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Rik Emmett & RESolution9 - RES9 (Review)

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Rik Emmett
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Blues / Rock
I don’t think I could have put into words the excitement I felt as knowing Canadian legend Rik Emmett was set to deliver a new “rock’ album after several years of more laid back, blues/acoustic styled releases.
His solo debut Absolutely remains one of my favourite melodic rock albums of all time and Triumph is one of the greatest ever Canadian rock bands, and there’s plenty to choose from.
Anyway, Rik’s voice is effortless to listen to and his guitar work quite marvellous.
Then the guests were announced – James LaBrie, Alex Liefson and even a track with the Triumph guys!
Expectations were set to overload, which is why I’ve come down to earth with such a thud.
Opening with the rocker Stand Still, it sounded like everything I wanted was about to be delivered. The shimmering bluesy rocker has the feel of Absolutely and then the glorious melodic rock of Human Race (feat. Alex Lifeson) was hugely satisfying.
Making it three from three is the big ballad I Sing (feat. James LaBrie), again touching on Rik’s old sound.
But it is here that the album unravelled for me.
First, following the ballad just gone was two more ballads – but both slow bluesy number that I’ve simply heard enough of from Rik.
Then a third laid back track (making 4 in a row) is a Santana styled bluesy guitar opus only to be followed by another slow acoustic blues number that frankly has zero interest to me.
So that’s half the album all bundled together that I have no interest in and isn’t anything like the rock album that was promoted.
Heads Up gathers a little pace finally and can be called a rock track. It’s ok, nothing like the opening two gems.
Rest of My Life continues the laid back theme, as does End of the Line (feat. Alex Lifeson & James LaBrie). At least this track has guitars turned up. It’s more a bluesy rock jam, with no emphasis on hook or chorus.
And then comes the biggest disappointment of all. The Triumph reunion on Grand Parade. It is a slow, acoustic driven blues ballad that just doesn’t go anywhere. I can’t believe it. The guys are just wasted.

Sorry Rik, as much as there is some fine musicianship on this (to be expected), the songwriting remains placid and ultimately unsatisfying. It’s way too laid back and should not be promoted as a rock record, aside from 3, maybe 4 of the tracks.
The guitar work is amazing, but the bluesy direction and the lack of energy makes this one of 2016’s biggest disappointments.



RIK EMMETT's RESolution9 Revealed

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RES 9 Management along with Mascot Label Group is pleased to announce that Rik Emmett and his new band, RESolution9, have just delivered an album of 11 brand new rockers as part of a multi-album, worldwide deal. The album, entitled RES 9, is tentatively slated to be released through Mascot Label Group in November 2016.
The members of RESolution9 are from Rik's touring quartet: Dave Dunlop on guitar, Steve Skingley on bass, and Paul DeLong on drums, with Dave and Steve co-producing the project.
Much of the album was recorded and mixed at Mississauga's famed MetalWorks Studios, where Rik enjoyed a profoundly comfortable re-connectivity to his own roots. In fact, the other two founding members of Triumph (Gil Moore and Mike Levine, from the trio that received 18 gold and 9 platinum awards in Canada and the U.S. in the 70's & 80's) reunite with Rik as special guests on "The Grand Parade," a song that conjures 1979's "Suitcase Blues."
Additionally, legendary guitarist Alex Lifeson of Rush performs on two stellar tracks, with James LaBrie of Dream Theater contributing extraordinary guest vocals on two cuts as well.
Canadian Rock and Juno Hall of Famer Rik Emmett says, "I'm really happy and grateful that Mascot Label Group gave our band complete freedom, and trusted us to do our best. Some might see this as a comeback record, but I’m really proud of the vitality the band generated. For me, it's always about the songwriting - how the melodies and sonic landscapes capture the storytelling."
A more detailed press release will be issued by Mascot Label Group once the album secures its formal release date. Fans can visit and for more information.

Exclusive - RIK EMMETT Project Boasts TRIUMPH Reunion & More

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MelodicRock Exclusive:
I can exclusively reveal a few details behind Canadian legend RIK EMMETT's new project. The album is due out later this year, but will not be under Rik's name, rather the moniker RES9 (RIK EMMETT RESOLUTION 9) in it's expanded form.
Recently Rik and the other members of TRIUMPH posted a picture of the trio working together in the studio on a song for Rik's album.
I can now deliver the news that the trio are recording THREE new TRIUMPH songs for the project.
But that's not all. There are some other very special guests on the RES9 project - Rush guitarist ALEX LIFESON and Dream Theater vocalist JAMES LABRIE!
There is a lot of effort being put into this behind the scenes, stay tuned for more!

InTheStudio - RUSH Creates Permanent Waves With Eighth Album

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
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RUSH Creates Permanent Waves With Eighth Album
Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart Examine US Radio Breakthrough

Dallas, TX - January 27, 2015.  North American syndicated Rock radio show and website InTheStudio: The Stories Behind Historys Greatest Rock Bands journeys back to a pivotal moment in the history of the band Rush to examine the 1980 release of Permanent Waves.

Four years before the dawn of MTV and almost two decades before the internet revolutionized the music industry, Rush sold more than a million copies of 1978s Hemispheres  album and sold out 10,000 seat arenas primarily on word-of-mouth and relentless touring.

The hard rock trio faced obstacles at every turn and at every phase of their career, but the adversity only seemed to increase the collective resolve of Rush. 1980 would be a turning point and game changer. Rush, who had been mean spiritedly criticized by the rock press and ignored by the majority of radio in the western hemisphere would deliver Permanent Waves, the breakthrough that would unleash a streamlined, more modern-sounding Rush and deliver their first legitimate hits The Spirit of the Radio and Free Will. Geddy Lee shares with InTheStudio host Redbeard the deliberate move Rush made musically 35 years ago.
We were happy with the challenge to write twenty minute pieces... Wed done it a number of times, and we felt it was almost becoming a cross to bear for us in a way. It was almost limiting us...We sort of tried to get back to our original desires as songwriters. I think we wanted to become a little more concise.  - Geddy Lee

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