STEVE PERRY - No Erasin' (Single Review)

The first line of No Erasin’ says it all – I know its been a long time comin’… - the same line Steve Perry teased fans with just yesterday. Who thought we’d be listening to the first single and watching the new video just 24hrs later?
No Erasin’ is a triumphant return – Steve’s first new song in 20 years – and it’s classic Perry all the way. This is a GREAT song. That’s the most important aspect. It’s a personal message, which I will presume is going to be the continued theme of the album as a whole.
The voice? It’s there, it’s absolutely there. It’s different, yet so familiar.
Twenty years since we last heard Steve on record and you can hear the differences. In the same way Steve’s voice matured from the insanely high notes of Escape and Frontiers, to the deeper and more soulful Street Talk, Trial By Fire and Strange Medicine albums, so to has it further matured to be an understandably older voice. Raspier and yes, more fallible, but each time I play this song I have to pause afterwards and just appreciate how good he still sounds.
The production is first rate – the mix is exquisite, and every musical nuance can be heard. On the surface it seems a pretty simple song, but depth comes with time and there is so much depth here. From the classic Steve Perry soul-harmonies of his solo work and the many layers of backing vocals, to the vocal inflections such as at 1.05 and 1.40 in the song – it’s just classic “solo” Perry all the way. And the melody bridge at 3.50 – perfection.
The video is a joy to watch, just look at Steve’s face – you know he’s loving this and you can feel it.
It’s a huge sound. It may not be the faster, heavier album intro that was You Better Wait and it may well be that the album is fairly laid back and ballad heavy, but with this raspy tone and the personal lyrical style Steve does, that makes for a really compelling album and I can’t wait to hear more.
Putting aside the fanboy happiness to hear Steve back again, this single has already surpassed my expectations. Thank you Steve Perry.