hugo twice in the nineties and I have to say that his voice tonight was as good, if not better, than it's ever been. He made it look so effortless. Sure he looks like Perry, sure he moves like him and at times it's damn uncanny, but do you know what? Good on him. I always say that if you're going to be like someone, then be like the best. "If You're Ever Lonely" saw them going back to Hugo's debut and with "Golden Years" it was time to visit the Open Skyz album. "Never Said It Was Gonna Be Easy" is a ballad of epic proportions and it was delivered to a crowd who lapped up every minute of it. "Tell It To My Heart" saw them dipping into Hugo's "Time On Earth" album, whilst "None Of It Matters" was another Open Skyz song. With a rousing, and damn near perfect, version of the Kansas classic "Carry On My Wayward Son" to finish with this would have to rate as one of the best AOR gigs to ever grace a British stage. All of the band members were visibly moved, every song was greeted like a long lost son and Hugo was unbelievable. They've said that they may make a new album next year.....the queue starts here!

Was it me, or did everyone have the same Idea and leave the building to get something to eat and therefore run the risk of missing part of Jorne Lande's set? I think so. I came in just as his guitarist was going into a self indulgent guitar solo. Apparently there had already been a short drum solo and a couple of Thin Lizzy covers amongst other things. The original material that I heard just sounded dull and dirgy. Jorne himself may have a good voice but he just lacks charisma and had all the attraction of a bucket of wet fish. For somebody who has been in the business for several years and countless albums his set was a schoolboy error of epic proportions. He should have geared it towards a more melodic approach, instead we got covers and dire metal. Not even a Whitesnake medley and Deep Purples "Stormbringer" could rescue this set. Heavy metal? More like scrap metal!
Love them or loathe them, there is no denying that Harem Scarem are a class act and they certainly proved that tonight. This was to be their last ever gig under the name of Harem Scarem. Carrying on from a great album ("Human Nature") the Harem's set about giving the fans something to remember them by. Harry Hess actually looked quite animated tonight and a positive vibe seemed to be running through the band as they gave spirited versions of "Human Nature", "With A Little Love", "Voice Of Reason", "If There Was A Time" and "No Justice" to name just a few. They got an ecstatic response that earned them the first encore of the day and that tells you something.
For Tyketto this was their final ever gig in England and it spelt the end of one of AOR's most favourite sons. I don't think that in all my years of watching Danny Vaughn that I've seen him so pumped up, there was a fire raging Inside him for sure. He's a master frontman and had the crowd in the palm of his hand from the very off. Starting with "Nothing But Love" and then tearing into the likes of "Rescue Me", "Wings" and "Catch My Fall" this was Tyketto at their very best. With the likes of "End Of The Summer Days", "Burning Down Inside", "Meet Me In The Night", "Standing Alone" and "Sail Away" to back them up, this was a perfect set. They finished with "Forever Young" and damn near tore the roof off. This was by far and away the song of the day. With emotions running high you couldn't have asked for more from these guys tonight. Danny Vaughn left the stage almost in tears, in fact according to Jeff Price he was in tears. Thank you for everything. Guys, I salute you.

I have to say that in the eighties, especially the nineties, we took FM for granted. They used to play in the UK on what seemed like an almost weekly basis. Christ, at one point I was convinced they were the Buckley Tivoli's house band. It was a case of if you didn't see them this time then there was always next time. And then there wasn't a next time. Twelve years is a long time. To say that this crowd was at fever pitch by the time FM hit the stage, would be an understatement. No disrespect to the other bands on the bill, but I'm convinced that FM could have sold out this show on their own. They are this country's finest AOR band and they were given a welcome that befitted that tag. When they took to the stage it was like a scene from the last night of the proms. There is something so wonderfully British about FM. Opening with "Breathe Fire" they never looked back on a set that included the likes of "Face To Face", "I Belong To The Night" (it was at this point that Bruce Mee pointed out that they all had pink towels. None more AOR!), "I Ain't Gonna Run No More", "All Or Nothing", "Burning My Heart Down", "Bad Luck", "Closer To Heaven" ( I was stood behind Leigh Matty (Romeo's Daughter) that's how close to heaven I was), "Other Side Of Midnight", "Blood And Gasoline", "Hey Jude", "Frozen Heart" and they finished on "I Heard It Through The Grapevine". Not even a power cut could stop them. Steve Overland still has a majestic sounding voice, even after all these years. How he's not become a household name I will never know. They left the stage to thunderous applause, probably the loudest of the day. With the promise that they are going to tour again, next year. The future looks good for British melodic rock.

I will just have to add that this gig was a complete success and a total triumph for the scene. It was heartwarming to see such a queue at an AOR gig. As usual my thanks go to the following people for having the guts to pull this off. So a huge thank you to Kieran, Bruce, Tony Marshall and everyone else involved in Firefest 4. Here's to next year?"
Rob Evans / Powerplay Magazine.

Photos available from UK photographer Marty Moffatt at:; or specific photo galleries are online from Marty now for: Crunch, Jorn, Harem Scarem, Tyketto and Valentine.

Swedish AOR stars Last Autumns Dream continue to record new material, quickly moving to release their 5th studio release Hunting Shadows in Japan on December 19.
Featured on the all new album will be the tracks: Strange Operation, Rainbow Sky, My Alibi, I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore, Lost In Moscow, R U Ready To Rock N Roll, Serenity, War Of Your Worlds, Save Our Love, Every Beat Of My Heart, Overnight Sensation with the added Bonus Track of Match Made In Heaven.
Last Autumns Dream are Mikael Erlandsson on Lead Vocals, Andy Malecek (Fair Warning) on Guitars, Marcel Jacob (Talisman) on bass, and Jamie Borger (Talisman) on drums.


INTERVIEW BRIEFS: has issued an interview with Michele Luppi about Los Angeles project, his career with Vision Divine and much more:

A new interview with Eddie Smith (lead vocalist Mad Margritt) talks about the brand new record his band has out titled Animal. Download: has also posted a new interview with Hanoi Rocks mainman Michael Monroe in which he talks about the group's new album, Street Poetry, the canceled European tour with L.A Guns, the future of HR and much more. You can read it here:

You have to hand it to Kiss mainman Gene Simmons. Like him or loathe him, he knows how to generate a quote. Here is just a couple from his latest interview, a feature at Full interview at:

Billboard: You've got the third series of the Kissology DVD coming out next month. Is there much more we can expect coming?
Simmons: There'll be 10. No one -- and that includes the Beatles and Elvis -- can touch our (Kiss') merchandising and licensing. Nobody. Outside of the music world, it's only Disney and Lucas. But in the music world, they can't shine our shoes.
It has been nine years since we've seen a new KISS album. Any plans to get back into the studio?
The record industry is in such a mess. I called for what it was when college kids first started download music for free -- that they were crooks. I told every record label I spoke with that they just lit the fuse to their own bomb that was going to explode from under them and put them on the street.
There is nothing in me that wants to go in there and do new music. How are you going to deliver it? How are you going to get paid for it if people can just get it for free? I will be putting out a Gene Simmons box set called Monster -- a collection of 150 unreleased songs. KISS will have another box set of unreleased music in the next year.
The record industry doesn't have a f*cking clue how to make money. It's only their fault for letting foxes get into the henhouse and then wondering why there's no eggs or chickens. Every little college kid, every freshly-scrubbed little kid's face should have been sued off the face of the earth. They should have taken their houses and cars and nipped it right there in the beginning. Those kids are putting 100,000 to a million people out of work. How can you pick on them? They've got freckles. That's a crook. He may as well be wearing a bandit's mask.
Doesn't affect me. But imagine being a new band with dreams of getting on stage and putting out your own record. Forget it.

But some artist like Radiohead and Trent Reznor are trying to find a new business model.
That doesn't count. You can't pick on one person as an exception. And that's not a business model that works. I open a store and say "Come on in and pay whatever you want." Are you on f*cking crack? Do you really believe that's a business model that works?
So what if music just becomes free and artists make their living off of touring and merchandise?
Well therein lies the most stupid mistake anybody can make. The most important part is the music. Without that, why would you care? Even the idea that you're considering giving the music away for free makes it easier to give it away for free. The only reason why gold is expensive is because we all agree that it is. There's no real use for it, except we all agree and abide by the idea that gold costs a certain amount per ounce. As soon as you give people the choice to deviate from it, you have chaos and anarchy. And that's what going on.

FC Metal recording artist Darksun have recorded a video for the track Prisoners Of Fate from their The Dark Side album, and placed it on YouTube at this location:
"Prisoners Of Fate" features guest vocals from Peavy Wagner of Rage (Darksun previously collaborated with Rage on their "Speak Of The Dead" album, creating a Spanish version of the song "Full Moon" entitled "La Luna Reine," which appeared as a bonus track).
The Dark Side was mixed by Dennis Ward (Angra, Silent Force, Adagio, Symphorce), with vocals produced by Lars Ratz (Metalium).
"The Dark Side," is currently being featured on in their CD Showcase at:
For more information, please visit:




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The Musicianship - the History - the Passion!
In March 2008 the legendary Toto are returning for a rare and upfront National tour of Australia. Coming off another run of successful SOLD OUT shows around the world, Toto are trekking back to Australia after their brief but SOLD OUT tour in 2006, in support of their critically acclaimed release Falling In Between. (Frontiers / Riot)
By now you know the history and the hits, (if you don't, just check out the bands official and super detailed website The band was built from its inception on solid friendship and musical camaraderie that started 30 years ago and has been like no other, either past or present.
Toto's seven Grammy Awards – (and that's not counting the Grammy's held by them as individuals as solo artists) - has seen the band clock up over 30 million records sales worldwide!! Plus, all members of Toto still currently have very successful solo careers.
Besides the hits and familiarity of 'Hold The Line,' 'Rosanna,' 'Africa,' 'Georgy Porgy,' 'I'll Be Over You,' 'Pamela,' 'I Won't Hold You Back' and 'Bottom Of Your Soul' (a #1 single in 2006 on many of the European charts), anyone who gets the opportunity to experience these Rare Australian Shows, will be blown away by the bands perfect pitched sound, impeccable musicianship and infectious stage presence.
The band's current path is still forged by Toto originators guitarist/vocalist Steve "Luke" Lukather (respected by the likes of Paul McCartney, David Gilmour, Jeff Beck & Larry Carlton just to name a few) and the white-eyed soulful vocals of Bobby Kimball, a man possessing an amazing voice and mesmerizing stage presence.
Since the untimely death of drummer Jeff Porcaro in 1992, the Toto drum throne has been occupied by the one and only Simon Phillips (The Who, Jeff Beck, Judas Priest). Simon's freak-of-nature, open handed drum playing takes Toto's musicianship to another level and fills every available space within each song while never once overplaying them.
Toto's most recent member is the brilliant keyboardist/vocalist Greg Phillinganes. Stevie Wonder discovered this musical prodigy at a youthful age and Greg has performed and recorded with artists such as Eric Clapton, Barbara Streisand, Michael Jackson and of course Stevie Wonder, just to name a few.
Toto bassist Mike Porcaro will be sadly absent on this tour due to injury and filling in for Mike is none-other then renowned bassist Leland Sklar (James Taylor, David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Phil Collins and many more). Lee is an "Ace of a player" and like the rest of Toto, is amazing to watch live and a master of locking down a groove. Also on guitar and vocals is Tony Spinner, Toto's youngest member.
The band will be touring Australia on the back of their latest release Falling in Between Live a CD, DVD and HD-DVD filmed in March 2007. Whether you go back and look at the discography of artists these guys have recorded with, or the ever so passionate musicianship heard on any great Toto song, you don't want to miss the opportunity to catch their captivating live Australian performances in 2008.
For any music guru of pop, rock, funk, prog and jazz on the planet, Toto 2008 translated is, "Still All - Encompassing". See you ALL at the shows!

Toto Australian Tour 2008 Dates:
Tickets on sale from November 26
Brisbane Tuesday 4TH March The Tivoli Ticketek | 132 849
Sydney Wednesday 5TH March The Enmore Theatre Ticketek | 132 849
Melbourne Friday 7TH March The Palais Theatre Ticketmaster | 136 100
Adelaide Saturday 8TH March Thebarton Theatre Venuetix | 08 8225 8888
Perth Monday 10TH March Metro City Moshtix | 1300 438 849

Toto's New DVD Falling In Between - Live Available Feb 2, 2008. At all good music stores / Through destraEntertainment
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Bloodbound update from Fredrik Bergh: "As some of you already know, Urban Breed has been doing all the live shows with the band for the last six months. He is now officially back and the band is stronger than ever."
The band has also started to work on their third album. Check out a clip from one recent gig in Germany when the band supported Hammerfall:

Queensrÿche is disappointed to announce the unfortunate cancellation of our upcoming tour of the United Kingdom with Thin Lizzy and other shows in Europe due to a personal emergency. We'd like to thank our loyal fans for their continued support and understanding. We are looking forward to making it up to them and are currently working on a plan to return to Europe in 2008 with a production that fans have been waiting years for!
Note: Thin Lizzy will still be performing the originally scheduled dates of their UK tour.

It is always a pleasure to introduce a new artist here - in this case, a group of known artists under a new moniker. And this might just win the award for quirkiest covers album of 2007. This is the strangest covers album since Black Sweden's now classic release. Review and soundbytes soon...for those that haven't heard of the guys thus far, introducing Finland's newest metal sensation, the Northern Kings!

Northern Kings can without a doubt be called an all-star line-up of Finnish metal. The group is not an ordinary band, but a league of four vocalists, who are all frontmen of successful heavy metal bands. They wanted to create something special together and came up with an idea of arranging 80's classics to heavy metal versions - to which all the four vocalists could contribute. The Northern Kings are Marco Hietala (Nightwish), Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica), JP Leppäluoto (Charon) and J Ahola (Teräsbetoni).
The tracks on the debut album Reborn, Finnish release scheduled to October 31, include legendary pieces such as "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" by Cutting Crew, "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins, "Brothers In Arms" by Dire Straits and "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel. The arrangements and styles vary from doom-esque gothic metal to faster-beating heavy metal, such as introduced by Nightwish, Sonata Arctica and alike.
Full Track Listing (with original artist in brackets): Don't Stop Believin' (Journey); We Don't Need Another Hero (Tina Turner); Broken Wings (Mr. Mister); Rebel Yell (Billy Idol); Ashes To Ashes (David Bowie); Fallen On Hard Times (Jethro Tull); I Just Died In Your Arms (Cutting Crew); Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel); Don't Bring Me Down (ELO); In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins); Creep (Radiohead); Hello (Lionel Richie); Brothers In Arms (Dire Straits).
WebLinks: /


Press Release / Southern California metal band Leatherwolf have parted ways with guitarist Geoff Gayer in the wake of the group's European tour which had to be cut short by one date.

"First of all, we would like to apologize to the Rock House crew in Pescara, Italy and all the fans that were looking forward to seeing us live. We were very much looking forward to playing for you all and ending our trip on a high note. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Geoff's unacceptable behavior prevented us from carrying on after last night's gig at the Black Horse in Cermenate, which was ruined by Mr.Gayer's alcohol-induced stupor and will go down as the most embarrassing performance in the long history of Leatherwolf. We will spare you the details but it was ugly - now we know how the members of UFO must have felt like every time Michael Schenker had one of his 'episodes.'
"We are on our way back home to Orange County as we speak and will evaluate the situation and go from there. Working with Geoff in his current state is absolutely out of the question yet we are aware that replacing a key member and major creative force will not be easy. Ideally, we'll move on with a local Southern California guitar talent who we can write, rehearse, and gig with on a regular basis and gear up for 2008, which includes playing the Festival de Metal Borocua 5 next May in Puerto Rico.
"Qualified interested parties can contact us via our MySpace page or e-mail us at (please do not send us any mp3s unless asked!)."
A re-worked version of Leatherwolf's acclaimed 2006 comeback album, titled New World Asylum and featuring returning frontman Michael Olivieri on lead vocals, is out now on the band's NIL8 label. 'Behind The Gun', 'Dr.Wicked (Rx O.D.)', 'The Grail', and 'Never Again' can currently be heard on Olivieri's personal MySpace page at

New York, NY – Following the October 28 release of Activision's Guitar Hero III many of the artists with tracks featured in the game saw impressive spikes in both album and single sales. British metallers DragonForce have claimed the #1 spot for digital single sales amongst other tracks included in Guitar Hero III for Through the Fire and Flames, a track from their Roadrunner Records debut, Inhuman Rampage. The single saw an impressive 183% increase over the prior weeks single sales, beating out The Killers, The Rolling Stones, Metallica and Guns N' Roses among others. DragonForce also ranked #3 in album sales among other bands with tracks featured in the game. Labelmates Killswitch Engage emerged with #1 album sales when compared to artists included in the game, ranking ahead of Disturbed and Metallica. Guitar Hero III features the track "My Curse" from their current Roadrunner offering As Daylight Dies.
Activision's Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock is the third installment in the Guitar Hero gaming series and is currently available at North American retailers. Activision Inc. is headquartered in Santa Monica, California and is a leading worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and leisure products. Founded in 1979, Activision posted net revenues of $1.5 billion for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2007. Activision maintains operations in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan and South Korea.
For more information on Guitar Hero III, please visit:




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Press Release / Finally available on DVD for the first time, New Door Records/UMe are proud to announce the eagerly awaited release of the Double Disc DVD of Live After Death, the legendary recording of Iron Maiden's four night stand at Long Beach Arena, California, in 1984. In the stores February 5th, 2008, the release will coincide with the start of the band's "Somewhere Back In Time World Tour" on which they will recreate many of the aspects of this original and spectacular show.
Disc one contains the recording of this full 90 minute concert. Originally filmed on 35mm, the footage comes alive on DVD resulting in a visually stunning film that far outstrips the usual live video of the '80's. The disc carries two sound options - the original concert audio specially mixed into 5.1 Surround Sound by Kevin Shirley, Maiden's producer since 1999, plus the original stereo sound track by Martin Birch, the band's producer from 1981 to 1993. Originally released on video in 1985, this has been largely unavailable for the past 20 years.
Disc two has Part 2 of the 'History of Iron Maiden', continuing on the Maiden story from "The Early Days" DVD, along with rare and unseen bonus footage in the form of Behind The Iron Curtain, Rock In Rio '85, and 'Ello Texas, all in all giving a total running time of well over three hours. Plus of course the photo galleries, relevant promo videos, artwork galleries, tour dates, tour programme and other features which all combine to make Maiden DVDs a very special and utterly comprehensive treat for their fans.
Manager Rod Smallwood explained "The original video of Live After Death has not been readily available for a long time so its good that we finally got around to this. lt was one of the first full concerts to be filmed after the advent of video and of course the live album, recorded on a different night to the video, has long been considered to be one of the seminal Metal live albums and has sold millions since. Fans have been begging us to do this DVD for some time now but we wanted to wait until we were able to recreate that whole tour to go with it and also to make it part of a series of DVDs that we are putting together around the band's history. And of course we are making sure that now we have got to it we will be giving the fans everything we can find from that period!!"
Full List Of Contents:
Disc 1 ­ Live After Death Live After Death concert with Stereo and Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio (90 minutes) Set list ­ Churchill Speech/Aces High, 2 Minutes to Midnight, The Trooper, Revelations, Flight of Icarus, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Powerslave, Number of the Beast, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Iron Maiden, Run to The Hills, Running Free, Sanctuary.
Disc 2 - Documentary / Bonus Concert Footage 1. THE History of Iron Maiden ­ Part 2 (60 mins) ­ Documentary. Band members, crew, friends and associates talk about the period in the band's career which saw the writing, recording and release of the Powerslave album, and later Live After Death, and the subsequent massive touring. And not just the serious side!!
2. Behind the Iron Curtain ( 57 mins approx) Documentary and Live ­ shot during Maiden's historic tour of Poland and other parts to the Eastern Bloc in 1984 featuring interviews, live and offstage footage capturing the atmosphere of this remarkable journey behind the Wall at the height of the Cold War.
3. Live Footage - Rock in Rio '85 (50 mins approx) The full Maiden set supporting Queen on the first day of the first Rock in Rio in front of 300,000 manic metal fans. A bloody and stirring performance!! Songs performed include ­ Aces High, 2 Minutes to Midnight, The Trooper, Revelations, Powerslave, Iron Maiden, Run To The Hills, Running Free.
4. Ello Texas ­ 15 minutes ­ Interview and live. Caught by a film crew in 1983 at the Alamo and sound checking their show in San Antonio.
5. Artwork Gallery, Tour Programme, Tour dates and photo gallery
6. Promotional clips for Aces High and 2 Minutes to Midnight.

Press Release / Sweden Rock Kick Off at Tyrol in Stockholm November 24 will be broadcasted live by Stockholm based rock channel, 106, 7 Rockklassiker. This means that it also will be sent through their web radio so that anyone in the world can listen to this years show. The show will start at 7 PM local time and end when the party ends!
You can find link to Rockklassikers web radio here on SW's homepage. We hope that alot of people will listen and enjoy the evening and as usual, we will announce the first 20-25 bands confirmed for Sweden Rock Festival 2008!

As mentioned earlier in the week, Rock Candy Records is involved in the upcoming UFO re-issues with EMI. The first details of bonus tracks has come to light - the details being:
Released - January 28, 2008
Phenomenon - Sixteen (Demo produced by Dave Edmund), Oh My (Demo produced by Dave Edmunds), Give Her The Gun (German non LP Chrysalis single A-side), Sweet Little Thing (German non LP Chrysalis single B-side), Sixteen (Previously unreleased studio track), Doctor Doctor (Recorded live 06/06/74)
No Heavy Petting - All Or Nothing (Previously unreleased studio track), French Kisses (Previously unreleased studio track), Have You Seen Me Lately Joan (Previously unreleased studio track), Property (Previously unreleased studio track), Sunset Lights (Previously unreleased studio track)
Force It - A Million Miles (Previously unreleased studio track produced by Leo Lyons at Morgan Studios, Dec 17th 1973), Mother Mary (Recorded live at the Paris Theater, London, 11/12/75), Out In The Streets (Recorded live at the Paris Theater, London, 11/12/75), Shoot Shoot (Recorded live at the Paris Theater, London, 11/12/75), Let It Roll (Recorded live at the Roundhouse, London 25/4/76), This Kid's (Recorded live at the Roundhouse, London 25/4/76)

MR-X has been updated again. Online this week is yet another cool Feature DVD - this one featuring a smoking Foreigner show - Live December 19 1981, Dortmund, Germany. Also online is a new Feature Live - Paul Stanley - Live Fillmore San Francisco, CA Nov 13, 2006 and a new Feature Album - Aussie pop/rockers Mondo Rock Boom Bay Boom from 1986.
The following new Videos are online this week: Danger Danger - Monkey Business, Southgang - Love Ain't Enough, Steve Plunkett - Louie Louie, Dream Theater - Pull Me Under and Take The Time.
MR-X Membership Details.

Yes, I'm back in business with new Reviews online today. It is amazing what can be done when there isn't a concert to organize. So today - new reviews are online for: Ted Poley, Jaded Heart, House Of Shakira, Gary Hughes, Road To Ruin, Winger, Human Zoo and Vengeance. More to come! Check these out now.

Coming up next week - updates galore! An interview with Cage vocalist Sean Peak; concert reviews of Firefest, World Stage Belgium, UFOR 3; new MiniBytes, more Reviews and even an update of the long forgotten Release Dates page. Lots to tune in for...




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Frontiers Records is excited to announce all details related to Leverage highly anticipated second album entitled Blind Fire.
Leverage is a Top Level Melodic Metal band which came out of nowhere in 2006, causing a stir with the release of their debut album Tides. Their blend of modern metal sound and old school melody-based songwriting earned rave reviews from the media and created a fanbase both in Finland and throughout the rock community in many countries.
One highlight of the ratings was naming 'Tides' as the Best Metal/Prog album of 2006, with 2 songs at the top of their heavy rock song listing. The band's frontman Pekka Heino (also singer for Brother Firetribe) was also named the Vocalist Of The Year!
"The warm welcome for 'Tides' was a pleasant surprise for us" says the band's guitar player and main composer Tuomas Heikkinen. "We got good radio airplay in Finland, even climbed to the charts, all before our very first gig with our own material! Since then, we've played throughout Finland at clubs and festivals. Our music has been described as melodic metal or melodic heavy rock, which is fine by us". Rock and Metal lovers will easily recognize influences from Rainbow, Magnum, Stratovarius and Masterplan with a light Progressive Metal edge.
"We wanted to plan the second album and the second step of our career carefully" continues Heikkinen "As a big part of that, we were happy to sign with Frontiers. The songs were all written between the release of 'Tides' and entering the studio in July 07. Right from the first demos we knew that the second album will be a great step forward for Leverage. Here's why: we're tighter as a band, we know what our own style is and what we might be capable of, and we're busting our butts to make as solid music as we ever can. We recorded and mixed (Torsti Spoof and Jari Mikkola) the album at Studio Audio, Jyväskylä, Finland between the beginning of July and halfway of September. It was mastered at Chartmakers, Helsinki."
Blind Fire will be released in Europe (minus Finland) on Frontiers Records on January 25, 2008. The first reactions to the material are enthusiastic and there are already plans for the band to play live outside their homeland.
Tracklisting of "Blind Fire" includes: Shadow In The Rain; King Of The Nigh; Stormchild; Sentenced; Hellhorn; Mr. Universe; Don't Touch The Sun; Run Down; Heart Of Darkness; Learn To Live.
"All in all, we are really proud of 'Blind Fire'" concludes Tuomas Heikkinen. "We worked hard to make the most of the relatively short time between 'Tides' and the new one, and we feel we accomplished what we set out to do."
Frontiers will also release at the same time of the new album a new edition of Tides which will also include two exclusive bonus tracks: Superstition (live) and Twilight Symphony (live). Click here to enjoy a sample of Superstition from Tides!
Weblinks: / / /


Liberty N Justice's "Best Of" CD is being released in the US by Versailles Records. The official track listing has been released. The CD will be released in March of 08' and people can go to LNJ's website ( to get more info.
Track Listing: 4-All: The Best Of LNJ
New tracks - 1. We have A God (Derrick Lefevre of Lillian Ax & Larry Worley of FearNot), 2. Rage (Dug Pinnick of Kings X), 3. Devil In The Details (Steve Brown of Trixter/ Stereo Fallout), 4. Author Of The Flame (Dale & Troy Thompson of Bride); From 2004 Welcome To The Revolution 5. Blind Man's Bluff (Michael Sweet of Stryper), 6. Noise (Jamie Rowe of Guardian), 7. Shed My Skin (Lou Gramm of Foreigner); From 2006 Soundtrack Of A Soul 8. Another Nail (Sebastian Bach x-Skid Row), 9. Sight Unseen (Leif Garret), 10. Flinch (Tony Harnell x-TNT), 11. Thy Will Be Done (Mark Slaughter of Slaughter & Pete Loran of Trixter), 12. Killer Grin (Stephen Pearcy of RATT); From 2007 Independence Day 13. Doubting Thomas (John Corabi x-Motley Crue/RATT/Union), 14. Monkey Dance (Jack Russell of Great White), 15. Soldier (Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger & Mark Slaughter of Slaughter), 16. Independence Day (Kelly Kelling of Baton Rouge/ TSO), 17. Praying For A Miracle (Ted Poley of Danger Danger), 18. Addiction (Jani Lane x-Warrant).


It's not every day you come across something that turns your head...or something completely different, but this story got my attention. I'm not sure what the impact or uptake from fans for this concept will be, but I'll be watching with interest. What am I talking about? SongVest. The first rock band to use this service is Stryper, so over to the SongVest website for details, followed by a Press Release from the lads in Stryper:

An Internet only auction of the Stryper songs Always There For You and Keep The Fire Burning will begin at noon EST on November 24. The auction will close at 7:00 PM EST on December 1.
Songs earn revenue in a variety of ways including record sales, radio airplay, Internet downloads, and film and TV placements. In the past, only music insiders could purchase parts of songs to share in the royalties. For the first time ever, an artist has decided to share his songs directly with those who love them most – the fans.
The high bidder for each song will receive a one-of-a-kind platinum album with handwritten lyrics signed by Michael Sweet and 50% of the songwriter's share of royalties. After the auction closes, SongVest and its legal partner Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP will contact the appropriate Performance Rights Organizations (ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC) to orchestrate the legal transfer of royalties to the high bidder. Quarterly, the appropriate Performance Rights Organization will issue a check for the previous quarter's revenue.
The standard buyer's premium for this auction ranges from 15% to 25% based on the final bid; but for this auction only the fee will be capped at 15%.

Own The Ultimate Stryper Memorabilia – The Songs
Michael Sweet would like to share some of his songs in a way no artist has ever done before. The rights to song royalty streams have been sold within the music industry for years; for the first time ever, an artist is taking songs straight to his fans. Beginning November 24, Stryper fans will be able to bid on Always There For You and Keep The Fire Burning at
In addition to the songwriter's share of royalties, the high bidder will receive a one-of-a-kind platinum album with handwritten lyrics signed by Michael. Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. Visit to register and get all the details. A Message from Michael Sweet about SongVest:

"Hi everyone...I recently joined forces with a company that will soon revolutionize the music business. It's a company that gives a songwriter the chance to share their music with the fans in the most intimate way possible. For years music companies have gone into business with artists. This company, however, will allow me to go into business with you.
SongVest is the name of the company and they are launching an auction where a Stryper fan can purchase a portion of the songwriter's share of Stryper songs. You will, in effect, own my music with me. Traditionally music publishers and record labels have owned songs with the songwriter. For the first time in history, this allows the fan to own the songs with the songwriter.
As you know, Stryper has always been a band, called by God, to pioneer new methods of getting His message out. It started with us playing the Sunset Strip in California when we were called Roxx Regime. We then signed to a mainstream label (Enigma) to have the message and music spread to an even broader audience. We were the first Christian rock band to get mainstream radio and MTV airplay.
I don't say all of this to brag; I say it because throughout our career, by the grace of God, we have been on the cutting edge of exploring new ways to share our music and this is the next step in that process. Songvest has created a way for those of you that have faithfully endorsed Stryper for so many years to now take ownership in our music. Songvest is allowing the fan to purchase part of a song and share in the revenues from that song, for life. Stryper is the very first band to take part in this new company and we are honored to once again be leading the way in an aspect of the music industry that will soon forever be changed.
Let's have fun with this. I'm looking forward to "working together" with one of you that has, and continues to, believe in these songs.
I personally am hoping Van Halen gets on board with this. You'll see me bidding on a couple of their songs. All the best...Michael Sweet."

And in related news:
Don't forget to pre-order your copy of Michael's new CD Touched being released on December 3, 2007 exclusively through! This CD will not be available in stores! Order now and your CD will be autographed by Michael Sweet.
Note: All of the Stryper songs appearing on "Touched" have been given new arraignments and re-recorded!
Touched Track Listing:
1. You Are So Beautiful - (Originally Recorded By: Joe Cocker) 2. Together As One - (Originally Recorded By: Stryper) 3. She's Got A Way - (Originally Recorded By: Billy Joel) 4. All Of Me - (Originally Recorded By: Stryper) 5. Without You - (Originally Recorded By: Badfinger) 6. First Love - (Originally Recorded By: Stryper) 7. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - (Originally Recorded By: Roberta Flack) 8. Honestly - (Originally Recorded By: Stryper) 9. The Rose - (Originally Recorded By: Bette Midler) 10. My Love, My Life, My Flame - New Song! (Recorded By: Michael Sweet) 11. Colour My World - (Originally Recorded By: Chicago).
More from Michael Sweet:
"As you all know, my wife Kyle was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in February and she underwent surgery and treatment from 2/14-7/14. During this time at home, as I took care of my wife and family, I felt led to record a "love letter" to Kyle - love songs that are in dedication to her. I remember when I was recording the vocals (my studio is just below our bedroom), Kyle could hear this music faintly below and it was an encouragement to her throughout. Somehow it was a form of comfort and it helped us to heal. This compilation is entitled Touched and we've decided to offer it here exclusively at to all of you.
During this extremely difficult and painful time (the toughest battle and test of our lives), I realized just how much Kyle means to me. We were faced with the biggest challenge of our lives and everything came to a complete stand still.
In an instant, I learned that nothing is more important than love, faith and commitment. This led to my desire to record and dedicate an entire project to Kyle and it's an honor to be able to share this music with all of you. You've shown tremendous support and because of all the prayers, prayed around the world, Kyle is healthy and healed! It's miraculous to say the least and I can't express how grateful we are - truly grateful. Your love and support has blessed and changed our lives. This record is a testimony of what God has done and what God can do.
Take a moment to listen to the samples and to read the words and hopefully you will be "Touched" as well. Eternally, Michael."
Download Together As One from Touched at the following location:


BLOOMINGTON, IN, Nov. 5 - John Mellencamp, who just embarked on a six week U.S. tour this week, will be performing a series of Canadian dates, across six provinces, in February 2008. Mellencamp will be joined on the bill by Canada's own Tom Cochrane & Red Rider for a total of 12 performance dates that kick off on February 1 in Montreal. The tour goes on to Ontario for dates in Ottawa, London, Toronto, and Sault Ste. Marie. These will be followed by concerts in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Red Deer, and Calgary, with the last three dates on the Pacific Coast in Kelowna, Vancouver, and Victoria.
Mellencamp noted, "We're very excited about playing these dates with Tom for our friends across Canada. We've incorporated some interesting innovations in terms of staging and lighting that are working out very well for us on the current tour that we'll be bringing along. But, of course, what's most important, the essence of these shows, is the music and the songs."
Tom Cochrane commented, "We will be doing a one hour set and it will be packed with songs like 'Life Is A Highway,' 'Big League,' 'Lunatic Fringe,' 'White Hot,' 'Boy Inside the Man,' 'Good Times' and more: songs that are close to a lot of Canadian hearts. The band is sounding outrageously good these days and we are looking forward to this tour."
Mellencamp and his band -- Mike Wanchic, (guitar), Andy York (guitar), Dane Clark (drums), John Gunnell (bass), Miriam Sturm (violin), and Troye Kinnett (keyboards) -- have been working together almost continually since early in August when they participated in recording sessions for a new album, as yet untitled, produced by T Bone Burnett. It is expected that some of the songs from that album will be performed on the Canadian concert tour as well as Mellencamp's classic repertoire.
02/01 Montreal, QC Centre Bell
02/02 Ottawa, ON Scotiabank Place
02/05 London, ON John Labatt Centre
02/06 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre
02/08 Sault Ste Marie, ON Steelback Centre
02/11 Winnipeg, MB MTS Centre
02/12 Saskatoon, SK Credit Union Centre
02/14 Red Deer, AB ENMAX Centrium Arena
02/15 Calgary, AB Pengrowth Saddledome
02/17 Kelowna, BC Prospera Place
02/18 Vancouver, BC Pacific Coliseum
02/19 Victoria, BC Save On Foods Centre

From / November 07, 2007, 11:10 AM ET Gary Graff, Detroit Despite the excitement surrounding Led Zeppelin's reunion, Paul Rodgers is hoping that fans will remember the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert on Dec. 10 in London is indeed supposed to be about the late Atlantic Records co-founder. "I do think that the purpose and the point of the show is to celebrate Ahmet Ertegun's life," says Rodgers, the former Bad Company/Free/the Firm/the Law frontman who's a late addition to a lineup that, besides Led Zep, includes Pete Townshend, Foreigner, Paolo Nutini and Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings.
Rodgers -- who met Ertegun when Bad Company signed to Led Zeppelin's Atlantic-distributed Swan Song Records in 1974 -- tells he plans to perform two songs, most likely an acoustic version of something from Bad Company's debut album and Free's enduring hit "All Right Now." "Ahmet was that very rare example of an entrepreneurial record company chief who was brave enough and intelligent enough to ... follow what his heart told him, and it usually worked," Rodgers notes. "It's an honor to have been signed by the man who discovered people like Ray Charles, Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin, who were some of my heroes." Rodgers says that he hopes Led Zep "can live up to the expectations, because they're huge. But God bless 'em and good luck to 'em." There are no plans for he and Zep guitarist Jimmy Page to reunite to play anything from their short-lived '80s band the Firm, though Rodgers notes, "it's not a bad idea, is it? We did make some great music."
Besides preparing for the Ertegun show, Rodgers has been in the studio with Queen's Brian May and Roger Taylor working on an album of new material that should be out under the Queen + Paul Rodgers moniker next year. He says the three of them have been writing individually and "are working towards actually writing together as well." Each of them are taking turns playing bass, and while Rodgers is inserting the blues and R&B influence that's so much a part of his style, he says May has been carefully orchestrating the "whole orchestra of harmonies" that are Queen's hallmark. "With any band there's two sides -- there's the image and there's the music," says Rodgers. "I don't feel that I stepped into the image of Queen, although I wouldn't know that. But I really stepped into the music. It's safe to say we're quietly excited about what we're doing." Rodgers says the group will wrap up its latest round of recording this week and take stock of what it has, then resume around the time he returns to England for the Ertegun concert. He expects a tour to follow the album's release.




Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fireworks Issue 30 is out now. The details are: £4.50 (postage £1 UK, £2.50 Europe, £3.50 rest of world). Available direct via Paypal from: or cheque (UK only) payable to 'Bruce Mee' and sent to: Fireworks Magazine, 10 Dunnock Close, Offerton, Stockport, SK2 5XD. Also available from AOR Heaven (Germany) and Destiny Records and ST Records (UK).
Interviews this issue: Nightwish, Tarja, Ted Nugent, Status Quo, Scorpions, Foreigner, Jaded Heart, John Parr, Glenn Hughes, Spike, Hanoi Rocks, David Readman, Amaran's Plight, Human Zoo, Mass, Iced Earth, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Heartland, Dogpound, Lec Zorn, Terry Illous, JK Northrup, Black Stone Cherry, Cage and more! 88 fact filled pages!!
Also two CDs full of excellent music, featuring the following 36 tracks!
Disc 1: 1. Jaded Heart – Hero, 2. Poodles – Seven Seas, 3. Heartland – For Pity's Sake, 4. Road to Ruin – The Only One, 5. Dogpound – Glass Jar, 6. Burn – 'Down In Flames', 7. Nightwish – Wishmaster, 8. Human Zoo – Communicate, 9. Amaranth's Plight – Turning Point, 10. House of Shakira – No Faith, 11. Gary John Barden – Voices in the Rain, 12. Soul Doctor – Temptation, 13. Rob Rock – Only a Matter of Time, 14. Mass – Empty Soul, 15. Vendetta – I Executioner, 16. Steve Grimmett - Enemy, 17. Elvenking – The Divided Heart, 18. Sircle of Silence – Words Get Lost.
Disc 2: 1. Relay – Danger Zone, 2. JK Northrup – Wired In My Skin, 3. Sacred Heart – Lost, 4. Terry Ilous – The Road, 5. Rock Ignition – I Can't Resist, 6. Hard Spirit – Knock Your Door, 7. Nightmare World – 'The New Crusade', 8. Million Dollar Reload – Get It Up, 9. Bruno Rock – Julia, 10. Matt Hannon – Where I Wanna Be, 11. M.O.B – 'Scapegoats', 12. The Lec Zorn Projet – Fighting Chance, 13. Mermaid Kiss – Dark Cover, 14. Early Warning System – Bend, 15. Love Strange – Gimme More, 16. Linehouse – First Love, 17. Saskia – Small Town, 18. Aviator Shades - Doing Alright.


New York, NY - fuse, the national music television network, green lights "Talking Metal on fuse," a one-hour pilot that brings the number-one heavy metal/hard rock Podcast on iTunes to television. Hosted by Mark Strigl and John Ostronomy, the ultimate metal geeks and hard rock aficionados, the show provides a unique perspective and insiders look into the world of metal and hard rock music.
"Heavy metal has some of the most loyal and passionate fans and has been one of the most consistent performers in music television," said Eric Sherman, president, fuse. "fuse is committed to showcasing a variety of music genres and we're thrilled to be able to bring Mark and John's distinctive voice, along with their number-one Podcast, to our network."
Premiering on Friday, November 9 at 12:30 AM ET, "Talking Metal on fuse" brings Mark and John's zany antics and superfan-style perspective to viewers. They take fans on a wild ride where anything can happen including guitar lessons with Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), a book signing road trip with Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue/Sixx A.M./The New York Times best selling author), cocktails with Serj Tankian (System of a Down), and a home studio makeover-turned-impromptu jam session with members of Guns N' Roses. Mark and John are joined by sidekicks Bud Friendly (The Metal Wrestler/commentator), resident guitarist Metal Mike (member of Rob Halford's and Sebastian Bach's solo bands) and the "Talking Metal" fans, a rotating group of in-studio guests who join in on the metal conversation, offer opinions and throw up the metal horns.
As the number-one heavy metal/hard rock Podcast on iTunes, "Talking Metal" averages 100,000 downloads per month and has listeners in more than 100 countries. The website averages between 1-2 million hits per month.
About fuse: fuse is a music television network offering a window into artists and bands and unorthodox music line-ups. fuse reflects the rapidly changing interests and attitudes of its 12-34 year-old audience providing a destination for discovery and authentic content that pushes boundaries. Viewers can find a multi-media experience combining TV, Web and mobile technologies incorporating their opinions and ideas into the networks programming. Additional information about fuse can be found at fuse is part of Madison Square Garden, L.P., owned by Cablevision Systems Corporation, which includes the New York Knicks (NBA); the New York Rangers (NHL); the New York Liberty (WNBA); the Hartford Wolf Pack (American Hockey League); MSG Entertainment, which includes concerts and events at Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Garden, The Theater at Madison Square Garden, and the Beacon Theatre; and MSG Media, which is comprised of MSG and FSN New York; and the Madison Square Garden arena complex, located in the heart of the New York metropolitan area.

The Eagles' first new studio album in 28 years, Long Road Out of Eden, takes a short route to No. 1 on The Billboard 200 after Billboard revised a significant chart policy today (Nov. 7).
In consultation with Nielsen SoundScan, Billboard will now allow exclusive album titles that are only available through one retailer to appear on The Billboard 200 and other Billboard charts, effective with this week's charts. Prior to this, proprietary titles were not eligible to appear on most Billboard charts.
Early Nielsen SoundScan numbers have the Eagles taking the top perch on The Billboard 200 with 711,000 copies sold, with most sales moved by Wal-Mart and Sam's Club stores. For now, the only other U.S. outlets carrying "Eden" are, where both physical copies and downloads are sold, and the Eagles' own Web site.
"Eden" became available at the mass-market chain Oct. 30. Aside from two compilations, this is the Eagles' first album since the live "Hell Freezes Over," which led The Billboard 200 for two weeks in 1994.
Britney Spears' new Jive album, "Blackout," which would have been No. 1 had the Eagles' data not been reported, will open at No. 2 with first-week sales of 290,000 copies.
"We know that some retailers will be uncomfortable with this policy, but it was inevitable that Billboard's charts would ultimately widen the parameters of to reflect changes that are unfolding in music distribution," says Geoff Mayfield, Billboard's director of charts. "We would have preferred to make this decision earlier, but only became aware within the last 24 hours that Wal-Mart would be willing to share the data for this title with Nielsen SoundScan."
The revised policy initially impacts The Billboard 200 and Top Country Albums, where "Eden" will also bow at No. 1. Criteria for the remainder of Billboard's albums charts will be formulated later this week. A handful of other titles will debut this week on The Billboard 200 as a consequence of the policy revision.
Previously, titles that were not generally available at retail were not eligible to appear on The Billboard 200, but were entitled to chart on Billboard's Top Comprehensive Albums, which includes catalog titles and proprietary albums from retailers willing to report those sales.
The comprehensive chart will continue to appear on, to show how catalog titles compete with the overall market. However, once parameters for the remainder of the album charts are determined, Top Comprehensive Music Videos will be discontinued, as exclusive titles will then be eligible for the Nielsen SoundScan-fed Top Music Videos.

Sonic X will be playing their 1st Concert in support of their new CD Thirteen on Saturday November 17th. The Concert will take place at "The Mod Club" which is a great Concert Venue on College Street in Toronto. Since this is a "Special Event Concert" at the "Mod Club" the show starts at 8:00pm...It is an All Ages event so if anyone under 19 Years of age wants to attend they are welcome.
For info on the Mod Club visit: the club is located at: 722 College Street (College & Crawford) Ph. 416.588.4663.
For info on "Sonic X" visit: or

November 06, 2007, 1:10 PM ET Meat Loaf has cancelled his European tour after developing a cyst on his vocal cords, but he denied media reports he might be quitting the stage for good. A series of November concerts across Europe, including one at Wembley Arena in London tonight (Nov. 6), have been scrapped. "It really breaks my heart not to be able to perform these shows," Meat Loaf said in a statement. "But I have to do what the doctors tell me so I can look forward to healing and coming back strong in 2008. Let me dispel any rumors before they start -- I will be back." According to the statement, most inter-vocal cord cysts require surgery, but voice therapy is normally conducted first to determine if it is necessary. It will take four to six weeks to decide in this case, it added. Speculation about the tour, and "Bat Out of Hell" star Meat Loaf's long-term performing career, first started when a regional British newspaper quoted him as saying: "This is the last show I may ever do in my life," before walking off stage.

On 29 October 2007, Eagle Rock Entertainment simultaneously released two incredible DVDs capturing the incomparable Queen in their pomp as the world's biggest band at a sold out show in 1981 at Montreal's 18,000-seater Forum. The single DVD is Queen Rock Montreal and there is a special edition double DVD Queen Rock Montreal + Live Aid. The live CD/LP from the concert is released on the same date on EMI with HD-DVD and Blu-ray versions to follow in November through Eagle.
Following their record-breaking South American tour, the Montreal shows on 24 and 25 November 1981 were to be the only concerts by Queen ever shot on film – indeed they were the first group to shoot an entire show in full cinema format 35mm. These releases offer the best ever sound and picture quality on a Queen concert release. Always a great live band, with two years non-stop touring behind them and Freddie Mercury in front of them, Queen excelled themselves with the cameras rolling. The footage has been digitally restored from the original film and the sound has been newly mixed and mastered for DTS Surround Sound and PCM Stereo from the original multi-track tapes.
"Hello Montreal...long time no see. You wanna get crazy?" asks Freddie as the band tear into their alternative 'fast' version of We Will Rock You, and from there on Queen show their hard rock roots, slowing down only for Love of My Life and the more mid-tempo Under Pressure, notably being performed live for the first time in this concert.
Tracklisting: 1) Intro 2) We Will Rock You (fast) 3) Let Me Entertain You 4) Play The Game 5) Somebody To Love 6) Killer Queen 7) I'm In Love With My Car 8) Get Down Make Love 9) Save Me 10) Now I'm Here 11) Dragon Attack 12) Now I'm Here (reprise) 13) Love Of My Life 14) Under Pressure 15) Keep Yourself Alive 16) Drum & Timpani Solo 17) Guitar Solo 18) Crazy Little Thing Called Love 19) Jailhouse Rock 20) Bohemian Rhapsody 21) Tie Your Mother Down 22) Another One Bites The Dust 23) Sheer Heart Attack 24) We Will Rock You 25) We Are The Champions 26) God Save The Queen.
Tracklisting (Double Disc Live Aid footage) Live Aid: 1) Bohemian Rhapsody 2) Radio Gaga 3) Hammer To Fall 4) Crazy Little Thing Called Love 5) We Will Rock You 6) We Are The Champions 7) Is This The World We Created.
The real joy to be had in watching Freddie, Brian, Roger and John performing here is that, unlike any other Queen concert film available, this delivers raw Queen. This is before the Hot Space album, before keyboards would find a place in the band's touring line up; this is simply four musicians in total cohesion.
Originally titled, "We Will Rock You", this film was first launched at the Cannes Film Festival in May 1983 - as only Queen could. It was then released in North America (September 1984), becoming the first commercially available film of Queen in concert. For this special edition, the picture has been digitally restored from the original 35mm negative.
The double disc release offers the incredible bonus of a slew of Live Aid features and performances. Regularly polled as the greatest live performance of all time, Queen's mighty Live Aid show at 6.44pm on July 13, 1985, is here in full. In addition to the set that reinforced Queen's position as unrivalled rock entertainers, Freddie and Brian's performance later in the evening of the poignant "Is This The World We Created" is included. Also featured are 11 minutes of never before seen Live Aid rehearsal footage, plus a rehearsal interview with the band. In addition, there's the curiosity value of a 1982 news feature from US TV series PM Magazine. Brian May and Roger Taylor bring the story up to date with a brand new audio commentary on the Montreal concert.
Both these releases offer extraordinary footage of one if the greatest acts of all time, recorded at the height of the powers. Truly, Rock royalty.

From Rolling Stone - Chris Rock on the music business: "Music kind of sucks. Nobody's into being a musician. Everybody's getting their mogul on. You've been so infiltrated by this corporate mentality that all the time you'd spend getting great songs together, you're busy doing nine other things that have nothing to do with art. You know how shitty Stevie Wonder's songs would have been if he had to run a fuckin' clothing company and a cologne line?"

4 new CD Showcases online today: Airtime (Featuring Rik Emmett & Mike Shotton), Goodbye Thrill, White Wolf and Darksun. Check it out.




Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Spanish/Swedish Melodic Metal band Sandalinas has found a new home on Metal Heaven. Their new CD is called Fly To The Sun and next to mainman Jordi Sandalinas also features the great vocal talents of singer Rick Altzi (At Vance), Patrik Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen) on drums, Mick Cervino (Blackmore's Night) on bass guitar and Elias Holmild (Dragonland) on keyboards. The album furthermore includes various guests such as Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater) on keyboards on the track "Seasons In The Sand" as well as Chris Caffery (Savatage) and Andy LaRocque (King Diamond) at various guitar solos.
Listen to some advance music: Bad Dreams, Fly To The Angels & Never Seen Before.
The tracklist goes as follows: 1 Fly To The Sun, 2 Never Seen Before, 3 Bad Dreams, 4 Back From The Light, 5 No Matter What, 6 As The Rain Falls, 7 Double Cross, 8 Ring Of Fire , 9 The Wrong Side Of Me, 10 Shadows In The Rain , 11 The Healer Talks, 12 Seasons In The Sand.


Lechery were formed in 2004, when guitarist/vocalist Martin Bengtsson left Arch Enemy. After a couple of demo tapes, the band came to the attention of Metal Heaven A&R Georg Siegl who signed this band for the production of their debut album. The result became "Violator", an album that is filled with pure Heavy Metal, just the way that Lechery wants it to be! The album will see the light of day on January 18th, 2008.
Here come some sound samples in advance: Come Alive, Cynical, Your Fate.
Lechery are: Martin Bengtsson - Guitar, Vocals, Fredrik Nordstrandh - Guitar, Keyboards, Robert Persson - Drums, Martin Karlsson - Bass
WebLinks: /


Despite rumors to the contrary, UK re-issue label Rock Candy Records remain alive and active. Label boss Derek Oliver kindly sent me this statement to print in response to rumors of the label's demise:
"Apologies to all for the break in service - a situation that really was, for the most part, beyond our control. Sadly, in business, you can't always prepare for the unexpected but we are pretty much over the hump at this point so it's full steam ahead in our quest to bring some of the best re-issues that we can legally provide.
In addition to having to deal with some of the problems we encountered at RC, Dante and myself have been very busy with numerous other extra curricular activity including work with Roadrunner. It's a pleasure to report that the latest Dream Theater album has already outsold the bands previous release and looks set to continue selling with more touring and promotion planned for the new year including the bands first Australian shows. Yes, that's right they will be there for the very first time early next year. We just saw the band demolish Wembley arena in London - the crowd lapped it up and the rave two page lead review in last weeks Kerrang! indicates that they are at long last connecting with a heavier and younger audience. If you haven't seen the band live in concert yet then you really must make a point of going along to see one of the most compelling performances you'll likely ever witness.
In addition to our Roadrunner activity we've also been ensconced at Abbey Road Studios in London sifting through hours of studio and live tapes from UFO. We had asked EMI if we could license a few UFO records. Sadly, they denied us but then suggested that we oversee a comprehensive re-issue programme through EMI UK of all eleven albums. Armed with the appropriate paperwork, hard hats and flash lights in hand we went, Indiana Jones style, deep into the bowels of Abbey Road Studio in search of outtakes, live and bonus material. Amazingly we were well rewarded, reappearing weeks later with armfuls of unreleased bonus tracks and several previously unheard live performances from their very earliest days to their untimely demise in the mid eighties.
The first three of their albums 'Phenomenon', 'Force It' and 'No Heavy Petting' will be issued via EMI/Rock Candy by January with the rest of the catalogue to follow in batches of three throughout next year. There's also a three CD box set being planned with bonus DVD!
One piece of news that you might find of interest is that we've signed (to our production company) of a band called Lethargy. Hailing from Neath, South Wales this young four piece have a fantastic sound that draws from a number of influences including Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam. We played their demo album to renowned producer David Prater who thought that they were so good that he got straight on a plane and recorded their album in a remote Welsh residential recording studio. David thinks it's the best thing on a musical level that he's been involved with since Dream Theater's 'Images And Worlds' album and who are we to argue! You can check out some of the tracks at the bands my space page:

In respect of Rock Candy, our new distributor is a company called Plastic Head who are doing great stuff behind the scenes with the existing catalogue. We've just issued our latest three titles- an eighties sleaze rock special featuring the Sea Hags 'S/T', The Throbs 'The Language Of Thieves And Vagabonds' and Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction 'Tattooed Beat Messiah'. All with the usual Rock Candy care to attention and details plus bonus tracks.
The release programme will start properly again in January with three titles per month: Next three will be the lone and highly regarded album from NWOBHM nearly men and Queen devotees Money (produced by Chris Tsangarides), the debut album from AOR demi gods Romeo's Daughter (produced by Mutt Lange and John Parr) and Canadian power pop legends Reckless. All will, feature bonus tracks as well as previously unseen photos and full involvement from the artists.
From Feb onwards look for the long awaited re-issue of Michael Bolton's near perfect AOR masterpiece Everybody's Crazy (despite my long standing personal relationship with Michael he has refused to be involved with the re-issue but that has not prevented us from securing previously unseen photos from that era, pre Mullet!), Mother's Finest debut album for Epic records 1976 (a personal fave of mine plus bonus tracks!), Desmond Child's previously unissued Runner's in the Night, Eric Martin's I'm Only Fooling Myself, Los Angeles G 'n' R wannabes Cats In Boots, battle metal originators Warrior with their ground breaking Fighting For The Earth masterpiece, two from Roadmaster, a clutch of southern rock titles including the much over looked Danny Joe Brown Band album, Molly Hatchet's 'Beatin The Odds' and Doc Holiday's superb debut. Also, and this isn't one that'll necessarily whip your readers into a frenzy, Manowar's classic 'Sign Of The Hammer' album. Natch there are several others in the pipeline but these are the titles that have been confirmed and green lighted so far."

Out right now for the label is the following three releases -
Zodiac Mindwarp - Tattooed Beat Messiah.
The mid eighties were a funny time for rock 'n roll. The charts may have been filled with quasi electronic pop but down in the underground a revolution of sorts was brewing. The US west coast had chipped in hard with Motley Crue and Guns 'n Roses, whilst the UK was expanding the envelope of decency with the Cult, Rogue Male and…Zodiac Mindwarp. The brainchild of front man Mark Manning, a former music magazine editor, and professional raconteur, Zodiac Mindwarp & the Love Reaction (to give the project its full name) was designed with one experience in mind; to make a mint, and live the dream. For a full five minutes it looked as though Manning might just have pulled it off if it wasn't for the fact that the public thought otherwise.
'Tattoed Beat Messiah', originally released in March 1988, appeared like a lightning bolt out of the blue. Choc full of low down riffs (courtesy of the wonderfully monikered Cobalt Stargazer), sleazy grooves, cantankerous lyrics and a swagger that suggested they'd been working the circuit for years instead of months, the critics knelt and kissed the feet of rock 'n roll's latest great deceiver. 'TTBM', even after passage of nearly 20 years, remains one of rock's most impressive and exciting statements, issued at a time when everyone seemed to be second guessing where rock 'n roll was heading. Buckle up and enjoy the ride one more time…
Tracklist: 1. Prime Mover 2. Skull Spark Joker 3. Backseat Education 4. Bad Girl City 5. Untamed Stare 6. Tattooed Beat Messiah 7. Let's Break The Law 8. Spasm Gang 9. Driving On Holy Gasoline 10. Planet Girl 11. Kid's Stuff 12. Messianic Reprise
Bonus Tracks: 13. Laughing In The Face Of Death 14. Hangover From Hell 15. Mess With The Killer 16.Whore Of Babylon 16. Lager Woman From Hell 17. Messin' With My Best Friend's Girl 18. Dog Face Driver 19. Born to Be Wild 20. Go Go baby Dream Show.

Sea Hags - Self Titled
"There's only so far you can get with three junkies and one alcoholic," That, as legend has it, is a direct quote from the manager of the Sea Hags, a man no doubt at the end of his tether having watched one of the most hotly tipped hard rock bands of the era slide off the edge of the world into oblivion. Hailing from San Francisco, the Hags brought the a certain (alcoholic) swagger to the eighties with one foot in the vapour trail of Guns 'n Roses and the other in the classic pre punk attack of the New York Dolls. The G 'n R connection was not that surprising considering that their producer Mike Clink was also the man behind the console of the Sea Hags album.
Originally released in 1989 on the Chyrsalis label, the album was the work of nearly a decade of struggle from humble origins in Seattle, a demo tape produced by Metallica's Kirk Hammett, and a very public fight with a variety of interesting but largely illegal substances. Indeed, Chrysalis were so concerned about their investment that they postponed the release of the record until two members had detoxed and scrubbed up nicely. Despite a rapturous reception from the rock cognoscenti the band barely managed to stumble through one short tour before succumbing to the aggregate pressures of frontline rockin'. Tragically, in 1991, bassist Chris Schlosshardt was found dead of a heroin overdose thus forever sealing the fate of the band and leaving behind one of the era's most celebrated, if overlooked, releases.
Tracklist: 1. Half Way The Valley 2. Doghouse 3. Too Much T-Bone 4. Someday 5. Back To the Grind 6. Bunkbed Creek 7. In The Mood For Love 8. Miss Fortune 9. All The Time 10. Three's A Charm Bonus Tracks: 12. Dog House (Demo) 13. Half Way The Valley (Demo).

The Throbs - The Language Of Thieves And Vagabonds
If, in 1989, you'd wanted to bet your house on a band becomin' BIG, then The Throbs would have been the obvious choice. Rising up from the gutters of lower Manhattan, these four musicians came together to prise rock'n'roll from the cold dead clutches of corporate strangulation. That they didn't entirely succeed is not the point; that they (nearly) died trying, very much is…Drawing inspiration from The Stones, The Dolls and The Underground (Rolling, New York and Velvet, respectively), The Throbs specialised in spiking old-fashioned rock'n'roll with liberal helpings of psychedelia; their hair piled high, their paisley shirts slashed to the waist, and wearing enough mascara to paint the town black, they were the perfect (drinking) partners for a city short on sleep.
Once under the wing of studio veteran Bob Ezrin (Kiss, Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd), they set about cutting their one and only album in what sounds like a hash-filled Turkish harem, with sitars & baglamas giving exotic support to the deeply rock'n' roll guitars. What's more, critics – on both sides of the Atlantic – were quick to heap praise on the results, hailing The Throbs as the 'new Guns N'Roses'; however, the band's untempered enjoyment of the rock star lifestyle would ultimately lead to friction with their label (Geffen) and a premature demise. One things's for certain, though; 'The Language Of Thieves And Vagabonds' – all late nights, lost love and Little Richard on guest keys! – is very much a wrinkle-free release, having stood the test of time remarkably well. A PG (Pre-Grunge) classic? You betcha!
24-bit remastering from original source tapes, 4,000 word story of the making of the album, previously unpublished photos, all spread out over a super 16 page full colour booklet.
Track listing: 'Underground', 'Come Down Sister', 'It's Not The End Of The World', 'Dreamin', 'Honeychild', 'Rip It Up', 'Ocean Of Love', 'Only Way Out', 'Sweet Addiction', 'Ecstasy', 'Strange Behaviour' Bonus tracks: 'Rainbow', 'Strange Behaviour'.


Tyketto frontman Danny Vaughn checked in with the following good news update: "The dust hasn't settled yet but I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone that was involved in the last 4 Tyketto shows. They were an amazing time for all of us and we were happy that we got to share our final moments with such good friends in The UK, Spain, Belgium, and Northern Ireland.
One thing I do want to let everyone know is that the new CD, Tyketto The Last Sunset Farewell 2007 was such an unexpected success that we will be making lots more this week in order to get copies to anyone that wants it, anywhere in the world. The best place for all of our American friends to find it, and get the best deal on it, is on our web site, or So don't fall for any "rarity" nonsense from the pond scum that are already trying to pitch it on ebay.
Please remember that this is not a "new" CD, but rather, a much requested releasing of previously unheard demos (7 never before heard songs) and alternate versions of songs that have been released before. While the source tapes were old, I think they did a great job mastering them and making it into excellent album quality sounding songs. We also did all new liner notes and art work for the occasion. It's something that our fans of long standing will love. Speaking on behalf of the 4 of us, we simply want to say that you were awesome and we are so happy we did this one last time. All the best, Danny Vaughn."

Looks like Bon Jovi ticket prices for Australia will be: Melbourne Reserved seating $385, GA $177 / Sydney and Perth $265 / $195 / $145. The band's first tour here since 1995 is no reason to gouge the fans such a horrendous amount of money. No wonder the promoters website and ticket outlets had not listed ticket prices. The Lost Highway Retirement Fund claims another country...

Rock Candy Records is still standing, but Majestic Rock Records isn't - their website now reads: "This Account Has Been Suspended..." Last I heard from the label was that they owed several bands and several other companies a lot of money. A few of those bands have contacted me here in search for a way to reach someone from the label. Disappointing news for sure...

Due to strong demand post Firefest 4 - when we sold out all t-shirts - we will be doing a limited run of red baseball tops (men) and black tops (men and women). Anyone wishing to order a t-shirt must contact us before Monday 12th November. E-Mail:

Neil Daniels - Fireworks writer and author of The Story Of Judas Priest: Defenders Of The Faith - has a new website:

11/5/07 - Texas - Rock and Roll is alive and well and living in Texas with the return of '80s rock legends Axe. Known for such classic rock anthems as "Rock and Roll Party In The Streets" and "Battles", Axe has reformed and are now prepared to take the rock world by storm. The band recently performed several special engagements and the reaction has been none less than fervid! When Axe this Summer opened for Queensryche at Sunken Garden Amphitheater in San Antonio to an attendance of over 5,000, and reportedly the audience literally went wild. Six weeks later, Axe was back in San Antonio headlining at Hemisfair Park to a capacity crowd. And again, the band showed its magic and held the audience in their hands.
Andy Laudano of Harder Beat Magazine (Dallas/Ft. Worth) said the following of Axe's performance at The Rockyard on August 15, 2007, "Easily one of the best hard rock acts of the early '80s, Axe had the ability to combine great songwriting with strong melodies, powerful guitars and tasteful keyboards."
Recently, Bob Harris (vocals/keyboards) and Brad Banhagel (guitar/vocals) put the band back together with the blessing of founder Bobby Barth. The current line-up also includes Chris Lewis (drums), Dave Landis (guitar), Alex Salinas (keyboards) and newest member, Tommy Luna (bass). Anyone who wasn't there for Axe's recent show in Ft. Worth, really missed out.
Pete with Nikita Productions says of the band …"Having produced and promoted Axe on two explosive concerts this year at Sunken Garden and Hemisfair Park, I can easily say that his is one of the greatest national bands to work with. With their combined vocals and musical talents, the band rocks viciously, throwing in some of their ballads that really touch the soul. Great guys, great sound!"
Axe was formed in 1978 from the ashes of a mid-western band called Babyface and began recording their first album Axe in 1979. The band's debut album garnered rave reviews from the music press, and in support of the release, Axe started a tour that lasted until 1984! Their second album, Living On The Edge, followed in 1980, and once again, the reaction was positive. In 1981, Axe changed labels and recorded Offering for ATCO Atlantic which featured the hit "Rock and Roll Party In the Streets". The song reached #59 on the Billboard charts and was one of the most-played-songs in 1982 - it became a nationwide rock anthem. After 19 months of touring with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, the Scorpions, ZZ Top, Kiss, Cheap Trick, Def Leopard, Queensryche and Motley Crue, among others, it was time to record the fourth Axe album - Nemesis. Continued success meant more touring. Unfortunately, around this time, band leader Bobby Barth was seriously injured in a car crash which also tragically took the life of guitar player, Michael Osborne. This accident led to Barth disbanding Axe and later joining Blackfoot. After his stint with Blackfoot, Barth took his talents to Australia to join Angry Anderson (Rose Tattoo), hitting the Top 5 on the Australian charts.
In 1995, Bobby Barth decided to reform the band due to label interests in Europe. It was at that time that Bob Harris joined the band. The band went on to record two original albums and two Greatest Hits albums (MTM Records) and tours of Europe. After the third tour in Europe, Barth and Harris decided to take a break and pursue other projects.
Today, the line up of Axe is Bob Harris (lead vocals/keys), Brad Banhagel (lead vocals/guitar), David Landes (guitar/vocals) who has performed with Simon Wright and Greg T. Walker, Chris "Drumzilla" Lewis (drums) who has performed with Glenn Hughes and Howard Leese of Heart, Tommy Luna (Bass), and Alex Salinas (keys).
To his credit, Bob Harris has performed with some of the greatest artists in the music industry. Covering vocals and keyboards for Frank Zappa , he proved his ability as an outstanding musician and writer. Lending his writing skill and vocal talent to the later recordings, Harris would help define the lasting style and sound that is Axe.
Guitarist/singer Brad Banhagel is an intricate part of the current Axe line-up and conjures visions of classic guitarists as Steve Marriot, Tommy Bolin, Bobby Barth and Jimmy Page. Brad himself has shared the stage and performed with Greg T. Walker (Blackfoot) and Simon Wright (UFO, AC/DC, Dio), and has also worked with Pat Travers, Blackfoot, Thin Lizzy, Quiet Riot, Ratt, Rick Derringer and Warrant. "... Brad is also a very talented singer, guitarist and song writer who deserves to be center stage and I'm sure that that day will come sooner than he thinks." Rock legend Pat Travers.
"When Bob Harris and Brad Banhagel approached me about putting Axe back on the road, I had mixed feelings," original band leader Bobby Barth recently commented. "It made me re-examine all the years, all the tragedies and triumphs the band has endured. Most American fans of Axe are not aware that the band stopped the day that Michael Osborne was killed. Soon after, Axe was back in both Europe and Japan, releasing another four CDs and touring several times. A lot of the strength that I needed to continue on came from my friendship with Bob Harris and what I consider to be one of the greatest rock voices in the world. We went on over the years to write and produce several records together, both for Axe and for many others. We wrote and produced, what is without a doubt, songs and CD's that are far superior to anything we recorded in the earlier days of Axe. Those songs, and that later band, were never given a chance here in America, and that is a shame. So it is with that in mind that I give my blessing and lend whatever support to I can to their endeavor, I have their promise to remain true to the music, and you never know when I might show up."
With the added buzz that Bobby Barth may appear at selected shows, this could prove to be the hottest incarnation of Bobby's vision of Axe yet!
For more information on Axe and current tour schedule check out the official band websites: /




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Daniel Flores talks about the story behind every murder in his new concept story A Gentleman's Hurricane, the critically acclaimed new album from Mind's Eye – out now on Lion Music.
A Gentleman's Hurricane - As you all may know the story is about a top assassin called Adam Evangelista. His is really having second thoughts about his profession and wants to take a step outside this world. He can't do that before his last job. When trying to dig inside his own mind he takes refuge in a local church where he then meets Father Cavallero Dimori who is a retired head priest from the Vatican. Adam poor his heart out for him and confesses all his former crimes to the shocked priest, as you all know the priests take a vow of secrecy so he can't tell anyone about these confessions.
01. Praying For Confession
We meet our hero or assassin if you will, after he has shot three shots in the woods... why? At this point we just don't know. He goes out of the woods and washes his hands in an empty public toilet. He starts to speak about his past when looking into the dirty mirror. He goes back in time to where he is going to speak with the priest (as you hear the children sing) Adam is walking trough the church's hallway, he suddenly sees his own reflection and can't stand his face, he crushes the mirror. By doing that he goes even further back to history where he was an orphan where he was badly molested and hurt by the headmaster. He learnt what pain was and it was then when he knew what we wanted to do when he would become old, a man who hurt other people, let other know the pain he went through. At the end of the song we go back to when Adam talks to the Priest Cavallero in the confession booth.
02. Seven Days
This is the first murder he chose to talk about. The murder of Olof Palme; prime minister of Sweden and leader of the social democratic party (whose logo is a red rose). Adam has much regret of this particular assassination as he felt Palme was a great man... but orders are orders. Adam take orders from the Illuminati who is the counterpart of the church and he gets all his orders form his contact person, an ice cold Englishman who's name will never be revealed. During the confession of this murder Adam tries to give the priest a picture of what he goes trough as a professional assassin. He has seven days to pour his heart out before his last job.
03. Assassination
This is where he tells the priest about a job done in the late sixties. A man named Robert Kennedy. Adam has a huge headache when he speaks about this, ironically he shot Robert in the head three times… maybe he is feeling the pain of his victims… The priest orders him to take a pill.
04. Chaos Unleashed
Adam does not feel much regret when he speaks about next man to feel his anger. Martin Luther king. What strikes Adam is that most people feel that the whole thing is just a show to be seen on TV. He tells the priest about the people who watched the story on TV in a fast restaurant next day after the job was done, how can people just sit there and eat while watching this? Adam explains how he used the media coverage to hide himself being dressed as a homeless that day. Maybe that's why this country is collapsing, people just don't give a damn anymore…
05. Hell's Invitation
The priest tries now to get Adam into seeing the light of a religious life. He tries to make Adam think he is a just the hand of god. Adam does not believe in the afterlife and god means nothing to him, he knows that if he would exist he would never let Adam in heaven anyway, not after what he has done anyway. He compares Jesus to Malcolm X, another victim of Adam's gun. Like Jesus, Malcolm also carried a cross, a cross which he carried for his people and just like Jesus he was betrayed by his own apostles.
06. Feed My Revolver
Adam now recalls another murder and this is where he gets to hear the voice of Illuminati. He feels proud to hear this voice and follows the directions over the phone. As he recalls this victim is none other than John f. Kennedy, Robert's brother… Adam feels guilt coming over him as he has always wished for a brother… He killed them both…how could he? Adams explains exactly how things happen to father Cavallero telling him that he had huge help from his friends in the CIA. This is actually Adam's first big job and he recalls having no regrets what so ever back then, not bad for a 20 year old kid.
07. Ashes To Ashes
Adam quickly goes to a more recent job. The assassination of Georges Besse the director of Renault (the car manufacture) who has just released a large sum of workers, a perfect change for Adam and the Illuminate to get rid of him as he has lost credibility and can no longer be part of the Illuminati anymore. Adam also explains that during that night a woman has come to seek him, apparently it's his daughter "Pandora" and she hands him a gift… 08. The Hour Of Need
Adam recalls this story very well and it was the first time he had to kill a woman. This woman was apparently a huge movie star who also made money as a high society call girl, her name? Yes, it's was Norma Jean… Adam disguised as an American, multi million dollar man explains to the priest how he felt before poisoning this woman to death, right after having sex with her… He had to shut her up; apparently the president of USA had an affair with her and said too much. Poor girl…
09. Red Winter Sirens
For a long time Adam wanted to go to Russia. He went there by train from a nearby country. Unfortunately for Adam vacation was over when he received the message to kill national democratic leader Giorgi Chanturia, in a cold December night. Giorgias first president had to be eliminated by four Assassins, Adam recalls meeting a lot of friends from the times in IRA in Ireland and the man responsible for introducing Adam to the Illminati. He recalls former USSR as a cold and forgotten world…
10. Skin Crawl
Now to Italy, says Adam to Father Cavallero. It's was the late 70's Adam was ordered to frame and kill a man named Giuseppe Impastato, a political activist from Palermo. Adam explains that he made it look like a suicide but in reality it was an assassination by the Illuminati. This poor man had become a problem for them and they needed to get rid of him before he become too strong.
11. Graveyard Hands
As he told the priest earlier, Adam had joined the IRA in his 30's and this is where he tells about the story of Christopher Ewart-Biggs a British selected governor in Ireland he assassinated, a man hated by the Irish people. He recalls the people of Ireland being a happy people with many scars to carry from the long bad treatment of the British authorities. As Adam is half Italian half Irish (according to his papers) he has a special place in his heart fro the Irish people.
12. Say Goodnight
This is where Adam starts to recognize the Priest Cavallero, he has heard his voice somewhere before, where can it be? While telling him the story of a job which to him was scary and yet very fulfilling of a man named Juan Jesus Posadas Ocampo from Mexico a head priest and respected by many. Adam chooses to tell the story to Father Cavallero in a poetic way as he doesn't want to scare away him. Father Cavallero is shocked to stand before the killer of one of his peers. Adam suddenly recognizes the voice of Father Cavallero… Could it be? No!?
13. Pandora's Musical Box
Adam examines the voice of Father Cavallero in a much different way now he knows that it's him, he is so sure. He has to make a decision… Adam starts to tell father Cavallero about his past as an orphan. Father Cavallero recognizes allot of what Adam talks about. Could he be? Wonders the old priest… No, it's impossible he comforts himself. Adam on the other side of the confession booth is sure, absolutely sure that Father Cavallero is the dreaded headmaster from back in orphanage school. Adams saviour is also his worst demon, what can he do? Should he kill him or forgive him? Turn the other cheek?

Is the ending a happy or a sad ending? That's completely up to you the listener to decide. If you buy the album you'll figure out why the story starts out in the woods, as the story starts with the ending just like in a Quentin Tarantino movie. Hope you will like the story and may this shed a light on you the listener.
Web Links: /

And now news of the planned November 16 releases from Lion Music:
M.C.M. - 1900: Hard TimeS
Three of the world's most respected musicians in Alex Masi, Randy Coven and John Macaluso live on one stage with the soul intention of creating a moment in time. "MCM : 1900 – Hard Times" is a window to what happens during an MCM performance. Recorded at different shows from the trio's live shows throughout the USA and Central America the album is an electrifying showcase of immense musicianship and vision.
"MCM: 1900 – Hard Times" is the result of spontaneous theme elaboration done on the spot with guitarist Alex Masi commenting, "The only written, composed parts are pretty obvious, most intros, some outros and occasionally some bit in the middle but each piece include at least 80% of improvisation". Masi, Coven and Macaluso find the openness of the MCM material a welcome change to their normal fully scripted studio sessions with drummer John Macaluso stating, "MCM gives us an outlet for our need to let go of all the "do's and don'ts" associated with the life of a professional musician. Sometime the level of synchronicity among us is downright mysterious...when it happens it feels like "something" else is moving our hands and fingers and all we have to do is get out of our own way and let things happen". Bassist Randy Coven's adds on MCM approach, "Its absolute freedom from pre-fabricated structures and disregard of general expectations and that's exactly where we are in MCM, listen with your mind wide open."
The trio's goal in making the album was to try to convey the feeling of an MCM show to a bigger audience and show also a more immediate side than the one displayed on the previous studio album "Ritual Factory" (Lion Music). The musical influences of MCM come from everywhere - jazz, qawwali, drum n bass, heavy rock, hindu and carnatic music etc yet the freedom shown allows transitions between these genres. "MCM : 1900 – Hard Times" is freedom of expression at its peak from three of the most distinguished performers in music today.
Track Listing - 01 (1900) Hard Times, 02 Raw Extremities, 03 River Offering, 04 Emergency Poncho, 05 Mutual Assured Distraction, 06 The Ground Above, 07 Them Ain't Us, 08 30 Seconds Over Your Land, 09 Esse'n'Emme, 10 Unmatched Fragment, 11 House of Deviants, 12 For Every Color You Know.
Musicians: Alex Masi – Guitar, Loops, Randy Coven - Bass, John Macaluso - Drums.
Web Links: / /

Angel Of Eden - The End Of Never
Angel Of Eden is Artension guitarist Roger Stafffelbach's new band project. Having recorded seven albums with the prog metallers Roger has formed his own band in his own vision with the focus on top quality metal with neo-classical influences. The result is The End Of Never - ten tracks of melodic harmonies, neo-classical lead work, potent riffs and grinding heavy metal rhythms all wrapped in a powerful production with superb artwork.
Fuelled by Roger's virtuoso guitar work, the melodic soaring vocals of Carsten "Lizard" Schulz [Evidence One, ex Domain], keyboard wizardry of Mistheria [solo, Bruce Dickinson] and, the powerhouse drumming of Rami Ali [Evidence One] "The End Of Never" is a first class album from some of metal most respected names offering lush vocal melodies, pulsating rhythms and virtuoso lead breaks within captivating songs. The album is also home to several notable guest performances in the guise of bassist Steve Di Giorgio [ex Testament] John West [ex Royal Hunt/Artension], David Shankle [ex Manowar] and Ferdy Doernberg [Axel Rudi Pell].
The End Of Never is the start of Roger Staffelbach setting out with his own vision, more accessible than his work in Artension yet with the all the trademarks his playing is renowned for backed up with the ever impressive vocals of Carsten Schulz.. "Angel Of Eden - The End Of Never" showcases an impressive new beginning from Staffelbach and a band that is ready to expand on this blistering debut.
Track Listing - 01. The End Of Never, 02. Dreamchaser, 03. Angel Of Eden, 04. Return Of The Pharaoh (Pt. I), 05. The Battle Of 1386, 06. Into The Black, 07. Return Of The Pharaoh (Pt. II), 08. Keys To Avalon, 09. Stampede, 10. Towards The Light.
MUSICIANS: Roger Staffelbach – Guitars, Carsten `Lizard' Schulz – Vocals, Rami Ali – Drums, Mistheria – Keyboards.
GUEST MUSICIANS: Steve Di Georgio – Bass, John West – lead vocals on "The Battle Of 1386", Dave Shankle – first solo on solo section of Return Of The Pharaoh (Pt. I), Ferdy Doernberg – keyboards on tracks 1, 2, 3 + 4.
Web Links: / /

Palace Terrace - Flying Through Infinity
Palace Terrace is a progressive and neoclassical rock band with a theatrical and modern edge. Their music combines superb musicianship, beautifully crafted melodies, unique harmonic progressions, compelling stories, counterpoint, large orchestrations, wide dynamics, odd meters, stunning vocal arrangements and elaborate forms.
Palace Terrace was formed when composer and world renowned guitarist virtuoso George Bellas [ex Ring Of Fire, ex Mogg/Way] contacted Tenor Vocalist Jonathan R Marshall and invited him to fill the main vocalist spot in the band. The two discussed how they would like to see the band debut as well as evolve into the future. Sharing very similar visions the two began writing their first album "Flying Through Infinity". The search for an extraordinary percussionist was much of a concern for George and was a long but fruitful ambition when he finally discovered the prolific talents of Percussionist Sasha Horn.
"Flying Through Infinity" is a combination of progressive and neoclassical styles. The music contains extensive odd meters (with one section in 99/32 time), melodic vocal lines sung by John Marshall and rich vocal harmonies sung by George Bellas, along with big orchestrations and guitar solos that are drenched in feeling. The album is filled with a very wide dynamic range. Some of the vocal arrangements were written in strict 4 part counterpoint and others using imitative counterpoint. The album is very diverse in different types of songs, it contains progressive songs, neoclassical and even simple commercial structures.
On the album's concept George Bellas states, "The essence of the album is about the journey of a soul travelling through the infinite universe and other dimensions within it. The story is really about all of us here on Earth and the wonder of what happens after we're gone. The spirit in the story is just a character that represents any one of us... wondering who we are, will we find loved ones on "the other side", feeling the need to complete unfinished business after we pass away... The soul's journey includes visiting loved ones on earth and reflecting on cherished memories all the while searching for its way to eternal peace and trying to find its ultimate purpose. At the end of the story the spirit finally finds inner peace, its ultimate purpose and a place to call home".
This album is characterized by George's strong penchant for his unique and well defined composing style, as showcased in his previous releases, but differs from previous releases in that this is not an instrumental album, but rather a vocal based album. George debuts his vocal composing and arranging abilities as being strong and unique, evident with his inclusion of not just single melodic lines or stacked harmonies, but with his well versed ability to compose in a strict classical 4-part chorale style.
Track Listing - I] The Tenth Dimension, II] Chaos Theory, III] Time Will Tell, IV] I Know Your Home, V] Who Am I, VI] Declaration, VII] Lights Fall Down, VIII] From This Day Forward, IX] End of Time, X] Mesmerized.
Palace Terrace Is: George Bellas - Chief composer in Palace Terrace. George contributes all the compositions, orchestration, guitar, keyboards, bass, percussion, vocals and studio production. He has been playing guitar since the age of 7.
Jonathan R. Marshall - Main vocalist in Palace Terrace. John contributes lyrics & vocals. He has been singing since early childhood as well as writing lyrics and honing his craft within various rock and metal bands.
Sasha Horn - Percussionist in Palace Terrace. Sasha comes from a musical family of which encouraged him all throughout his childhood to practice and become as best as he could be at his craft.
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Two years in the making, former bassist for German rock legends Bonfire, Joerg Deisinger and key writer for the internationally renowned Canadian metal magazine BW&BK Carl Begai have completed work on a new book entitled Fire And Fame. The book features Deisinger's memoirs (translated by Begai) as its foundation, tracing his career as a professional musician from his early days as a starstruck AC/DC fan that wanted nothing more than to be on stage, through Bonfire's formative years and runaway success in Europe that included major tours with ZZ Top and Judas Priest, to his eventual departure from the band in the early '90s. On the whole, however, Fire And Fame is genuine behind-the-scenes look at the music scene, telling the story of a kid from a small town with the seemingly impossible dream of becoming a rock star actually managed to pull it off. It's a book for anyone who has ever had a similar dream, for those who have lived it, and for those who continue to do so.
In discussing his reasons for writing his memoirs, Deisinger reveals that the tsunami that devastated Southeast Asia on December 26th, 2004 played a significant role in his decision to showcase his life and achievements.
"I was living in Thailand at the end of 2004, where my girlfriend and I were running an English language school for kids. We had booked a trip to Phi Phi Island for Christmas, right on the beach, but at the last minute we decided not to go, thinking that we'd make the trip up later. Only there was no later. After the tsunami hit I realized that, hey, your life could be over in the blink of an eye."
Begai offers his thoughts on the project: "For myself, the most interesting aspects of Joerg's tale are the stories behind Bonfire's relationships with producers/songwriters Michael Wagener and Desmond Child, working with Ross Halfin, his wide-eyed look at the L.A. scene during it's big-haired '80s glam heyday, to chance meetings with the likes of Testament (when they were still called Legacy), Scorpions And Bon Jovi. And then there's his one-off gig as the soundcheck bassist for Judas Priest, which is an amazing little story in itself."
FIRE AND FAME is not a tell all book airing out Bonfire's dirty little secrets, nor is it an attempt to outdo the debauchery of Mötley Crüe's book The Dirt or cash in on Bonfire's continued success. It is, pure and simple, a celebration of music and of life. The official release of the English version of Fire And Fame is slated for early 2008. A German language version will follow in the fall of 2008.
For more information, updates and excerpts from the book go to and

Rumor has it that Journey will headline Festival de Viña del Mar at Quinta Vergara Arena in Chile, on February 21, 2008. No official announcement about the band's new vocalist has yet been made, despite lengthy internet discussion on the topic.

A new web site to plug their the band, Juan Croucier's Dirty Rats has been lanunched at: and

Dave Alvin, the singer of White Trash, gives an interview for the first time since the split of the band:

News from the Munich's Hardest Hits camp: Melodic Rock is back Vol. 9 is out now!
The brand new Melodic Rock compilation from Germany's No.1 Rock radio in the web Munich's Hardest Hits - 15 hot and catchy AOR, Melodic Rock and Hard rock tracks incl. amongst others: rare tracks from Fortune (feat. Larry Greene and Roger Scott Craig), Terry Ilous' XYZ and a brand new song from Canadian cult AOR rockers Harlequin.
See complete tracklist as follows: Kresta - Fantasy, Crystal - I'm A Dreamer, Harlequin - Rise, Reflexion - Army Of Broken Hearts, Blindman - The Silence Of Fate, Fortune - Home Free, Solid State - Can You Feel, XYZ - Made For Love, Fraze Gang - Blow Me Away, Avalon - Day By Day, Wildstreet - Soldier Of Love, Bootcamp - A Woman's Touch, Chinawhite - Rock And Water, Mirror Mirror - Let It Die, Linehouse - Stormrider.
For more information please check out


The Cage original King Diamond tribute song titled King Diamond from the import version of their newest CD Hell Destroyer is currently available as a free download at the Metal Sucks website. Download the song at the following link:

Sean Peck, Cage lead singer, checked in with Hardrock Haven to talk about their stellar new CD Hell Destroyer; how a lot of concept albums suck but theirs doesn't; why he gets compared to both luminaries Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford; future tour plans; how illegal downloading does or doesn't affect Cage; and a hell of a lot more. To listen to the audio interview in its entirety, go here:

Swedish 80s metal legend Overdrive is currently in Sound Palace Studios mixing the new album Let The Metal Do The Talking, the first album in 24 years! The release is set to January 2008, on Lion Music. The band's two previous studio albums "Metal Attack" (1983) and "Swords And Axes" (1984) were re-issued by High Vaultage in 2003.
"We have now started mixing the new album "Let The Metal Do The Talking" with producer Johan Blomström (Blinded Colony, Calm, Kaptain Sun etc) and it's going great! He's captured the good old 80s essence of the band, but still provided freshness and power to the production. Old fans won't be disappointed and hopefully we'll find a new generation of fans, too", says the band and adds there will be the usual range of Overdrive styles, from high speed metal, to doom oriented riffing and of course the traditional instrumental track.
The line-up features original members Janne Stark (guitar), Kjell Jacobsson (guitar), Kenth Ericsson (bass) and Kenta Svensson (drums) plus former Unchained singer Per "Periloz" Karlsson, who joined the band when they reformed in 2004.
The CD will also include a bonus - the video for "Back On The Hunt" (2006 version). The CD cover is made by Monowasp (TNT, Dante Fox etc) and also follows in the fine old OVERDRIVE tradition.




Friday, November 02, 2007

Escape Music would like to announce the signing of and imminent release of the album from Vindictiv. The band's debut album will be released January 21, 2008.
Featured in the band is: Stefan Lindholm - Guitars, Pontus Larsson - keyboards, Goran Edman - Vocals, Mikael Wikman - Drums, Nalle Pahlsson - Bass.
Track List: Fool´s Paradise / Caesar´s Commentaries / The Royal Loo / Dreams of a Demon´s Head / David´s House / A Quiet Life / Living Colour´s / Hymn To Desdemona / A Second Life / Fata Morgana.
Says the label: "The basis of Vindictiv started in early 2004 and is the brainchild of Stefan Lindholm. At an early stage Stefan contacted keyboard maestro Pontus Larsson and they started to work on some of the songs Stefan had laid down. They recorded a demo with Tommy Karevik (Seventh Wonder) and guitarist Johan Larsson (Johan and Tommy Band). The result was the 2005 demo and it met with some great reviews in Sweden rock magazine. However, Johan and Tommy decided to move on but Stefan managed to contact respected singer Goran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen / Karma, etc) and as he liked the songs he put his heart and soul into making them fantastic.
Bass player Nalle Pahlsson (Zan-Clan, Treat) joined the already impressive line-up and through Goran they got in touch with drummer Mikael Wikman. Mikaels drumming really suited the band and everything was then complete. Here we are with the brand new recording, produced by Stefan Lindholm and mixed by Goran Elmquist at the "Toolshed" in Stockholm.
Musically the band is everything you would expect and more from Sweden. The past vocal work of Goran Edman is bound to create a stir before we even put the CD in the player! The opening chords of "Fool's Paradise" say it all; and the scene is set for a great outing of powerful melodies and soaring harmonies. The guitar technique of Stefan Lindholm is very nice, and he seems to effortlessly produce exciting riffs and melodies. His early years admiring and emulating the works of Malsteen and Vai shine through but he does have a technique of his own that finds its way through. It is possible to find overall comparisons to Malmsteen, Treat, Talk of the Town and many more. However, Vindictiv do possess an air of individuality that will set them apart and the release of this fantastic debut album will be eagerly awaited by all."
Here is an exclusive full track download for melodicrock readers: Vindictiv - Caesar´s Commentaries (.wma file).


Mystery tracks revealed! Both of this week's mystery downloads belong to a new Kivel Records release - Rockarma.
You'll recognize the band name - the US melodic rock outfit released an independent album early last year and have their new album due for release soon through Kivel Records.
The first CD was produced by Bill Leverty and that this new one is produced by Ty Sims and Erik Johnson of Bombay Black.
The album is Bring It! and the artwork is detailed below. Order and release date updates will be posted shortly.
Just to recap, the two songs featured were: Hell Yeah and I Know.


T-Shirt update time! I really had a great reaction to the merchandise available at MelodicRockFest. Both to the new general shirts and the special MRF event shirts, featuring the very popular Wombat himself.
I'd like to take this opportunity to plug and thank the creator of the Wombat - a popular Australian marsupial with a reputation for being feisty and tough little buggers! The designer was Marcos Aurelio. Marcos also designed the 10th Anniversary logo, incorporating the site's classic logo. He is a super talented artist hailing from Sao Paulo in Brazil. His talents have seen him secure works on behalf of Van Halen and BB King to name but a few. Recently he completed work for Majestic Rock on the artwork for the Cry Havoc "Refuel" CD. I might also add that Marcos is available for promotional jobs such as CD's / T-Shirts and Posters - and many labels could do themselves a favour by hooking up with this undiscovered gem of an artist! His website is available at:

Now, also at work here is web and graphic artist Paul Logue, who with the assembled materials and a brief from me, put together a set of designs for these T-Shirts and I thank him for that!

Now, I sold out of many sizes on the night of the show, and I know regular readers who couldn't make the show are very interested in these T-Shirts. Watch this space early next week for details on a special pre-order to get the sizes and designs needed. I just have to check shipping rates and a few other details...and I'm going to see if I can get a plain shirt done that also features the Wombat (as right now, the Wombat is only on the MRF show designs). Stay tuned...

The Front and Back of the Wombat MRF Shirt.

A press statement from Waysted: "After yesterday's announcement by Z Records that Waysted would be appearing at next year's Z Rock, Waysted management would like to set the record straight that the announcement, even though it may have been made in good faith, was premature - and that Waysted will not be appearing at Z Rock next April.
This was one of a run of shows which were penciled in but never confirmed by the band, due to other commitments which were also in the pipeline for around the same time. Waysted will be touring in 2008 in support of their new album, The Harsh Reality, the dates of which will follow soon, but please note that until the shows are listed on Tour dates page of the Waysted website, they are not to be taken as conclusive."

Press Story / Led Zeppelin has postponed a one-off comeback concert in London because guitarist Jimmy Page has broken his finger, the promoters have announced. The injury happened last weekend and Page will not be able to play guitar for three weeks, a statement quoted a specialist as saying. "I am disappointed that we are forced to postpone the concert by two weeks," said Page, 63.
"We feel that this postponement will enable my injury to properly heal and permit us to perform at the level that both the band and our fans have always been accustomed to."
The concert will now take place on December 10 and all tickets for the original concert on November 26 will be valid, a statement said.
Led Zeppelin split in 1980 after the death of drummer John Bonham, who famously choked on his own vomit following a drinking binge, and last took the stage 12 years ago at their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The three surviving members of the hard-rocking British band - Page, singer Robert Plant, and bassist John Paul Jones, will be joined by Bonham's son, Jason, on drums, for the concert. The Who's Pete Townshend, Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings, rock band Foreigner and Paolo Nutini will also be performing. The concert venue takes up to 20,000 fans and many die-hard Zeppelin fans had organised trips from around the world to attend the concert this month.
Tickets were allocated by ballot and more than 1 million fans registered for a chance to see the legendary rock group. The show will be a tribute to the late founder of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegun, who signed the group in 1968.

The band Mass will be appearing live on Boston's biggest rock radio station WAAF 97.7/107.3 FM this coming Sunday night 11-4-07 at 11:30 pm EST. Fans can listen live online at: All original recording artists from the new Crack of Dawn sessions Louis D'Augusta, Gene DItria, Joey Vee Vadala and Michael Palumbo will be performing a rare and exclusive 4 song acoustic set and Interview.
Also look for the latest Interview with Louis D'Augusta the voice of Mass in the new Issue #30 of 'Fireworks Magazine'. Included in the magazine is a CD song sampler with a track from Mass! Check it out and pick it up today!

LIZZY BORDEN VOCALIST LIZZY BORDEN FEATURED IN NEW PODCAST: has has issued their latest Podcast (episode #35), featuring Vocalist Lizzy Borden. Lizzy took time from his busy schedule to discuss their latest CD Appointment with Death as well their upcoming tour. Lizzy discusses the new CD as well as past, present and future goings on of this legendary metal band. Interview last approx. 40 min.
Well it's the Day of the Dead, and our heroes have survived a zombie massacre. Travel with them as they make their way to the graveyard and reach their goal. What was their goal? I'm not sure, you'll have to tune in and check it out. Join Genghis and Ragman as they finish their discussion on the whole horror metal topic. But wait, there's more! Stay tuned as Lizzy Borden checks in and offers his best advice in dealing with zombies.

MR-X has been updated. Online this week is a new Feature DVD - Poison - Swallow This Live (Live California 1991), a great concert as broadcast on VH1 Classics some time ago. Also online is a 17 track collection of demos from Saraya, simply titled Demos 1982 - 1989.
And the following new Video Clips have been added: Heavens Edge - Skin To Skin, Every Mother's Nightmare - Walls Come Down, Spread Eagle - Scratch Like A Cat, Yngwie Malmsteen - Making Love and Vicious Rumors - Don't Wait For Me.
MR-X Membership Details.




Thursday, November 01, 2007

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the signing of Ralf Scheepers for the production of his first solo album!
Best known for being the singer of German Power Metal legends Primal Fear, Ralf cut his teeth with Tyran Pace first and Gamma Ray later, the band that he put up together with former Helloween guitar player Kai Hansen.
World renowned for his amazing range and high-pitched singing voice, sometimes reminiscent of Judas Priest's Rob Halford, Scheepers finally decided to work on a solo album. "It is definitely going to be a Metal album, but I will surely explore some different sounds and ways to exploit my voice", says the German singer who is right now touring with Primal Fear throughout the world in support of their chart breaker album New Religion. "I will call a few friends and guests, which will make this record a very special one, but all details will be revealed at a later stage".
The solo album will be recorded during the winter 2008 under the direction of Scheeper's band mate in Primal Fear Mat Sinner with additional input by Scheepers himself, Achim Koehler and Charlie Bauerfeind. The label looks for a release during the summer of next year.
On a related note Primal Fear's latest opus New Religion entered the charts in Japan on Pos. 37 and on the overall Top 200 charts on Pos. 116. Congratulations to the band for this amazing new achievement!
Pictured: Frontiers Records President Serafino Perugino signing the Recording Contract together with Ralf Scheepers and producer Mat Sinner.


Recording sessions of the brand new House Of Lords album Come To My Kingdom have been completed in Florida and mixing stages have started in the hands of Dennis Ward.
The new album is a natural progression from World Upside Down and was entirely written by the band along with the "5th Lord" Jeff Kent.
In the words of James Christian: "We really had an amazing time with this new CD. I can't remember when things flowed so easily in terms of writing and recording. I think when people hear the new record they will be able to tell immediately that this is a band with direction and vision".
The songs were written from life experiences that cover a range of emotions. But one common thread flows throughout the record and that is finely crafted songs.
"Jimi Bell, BJ Zampa and Chris McCarvil and Jeff Kent have been an absolute joy to work with" continues Christian, "They are my brothers and they share the same passion to write and perform Classic Rocks songs that will stand the test of time".
Come To My Kingdom is classic House Of Lords with all the trademarks that captured the band so many fans in the early days. House of Lords will be on tour supporting the new CD in early 2008. Keep checking for upcoming tour dates.

Frontiers Records myspace site was updated with new samples taken from the November releases namely Winger "Live", The Codex and Gary Hughes "Veritas". Surf on the site and enjoy!

Suncity Records are very happy to announce we have snagged a deal with L.A. based Hard Rock group, Johnny Crash.
Says David Moors of Suncity Records: "I think it would be fair to say the Johnny Crash are Suncity's biggest signing to date. When I say biggest, Johnny Crash were signed to WTG/CBS Records in the early 90's. Subsequently releasing their debut album entitled Neighbourhood Threat in 1990."
The Johnny Crash story begins all the way back in 1978 when Christopher Stewart (Rhythm Guitar) met August Worchell (Lead Guitar) at reform school in North California. A drummer back then, Chris, August and Faster Pussycat's Eric Stacy played blues covers in a band called Champagne. Champagne included their school principal on vocals which they claim was the only way they'd get out to play is if he was with them. Chris later played with August in Mandy Lion's World War III and in Neighbourhood Threat with Danny Stag and Johnny B Frank (subsequently in Kingdom Come). August brought in an old buddy Andy Rodgers (Bass) and Chris met Vicki James Wright (Vocals) through Tracii Guns after Vicki auditioned for LA Guns.
From a large family in Bradford, Yorkshire in North England, Vicki got into rock 'n' roll to "to piss people off", to get back at the people who said he couldn't do it. He did it and found out he liked it. After recording 2 albums with British rockers Tokyo Blade, he moved to L.A. in December of '85. Leaving England for the bright lights of Los Angeles. After finding his feet in the city of angels, two and a half years on, Vicki finally met Chris and the rest is history.
Stephen 'Punkee' Adamo (Drums) was born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island and Poughside, NY. Moving to L.A. via Miami, FL in 1987 Steve met Chris and joined up with Johnny Crash after previously playing with another under-rated glam band Rock City Angels.
That's where Suncity Records comes in. Like most Hard Rock bands in the transition period, Johnny Crash recorded a second unreleased album, this time without lead guitarist August. Instead featuring future Guns 'N' Roses members Matt Sorum (Drums) and Dizzy Reed (Guitar). It was heavily rumored after the recording of the second album that the real reason that it never got released was due to threats from Axl Rose. Apparently Axel told the guys that he would take legal action if Dizzy and Matt were used on anything other then the upcoming Guns 'N' Roses album. That very album had remained stored away collecting dust until now. Suncity Records will be releasing the 2nd unreleased album in its entirety that will be fittingly called Unfinished Business.
A release is expected before the year is out.
Johnny Crash simply disappeared after being dropped from WTG/CBS Records. In 1992, the band's name was in the news again when Andy Rodgers tragically died of a heroin overdose. Post Johnny Crash saw August resurfaced shortly in American Heartbreak and go on to created a very successful tattoo ink company called Skin Candy.
Sample the album with this signature attitude driven, whiskey fuel rocker - Ditch The Bitch, the first single off the upcoming full length CD 'Unfinished Business'.


Night Ranger fans - does anyone else out there have their hands on the Night Ranger Box as yet? This from my contact that first commented on the quality of the Big Life and Man In Motion "remasters": "Looks like I may have jumped the gun a little with the Night Ranger Box! Man In Motion is definitely remastered. I said it didn't need it but even when comparing it to my old Japanese copy it is leaps and bounds ahead!!! Sounds totally fresh, crystal clear and the punch from Kelly's drums is phenomenal! Also, Big Life does sound better. Not as good as MIM, but definitely better... The problem is that I guess the hiss is in the original recording masters, otherwise, why wouldn't they take it out?"
Good question, but good to know that these are better quality masters than the original CDs.
I would rather comment on this first hand, but as of yet I have not been able to track down a copy of the box set to order (so far avoiding over-priced E-Bay auctions). Stay tuned...

More from Japan - it seems Joseph Williams fans have double joy heading their way. There is in fact 2 new releases coming from the former Toto singer, both due on the same day (November 21), with the 2 releases partnering each other.
You will recall I mentioned the all-covers affair Tears last week. Well, joining that release is a second all-covers release titled Smiles. Yes, you guessed it - one sentimental release and one more upbeat release - except both are in the style of gentle piano ballads. A few covers included on Smile are: The Beach Boys' "Don't Worry Baby," The Eagles "Peaceful Easy Feeling," Paul Simon's "Still Crazy After All These Years."

In Japan, Bon Jovi fans are being treated to more new releases. The band's back catalogue and Richie Sambora's debut solo album are all being re-issued in the unique "papersleeves" format, also including a limited edition photo card for each release. In addition, yet another version of the Lost Highway album is being released (that's 3 alone for Japan now), this time featuring a bonus CD with six songs of studio live recordings from the band's April 2007 performance in LA and bonus photo card.

Even thought the dates are already in print around the net, Bon Jovi Australian and NZ tour dates will be announced officially later today. What will ticket prices be?

More editorial comments on the new Bon Jovi tour and those high ticket prices:

RockStar Music's website now features previews for most of the tracks from the new Loverboy release Just Getting Started. CD review coming up - this is one hell of a great album folks.

Terry Illous is the lead vocalist of XYZ and has just released a new solo record Here And Gone which features music that he recorded with XYZ and as a solo artist. He is interviewed here by Sean Hollywood:

An all new Led Zeppelin Ecard is available in support of the November 13th release of Mothership. Led Zeppelin fans can still preorder Mothership digitally through iTunes as well as purchase ringtones through Verizon. Link:

Scorpions and Judas Priest looks likely to pair up for a full North American tour in 2008.

Vocalist Anthony Cosmo has a new project available now via iTunes USA, Japan, Canada and Europe also on Groupie Tunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and Amazon. The band is The Casting and sounds very good in appealing to modern melodic rock fans. Soundbytes here soon. WebLink:

According to and Chris Squire's website, a supergroup of sorts has been added to the Led Zeppelin show in London at the end of the month featuring the line-up of: Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, Chris Squire, Alan White and Simon Kirke.

My Chemical Romance Live And Rare is a Japan only mini-album due November 21, featuring live recordings of the tracks "Famous Last Words," "Cancer," "House Of Wolves," "Dead!," and "Mama" plus unreleased tracks "My Way Home Is Through You" and "Kill All Your Friends."

Ted Poley will be co-headlining with Firehouse at Circo Voador in Rio De Janeiro Brazil on November 18. This will be a solo show in support of the new SMILE CD. Tickets and details available at:

Here is some press directly from the guys doing the show:
@3 Productions are pleased to announce the event of the year for the Hardrockers Fans!! Hard In Rio!! One of the most important pages of the Hard Rock history in Brazil will be written. The opening act will be a Brazilian band M.A.S.T.E.R.S. performing their own material and some hard rock classics, like Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Warrant, etc. and after their performance they'll be back on stage to be the Ted Poley Band will perform the best and most loved songs from Danger Danger era and even some songs from his other projects and his solo career with some brand new tracks. His legendary last perform in Rio de Janeiro was only a 1 hour set, so expect the best of that and so much more! After that will have for the first time ever in South America, Firehouse, to blow the fans away. Firehouse doesn't need any introduction. Bill and the guys will blow the Brazilian fans away with a killer performance playing all the great hits of their entire career. This event will be a a trip down memory lane. So, don't miss this show!! Tickets on sale now via or if you're from Brazil you can buy directly in one of the rock stores listed below:
- Venue Circo Voador (Rua dos Arcos – S/N – Lapa) – (21) 2533-0354
- Store Headbanger, Tijuca – (21) 2284-1034
- Store Scheherazade, Tijuca – (21) 2569 -1250
- Store Snake Pit, Copacabana – (21) 2549-3988
- Store Sempre Música, Ipanema – (21) 2523-9405
- Store Sempre Música, Catete – (21) 2265-6910
- Store Skate Rock, Caxias – (21) 2671-7838
- Store Rock N Roll, Barra – (21) 2421-1142
São Paulo:
- Store Die Hard, São Paulo – (11) 3331-3978
- Store Animal Records, São Paulo – (11) 3223-6277
Tickets Price: U$33.00 (till one day before the show) and U$65.00 (the day of the show).

Zaragon Records in cooperation with Huskvarna Folkets Park Proudly Presents Jorn Lande, Pagan´s Mind and Cloudscape - Live in Huskvarna Folkets Park on 07.11.01.
Gates open at 18.00, first band will go on stage at 19.00
For further information please check out: or send a mail to

A new melodic record label has been formed - 7hard (website coming soon - The label will specialize in rock, melodic rock, hard rock and heavy metal.
The label states: "Only for high-class professional acts. We can offer a strategic marketing and promotion concept. With the possibility for distribution (major) in GAS (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and later worldwide. The plan is to release 12 acts next year. Starting with marketing and promotion in November 2007 and first releases in January/February 2008."
CD Submissions:
Finished product preferred, and accept demos (CDs, please no mp3). Please include band photo and bio and send it to:
7us media group GmbH, c/o 7hard, Axel Wiesenauer, Markstr. 12, 71364 Winnenden, Germany / e-mail:

Who is 7hard?
Hans Derer
- former Head of Promotion of Intercord, Stuttgart (now EMI) - Publisher ("Fool's Garden - Lemon Tree") - Head of Own Marketing and Promotion Agency Derer-Consulting - Head of 7us media group GmbH - Head of Marketing & Promotion "7hard" - Created and realized successful Marketing-and or/Promotion-Concepts - both for Hard Rock-Acts and high classed Semi-Classical Acts: like Survivor, Uriah Heep, EZ Livin (Local Band sold 15 000 Units), Dan Lucas (ca 20 000 units) , Zar (ca. 15 000 per CD), Heavens Gate (ca 10 000) John Wetton (Solo), Rick Wakeman (Solo-Album), V.S.O.P (Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Project – 1, 2 Mio Sales), Lenny McDowell Project feat. VSOP. Enigma ("Return To Innocence") and many more.
and Axel Wiesenauer
- has a excellent experience as Product Manager, Project Manager and CEO in several companies, - 7us Unit Director: Sales, Marketing & Promotion, - Head of A&R "7hard", - Owner Mailorder/Wholesale, - First CD Mailorder founded in 1991, - worked as Promoter for special club promotion, - 3 releases (Nu Noize Rock Metal Sampler, Macbeth and re-release of a Anyone's Daughter Album...And many partners in promotion, marketing, print magazines, online magazines, radio and TV.

Los Angeles, CA – October 31, 2007 Singer Songwriter Matthew Nelson will again record the 2007 American Music Awards TV show production music for Dick Clark Productions. This is the third consecutive year the talented singer-songwriter and world-class musician will play bass guitar and record music for the American Music Awards TV show that will air Sunday, November 18th on the ABC television network.
Matthew Nelson and identical twin Gunnar Nelson are the sons of Rock'n'Roll Legend Ricky Nelson. They have appeared as presenters on the American Music Awards in the 1990s as multi-platinum recording artists whose popular rock group Nelson had number one hits including "Love and Affection", "After the Rain", and "More Than Ever".
"As an artist, I love the creativity of recording music," admits Matthew Nelson, "As well as being a performer. I really have come full circle with this awards show having first appeared on-camera with Gunnar (as Nelson) in 1991, and now being part of the TV show production behind the scenes."
Matthew is currently headlining with twin brother Gunnar as The Nelson Brothers with the "Ricky Nelson Remembered Tour". Nelson also performs as a guest star in Gunnar's celebrity rock super group Scrap Metal along with other multi-platinum rock stars including Mark Slaughter (recipient of an AMA award with Slaughter), Kelly Keagy (of Night Ranger), and Eric Martin (formerly of Mr. Big).
Visit The Nelson Brothers' official website at

New York, NY (October 31, 2007)—Locomotive Records will release All We Are: The Fight on November 20 by the German Metal Goddess Doro Pesch. The specially-priced CD/DVD contains a remixed and remastered version of the song "All We Are," which Doro wrote and recorded with her first band, Warlock, and performed live March 30, 2006, on Pro 7 TV, as the entrance song for her best friend, boxer Regina Halmich. With 19,000 rabid boxing fans in attendance at Germany's famed Kolnarena, Doro, as part of "Mc Fit Fight Night," obviously inspired her friend who went on to win a six-round decision against top German comedian Stefan Raab in a friendly exhibition bout.
Doro performed the song live right in the center of the ring that night with Schmier of thrash band Destruction on bass, After Forever guitarist Bas Maas and well-known Euro studio drummer Tim Husung. The quartet then went into the studio to record the song as a tribute to Halmich, who has held the belt for 12 years. It is only one of 10 tracks on this "Rarities" album which includes five video clips and five aural studio tracks.
"I wanted to do this album for true fans," says the beautiful blonde rocker. "This is a very special release for U.S. fans." Indeed, some of this material has not seen the light of day for almost 20 years! Filled with such hard-to-find recordings like Doro's very personalized version of Led Zeppelin's "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You," as well as the video for "All We Are" and four more favorites, All We Are: The Fight is the artist's way of saying thanks.
Track Listing: 1) All We Are, 2) Thunderspell, 3) Everything's Lost, 4) On My Own, 5) Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You, 6) All We Are (video), 7) Above The Ashes (video), 8) Warrior Soul (video), 9) You're My Family (Video), 10) On My Own (video).

New York, NY (October 31, 2007)—As Cy Curnin still sings in The Fixx, "one thing leads to another," and what better way to celebrate one's life at 50, than to self-release your second solo album—The Returning Sun—and to climb Mount Everest with 40 people for charity and get in the Guinness Book Of World Records for putting on a rock concert at the highest elevation in history?
But Cy Curnin always did things a little differently than most. After hitting the top of the pops in The Fixx, he turned his back on fame to raise a family and design his own successful apparel brand, Cy-Wear. Moving to France from New York for love and wine, he has bought and maintained a working sheep farm, continues The Fixx, and, now, as a personal challenge to celebrate life and help people with cancer (check, has climbed Mount Everest with other musicians, cancer survivors and mountaineers to stage the world's highest rock concert.
The Returning Sun will be available November 6th on Cy's inaugural website,, and Cy has purposely sidestepped the obvious label interest he would have easily garnered—just as Prince, Paul McCartney, Radiohead and Joni Mitchell have recently done—in an effort to maintain complete control.
The album is extremely personal. "Having gone through a second divorce," he says, "there was a lot of personal stuff coming out in my music that I felt didn't quite suit the band mode. The band is a club of gentlemen who don't need to hear me prattling on about my insecurities."
Curnin is living proof that life, indeed, begins at 50. "Musicians," he explains, "when their bone structure relaxes, the tone of the music becomes more vital. There's less angst and more tonality. I felt my voice had improved. I didn't have as much tension in my upper body. The body changes shape and it ameliorates the voice."
If he survives the mountain, he plans on touring. "I've got a gang of young musicians in Los Angeles and Paris just itching to go out on the road with me!"
Bottom line? "People have been asking me, `what are you going to do when you're 50? Are you going to have a party?' Nah, I really need a challenge, not a party. Something like this changes your whole attitude. I've lost some family and friends to leukemia. It's celebrating your own life, and trying to wave a flag for someone else."

I neglected to mention a huge update to the CD Showcase section yesterday – some 13 new releases including previews of Gary Hughes, The Codex, House Of Shakira, Empire, Road To Ruin, Gary Barden, Winger and more…check them all out.




Wednesday, October 31, 2007

There has been some confusion surrounding Harem Scarem and what's coming up from them now the final show has passed last weekend at Firefest IV.
Guitarist Pete Lesperance had this to say about the band's planned farewell album: "The truth of the matter is that since we have been busier then usual for the last couple months with rehearsing, playing and the usual day to day, we haven't been focused on writing for the record. Since it is our last time out, we want to do something that we feel strongly about and we're not going to rush the the writing process just to meet a release deadline. So the record will be postponed until we have the songs. That being said, we do have some tracks in the works and are writing for it."
Secondly - when Harem Scarem unfortunately pulled out of MelodicRockFest, frontman Harry Hess stated that the band would record a 4 track acoustic EP and donate the proceeds of the EP to
I clarified this with Harry today as there was the automatic assumption by fans (and myself for that matter) that the EP would be a physical product manufactured especially. However, idea rather was to record the tracks (as they are doing now) and donate those songs for use on the next MelodicRock Compilation CD.
I am perfectly happy with that idea. I had no plans to start work on another compilation, but this might just be the thing to kick start the project and I'll work with Harry to see if we can't make the compilation something Harem fans will definitely appreciate.
I hope that clarifies what the band are intending to do. Stay tuned for ay updates when and where...

One more Mystery MP3 for you. Download this one and all will be revealed Friday. October 07 Mystery MP3 Track 2.
Just for the record. The first track was called I Know and this one is called Hell Yeah.
Details and album artwork coming up...

Divinyls, which re-formed for a one-off in August 2006 when they were inducted into the Hall of Fame, will play another one-off December 8 Homebake festival in Sydney. Since then, promoter and manager Andrew McManus has announced shows at Sydney's Enmore Theatre, Melbourne's Forum Theatre and Adelaide's Thebarton Theatre for December 11-20. Divinyls' hits, including "I Touch Myself," "Science Fiction" and "Boys In Town," continue to be played on modern rock and goldies format radio stations.
The lineup includes stalwarts singer Chrissie Amphlett and guitarist Mark McEntee, with Amphlett's drummer husband Charley Drayton, guitarist Charlie Owen and a bass player to be announced. Divinyls are now signed to Universal Music, and have recorded a new single, "Don't Wanna Do This."
Baby Animals, another Aussie band that toured the U.S. on numerous occasions in the '90s, have re-formed after 13 years. They've recorded an unplugged album of their hits called Il Grande Silenzio, for Liberation Records. Liberation is also re-releasing the band's first two albums, their self-titled debut from 1991, which stayed at No. 1 on the Australian charts for six weeks and sold 560,000 units, and its less successful follow-up Shaved And Dangerous (1993). The act is finalising a tour schedule.

Press Release / The CMS Radio Network, a 24/7 online hard rock and heavy metal radio station, has announced that it will feature a new special on legendary guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan called Stevie Ray Vaughan: Pride & Joy. The hour-long special will air on Friday, November 2nd at 4pm EST. Listeners can tune in to listen at
This new one-hour radio special features Stevie Ray Vaughan jamming with the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Jeff Beck, the Kings; Albert and B.B. King, as well as his brother Jimmie. He was a consummate guitar player who was always happy to sit in on sessions with his friends or share the spotlight on stage with his heroes.
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Friends: Pride & Joy captures Stevie Ray at his best, and includes many hard-to-find or previously unreleased performances. Listeners will also hear cuts from his solo MTV Unplugged showcase, and rare Stevie Ray interview clips recorded just before his untimely death.
Stevie Ray Vaughan's Pride & Joy DVD, as well as his CD Solos, Sessions And Encores will be released on Tuesday, November 6.

Alabama Records is currently working on a new much anticipated melodic hard rock project that will be brought into the spotlight during 2008.
We are inviting any interested artist/band/songwriter to submit songs to this upcoming project. If you're sitting on melodic hard rock songs in the vein of Hurricane, House Of Lords, Journey, Night Ranger, Mr. Big and Damn Yankees we welcome you to send them to us for a try out.
If your song(s) will make it to the upcoming album it/they will be performed by "the new project". All original song writing credits will of course remain with the original composer(s).
How to submit the songs: 1. Send them on a CD (with ALL your contact info written on the CD) to the below address:
Alabama Records, Att: Spotlight-08, Sveavägen 83, SE-113 50 Stockholm, Sweden.
2. Send us a mail and tell us where/how we can download your songs (mp3-format only and no streaming accepted).
3. Send us a mail with one song (in each mail) to this address:
Regardless which way you provide us with your songs ­ don't forget to add necessary info such as song title(s), composer(s), publisher(s), main contacts (name, mail, web, phone etc).
Thank you for taking your time and sharing your songs with us!
Best regards, Andreas Nyström, CEO & President, Alabama Records."

Press Release / On stage productions and Chris Catena is proud to announce the premiere of the rock show dedicated to one of the biggest bands in the world Queen called Queen Magic!
Where magic, dance, heavy chords, classic music, visual effects, acting, lights featured this beautiful event. The show took place in Guanajuato (Mexico) National Auditorium on 21 and 22 September 2007. WebLink:
The show registered two nights of sold out with more than 3500 people per night and two standing ovations, each performance. Among the special guests worthy of mentioning is the Italian singer Chris Catena, the guitarists Janne Stark and Michael Gapys, three musicians from the Italian queen tribute band Innuendo including the singer Luigi Lusi, the drummer Giovanni Gregori, the keyboard player Eugene Valente and the bass player Nicola Valente, the singer of the Swedish band Crucified Barbara, Mia Coldheart, the pop singer Katiuscia and more...
The show has been directed by Gianmaria Romagnoli, helped visually by the VJ Simone Amicucci.


From the desk of Firehouse guitarist Bill Leverty: "I'm really happy to let you know that I have just released my first ever instrumental album. The album is called Southern Exposure.
If you live in the USA, Canada, or Mexico, please click this link to listen to audio samples of all 10 songs:
If you live in a country other then the USA, Canada, or Mexico, please click this link to hear the songs: As you probably have noticed, I don't send out mass emails very often. The last one I sent was about a year ago. I'm trying to not clutter up your in-box.
FireHouse had a great summer, playing live shows just about every week. As things slow down a bit this fall, we'll be playing some great gigs. We also plan on putting together another album which we hope to have ready by the spring. I'll let you know when that album is ready.
Here are the November tour dates for FireHouse. Notice that we're headed back to Brazil:
11/01/2007 Blasdell, NY *Club Paradise* 3950 McKinley Parkway
11/02/2007 Poughkeepsie, NY *The Chance* 6 Crannell Street
11/03/2007 Baltimore, MD *Black Hole Rock Club* 216 German Hill Road
11/18/2007 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil *Circo Voador*
12/31/2007 Maplewood, MN *Myth* with Brett Michaels
More dates will be announced soon. Check back at my website soon for the latest.




Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm very pleased to present a small preview (in pictures at least) of the upcoming Frontiers Records project Places Of Power. The duo of guitarist/instrumentalist Bruce Turgon and vocalist Philip Bardowell are still hard at it in a Los Angeles studio, finishing up work on their debut album, which will be released early into 2008.
The style and sound of the album? Put it this way - first time I heard a track it came to me without any tags. I thought it was a new Foreigner tune! More details when available...


From / Gary Graff, Detroit, When he's not dispensing advice as a celebrity judge on Fox TV's "The Next Great American Band," the Goo Goo Dolls' Johnny Rzeznik will be focusing on the band's past -- and its future.
"The Goo Goo Dolls Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 -- The Singles" comes out Nov. 13, featuring 14 chart entries since "Name" gave the band its first Hot 100 berth in 1995. The album includes chart-toppers such as "Iris" and "Slide" as well as "Before It's Too Late (Sam and Mikaela's Theme)" from the "Transformers" film soundtrack. A "Vol. 2" is slated for February with B-sides, rarities, remixes and some new tracks.
By that time, Rzeznik tells, the Goos should be back in their Buffalo, N.Y., studio working on the follow-up to 2006's "Let Love In."
"I'm going into the studio in Buffalo in January and gonna hang out there until the record's done, which will probably be, like, June," Rzeznik says. He has "maybe six or eight (song) ideas floating around in my head," as well as a concrete idea of how he wants the album to sound.
"I want the next record to have a little more of an edge on it," Rzeznik explains. "I don't want the rough edges taken off so much. The band's gonna play live on it more, not so many overdubs. When we were on tour we recorded every single show and we would listen back, and the difference between the band on record and the band live was ... I want it to sound more like we do live. It's a lot more energy. It's a more aggressive sound."
Rzeznik says he'd also like the Goos to work with "a tougher producer" this time around, listing Gil Norton, Tim Palmer and Rich Costey (The Kills) among those who could push the band.
"We've learned so much from so many great people," Rzeznik says, "working with Rob Cavallo and Glen Ballard, Jack Joseph Puig and all those guys. I just think sometimes the albums may be a little too polished. I don't want to give you the idea I'm about to make a metal record or something; I still want to have good songwriting on the record, but I want some more muscle this time, too."
The Goos have one more show scheduled for this year, on New Year's Eve in Las Vegas.

It was in 1983 that Pete Way, the backbone of legendary rockers UFO, got together with Scottish vocalist Fin to form Waysted - a band which combined powerful guitar work with Fin's distinctive gravel-soaked-in-whisky vocals, and also had an endearing close-to-the-edge appeal which any project Pete Way is involved with automatically guarantees. Indeed, Pete Way is credited as the first to turn bass playing into a 'performance' rather than just a part of the rhythm section. Steve Harris of Iron Maiden calls Way his 'inspiration' - and Joe Elliott (Def Leppard) and Ozzy Osbourne both cite him as the ultimate rock'n'roller.
Waysted went on to put out three influential albums - Vices, the self-titled Waysted (mini-album) and The Good, The Bad, The Waysted - before Fin left in '85. The band has featured many musicians in its ranks including ex-UFO's Paul Chapman, Motorhead drummer 'Philthy' Phil Taylor, Humble Pie's Jerry Shirley - and Danny Vaughn (Tyketto) who sang on the Save Your Prayers album.
One of Fin's projects in the subsequent years was supplying the voice for the multi-award winning BBC TV show 'The Office' (Handbags & Gladrags), which played a big part in getting the 'Dynamic Duo' back together again. The new album 'The Harsh Reality' features a stunning new version of that song.
Pete continued to play with UFO, but the fans always kept a flame burning for the return of the high-energy rock'n'roll, which Waysted did, and still do, so well. In the summer of 2003 Fin and Pete met up again in Ohio and the next chapter of the saga began. Back in the UK, they recruited the remarkable Chris George who was voted Young Guitarist of The Year by Guitar Magazine at the tender age of 16. Chris has played in Greg Ridley's Humble Pie and is also Marshall Amp's main man when it comes to demo-ing their gear around the world. Then aged 23, Chris was playing with a maturity that many of his elders could only dream of matching - yet he had an energy and excitement that was completely at home with the vibe of the band. On drums was another part of the Marshall family - Paul R.D. Haslin - whose no-nonsense thundering approach to the skins fitted perfectly too.
This return to active duty was marked by the explosive and exciting, hard rocking and joyous Back From The Dead, which received excellent reviews including a 4-star review in Classic Rock Magazine, reaching No. 27 in their Album Of The Year charts for 2005.
Waysted's live set is fast-moving and fuelled with attitude, and the amazing welcome they received the night they truly came 'Back from the Dead' at London's Mean Fiddler on February 18th 2005 is an indictment of how well-loved these rock'n'rollers are. That show was captured on an 'unofficial' bootleg, 'Boot From The Dead'. Later in 2006 they released an official live album, 'Organised Chaos', recorded at The Barfly in Glasgow.
Now we have the new album 'The Harsh Reality', recorded at Trinity Heights in Newcastle during August 2007. Insp. Fred Purser (Tygers of Pan Tang, Tom Jones) was recommended to the band as a producer, and as it turned out they couldn't have hand-picked a better man for the job. He has captured Waysted at their very best, from the opening driving riff of Propaganda, through the sure-fire classic Long Time Dead, to the heartfelt Song For Steve. The band has never sounded better. This is British Hard drivin' Rock at its best.
'The Harsh Reality' features 10 new original songs and the aforementioned beefed-up Handbags & Gladrags. Also included is Waysted World (The Theme Park), which portrays the band's humour and will become a collector's item in time.
The band will be touring extensively in 2008, and with a few festivals already confirmed, Waysted World will be coming to a town near you soon. With this, the definitive line-up of Pete Way, Fin, Chris George and Paul R.D. Haslin, Waysted can promise you Heaven Tonight - every night.


German Producers Chris Lausmann (SAE, MS Productions) and Michael Voss (Kidroom Music, A minor Records) are this year's winners of the ´SAE Alumni Award 2007´ that went in to the third round, in the category: Best Music Production
With a taste of their album Voices of Rock - MMVII (AOR Heaven) that featured both on songwriting, engineering, editing and consulting and moreover brought artists like: Dan Reed, Robin Beck or Jean Beauvoir, just to name a few, for this unique international worldwide cooperating recording, together; they convinced the jury:
Ralph Quick (Producer/Engineer: H-Blockx, Die Happy, Subway to Sally, etc.); Hans-Martin Buff (Engineer of Peppermint Park Studios, Prince); Ulli Schiller (SAE Institute Frankfurt, Hans Harz, John Scofield); seen from the angle of: Arrangement, Instrumentalisation, Sound (Single Signals, Complete Mixdown), Radio compatibility, Compression/Dynamic/Depth/Ambience (Room) & FX.
A big thanks goes to all artists and music lovers who still believe in the unbroken magic and the gift of ´creating music´. WebLink: &

New York, NY (October 10, 2007)—For a decade, award winning singer/songwriter Candice Night, legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, and their fellow band of minstrels, have crafted an enchanting folk/rock sound with Renaissance overtones that has earned them the devotion of fans around the globe. On November 6, 2007 Blackmore's Night will release Paris Moon, a long-form concert DVD/CD shot September 20, 2006 at Paris, France's famed Olympia.
Over the course of five internationally charting studio albums, several live and compilation releases, numerous awards and many sold-out tours around the planet, they have truly perfected their signature blend of music.
Following his global success as Deep Purple and Rainbow's guitarist and main composer, Ritchie Blackmore changed his musical form of expression in the mid-'90s to co-found Blackmore's Night with instrumentalist/lyricist/lead vocalist Candice Night.
Blackmore's Night has fascinated its steadily growing fan community since 1997 with wonderful vocal melodies and evocative guitar parts. Its debut album, Shadow Of The Moon, stayed on the German charts for 17 weeks and went gold in Japan. The band toured churches, opera houses, theatres and castles all over the world.
1999's Under A Violet Moon entered high in the European and Japanese Billboard charts, being voted "Best Vocal Album Of The Year" in the USA by National Public Radio. 2001's Fires At Midnight went to #9 in Germany and #20 in Japan. Past Times With Good Company (2002), the first live album, and Ghost Of A Rose (2003), preceded Beyond The Sunset – The Romantic Collection (2004), a retrospective of beautiful ballads from the early years, again voted "Best Vocal Album Of The Year" in the USA by NPR. Castles And Dreams, the first DVD, aired on PBS throughout the USA in 2006 and 2007. In 2006, The Village Lanterne brought the band back into the Top 20 album charts worldwide.
The band continues to tour around the globe.
WebLink: /

Steve Brown (Trixter, 40ft. Ringo) is a good friend of this site and I know a lot of folks have been anticipating his new project ever since the band Stereo Fallout made their debut on MRCD3. Review and Soundbytes soon. This update from Steve himself:
Steve Brown along with drummer, Brian Gabriel (40ft. Ringo, The Cheese) and bassist, Patrick Sussman have released their debut The Other Side.
Fans of Big Guitar Riffs, Huge Melodies and Massive Production will love this CD. Available only thru and iTunes this special Digipack CD features 13 songs written by Steve and some Hit Song Makers like Xandy Barry(Backstreet Boys, Ashley Parker Angel, Miley Cirus) John Hampson "Brand New Me" (Nine Days) Seven Valpone (Seven & The Sun, Whisky Falls) and Kevin Ridel (AM Radio).
It was Produced by Grammy Award Winning Producer and Engineer, Skidd Mills, (Saliva, Sister Hazel, Third Day, ZZ Top, 12 Stones) Recorded over a 3 week period at 747 Studios in Memphis, Tennesee, Brian Malouf (Lit, Everclear,Bon Jovi, Queen) was brought in to mix key tracks like "End Of The Girl" & "Brand New Me", taking the project to another level.
Skidd Mills on working with Stereo Fallout: "Steve is a rare talent these days. Amazing songwriter, player, singer. These guys understand that a great song will take you farther than anything, and they worked hard to have an entire record filled with amazing songs. I am happy that i could be a part of it."
Brian Malouf says: "Steve Brown is a true guitar hero, who plays with restraint and taste. He's a rocker, and this album is full of great songs that make for a great listen and a great party".
"Buy The CD" on CD Baby: Buy The CD on Apple iTunes:


Rhino Entertainment Presents Platinum Plaque To Mick Jones / Los Angeles — Legendary rock group Foreigner recently had their iconic hits collection The Very Best… And Beyond certified double platinum by the RIAA. The album features nine Top 10 hits and is a fixture on the Billboard Top Catalog chart, where it has spent the last month in the Top 25. Rhino Entertainment recently presented a platinum plaque to commemorate the achievement to Foreigner founder and heralded producer Mick Jones at the Chateau Marmont when the band was in town for a tour stop.
Pictured in the attached photo are (L to R): Foreigner manager Phil Carson, Foreigner vocalist Kelly Hansen, Jones, Rhino Executive Vice President and General Manager Kevin Gore, and Rhino Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Custom Product and Sync Licensing Mark Pinkus.
"There seems to be a little magic in the air and a lot of fresh excitement being generated by our live performances," says Jones. "I think we are back in the running and gaining great support from our fans. 2008 will be a big year for us."
"Foreigner is a perennial best seller for Rhino," says Gore. "The fact that The Very Best Of remains near the top of the catalog charts in 2007 demonstrates how the band's music continues to connect with a new generation of fans."
Foreigner is one of the most successful artists in the history of Atlantic Records and is second only to Led Zeppelin in worldwide sales for artists currently distributed by Atlantic. On November 26, Foreigner will perform at London's O2 Arena for a tribute concert honoring the late Ahmet Ertegun, the visionary founder of Atlantic. Foreigner drummer Jason Bonham will play drums with the reunited Led Zeppelin at this historic event, filling the role his father, the late John Bonham, held in the band's original lineup.


Funeral arrangements for Ricky Parent are as follows: Thursday is the wake: 3-5pm & 7-9pm / Friday is the funeral: 10am
Gaita Funeral Home, 154 Newark Pompton Turnpike, Little Falls, NJ 07420 (973) 256-2224
In Leau of flowers, Ricky's family asks that donations be sent to Sloan Kettering Medical Center in Ricky's name. They did a massive amount of work on Rick, and kept him going for a few more years. The staff there loved him, and took great care of him. He also met some children there that were also being very well looked after. He would want their care to keep on going.
Inpatient Hospital and Main Campus 1275 York Avenue Between 67th and 68th Streets New York, New York 10021 Telephone: 212-639-2000.

Lost Weekend have been confirmed as the Special Guest for Gotthard's show at Nottingham's Rock City (The Rescue Rooms) on Sunday 18th November 2007. Tickets are priced at £11.75 (includes the P&P and booking fee) and can be purchased from

The second video for the new Kickhunter album Little Monsters (produced by Dennis Ward & Stefan Aurel) is the album opener Shame On Love. See and hear it here:

Still in its early stages, the website will host news on Jon Lord's concert and recording activities. Gradually it will develop to also include personal messages from Jon Lord, discography, tour dates, etc. The website encourages comments, suggestions and discussions related to Jon Lord. It can be found at:

Metal Mind Productions proudly presents re-release of two Lillian Axe albums: Lillian Axe and Love And War. Lillian Axe is one of those bands that managed to gather a truly loyal following during their career, but never really got the credit they deserved from the media. But despite the lack of commercial success, the band kept making new albums and continued their musical journey, only to become a cult act nowadays. Their latest offering Waters Rising proves that Lillian Axe haven't lost their touch in delivering brilliant songwriting backed with a handful of catchy melodies.
"Lillian Axe" - the debut album from 1988 - includes 10 electrifying compositions, showcasing a variety of emotions, gathered in heavy rocking tracks as well as in beautiful ballads. It's follow up, the album "Love And War" from 1989, is considered as one of the band's best offerings to date. With these reissues you can now hear some of the best songs ever written by the group. These tracks cannot be ignored by any melodic metal enthusiast! This classic material taken from MCA archives will be available in a new digipak edition, released on golden discs, digitally remastered using 24-Bit process and limited to numerated 2000 copies. Both titles will be released on 19th November 2007 in Europe and on 22nd January 2008 in USA (via MVD).




Monday, October 29, 2007

Time for a Mystery MP3. Haven't done this for a while, so why not?!! Download this one and tune back in mid-week for details... October 07 Mystery MP3.

Gary Graff of reports: Sammy Hagar, who's currently on the road with former Van Halen bandmate Michael Anthony as his special guest, has a number of projects in the works. First among them is a new album, the follow-up to last year's Livin' It Up. Hagar says he's about "halfway through" with it and plans to finish recording in December and January for an expected second quarter of 2008 release.
"It's quirky music," Hagar says. "It's a little bit more worldbeat and kinda harder rock, more like going back to (1981's) 'Standing Hampton' or (1984's) 'VOA' or something. Those records were very '80s, with a little bit of influence of Peter Gabriel and people like that. Now I think it's more Peter Gabriel-influenced with a hard rock edge on it."
Hagar will support the album with a summer festival tour, for which he plans an "anthology" tour that will feature the original Montrose lineup, his original Sammy Hagar Band, his current group, the Wabos, and a "superstar guitarist" that will join him and Anthony to play Van Halen material.

Thoughts and prayers needed on a couple of fronts - Firstly - RIP Ricky Parent - this comment from his last record label:
"It is with great sadness that we have to report that Ricky Parent lost his battle with cancer on Saturday October 27, 2007. We send our deepest and most sincere condolences to the Parent family, Ricky's dearest and closest friends and to the many fans who supported Ricky over his many years in this business.
We were blessed to have him in our lives."

From Zebra: "Our booking agent and great friend of over 30 years, Jim "Big J" McGinnis suffered a massive heart attack last week in New Orleans. We got word tonight from his doctors that his prognosis is very poor. We are asking all of Jim's friends and anyone else who feels compelled to please keep Jim and his wife, Pam in their prayers."

A great new sound to the world of rock music by David Mark Pearce. This debut E.P. from, Oliver Wakeman's guitarist has mind blowing guitar solos and is like a breath of fresh air to the rock scene.
Self financed 100% official CDR release from Oliver Wakeman's guitarist; the E.P. SHOWCASES Mr. Pearce's guitar dynamics and his mind blowing guitar solos are like a breath of fresh air to the rock scene. I think we will see big things from this guy. Tracks: All Alone Without You, Shelter Me From The Rain, Dream Taker & Eclipse In Paradise. The haunting dreamlike guitars of the opening track All Alone Without You come creeping towards you like a Cornish sea mist, this is followed by the ridiculously catchy Shelter Me From The Rain a foot tapping mid paced melodic rocker, Dream Taker follows and takes the listener on a different journey with some simple percussion, eclectic keyboards and some wonderful slightly jazzy guitar work in the vein of Satriani. Eclipse In Paradise finishes off the EP and is back into the melodic rock territory. The production is clean and competent if somewhat basic and one wonders what this chap could do with a proper budget and label behind him. This E.P. is a must and is not to be missed! - Gez
"Melody, poise & passion blended to near perfection." Paul Baker
For more info check out:
PS - in other news David will be performing with The Oliver Wakeman Band at the Wyspianski Theatre, Katowice, Poland. on 31/10/07 as part of a 3 band bill!

THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW, heard weekly live from 9p-3a EST at, recently conducted an interview with ex-Anthrax vocalist Joey Belladonna. During the course of the interview, Belladonna was asked about the persistent rumor that he is once again working with Anthrax as they move forward on their new album. In a somewhat odd move, Belladonna did not quite deny the rumor, but tried to side step it. In the same breath, Belladonna dissed the John Bush era of the band as a "phase" before stating that they could have stayed a powerful force in metal had Anthrax stayed with him as the lead vocalist.
The Classic Metal Show – I was listening to XM's Boneyard the other day and he played "Got The Time". When he came out of the song, he said there was rumor that you were working with Anthrax once again. Is there anything to that rumor?
Joey Belladonna – I don't know much about that kind of stuff. I don't know where that comes from, to be honest with you. There is a rumor going around. I see that. It's interesting when that stuff pops up.
The Classic Metal Show – Maybe those guys will wise up and bring you back, man.
Joey Belladonna – Well, my answer to that is we never really had to go through this phase. They could have just left it alone. Granted, they had fun doing whatever they did for the five records without me, but they could have just eliminated all of this malarkey if they wanted to.
To download the entire interview go to:

This weeks Hair Metal Haven will feature an interview with the rock & metal scenes new hotshots Edens Curse. I'll be talking to vocalist Michael Eden & bass player Paul Logue on a two way link to the United States and Scotland. Their debut CD also called Edens Curse is getting fantastic reviews all around the world and the album is already tipped to be in most peoples top cd's of the year. Check out the reason why when I'll be playing songs from the album and getting the story of how the band came to be such a fantastic new force to be reckoned with . Usual time and place, the Hair Metal Haven, Saturday 3rd of November only on: 17.00-19.00 GMT/18.00-20.00 CET.

Get Ready To Roll's latest interview is with lighting legend Dave 'Lights' Beazley - most notably recognized as the creator of the original Eddie mask for Iron Maiden. Dave is currently on the road with UFO in Russia and Europe, which is where he spoke to us about the early days of Iron Maiden, from when the band used to come round to his place and rehearse - leading on to his part in designing the stage sets that were such a distinctive part of the Iron Maiden shows.
This very full and frank interview can be found at: has issued their latest Podcast (episode #33), featuring Vocalist James LaBrie. James took time from his busy schedule to discuss their latest CD Systematic Chaos as well their current tour. James gives you lowdown on DT's writing process as well as what he is currently up to. Interview last approx. 30 min. Genghis and Ragman take to the streets of Houston on their way to see the one and only Dream Theater as they discuss concerts; why they rock and why they suck. And stay tuned for a talk with singer James LaBrie as he discusses Dream Theater and his solo career. Verily, it doth rock.

Good news from the Thunder newsletter: Just by way of a newsflash, the new Six Of One EP is selling like the proverbial hotcakes, and reaction to both the new and live songs is universally fab. As previously mentioned here in these very pages, it's a limited edition release, and once they're gone they're gone, so if you haven't ordered your copy already, you're seriously risking missing out. Don't say you weren't warned:
Just to keep you abreast of the situation, the plans for releases are now formulated for the short and medium term, and I can reveal that there will be not 1, but 2 further EPs (yes that's 2). The idea is that the second one will be released in early 08, with similar content and packaging format to Six Of One (i.e. 3 new + 3 live songs), with the third making its entrance bundled with the next full blown studio LP (projected Sept 08). The third one will be slightly different in terms of audio content and the packaging will house all 3 EPs, so they'll all fit together in a fab 3 CD type package. More than that I am forbidden from saying right now, but it's really exciting around here...
Watch this space for more info as and




Friday, October 26, 2007

This past Saturday, Goodbye Thrill and Kivel Records gave a intimate acoustic show/catered party for 45 of the bands friends and fans right where the band started it all, the same studio where they recorded the bands debut album.
The band treated the guests to 8 songs off the band's new CD along with covers of Def Leppard's Photograph and Journey's Don't Stop Believing. The event was filmed and recorded for a CD/ DVD release which will include acoustic versions from the bands album, as well as two new studio tracks. We are looking at a February 2008 release.
Recently Goodbye Thrill made #3 on NEH Records top sellers list and #4 on AOR Heaven's Best Seller list. More shows to be announced soon at: Order the CD at:


More photo's from MelodicRockFest! Some 400 pictures right here: and 3 galleries of pictures available at:
I still am receiving a ton of e-mail from those that saw the show and I have to say....the continuing feedback and memories of the response on the day does make it tempting to contemplate another show one day.

Don't forget that 400+ photos are available for purchase in various sizes from photographer Monique Larroux. For the full list of pictures and order details, go to:

Those looking for T-Shirts from the show...stay tuned. I sold out of smaller sizes and will investigate the options in a small re-pressing, plus I have a ton of big sizes left - I'm just waiting for those to arrive back in Australia.
One last note - both the Noticeboard and site Message Boards are all back in action finally! At least for the next 5 minutes!

Press Release / Celebrity Rock Super Group SCRAP METAL announced today a special guest star who will perform during their upcoming concert appearance at The Mohegan Sun Casino Wolf Den (November 2nd at 8pm). The special guest performer announced will be Joe Lynn Turner former lead singer for legendary rock groups Deep Purple; Rainbow; and Fandango.
Scrap Metal, the celebrity rock super group whose members have sold over 50 million records worldwide, stars Gunnar Nelson (Nelson /"Love and Affection"); Mark Slaughter (Slaughter / "Fly to the Angels"); Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger /"Sister Christian"); Eric Martin (Mr. Big /"To Be With You"); and Matthew Nelson (Nelson / "After the Rain").
"In every Scrap Metal concert there's an element of surprise," promises band co-founder Mark Slaughter, "You never know whose going to jam with our 'Rock and Roll Rat Pack'!"
This concert marks the return of the magical line-up of the five artists (Nelson, Slaughter, Keagy, Martin and M. Nelson), known as the "Rock and Roll Rat Pack", to the Wolf Den at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT. "This is a very special place for SCRAP METAL," enthuses band co-founder Gunnar Nelson. "We're looking forward to rockin' the Wolf Den again – especially with these legendary artists. As with any Scrap Metal show, it promises to be an entire rock festival for one special performance."
SCRAP METAL performs live in concert Friday, November 2, 2007 at 8:00 pm in The Mohegan Sun Wolf Den located at 1 Mohegan Sun Boulevard in Uncasville, CT 06382. For general information phone 1.888.226.7711 or
Visit the SCRAP METAL official website at:

From "October 24, 2007, 11:40 AM ET Gary Graff, Detroit / Michael Anthony is getting his post-Van Halen career going in earnest. After his acrimonious and controversial ouster from the hard rock group he helped to found -- which is currently on the road with original frontman David Lee Roth and guitarist Eddie Van Halen's son Wolfgang in Anthony's place -- the bassist is once again riding a hard-working sidecar to second Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar.
He's leading his own trio, Mad Anthony Express, which plays a selection of "more obscure" Van Halen tracks, including "DOA" and "Light Up the Sky," and some cover songs. On some nights Anthony and Hagar -- the only VH members to attend the group's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in March -- bring out their Los Tres Gusanos to play early Hagar material, and at every show the duo plays a set of Hagar-era Van Halen material as the Other Half. "I'm on stage for a good part of the night," Anthony tells "I'm just happy to still be out there playing. I'm having a great time doing it. It's not like we need the money; we can just go out there and party with the fans and we have a great time doing it." Anthony says that Mad Anthony's Express, which currently features guitarist Vic Johnson and drummer John "JD" Douglas -- both from Hagar's Wabos band -- could spur him to launch his own group or recording project. "Possibly," he says. "After this tour I'm gonna check into doing some different things, doing some writing with different people. I've got a lot of friends I've made in this business. I've thought about doing something where I'd use some different people, put some original stuff or some covers stuff together and put my own twist on it. We'll see."
As for Van Halen, Anthony says he's not going out of his way to keep tabs on the group's tour but that "people tell me things, and I heard the tour's been fine." He admits he was "bummed out for a little bit" after being booted from the band -- and especially after he was temporarily replaced from album cover images on the group's Web site -- but that he's largely over it. "I'm totally fine with it now 'cause it is what it is," Anthony explains. "There's no use dwelling on it or whining about it. The fans know the band. They know what we've done, and I'm really proud of the history of the band. But I'm focusing on having fun and doing what Sam and I are out doing right now. As long as I keep that perspective on it, that's good."

Just updating yesterday's Night Ranger news in relation to the "Night Ranger Box" out now in Japan. First reports are in and it seems that Big Life and Man In Motion have NOT been remastered, despite being advertised as much in pre-order bulletins. The box uses the previous remasters for the first three albums, so it is very disappointing to learn that the other 2 albums have not been afforded such treatment. Buyer beware. My advice - get the first three albums in regular packaging separately.

Shark Island's official website SI Music has been updated with a new look, an online store and Digital Downloads. Check it out at:

Bon Jovi's Lost Highway 2008 World Tour dates have been announced. The dates are at: More dates including Australia and New Zealand are still to be added.

It looks like Loverboy's new Just Getting Started release is now available at i-tunes U.S. and Canada. A CD release hit Canadian stores this week and a US CD release is due next month via Wal-Mart.

ARfm are one of two finalists announced by the European Broadcasting Awards in the "Best Internet Station" category. The awards ceremony takes place in Barcelona on November 5th 2007.

StoneLake are back at UMP Unlimited Music Production Studio in Furulund Sweden for the upcoming release in 2008. WebLink:

Lead vocalist Mickey Kravitz (Harlow) just lent his hand producing the new Greek born female vocalist Electra. The trax were recorded at Sound Image in Los Angeles. The 4 song EP is allot different from any of the glam rock stuff Mickey has done in the past but wanted the challenge. It's a mix of blues/ pop/rock with some Greek influences. The EP is being shopped around as we speak Mickey said. Watch out for the girl what an amazing talent, just check out the trax "Feeling Good" and you will know what I'm talking about. Mickey is now back to doing demos for his new CD. To sample the Electra trax go to:

MR-X has been updated at long last. Online today is a new Feature Album - China's best of compilation from 1992 So Far, as well as a nice little OOP nugget from Japan 1996 - Gotthard's The Hamburg Tapes - Special Live Edition EP.
And the following new Video Clips are online: Wildside - Hang On Lucy, Warrant - We Will Rock You, Slik Toxik - Helluvatime and Pride Of Lions - It's Criminal (Live) and Vehicle (Live).
MR-X Membership Details.




Thursday, October 25, 2007

Escape Music will release the new Lynn Allen studio release The Horse You Rode In On in Europe in December. Here's the info as delivered from the label:

All hail the King of Iowa.. Billy Peiffer, you thought this area of the U S of A was only associated with corn and farming....wrong! Billy Peiffer; songwriter extraordinaire has been rockin' and sockin' the tri-state area since finally this prolific songwriter gains his first UK release through renowned cutting edge outlet Escape Music Ltd.
Early eighties Bill formed Pilot with Jesse Johnson who went on to form The Time And have a successful solo career...leading the way for Lynn Allen.. original moniker Art Young…this was in 1982, taking to 1983 to record and change their moniker to Lynn Allen the infamous EP was released with the regional hit" Leave Me alone"
1984 saw the bands first LP "We Laugh at You", the biggest seller in the quad cities except Michael Jackson's "Thriller", spawning the classic line up of Bill Pieffer (Vocals/guitar), Dale Fisher (keyboards), Bobby Boyd (drums), Terry Murphy (bass) and Tim Compton (guitars).With a European promo tour, Kerrang and Metal Forces reviews and US support slots with Ratt , Great white and Warrant, and another regional hit "Last Nite", things were on the up.
Later that year, journalists were invited to Daveport Iowa, to taste the Lynn Allen experience as the boys prepare to record, their 3rd opus , autobiographical "Look at Me I'm the King" Bill was doing better than signed bands on the East and West Coast without selling his soul to the corporate records companies, band members then came and went, causing a hiatus for the third release. Bill moved to San Francisco to hook up with members of Night Ranger and Journey in a group called Big Rock, unfortunately his peers didn't seem to be as serious as he was , Bill returned to Iowa and released The aforementioned "LAMITK", under new title Panorama Park with different songs and members, spawning the aor classic "In Time".
1991 - Bill hooks up with long time partner in crime Johnny Hal Williamson on bass, family related Terry Murphy on guitars and "Panorama Park" drummer Tommy Guild to form Dead End Kids, before reverting back to Lynn Allen name and begin recording the s/t pink cd.
1992 - Pink album released with European journalists attending record release party, spawning "Poisoning Of The Rain", "Jesse" and "Surprise Surprise", highlighting Bills progression as a songwriter and his ability to wear shorts on top of his trousers.
1994 - Sees the release of the tribute to the greatest rock n roll club ever: "Live At Beethoven's" from tapes recorded at the aforementioned venue in 1986 found in Hawaii. Local fans vote Lynn Allen Top group in first Oil Music awards.
1995 - Due to over the top demand for We laugh at You , commanding silly prices on LP worldwide, Bill hooks up with legendary guru Khalil Turk then working for Long Island, to secure the bands first German release, a re-issue of the afore mentioned opus with a bonus track and some teeth on the cover.
1997 - "Petrified Ice Cream" is released on Sweden's Rock On The Rise Label, spawning "I Am", "Where are You Now" and "Gone to pieces", Bill takes post grunge apocalyptic AOR to another level.
1999 - "Best of Lynn Allen" is released with bonus track "Romeo" bringing Bill grandly into the 21st century.
Most of this decade Bill develops his Iowa project, only Bill could take the name of the state and wear the crown proudly.
Mixing the two projects in 2007 , Lynn Allen returns for the most exciting part of their career and teaming up with long time devotee and good friend Khalil Turk's & Barrie Kirtley's notoriously cutting edge label Escape Music, a marriage is made in heaven!
The Horse You Rode In On is set for a December release and the fruit of that marriage, Bill's finally got the sound right, this is no mere "AOR by numbers" release, but the culmination of years of songwriting and gigging in the Midwest to bring Lynn Allen to the best position they have ever been in, with tentative UK dates next year to match the bands UK debut on CD...


For the first time in their long and rich history, Night Ranger will release a double live CD, recorded on their 2007 Japanese tour.
Live In Japan 2007 was recorded during the band's June 2006 show at the C.C. Lemon Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo and will feature the following track listing:
CD1: This Boy Needs To Rock, Tell Your Vision, Sing Me Away, Touch Of Madness, Drama Queen, Rumors In The Air, Seven Wishes, Secret Of My Success, There Is Life, Eddie's Comin' Out Tonight, Sentimental Street.
CD2: Forever All Over Again, High Enough, Goodbye, Whatever Happened, Four In The Morning, When You Close Your Eyes, Don't Tell Me You Love Me, Sister Christian, Your Gonna Hear From Me, (You Can Still) Rock In America.
The line-up for this tour was: Jack Blades, Kelly Keagy, Brad Gillis, Reb Beach and Christian Cullen. The 2CD set is released December 26.

In related news, Night Ranger's previously mentioned Live In Japan 2003 release is now available in the USA. The 10 track single disc is another great sounding live release from the band, even if it is a little short. The only disappointment is that it is part of the Extended Versions series by SonyBMG, meaning packaging is strictly a low budget affair as all EV releases have been.
On the's available for well under US$10 in most outlets.

And don't forget the Japanese only Night Ranger Box - out now - which features the band's 5 MCA albums: Dawn Patrol, Midnight Madness, 7 Wishes, Big Life and Man In Motion. The first 3 albums have been released as remasters previously and sound fabulous...but sadly Big Life and Man In Motion have not been remastered at all. The other downside for some - the packaging is in the "Papersleeves" design that Japanese labels have been using for re-issues (CD size pack, but in thick cardboard LP style design).

The band's latest studio album Hole In The Sun gets a US domestic release in January 2008, via VH1 Classics.

Former Toto vocalist Joseph Williams (also known here for his Vertigo releases) has recorded a sequel to his Japanese-Only ballads release of last year. Titled Tears, the new release mirrors the last release in that it is all covers. A few of the tracks featured on this release include covers of Procal Harem's "A Whiter Shade of Pale,", Eric Carmen's "All By Myself," and James Taylor's "Don't Let Me Be Lonely". The CD is released in Japan November 21.

One track from the upcoming Gary Schutt (Jeff Scott Soto) CD Loss 4 Words is up for preview on Gary's MySpace page. This will be Gary's 7th solo album to date and his first all instrumental CD. A music video is planned for the song titled Black Cloud. Special guests already on the CD are Neal Schon (Journey), Oz Fox (Stryper), Bryan Beller (Steve Vai), Howie Simon (Jeff Scott Soto) and Jeff Thal (Bumblefoot). The new album is slated for release on Palisade Records in early 2008 and could have an accompanying DVD. More info on Gary and how to order his CD's can be found at:


Lost Weekend's recent show that took place on Sunday 14th October was a huge success. The event was put together to raise money for the Special Baby Care Unit in Halifax, to thank them for their help in caring for baby Ellis. Ellis was born prematurely and only weighed in at 1 pound. Ellis' father arranged the fund raiser day and ask Lost Weekend to perform a special acoustic show during the evening. The guys decided they could do more and penned a new tune called Ellis and produced a limited edition CD to help raise further funds. The CD also contains three Lost Weekend classics, as well as the new song.
The band played an excellent set and one which earned them a standing ovation from the crowd, which included cast members of Coronation Street and Emerdale.
The limited edition CD, ELLIS, is currently available to buy from website - see the store for purchase details. This is limited to 500 copies and all monies raised from sales will be donated to the Special Baby Care Unit in Halifax.
The band will continue to promote their latest album, Forever Moving On, with the following live dates:
02.11.2007 : Bar 15, Bull Green, Halifax
09.11.2007 : The Sportmans Hotel, Halifax
08.12.2007 : The Boulevard, 17-19 Wallgate, Wigan
For further live shows check out the band's official sites at: and




Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The finish Melodic Metal combo Leverage has finished the production of the yet untitled second album!
"We're very proud of the new album" states band's guitarist and main composer Tuomas Heikkinen. "We've grown tighter as a band, we're more in touch with what Leverage really is for us, and we sure pushed ourselves writing, rehearsing and recording. The album has 10 melodic songs that include the heaviest, most intense and on the other hand the most intimate moments we've been able to capture so far. We feel Tides was the best thing we could come up with at that time, we believe the second album came out as good as we hoped it would now".
Some of the songs included on the album include "Stormchild", "Sentenced" (chosen as the lead radio track for the album, soon to be made available for pre-listening on the Frontiers Records MySpace site), "Run Down", "Heart of Darkness", and "Shadow In The Rain".
The new album is scheduled as a priority release on Frontiers Records in January 2008. Stay tuned for more details on the album!
Weblinks: / / /


In all that has been going on in recent weeks and the ongoing problems with site message boards, a couple of things escaped my mind.
All those that placed orders for MRCD4 or the various CD packages in the last 4 weeks are likely to be still waiting for those CDs. My apologies, but while I was in the USA for 2 weeks, no orders were able to be shipped and I just realized a few orders placed before my departure also remain to be shipped. Just one of those things where my attention was elsewhere. I'll package all those up now and have them shipped by Friday.
Additionally, Australia Post have boosted their shipping rates by some ridiculous amount, so all shipping prices for MRCD4 have had to be adjusted upwards. The all time low value of the US Dollar (which is the currency MR-X and all MRCDs are all billed in) is also making conditions very hard to operate under. But - cheaper than ever for those outside the USA to score a good deal!
BTW - MRCD2 has almost sold out once again. All memberships and CD purchases support! MR-X Membership Details and CDs.


Los Angeles, CA – On April 17, 2007, the iconic rock group Heart took the stage at The Orpheum Theatre in front of a live audience to perform their spectacular debut album Dreamboat Annie in its entirety for the first time, for a DIRECTV special. The performance aired Mother's Day 2007, and will be re-aired in conjunction with Shout! Factory's release of a live DVD and CD of that concert in October 2007.
Dreamboat Annie is the first release in Shout! Factory's new DVD/CD series "Legendary Albums Live™," which will feature unforgettable bands performing their quintessential albums live, in sequence, and in their entirety. The artists will also perform songs by the musicians they were listening to at the time for inspiration, and give exclusive interviews. "Legendary Albums Live™" is a partnership between Shout! Factory and DIRECTV, and the recordings are produced by Shout! Factory-owned Blaze TV. DIRECTV will air these memorable performances, and they will subsequently be made available for purchase on DVD and CD through Shout! Factory.
Dreamboat Annie, released in 1976, was the foundation of Heart's legacy and went on to sell over 3 million copies. Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, the creative spark behind Heart, wrote all of the songs on the album, including the hits "Crazy on You" and "Magic Man." As part of the "Legendary Albums Live™" program, fans of the band will also be treated to rousing renditions of songs by The Who and Led Zeppelin, and an interview with the band in which they will put the album in historical context.
The Wilson sisters have continued making great albums and thrilling live audiences in the 31 years since Dreamboat Annie's release. Lead singer, Ann Wilson, recently released her first-ever solo album, Hope & Glory, on Zoe/Rounder Records, on September 11.
Shout! Factory is a diversified entertainment company devoted to producing, uncovering and revitalizing the very best of pop culture – The Stuff You Grew Up On But Never Outgrew. Founders Richard Foos, Bob Emmer and Garson Foos have spent their careers sharing their music, television and film faves with discerning consumers the world over. Shout! Factory's DVD offerings serve up classic, contemporary and cult TV series, riveting sports programs, live music, animation and documentaries in lavish packages crammed with extras. The company's audio catalogue boasts Grammy®-nominated boxed sets, new releases from storied artists and lovingly assembled album reissues. These riches are the result of a creative acquisitions mandate that has established the company as a hotbed of cultural preservation and commercial reinvention. For more on Shout! Factory, visit
Heart Dreamboat Annie Live CD & DVD Track Listing: Magic Man, Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child), Crazy on You, Soul of the Sea, Dreamboat Annie, White Lightning and Wine, (Love Me Like Music) I'll Be Your Song, Sing Child, How Deep It Goes, Dreamboat Annie (Reprise). Encores: Mistral Wind (Originally from the Heart album Dog and Butterfly), Goodbye Blue Sky (Originally by Pink Floyd), Black Dog (Originally by Led Zeppelin), Misty Mountain Hop (Originally by Led Zeppelin), Love, Reign O'er Me (Originally by The Who).
* CD & DVD Track Listing are the same
DVD Extras Heart Mongers Speak! Photo Gallery

Ozzy Osbourne will tour Australia - 3 dates only - in March 2008. Full details at:

Still one more Australian tour to be announced....details soon!

Rumored Bon Jovi Australian dates are: Saturday 19 January - Telstra Dome, Melbourne; Monday 21 January - Acer Arena, Sydney; Friday 25 January - Subiaco, Perth; Tickets on sale Monday 12 November.
In related Bon Jovi news, the DVD to be featured on a Japanese pressing of the Lost Highway album is apparently the concert that they did in Chicago for an A&E special that will air in November. The DVD will be commercially released as a stand alone item mid-November.

UK melodic power metallers Power Quest have inked a deal with Napalm Records. As previously reported, the band will be entering Remaster Studio in Vicenza, Italy on October 25th to begin recording the fourth Power Quest album, Master Of Illusion. The new material will be completed by December, with a release scheduled for spring 2008.

WHITESNAKE look set to release their latest studio album Good To Be Bad on May 13, 2008 via European label SPV.

On Nov 24 Sweden Rock Festival has its one day Kick-off festival at Tyrol in Stockholm. Besides Gotthard, Sabaton and Hazy/Dizzy the Sweden Rock All Star Band will headline the show. Last year guitarist Janne Stark gathered a line-up featuring for instance Udo Dirkschneider, Ryan Roxie and Ian Haugland.
This years Sweden Rock All Stars features: Uli Jon Roth: guitar (Scorpions, Electric Sun), Marc Boals: vocals (Yngwie, Ring of Fire etc), Mats Levén: vocals (Yngwie, At Vance, Therion etc), Liz Vandall: vocals (Sahara, Uli), Janne Stark: guitar (Overdrive, Baltimoore etc), Ule Ritgen: bass (Zeno, Electric Sun, Fair Warning), Thomas Broman: drums (Electric Boys, Norum, 21 Guns etc).
The band will be performing some vintage Scorpions, Electric Sun and some more nice surprises. The show is "unfortunately" already sold out.

The promoters of the Knock Out Festival ( taking place on the 12th of January 2008 in the Europahalle in Karlsruhe/Germany are proud to announce the adition of Netherland's finest Within Temptation as the headliner to the already confirmed billing with Co-Headliners Helloween, special guest Gamma Ray and guest Axxis.
More bands to be confirmed soon. Within Temptation fronted by the charismatic Sharon den Adel are one of Europe's top rock bands at the moment with their recent studio album The Heart Of Everything and the singles Frozen and All I Need.
The second edition of the Knock Out Festival will be taking place in one of the two Karlsruhe's biggest indoor-concert venues and will be established as a German indoor winter festival.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hi folks....well, I'm back....again. Let's hope for good this time. The Noticeboard remains offline at this time, but I am confident the bugs will be fixed and the board can resume soon. The phpBB Artist boards are all up and running, but don't be surprised if things are temporarily cocked up again as bugs in the system are searched out.
Plenty of news to add, so expect a lot of info coming yor way this week plus perhaps some new CD Showcases and a long overdue MR-X update or two.

A brief note of support for those in Southern California living through the current firestorms there. Hang in there folks - Australia is all too familiar with this brutal force of nature. I hope no readers of this site have been hurt or lost any property. Thinking of you at this time...

A few more MelodicRockFest updates for you. Man, that was such a party...
Present at the show was pro-photographer Monique Larroux, who has taken some amazing photos of all 7 sets throughout the day. Good news for fans is that she has agreed to make them all available for you to order and purchase should you wish (from small to large sizes available), with some of the proceeds of the photo sales coming back to support
A few examples of these awesome photos are detailed below, but for the full list of pictures and order details, go to:





Martie Peters Group at MelodicRockFest -

The very good folks at have published their full review of the show and added a stack more photo's to check out. Read the review at:
And also online, Eric Martin interviewed backstage at the show:

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of the Self-Titled debut album from the US band ACTION on December 7.
Originally formed in 1985, Action is a long-time concept devised by acclaimed guitarist / songwriter Chip of What Matters, Mars Hill and The Hitmen. The band also features the soaring vocals of other former Mars Hill member Jack Marques (Crossover, Unknown God) and the musical talents of bassist Chris Sutherland, keyboardist Ruben Demello (Crossover, Unknown God), drummer Chris Longo (Project Broken, Dirty Deeds, Hysteria, Promises) with additional drums from Mark Duane (Trendkill, Paradox, Action, Touch, Krankenstein).
As founder and guitarist for the band Action during the mid to late 80's, Chip shared the stage with Quiet Riot, Firehouse, Slaughter, Rough Cutt and Zebra among many others. As the musical landscape quickly changed in the early 90's, Action split not to be heard from again until he collaborated with singer / songwriter Jack Marques a decade later.
Between bands and life itself, both Chip and Jack had each individually written and recorded a number of outstanding melodic rock tracks over the years which ranged from 80's rock / metal to more modern adult oriented rock. Each had always been saving these unused gems for some future project; they just weren't sure what it would be.
What is certain, these gems are fresh, melodic power rock - true to its 80's roots while delivering a modern kick! Action is an infusion of Boston meets Journey with touches of Whitesnake and Def Leppard. With this mix, Action delivers what rock fans have been waiting a decade or more for - screaming melodic guitars, soaring vocals, catchy choruses and rockin' beats.
Never feeling that Action was quite finished, in mid 2006, Chip approached friend and manager Ron Vining about getting the project off the ground again. In February 2007, Action were snapped up by Frontiers Records and the album was delivered a few months later, with an artwork courtesy of Richard Mace (Journey, Soul SirkUS, Jeff Scott Soto).
Album tracklisting will include the following songs: Without Your Love; Someday; Here In My Heart; Destiny; Forever; Loveless; Don't Leave Me Lonely; Heaven Tonight; Cinderella; Feel The Fire; Is It Love.
The wait is over. Get ready, December 7 is the date when European (on Frontiers Records) and Japanese (on King Records) Melodic Rock fans across the globe are going to get a whole lot of Action!
Weblinks: / /


Tyketto frontman Danny Vaughn has sent me a note about the upcoming release of Tyketto's THE LAST SUNSET release, comprising of unreleased material from the band's time together. Danny states: "As the final shows approach, we thought we'd give our fans a little teaser to get them revved up for it. Here is a song from the forthcoming TYKETTO CD, which will be available at the shows. The song is called TIL THE SUMMER COMES and it is one of 12 tracks on the cd. We will also be playing this one live. If you can. we would love for you to post it on the site and make it available to one and all for downloading."
Ok Danny...happy to do so, so here is Tyketto - Til The Summer Comes!


This Friday, October 12th, "All Sammy Eve," one day before his birthday, Sammy Hagar will introduce one of the most innovative radio stations in the history of radio. Cabo Wabo Radio will be a revolutionary breakthrough in rock radio: "All UP, All Rock. All Party, All the Time" featuring LIVE Concerts and live and produced broadcasts from studios inside the legendary Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.
Cabo Wabo Radio will feature nothing but feel-good, party energy, cutting edge New Rock from all over the world, together with a huge catalog of the greatest and most exciting feel-good, party energy rock from the past twenty five years. "Cabo Wabo Live" will feature interviews with stars on vacation and interesting people from around the world, and live concerts from major stars and the hottest new artists in the world. It's a World Party of Biblical Proportions.
Sammy is proud to announce a Sneak Peek Pre-Launch Celebrationof Cabo Wabo Radio beginning at noon (pacific) Friday, October 12th, and continuing through Monday morning at 1am October 15th at the pre-launch website:
Sammy wants to give people around the world a glimpse of what's to come at Cabo Wabo Radio, so log on beginning at noon to hear radio like you've never heard it before.All weekend long it's "The CABO WABO 55," Fifty Five Hours Of Music You Can't Drive Without. Listeners will hear the most exciting new rock being created around the world and the hottest rock from the past.
PLUS! On Saturday night, October 13th, from 6pm to midnight, it's Sammy Hagar's gigantic 60th Birthday Bash! Join Sammy backstage for the first "CABO WABO LIVE," a gigantic birthday celebration and party featuring Sammy Hagar and the Wabos in concert LIVE from the Cantina stage. It's the biggest party of the year and Sammy and Cabo Wabo Radio co-founders and creators Shadoe Stevens and Woody Nelson will be there backstage with nonstop LIVE music and interviews with Sammy and friends like Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith, Emeril Lagasse, and surprise guests.
All visitors will be invited to sign the guest book to become V.I.P. Members. You'll be notified about the debut of the complete, full-service website and official station launch when the station and website go online LIVE before the end of the year.
VIP members will have access to behind the scenes videos from Sammy on tour, hear live concerts by some of the newest groups and biggest stars in the world, get special prices on trips to Cabo, hear special features and messages from Sammy, get preferred tickets and advance notices on shows and new music, and be able to listen to CD quality, Feel-Good Rock 24 hours a day, guaranteed to make you feel better whether you want to or not.
It's Pure Rock Radio Smuggled Across the border from Mexico 24 hours a day, Cabo Wabo Radio. Online now.

There has been a lot of debate over Bon Jovi ticket prices in recent months. Now I hear they are Australia bound in January 2008 with ticket prices likely to be $250. It simply is just too much. Unfortunately when such aband hasn't toured here in years, fans are likely to cough up, proving to promoters that the prices were justified. But such moves do leave a bad taste with fans. One such article on Bon Jovi's ticket prices can be found here:

Now there is two new articles online - and the original

antiMusic reports: "We ran a story last week after a fan came to us asking us to get the word out about a petition to Jon Bon Jovi over the Bon Jovi fan club because members had issues with how things have been run since Jon's mother retired and turned the club over to his brother. The article struck a chord and became the most read news article this month. It also appeared to help get the word out to members about the petition who had no way of knowing about it because of the heavy censorship of the message board within the club. We were told about this petition a couple weeks ago and when we checked it at that time it only had 12 signatures. By the time we ran the article it had a handful more. But once we ran our story the person that started the petition backed out because of "bad publicity" and killed it, but it did reach 142 signatures before it was closed.
Somehow we became the bad guys because we made some fan concerns public. How that logic works, who knows? It must be better to suffer in silence and take your lumps. Many members of the club did email us after our story ran. Most had some major complaints and some with even bigger issues then the person that originally contacted us. A couple of people defended the club and said some members are overreacting. We will run two letters from each side this week in a special "letters to the editor" article, so both sides can state their case and you can draw your own conclusions. Hopefully, the public scrutiny will do some good and someone within the Bon Jovi empire might take notice and give the fans more of what they want (or at least what they were promised if what some members have told is true). Perhaps this public address of those concerns can do a lot more than an online petition with a dozen signatures. Maybe it won't make a difference because people will still be willing to empty their wallets for their favorite band and the band knows it.
Here was the retraction from the Bon Jovi Fan Club member that started the petition: "With regret I have now closed this petition. The purpose of this petition was to bring the grievances of fan club members to the attention of Jon Bon Jovi to allow him the opportunity to make changes. It was never intended to create bad publicity for Jon or the band. Jon has offered his fans generosity and respect for over 20 years. I am very disappointed that this important fact has been overlooked by the individuals who brought this petition and their complaints to the attention of the media. Hopefully Jon has by now become aware of the problems facing the new fan club. I have no doubt that once he is fully informed about the issues, he will ensure the necessary changes are made..."
Complicated stuff all-round. It seems the band continues to have issues to address...

In related news, those that rushed out and bought the band's latest album Lost Highway may be disappointed to learn there is now a special edition available with bonus features - initially in the Japanese market.
Bon Jovi - Lost Highway: The Concert Deluxe Edition [Limited Edition] / "Live DVD release from Bon Jovi includes footage of the band's special concert in Chicago. Filmed via three cameras, this concert includes the hits from the latest album, classics like "Wanted Dead or Alive," "It's My Life," and "Who Says You Can't Go Home," and more, and behind-the-scenes footage with interviews (subject to change). Limited edition includes deluxe package and special features."

Vic Rivera checks in after MelodicRockFest with this update: "Jamie, Ed, Doug, Joe and I are eagerly looking forward to participating in Firefest IV this week, which is going to be a truly special event given some of the historical appearances taking place that weekend. Can't wait to play some of our new songs as well as the favorites from the AdrianGale days that everyone will be expecting. Thanks to Kieran, Bruce and Phil for keeping the tradition going and having us be a part of it!"

Sunday, Oct 14th 2007 saw one of the most successful radio shows ever on ARfm… the FirefestIV Special.
Steve Price & Kieran Dargan put together a 3 hour spectacular which involved live interviews with Stormzone, Steve Grimmett, Soul Doctor, Threshold, Jaded Heart, Crunch, Valentine, Harem Scarem, Tyketto and FM 18 musicians, all of whom were in the right place at the right time. The whole show was broadcast to a near record audience, the record being held by Mr Dargan (the FirefestIV announcement show earlier this year). Only Demon and Jorn were missing from the line-up due to being unavailable, Jorn was on a plane at the time.
ARfm have received numerous requests regarding the re-running of the show so we have made it available for download for a short period of time. Please note this is a large file (approx 160mb)

Congratulations to the Firefest guys for selling out this show in advance of the event date. Bloody marvellous stuff and further proof that this scene isn't quite dead yet!

Versailles Records has announced the forthcoming release of Christian rockers LIBERTY N' JUSTICE's "greatest hits" LP, due in late March 2008.
Entitled 4-ALL: The Best of LNJ, this compilation features a "who's who" guest-star list of hard rock and heavy metal legends, including Lou Gramm (ex-FOREIGNER), Sebastian Bach (ex-SKID ROW), Michael Sweet (STRYPER), Mark Slaughter (SLAUGHTER), Jack Russell (GREAT WHITE), Jani Lane (ex-WARRANT), Stephen Pearcy (RATT), Tony Harnell (ex-TNT), Pete Loran (TRIXTER), Leif Garrett, John Corabi (RATT, ex-MÖTLEY CRÜE, UNION, BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION, THE SCREAM), Kelly Keagy (NIGHT RANGER), Ted Poley (DANGER DANGER), Jamie Rowe (GUARDIAN), and Kelly Keeling (BLUE MURDER, TSO). Featuring the best from 2004's "Welcome to the Revolution", 2006's "Soundtrack of a Soul", 2007's "Independence Day", as well as four new tracks featuring Doug Pinnick (KING'S X), Steve Brown (TRIXTER, STEREO FALLOUT), Derrick LeFevre (LILLIAN AXE), Larry Worley (FEARNOT) and Russell Arcara (SURGIN, PROPHET) written exclusively for the "best of" CD. This collection additionaly features guest musical appearances by Tommy Denander, Tim Gaines (ex-STRYPER), Richard Kendrick (STRAITJACKET SMILE, NEAR LIFE EXPERIENCE), and Keri Kelli (ALICE COOPER, ex-L.A. GUNS, SLASH'S SNAKEPIT, WARRANT, PRETTY BOY FLOYD, DAD'S PORNO MAG), among many others.
Commented LIBERTY N' JUSTICE frontman Justin Murr, "I am really proud the songs included in this collection. It shows where LNJ has been and where we are going musically in the future. It all so shows what got us here, and that is all the great vocalists that have sang on the last three LIBERTY N' JUSTICE CDs. I am thankful to Versailles Records, and their distributor Big Daddy Music, for believing in us enough to reach a wider audience."
More info soon at:

New York, NY (October 17, 2007)Locomotive Records will release Bang Your Head on two DVDs November 6, 2007, to celebrate the wide variety of metal and hard rock that the prestigious Bang Your Head annual outdoor festival in Balingen, Germany is famous for.
Complete with extras that show backstage action, local club shows and home movies, the three-hour spectacular promises to bring that unforgettable weekend of June 22 and 23, 2006, back to stunning life. The Bands: Abandoned, Anvil, Armoured Saint, Beyond Fear, Communic, Count Raven, Death Angel, Rik Emmett, Flotsam & Jetsam, Foreigner, Hell Fueled, Helloween, In Flames, Leatherwolf, Tony Martin, Jon Oliva's Pain, Powerwolf, Raven, Stratovarius, Unleashed, Vengeance, Victory and Y&T.
First held as a one-day concert in 1996, the event has now grown to become one of the premier hard rock events in the world, drawing thousands of fans every year from around the globe. The 2008 Bang Your Head will take place next June 27 and 28.

Stormspell Records in the USA will re-issue 2 80s albums from Sergeant. The details are:
SERGEANT - S/T 1984. Debut album from 1984 by the cult English/Swiss Melodic Hard Rockers. For first time on CD ever! Official reissue, licensed from Battle Cry / GAMA records. 8-page booklet with brand new artwork, band history, lyrics, rare pictures, and info. Enhanced multimedia CD including two bonus video clips. Limited to 1000 copies, first 250 of which are DIE-HARD special edition with luxurious matte-laminated hand-numbered slipcases.
01. Upside Down, 02. Rollin', 03. Make your Move, 04. Love Me Tonight, 05. You Got Me Reelin', 06. Paradise, 07. I've Got to Know, 08. One Look, 09. Are You Lonely, 10. Good Time Loser, 11. Upside down (Remix) Bonus Track.
SERGEANT - Streetwise 1986 CD +3. 8-page booklet with brand new artwork, band history, lyrics, rare pictures, and info. Enhanced multimedia CD including two bonus video clips. Limited to 1000 copies, first 250 of which are DIE-HARD special edition with luxurious matte-laminated hand-numbered slipcases.
01. Don't Stop, 02. Thunder & Lightning, 03. In My Blood, 04. Taking Time, 05. Hold On, 06. Living in the Fast Lane, 07. Lonely Nights, 08. Streetwise, 09. Can't Get Over You, 10. Moving, 11. Gonna Show You Bonus Track.

Please note the House of Shakira gig on the 15th December is in Madrid not Barcelona as previously reported. The current tour schedule reads:
10/11/2007 : Lucille Rock Club, Verona, Italy
14/12/2007 : Sala Gamma, Murcia, Spain
15/12/2007 : Ritmo y Compás, Madrid, Spain
More dates in 2008 to be confirmed soon.

Press Release from the guys of UFO: "We regret that UFO's Essen show on 6th November is cancelled, due to the illness of the promoter, who is currently in hospital. Everyone on the UFO team wishes him a speedy recovery and a return to full health. This cancellation only affects the Essen show - the rest of the tour, which includes shows in Germany and Russia as well as the Hard Rock Hell festival in England on the weekend of 9th - 11th November, is going ahead as planned. For full details, please see:

Nice to see rock n roll in mainstream press. This from Time Magazine: "If the reunion concert of Van Halen has you feeling like you've stepped into a time warp... Where have you been all summer? There was Don Dokken wailing "Unchain the Night" to hundreds of wild fans in Springfield, Virginia, as razor-sharp, screaming guitar chords pierced the darkness. A few weeks after, in the same venue, Ratt lead singer Stephen Pearcy stretched a mike over the crowd and sang "Round and Round" as bodies slammed together and fists pounded the air. In Thorpe, Pennsylvania, Warrant's Jani Lane was in concert, singing the band's classic '80s metal ballad "Heaven" as thousands waved cellphones and lighters in the air. And not to be left out, Motley Crue and front man Vince Neil launch into "Looks that Kill" as their Ocean City, Maryland, audience screams along with the lyrics.
The summer concert season of 2007 swept America back into the 1980s as scores of hard rock/metal bands from that decade began touring again, drawing large crowds, new, young fans, and solid revenues 25 years after first emerging. Who toured? Tesla, Dokken, Great White, Winger, Warrant, Queensryche, Poison, Ratt, Vince Neil, Firehouse, Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, L.A. Guns, White Lion, Skid Row, and Black Sabbath. "Despite the fact that it's two decades later, people still like to bang their heads, raise their fists, and have some fun," says Jeff Albright, president of the Albright Entertainment Group and publicist for numerous top-tier hard rock singers. "The opportunities for revenue are probably greater than ever before," says Albright, referring to concert video DVDs and downloads via iTune."
Full article:,8599,1668917,00.html.

Press Release / This Halloween forget the "trick or treat," and stay at home for some good old rock n' roll with HDNet's Heavy Metal Halloween! First, it ain't nothing but a good time on "Sound Off" with Matt Pinfield as the hard-rocking hair-metal band POISON sits down with Matt at the Trump Casino in Atlantic City for a candid look into the band's rich history. Then watch the HDNet premiere of Poison Live, Raw and Uncut from the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in St. Louis, Missouri. The multi-platinum glam-rockers, currently performing on their Poison'd tour, play all their beloved hits, including "Nothin' but a Good Time", "Look What the Cat Dragged In", and their #1 hit "Every Rose Has Its Thorn". Then, watch Whitesnake Live: In the Still of the Night as the band performs their most powerful, high-energy concert to date playing hits like, "Here I Go Again", "Is this Love", and "In the Still of the Night".
It's metal with more hairspray and make-up than any Halloween costume! Witness the spectacle October 28 only on HDNet. Make sure to tune in at 8:30 p.m. for "Sound Off" with Matt Pinfield and then POISON live at 9:00 p.m. ET. For times in your area, go to:

Alabama Records is proud to announce the signing of the Swedish, soon-to-be-rockstars, MOLLY'S GUSHER for the release of their new EP Pick your poison and form a tragedy.
"Makin' it" is somewhat of a past tense in the rock world nowadays. When file sharing has got the record industry shaking in its boots, and chewing-gum-marketability and safe bets are the only thing the industry is ready to invest in, doing it your own thing is the last and only option. If you want to make a living of rock music that is. That's just what Molly's Gusher did. Their own record ­ the debut album simply called Molly's Gusher. After paying their dues through demos, small gigs, dirty rehearsal rooms and member changes, the band always persevered.
They managed to be the first Swedish band ever to play at the acclaimed Woodstock Stop festival, in front of 400,000 people. They got rotation of their "Queen of my heart" ­ video on both MTV2 and MTV Nordic and they got voted as the best band in their home town of Örebro in 2003. All this, and raving reviews, and well visited gigs.
This kind of acclaim tends to get frustrating without the "real" success. It's kind of like feeding an albatross chick in a canary cage. So they did what any reasonable band would do at this point, and took matter into their own hands. November 2005 saw the dawning of a fully accomplished Molly's Gusher. With their self titled album they had the means for world domination, and not to say the drive and the energy. Their warm, lucid melodies, in combination with their down tuned, pounding rhythms penetrates the very core of the listeners emotional centre. Just to stomp all over it.
Now it is follow-up time. Placing Mattias Färm (of Millencolin fame) behind the knobs in the studio and the band instantly found a crisp and awesome sound. Resulting in this magnificent four track EP called "Pick your poison and form a tragedy". This release is seriously taking Molly's Gusher to the next level and that by means is one big step closer to their big breakthrough.
"Wow, this band is a diamond in the rough! A hidden treasure and exactly the kind of artist every record company strive to find. We are nothing but truly honoured and excited to start this cooperation together with Molly's Gusher" says Andreas Nyström of Alabama Records.
Line-up: Simon Vegas ­ Lead vocals, guitar; Alex Wehlin ­ Drums; Jonas Lewén ­ Bass, backing Vocals; Billy Eriksson - Guitar
The album is scheduled for release on 7 December 2007.
Please visit and for more information and regular updates.




Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some of the first pictures and reports from MelodicRockFest are online now. Keyboardist extraordinaire Eric Ragno has an extensive report online now with a ton of great photos. Those can be viewed at: and


JLT, Jack Blades, Jimi Jamison & Eric.

Michael Eden, who fronted the opening act as a special favor has posted his update at the Eden's Curse website (under News).

More pictures can be found at: The Rockeyez folks will be doing a full feature on the show in the coming weeks.


News from Glenn Hughes: "Just wanted to give you all some info on the new, yet unrecorded album... My songs, and songwriting, have become more important to me these past couple of years, and lookin' @ this made me realize that I need to be makin' music that is completely satisfyin' to me as an artist... When I got clean and sober in '91, I hadn't written anything in a few years, so when I was freed from the human bondage, the floodgates opened... all thru the nineties I was blessed with the serenity to move 4ward, and grow as a human being, and live and breathe in God's grace... Since Soulmover, and M4TD, I have found a new belief in myself, not only as an Artist, but as a Man who is now come home..
I asked myself a question this spring: "What is the right and appropriate Musical path 4 me?"... The answer was quite simple, I have to make music that is pure and natural... It felt like I was seeing myself 4 the first time, and 4 once I had zero fear of what was in front of me... I had this feelin' early on in my career with "You Are The Music, We're Just The Band". I was just 20 years old when this album was recorded, but I had a strong vision, and I took my songs and arrangements to a new level in that period... For a young lad @ that age to add Alto Sax, and vibes, and pedal steel, was pretty risky, but it worked like a charm... With my new album, I feel it is time to love myself enough, and be brave enough...
There will be more Glenn orignal songs than ever B4... I have been in my Studio day and night, when I am home in LA... This will be the funkiest album I've made so far... Yeah, I got somethin' cookin'. A couple song titles 4 you: We Go To War and Imperfection.
I'll be updating my blog a little later in the year. I love you , my Brothers and Sisters..." Glenn, LA, Oct 11 2007

in related news, Glenn's Live In Australia CD is due November 26 and the DVD is out now.

On October 15th Mercury Records will be releasing a new Meat Loaf DVD entitled 3 Bats Live in Europe. The US version of the DVD will be released on November 20. This epic rock opera will feature live performances of the trilogy of Bat Out Of Hell albums for the very first time. Including the classic songs 'Bat Out Of Hell', 'I'd Do Anything For Love', '2 Out Of 3 Ain't Bad', 'Objects In The Rear View Mirror', 'Paradise By The Dashboard Light' and the new smash hit 'It's All Coming Back To Me Now'. Plus the stunning videos for 'Cry Over Me' and 'It's All Coming Back To Me Now'.
All this plus a bonus disc of the 'In Search of Paradise' documentary, an intimate expose of the life of one of the greatest selling recording artists of all time. The DVD will also be available as a limited collectors box with replica Tour Poster, Extended Tour Programme, pull out Bat sticker, and Meat Loaf guitar pic.
Check out the fantastic E-card for this DVD here -

Greater Toronto Area's own, Juan Carlos Coronado, was selected as one of the world's top 10 Guitar Heroes by Guitar Player Magazine. Juan was one of thousands of hopefuls from across the U.S., Canada and abroad that sent his music to the Guitar Player Magazine. He will have the opportunity to perform at San Francisco's legendary Great American Music Hall on October 12. On that date, Juan and nine other transcendent talents will battle it out for the title of the world's # 1 Guitar Hero in front of a panel of judges that will include celebrity guitar legends and industry big wigs. As well, Microsoft will provide a live Webcast of the show so the entire world will be able to see Juan and the other finalists strut their stuff.
This is Juan's second time being on Guitar Player Magazine's Top Ten Guitar Hero list. He was selected in 2005, the inaugural year of the event and was invited to play at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. During that event, the magazine chose Juan and one other finalist (Rob Burton) to represent the competition on Fox News through a national interview with a live performance. About being selected again, Juan says, "To be selected once is great, but twice?! I feel extremely honoured."
Michael Molenda, the editor-in-chief of Guitar Player Magazine, says, Guitar Hero is "just one of the most fun and exciting guitar competitions around. Contestants get to hang with the Guitar Player staff, mingle with celebrity judges, trade licks with your fellow competitors, and get treated like a rock star for a day or two."
The event's judges who will be evaluating the performances include guitar legend Joe Satriani, Toto's lead guitarist Steve Lukather, progressive icon Greg Howe and Shrapnel Records owner Mike Varney. Judges will be looking for technique, sense of groove, phrasing, confidence, creativity, charisma, performance, and originality in the finalists.
Since moving to the Greater Toronto Area from his native country Colombia almost four years ago, Juan has been building a career doing what he loves best – making music. "Having a chance to play in San Francisco's legendary Great American Music in front of guitar legends and the entire world is a dream come true", Juan says. Over the course of his career in Colombia, Juan released several albums, penned a number one radio hit, and played to large audiences.
Juan recently released his first solo album, Renewal, featuring an unconventional fusion of Latin rhythms and instrumental rock guitar in a genre all his own that he coins, "Latin Shred". Durham Region Music Society awarded Juan with the "Best Instrumental Recording of the Year" for Renewal. The album has been a great success, with international sales and amazing reviews. As well, two of Juan's songs were selected be part of K.T. Records new "Guitars of Tomorrow" compilation CD to be released in the fall of 2007.
Juan has also started an endorsement with Dot on Shaft Guitars and together they will be designing and building a new line of guitars featuring some of Juan's guitar preferred specifications that are not available in any other line of guitar.
To listen to selections from Juan's new CD, find out more about him, and keep posted about Guitar Hero 2007, check out his website at

San Diego, California based THE BLASTING ZONE metal radio show will be broadcasting their annual "Blasting Zone Halloween Spooktacular", where they will play the creepiest, scariest and loudest hard rock and heavy metal tracks.
This year CAGE Vocalist Sean Peck will be joining DJ Dynamite Nick as the special guest DJ and will be assisting in spinning and presenting songs on the show. The Spooktacular will be broadcasted live on October 2, 2007 from 7pm to 10pm (Pacific Standard Time) on KKSM 1320 AM, Cox Digital Cable Channel 957 and can be listened worldwide at:

Press Release / Led Zeppelin's catalog is among the most enduring bodies of musical composition to come out of the 20th century -- and now it's coming to the 21st. As one of digital music's final holdouts, the band's illustrious catalog is one of the most highly anticipated digital releases to date. Beginning November 13, the band's original albums will be available for full-album or a la carte download from all online music retailers.
The albums being made available include Led Zeppelin (1969), Led Zeppelin II (1969), Led Zeppelin III (1970), Untitled fourth album (1971), Houses Of The Holy (1973), Physical Graffiti (1975), Presence (1976), The Song Remains The Same (1976; recently remixed and remastered for reissue on November 20), In Through The Out Door (1979), Coda (1982), How The West Was Won (2003), and Mothership (available November 13). Featuring such indelible anthems as "Communication Breakdown," "Whole Lotta Love," "Immigrant Song," "Stairway To Heaven," "D'Yer Mak'er," and "Kashmir," these releases, together with various retrospective collections, have sold more than 300 million albums worldwide.
"We are pleased that the complete Led Zeppelin catalog will now be available digitally," said Jimmy Page"The addition of the digital option will better enable fans to obtain our music in whichever manner that they prefer."
"The Led Zeppelin catalog is a highly anticipated and essential addition to the world's leading digital music services," said Edgar Bronfman, Jr., Chairman and CEO of Warner Music Group. "In their 12 years together, Zeppelin created one of the most powerful, influential, and timeless bodies of work in the history of modern music. They not only enjoyed enormous commercial success, but their ground-breaking musical innovation transformed the cultural landscape. We have been planning for this landmark day for a long time, and we look forward to expanding Led Zeppelin's presence across a full array of digital platforms."
Over 25 years after disbanding, Led Zeppelin continues to inspire generations of fans. The September 12 announcement that the band would reunite for a one-off concert in honor of Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun created unprecedented demand as an estimated 80,000 fans a minute attempted to access the concert's official website to register. More than a million fans attempted to apply for one of the 10,000 tickets available in a random drawing for the band's first concert in over 19 years at London's O2 Arena on November 26.
Announced earlier this year, on November 13, Atlantic Records/Rhino Entertainment will release Mothership, a 24-track, two-CD comprehensive collection that spans their 12-year career. All eight of the band's classic studio albums are represented, with the tracks being personally selected by Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones. Originally released in 1976, The Song Remains The Same soundtrack album of the concert film features songs from the band's three-night stint at Madison Square Garden in July 1973. On November 20, The Song Remains The Same soundtrack gets the deluxe reissue treatment, with the band members overseeing the remixing and remastering of the original release. The new version of the soundtrack includes six songs that were not on the original release, plus new liner notes by Academy Award-winning director Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous).
Formed in 1968, from the ashes of The Yardbirds, guitarist Jimmy Page brought in Robert Plant, John Bonham, and John Paul Jones and toured as The New Yardbirds. In 1969, their self-titled debut was released and is regarded as one of the most important rock records ever made. Led Zeppelin went on to become the colossal rock icons that we know today, setting new records along the way for fan attendance at their gigs and record sales. Universally recognized as one of the most successful, innovative, powerful and influential bands in modern music, Led Zeppelin continues to be honored for their pivotal place in music history. In 1995 they were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005, and were awarded with the Polar Music Prize in Stockholm in 2006.




Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hi folks, back to reality as I get back into the swing of things after MelodicRockFest.
Please excuse the lack of updates on the site – daily news updates should start to roll out as usual from today. There is so much that needs attending to – so please bare with me as I get to everything over the next few days and the week ahead. One important note to make – the Noticeboard is currently offline and as I am yet to determine what the exact problem is (my server IT guys are none the wiser either), there is no ETA as to when it will be restored. ASAP obviously…

So for the first time in maybe 6 months I really can state that business as normal can resume at Nothing has been "normal" this year, with most of the last few months dedicated to putting together the 10th Anniversary MelodicRockFest.

I have seen a lot of questions posted regarding MelodicRockFest since event day, so let me comment right now. First of all and most importantly – thank you to every single person that came along on the day and all those I was able to meet briefly and everyone there that showed such a warm and heartfelt response to the show. There was so much enthusiasm in the building – it was contagious and even the artists felt that and were telling me what an inspiration it was to be there. Jim Peterik was busy backstage soaking it up and writing a brand new song inspired by those "good vibes"!
Talking to everyone that took part in it, the overwhelming verdict seemed to be that for all it would be one of those shows that will be remembered forever.
I couldn't ask for more. I really must again thank everyone for saying hello, introducing themselves and just getting into the spirit of the day. Thanks also to the artists that wandered around the lobby meeting fans and just hanging out during the day.
My only regret is that I had so little time to just hang out and chat, meet more people and enjoy the event. But that wasn't to be my role on the day – I just wanted to make sure that the show went as smoothly as possible and that everyone on stage and those assembled to watch all had a great day. I think that was the case!

To the many that have e-mailed or posted comments on various message boards – thank you again for the amazing response to the show.

The major question being posed is was the show a success? You bet! All things considered, things worked out ok in the end. Somehow, I managed to not lose money, which is no mean feat considering the size of the event and the fact this was my first time doing such an event! There was thereabouts of 1000 fans present for the show and more than 50 musicians, journalists and crew back stage. I saw a lot of smiles across the day and I will remember that forever. Merch, Raffle and CDs sales through the day helped also – so thanks to everyone that supported the cause.
I do have some T-Shirts left over, they are currently in transit back to Oz, so I will post details when they arrive and get sorted out.

The enthusiasm of those present made the show every bit worthwhile and I believe it really was a fitting celebration of this site's 10 years online. Everyone I spoke to after the show, including the artists, wanted to know when the next show would be….with many more comments along the lines of 'see you next year.' On the coach to the airport the next morning, Kelly Keagy, with a smile on his face, leans over and whispers to me, 'now, when we do this next time…'
Prior to the show day I vowed never again! But the response on the day was so amazing that I would love to do it again and of course I learned the right and wrong way to do several things during this whole affair. More substantial sponsorship backing would have to be obtained and corporate partners locked in…but I can't even contemplate thinking about that sort of thing right now!

What I would like to do is take a moment to thank some people that helped make this particular show possible. A heartfelt thanks goes to all those that performed and supported the show. But to single out just a few –
My wife Cathy for all her advice, help, work and above all else – patience over the course of this huge year.
Michael Eden for his tireless help behind the scenes in the months getting the show organized. He was also responsible for getting the merch done on time, which I think looked phenomenal. And that opening act…you guys kicked ass.
Kelly Keagy for his help with the Scrap Metal guys, promoting the show and logistics of the headline performance. What an amazing set!
Jim Peterik for his generosity throughout show week, in looking after me, helping me promote the show, having me stay at his house for a couple of nights and even lending me his car…what a class act and a true friend.
Joe Vana for his generosity also – opening up his restaurant for us all on not just the one night but several other occasions over show week and putting on some wonderful meals and helping me and others out behind the scenes. I can't thank you enough mate.
Jack Blades, Joe Lynn Turner and Jimi Jamison – the special guests with class and thanks to Kevin Chalfant for the kind words during his set.
The many show sponsors including Angelmilk Records, Dot On Shaft, Heavy Harmonies, John Kivel & Kivel Records, Metal Mayhem, ARFM & Envision Radio.
To the wonderful volunteers on the Merch stall for – thanks Kim, Pam, Sam and Leonora. That was such a vital aspect of the day and you guys worked your asses off. Thank you.
To my Aussie mate Chris, who ended up running around as much as I did. Again, couldn't have done it without you all.
And to Denise, Dennis and everyone connected with the Morris Performing Arts Center - wow, what a stellar bunch of people who really did work beyond the call of duty to help this show come to be.

So that's it I guess…stay tuned for photos from the event and perhaps some kind of tour diary from me, but perhaps it would be better told in the words of others, so when reviews are posted, I will highlight those and there will be a stack of pictures to come – a few of which are included in this update.
A huge and very cool gallery of photo's is already online at Heavy Harmonies. More links and pics to come.

The business environment remains challenging so right now it is time for me to concentrate on that side of things. Get the site up to date and work out where to from here.
Thanks to everyone's support up until this point in time and thanks again to everyone that made South Bend, USA such a memorable experience. I will never forget the weekend of October 6, 2007.

The next 10 years starts today…


Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the highly anticipated Indigo Dying self titled debut album release on December 7.
Indigo Dying features the talents of Gisa Vatcky, a singer who has been working with an incredible number of amazing artists. The list would include from Andrea Bocelli to Enrique Iglesias, Placido Domingo, Melissa Etherige, Luis Miguel, Perry Farrell, Meat Loaf and more.
The album is Gisa's debut as lead vocalist on an album and is a studio project put together specifically to develop her talents by Frontiers Records President Serafino Perugino and LA-based producer Fabrizio Grossi (Glenn Hughes, Starbreaker). The goal was to find some suitable songs which could encompass a taste for more contemporary Hard Rock and Metal songs for a female singer so gifted as Gisa is.
Musicians include Mordechai "Mordy" Hauser (guitar), Fabrizio Grossi (bass, orchestrations, programming, acoustic guitar), John Macaluso (drums) ex-TNT, Malmsteen and Riot, Jamie Teramo (keyboards, piano), with Tommy Denander on additional guitars.
Some superstars singer paid tribute to the talent of Gisa! Former Helloween singer Michael Kiske appears singing a duet in the song Breathe in Water, while former Malmsteen and Ring of Fire shouter Mark Boals guests on vocals on Superman and Fair Enough.
The resulting album is a fascinating and capturing experience is a musical world that has no boundaries. From the Modern, almost Gothic influences of All In Never Wanted, to the eerie atmospheres of Breathe In Water, to the more hard rocking approach of "Island" this album has plenty to offer to the dedicated listener.
Track listing of the album includes: All I Never Wanted; Hear Me; Breathe In Water; Better; Taken; Superman; Island; Remember (I.O.U.); Real Life Fairytale; Far Enough; Shattered Life; Go.
Enjoy the talent of a new amazing talent and live a truly rewarding musical experience with Indigo Dying! In all the shops on December 7th on Frontiers Records in Europe and on King Records in Japan!


Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release of the debut album from the Swedish Progressive Metal hopefuls Seven Tears entitled In Every Frozen Tear on December 7.
Previously known as "Atlantica" (whose debut demo gathered a great response on the Sweden Rock Magazine) the band went through several changes which established the band with the current lineup of Jonathan Carlemar (guitars), Fredrik Lager (bass), Kristofer von Wachenfeldt (keyboards, Platitude), Michael Sjöö (drums, Spearfish) and Zoran Djorem (vocals).
Signed in early 2007 on Frontiers on the basis of their last demo tape "The Story Unfolds", Seven Tears entered the studio under the guidance of Peter Lundin (Spearfish) and worked their asses off to came up with a KILLER debut release that could establish the band as a sparkling reality in the Melodic Progressive Metal scene.
"To get a deal with the Frontiers label and the opportunity to release an album is something that we all have dreamed of since the day we first picked up our instruments" says axeman Jonathan Carlemar, "We are very satisfied with the songs and are looking forward to hear what people think about them!"
"Our music style" continues Carlemar, "can be described as Melodic Metal with a lot of influences from the 80's and with some prog elements. The album contains strong melodies, heavy riffs and great musicianship. The heavy "Hollow Ground", the ballad "All Alone" and the epic "Truth of Tomorrow" are songs that makes a multifaced record".
In Every Frozen Tear will include the following tracks: Twist of Fate; Faded Memory; Hollow Ground; Reflections; Sorrows; All Alone; In Every Frozen Tear; Prayer For The Dying; The Story Unfolds; Dream of Insanity; Fragments; Truth of Tomorrow.
Samples of the upcoming album will also be available at
"The mixture of melodic heavy metal and the strong melodies from the 80's is a modern and interesting hybrid that will please fans of melodic/heavy metal. And it's much cooler to buy the record instead of downloading it!" concludes Jonathan Carlemar, and definitely this is an album set to please all the fans of Evergrey, Last Tribe and Symphony X with hints to the sound of TNT, Journey and Pretty Maids.
Don't miss the chance to discover a new exciting find in Melodic Metal due to be released on Frontiers Records (with release in Japan on King Records) on December 7.


Frontiers Records are pleased to announce the release of Red Planet Boulevard, Lana Lane's new studio album on December 7.
The new album is a melodic rock feast that showcases Lana's legendary vocals with timeless songwriting, all produced in a modern symphonic rock environment. The atmosphere of the album is both spacious and grand, soaring melodies and intimate phrases play against lush arrangements of guitar and keyboards, all intertwining in a compelling tango of orchestration that is pure Lana Lane.
Recorded in The Netherlands and in San Francisco, California, Red Planet Boulevard combines the feeling of European precision and old world mystery with the Bay Area's legendary style and mood that is pure Northern California magic. The mélange of locations shows in the album's production that is both bombastic and moody, clear and heavy, intimate and extroverted. Producer / keyboardist Erik Norlander took on bass guitar duties as well for this release continuing in the role he played on the 2007 "Lady Macbeth" tour. Long time collaborators, Dutchmen Peer Verschuren (guitar) and Ernst Van Ee (drums), complete the instrumental trio in what Norlander calls "a sort of 'Led Zeppelin' instrumentation where we have guitar, drums and a bass playing keyboardist."
The "Red Planet Boulevard" musician line-up is indeed the most compact to appear on a Lana Lane album, but the trio does not falter in creating the massive Symphonic Rock sound for which Lana Lane is so well known. Walls of guitars, landscapes of keyboards and tectonic plates of bass and drums drive the arrangements with the energy and exuberance of a band that indeed went straight from the road into the studio. That touring seasoning shows in the subtle complexities of "Red Planet Boulevard". This is a band that is experienced and skilled in their craft all supporting a legendary vocalist who is at the top of her game.
Twelve all original songs compose "Red Planet Boulevard". The heavy rockers "Into the Fire", "Capture the Sun" and "Angels and Magicians" along with the power ballad "Jessica" harken back to Lana's 1995 debut release, "Love is an Illusion", while in contrast, the anthemic "Shine", "The Frozen Sea" and "No Tears Left" have a distinctly 21st century sound that fits perfectly with today's iPod generation. The uptempo "Stepford, USA" re-tells the story of the quiet rural town with a dark secret, while "The Sheltering Sorrow" is a heart wrenching ballad that is epic in scale with links back to the late 60s majesty of early symphonic rock. The album concludes with the finale and title track, "Red Planet Boulevard", where themes from each of the album's songs is reprised in a grand orchestral rock style.
Artwork is once again provided by Polish surrealist Jacek Yerka who has painted the covers for Lana's many past masterworks. Photos for the album were shot by noted San Francisco photographer Mark Leialoha who brings his own style and vision to the Lana Lane production team. Fans of melodic rock, symphonic style and the amazing female rock voice, your light is green: make the turn onto "Red Planet Boulevard"!
Album track listing: Into the Fire; The Frozen Sea; Capture the Sun; Jessica; Stepford, USA; Shine; Lazy Summer Day; No Tears Left; Save the World; Angels and Magicians; The Sheltering Sorrow; Red Planet Boulevard.
Weblinks: / /


Legendary ex-Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick, was asked by Silent Rage to perform on a new song called Man Or Machine for the bands upcoming fourth studio release on Frontiers Records. Check it out as Bruce Kulick ignites the fury with his guitar solo performances on this track.
This song was originally written by Jesse Damon for the KISS "Revenge" era and was re-worked and recorded by the band for their new Silent Rage CD titled, "Four Letter Word." Due out early 2008! More news to come. Silent Rage at MySpace :

Follow the link to and enjoy a killer video presentation of Richie Kotzen's upcoming album Return of the Mother Head's Family Reunion due out in Europe for release on October 19.

Statement from JSS management: "We are sad to announce the 2 Jeff Scott Soto Australian dates have been cancelled due to a possible addition to Jeff's schedule which we will announce here soon. Unfortunately the importance of this upcoming news coincides with the dates originally booked & there are plans to rebook as soon as possible. Apologies to all abroad who were looking forward to the shows, Jeff is sorely disappointed but will surely make it up soon."

The new Toto Double CD Falling In Between Live captures the full tour show recorded in Paris at Le Zenith on March 26th 2007 in front of an enthusiastic audience with the bands amazing 2007 lineup of Steve Lukather, Simon Phillips, Bobby Kimball, Greg Phillinganes, Leland Sklar and Tony Spinner.
Accompany Toto on this mind-blowing voyage, which spans the entire spectrum of their illustrious career, with a diversity of musical styles second-to-none. Listen to the new and energetic tunes from their latest album Falling In Between as well as exciting, fresh versions of unforgettable classics like Rosanna - clad in a groovy jazz intro -, Hold The Line or Africa – with a now-hauntingly ingenious ending. Hear those rare fan-favorites, some of which have not been played in over 20 years – gems like Isolation or songs from "Tambu" – as they are given new energy, interpreted years later with the same skill, yet an accomplished sound. A DVD release of the Paris show will follow in spring next year.
Track list CD 1: 1. Falling In Between, 2. King Of The World, 3. Pamela, 4. Bottom Of Your Soul, 5. Caught In The Balance, 6. Don't Chain My Heart, 7. Hold The Line, 8. Stop Loving You, 9. I'll Be Over You, 10. Cruel, 11. Greg Solo.
Track list CD 2: 1. Rosanna, 2. I'll Supply The Love, 3. Isolation, 4. Gift Of Faith, 5. Kingdom Of Desire, 6. Luke Solo, 7. Hydra, 8. Simon Solo, 9. Taint Your World, 10. Gypsy Train, 11. Africa, 12. Drag Him To The Roof.
Release Dates: Europe – October 29th, Japan – January 23rd, US – Early 2008.


Short notice this one... House Of Shakira fans head down to O-baren in Stockholm today [17th October] to celebrate the release of the smokin' new album Retoxed. The band will be in attendance performing a 30 minute live set (with only material from the new album) as well copies of "Retoxed" on sale which the band will be more than happy to sign. Doors open at 7pm.
Tomorrow, House Of Shakira will be interviewed live on Sweden's leading rock radio station Rockklassiker [106.7 fm] tomorrow morning at 07:30 and songs from Retoxed will be aired.
In addition the band have announced a few live dates across Europe with more being planned for 2008.
Tour Dates:
17/10/2007 : O-Baren, Stockholm, Sweden (Retoxed release party)
10/11/2007 : Lucille Rock Club, Vernona, Italy
14/12/2007 : Sala Gamma, Murcia, Spain
15/12/2007 : Ritmo y Compás, Barcelona, Spain /


At the end of October, Twinspirits will shoot a promotional video clip for Fire taken from their debut album The Music That Will Heal The World [out now].
The director of the video will be Elia "Solingo" Cristofoli who is renowned for his work with many Italian artists like Dolcenera, Laura Pausini, Riul Doamnei and Arthemis. The result should be ready to be broadcasted at the end of November. More news on the video to follow soon.
Also be sure to check out the live video clip recorded live at the Zona Rock Festival in Italy the clip showcases the bands unique brand of melodic accessible progressive metal and is viewable at:

The duo—Styx/Damn Yankees guitarist/vocalist Tommy Shaw and Night Ranger/Damn Yankees bassist/vocalist Jack Blades—will hit the road once again starting November 7 in Petaluma, CA and concluding in December 8 in Nashville, TN in support of their critically acclaimed Influence album.
After the first round of tour dates ended May 31 in Chicago, Tommy and Jack promised their fans that they would be back for another trek after taking time to tour with their respective bands.
In addition to songs from Influence—which was released March 6 on VH1 Classic Records--fans will get a dose of some of their favorite Styx, Night Ranger and Damn Yankees songs, all performed acoustically. It's an intimate evening of music courtesy of Tommy, Jack and guitarist Will Evankovich (of American Drag).
Speaking about a concert in Alexandria, VA earlier this year, Rick Landers of hailed: "Jack and Tommy have pulled together a winning act out of the ashes of classic rock ballads that is as entertaining as stand up comedy as it is musically. This is a show not to be missed."
Before the tour kicks off, Jack and Tommy will make a return visit to the "Howard Stern Show" on Wednesday, October 24 to talk about the upcoming tour and perform songs live. The duo first appeared on the Sirius Satellite Radio morning show in March.
Influence is the duo's first album since their recently re-released 1995 debut, Hallucination. Like the debut--and unlike their history-carving decades as icons in the more hard-rock minded Styx, Night Ranger and Damn Yankees--the latest release is rooted in acoustic guitar and organic production, harvesting a decade of musical influences into 11 tracks (on which Blades and Shaw played all the music except for drums and the occasional keyboards). With classics from the '60s and '70s including the Mamas and the Papas' "California Dreamin'," Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth" and Steely Dan's "Dirty Work," Influence offers a track-by-track chronology of the musical era that helped define modern rock.
The album has been garnering rave reviews since its release. Greg Prato of All Music Guide praised, "Impressively consistent from beginning to end, INFLUENCE is certainly one of the better 'all covers' albums of recent times."
One of the most prolific duos in the history of hard rock, Tommy and Jack have sold more than 50 million albums amongst their three bands, scored 12 Top 10 singles on the Billboard "Hot 100" chart, debuted 16 albums in the Billboard "Top 200" albums chart, and share joint songwriting credits for the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Aerosmith, Cher and Alice Cooper.
Here are the confirmed tour dates:
Wed 11/7 Petaluma, CA Mystic Theatre Petaluma
Thu 11/8 San Juan Capistrano, CA Coach House
Fri 11/9 San Juan Capistrano, CA Coach House
Sat 11/10 Agoura Hills, CA Canyon Club
Sun 11/11 Las Vegas, NV Canyon Club Las Vegas
Wed 11/14 Indianapolis, IN Music Mill
Thu 11/15 St. Charles, MO Ameristar Casino/Bottleneck Blues Bar
Fri 11/16 Chicago, IL Joe's
Sat 11/17 Pittsburgh, PA Rex Theatre
Sun 11/18 Akron, OH Tangiers
Wed 11/21 Ft. Lauderdale, FL The Culture Room
Fri 11/23 Duluth, GA Wild Bills Atlanta
Sat 11/24 Mooresville, NC Feeling Lucky Tavern
Mon 11/26 Annapolis, MD Rams Head on Stage
Thu 12/6 Columbus, OH LC Pavilion
Fri 12/7 South Bend, IN Club Fever
Sat 12/8 Nashville, TN Wildhorse Saloon
WebLinks: / /

The sensational debut album from Multi National rockers Eden's Curse has eventually been released by Dynamo Records on Friday 5th October in the Latin America territory.
The CD can be purchased in Latin America direct from Dynamo Records by clicking right here. The Portuguese readers in Latin America can view the Dynamo Records Press Release here.
The second piece of news features the announcement that Guitarist Thorsten Koehne and Bassist Paul Logue have signed an exclusive endorsement deal with Elixir® Strings. Elixir® Strings UK Marketing & Development Rep. Bruce Falconer comments "Elixir® Strings are delighted to team up with Paul and Thorsten from Eden's Curse. Their debut album is a phenomenal piece of work, with great songs, playing and production. It makes complete sense to us that they are also playing great strings!
Any rock fan will be able to appreciate this album from the very first listen as it's so appealing on many levels. Similarly Elixir® Strings are being appreciated not just by the discerning players and the professionals out there, beginners and those players honing their skills are seeing the advantages also of not having to change strings all the time, Elixir® Strings - they really do last at least 3-5 times longer than a traditional string. They offer great value and cut down on the hassle of constant string changes.
You don't have to be Thorsten Koehne or Paul Logue to get the benefits of Elixir® Strings".
Paul comments "I've been playing Elixir® Strings for about 12 months now and was very against switching from the Rotosound strings I have been playing since I was 15 years old. However a good buddy of mine, Jay Parmar, told me I would never regret the decision and I am glad I listened to him. Everytime without fail when I pick up my bass I retain that "new string tone" which is perfect for me when recording. Simply put my days of pre-recording and pre-gig string changes are well behind me and I can now concentrate on boiling the kettle as opposed to my grotty old strings".
Thorsten adds "I've been playing the Elixir® Strings test sets for a couple of days now and have to say that these are really the best strings I've ever played. Not only do they sound great but I also found that they have a "already played in" feel to them. You don't have to stretch them once you've put on a new set to stay in tune and they feel very smooth and easy on my fingers. Perfect for fast playing!"
To get more information on what makes Elixir® Strings so special then checkout A full extensive news update on Michael Eden's appearence at MelodicRockFest can also be read at

Release updates from Artist Service out of Germany:
Shylock Devotion ­ release: 12.10.2007
SHYLOCK definitely were born to play live! They played headliner shows, performed at a couple of open air festivals and supported bands like Bonfire, Gotthard, JBO, Jaded Heart, Shakra, Roger Chapman, U.D.O., Axxis, Krokus, Crystal Ball, Primal Fear, Vanden Plas, and others. Listen to their new album "Devotion" and you will know why. These guys really know how to rock the crowd with powerful and melodic in-your-face hard rock, intense riffs and hook-laden choruses! The album features the bonus track "Farewell" in dedication of world known football player Thomas Hässler.
Final Tracklist: 01. Eternal Life, 02. Things Like That, 03. MUSIC, 04. U Feel, 05. The Rain, 06. Ocean, 07. Castaway, 08. Again, 09. Fading Memory, 10. New Attraction, 11. Anybody Out There?, 12. I Wanna Live, 13. Farewell (To The Champion) (bonus track).

Liquid Horizon Revolutions ­ release: 12.10.2007
Powerful and with a pumping beat, melodic vocal lines, heavy guitar riffing, spheric keyboards and above all, played on highest technical level - that's how Liquid Horizon present themselves a.d. 2007. The concept album Revolutions tells a story about the struggle for freedom -- including a trilogy about the French Revolution. Liquid Horizon's sound is fresh, it is heavy and they show us that there is more to come...
Final Track list: 01. Welcome To The Revolutions, 02. Battle Entrance, 03. Sacred Ground, 04. Freedom, 05. Resistance, 06. Sacrifice, The French Revolution Trilogy, 07. The King ­ Part 1 , 08. Revolution ­ Part 2 , 09. System Of Terror ­ Part 3, 10. Last Stand.

Liberty N' Justice Independence Day - release: 19.10.07
2007's "Independence Day" is LNJ's seventh studio album and its third all-star album featuring internationally respected artists like Jack Russell, Kelly Keagy, Tony Mills, Jaime St. James, Ted Poley, Jani Lane, John Corabi and many more!
Final Track list: 01. Doubting Thomas (John Corabi of ex-Motley Crue/Ratt/Union), 02. Monkey Dance (Jack Russell of Great White), 03. Soldier (Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger & Mark Slaughter of Slaughter), 04. My Sacrifice (Shawn Pelata of Line Of Fire), 05. Phoenix (Pete Loran of Trixter), 06. Independence Day (Kelly Keeling of Baton Rouge/Michael Schenker Group), 07. Meet My Monster (Tony Mills of TNT/x-Shy), 08. Praying for a Miracle (Ted Poley of Danger Danger), 09. Fade (Jamie Rowe of Guardian), 10. Bullet, Train, Breakdown (Jaime St.James of Warrant/Black n' Blue), 11. Addiction (Jani Lane), 12. Wake the Dead (Ez Gomer of Jet Circus & Tony Carey of Rainbow), 13. Snake Eat Snake (David Raymond Reeves of Neon Cross), 14. A Little Bit of Love (Mark & Shannon Hovland of Hovland).

Twinball Slave - release: 05.10.07
"What is Twinball? A damn fine melodic rock band that should be sitting on the top of the global modern rock charts. The band is a Swedish outfit sporting their newest record, a sophomore effort entitled "Slave". The band originally started as a Thin Lizzy cover band known as Bad Reputation. In 2002 the group released their debut album, "Remnants Of A Broken Soul", on Sweden Rock Records. Those of you who enjoy the likes of Winger, Pink Cream 69, and Fozzy should find plenty of freedom with "Slave", an album that is soaked in twin guitar melody, ascending leads, and one fantastic vocalist in Daniel Samuelsson.
Final Track list: 01. Freak Of Nature, 02. Never Alive, 03. Heroes, 04. Slave, 05. Rain, 06. Puppets, 07. Faces, 08. Mockingbird, 09. Burn, 10. Sorrow, 11. Blind My Eyes, 12. Promises (Jap. bonus track).
All releases are available at or at other fine rock shops all around the world!
More information:

Tickets: We have a little news to let you in on. First off, tickets have been flying out the door , literally. In fact we have no physical tickets on hand to satisfy demand. We have hastily arranged extra tickets and we should have more tickets in hand by Monday Oct 15th. You can still purchase tickets using Paypal directly from us, however they will not ship until Tuesday Oct 16th earliest. We now have a little over 200 tickets remaining so if you do intend coming along to Firefest, please purchase your tickets sooner rather than later. All ticket outlets aside from Firefest and Rock City have now sold out and will NOT be re stocked.
The ONLY place to purchase tickets now is directly from Firefest or Rock City. Full details of how to purchase are available on, under the Tickets heading on the main page.

Merchandise: A full range of Firefest 4 t shirts are available NOW to purchase in advance of the show. Remember a limited number of 150 are available , and today , the first day of sales 35 shirts were sold.....115 left. A few XXL shirts will be available shortly , please check back on the site soon if you wish to order that particular size. For everybody else , gents t shirts and baseball style shirts in sizes M, L, and XL , Ladies Baseball style in M, and L ,as well as Ladies Vest tops in M and L are now available to order directly from the web site. Once they are gone, that's it!, under the Merchandise heading.

Now a final piece of news which will be a major surprise for all the Tyketto fans out there. Seeing as Firefest will be Tyketto's last performance in the UK, and indeed their last tour, the guys have come up with something a little special to truly make it a tour to remember.....a NEW ALBUM, yes, a brand new album of previously unreleased ,demo and live recordings assembled from the many recordings the band made during their career. The entire project has been overseen by the band and Danny, Brooke, Jimi, and Mike are delighted with the way it has turned out. Containing many tracks never heard before as well as demos with completely different arrangements and a live track recorded in Madrid in 2004. The Last Sunset: Farewell 2007 is a MUST HAVE for any fan of the band. This album completes the musical legacy of one of the finest bands ever to tread the boards and is a limited release of 1000 copies only worldwide, so be sure to grab yourself a copy at one of the October shows. Once again the shows are:
Oct 26th, Heineken , Madrid, Spain
Oct 27th , Firefest, Nottingham , UK
Oct 28th, Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium
Oct 30th, The Rosetta, Belfast , N. Ireland.
Here's a sneak peek at the album cover and track listing: Remember 1000 copies only worldwide.....available only at the bands final live performances in Europe , October 2007.
Tyketto - The Last Sunset Farewell 2007 - Can't Fight, Big Wheels, Till The Summer Comes, Calling On You, Is Anybody Watching Me?, Walk Away, Bourbon Street (Lay Your Body Down), Burning Down Inside, Everytime, Shadowland, Go For Your Guns, The Last Sunset (Live From Spain, 2004).




Friday, October 05, 2007

Time for a small update.
Again, apologies for the lack of updates - I have been in the USA since last Saturday night and most of my time has been devoured by Melodic Rock Fest organization.
Just a couple of points to cover -
For those that ordered MRCD4 or the associated packages - all the package deals involving 3 CDs saw 2 shipped in one package and MRCD4 shipped separately. So watch for 2 packages arriving in your mailboxes.

MelodicRockFest update - the opening act, which we will dub the MelodicRock All-Stars consists of the line-up of: Michael Eden (Eden's Curse) Lead Vocals; Vic Rivera (Adriangale, Crunch, Ted Poley) Lead Guitars; Eric Ragno (China Blue, Ted Poley) Keyboards; John Parker (Talon) Drums and Doug O'Dell (Crunch) Bass.
This opening set will consist of a bunch of songs you will already know....a bit of fun to kick off the day's festivities. What you don't know and needs stating is that these guys have NEVER played together before! They are doing this gig just to help the show and give those in attendance some early fun. So whatever happens...just remember this is their first (and maybe last!) performance!

I am happy to report that the merch for the show is complete and has been picked up and I'm told - looks sensational! It awaits me in South Bend, so I won't see it until show day, but I hope people like what is on offer.
To those attending - to make this show work out at the end of the day I need to sell this merch! I appreciate all those that have bought tickets to this show and hope they will also consider checking out the merch on offer show day.
On offer will be -
T-Shirts in all sizes and a couple of different colours and styles....a general shirt and also 2 event T's. There will also be a Long Sleeve Event T and a few Ladies Ts too.
The 3 in print Volumes of the CDs will be all there and one additional thing I am very excited about - the Mega Raffle!
To be given away on the day is - a custom made hand crafted duel neck guitar (thanks to Dot On Shaft guitars) - signed by everyone at the show; another guitar signed by Journey (thanks to Envision Radio Networks); signed Ts; Signed CDs; a fabulous Mr. Big leather jacket signed by Eric Martin; a huge bass drum head featuring the MRCD4 cover on it also signed by all the guys at the show (thnaks to Kivel Records) many more prizes!!
Tickets will be just $5 a pop and you can buy as many as you like on the day....prizes will be drawn towards the end of the day.

That's about it for now I think. I do have a local USA number if anyone needs to get hold of me urgently - 312 852 0308. Plenty of time to consider still coming along for this One Night Only show - Tickets and full details at the Show Page.

Last update I chopped off a small update due to having a different file here on my Laptop than what was online. Part of what was deleted was was comments by Toto guitarist Steve Lukather regarding David Paich's decision to sell the song Rosanna to a Life Insurance TV commercial in the USA. No the comments were not a hoax, here they are again -
"There is a REALLY bad TV commercial where there is a fake Toto band with a fake track on TV now in the USA. Paich sold us out for $$ cause we said 'NO FUCKING WAY WILL WE DO THIS". Well Dave whored us out and I have not spoken or seen Dave in over 6 months over this. It makes fools out of us and it only put the last nail in the coffin for us in the USA. I apologize for this but it is Dave's song and he obviously did what he wanted with it. I am without words."

Since Timo Tolkki had the idea for a Rock Opera two years ago, a lot has happened. After signing the record deal with Frontiers Records, he has been working hard on this project. It has been a monumental task that has just been getting bigger and bigger.
"Composing, writing the story, casting from hundreds of people, and putting this all together has been very refreshing and interesting for me", says Tolkki. "I think it is the next logical step for me and I am really interested in combining music, graphics and film", he continues.
"This album has just basically one long song, but there are 18 themes that are bound together by a story in which I have used my longtime interest in philosophy, psychology and spirituality. At the end of the day it really has just two main themes: Love and the fight between good and evil. As the name indicates, there will be another part to this saga. It really is a very interesting story about an old theme, but I think I have managed to take it somewhere that no one has been before. I am also very happy that I have the chance to direct the film for the music as well, because I think it really needs it. It's like a combination of a musical, music video and regular film", Tolkki finishes.
Featuring the vocal talents of Jennifer Sowle, Aino Laos, Heikki Poyhiä and Janette Sainio, this album is a breathtaking experience of emotions. The singers were each carefully chosen for their respective roles and they will enhance the musical journey in a way that has never really been heard before. Timo Tolkki calls it "A Classical Rock Opera".
We are proudly presenting: Saana-Warrior of Light part 1: Journey to Crystal Island. It is a multimedia adventure containing almost one hour of music and comes with a full all region Bonus DVD that contains the whole story in film format as well. It also has lots of other extras and a brand new interview of Timo Tolkki about his past, present and future. The scheduled release date is early 2008.

Frontiers Records and Primal Fear are thrilled to announce that the band's new album New Religion entered the official album charts this week in Germany at # 60 (the highest chart entry since "Black Sun" in 2002) and in Sweden at #67!
Congratulations to the band and the distributors for the amazing work and a big thank you to the fans who are supporting the band's music!! On a related note, Primal Fear's "New Religion" will have a domestic release in the USA on Locomotive / Ryko on January 29th 2008. Get ready to face the Primal Fear storm in their upcoming European tour! Dates available at

Press Release / With exactly 4 weeks to go to Firefest 4, tickets have been selling extremely well and there are now 294 TICKETS ONLY REMAINING for the Saturday performance featuring Harem Scarem playing their last show EVER, and Tyketto's farewell appearance on English soil. Of course there is also the small matter of FM's first live performance in over twelve years ….something that no self respecting fan wants to miss. As the boys have said, there are NO future plans for any further F.M. shows, so this looks as if it could be the one and only.
Following Harem Scarem's withdrawal from the Melodicrock Fest in South Bend, the FIREFEST performance will be their LAST anywhere in the world. Bearing that in mind, Harry and Pete have promised a set list that every HS will absolutely love.
Tyketto have been rehearsing hard in New Jersey. Brooke St James checked in to say everything was going to plan and they are delighted the way things are progressing. There is also some EXTREMELY exiting news for Tyketto fans, and we'll update you as soon as we can. This is certainly an unexpected turn of events , but seeing as it's the farewell tour , the boys thought this would be something worth doing…………and believe me it is. The set list has been nailed down and you can expect to hear all the old favourites as well as a few surprises that you may not expect. I have to say the band have really gone the extra mile to make this tour something to remember!
Firefest day one has also been selling really well, with over 50% of all tickets sold so far. In between ProgPower USA and Prog Power Scandanavia, we are delighted that Threshold have agreed to play FF.
The reviews of the European tour so far means their performance at Firefest is a MUST SEE. Touring in support of one of the finest albums of 2007, Dead Reckoning has raised the bands profile to an entirely new level, not to mention the live show which is stunning!
FIREFEST 4 official t shirts will be on sale from very shortly, as well as the FIREFEST 4 official programme, all of which can be ordered in advance of the show. So if you don't fancy carrying a t shirt around with you all day, drop by the web site and grab your shirt in advance,. T shirts will hopefully be on sale by Monday Oct 7th, so be sure to grab one, because same as last year, there is only a limited number (100) shirts available Once they are gone, that's it.

Some of the Firefest crew have flown out to the UFOR show in Germany to lend their support, and more of the crew are flying out to the USA next week to the Melodic Rock Fest in South Bend, Indiana for a great weekend of rock and roll. It will be nice to hook up with Jamie Rowe of Crunch, a South Bend native, as well as Crunch guitarist Vic Rivera and keyboardist Eric Ragno who will both also be playing at Firefest, Vic with Crunch and Eric with the Steve Grimmett band. Not to mention of course John Parker from Talon, a long time friend and a decent drummer too!
With SO MANY shows being cancelled recently, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their support thus far . We appreciate it more than you will ever know.Wouldn't it be nice, just for once, to buck the trend and have the HOUSE FULL sings up outside Rock City???...remember this is YOUR show. We thank YOU for the opportunity to put together a great weekend of MELODIC HARD ROCK….we may be down , but we are definitely NOT OUT!!!!!!
FIREFEST Tickets are still available from: Rock City: /

Doors: 12.15
Jaded Heart: 12.35- 1.15
Crunch: 1.40-2.30
Valentine: 2.50 - 3.50
Jorn: 4.15 - 5.15
Harem Scarem: 5.40 - 6.50
Tyketto: 7.15 - 8.30
F.M: 9.00 - 10.25
10.30 FINISH




Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce all details surrounding the release of the highly anticipated new album from Gary Hughes Veritas.
Gary Hughes established himself as one of England's premiere singer Melodic and Hard Rock songwriters. He was involved in Bob Catley solo albums (both as a producer and songwriter), Hugo's solo debut (as a producer) and not to mention his albums with the band Ten plus three solo albums and one rock opera in 2 chapters!
The new CD marks his long awaited return to Melodic Rock which truly feels like the natural successor to Precious Ones, Gary Hughes' last solo output dated 1998. Final tracklisting will include the following songs: Veritas; See Love Through My Eyes; In My Head; Time To Pray; Wide Awake In Dreamland; I Pray For You; Synchronicity; Strange; All I Want Is You; I Know It's Time; The Emerald Sea; The Everlasting Light.
Release date in Europe is settled for November 21.


Work Of Art guitarist Robert Sall posted the following message on the band's Myspace site ( "So finally, our debut album is DONE! We been working very hard this past 5 months writing, recording and mixing our album and we are very pleased with the result! For all of you who has been digging our demo, you know what you're in for! In other words, more classic sounding AOR/Westcoast! We don't know the exact release date yet but we'll announce it as soon as we get the word from FRONTIERS!
For us as a band, these past couple of months has been quite an experience. In february we still considered WOA just a "side project" having only a 3 song demo and here we are now 6 months later, signed to our favourite record label with a completed debut album soon to be released! We're totally excited about this since this is not what we'd expected (or dared to dream about) when we first release our demo. Quite honestly, we didn't know what to expect at all!
I want to take the opportunity to thank ALL OF YOU who have been giving us so much positive feedback, THANK YOU!!"
Samples of the new album will be posted regularly on the band's myspace site from next week onwards. Details on the release date will be made official soon!

Frontiers Records is proud to present the new issue of Melodic Rock Fanzine. The 22nd release of the successful magazine is available for free all over the world through record shops, mailorders and every fine dealer carrying the Frontiers Records releases.
This new issue includes reviews and interviews of: Primal Fear, Ted Poley, Soul Doctor, Heartland, Lillian Axe, Jorn, Richie Kotzen, Jaded Heart. Downloadable version of the magazine is available on the Frontiers Records official site or just click here.




Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Frontiers Records is truly excited to announce the signing of Danger Danger for the release of a brand new studio album during 2008!
Formed in 1987 by Bruno Ravel and Steve West, and rounded out by Ted Poley, Andy Timmons and Kasey Smith, it didn't take long for the band to be noticed by Epic Records' Lennie Petze, the guy who had earlier discovered Boston, Cyndi Lauper and Aldo Nova, to name a few. Released in 1989, the self-titled release struck gold.
After releasing another amazingly successful album such as "Screw It" in 1991, D2 recorded a third disc for Sony entitled "Cockroach" which, due to legal wrangling, wouldn't see the light of day until eight years later. Upon completion of the album, the band parted ways with lead singer Ted Poley. Needing a replacement, friend and former Elektra recording artist, Canadian Paul Laine stepped in, releasing "Dawn" as the band's independent album in 1995. Two more successful studio albums came out later: "Four The Hard Way", the band's triumphant return to the original melodic rock roots, and "The Return Of The Great Gildersleeves", both greeted with stellar reviews from critics and fans the world over, further helping cement the band's reputation.
2004 saw the official return in the line-up of the original singer Ted Poley after an 11 year absence and this forthcoming album will be the band's first studio effort with Ted since the "Cockroach" sessions! "We are very excited to be recording with Ted again, as I know our fans are, as well", says drummer Steve West who announces that "the new one will be a true Danger Danger record: a present for the fans who will surely be pleased".
Danger Danger line-up today includes also the other original member Bruno Ravel and guitarist Rob Marcello.
The band is looking forward to enter the studio, right after the special gig that Danger Danger will play in Ludwigsburg, Germany at the United Forces Of Rock Festival next Sunday, September the 30th, where they will perform together with Joe Lynn Turner, Stan Bush, White Wolf, Soul Doctor, Last Autumn's Dream and Human Zoo.
"We're looking to have the record finished by the end of the year and we're also looking forward to meet all our European fans in Germany" concludes Steve West!
So be there and let's all wait the new year to rock again with Danger Danger!


The promised MelodicRockFest show update is still coming...if I get it completed tonight, it will be added, otherwise log in tomorrow for the latest.

And is this the 2008 line-up of Journey? The man in the middle is Philippine vocalist Arnel Pineda (of Asian rock band The Zoo). If you believe the word out there, the deal is done and an announcement will follow in due course.




Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dot On Shaft are proud to present their newest addition - the 2B1 Duel Neck guitar. Dot On Shaft have been fabulous enough to offer one of these guitars as a giveaway for some lucky person attending MelodicRockFest.
But there's also a deal going for MelodicRock readers. First - the story behind the guitar -


In the beginning, during the ancient times and the dawn of enlightenment, when the creators saw fit that our earthly instruments should be electrified in order to produce heavenly – "god-like" tones, many suitors embarked on the noble quest to "create" tonal electrified perfection. Over the decades – the rock and roll battlefield has been presented with numerous instrument designs that have been chosen and used by heroic guitar warriors on their many valiant musical missions. Some of these musical weapons have long since been forgotten and were left by the wayside – never to be seen or heard again. However – some of these musical incarnations have become the most trusted harmonic weapons to ever grace the earth – becoming the musician's "tool of choice" on their quests of creativity and expression.
Over the years and after numerous battles of musical expression – there have emerged among many, two very powerful "camps" in the world of guitar craft. They have become pre-dominantly known by the musical warriors who often favour using one or the other – although they have been known to co-exist and compliment each other very well. The main dilemma has always been that they can only be used – one at a time. These two camps, in the world of guitar, have been known as the "Tele-Tribe" and "The Tribe of Les".

Many musical warriors have utilized the instruments of both tribes over the years as they have been attributed to have unique sonic magical properties that warrant their distinctions. For example, the legendary guitar warrior, known as "Page" – who flew in a Zeppelin – often favoured weapons from the "Tribe of Les" but has also wielded his magic with tools from the "Tele-Tribe" often leaving the audience in sheer awe and sometimes dazed and confused.
Another famous guitar warrior – known as "Keith" made his indelible mark on the eardrums of many and could only achieve his "Satisfaction" primarily using the tools of the "Tele-Tribe". On occasion – "Keith" has also used the tools of the "Tribe of Les" which have gracefully kept the stones rolling over the years.

As mentioned, the tools of these two camps of guitar craft were only limited by the fact that they could only be used one-at-a-time. This involved changing ones instrumental weapon in order to unleash the magical powers it possessed – as they were unique to each owns design.
It was said that a golden time would eventually come when these two camps of guitar craft would one day meet and become "one" and that musical balance would be achieved for all the guitar warriors of the earth to enjoy. That one magical day would be marked by the arrival of a two-headed beast – that would bear the magical properties of both the "Tele-tribe" and the "Tribe of Les". This would be a very powerful union that would create a musical weapon that offered the utmost in tonal variation, beauty of design and quality of construction. Over the years, many have wondered, if the prophecy would come true and if it was possible for "two" distinct entities to be able to combine as "one" and exist together.

Well, mere guitar mortals, that day of reckoning has finally arrived and has been marked by a creation from a very innovative guitar company known by the name of "Dot On Shaft". Dot On Shaft guitars has harnessed the magical properties of both of the guitar tribes with its unveiling of a very unique "beast" of a guitar. "Two" have indeed become "One" and Dot On Shaft guitars presents to you, the "2B1" double-neck electric guitar.
While keeping true to the unique characteristics of the "Tele-tribe" and the "Tribe of Les" designs – the "2B1" is a refreshingly new creation. Of special note are the construction characteristics. Neck scale lengths have been maintained true to the original designs as have the neck pitches. LP players will appreciate the traditional neck "tilt-back" as well as 24.75" scale length. Likewise the "tele" neck remains in-line with the guitar body and is the traditional longer 25.5" scale length. To ease playing and allow total upper fret access – the tele-style neck is oriented slightly "ahead" of the LP-style neck. This allows for ease of playability and maneuverability – creating a comfortable playing position while sitting or standing. Both birds-eye maple as well as lovely rosewood fingerboards with both dot and crown inlay fret-markers are found on bound set-in hard rock maple necks. This creates comfortable playing neck-joints and wonderful tonal sustain. The body wood is quality mahogany and is available with AAAA tiger or quilted maple tops in a variety of translucent and solid colour options. And what a wonderful body it is – combining both lovely bouts and horns as well as a wicked 3 layer black- white- black or white- black- white pickguard.

Classic bridge systems have also been employed to anchor the strings for maximum tonal response all the way up to the unique and ornate headstocks. The LP side features a traditional tune-o-matic style bridge, while the tele side features the traditional raised flange "ash-tray" bridge equipped with the famous 3 string saddles that are favoured among tele players. The strings are fed through the body of the guitar, on the tele side, for optimal sustain and brightness. All hardware is also available in chrome, black chrome or gold options. Additionally – a Kahler tremolo system is an available option as well as Wilkinson or Gotoh "locking" machine heads to assist in unleashing your wildest musical expressions.
The "2B1" has the classic pick up configurations you have come to expect and switching between the two necks is effortless via a mini toggle switch positioned between the two necks. Changeovers are quick and smooth and the pickups are governed by individual neck and bridge master volume and tone controls. The LP style pick up selector switch controls both sets of pickups depending on which way the mini toggle switch is thrown.

As can be expected – the benefits of double neck construction can now be truly appreciated since the "2B1" can allow for different tunings on each of the necks. The player no – longer needs two separate instruments. For example, the tele side could be in an "open" tuning for slide playing – whereas the LP side could be left in standard or maybe even "Drop – D" tuning. The options are endless. Now players can harness both the brilliant treble tones of the tele style design as well as the growl and bite of the LP styled instruments.
Yes – single coils and humbucking pickups can now co-exist in harmony on one instrument. Many pickup options are also available in the Dot On Shaft custom shop. In addition to the standard alnico pickups, powerful yet quiet Tesla pickups are available in 3 wonderful flavours. Tesla "Nitros" – are a great all around sounding pickup. Whereas, the Tesla "Plasma 3's" are superb for Metal playing. Lastly, the Tesla "VR Extremes" are ideal for that bluesy PAF'ish tone. No matter what your taste is, the Dot On Shaft custom shop will be able to accommodate your discerning ear.

To keep your "2B1" guitar sounding brilliant and awesome night after night – Dot on Shaft HotWyres Teflon infused strings are available in a variety of gauges. These top quality handmade strings not only resist corrosion, but also last 3 times longer than standard strings so you can enjoy your blissful tones for much longer than ever before. They are also only offered exclusively through Dot On Shaft guitars.

The time has come. The day of reckoning has arrived. The prophecy has come true. The stars have aligned and the "2B1" is now available for guitar warriors to further expand their musical arsenal and increase their options of musical expression. Can you tame the beast?

The deal for readers is as follows: Regular Price is $1332.00USD - Sale Price only for this promo is US$666.00. included is free case and Dot On Shaft's finest ever teflon coated strings...Hotwyres. One Month Only!
For further details, contact the guys at Dot On Shaft @ Dot On Shaft Guitars, 37 Livingstone Street West, Barrie Ontario, L4N 7J2, Canada. Phone: 705-812-1061. E-mail:


A full Melodic Rock Fest show update due online tomorrow. I have decided after much consideration and about 130 phone calls not to replace Harem Scarem. I mean, how can you replace such a band? The next best thing is to give every act a little extra playing time and those details will be online tomorrow, along with details of the opening act and more cool prizes for the Mega-Raffle!

Cornerstone vocalost Doogie White sent me this update late last week - a little Q&A I am happy to print in full right here...

DW: Its been another busy year for me. It started off with release of Two Tales of One Tomorrow the 4th studio album from Cornerstone. It was well received and we did a short tour in Europe for a few weeks with Razorback. We had hoped to get out and do some more shows in 07 but that is looking increasingly unlikely for a good number of reasons. It may be that the next thing we do is get back in the studio and start writing for the next album. We have yet to sit down and have a talk about it.
I then spent a couple of weeks doing backing vocals for the debut Eden's Curse album, which was a lot of fun and no pressure at all. It great to be asked to work on something that just involves singing and no writing. Its not even lead just the bv's. However I think the bonus track for somewhere or other has all the vocalists involved sharing lead duties, which was a nice gesture on the bands part.
So any news about the new Yngwie album?
I spoke with him the other day and he is very pleased with the way the album is sounding. We have not set a time for me to go in. It was gonna be July but that's well gone now. Yngwie and the band went to Russia and did a show with Joe Lynn Turner over the summer.
Are Joe and Yngwie going to do a record together? I don't know. It never came up in conversation with him. I'll be catchin up with Joe in Madrid next week.
What I do know is that Yngwie has asked me to sing on the new one and we have agreed in principle to do it. So the answer is when he is ready then I'll take 3 weeks or so and go to Miami and we will just tear it up again.
Are you getting to write this time?
No. Its business as usual for The Malm.
Tell me a bit about Empire and the new album Chasing Shadows.
Neil Murray contacted me late in 06 to see if I would have a chat with Rolf Munkes about hooking up with him for a few Empire dates. I was busy with Yngwie at the time so Rolf suggested an album in 07. Neil was involved and so was Mike Terrana. So I knew the musicianship was gonna be great. Munkes sent me a couple of ideas he had and they were heavy and very direct. So I wrote lyrics and melodies over them and they sounded awesome. I've found a whole new lease of life writing wise, having been on the road with Yngwie for 18 months. So I gathered all this energy and put it to work on this new Empire album. I am very proud of this album. And if you know me you'll know that I don't say that lightly.
Had you heard Empire with Tony Martin prior to recording?
Just some of Raven Ride that Neil gave me. Tony had left by then. "Chasing Shadows blows Raven Ride out the water" and that is NOT my quote.
This is an awesome album and I am very, VERY happy with it.
I don't ever listen to albums I have been on. But this is something else. I play it once a week. I can't believe how well it's turned out. Though why I should have doubted it, is beyond me.
How so?
Well I now have a vocal studio at home in THE DEN and so there was no pressure, no clock watching. I just got up and made my coffee and started. A bit like when Steen and I went to a house in the woods and recorded Once Upon Our Yesterdays.
It took a couple of months to write and I did the vocals as I went along. So there was no demo process. The vocals that I sent Munkes for his approval are the ones on the record. I just worked alone with Daisy, my assistant, and had a blast. I was exploring and being very creative with the songs Rolf sent for this album, melodically and lyrically. Not that I don't always give my all but something just clicked this year.
I can only hope that the album gets the promotion worldwide it deserves. That enough people buy it to make it worthwhile for the labels to put up the cash for us to do another.
You worked with Neil before in M3.
Yes but let's not talk about that.
No really!!! Let's not talk about it.
Okay. So Omura then?
Great Japanese guitarist. I worked on his last album with my old mate Mark Boals. For this new one Emotion in Motion, I co wrote 2 songs and one was chosen as the lead single. I went to Japan twice and shot a video and did a launch gig with him. Japan is such a wonderfully crazy place. I love it.
I also did a number of vocal seminars/clinics at the Music Institutes in several cities. They love Yngwie, Paul Gilbert and Mark Boals and perhaps me now.
So whats next?
Solo album time I think. Gathering the good and the great. Writing with some people who I respect as writers, Craig Goldy, Paul Logue, Ashley Limer and I finally get to work with Pontus Norgren.
Pontus and I have written a couple of songs for the album and he is going to produce it. Give it a band feel. If it comes together then I am going to do some live shows here in the UK. If that goes well then I am gonna take it to Europe.
Back to Cornerstone and Empire. What are the plans there?
Well Chasing Shadows from Empire is out in late November. Then I think we will do some shows in January as promotion. Not so much a tour as a few selected dates.
With Cornerstone we will have to wait until Steen relocates and sets up Stonelab, his studio. He is busy as always so it's taking time to get it done. Then maybe we will look at some ideas together.
How do you feel the business is going at the moment?
Do you have all night? If I am honest, there are too many bands desperate to get their album out and the record companies pay them a small, token payment and they go away happy. A deals a deals a deal right? But there is little, if any quality control with music that 5, 10 years ago that would have stayed in the bedroom and is now flooding the market.
Some of the compilation sample records I get sent are quite shocking. But the record companies make their money back and more. If they didn't they would not do it. The bands get the albums out. So its win win all round but it's not "healthy" for the genre and music we love.
There are really good bands out there getting lumped in with the rest and its suffocating. The cream no longer rises to the surface. It gets whipped round and lost.
La Paz didn't get a deal. Midnight Blue didn't get a deal simply because we were not good enough. Now I get asked if I want to release those songs, albums, demos, whatever. No I don't.. What makes them better now than then? That's the point…well one of them any way.
Just don't start me on illegal downloads. 2500 on ONE site for Two Tales, two weeks before it was released. Only journalists had copies. Why would one of them up load it? What's in it for them?
I understand folk wanting something for nothing. But if you came to a gig and stole the T-shirts or merch you would be - 1 Arrested, 2 Prosecuted, or 3 have the shit beaten out you.
Odd then that some, not all but some "fans" feel its okay to steal the very music they enjoy where by, by consequence, they might prevent that band or artist recording again. A Cd costs 15 euro and T-shirt 25. We all buy the shirt. Right?

Z ROCK 07 is now just 16 days away and will be the largest show yet of the 9 previously staged in the UK [plus the 4 European shows]. We would like to thank you the fans for your support and belief in this event, the response has been overwhelming and we promise you a day to remember. Last years show was over shadowed by factors that where not in our control, this year however the roster have been excellent and pro active in making this years show a success. We hope to stage a show next year, however for a definite announcement we need to sell another 70 tickets this will mean an official announcement will be made at Z Rock 07, it may seem like a small amount but this was our target from the outset. If you haven't purchased your ticket yet you can buy them via mail-order online at until 12 midnight on Monday October 1st, after that the outlets below will have tickets on sale until Friday October 5th as will Maximes at the melodic rock night on October 5th [except Music90 which is Saturday October 6th 4pm]
Firstly the Pre Show on Saturday October 6th: CHINA will perform a special acoustic set and music will be piped by Shaun Deans, some of the acts performing at Sundays show will also be present. Tickets are still available after the landlords of the Tavern freed up the remaining floor. The night starts at 8pm.
On to the main day ZROCK 07 October 7th [Maximes , Wigan]
Doors will open at 12 noon, please note no video camera's or recording devices will be allowed into the venue. In addition if you are a smoker you will not be able to get a pass out until after 2pm this is purely for security reasons and there will be no exceptions! Therefore please smoke before entering the venue.
As always the Z Stall will be present with some great offers as well as merch from the acts involved on the day. All the usual Z Rock trade mark activities will also be in place so bring your marker pen if you want something signed. There will also be some exciting previews over the PA [All Z Records material] due to the show being Z Records 10th anniversary.

The running order for the days event is as follows...
Noon: Door Open
12:30pm - 1PM : Bullitt featuring ex Torino members Liverpool's Bullitt will impress with their hard hitting late 80's melodic rock, NOT TO BE MISSED!
1:20pm - 1:50pm: Sacred Heart they maybe southerners but they aint soft ;O), Sacred Heart are one of the hardest working bands of 2007 in the UK, their brand new album " Shake" will also be on sale.
signing session: Steevi Jaimz
2:10pm - 2:45pm: Crimes Of Passion they tour with everyone and with their new album nearly ready they will aim to impress!
signing session: Sacred Heart
3:05pm - 3:55pm: Lost Weekend the guys are currently working on pre production for their new album and will play a new number plus many favourites from their previous releases.
signing session: Crimes Of Passion
4:15pm - 5:pm: Steevi Jaimz [UK Exclusive] ex Tyger Tialz frontman Steevi returns with his all new band, these guys will shock expect Motley Crue / Skid Row attitude with music to match
signing Session: Lost Weekend
5:20pm - 6:25pm: China [UK Exclusive] The guys return to the UK after 17 years long years to play all the old favourites incl "in the middle of the Night" and "shout it out!. Please note China's set will be recorded!!
signing session: House Of Lords
6:50 - 7:55pm: Kingdom Come [UK Exclusive] It's taken to many years for Kingdom Come to return to the UK, now Lenny Wolf and his band return with a blistering set featuring all their classics GET IT ON!
signing session: China
8:15 - 9:40: House Of Lords [UK Exclusive] James Christian and co return with to the UK again with another top class set which wont disappoint
signing Session: Kingdom Come
10:05 - 11: 30: Dokken [UK Exclusive] If you have never seen Dokken your in for a treat, without doubt one of the finest bands to emerge from the 80's and still going strong.
Dokken will be available for Signing after their set.

Aftershow Party at the Tavern from Midnight, if you have a pre-show ticket you can exchange it for you after show pass from 9pm on Sunday at the z stall, if any places are left admittance will be £5 by ticket only an announcement will be made re availability on the day.
To buy your ticket in advance either visit our site and buy direct online at or in person at Music90 - Wigan, X Records - Bolton, Probe Records - Liverpool and ST Records - Dudley.




Monday, September 24, 2007

Frontiers Records is excited to present the release of Winger Live DVD and 2CD set on November 9.
Culled from their 2007 US reunion tour, Winger offers their first live album and DVD ever! Kip Winger, Reb Beach, Rod Morgenstein and John Roth rip through all the hits, progressive jams and new material taken from their comeback album IV with a passion and energy their fans have come to admire!
For nearly 20 years the members of Winger have been delivering their music to sold out audiences all over the world. Their multi platinum status and respected musicianship has earned Winger a loyal following everywhere.
From Kip's start in Alice Cooper to Rod's tenure with the Dixie Dregs and Reb's tenure with Dokken and Whitesnake, Winger continues to push the boundaries of their music and deliver it to old and new fans!
CD1: Blind Revolution Mad; Loosen Up; Easy Come Easy Go; Your Great Escape; Down Incognito; Rainbow In the Rose; Generica; Junk Yard Dog.
CD2: Right Up Ahead; Reb's Guitar Solo; You Are The Saint, I Am The Sinner; Rod's Drum Solo; Headed For A Heartbreak; Can't Get Enough; Seventeen; Who's The One; Miles Away; Madalaine; Blue Suede Shoes (Acoustic Version) - bonus studio track.
DVD contents: Blind Revolution Mad; Loosen Up; Easy Come Easy Go; Your Great Escape; Down Incognito; Rainbow In the Rose; Generica; Junk Yard Dog; Right Up Ahead; Reb's Guitar Solo; You Are The Saint, I Am The Sinner; Rod's Drum Solo; Headed For A Heartbreak; Can't Get Enough; Seventeen; Who's The One; Miles Away; Hungry(*); Madalaine. (*) not included on the cd version.
Enjoy an exclusive DVD trailer following this link.
The performance was captured on DVD with 10 cameras and is presented in 16:9 widescreen. Audio option is Dolby Digital 2.0 for an approximate total length of 105 minutes. DVD will be exclusively available in NTSC region free format. Bonus features include a soundcheck performance and a photo gallery.
The 2 CD soundtrack is only available separately.


Escape Music Ltd. takes great pleasure in announcing the signing of the new rock band, Airtime, featuring the legendary multi-talented musicians Rik Emmett (ex-Triumph / Solo artist) on lead vocals and all guitars and basses; and Michael Shotton (Von Groove) on drums, percussion, noises, keyboards and background vocals.
The title of the album is Liberty Manifesto and is scheduled for release in the week of November 19. As you would expect from two such highly respected musicians, their music is vibrant and exciting Classic Rock in the same style of Led Zep, Rush, and of course some elements of Triumph and Von Groove... with vocal melodies and harmonies that are sometimes reminiscent of Journey or Queen - but Airtime definitely has its own original and unique character, with fantastic hook lines!!
Produced by: Rik Emmett and Michael Shotton / Engineered by Michael Shotton / Mastered by Nick Blagona (Deep Purple, Tea Party, April Wine, and engineered for The Police, Rush, David Bowie).
Track list: Edge Of Your Mind, Midnight Black & Blue, Liberty, Headstream, River Runs Deep, Find Your Way, Addicted, Code 9, Rise, Moving Day, Transmutation...with an exclusive bonus track for Europe only - Cryin' Shame.
All songs written by Rik Emmett and Mike Shotton except for Rise - written by Rik & Mike and Jim Peterik.
And here an exclusive full track download Airtime - River Runs Deep (.wma file) for readers!


Live Nation, X-Ray Touring and Ratt have decided to postpone the European portion [October 5 - November 1] of [the Ratt] fall tour. All 21 dates across Europe will be moved to a later date in order to allow the band to stay on schedule to finish the writing for their new album, which they want to deliver in early 2008. The band also needs the time to honor some personal commitments. All the members of the Ratt organization apologize to their fans and followers but this rescheduling will also allow the band to incorporate some of the bigger festivals they have been invited to play next summer (Monsters of Rock, Donington and several others) into their touring schedule.
The band's Japan and Australia tour [in early November] stays as scheduled.

Grammy award winning songwriter/guitarist Jim Peterik, formerly of Survivor, returns to Cara's Basement along with former Survivor lead singer Jimi Jamison and Night Ranger singer/drummer Kelly Keagy to discuss their upcoming MelodicRockFest concert October 6 in South Bend, Indiana. These rock legends have each achieved major success and their memorable songs are part of the soundtrack of our lives. MelodicRockFest is the celebration of the 10th anniversary of, so website founder Andrew McNeice also visits Cara's Basement to talk about the amazing concert he's put together and the incredible growth his site has experienced in the last decade.
Cara's Basement is hosted by longtime Chicago radio personality Cara Carriveau. Her previous guests have included Stephen Pearcy (Ratt), James "J.Y." Young (Styx), Mick Jones (Foreigner), Dino Kourelis (Marty Casey & The Lovehammers), Kevin Chalfant, Jim Peterik (Ides Of March/Survivor), Michael Tafoya (Tafoya's Lost Boyzz), Tom Gabel (Against Me), comedian Dobie Maxwell and author Rick Kaempfer. You can hear the current episode instantly or access any episode at and via iTunes.
MelodicRockFest headliner Scrap Metal includes Keagy, Matthew and Gunnar Nelson (Nelson Brothers), Eric Martin (Mr. Big), Mark Slaughter (Slaughter) and at this show will also feature special guests Peterik, Jamison, Jack Blades (Night Ranger) and Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple). Other artists performing include previous Cara's Basement guest Kevin Chalfant. Go to to hear and view more information about MelodicRockFest.

CD Showcases are now online for the three October Frontiers Records releases - Jaded Heart, Ted Poley and Richie Kotzen. Check them out.

A new Review has been added - that for Primal Fear's new album New Religion. Read the review.

All MRCD4 Pre-Orders have now been shipped and will arrive in due course at their various destinations. Thanks to everyone that has ordered copies - this is a kiler CD and I hope you all enjoy!




Friday, September 21, 2007

It is with deep regret and a heavy heart that I must announce that Harem Scarem will not be able to play at MelodicRockFest in South Bend October 6.
Even in typing these words, I can't believe this is happening and understand the great sense of excitement there was in the community coming to this event for Harem Scarem's appearance live in the USA. Sadly it has come down to the fact that after updated advice on the band's travel status that proper work visa's could not be obtained in time and the members within the band are unwilling to jeopardize future travel into the USA by traveling to the USA as "tourists".
There is no way to put a positive spin on this so I won't even try. Time and again I have voiced concern at other festivals making last minute changes to line-ups, but the reality of organizing a huge show like this and having everything fall into place as envisioned is beyond what could be described in a few words here.
I have put my heart and soul into this show for the best part of the last 4 months, working day and night. No one was looking forward to Harem Scarem playing more than me - that's why I invited them in the first place. The last 36 hours have been among the very worst of my time running this website and right now I feel completely and utterly shattered by this.

Harry Hess has this statement about the cancellation:
"Hello everyone, I feel it's only right to let everyone know as soon as possible that we (Harem Scarem) are not going to be able to attend the Melodic Rock festival in Chicago October 6th.
We currently do not have the proper work visas to enter the country. We were under the impression that we could cross the boarder to play a promo show but as it turns out if tickets are being sold and people are attending the proper work visas need to be in place and unfortunately we would need at least 21 days to rectify this problem at this point.
The repercussions of getting caught could be a lifetime ban from entering the U.S and trouble when traveling internationally for life. I originally tried to leave our agent out of this arrangement because it was basically a benefit concert to help Melodic, but this is where we should have had him handling the immigration details because we would have been told from the start that this is not doable under these circumstances.
Andrew has been extremely supportive of the band over the years and we don't want this incident to reflect badly on him and his efforts to help our scene. Please accept our sincerest apologizes to the fans and everyone involved with the festival. To take some responsibility for the situation we find ourselves in we have decided to record a 4 song acoustic EP and donate the entire proceeds to to help the site financially (which was the whole reason we agreed to do this in the first place).
Again, we apologize for this major oversight on our part."
- Harry Hess.

I appreciate Harry's comments, but I also appreciate that there were some people planning on attending this show solely to see Harem Scarem. I understand some are going to be very unhappy about this.

MelodicRockFest will still be a monster event. There will still be 8 bands and 10 hours of killer melodic rock music. I am hoping that everyone will continue to embrace the event as a whole, as Scrap Metal begin rehearsals in Nashville and Jeff Scott Soto hits the road in the USA - just to name 2 artists.
Right now I am working on finding a replacement act for the much loved Harem Scarem. I have been on the phone all night and this morning working on options.
Obviously for Harem fans no replacement is going to fix this problem, but I am doing everything in my power to bring in a new artist that will not only do justice to the original festival as a whole, but also to perhaps enhance the value for money aspect of the entire day's show.
Once again, my deepest apologies for this heartbreaking news.

Feature Interview: Michele Luppi
Italian vocalist Michele Luppi talks at length about the new Los Angeles project with Tommy Denander and Fabrizio Grossi, out now on Frontiers Records.
Michele on recording the album: "The strange thing about this record is that it's been recorded all over the world: Los Angeles, Stockholm, New York and Fabbrico. As always, I've recorded all the vocals on my own in my home studio like I did for all my previous Albums. I like to work alone on my vocals…Internet can be a very cool thing…We all recorded and produced our own instrument and sent the files ready to mix to Fabrizio. When "Los Angeles" was almost done I hadn't even met the other guys!"
Michele on working with other people's songs: "We've been given those 12 songs. Some of them sounded great and some others needed "a special treatment" in order to make the album sound as "a whole". I find very challenging "improving" a song (from my point of view of course) and give it some "extra life". I think the "how" is what made this album so special comparing to the "what". We're talking about songs written by masters like Richard Marx… To me it's like painting a beautiful girl; if she's really good, you can either boost her beauty or ruin her with your touch… I hope we didn't exaggerate with lipstick and silicon!!!!"
Read the full interview now! Michele Luppi - Los Angeles.

Magnum are back touring in November, with all shows broken in two parts - the first part consisting of back catalogue material and of course tracks from the current album Princess Alice & The Broken Arrow. The second part of the show will be Wings Of Heaven in it's entirety which will be recorded live for release next year to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the classic album.
The dates are:
Magnum 'Wings Of Heaven' 20th Anniversary Tour
10/11/07 - Ironworks Inverness
11/11/07 - The Garage Glasgow
12/11/07 53 Degrees, Preston
14/11/07 The Junction Cambridge
15/11/07 The Picturedrome Holmfirth, West Yorkshire
17/11/07 The Academy Birmingham
18/11/07 Mean Fiddler London

Faber Drive's long-awaited debut album Seven Second Surgery will hit stores on October 9. Faber Drive broke onto the Canadian music scene in 2006 by winning the 'Battle of the Bands' at 99.3 The FOX and came Vancouver's #1 band. Now in 2007, Faber Drive has recorded their first album with producers Brian Howes (Hinder) and Joey Moi (Nickelback). Faber Drive has toured with everyone from MxPx to Nickelback.
The new single Tongue Tied is a romantic ballad that deals with every guy's challenge to say the right thing to the person he cares about. Faber Drive creates a stylistically undeniable brand of rock you cannot help but sing along to.
Check out the audio stream of the Faber Drive's single Tongue Tied - (Windows Media).

When Faber Drive decided to submit a song to Vancouver radio station 99.3 The Fox's battle of the bands last year, their goal wasn't to win the contest. They weren't even sure they were good enough to enter. In fact, when frontman Faber brought his band's CD to the station on the deadline day for submissions, he came close to giving up and going back home. "I actually got back in my car and pulled away," he says. "Then I decided to go back, so I turned the car around and I got up in the office just before it closed and handed in the disc."
It was the best move of the band's career. The station chose the song, Sex and Love, as one of the 20 best submissions out of more than 500, then played the song on the radio in a head to head contest against the other qualifiers. Soon, Faber Drive (then called simply Faber) were in the top 10, and, after live competitions at local clubs, they won 1st place and were voted the best band in Vancouver. It's easy to see why. "Sex and Love" is the kind of song that's equally enthralling whether blasting from car speakers, an iPod, a home stereo or a concert PA. A sinuous blend of bobbing bass lines, passionate singing and "ba-ba-baaa" background vocals, the cut is pretty representative of the rest of Faber Drive's debut album Seven Second Surgery (Universal Republic Records).
The first single Second Chance builds from a mid-paced tug-and-release verse into an exultant refrain that encapsulates the regret and frustration of backing out of a relationship prematurely: "Instead of holding you, I was holding out/I should have let you in, but I let you down." And Tongue Tied (Little Good Luck) is a dynamic rock ballad about trying in vain to say the right thing at the right time. As "tongue-tied" as Faber is in the song, his yearning anxiety is matched with romantic optimism.
"We like to put hope into people," says drummer Red Bull. "We don't want to be one of those bands that has no message."
Faber Drive wrote Seven Second Surgery over the past three years. Some tracks were penned in the back of a refurbished '70s school bus they took on tour with Hedley, others were crafted with Howes at Moi's studio. They recorded their first track with Moi, "Cement Head," in 2004 and over the next three years, returned numerous times to track the rest of the album. After winning the Fox Seeds competition, they changed their name to Faber Drive to avoid potential legal issues. One of the names they considered before electing Faber Drive was Seven Second Surgery, but they decided it made a better album title than band name.
"A seven second surgery is a quick fix," Faber explains. "A lot of bands come and go so fast, so this is a sarcastic way of saying that if you think that's what we are, fine, but we're gonna be around for a while."
With irresistible melodies, churning rhythms and thought provoking lyrics, songs like "Second Chance," "Sleepless (Never Let Her Go,)" and "You'll Make It" (about the world's struggle for self-improvement) invite comparisons to some of Faber Drive's favorite bands - U2, The Police, Def Leppard and Jimmy Eat World. But while some of the musical elements are familiar, "Seven Second Surgery" is refreshing, expressive and life-affirming.
"Our music is everything to us," Faber says, "and through it we really want to make a difference and promote hope and say that we understand that life can be hard and unfair, but you can make it better if you so choose."
Check out more of Faber Drive: / / YouTube Channel


Mel Galley, formerly the guitarist with rock legends Trapeze and Whitesnake, has recently been in the headlines as a victim of a bizarre incidence of identity theft. Get Ready To Roll spoke to Mel about his musical career and also about his meeting last week with the man who has been 'impersonating' him for the last few years. The interview can be read at:

One of the most successful producer-songwriters in the music industry Desmond Child is producing the next record by Finnish pop rock group The Rasmus. He has also written several songs with the band. The recording of the album started this Monday at Dynasty Studios in Helsinki and will move to Nashville in November. Equally well known in the music business Michael Wagener will mix the record, which be called Black Roses and released in March 2008.

Helix vocalist Brian Vollmer will replace normal hosts Neeley & Chris Akin behind the microphone and host The Classic Metal Show on Saturday, September 22. Vollmer will be debuting a large portion of Helix's latest release, The Power Of Rock And Roll, as well as classic Helix cuts and songs that have influenced his 30+ year career.
To listen to the show live, go to on Saturday beginning at 9pm EST. For more information about Helix, go to

After the amazing response on YouTube (where more than 5000 fans viewed the "Enigma" video clip), Ian Parry recently travelled to Turkey for a location video shot in the ancient city of Side around the Roman ruins. Where he shot the new Forever Fast video clip from the Consortium Project IV: Children Of Tomorrow. Keep checking: At the beginning of next year there will be a Consortium Project tour which features Henk van der Laars (Elegy) on guitar.
Ian also has his own MySpace:
Further there are plans for a Consortium Project trilogy which contains the first three parts of the project, with probably some unreleased bonus tracks.

Ian recorded a number of lead and backing vocal parts as special guest on the new Royal Hunt album together with Doogie White (Rainbow). In addition Ian filmed a short interview and a few live vocal parts on video for a behind the scenes DVD. Founder member and keyboard player Andre Andersen expects to release the new Royal Hunt album somewhere in the Spring of 2008.
For more information check

New York, NY (September 20, 2007)—The original Asia (Yes guitarist Steve Howe, Buggles keyboardist Geoff Downes, King Crimson vocalist/guitarist John Wetton and Emerson, Lake & Palmer drummer Carol Palmer) reunited after 24 years, not only to perform material from their '80s Asia albums, but to resurrect beloved material from their former bands. The result was captured earlier this year on the Fantasia: Asia Live In Tokyo 2-CD package (Eagle Records). Now comes its visual complement, a single-disc two hour, 36-minute DVD (Eagle Vision) featuring 18 songs, and, as a bonus, a 40 minute interview with all four band members.
Asia sold 15 million copies of its self-titled 1982 debut album. Combining its progressive rock chops with a flair for melodic pop, it found its audience immediately. Subsequent albums included Alpha (1983) and Astra (1985) before personnel changes took the band to different directions in the '90s. The reunion tour of the original Asia lineup took Howe/Downes/Wetton/Palmer successfully through the U.S. and England in 2006. It led to a full-blown world tour in 2007 in celebration of their 25th Anniversary. The Tokyo show documented on both the Fantasia 2-CD and now the DVD took place in March '07.
Tracks: 1) Time Again, 2) Wildest Dreams, 3) One Step Closer, 4) Roundabout, 5) Without You, 6) Cutting It Fine, 7) Steve Howe Guitar Solo, 8) Fanfare For The Common Man, 9) The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, 10) Don't Cry, 11) In The Court Of The Crimson King, 12) Here Comes The Feeling, 13) Video Killed The Radio Star, 14) The Heat Goes On/Carl Palmer Drum Solo, 15) Only Time Will Tell, 16) Sole Survivor, 17) Ride Easy, 18) Heat Of The Moment.

MR-X has been updated - a couple of cool things online today. Yet another Feature DVD - this time TV footage captured from Gotthard - Live In Switzerland 2007 featuring the following tracks: Top Of The World / I Wonder / Letter To A Friend / All We Are / Sister Mercy / Lift U Up.
Also online a new Live Feature - a radio broadcast from Shooting Star - Live In The USA 1982 from KSJO-FM Cincinnati, OH.
And the following new Video Clips have been added: Lita Ford - Hungry, Trixter - Give It To Me Good, Electric Boys - All Lips N Hips, Steve Vai - The Audience Is Listening and Spread Eagle - Switchblade Serenade.
MR-X Membership Details.

With MelodicRockFest coming up fast and the fact that I will depart for the USA next Saturday for show preparations, next week signals the start of a 3 week period where updates to the site will come when possible rather than every day as usual. Updates will still be done whenever possible...but expect delays and accept my apologies in advance. I'm looking forward to things returning to normal upon my return (Monday October 15).




Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Metal Heaven News Update / November 23rd, 2007 will see the release of the brand new Empire album Chasing Shadows on Metal Heaven. This will be the 4th release from the band and the 1st featuring vocalist Doogie White (ex Rainbow, Cornerstone, Yngwie Malmsteen) and drummer Mike Terrana (Masterplan, Axel Rudi Pell) along side long time bass player, Neil Murray (ex-Whitesnake, ex-Black Sabbath, ex-Gary Moore) and founding member, guitarist Rolf Munkes.
Munkes and White were introduced by Murray in late 2006. They quickly established a formidable writing partnership. The songs were written over a 2 month period near the beginning of 2007. The album went into full production in late Spring and was produced and mixed by Munkes at Empire Studios over the Summer months.
The track list goes as follows: 01. Chasing Shadows, 02. The Alter, 03. Mother Father Holy Ghost, 04. Sail Away, 05. Child Of The Light, 06. Tahigwan Nights, 07. Manic Messiah, 08. Angel And The Gambler, 09. A Story Told, 10. The Rulers Of The World.
As usual, here are some sound clips in advance: Chasing Shadows / Manic Messiah / Mother Father Holy Ghost.


Vengeance join the Metal Heaven roster and will start this new collaboration with a live CD entitled Same / Same...But Different. The material on this album was recorded at various shows during their latest tours together with Axel Rudi Pell and Sinner.
Track list: 01. Take It Or Leave It, 02. Back In The Ring, 03. No Mercy, 04. May Heaven Strike Me Down, 05. Dream World, 06. Take Me To The Limit, 07. Bad Boy For Love, 08. She Is The Woman, 09. Rock 'n Roll Shower, 10. Arabia.
A release is planned for November 23rd, 2007. Sound clips: Back In The Ring / May Heaven Strike Me Down / Take It Or Leave It.
WebLinks: Myspace:


Bloodbound will support the Swedish Metal masters Hammerfall on their coming German tour - here come the dates:
12.10.2007 D-Köln, Gloria 13.10.2007 D-Bochum, Zeche 14.10.2007 D-Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik.

Soul Doctor live dates: 28.09.2007 (D) Berlin, JWD; 30.09.2007 (D) Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik, United Forces Of Rock III; 26.10.2007 UK-Nottingham, Trent University; Firefest IV
Instore with acoustic shows (Tommy Heart/ Chris Lyne): 01.10.2007 (D) Karlsruhe, Musikhaus Schlaile (14.00 CET); 02.10.2007 (D) Frankfurt, Musikladen (16.30 CET) (more to follow!)
WebLinks:, /

More Van Halen rehearsal footage. Gotta say...the guys look and sound fantastic. David Lee Roth looks like a 30 year old....good luck to the guys.
There has been some debate and speculation about the backing vocals though - being as Michael Anthony is not involved. No his voice is not being piped in or used in any way. What I was told sometime back after the band ditched the idea of a backing vocalist hidden backstage, was that Eddie and Wolfgang Van Halen pre-recorded select backing vocals for use in a few vital spots, but otherwise vocals will all be handled on stage.
Here are some more YouTube links to footage: / / / /

Goodnight and God bless our dear old 'Boy'
We are absolutely devastated to bring you the news that our beloved friend and Tigertailz Bass player Pepsi Tate lost his battle with pancreatic cancer today. Pepsi passed away peacefully at 10:30 this morning, Tuesday 18th September 2007, in Holme Towers cancer hospice in Penarth Cardiff. Pepsi's wife Shan and close family were with him.
Words cannot describe how we feel right now. We're in bits and will miss him so much.
Goodnight Boy - we'll see you again soon fella. You mean the world to us - Jay, Kim & Matt.
Pepsi Tate 1965 - 2007


At last the Official Night Ranger website has been given a substantial overhaul - the impressive new site is still in development, but is online now. Check it out at:
In related news - drummer/vocalist Kelly Keagy's second solo album I'm Alive is now available in stores and online domestically in the USA via OarFin Distribution.

Press Release / Barely stopping to catch a breath from last year's sold out tour with Def Leppard / Journey, Vining Management is proud to announce that the one and only Jeff Scott Soto - the former voice of Journey, Talisman, Soul SirkUS, Humanimal, Takara, Eyes, Axel Rudi Pell, Yngwie Malmsteen and the motion picture "Rock Star" starring Mark Wahlberg will be making his ONLY New England performance when he performs at JR's Bourbon Street Rock House, Cranston, Rhode Island on Wednesday, October 3, 2007, Doors 7:00 pm.
Soto, or JSS as known by his fans, will be touring with Howie Simon (Alcatrazz featuring Graham Bonnet) on guitar, Gary Schutt  (In The Pink, Slam, Signal Zero) on bass and David Dzialak (Eve's Apple, Dreamland) on drums for a true 'best of' show from the endless bands he's fronted to his own solo work, including new material.
Jeff Scott Soto will be supported by five acts, four of which are Massachusetts / Rhode Island natives (with additional artists to be announced in the coming days). To date, Frontiers Records recording artist Action, Riker Hill Records' ZO2 from New York, premium cover band Krankenstein and Project Broken signed to RatPak Records will be on the bill. Escape Music's Louis D'Augusta, the voice of Revere, MA - based band Mass, will also perform with Krankenstein as a very special guest.
Who: Vocalist Jeff Scott Soto and band with Action, ZO2, Special Guest Louis D'Augusta of MASS, Krankentstein and Project Broken.
What: The former voice of the motion picture Rock Star, Journey, Yngwie Malmsteen and more on his only LIVE New England performance.
When: Wednesday, October 3, 2007. Doors at 7:00 p.m.
Where: JR's Bourbon Street Rock House, 1500 Oaklawn Avenue, Cranston, RI 02920
Tickets: $17.00 in advance / $20.00 at the door. Get tickets on-line via or by calling 1-800-838-3006.
Other Info: Show is 21+ Positive ID Required.

Press Release / Toronto-based Publishing House ECW Press has acquired world-wide rights to Heart: In the Studio, written by biographer Jake Brown, authorized by Heart, and featuring exclusive interviews with Ann and Nancy Wilson, as well as producers (Ron Nevison, Mike Flicker, Ritchie Zito, Keith Olsen, Duane Baron), and band members (Howard Leese), focusing on the writing and recording of the band's multi-platinum catalog of hit albums/singles, including 'All I Wanna Do (Is Make Love to You)', 'These Dreams,' 'Crazy on You,' 'Magic Man,' 'Alone,' 'Who You Gonna Run To,' 'Barracuda,' 'Stranded,' and a host of other fan favorites. Publisher Weekly has recognized ECW Press as one of the fastest growing and most diversified independent publishers in North America, with almost 1000 titles in publication, including biographies on or directly by names like Rush, K.D. Lang, Angelina Jolie, Tom Waits, Judas Priest, Leonard Cohen, Mariah Carey, Melissa Ethridge, Radiohead, Randy Newman, Shania Twain, and a ton of wrestlers. 'Heart: In the Studio' is due for publication in the late summer of 2008.

A special edition of the Hair Metal Haven show will be transmitted on Saturday September 22nd between 5pm - 7pm GMT in support of Z Rock 07. The show will be streamed live on the net at and presenter Chris Neslon will have a rare live interview with Mark Alger Z Rock promoter and Z Records head as well as some tickets up for grabs and possibly news of a further Z Rock show in 2008.

Michael Eden and Paul Logue from Eden's Curse checked in with Hardrock Haven to talk about the unique way the band was formed; what their new album is all about; what their future tour plans look like; the fact that they already have enough material written for a new CD; and also that it takes approximately two and a half weeks to listen to the new Dream Theater CD (you'll have to listen to get the joke).
WebLink: has has issued their latest Podcast (episode #29), featuring bassist/author Vinny Appice. Vinny discusses the reforming of Black Sabbath (Heaven and Hell) as well as his latest project 3 Legged Dog. Vinny gives you a candid look at his illustrious career and as well as his most Spinal Tap moment. Interview last approx. 30 min.
Are CDs less personal than vinyl? Tune in and find out while Genghis and Ragman discuss how the packaging enhances the product. Next stay tuned for an interview with Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath) drumming legend Vinny Appice. Vinny discusses his illustrious career, from Black Sabbath to his most current project 3 Legged Dog. Vinny has beat the skins for some of the most legendary bands in heavy music, so tune in and enjoy.

Press Release / The Boys Are Back In Bolton is a charity event which celebrates the life and music of rock legend Philip Lynott and Thin Lizzy.
The event has the blessing of Philip's mother, Philomena Lynott, and profits from the gig will go to Philomena's charity, The Roisin Dubh Trust, which is hoping to set up a Philip Lynott Music Scholarship to benefit underprivileged young people.
The gig will feature top Thin Lizzy tribute band TIZZ LIZZY from Belfast who have wowed audiences at similar tribute events in Scotland and Ireland, along with home-grown Bolton rockers The Temple Dogs and See Red, and an acoustic set from Acoustic Lizzy. See Red's set will feature a guest appearance from former Venom / current Atomkraft frontman and star of "Master and Commander" Tony "Demolition" Dolan, who will be joining them for a blast through Lizzy classic "Cold Sweat".
Tizz Lizzy will perform well-loved classic hits from throughout Philip's career, and the other bands performing will be playing gems from Thin Lizzy's albums and Philip's solo albums. Tizz Lizzy frontman Matt bears a startling resemblance to Phil Lynott - check out the photos on the "Bands" page on
If you're a Lizzy fan, mark Saturday, 22nd September in your diary now and join us at Bolton's premier rock venue, The Soundhouse for a night to remember! Doors open 7.30pm
Tickets are priced at £5 and are available from and from Bolton Albert Halls ticket office on 01204 334400.

Hughie Thomasson - founder of the legendary Southern rock band the Outlaws - passed away at his home in Brooksville, Florida on Sunday, September 9th, of an apparent heart attack. He was 55. A true guitar hero, Thomasson (born Hugh Edward Thomasson Jr.) formed the Outlaws in that late 60's. The band would quickly establish themselves as a great live band and would be known as Florida's Guitar Army, which was a reference to their unique triple lead guitar assault.
In 1974, they would become the first rock band signed by Clive Davis (who signed them immediately after seeing them open up for Lynyrd Skynyrd at the Civic Center in Columbus, Georgia) for his then new label, Arista Records. As legend has it, the band had just left the stage when Skynyrd front man Ronnie Van Zant said to Davis, "If you don't sign the Outlaws, you're the dumbest music person I've ever met... and I know you're not."
In August of 1975, the Outlaws -- consisting of Hughie Thomasson (lead guitar, vocals), Monte Yoho (drums), Henry Paul (electric and acoustic guitar, vocals), Billy Jones (lead guitar, vocals) and Frank O'Keefe (bass guitar) -- would release their self-titled debut album produced by Paul Rothchild (The Doors/Janis Joplin/Paul Butterfield Blues Band/Love).
The album would be their first of three to go gold (sales of over 500,000 units) in their illustrious career and would enter the Top 40 (as would three of the band's subsequent albums). The band would record 13 albums in all.
Hughie Thomasson wrote the majority of the Outlaws' greatest hits including "There Goes Another Love Song," "Hurry Sundown" and the rock anthem, "Green Grass & High Tides," which remains one of the most requested classic rock songs of all-time and was recently named by Country Music Television (CMT) as one of the top Greatest Southern Rock Songs.
The band continued in various incarnations through the mid 90's until Hughie joined his friends in Lynyrd Skynyrd in 1996 for a ten-year stint. He would co-write several of the band's songs during his tenure. In 2005, at the suggestion of their longtime and original manager Charlie Brusco, the band reunited with drummers David Dix (an original member of the Outlaws who began performing with Hughie in the late 60's) and Monte Yoho along with bassist Randy Threet and guitarist Chris Anderson for a successful 30th Anniversary tour of the United States. This past summer, the Outlaws toured as part of the immensely popular Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam Tour along with the Marshall Tucker Band.
Ironically, the band just completed their forthcoming album tentatively titled, Once An Outlaw, which was produced by Hughie. He also had hopes of re-releasing his So Low solo project as Lone Outlaw later this year.
David Dix of the Outlaws - "When he picked up a guitar, magic happened. It is an honor for me to have played a small part in his musical legacy."
Monte Yoho of the Outlaws - "Hugh Edward Thomasson was my friend, brother, band mate, greatest guitar player I had ever seen, and most importantly, a true Southern Gentlemen that will be missed forever but never forgotten."
Charlie Brusco (Manager) - "Hughie Thomasson, besides being one of the premier guitarists of our era, was also a warm and gentle person who would do just about anything for someone in need. He was a good friend for 34 years whether I was managing him or on the sidelines. He was one of a kind. Green Grass and High Tides Forever... Fly on Freebird... We are all better from our times with you."
Jeff Albright (Publicist) - "To his friends, he was known as Flame... through the brilliant music he left behind, that's something that will be burning bright for many years to come. You'd be hard pressed to find a better guitar player or better human being, period. May he be in a place you only dream of where your soul is always free."
He is survived by his wife of more than twenty years, Mary Thomasson, his daughter Constance Golder, an adult son and granddaughter.

"Always remember that there's a little Outlaw in all of us. May your grass be green and your tides high." --Hughie Thomasson.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of the brand new Mark Boals / Magnus Karlsson cooperation The Codex on November 9.
The Codex marks the return to recording – after a 3 years hiatus - for Mark Boals, known as one of the best singers ever to work with Yngwie Malmsteen and first class vocalist, awarded in 1999 by Burrn! Magazine readers in Japan as Best Overall singer of the year.
Mark also released 3 successful solo albums and fronted the Power-Prog Metal band Ring Of Fire (which such musical giants as Virgil Donati, Tony MacAlpine and Vitalij Kuprij), with whom he released another 3 studio albums and one live CD/DVD.
"I am feeling great, better than ever!" says Boals about his comeback, "I was interested in working with Magnus after hearing his work, I love his guitar playing, and of course his songwriting is superb! There are great melodies and I really enjoyed singing on this one. It's really a catchy album, and I have been listening to it a lot, which I rarely do with my work."
Boals' partner in crime on The Codex is another Swedish guitar-wizard, Magnus Karlsson, a super-talented and busy guy actually, since he is the mastermind behind Starbreaker (with Tony Harnell) and the recent very successful Allen / Lande collaboration.
"It's really an honour to work with such a fantastic singer", states Karlsson, "It's very easy to write for Mark because he has this enormous vocal range. I have never heard anything like it! He sings some unbelievably high notes and he does it so beautiful. Musically I wanted to stretch the borders a little more than usual, with almost a Power Metal style in some songs and very soft parts in others. I use a lot of orchestral arrangement to make it bigger but at the same time I try to leave space for the heaviness in the guitars, drums and bass. I also wanted this to be an album with focus on the vocals and melody as I always do but I added a lot of guitar shredding as well."
Completing the line-up are Linus Abrahamson on bass and Daniel Flores (Mind's Eye) on drums.
The Codex is truly a creative and diverse album which shows a very different side of Karlsson songwriting and gives Boals the chance to showcase some of his most aggressive and heaviest vocals ever. It is probably the heaviest CD where the two artists have ever been involved with, still keeping intact the trademarks of a monster Melodic Metal album.
Track listing includes: Beyond The Dark; Raise Your Hands; Toxic Kiss; Bring Down The Moon; Running Out Of Hate; Dream Makers; Whole Again; Mistress Of Death; Mystery; Prisoner; You Can Have It All; Garden Of Grief.
Headbangers are kindly invited to sink their teeth into this!


Bob Kulick, Doug Katsaros and Peppy Castro are well underway with their work on the forthcoming Balance come back album.
According to Kulick; "The songs are real Balance and we definitely want this to be great". Some of the song titles which will make it to the final album are "Breathe", "Rainbow's End", "Winner Takes All", "Walk Away", "Forever", "Twist of Fate", "Old Friends", "Who You Gonna Love".
More songs are in progress and the recording process is reportedly going "extremely well". Lookout for the new Balance album in the early part of 2008!

Ted Poley was kind enough to send us his comments on the songs that are included in his forthcoming album Smile due for release on October 19th on Frontiers Records. Get also ready for a major surprise about Ted and Danger Danger soon!
Don't miss Ted Poley performing with Danger Danger at the forthcoming United Forces Of Rock Festival in Ludwigsburg on September 30.
Waiting Line - Great opening track. I co-wrote this song with the Martin Brothers. This is a little bit modern yet totally melodic. The chorus is big and catchy and you will be singing along with this one right from the start! Almost reminds me of something that The Veronicas would do, and I LOVE their record.
Going Blind - Another great Martin Bros song. Sort of a cool moody song, something a bit different from anything I have done before. Lots of production going on in this song! I love the strings and orchestration on this one and a great slide guitar lead by JK, probably played authentically with a beer bottle...
Smile - Good times, good mood song, reflects my mood at the moment, because I am having the most fun touring and recording that I have had in many years so I am a happy guy and named the cd after this song. It was written by my music partner Vic Rivera specifically for this cd. Vic Plays the lead guitar on this track as well.
What If She Knew - The song is about someone who is ended up with the wrong girl and is still thinking about the other one. This is a really catchy song, written by my good bro the Rev Joey D, from the Ohio based band "Liquid". He has been a close friend for many years now and I love his songs. He wrote a couple that were included on my last solo cd, including one of the most popular songs, "Maybe". He continues his great writing on this cd.
More Than Goodbye - The ballad! Another great Joey D. song. Its a love song and full of a lot of great emotion and production, starting out acoustic until the full band kicks in. Great arrangement.
Luv On Me - Probably my favourite song on the cd! This song is a real rocker and I will surely be playing this one rocks but you can dance to it! It has some super catchy vocal hooks and overall just came out great. The drumming is off the hook too! This song friggin' ROCKS!
Life Keeps Spinning Me Round - Another one of my favourite tracks on the cd. It's just a great song and I added a ton of backing vocals which was a lot of fun and sounds huge as it builds towards the end! Has some more great JK slide guitar and the drum sound is huge. The drumming is "chock full of Dan Zoidian Flavor Chops".
Why Cant We Pretent That Its Over? - The title says it all, this is a "break up" song from a guy to a girl. This is a really rockin' song with my favourite guitar lead on the whole cd. JK is so blazing on this one. I asked him to throw down the most over the top and hard to play lead, and he threw down this PREMIUM guitar lead! I cant actually believe that someone can play that fast but here is the proof.
If I Cant Change Your Heart (Then Let Me Blow Your Mind) - This was the first song that I wrote with the Martin Brothers, they sent me some music and I wrote the lead vocal melodies and the lyrics. The title means, if I cant make you love me one way, then let me blow you away another way, like with talent or humor or intelligence.
Where It Ends - Another Martin Bros track. This one is special to me because I play the piano in the choruses and that will make my mom happy since she paid for a lot of piano lessons when I was a kid! Its sort of a mid tempo ballad but with a big chorus... I like the intimacy of the vocals in the verses.
Will Ya - Another Vic Rivera song idea that I helped him finish. A little heavier song but very melodic with a big catchy chorus and lots of Vic's trademark arrangement. Vic plays the guitar leads on this one too...he delivered two great songs for this CD and originally wasn't scheduled to play on the cd, but I asked him to play the guitar on his own songs so that I could get a touch of Vic on my CD!
Reprise - If I Cant - The credit for this one goes to Eric! He took my vocal tracks and came up with a great orchestral arrangement for that song, and I love it! Its great fun to sing with an orchestra and real piano… something I would love to do live someday.


On Monday, November 26, 2007, Foreigner will share the same stage at London's O2 Arena with Atlantic Records label mates Led Zeppelin for a long-anticipated tribute concert honoring the late Ahmet Ertegun, the visionary founder of Atlantic Records.
"Ahmet's combination of charm, humour, irreverence and above all his great passion for music, made getting to know him one of the brightest highlights of my life," says Foreigner founder Mick Jones, whose band created sixteen top thirty hits for the label. "Ahmet's combination of charm, humour, irreverence and above all his great passion for music, made getting to know him one of the brightest highlights of my life. I feel truly honoured to be participating in this very unique and exciting event, as Ahmet's influence on me goes back to when I was fifteen. I was working an after school in a record store in Surrey and mesmerised by the black and red coloured Atlantic Records logo spinning on the turntable, emitting the sounds of Ray Charles' "What I'd Say" and Arthur Alexander's "You'd Better Move On."
Those early moments changed my life and convinced me that music was my religion. From that moment, my roots were cemented in the "Soul Music" of the day. Eventually becoming an artist on Atlantic and enjoying an incredibly successful 30 year relationship both professionally and personally with Ahmet through some of the giddiest times has left me with the realisation that he was one, if not the, single most creative force in the history of the music business. I was blessed by his presence in my life.
One of the highlights of those days was when I invited him to the studio to hear the final mix of "I Want To Know What Love Is." During the middle of the song, he turned and looked at me with tears of emotion in his eyes. Nevertheless, true to form, he told me to bring up the choir during the choruses! He was, as always, right!
I am also one of the multitude of fans looking forward to the reunion of Led Zeppelin. I was extremely honored to grant Robert Plant's gracious request to have Foreigner's drummer Jason Bonham sit in for his Dad on what will be probably the most significant and long awaited reunion appearance in the history of rock… I know that Ahmet will have his rockin' shoes on that night and his eternal spirit will preside over the evening.
I would like to wish Mica, Ahmet's wonderful wife and companion throughout the many years, a magical evening in celebration of her late husband's lifelong dedication to his passion, Music."

Foreigner and Ahmet's Atlantic experienced nothing short of a tremendous collaboration. The band is second only to the legendary Led Zeppelin in worldwide sales of all artists currently distributed by Atlantic. Foreigner "4" spent more weeks on the Billboard chart at number one than any album by AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, U2, The Rolling Stones, Genesis, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton and every other artist in Atlantic Records 60 year history. The strength of the Foreigner catalogue continues, and no Atlantic classic rock era artist comes close to Led Zeppelin and Foreigner to this day. In fact, the band's 'Very Best and Beyond" catalogue CD just hit #16 on Billboard charts and has been certified double platinum.
As expected and hoped for, Jason Bonham -- son of the late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham and Foreigner's drummer -- will be joining Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones for the historic benefit concert.
"I must thank Mick for giving me the time off from Foreigner to fulfil a dream that was once thought to be my destiny," says Jason. "When Mick Jones invited me to join his band, it was an honour to be asked to play in one of my favorite bands of all time. I already owned every Foreigner album, so when asked if I knew particular songs, I said, "Are you kidding? I know all of them!" Mick is a fantastic songwriter, guitarist, and mentor. He also is a great shopping partner!
Led Zeppelin are to play at the O2 arena in London on the 26th of November for their dear friend Ahmet Ertegun to raise money for his educational foundation. Ahmet was a huge part of Led Zeppelin's and my father's success. Even after my father's death, he never missed my birthday or Christmas. I had the pleasure of meeting Ahmet on sadly too few occasions, one of which was when Led Zeppelin played at Atlantic's 40th anniversary. He was a very special man, and it is a truly great privilege for me to join Robert, Jimmy, and John Paul for this concert. I am sure Ahmet and my father will be watching. I hope to do them proud.
As of this moment, almost 30 million people have tried to log on to the website for this show, but less than twenty thousand will be able to buy a ticket. That's a lot of people looking for seats, and a lot of people who will never get them, which is something that cannot be helped. On the other hand, I have to say as a huge fan that I have the best seat in the house.  That's the seat my father occupied in the greatest band in the world, Led Zeppelin."

Proceeds from the concert spectacle -- which will include performances by Pete Townshend, Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings and Paolo Nutini -- will go to the Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund which provides students with annual scholarships to universities in the UK, USA and Turkey.
In addition, a music scholarship open to all will be established at Ravensbourne College in the UK. Tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime concert will be available by ballot only with names being chosen at random. To register, please go to Tickets will be limited to two successful applicants per household.
Beginning approximately two weeks prior to the Tribute To Ahmet Ertegun, Foreigner will be embarking on a tour of the UK on a trek that will encompass the following cities*:
Friday, November 9th - ABC in Glasgow, Scotland
Saturday, November 10th - Newcastle City Hall in Newcastle, England
Monday, November 12th - St. David's Hall in Cardiff
Tuesday, November 13th - Guildhall in Portsmouth, England
Thursday, November 15th - Civic Hall in Wolverhampton, England
Friday, November 16th - Apollo in Manchester, England
Saturday, November 17th - Shepherd's Bush Empire in London, England
*More dates to possibly be announced.
The November UK comes hot on the heels of the band's summer tour where they hooked up with Def Leppard and Styx for approximately thirty shows in addition to several solo performances and an extensive tour of Germany. The journey through Europe will coincide with the release of the band's forthcoming live DVD, Alive & Rockin', which will be released on Eagle Rock Entertainment.

Available November 13, Atlantic Records/Rhino Entertainment will honor the Rock & Rock Hall of Famers Led Zeppelin with the release of Mothership, a 24-track, two-CD comprehensive collection that spans their illustrious career. All eight of the band's classic studio albums are represented here, with the tracks being personally selected by Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones. Mothership includes landmark songs such as "Whole Lotta Love," "Immigrant Song," "Kashmir," "Rock And Roll," "Dazed And Confused," and "Stairway To Heaven." The set will also include new liner notes by famed rock writer David Fricke.
Originally released in 1976, The Song Remains The Same soundtrack album of the concert film features songs from the band's three-night stint at Madison Square Garden in July 1973. On November 20, The Song Remains The Same soundtrack gets the deluxe reissue treatment, with the band members overseeing the remixing and remastering of the original release. The new version of the soundtrack includes six songs that were not on the original release -- "Black Dog," "Over The Hills And Far Away," "Misty Mountain Hop," "Since I've Been Loving You," "The Ocean," and "Heartbreaker," plus new liner notes by Academy Award-winning director Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous).
Slated for a simultaneous release, Warner Home Video debuts brand-new DVD editions of The Song Remains The Same, now for the first time with all 14 songs from the original concert. The DVD features newly remixed and remastered sound, 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound, and boasts more than 40 minutes of added bonus material*, including never-before-released performance footage of "Over The Hills And Far Away" and "Celebration Day"; plus performances of "Misty Mountain Hop" and "The Ocean"; a rare 1976 BBC interview with Robert Plant and Peter Grant; vintage TV footage from the Drake Hotel robbery during the New York concert stand; and a Cameron Crowe radio show.
One of the most eagerly awaited concerts of the decade will celebrate the life and work of Ahmet Ertegun, founder of Atlantic Records and much missed mentor to some of the greatest names in music.
Profits from this amazing show will go to the Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund which provides students with annual scholarships to universities in the UK, USA and Turkey. In addition, a music scholarship open to all will be established at Ravensbourne College in the UK.
The incomparable Led Zeppelin will headline the tribute to the man who founded Atlantic Records in 1947. Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones will be joined by Jason Bonham, the son of their late drummer John Bonham.

Steve Lukather to journalist Bob Lefsetz on the "new" Van Halen! Says Luke:
"I have seen the future! It's not "NEW" It's fucking Van Halen!!
I was invited to a loose rehearsal for the new tour last night. It was NOT the "fab" dress rehearsal, it was one where in a big arena they were rehearsing for the upcoming tour. Now Ed and Al are dear friends of mine for almost 30 years, same "valley" upbringing as me, and I have always loved VH and the music, but also more cause I really love these guys as friends. Our kids grew up together, we live near each other etc..
Fuck all that. I saw and HEARD REAL ROCK N ROLL! It took me back.. I had a fucking tear in my eye. They are Baaaack! If this ain't the rock n roll event of the year then I fucking will be your septic tank salesman!
Ed KILLED, Alex, never better (dig the drum solo!). Any doubts about Wolfie are laughable, he played and sang all the high parts and made Alex's groove more deep than ever in the history, 16 years old, look out for THIS kid!, and I gotta say, Dave brought it! I admit, I was a bit "Oh fuck I hope this is good" but fucking A if Dave didn't deliver! (even thought there were maybe 100 people hangin out watching)..
I brought my 20 year old son who is a HUGE fan.. the sound and vibe of this band brought me back to 1978 and like a fine wine tasted better than ever! The SET LIST?? It's gonna KILL YOU!
GREAT production but it's ALL about the band not flashy images of bullshit artsy fartsy crap, it's the BAND and Dave is really the cat that can front VH. He sang his ASS off and was really cool. No cheese here guys, this is filet Mignon!
If you don't see what I saw last night, and that's WITHOUT a massive arena crowd that will tear the roof off...well then you might as well be dead! Nothing fake here guys, nothing shallow or jive... just the best rock n roll band that the USA has got! Whatever they are charging go see it!
They were having FUN! There was some humour but not in a cheesy way, VH way. Damn, there IS hope yet!"

Some YouTube videos of VH rehearsals are now online at:;;;

New Reviews are now online. There are full reviews for albums by: Dennis DeYoung, Heartland, Jorn, Jet Trail, Paul Sabu & Lec Zorn Project. There are also an additional 18 mini-reviews, catching up on some other recent releases yet to be featured such as Civilization One, Gary Moore, Ironhorse, Damage Control, Saxon, Nocturnal Rites, Taylor Mills Consortium Project IV and more. Check Reviews out now.




Monday, September 17, 2007

The new CD from Lou Gramm is in the finishing stages and will be released on Spectra Records. Warner Music Group will be releasing a compilation of Lou's recordings this summer on Rhino Records as part of their Flashback series. Stay tuned for an updated release date.
There is now an official MySpace site for Lou, you can check it out at Also check
Line-Up: Lou Gramm - vocals, Ben Gramm - drums, backing vocals, Richard Gramm - bass, guitar, backing vocals, Andy Knoll - keyboards, backing vocals, Don Mancuso - guitar, bass, backing vocals.


Sad news from the newsdesk of Toto: "Dear Friends and Fans, It is with great sadness that we must reluctantly inform all of you that Toto's September 27th show at The Indio Municipal Golf Course has been cancelled due to the illness of Simon Phillips, our drummer. We thoroughly apologize for the inconvenience to the promoter and the fans, as doctors have ordered him to be hospitalized for possibly several weeks.
Optimistically, we are looking forward to a speedy recovery for Simon, with another Toto play date to be announced in the near future. Thank you for your understanding and patience with regard to this recent health concern.

Due to Simon Phillips' illness Toto's scheduled Rockline appearance with Bob Coburn penned for Wednesday September 26th has been officially postponed.

In related news also from the Toto newsdesk: "David Paich is currently in China preparing to write a theme for the 2008 Olympic Games: "I am currently in China (Shanghai) and have been here for two weeks on a vacation with my wife Lorraine and daughter Elizabeth. I am doing some research to write a theme for the 2008 Olympics. My daughter (who sings Beijing opera) is over here with me helping to translate for me with all the different Ethnic instruments. It is a real education to experience the similarities and differences in China's 5000 year old culture and music. Pictures to come soon!"

Ratt and Winger have teamed up for a series of dates together - taking in both Japan and Australia. Full dates are:
Nov 5 2007 8:00P Namba Hatch Osaka - Japan
Nov 6 2007 8:00P Diamond Hall Nagoya - Japan
Nov 8 2007 8:00P Shibuya O EAST Tokyo - Japan
Nov 9 2007 8:00P Blitz Yokohama - Japan
Nov 12 2007 8:00P Metro, Sydney - Australia
Nov 14 2007 8:00P Billboard, Melbourne - Australia

As of Monday 16th September 2007, Nathan Lark will be assuming the bassist position in Sacred Heart.
Darren Jhuboo has put in 2 years of excellent, enthusiastic service but due to a number of reasons - purely professional - including scheduling conflicts, the decision has been made to make a change. Paul, Mark & Claudio would like to extend a warm welcome to Nathan and wish Darren the very best in his future endeavours, while thanking him for his effort and friendship.

Indy rockers Rok Hollywood is fast approaching the third round of the MTV2 On The Rise competition. The band, who recently opened for 80's veterans LA Guns, and also performed at Verizon Wireless Music Center with Poison, and Ratt, have gained nearly 20,000 votes to make it to the second tier! "Getting to the third level has been challenging", says Rok Hollywood drummer Daren Short. "But we are almost there thanks to our loyal, and dedicated fans. We know that a lot of people have been voting. We can't thank you enough for that!"
After performing in front of audiences around the country, including the world famous Whisky in Los Angeles, and King of Clubs in Nashville, Tn., winning MTV2 On The Rise would be another major feather in their cap. Short adds "It's hard to get your share of the musical pie with all of the bands vying for the big prize. So winning this, and getting on MTV2 would be huge for us."
People in the Indianapolis area can see Rok Hollywood live, as they open for Roadrunner recording artists Black Stone Cherry on September 21. The band urges everyone to log onto MTV2 On The Rise and vote for them as often as possible. There is no limit as to how many times that you can vote. Rok Hollywood's unique URL for the competition is No registration required. You can also find out more about the band at:

Sydney band Paindivision are proud to announce a two week tour of Japan in November later this year. Dubbed the "Pain Across Japan tour!" and supporting their debut CD, the band will be hitting a seven show tour covering the three major cities of Tokyo, Osaka ,Nagoya and including other regions further south of the capitol. Guitarist Stu Marshall will also be conducting various clinics for "ESP guitars" in Japan while on tour.
Stu commented: "The band is psyched and honored to have been invited to head over, we can't wait. My previous experiences there have been awesome and it's one of the most METAL countries in the world. Heavy metal is still very alive and well there."
The band will be filming a complete tour DVD from the trip that will be available in first quarter 2008. A limited edition Japanese EP is in production now for the tour including a cover by the legendary Japanese metal band Loudness.
Signed to Riot Entertainment, the debut CD is available now nationally. New merch is also available in special "PAINPacks", check website for details. If you haven't heard the power yet, get yourself along to and for all details, downloads and dates.




Friday, September 14, 2007

1RKO (First Round Knockout) will no longer be appearing at MelodicRockFest and through mutual agreement, Chavis Records will take no further involvement in the show. A more detailed show update and details of just who will open the show will be online early next week.

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the signing of Silent Rage for the release of the band's fourth studio album.
Silent Rage formed in 1985 and became immediately well-known in the Californian scene, thanks to the captivating vocals, their style of blending guitar and bass and signature song writing. Their debut album "Shattered Hearts" was produced by the legendary Paul Sabu in 1987 and gained immediate attention from the Hard Rock fans all over the world. One year later, Gene Simmons signed them to his own label and in 1989 "Don't Touch Me There" followed up. This album reached #1 on European Import charts and is still today regarded as one of the top examples of Melodic Hard Rock sound of the late 80's.
The band finally came back with a third studio album "Still Alive" in 2002. In the summer 2007 the band featuring founding members by EJ Curse on bass, Jesse Damon on vocals and guitar, Mark Hawkins on guitar and with Rodney Pino on drums, went back to the studio to give birth to their long awaited new CD.
The guys are right now recording the new songs at Redrum Recording Studios in Los Angeles with former Guns n Roses & Rockstar Supernova guitarist, Gilby Clarke producing and mixing. Having mid-summer pre-production behind them, the band is well into tracking new songs for the latest CD and they're anticipating a completion date by the end of October. Look for some very interesting special guest appearances.
Jesse Damon states: "It's a great time for the band right now, we're all very excited about signing with Frontiers Records and being in the studio recording new songs with Gilby Clarke as our Producer! Everyone in the band is focused and giving 100 % to this new CD. Expect strong performances with a classic Silent Rage style rock!"
Lookout for Silent Rage new album in the shops in early 2008!


Thanks to the cooperation between Primal Fear management, Level 10 Music and Undercover Promotion, we are pleased to announce that the following release parties have been arranged to launch Primal Fear's new album's release New Religion in Germany:
Nürnberg Rockfabrik 14.09.2007
Innsbruck Abyss 21.09.2007
Pirmasens Quasimodo 21.09.2007
Hamburg Headbangers Ballroom 22.09.2007
Bochum Matrix 22.09.2007
Augsburg Rockfabrik 22.09.2007
Ludwigsburg Rockfabrik 22.09.2007
Essen Turock 22.09.2007
Hamburg Woody's & Sounds 22.09.2007
Köln Cave 25.09.2007
Coburg Logan's 28.09.2007
Flensburg Roxy 29.09.2007
During the parties, the record will be played in full, videos will be shown and there will be competitions and prized with signed cards, t-shirts and more!

Jaded Heart are preparing for the release of their brand new album Sinister Mind on October 19 . In the meanwhile the band has announced the following shows in support of the CD release:
23.10.2007 DE-Köln, Kantine (support UFO)
24.10.2007 DE-Reichenbach, H2O (support UFO)
25.10.2007 DE-Ratingen, Onkel Tom (cd release party)
17.10.2007 GB-Nottingham, Firefest
06.11.2007 DE-Essen, Weststadthalle (support UFO)
07.10.2007 DE-Frankfurt, Batschkapp (support UFO)
08.11.2007 DE-Hannover, Bluesgarage (support UFO)
The band also sent their track by track commentaries on the songs which are included on the new album. Enjoy the read!

Hero - We were looking for a real live track and opener for the album and here it is. We were testing this song a couple of times while we were playing live and it was such fun to play.
Justice Is Deserved - A really heavy track with the albums highest vocal note and angry lyrics.
Sinister Mind - The title track. It contains heavy guitar riffs, melodic verses and great choirs, done by Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse). He´s been involved in all choirs actually.
Going Under - A classic Jaded Heart groove like Anymore or Inside Out.
See The Light - We wrote that song together after we entered the rehearsing room for a jam session. We killed some beers and things just happened.
Open Your Eyes - A good friend of the band, Mikael Rosengren, wrote this song together with Johan. Johan came up with the idea of having the song on the album because it really sounds like early Jaded Heart. We cranked it up a little bit and here it is! Another reason to have Mikael involved in the album is, that he introduced Johan to us in 2004.
My Eager´s Red - The 2nd part of the guitar solo was played by Sascha Gerstner of German metal heroes Helloween. It is great to have some friends involved in the album and we are very proud having him playing on this song.
Always On My Mind - This song is dedicated to Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin.
Heavenly Devotion - This song was planned to have a duet between John Corabi and Johan. But unfortunately Johns time schedule was too tough because he had to go on tour with Ratt when we were recording vocals for this song.
To Please and Give In - A classic "kid missing father/mother figure" lyric. So full of hate.
Hellucinate - AOR-vibes in the beginning that turns to schizophrenia. Scary... he he.
Crush That Fear - Peter had this idea to fool around with some different drum patterns on this song. Johan and Peter woke up after a long night with wine and beer with various riffs and vocal lines. But most of it is still there. Amazing.

Hello and welcome to the brand new web site ( - we hope you like the new look. Major props to CataLogue Music for a major job in a very short period of time. With the last weekend in October FAST approaching, we thought it was about time to post a little update and let you know what is going on behind the scenes so to speak.

Friday Oct 26th: Day 1

Tickets have been selling extremely well for the show, with well over 500 sold so far and no sign of a let up. Stormzone will kick off proceedings followed by the Steve Grimmett band. Now for those of you who are waiting patiently for a new album by Steve and his troops, the wait is almost over as the boys will officially launch their new album Personal Crisis on Oct 26th , the same night as their appearance at Firefest 4. So be sure to pick up a copy at the show.
Soul Doctor, led by Fair Warning singer Tommy Heart, also release their new album 'Blood Runs Cold' at the end of September, which will also be available at Firefest. Check out the band web site for sound bytes of what promises to be a great rock and roll album.
Demon, as you may already know, are calling it a day after thirty years of recording and touring and Firefest will be their last gig on home soil. Make sure to catch one of the original heroes of the NWOBHM scene live for the last time.
Threshold have sadly parted ways with singer Mac, but reports from their recent German tour tell us that original singer Damien Wilson has more than stepped up to the plate and has raised the band to an even higher level musically. Threshold of course are supporting their fantastic new album Dead Reckoning, an album which every self respecting music fan should have.

Please Note: As Nottingham Trent University have a number of venues on campus, the venue for Day 1 is:
NTSU, Shakespeare Street, Nottingham, NG1 4GH.
Please make a note of this as originally the physical address of the venue was given out as the venue's administration building which is situated a block or two around the corner from the Shakespeare St. venue.

Please also note: this show is 18 Years and over ONLY. ID will be requested as proof of age. We tried to get this changed to 14+ but this was not possible. Anyone who previously bought tickets for persons under 18 can return them to point of purchase for full refund.
Tickets can still be purchased for Day 1 through the following outlets:
Directly from Firefest using cheque, cash (at senders own risk) or postal order. Payments made to Bruce Mee. Send To: Fireworks Magazine, 10 Dunnock Close, Offerton, Stockport, SK2 5XD, England.
Payments can also be made directly to Firefest using Paypal. Paypal address: Please allow 14 days for delivery of tickets.

Rock City Ticketing details Online Agencies: Box Office Telephone : 0115 9588484
Or by calling in person to the box office at Rock City, 8 Talbot Street, Nottingham, NG1 5GG. Ticket cost for Day 1, Friday October 26th is £20

Day 1 Running times:
Doors Open: 7.00 pm
Stormzone: 7.30 – 8:00
Steve Grimmett Band: 8.20 - 9.00
Soul Doctor: 9.20 - 10.20
Demon: 10.40 - 11.40
Threshold: 12.00 - 01.10

More updates to follow, including running times for Day 2, competition winners, more free competitions, updates from the bands appearing and lots more. T-shirts will be available for sale online from early October. Check back to the site for designs/sizes etc.
A full colour 16 page programme will also be available online prior to the show, and on the day itself, priced £5.
Look forward to seeing you all in Nottingham on Oct 26th and 27th
Cheers, Kieran and Bruce.

Tommy Lee is having a bad week. He is reported to have quit Motley Crue, had that dust up with Kid Rock at the VMA's and is now rumored to be next in line for the next season of Rock Of Love. That's a bad bad week...
But, says Lee: "I am a founding member of Mötley Crüe. Based on internal band issues aired publicly, my future with the band is uncertain. I have tried to meet with my band mates repeatedly without success but have informed them that I'm not walking away from my band of 25 years. It troubles me that the current legal issues which were filed by the corporations against my personal manager are separating us and causing more dysfunction. I hope we can work this out amongst ourselves."

Every customer which orders at least for an amount of minimum 50 Euros gets a free copy of the promo sampler Listen Up Vol. 4, containing brand new and unreleased tracks from Empire, Steve Grimmet Band, Vengeance, Lechery and Road To Ruin (first come, first serve). This compilation is exclusevely for AOR Heaven customers only.
Click on the CD cover below for full track listing. WebLink:


Suncity Records would like to announce the following:
"We are pleased to inform that we have just released 5 new CD's. The titles: Slash Puppet - No Strings Attached, Fatal Charm - Looks Like Trouble, Quade - Rock In Motion, Big Guns - Stick' em Up! & Voyeur - Spanked Or Be Spanked are all now available for purchase at
We have put enormous time and effort into these CD's to make them some of the best we have released to date.. I've always said to the fans - "good things come to those who wait" and I think most will agree the quality of these 5 releases have come out looking and sounding better than ever.
All of us at Suncity Records thank of you for your patience and we hope you enjoy these new discs.
I know I have been promising for some time now that we will be announcing the signing of our biggest signing yet, well believe it or not, we are still finalizing the terms and conditions. Of course I will let you know as soon as I can so please be patient for the time being."

News from European melodic hard rockers S.I.N.: "On September 21st our new record will be released to the Asian market, and it is now time to reveal some more details about this album.
The album is called The 13th Apostle and it is the first conceptual record of our history. It features our friends Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz (Evidence One, Roger Staffelbach, ex-Domain), Renee Walker (Renee-Walker-Band), Connie 'Conor' Andreszka (Cabal, Circle of Pain, Crystal Ball) and Boban Milojevic (Snake Eye, Wicked Sensation) as additional vocalists. We are proud to have these great musicians on our album.
The track list reads as follows: 01. Prelude, 02. Signs Of Doubt, 03. Awakening, 04. Junia's Eyes, 05. Chosen Are Few, 06. In Your Darkest Hour, 07. The Faithful Offer, 08. Sealed With A Kiss, 09. Tears Of Gethsemane, 10. Failure, 11. For Eternity And Beyond, 12. His 13th Apostle, 13. Circuit, 14. Are We Still One (Bonus track For Japan).
Please visit our updated download-section on or our MySpace - home to listen to some snippets of a few tracks."


Dave Evans, the original lead singer for AC/DC before Bon Scott, checked in with Hardrock Haven to talk about his upcoming North American release with his band Dave Evans & The Badasses called Sinner; how he was given the nickname "The King of All Badasses"; why he left AC/DC all those years ago; his upcoming tour of the U.S.; and also the impetus behind some of the new tracks on his CD, like "Only the Good Die Young" and "The Thunder Down Under."
To stream the interview in its entirety, go here:

This week's Chicago Aerosmith show was cancelled due to singer Steven Tyler suffering from a herniated eye and couldn't perform. I'm told the band will reschedule and tickets for the cancelled show will be honored at the new date.

MR-X has been updated once again. Smallish update this week - big update next week. However, it is still a cool update with some Video rarities now online.
First up - a very rare TV broadcast transferred from VHS of Tour De Force Live At The Ritz (8 tracks, from the early 90s).
And the following new Video Clips are online: Big House - Dollar In My Pocket, XYZ - Face Down In The Gutter, Vixen - How Much Love, Dio - Wild One, Doro - Unholy Love.
MR-X Membership Details.

Next week - a big Reviews update hopefully Monday and some new MiniBytes, plus more MelodicRockFest updates.

Just a reminder - MRCD4 will be arrive here early next week and will be shipped out to all those that plced pre-orders. Pre-orders will close after this weekend, as will the Bonus Track offer.
MRCD4 Purchase Details.




Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rock group Led Zeppelin are to reform for a tribute concert to the Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun.
Singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones will perform together for the first time in 19 years. Tickets for the one-off show at the O2 arena in London on 26 November will cost £125 and be allocated by ballot. Pete Townshend and Bill Wyman will also perform. Ertegun, who signed Led Zeppelin in 1968, died last year.
"During the Zeppelin years, Ahmet Ertegun was a major foundation of solidarity and accord," Plant said. "For us, he was Atlantic Records and remained a close friend and conspirator. This performance stands alone as a tribute to the work and life of a longstanding friend."
The news is likely to spark a huge rush for tickets as devoted fans around the world scramble to get into what could be the band's last show. Promoter Harvey Goldsmith said tickets would only be available to those who registered on a dedicated website - and that a limit of two applications per household had been imposed. Fans have been excitedly discussing the show on message boards - but many are concerned about how difficult it will be to get a ticket.
"Who wants to join me sleeping outside the O2 until I can get a ticket?" wrote one. "And if that doesn't work, I can also sell myself into slavery, or if all of me is not wanted, I will auction off my blood, organs and all worldly possessions. Think I'm kidding?"
Another wrote: "Anybody got three grand to spare for a ticket? I bet that's what the going rate will be. Touts will have a field day with this one." And another comment said: "The tickets will be silly money to start with and the sharks will make a killing. It will be hard for them to perform anywhere near their old levels, and I fear there will be a whole lotta disappointment!"
Uncut magazine writer Chris Roberts told BBC Radio Five Live: "A younger generation - as well as the people who might remember Led Zeppelin from the first time around - are very excited about this. "Reunion tours are big at the moment - The Police, Genesis, etc - but this is the one most people really didn't think would happen. They're pretty much the Picasso of heavy rock. Led Zeppelin's albums have certainly lasted the test of time and they're pretty much the template of heavy rock at its best."
With their pounding, blues-influenced anthems and explosive stadium shows, the band paved the way for artists across the worlds of heavy metal and alternative rock. Their best-known songs include Stairway to Heaven, Whole Lotta Love, Rock and Roll, Kashmir and Communication Breakdown - although they never released singles in the UK. They are one of only four acts to have sold more than 100 million albums in the US - the others being The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Garth Brooks.
Led Zeppelin's last full concert was in Berlin in July 1980 - two months before John Bonham died.
Page, Plant and Jones performed at Live Aid five years later, and also get back together at a concert to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Atlantic Records in 1988. But a rift opened between Jones and the other two band members opened after Page and Plant started working together without him in the 1990s. Rumours of a reconciliation surfaced several years ago, leading to speculation about a reunion. Their return follows comebacks by a number of other rock and pop legends, such as The Police, Genesis, the Spice Girls, Crowded House and Take That. The concert coincides with the release of a new two-CD best of compilation, Mothership, on 13 November. Other acts lined up for the show include Foreigner and Paolo Nutini.

Escape Music Ltd are delighted to announce the forthcoming reissue of both of the Sircle Of Silence albums (S/T and Suicide Candyman), originally released in 1994 and 1995. Scheduled for release on 19th November, 2007 as a double CD, both albums are regarded as a classic power melodic rock that features such songs as Talk To Myself and Words Get Lost (both penned by Jay Schellen, Mark Free and Bruce Gowdy) and many other classic's such as Color Blind, Livin' Above The Law, Suicide Candyman, Turning Back plus many more.
The band features David Reece (Accept / Bangalore Choir and recently Gypsy Rose) on vocals, on Guitar, Larry Farkas, on bass Chris Colovas, and on drums Jay Schellen (Unruly Child). Both albums were produced and engineered by no other than James "Jimbo" Barton!
Track Listing CD1: 1 - Color Blind 2 - Talk To Myself 3 - Bring Me A Miracle 4 - Pieces Of A Fallen' Star 5 - Craving 6 - Angels Cryin' 7 - Death By A Word 8 - Livin' Above The Law 9 - Landslide 10 - Dancin' On The Sun 11 - Words Get Lost 12 - Slow Burn
Track Listing CD2: 1 - Suicide Candyman 2 - Gonna Die Laughing 3 - Walls And Bridges 4 - Nobody's Sacred 5 - Nine Lives 6 - Some Day Never Comes 7 - Sail Away 8 - Gift Horse Mouth 9 - Maria Elena 10 - No Turnin' Back 11 - Drive The Nail.
And here is a track Bring Me A Miracle (.wma format) for readers!

xx is proud to welcome Escape Music as another rock label at their download store. Only a few labels in the business have released high quality records over such a long time and the UK based label is one of those! Escape Music is releasing a good mix of well established bands but they also have the right touch in finding good and promising new talents!
The first bunch of albums are among others: White Wolf, Mass, The Ladder, Last Autumns Dream, Union Mac, Alliance, etc. Also keep an eye on Heartland´s forthcoming album Mind Your Head, to be released on September 21st and available both on CD and download.

Yet another concert tour of Australia - albeit a short one. Ratt and Winger will team up for the following two dates in November:
Nov 12 2007 8:00P Metro, Sydney - Australia
Nov 14 2007 8:00P Billboard, Melbourne - Australia

Winger also have the following Japanese dates booked:
Nov 5 2007 8:00P Namba Hatch Osaka - Japan
Nov 6 2007 8:00P Diamond Hall Nagoya - Japan
Nov 8 2007 8:00P Shibuya O EAST Tokyo - Japan
Nov 9 2007 8:00P Blitz Yokohama - Japan

A petition has been started, with the backing of PC Plus Magazine, on the Downing Street website to attempt to get the ludicrous fee that UK internet stations have to pay in copyright fee reduced. ARfm support this petition as copyright payments are crippling the net radio scene in Britain.
Every UK reader of should pay a visit to the site and sign. It will take about 20 secs of your time. If you want to see UK net radio survive then your help is needed! At present about 40% of ARfm's revenue goes to the copyright bodies. Go to:

Waltham are back with a brand new song, video clip and plans for more new material. But why the change of heart after the band spent most of the last couple of years falling apart? I hope to have an update on that very thing shortly, but the good news is that after recent turmoil comes a brand new song - Wait It Out. View here:

There will be held a tribute concert for Thorstein Aaby (Pagans Mind) at Ritz in Skien, Norway on September 15. Bands that will play are Wild Side, Pagans Mind, Seventh Sign, Angie Hammer and the Nails, Anthem, Morteferia, Supremacy and Rags to Riches. Bands on stage from 7pm.

More information on the untimely death of guitarist Hughie Thomasson from the Tampa, Florida Tribune website:

A brand new song from Jimi Jamison is available for streaming from his MySpace page - The soft ballad Come Dancing was originally written a couple of years back by Jim Peterik for The Ides Of March.

Roadrunner Records and music discovery portal have come together to premiere Nightwish's Amaranth, the first video from their October 2nd U.S. release Dark Passion Play. The Finnish symphonic metal superstars' second Roadrunner release is hotly anticipated by fans, especially because of Nightwish's brand new singer Anette Olzon. Watch "Amaranth" at WebLinks: /

A new Zakk Wylde interview can be found at:

A new Paul Stanley interview can be found at:

San Diego, California heavy metal band Cage announce the following worldwide concert dates in support of their new 4th CD HELL DESTROYER:
9/14/07 - Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico - El Jardin del Silencio Extreme Rock Bar
9/21/07 - Ramona, California - The 420 Channel (Molly Malone's)
9/27/07 - Minneapolis, Minnesota - Station 4
9/28/07 - Madison, Wisconsin - Madpower Festival
9/29/07 - Aurora, Illinois - The End Zone
9/30/07 - Addison Illinois - Legends
10/12/07 - San Jose, California - Macla Center
10/13/07 - Bakersfield, California - The Dome
10/14/07 - Montebello, California - Terraza Jamay
11/17/07 - Cayey, Puerto Rico - Boricua Metal Fest
11/24/07 - Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico - Tia Juana Tilly's
4/5/08 - Lauda-Königshofen, Germany - Keep It True X Festival
4/12/08 - Athens, Greece - Up The Hammers III Festival
Cage is currently in the process of confirming additional dates throughout the United States; Mexico; Europe and Central/South America. For the latest official Cage news and tour dates visit their official websites: /

Dear Rock Stars, The upcoming Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp's 10th Anniversary celebration will be in Las Vegas! Taking place at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and House of Blues, Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp invades Sin City from November 7-11th, 2007 and it promises to be the best one yet. The camp will run from Wednesday at 5pm to Sunday at midnight over Veterans's Day weekend. Enrollment has already started off with a bang with campers from all over the world, including the US, Ireland, UK, and South America, having already signed up.
The Vegas lineup of Slash, Roger Daltrey, Joe Walsh, Jack Bruce, Vince Neal, Nico McBrain, Simon Kirke, and over 20 rock legends promises to be an incredible experience for all. For first time campers youll be witnessing what has made RRFC the most incredible rock and roll experience for the last 10 years. For returning campers, you will once again live the dream.
Having the opportunity to not only meet these amazing rock stars but to interact, jam and learn techniques of your instrument from the best musicians in the world is unprecedented. At the last camp I was amazed watching Paul Schaffer put the Rock Stars through a rehearsal in front of the entire camp that changed many perspectives about the rehearsal process and the quest for perfection of music.
You will have the once in a life time experience in talking to Slash one-on-one about the guitar and jamming on White Room and Sunshine of Your Love with Jack Bruce of Cream. Legendary guitarist Joe Walsh, who's band, The Eagles, is releasing a CD for the first time in 20 years, will also be on hand to give tips and jam with campers. To be in a room with this genius who has written and recorded some of the biggest anthems in Rock & Roll like Funk 49 (James Gang) and Life in the Fast Lane (Eagles) will be among the highlights or our 10th Anniversary Camp. Ive had the privilege to have spent lots of time with Joe over the years and his insight into the music has taught me more about rock and roll than anyone Ive ever worked with.
Of course, our Las Vegas celebration would not be complete without Roger Daltrey, the legendary front man for The Who! Roger has helped me create Rock Camp to what it has become today. This will be Rogers 4th Camp since 2002 and his tireless efforts and performances with the campers has given so many of our past attendees the extra push needed to bring music to the forefront of their lives. His passion about music has allowed many of the campers he's touched to find the happiness and passion they possessed inside of themselves to come out.
However, while were bringing this incredible array of talent to Las Vegas in November, the true superstars at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp are YOU, the Rockers who come to camp to work hard on your music regardless of whether you've played for one month or 35 years. Previous attendees come from all walks of life including students, housewives, hobbyists and captains of industry. The friends that you'll meet at the Camp and in your band will become lifelong friends because you all have one thing in common: The Music.
The work that our campers put into preparing themselves for this experience begins the moment you sign up when you begin to be treated like the Rock Star you've always wanted to be. We've eliminated the audition process so that immediately as you come to camp you enter a studio with your rock star counselors and you begin jamming to the 2 songs you were sent in advance from your counselor. After several days of rehearsing, jamming and preparing, you'll be ready to rock the stage at the House of Blues at the Mandalay Bay Hotel for the end of camp concert. The final concert in New York, now called Campalooza, proved to be the best ever. Take a look at what the Campers had to say minutes after leaving the stage at BB Kings.
I'm looking forward to welcoming all our campers, old and new, who truly want to live this once in a life time experience. To the spouses who give this as a gift, your creativity is amazing. At the last camp a wife gave her husband a plane ticket to New York City on the first day of camp and told him that were going to rock and roll fantasy camp. Another one of my favorite camper comments was from a couple who have attended a few camps and told me that this camp offers the best marital therapy: Where can my husband and I go away for 5 days together a relive our college sweetheart days and rock out all day.
Don't be left out! We had to turn away potential campers from the New York City Camp as the Camp sold out very quickly. Space in our incredible 10th Anniversary celebration is limited, so please call us now at 888-ROC-BAND or download the registration form here. As an added incentive, for those that sign up prior to October 1st, we are offering exclusive discounts of $750 for previous campers and $500 for new campers.

A feature on the recent RRFC NYC show can be found at:

There have been rumors circulating for months about Jeff Scott Soto and Talisman coming back to the UK to complete the 'Unfinished Sympathy Tour' however, for logistical reasons it won't be Talisman - but it will be the Jeff Scott Soto Band completing the final leg of their US/Australian tour here in the UK.
The shows scheduled are:
Saturday 24th November 2007 - Sheffield, The Corporation
Monday 26th November 2007 - Dudley, JB's
Tuesday 27th November 2007 - Glasgow, Cathouse
Wednesday 28th November 2007 - London, Islington Academy
Friday 30th November 2007 - Belfast, The Rosetta
All shows will feature a great support band - Crimes of Passion.

Vocalist Jeff Scott Soto (Ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Journey, Talisman) recently discussed his dismissal from Journey with The Classic Metal Show ( Here's an excerpt:
The Classic Metal Show – We read in the press release that you were let go from Journey because the band wants to go back to the "old sound". I'm curious what you were told when you were let go from the band.
Jeff Scott Soto – Actually, I can't go into too many specifics here because there are some pending things going back and forth, but what I can say is that I wasn't really told anything. I can't get into any kind of trouble by stating the true fact that I haven't spoken to any one of those guys since the last show that we did together, which was back in Virginia on May 12th. I left for Europe three days after that to start the Talisman farewell tour. Like I said, I haven't spoken to one guy in the band since that day. Nobody has bothered to call me, and it was all done through the management and through all their top people because they just didn't want to address it. Maybe they felt that I'd want to discuss it with them, and there just wasn't any grounds for discussion. It is what it is, and I was just kind of given the walking papers. The only thing I have to go on is exactly what you said. The press release states exactly that. They felt they needed someone that can live their legacy and do their catalog the way the fans have come to expect it. I honestly didn't see that when I was playing with them. As you said, we were kicking ass out there. Every show was just knocking them dead. It even got to the point where Def Leppard had to raise their game. They went out there and went, "Guys, they are playing before us. We can't slag tonight." Every night they were on top of their game, because they realized that if they slacked off for two seconds, everyone was going to go, "Journey beat them again tonight." It was a very good and healthy competition between the two bands, and God bless them for it. We're all getting up there in our years, but we all kind of felt like we were kids again going out there and doing those shows.
As far as I'm concerned, yeah…I was hurt being let go the way I was. I had a nice feeling about the band. I had a great respect for them, and I was so happy to be there. I looked forward to a nice, fruitful career with the band. That's why it hurt in being let go, but I'm not going to sit here and berate anybody and put anybody down. It's time for me to move on and it's time for them to move on. That's how I see it.
To download the interview, subscribe to The Best Of The CMS Podcast at

Updated Australian tour dates for Motorhead With special guests Rose Tattoo are:
Wednesday October 3 Brisbane Convention Centre
Friday October 5 Sydney Enmore Theatre
Saturday October 6 Newcastle Civic Theatre
Sunday October 7 Sydney Evan Theatre – Penrith Panthers New Show
Tuesday October 9 Melbourne The Forum Sold Out
Wed October 10 Melbourne The Forum New Show
Saturday October 13 Adelaide Thebarton Theatre
Tuesday October 16 Perth Challenge Stadium

Rewind Records are pleased to announce in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Sojourn Lookin' For More, the groups 1985 debut with ten bonus tracks predating album's sessions from 1982-1984. Sojourn's history is indeed a colorful one from appearing on the now legendary compilation 'Hot Nights In The City' to a prized spot opening for Mr. Mister.
This Utah foursome received radio airplay not only on a local level but throughout the United States and Europe making them one of the premier AOR bands of the day. 'Lookin' For More' will be released on Tuesday September 24th in association with AOR Heaven and will be available through all the usual outlets.




Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Feature Interview: Dennis DeYoung
The legendary Dennis DeYoung talks at length about his experiences in the business and his brand new acclaimed solo record and much more.

Dennis on revisiting his musical roots: "Look, after 1999 it's clear to me that I'm not in Styx anymore. So I felt I could do musically whatever felt comfortable to me. So I dragged out the old OB-8. When I was in the band the songs I wrote were by and large really written for the people in the band. By which I mean, for the talents that we had in the band, I wrote my songs specifically for the people that I knew were going to sing and play them. So on my solo album I didn't do that. I didn't even think like that, I just wrote songs. Now on this record, on some of the songs I thought to myself, well what would I do if I was still writing like that?
So when people do say that it sounds more like Styx I say well what are they talking about, the song, the arrangement, the production? Are they talking about the harmonies? I'm never sure what that means because Babe certainly doesn't sound like Mr. Roboto or The Grand Illusion to me. They're all very different and yet to me they're all part and parcel to Styx. When they say that about this album I think of it in a positive way because I think they're probably Styx fans."
Dennis on the use of trickery in music: "One thing I didn't put on the album is that no time or pitch correction was used in the recording of this record. I believe that if you can't go into a recording studio with multi-track recording at the state it is today and sing it line by line right, if you can't even do that I think you'd better go get another job."
Dennis on entertaining ourselves to death: "Believe it. There were no video games, there was no internet, there weren't two thousand magazines. There weren't all the distractions that modern culture inundates. We are entertaining ourselves to death. Music now competes with that so the attention span of the public is less than when our audience was growing up. We were central to their life. They looked to us to provide clues to the universe. We had none, but we tried. (laughter) We were as clueless about the universe as everybody else, which was the point of the Grand Illusion album. I was saying to people, 'hey look up here this is a grand illusion, we're clueless'. You know what I'm saying? This is entertainment. Don't think we know something that you don't know. We're just like you. In those days young people really made music central to their lives. Not as much today."
Dennis on modern music business: "Technology has always, always, changed the world and it will continue to do so. My son is my LD, my lighting designer and he's a drummer in a band and I said Matt, be really good at the lights. (laughter) Because people are always gonna need people to turn the lights off and on. Bands are tough. I know there're still going to be a million kids having a million dreams like I did and you can't stop them. But it's gonna be harder and harder for people to have real music careers."
Dennis on the obvious question of Styx: "I do a lot of interviews where people don't ask that question but there's rarely an interview where people don't reference Styx. I mean how could they not? It is my single greatest contribution to music to this date. And maybe forever, it's impossible to tell, but I think, look, the most hurtful thing, and there's still a lot of hurt.
The most hurtful thing to me is not even so much not being in the band anymore, which is plenty hurtful, but it's the simple fact that some miracle occurred, some bad miracle occurred, that when this all came down the fans of the band that I had given my life to, not the fans but the band, somehow the fans began choosing sides. It is to me the most obscene thing because the band was about all of us. It really was. If you look at the songs on the records, if you looked at the live performance, it was a balancing act, a difficult balancing act. Because you had a lot of people with talent and everyone's grabbing for that same golden ring, which is, it's human nature Andrew, which is 'I'm the most special'. Isn't that human nature?
But you keep it together because the collective is certainly the most important thing. So I've said this over and over again, I want the fans, the true fans of Styx and I mean true fans, to know that if you liked the band you liked it because of all of us. I mean that. No, I liked Lennon and McCartney best of all the Beatles, but I loved the Beatles because they were special together. That's my view of Styx. Man, rejoice in the music that we created together because we did create it together."

Read the full interview now! Dennis DeYoung - 4 Decades Of Influence.

Ok, after much conjecture and continued delays - we finally have Loverboy release dates for the new studio album Just Getting Started. From the band's record label Rock Star Music comes this good news: "Big news on the Loverboy front too... fans of the mega-band are thrilled with the release of their highly anticipated new album, entitled Just Getting Started, which hits stores on October 23rd in Canada, and November 7th in the U.S.!!! RockSTAR Music Corp. is pleased to announce that the brand new Loverboy album will be available in the U.S. exclusively at Wal-Mart!"
I hope to have a copy of the CD very soon to be able to preview for eagerly waiting fans! Stay in touch at: and


Outlaws (and former Lynyrd Skynyrd) guitarist Hughie Thomossan has died suddenly. All the information and fan reaction to this sad passing can be found at:
This is a sad day for fans of the guitarist and my deepest sympathies to out to his family and band mates. R.I.P hughie.

Jeff Scott Soto just completed a 30 minute interview with NY DJ Eddie Trunk which can be downloaded in MP3 format via this link: Jeff talks about his time with Journey, the new solo record and upcoming solo live dates, including MelodicRockFest on October 6.

There is a brand new episode of Cara's Basement available for your listening pleasure - either online or via iTunes.
Kevin Chalfant has one of the most amazing singing voices and he's also one of the nicest guys in the music business. You can hear his velvet voice and his unique story right now in Cara's Basement. He shares some funny stories about performing mishaps and offers an inside view of the music industry. You can subscribe to this Podcast via iTunes or simply listen at or on MySpace (where you also get to see a cool blast-from-the-past video from The Storm, one of many rock groups he's fronted).
Kevin Chalfant recently paid tribute to Journey - you have to hear it to appreciate just how amazing he nails their songs. And he is part of the amazing MelodicRockFest lineup in South Bend, Indiana on October 6. We talk about that upcoming concert among other things in Cara's Basement.

Gunnar Nelson will be on WAOR later today (Sept. 11) - 4pm East Coast US time talking about Scrap Metal and the MR Festival.

Just one more reminder about upcoming Stan Bush solo dates for the Uk. They are:
Oct 5th at Rio's, Leeds, UK.
Oct 6th at Rock City, Nottingham, UK.
Stan also plays Germany September 30 at the United Forces Of Rock festival

Fatal Smile are very proud to announce that the legendary Michael Wagener will be handling the mixing duties on their new album Primed & Ready. Michael Wagener have produced & engineered recordings with acts like Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Ozzy Osbourne, Skid Row that has sold over 50 million copies worldwide. So expect a killer album from The Fatals that will be released in early 2008.
The album includes the following 12 ass kicking songs: Primed & Ready, I Do Z, Fatal Smile, Six String Gun, Eve Of War, S.O.B., Stranger, Too Far Down For Hell, Out Of My Head, Pissed Off, No Tomorrow, Run For Your Life.
Fatal Smile Live In Italy...
The Fatals will be kicking some serious ass in Italy together with Girlschool on the following dates & venues:
Oct 25 Jailbreak - Roma
Oct 26 Lucille - Verona
Oct 27 Rock Planet - Pinarella (RA)

The Tribute to Led Zeppelin CD is now available for pre-order. It will drop Sept. 18tand there are some great players on this CD. Vocalists include: Bobby Kimball (Toto), Glen Hughes (Purple/Sabbath), Don Dokken (Dokken), Kevin Dubrow (Quiet Riot), and Jeff Scott Soto (Yngwie Malmsteen), Alex Ligertwood (Santana), Robin McCauley (Schenker/MSG) and more. Also showing up on guitars Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake), Gilby Clarke (GNR), Bruce Kulick (Kiss) Steve Fister (Lita Ford), Bill Leverty, (Firehouse) and many more.
Produced by Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot) and also playing on bass Tony Franklin (The Firm). Go to to purchase before it sells out. Also do not forget our other artists Marco Mendoza, Taylor Mills, Steve Ferrone and Jeff Young. Live shows in Los Angeles with Steve Fister and our annual Namm show announcements coming up. Good luck to Andrew and his Scrap Metal show. We feature only the best players on the planet!




Monday, September 10, 2007

Last call for those wishing to get the additional Bonus Tracks for pre-ordering the MRCD4 2CD Compilation. The set is currently at the manufacturer and will be delivered next Monday for shipping out to all those that pre-ordered.
Full details of the 7 extra bonus tracks and the compilation itself can be found at the MRCD4 Page.
Once the CD is released officially - next Monday - the bonus tracks will no longer be available. Those that have been waiting to purchase the CD Set at Melodic Rock Fest will get access to the bonus tracks.


Speaking of MelodicRockFest - one question was not answered with Friday's show update. The use of small digital cameras will be allowed. I know many are hoping for photo opportunities with some of the artists attending the show, so this will be fine!
Tickets for the show, which is now under 4 weeks away - can be purchased via:

A select few in Los Angeles were invited to a Van Halen rehearsal over the weekend. The comments posted at various online points certainly helps build anticipation. For those that haven't seen, the comments have been posted:
Photo's from the rehearsal can be seen at:

Dante Fox will be appearing at "Rock Of Ages" festival at the Palace in Tamworth as special guests to UK rockers Girlschool on Saturday 8th September. Its a charity event in aid of Cancer research The Dante Fox set will extensively feature the latest album Under The Seven Skies recently released on Frontiers Records and live favourites from the First Two albums Under Suspicion and The Fire Within.
Dante Fox will also be appearing at;
5th October - Rock City Nottingham (special guests to Stan Bush)
6th October - Rio's Leeds - (special guests to Stan Bush) 12th October - The Marlbro Club - Ilfracombe
For further information please visit or

San Diego, California heavy metal band Cage have announced the addition of drummer Norm Leggio, formerly of the legendary prog-metal band Psychotic Waltz as the band's newest member.
Norm Leggio previously performed on all Psychotic Waltz releases between 1986 - 1996 (Aslan demo; Psychotic Waltz demo; A Social Grace; Into The Everflow; Mosquito and Bleeding).
He also is the owner of San Diego, California all metal record store Blue Meannie Records in El Cajon, California.
In addition, he was the co-host of the metal radio show Another State Of Mind on San Diego, California Clear Channel radio station Rock 105.3 FM for many years.
Cage vocalist Sean Peck states 'To say we are totally excited is an understatement! Norm brings an entirely new level of drumming to our band that will definitely be noticed immediately at all of our upcoming shows and in our new material we are already hard at work on. We have been friends with Norm for a long time and it is very cool to have him in the CAGE family. We know our fans will be stoked to hear and witness his amazing hand speed and tasty fills. I know he is excited to be heading out on the road again to greet all the Cage and Psychotic Waltz fans around the heavy metal world'.
WebLink: /

This short update from vocalist Michael Bormann: "The recordings to the successor of Conspiracy are booked for middle October. They'll take place in the RMB Studios.
So far on board: Chris Ivo, Andreas Rippelmeier, Tommy Denander, Niklas Olsson, Eric Ragno, Frederik Bergh. I am so much looking forward to it! The release is planned for January/February 2008!"

Press Release / Rhino's 4-disc HEAVY METAL box is the most comprehensive anthology of the influential genre ever. Featuring legendary stars from multiple labels, the box's size lives up its thundering sound – arranged chronologically, it collects 70 classic tracks tracing the evolution of metal through its first golden age, 1968-1991. Encompassing proto-metalists, hard rock icons, thrashers, progressive acts, speedsters, pop-metal MTV favorites, and more, a who's who of masters get their due. The box also boasts essays from Ronnie James Dio and Lita Ford, plus and a detailed history of metal by Mick Wall.
Surveying the last years covered by the box, Wall concludes, "metal had come full circle to the point where it was simultaneously driven by so many new categories and subgenres that you needed an encyclopedia to make sense of it all – and yet it was more universally popular than ever before." The same could be said today – so fly your devil horn salutes and crank it to 11 for five hours of musical mayhem.
On 4CDs, 70 chronologically ordered tracks from metal's biggest names, spanning the genre's seminal golden age, 1968 to 1991.
Over five hours of maximum force, from multiple labels.
Limited edition packaging to look like an amplifier, complete with an authentic Marshall knob you can crank to 11!
Massive booklet features exhaustive liner notes by metal expert Mick Wall, the essay Deliver Us From Evil – How Metal Came To Be Mixed Up With Magic by UK journalist & author Chris Welch, and in-depth track-by-track commentary.
Plus, hard rock icon Ronnie James Dio on metal's infamous mano cornuta salute – aka "the horns" – recollections from "first lady of metal" Lita Ford, an interview with metal radio godfather Eddie Truck, artist tributes, photos, and more.

MR-X has been updated. Online today is the full Rockline interview with Joe Lynn Turner and Howie Simon, including a performance of 5 acoustic tracks. Very cool show and this is the best quality audio I could find. Also online is audience recordings of the Come Together - Concert For Brad Delp sets from RTZ, Extreme and Boston.
The following new Video Clips are online: T-Ride - Zombies From Hell, The Almighty - Little Lost Sometimes, Bang Tango - 20th Century Boy, Lovemongers - Battle For Evermore.
MR-X Membership Details.




Thursday, September 06, 2007

Rick Springfield fans can get excited at plans by BMG Japan to issue JVC K 24-bit remasters of his classic catalogue, including the albums Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet, Living In OZ, Hard To Hold, Tao and Rock Of Life.
Working Class Dog will also be re-issued, but will feature the American 2006 master, including the 3 bonus tracks. All other titles will feature the fresh 24-Bit master. No bonus tracks are to be included with these remasters. Each release will be housed in the Cardboard sleeve packaging, popular with many Japanese only re-issues.
The release date for all 6 remasters is October 24. Folks can order directly from Japan via CD Japan or HMV Japan, or await import stocks from regular suppliers.

On a related note - a nice little bit of press for Rick on his Australian tour appeared on this week. It reads:
How Good Is Rick Springfield? By Paul Cashmere - August 31 2007
"Believe it or not, Rick Springfield's current Australian tour as a part of Countdown Spectacular 2 is the very first time the pop star/actor has toured his native Australia and guess what … he was fantastic. Springfield was the headline act for Countdown Spectacular 2 and gave the audience a rock show complete with a smashing guitar and decapitated roses.
The real surprise was how powerful the performance was, leading to many a question today about when and if he will ever do his own shows in his own country.
Springfield opened with a tsunami charged version of 'Affair of the Heart', went into 'Don't Talk To Strangers', performed his 1971 solo hit 'Speak To The Sky' and finished with the signature song 'Jessie's Girl'. For Springfield fans in his adopted USA, he finally performed a song on his soap opera General Hospital. Rick played two characters in the show last week, Eli Love, Rock Star and his regular Dr. Noah Drake.
In the show, Eli is told he will never perform again. Dr Drake steps in and pretended to be Drake so that the concert could go ahead. Eli/Noah performed 'Who Killed Rock 'n' Roll' in the show. The song will feature on Rick's next album, due in 2008."

You've read his Blog entry already wishing Wolfgang Van Halen the best on tour this year, now the former Van Halen bassist opens up to Rolling Stone Magazine, in a new interview online now. Check it out at:

Good news from Rik Emmett. His Airtime rock project might see the light of day this side of Christmas. Says Rik: "We've finally made a deal for Airtime in Japan [yeah!] but I'll hold off 'til next month to give you details, as we're closing in on a European deal as well as solidifying our own approach for North America. I can tell you there will be product available before Christmas - probably looking at a November 21 release date."

From the believe it or not file comes this update from Z Records -
"The new Black 'N Blue album is still very much on, despite many set backs due to studio closures, label scheduling delays, and scheduling problems for members of the band.
The good news is that Hell Yeah will be released. All good things are worth waiting for, and "Hell Yeah" will not disappoint. The band could have rushed the recording, but Jaime and company wanted to release a grade A product as do Z. Jaime has sent the following message for fans...
"Listen up rock fans!! I can't say how much it sucks that the Black 'N Blue Hell Yeah CD has taken about 400 years to be released, but Z Records will get it out as soon as it's finished. It's not my fault but I will take the blame. There are no rules in rock my friends, but I hate the fact that I have kept you waiting. It will happen. Love, Jaime St. James"
Further news regarding the 2008 release will be posted when available at

A short press statement has been released from House Of Lords regarding their 2007 tour plans:
"Currently the upcoming world tour had to be postponed due to some logistical reasons. House Of Lords needed to set things back a few months as plans for the new album, and their execution took longer than anticipated. House Of Lords WILL tour the world, but this will be probably start during spring 2008. You can also expect a new album release from the band in 2008, the highly anticipated album following their latest masterpiece World Upside Down.
I can guarantee it will all be worth the wait as we are looking into an extensive tour around the globe where you all can enjoy House Of Lords in places they've never been before and of course in some places we've been invited again. Currently the only official confirmed show in 2007 for House Of Lords will be on Oct, 7th 2007, in Wigan, UK, as second on the bill of the Z Rock 2007 fest.
Further details will be found on House Of Lord's website

And from Z Records - "James Christian, lead vocalist of House of Lords was asked to send us a comment regarding the bands forthcoming appearance at Z Rock 07, James is one of the true Gents in the business and actually went one further by sending us an audio file for fans to hear, now that is the personal touch. Check it out at"

Iron Maiden announce their most ambitious and extraordinary touring plans ever -- and are very pleased to announce that this will include Australia for the first time in 15 years!
The 'Somewhere Back In Time' World Tour 2008 will be in three sections, starting in February and March 2008 with the first leg encompassing major concerts in 20 selected cities on five continents in seven weeks including India, Japan, North America, Central and South America, and, of course, Australia, opening in Perth on Feb 4 and continuing through Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane:
Somewhere Back In Time, Australia 2008
Monday 4th, Burswood Dome, Perth
Wednesday 6th, Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
Saturday 9th, Acer Arena, Sydney
Tuesday 12th, Entertainment Centre, Brisbane
The tour then continues with more concerts in North America in late May and June before finishing with a third leg in July and August encompassing major stadiums and festivals all over Europe. During the tour the band is expected to play to well over one and a half million fans and travel close to 100,000 miles.
In an historic first, Iron Maiden, their 60-strong crew and support staff and over 12 tons of equipment will be travelling around the world en masse for the first leg of the tour in a specially commissioned and converted Astraeus Boeing 757 decorated with Maiden and Eddie designs! Vocalist Bruce Dickinson, who is a qualified Airline Captain flying for Astraeus Airlines, will pilot the plane on its epic mission, flying over 50,000 miles.
Comments Bruce Dickinson, "We had the idea last year of converting a jumbo jet into effectively what would be a flying 113 ton 'splitter bus' for touring and we have been working seriously on it ever since. It's pretty complex but in the end we were able, with a lot of help from Astraeus Airlines, to overcome all the technicalities of customising the plane for our purposes. We are taking out the back 10 rows of seats to fit in a customised cargo hold that we can use again in the future if this jaunt works. This is in addition to all the standard storage holds. By taking band, personnel and equipment in one form of transport it makes all the touring so much easier and overcomes the logistical difficulty of people and equipment going in different planes. We can even work out exactly how big our carbon footprint is and take care of that responsibility! We will be packing as much of the show into the plane as we possibly can for this first leg and intend to give the fans something very special to remember. And it allows me to combine 2 of my greatest passions, music and flying!!"
To tie in with forthcoming 2008 releases on DVD of the classic 'Live After Death' and 'Maiden England' concert videos (more details coming soon) this tour, aptly entitled 'Somewhere Back In Time', will revisit the band's history by focusing almost entirely on the 80's in both choice of songs played and the stage set, which will be based around the legendary Egyptian Production of the 1984-85 'Powerslave Tour'. This will arguably be the most elaborate and spectacular show the band have ever presented, and will include some key elements of their Somewhere In Time tour of 1986/7, such as the Cyborg Eddie.

Steve Harris comments; "On the last tour we opened the show by playing our new album 'A Matter of Life and Death' in its 80 minute entirety. We thought we needed the challenge and it proved the right thing to do. However, it can be hard on the fans playing so much new material and we really appreciated the superb support they gave us. So now l guess it's payback time. It's tremendous to be able to use the profile of the DVDs to do what is effectively an 80's show. It will be enormous fun and by changing the approach to the songs we play tour by tour it keeps it fresh and interesting for both the band and the fans alike. l think 'Powerslave' was an incredible show with the Egyptian theme and look forward to seeing it all again myself. We have been planning this for a few years and hoping to take it to Australia -- so we are all delighted that it has now worked out. I would also like to say that we are all are very grateful to our loyal fans in Oz who have kept the Maiden flag flying all these years and we are sorry to have disappointed you for so long. Thanks and see you there"
Rod Smallwood, Iron Maiden's Manager, further commented; "Following Bruce's various hints from on stage this last year about our plans for 2008 ("We are taking some time off to build some pyramids!"), fans have been pestering me for details of the tour and especially asking which songs from that era will be played. That may be as easy as a run in the hills but we will keep our aces close to our chest on this issue. I know it would only take a couple of minutes but at this stage of planning, I'd have to be clairvoyant to know what they will do. I'm sure though it will be no revelation for you that we intend to make up for those wasted years by visiting a large number of hallowed metal venues around the world. Historically 'Powerslave' was an incredibly important album for the band and it would be madness if we didn't give the fans a taste of the full on Iron Maiden show from that time. With our jumbo there really is no rime nor reason why the band cannot now visit fans almost everywhere as many have been real troopers to have waited this long. Heaven only knows what the band will choose but if l could and did tell you now l would have to shoot you! You'll all have to be patient and see. But it will be spectacular. No fear!!"

Historically, this will be Maiden's fourth Australian Tour having first toured in 1982 when 'The Number of the Beast' was Australia's number one album, then again in 1985 with the original 'Powerslave' show and most recently in 1992 with 'Fear of the Dark'. However a great deal has happened with the band since then, especially in recent years when ticket sales have continued to explode around the world as the band's loyal fan base continues to flourish. As Maiden have never had airplay or much video channel exposure anywhere in the world their popularity spread mainly by word of mouth on the back of a legacy of many great albums and an awesome live reputation With the ever increasing power of the internet the Maiden legend has fired the imagination of new young fans around the planet, and, although their audience spans two generations, it is now predominantly a young one, inspired by the massive legacy and influence of this unique band (and, of course, Eddie).
To allow Iron Maiden fans in Australia to get right up close to the band, the fan club are organising advance booking of tickets for members and running a special draw for them whereby 60 winners and friend at each show will be given first access to the venue and be first to the stage barrier. Full details will be on
Tickets go on sale to the public 9am Thursday 27th September, but members of the Iron Maiden fan club get exclusive first access to purchase tickets from 12 noon Thursday 20th September through to 12 noon Monday 24th September. More details soon!

Nationally-distributed rock label seeking up and coming, unsigned, and established Christian/religious rock and metal bands of all types for forthcoming Compilation focused on and marketed to the Christian Rock/Metal Community. Each participating band will receive a pic and bio in the CD booklet, as well as 20 promos of the CD. The comp. will also feature current/former members of well-known rock/metal acts. Please include a myspace or related web link with any inquiry, and send all inquiries/submissions to

Here is the latest update from drummer Bobby Jarzombek as posted on his MySpace site:
First off - good news for all you Halford maniacs stateside! If you haven't picked up the import version already, 'Metal God Essentials Vol. 1' will finally be in stores via Metal God Entertainment/Super D Independent Distribution on September 11; copies are also available directly from Rob's webstore at . I just got mine the other day and the digipak version looks awesome - very nice packaging! In addition to the audio CD, which includes two new studio tracks, 'Forgotten Generation' and 'Drop Out', there is also a DVD with all the Halford promo videos and other visuals so you definitely get your money's worth.
On the live front, I'll be back with Sebastian Bach for the Edge Fest 2007, set to take place Saturday, September 22 on the Altamont Fairgrounds, Altamont, New York. '(Love Is) A Bitchslap', the first single off 'Angel Down', featuring co-lead vocals by Axl Rose of Guns 'N Roses, has an official radio impact date of September 4 - yesterday! Axl is contributing vocals on three of the album's songs — 'Bitchslap', our cover of Aerosmith's 'Back In the Saddle', and 'Stuck Inside.' The album is set for release on November 20 through a joint venture between Merovingian Music, Ltd. (MRV) and Sebastian's Get Off My Bach Productions, distributed worldwide through the Caroline/EMI Music Group. For a brand new, comprehensive interview with Sebastian about 'Angel Down' click here.
After doing the Evolution Fest with Fates Warning last July, I'm going back out with Jim Matheos and the guys in November for a short European tour. Confirmed dates so far are as follows (more shows are in the works - stay tuned for venues and dates):
Nov. 10 - Zoetermeer, Netherlands
Nov. 11 - Frankfurt, Germany
Nov. 12 - Hamburg, Germany
Nov. 14 - Ludwigsburg, Germany
Nov. 15 - Cologne, Germany
Nov. 16 - Weert, Netherlands
Nov. 17 - Helendoorn, Netherlands
Last but not least, check out the new Rob Rock disc, 'Garden of Chaos', which came out in Japan on August 22 via Victor Entertainment/JVC Music; the import version, which comes with different artwork, is available from CD Japan for fairly low dough. It will be issued in Europe on September 23 through AFM Records and in North America on October 23 through Candlelight Records. I played on all but one song on Rob's last album, 'Holy Hell', and I'm on two tracks, 'This Time is the Last Time' and 'Ride the Wind', this time around. Once again my good friend and Halford band mate Roy Z, who also helmed the Sebastian Bach album, co-produced and wrote most of the songs.

Just a couple of things - MRCD4 is currently at the production plant, but things are going a little slower than anticipated, so stock won't be in my hands to ship out until the week commencing Monday 17th. Sorry for the delay.
And this week's MR-X update will be online Monday rather than tomorrow. Stay tuned for the MelodicRockFest show update...




Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ten frontman Gary Hughes is currently working hard to put finishing touches to his forthcoming solo album entitled Veritas, Latin word for "Truth".
The new CD is taking shape in the Arena studios in Lancashire, UK and according to Hughes, "the songs on this album are among the strongest I have ever written in my lifetime".
Veritas feels like the natural successor to Precious Ones, Gary Hughes' last solo output dated 1998. This time around Gary used a different array of players to enhance the diversity of the album.
"I have gone for a variety of music styles with regard to musicians this time around", explains Gary, "drummer Dave Ingledew and bass player Rick Stewart are currently members of British Dark Metal band Devil To Pay, Jason Robinson is the drummer with Alternative Metal band Absent Minds, whilst Simon Brayshaw is the bass player with British Blues outfit Nightshift. From the Ten ranks, Chris Francis contributes with leadwork once again and John Halliwell has taken acoustic guitar duties as usual." Gary is playing keyboards and caring for all the orchestrations.
"Given the long awaited nature this album and the anticipation already beginning I have been working really hard to make this album the best I possibly can" concludes Gary "we could be sitting on a truly outstanding piece of product, and maybe a yardstick for my future releases."
Frontiers Records plans to release Veritas in November, with more info to be released at a later stage.


Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the signing of the Finnish Melodic Metal band Leverage for a multi album deal.
Finnish Heavy Rock has of course long traditions, but this type of old school melodic heavy rock with a shade of progressive flavour hasn't been heard from Finnish bands before.
Leverage debut album Tides created a real underground wave among the fans during 2006. Winner of the "Best Metal / Prog" album of the year award on (and getting great reviews all around the net), the band's music offers a variety and exciting Melodic Metal formula with powerful vocals (courtesy of singer Pekka Heino, also known for his stint with Brother Firetribe) and killer guitars.
Tides charted in Leverage home country, Finland, reaching the general Top 30 in the first 2 weeks of release.
"This is not a boy band, a studio band, a wannabe-band, project band or whatever fake band. Leverage is a true and honest heavy rock band, for the love of heavy rock!" states vocalist and main songwriter Pekka, and you can bet these guys are definitely one of the musical upcoming brightest stars around.
Leverage are: Pekka Heino :: vocals; Tuomas Heikkinen :: guitar; Torsti Spoof :: guitar; Marko Niskala :: keyboards; Pekka Lampinen :: bass; Valtteri Revonkorpi :: drums.
Check out Superstition, a sample from Tides and judge it on your own!
Leverage spent the entire months July and August in the studio to wrap up the follow up to Tides. The new album will be released on Frontiers in early 2008, with a re-release in selected European countries on the band's monster debut album Tides in mid-price line with bonus tracks! Stay tuned for more updates!


Danny Vaughn and Fabrizio Grossi have started demoing new songs for the second From The Inside album. This time the guys have decided to adopt more of a songwriting union approach that has brought plenty of killer new tracks such as "1st Century", "Listen To Your Heart", "Push Me Off", "Telemetry", "Making Waves", "Moment To Moment" and "Light Years". More songs have been supplied by Joey Carbone (Vertigo, Joseph Williams) and twins Tom and James Martin (Ted Poley, Khymera, House of Lords).
The recording lineup this time will include Jimi Bell (House of Lords) on guitars, Eric Ragno (Takara, Ramos) on keyboards and Pete Lobo on drums with final mix to be handled by Dennis Ward.
Fans of the debut album can expect a top rate production and improved songwriting. Frontiers hopes to release the album before the Summer 2008.


Bassist Mat Sinner sent us his track by track comments for the songs included on the forthcoming Primal Fear album New Religion due out on September 19 on Frontiers Records. Enjoy the insight!

Sign Of Fear - We wanted to create a very unusual introduction for the album: like a metal band with a kind of orchestra tuning or like Dire Straits did with Money For Nothing. We wanted to create a moment when people are listening very concentrated on what comes next! Of course, we wanted to start the album with a fast paced heavy track. All the people who thought that Primal Fear is getting more & more a pop band should get a kick in their butt with the first song! In my first demo version, my own vocals were based an octave lower, but Ralf is the master of screams and he delivered in an unbelievable way! For a part of the lead guitar on this song, we recruited my good friend Magnus Karlsson, Ralf gave me a lead vocal part in the Middle 8 part and we shot a video clip for this song!
Face The Emptiness - One thing counts for sure on the new album – we worked hard as never before on Ralf's lead vocals and overall on this album, in my view it's by far his best performance in his entire career! Face The Emptiness shows exactly this statement, in a sovereign manner. What a great chorus line. Here we used the first little orchestration, conducted by me and maestro Matz Ulmer on a basic idea by guitarist Stefan Leibing. The rhythm of the song is very complicated and it was a tough time for Randy and me recording the rhythm section, but it worked out great, always with the fine ears of co-producer Charlie Bauerfeind.
Everytime It Rains - Seventh album and again we planned to go another big step ahead with our musical claim. What we'