Toto (2006)



Toto - The 2006 Interviews




Bobby Kimball (Lead Vocals)

"Sorry, but I had to get a baseball bat and kill Joseph Williams. YIKES!!!!! Not really, OK? I loved having all the guys share the vocals, as it's been a Toto trademark from the beginning to have vocal trade-offs. Our signature songs are done with multiple vocalists, case in point: Africa, Rosanna etc. I really like to mix it up and show the different sides of the band vocally. If ya got it, flaunt it."

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David Paich (Keyboards / Lead Vocals)

"Not many requests for runway modeling lately. Actually, I want to take this opportunity to thank all the support from various organizations that were associated with this type of thing. Unfortunately Mr. Lukather's attempt at humor was taken to heart by many who actually have to deal with these kind of personal burden..."

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Greg Phillinganes

"I've known most of the guys for at least 25 years and I've worked on several different projects over those years with Dave, Luke, Simon and Jeff. When I started touring with them, our relationship intensified as we were able to spend more time together but there was no big adjustment. It was an instant fit."

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Steve Lukather (Guitars / Lead Vocals)

"I mean, here we go with this small indie label that is making fools out of Sony and EMI. I don't know what they are doing, but they are working very hard and they have put a lot of time and money and effort into it and we're doing great. We did the biggest TV show in Germany; we are doing TV even in America!
It's just weird man; we're just taking this trip. We tried as hard as we could and now all these things are happening. For a bunch of old guys, we are just tripping…in a really positive way."

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