Cage (2007)


Cage: Destroying Hell Once Again.

San Diego based metal band Cage don't short change fans when it comes to quality material and an all-round quality package. The new album is Hell Destroyer and frontman Sean Peck talks things over...

How are things with you mate?
I'm in beautiful San Diego, CA which you can relate to being where you're at. It's another wonderful day to be alive man, you know how it is.

I want to do the interview as a sort of introduction to the band - just for those who are on my site and might be more melodically minded and haven't been exposed to the band. You been around for several years now and you're making a good name for yourselves but where did it start?
Well basically, two bands in San Diego broke up. The bands were Nomad and Crusher. They were both kind of like heavy metal or power metal bands back in the early nineties. Members of both of those bands came together to form cage. It's funny because we just released online the old material from both of those bands on iTunes so people can go back and hear like where everything came from.

Yeah I saw that. That's cool.
Yeah, we figured since we had everything archived our American label DA Records said let's put that out and make some money on it. So we said, you know what, let's do it. It's kinda cool that that stuff didn't go to waste and we've got kind of a legacy because both bands were really good back in their day. So those two bands broke up and the band was formed based on a love for heavy metal itself. I was to the point where, being in America, it was hard to find any new heavy metal sound like we were just coming out of and the band Fight, you know Halford's one word band was kinda really the blueprint that we created this thing to sound like. That really, like I said, was a blueprint and we wrote songs really just for the self satisfaction of it. That's really kinda how we still approach songwriting is just to create stuff that you like to listen to yourself and if people liked it that's great. One of the things was we were fighting the grunge movement and a lot of our fellow people that were in local metal bands were no fully chasing the grunge movement. But we stuck to our guns. We were still wearing leather and studs and screaming and people were going 'people don't sing like that any more'. So whenever anyone came through town that was in that genre there was really no one left to open for them, so we got some really amazing opening slots and got to really hone our live show because we were playing in front of big crowds early on when we really weren't that good. (Laughter)

When you really weren't that good.
(Laughter) Yeah, we really weren't that good. We were OK, but it really the songs that weren't up to par.

You've definitely developed. In reviewing all three of your albums there's been a strong sort of a jump there. I think to describe you in one word it's authentic.
I like it.

You like that?
I love it and I have to agree with it. You listen to God knows how many albums all the time and a lot of people have attempted to capture the classic heavy metal sound of the masters and bring it forward into today. I think we're one of the very few that have been able to do it and maintain an authentic sound. It's original because it doesn't sound necessarily like anybody but it kinda sounds like everybody.

Yeah, you have that classic sound.
Yeah, and it's a sound that people can, well since that kind of music was the foundation of all heavy metal we're playing a lot of shows here in southern California with a lot of metal core bands and the young people really get into it because it's the roots from which all of that metal derived and there's still a lot in that music that they enjoy and appreciate.

So who are you are your primary influences? Some of them come through fairly clearly in the music, but personally who are you influences?
Well I'd have to say of course Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, you know, Wasp has a lot that we like, a lot of song elements that we like. I'm a real big fan of the first two Crimson Glory albums which I thought were some of the best metal for that kind of genre. King Diamond is a big influence because of the music, the story telling and the different voices that are employed. Then you know some thrashier stuff like Testament and I have to say some Slayer. Then some of the classic stuff like Black Sabbath, we have some songs that are in that vein. I like stuff like Lizzy Borden. Our songwriting, we go for songs that like have the potential to be like all time classics. You know, I work real estate, but sometimes we remodel a house and we put the classic rock station on all day long. It just makes you realize that some of these songs like from Bad Company or Foreigner or whatever are gonna be played on the radio of like the next hundred years. These songs are so great they'll be played over and over and they'll keep playing them and that's how we try to approach our songwriting. We're trying to make songs that will be memorable and will withstand the test of time no matter what musical genres come and go.

You play a lot of shows. Is there a good metal following these days in San Diego?
Metal here in America, in Southern California is probably more healthy than it's been since the heyday. We have little kids, we're playing to all ages now because the kids just come out in droves and the energy that they put into it really pumps you up. You've got like kids that are like 14 to 16 years old and they're just like fighting their way to the front and banging their heads. It really pumps you, like I remember when I was that age that's the way I was. I'd fight anything I had to fight to get the front of the Judas Priest stage. They're putting their heads down and they don't even look at you for the whole hour that you play. They're just banging and their hair's flying everywhere. Like I said I love playing with these metal core bands and these emo because with what we do we come off just amazing because it makes that style of music look so one dimensional and the kids really appreciate that. Now the kids just come packing in there and they've got Blind Guardians shirts on, they've got Judas Priest shirts on, and all that stuff like a lot of European power metal. There's quite a good scene here now in southern California and America in general is really healthy for this style right now.

Even with what I cover everything is more metal these days. I started out as an AOR sort of site but you expand with the territory and there's a lot more melodic metal out there than anything else probably.
Our label is kind of expanding into metal because of its popularity and they were very excited to get this album and to get Cage and for everything that we stand for because even though in Europe we're still an underground band the people who are into it have a lot of respect and hold us in very high regard. You can see that from the critical acclaim that we always get with every album.

Yes, absolutely there's resounding positivity out there for you. Any live shows in Europe possible? Yeah, we have a new booking agent in Europe. It's the first time we've had booking agent there and now there's a decent market for us. I'm old now and I'm not willing to go on the Winnebago and sell t-shirts and live on macaroni and cheese. I was into that for the first album, but now it's not really what we're excited about. But we have a couple festivals that are paying us pretty good next April so we're going to try to book a couple dates around that. With the agent some of the big festivals next summer are starting to really respond to us because this album has gotten so much praise. There's kind of a buzz back with Cage again in Europe. We had a four year drought out there. We hit this big home run with Darker Than Black out there and everybody thought we were the greatest thing ever. Then we disappear for the next four years until we come out with another amazing record and now everyone's, all these interviewers are like 'Where have you guys been for the last four years?'.

Is there a reason why? I know it's hard to maintain a full time presence in a band and record an album every year anyway.
There's a bunch of reasons. There was stuff that went on behind the scenes but the main think was that it took us a long time to write this record because, number 1, it's super long. It barely fits on one CD. It could have been two albums. We probably rewrote a lot of the songs four or five times because I'm really into the quality control and I can't tell you how many times I've walked into the studio and scrapped a song that people thought was great. Then one of the things we do that a lot of people don't do is we take a new songs and we play it out live a few times to test it to the audience to make sure that it's got that element to it. So between that, pre-producing it and really wanting to make this concept album something special I wanted to set the new standard for concept albums and not just have this vague story that no one gave a shit about. I wanted to take the ultimate story that ever was, the battle between good and evil, and the end of mankind and completely cover it from head to toe, fully illustrate the booklet like we have and really present a package that was, you know. Since Judas Priest and others were coming out with their concept albums I wanted to get the first shot off and let them be the ones that had to play catch up and live up to the Cage Hell Destroyer standard. So I took the time to really get something out that would be able to surpass Darker Than Black, which you know most people thought was, I think we got like ten different album of the year awards on that album. People were like 'Oh you'll never top that one, that was too great.' And we were able to do it, but it took time. We will sell no wine before it's time, you know how that goes.



Yeah, well tell me, I get what you're saying there as far as your desire to make this album bigger and better, and obviously you did pick the most legendary story of all time, do you have a few thoughts behind that?
Behind the story, the concept?

Behind the story and why that appealed to you.
I've always been into the religious conspiracy thing, you know. I'm big on the UFOs and psychics, the conspiracy stuff because it's great metal material. For the first three albums I had pretty much covered every one that there was, you know, so it was time for the next album and I was running out of ideas. I'm like going 'Jesus, what are we gonna do'. So I still hadn't done a story on Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster but Judas Priest beat me to that one so I came up with the title Hell Destroyer and it just sounded so metal that everyone just loved it. I mean, what sounds more metal than Hell Destroyer? Not much, so we dug the whole idea so I started putting together the story. I wanted to do a concept album back on our second album Astrology, but again, having Operation Mindcrime or King Diamond's Abigail being the standard for what a concept album should be in that genre, I said well OK, we can start from scratch and really go for it. Then I started putting together the story about the Hell Destroyer is God's most fearsome battle angel and I just had this vision of him going into like Hell City and him being huge. I mean he's like Godzilla and he's just smashing towers. I'm a big comic book fan. I just came back from the International Comic Convention this weekend in San Diego.

Oh yeah, I saw that.
It's like the center of pop culture right now. I mean, every movie studio, every television show, it's huge. I talked to a pretty major company about selling the rights to Hell Destroyer story to make a full graphic novel of it. So that's in the works. A lot of people were impressed with the story and impressed with the artwork of the cover and the inside. So came I up with that vision of that powerful vision of destruction and also one of goals for this album was to make God's side of things look more bad assed than all of the Satanist images that are in metal today, Dimmu Borger whatever. Every band's trying to be like, 'We're more evil than you', 'No no no we're more Satanic, can't you see', 'No we're the most Satanic band of all', so it gets a little ridiculous after a while. I tried to take the opposite approach and make this character just look so damned vicious that all these demons were absolutely terrified and they're just getting laid to waste by the thousands. So Mark who does all of Rob Halford's stuff and did some Dio covers made the cover and he really did a fantastic job. He really transferred that image of destruction and violence that I wanted onto real life. Then I just took a bunch of, you know a lot of research went into to it. It's what I've done on all my albums. I really do a lot of research. It's kind of like how Maiden entertains and educates that the same time. I'm really into that and so when we did Revelations I read that several times and took that story along with some comic book ideas that I had for this Hell Destroyer character along with some conspiracy theory stuff like the Bohemian grove which is a fascinating thing. And I kind of melded it all together and I started working with this interior artist, Forrest Butler, and the more I came up with the story the more we were brainstorming on how it could be. So I started writing it out and I presented it to the band and they absolutely loved it. We decided to go with it and the more people I told about it the more people were into it and we got it fully illustrated. Initially it was going to be an entire comic book but my artist was just too slow.

How long did he spend on it anyway? It's an immense cover, an immense bit of art work.
Initially we were working with SPV and I said I wanted to package it like as a comic book in a plastic wrap with a CD kind of placed in the middle of it. SPV said they had no way to distribute a product like that, to put it on the stands. So we had to kind of abandon that and press this 30 page booklet hoping it would fit into the plastic little tabs.

It only just does.
(laughter) Yeah we had to squeeze it in there. Some people were like 'We don't want to print a 30 page booklet' then when MTM saw it they were like completely blown away by just the beauty of it. I bill it as the first ever heavy metal graphic novel. I thought it was a really clever idea and I keep touting that when it comes to this style of music you can only innovate the music so much. I mean it's already all been done. All the notes have been hit and if you go too much innovative musically you come into a real progressive delivery and you just lose the essence of the kind of style that I try to do where you have a memorable song with powerful mean ass vocal melodies. So I try and innovate in the idea department. So I thought this was a real innovation in the idea department along with the bonus track King Diamond, I thought that was a real clever little trick that we did too. That's why I sang some songs in other languages and stuff. I try and, you know, intellectually present clever ideas and make the packaging as great as possible so that people have a reason to buy the hardcopy of the CD and not get it online all the time.

It's nice to actually get a complete package. I still love getting the hardcopies.
I just remember when I was like 16 years old and I'd go to buy a Judas Priest album and I pull it out and listen to it like 10 times in a row and I read every single word in the thanks, the credits, the lyrics, every single thing and I'd just lay there in my room and transport myself away into this metal fantasy land. I really wanted to transport someone away and to completely forget about everything except Cage and this whole apocalyptic vision of what it would really be like if Revelations is true and the end of the world's coming and stuff. Writing and
presenting all this from just being a metal fan what I would dig as a metal fan and that's what we try and put out.

Have you had any feedback, of course you've had the usual sources, but any unusual or unexpected feedback from the record so far?
We're so spoiled because all four albums have been like the greatest reviews you could really ever have. Like 'This is the greatest metal album ever' the reviews that we get are so good there just absolutely ridiculous. I mean 'Genre defining album,' 'Album of the Year,' you know, we're so spoiled. We've got like two reviewers in Italy that gave it like 4 out of 10. I was just like completely flabbergasted. Some people have said it's too long. I've gotten the comments that it's too long of a record. I could never understand. I never got an album from one of my favorites bands and said it was really great but I wish it was shorter. I just don't understand the concept of that. That would be the only strange criticism but everything else has been really amazed by the vocals. They're comparing me to the Halfords and the Rippers and that's really great. The main thing we get is that it's like Painkiller too and since that is kind of the standard for our genre that's really an honor. It makes you feel good when you put all this work and time into a record and people come out and say this is like Painkiller II or this is the album Judas Priest should have put out and it's real gratifying.

Yeah, it's hard for the old guys, in a lot of case, to recapture what the fans want, so if you can do that….
To really capture, what was that?

What they used to be about, like the Judas Priests, hard for the old guys to go back 20 years to recapture what fans may want from them.
There's certain magic to certain compositions and albums and I think we've hit it on the mark like 4 times in a row now. I think we're one of the few bands that released a first album that was considered like great and have gotten legitimately better and better each record four times in a row. A lot of my favorite bands their first album was the best and it's been like OK ever since. And that's because we've just taken the time and continued to develop even though we're a bunch of old school metal heads. We still are pushing the envelope. Vocally I'm able to do stuff now that I could never do on the last album.

And why is that so?
Well the last two albums I worked with Richard Carr who, he's the producer who worked with Roy Z on the first two Halford records and some Dickenson records and so I'm working with someone who's tracked two albums with Halford and Dickenson so it's really cool to hear stories about how they did their stuff and how Rick's really diggin' how I'm doing it. So I'm always trying to impress the guy who worked with the masters. So you've got a little of that going on, then I like to take a different voice approach to each song so that they don't all sound the same. We're like OK we're gonna use my Udo, Dirk Schneider voice on this one. Like on Rise of the Beast I've got this Udo thing goin' and then I throw this like six feet under voice underneath it and we put the two together and Rick and I would listen to it back and go 'Oh that's killer' you know I've never even heard anything like that. Then another one we'd go OK I'm gonna sing this one more operatic and that keeps it interesting for the listener and then you know, I'm just pushing the limit on the vocals. On a lot of these I was doing the falsetto stuff that I couldn't do back then and I've got this head voice kind of wail that I've really developed over the last few years. I don't know, I've just been learning more and more vocal techniques and trying to really push the limit and use different voices, not only life but on the albums so that I can, you know, make a mark on how people fifty years from now when I'm dead and buried say 'Man, you ever hear of Sean Peck, we've gotta go get that Hell Destroyer album'.

Yeah, I understand completely, and you're obviously learning and taking in what others can offer you and what advice you can get from wherever you can get it.
Well yeah, I mean I did a lot of um, you know, I threw the black metal voice and the power voice, just trying to keep it creative too, not a lot of people can do that but, not only do it but do it tastefully is one thing. I had a tough time at the beginning of the record because I'd go into practice and I was just wailing and I'd get in the studio and I could do it but it was hard and I was like 'What is the deal?' So during the recording of the album I really made a mental breakthrough. I eventually got where I could just go in the studio and just blast it like I was in rehearsal. But for a while there I was just knocking my head against the wall.

Sonically the album sounds fantastic so how do you do that on a limited budget?
One thing we've always done is really spared no expense on the ve a real organic sound. We got criticized by some of the early would be suitors to the labels, like you need to remix this whole record. We were like 'You're out of your mind, we're not remixing anything'. Really? Oh yeah it was ridiculous. That and we used some vintage compressors like from 1970 that we found online and Rick bought them and that really helped. Then we had some LA2As and all the vintage outboard gear, no plug-ins and all from Pro Tools, so everything went to analog tape and then into the Pro Tools and all the outboard gear was used. There were no computer programs that are in Pro Tools. All the vocals you hear are all unaltered, not tuned down or played with at all. So we're really proud of the analog kind of classic production sound that came out.Absolutely, it sounds a million bucks. With all that work done and the record out, you've done your bit, you can leave it up to fate now. What could you possibly do next? You know I've got a really killer idea that I've been working on…it had to do with the comic book thing. But yeah, we say that every album, like how are we gonna top this album? That's where my mind is churning right now saying how in the hell are we gonna top that record? You know it's gonna be asked but we're gonna give it our damnedest shot. Again it's in the innovation of the idea department that I'm always looking for something clever and then of course the songs have to be great. It's not gonna be easy man that's for sure.

Its early days, your still working on this record so there's plenty of time…
Yes, but we're hoping to get something by the end of 2008 because we've got a good buzz going on and we're gonna try to ride this wave and not wait another four years. Like I said, I have a fantastic idea but it's a proprietary product and I'd have to license it from somebody and I don't know that I want to do that, so I might have to obscurely make reference to these characters that I'm talking about. It's kind of close to the whole comic book thing. Keep everything under you hat because I'm still kicking it around, but it's definitely gonna be a unique idea that no one's done before.

Very Cool, sounds excellent. Anything you'd like to add Sean?
Well, I appreciate all the help that you're doing for us and I just want to put out there, like I always do, that people who read this or listen to it I say that any little note or email that we get, or message on MySpace , or message on the forum or guestbook on the website keeps that little fuel on the fire that keeps the metal fire burning. Every time we get a message from some kid saying, 'Hey I just got your album and it kicks ass', you know that just keeps us pushing the metal pedal so I encourage everyone to drop us a line because we always answer everybody personally and that's at and . If you want to talk about innovative ideas I'm thinking about putting a song on the next album that's called

Oh really?
How do you like that?

I like it, the ultimate tie-in.
When they sing along it would imbed right into their brain.

That would definitely work.
But don't give anybody that idea man. Remember you heard it here first.

Well look I think that's great man, I think that's plenty to get typed up and into a nice little interview feature for you.
I really appreciate that and I know you're talking to Ben and anything you can do to help spread the word. People that love this genre of music who are just discovering us for the first time are just blown away. I mean I'm getting emails like 'Where have you guys been all my life, oh my God, I can't believe this,' kinda like when I got into King Diamond on the Abigail album. Then I got to go back and hear two Mercyful Fate albums, the first one. You get to go back and discover all this old stuff that's killer. People who are just discovering us it's like a big Christmas present for them.

All right, good stuff mate.
Thank you so much.

Good talking to you mate.
Hey one I do want to put out that you can put on there is that we do have all these new releases on iTunes from all of our old stuff. I'm just trying to kind of push that for the fall when we're gonna talk about that a little later. It's all up there now but just put a mention in that in the fall we're gonna be releasing all kinds of old material including a completely unreleased album.

Ok, well that's cool. I'll definitely mention it, Thanks Sean.




Cage (2004)

Cage: Darker and Blacker!

Cage's Sean Peck talks about the band's quest to become bigger and better with each release.

Hi Sean...congrats on the new Cage album - it seems to be attracting some rave reviews!
There aren't too many bands doing what Cage are doing in the USA right now - it seems to be mainly European. How have you found the reaction to the band both in the USA and from Europe?

The reaction has been great because the sound has managed to appeal to a wide variety of metal fans. A lot of the journalists were telling me how their 9 year old kids loved it just like they did and were taking it to school and stuff. That has been one of the secrets of our success I believe.

Just how did Cage get started?
We had 2 bands going around 1991 called NOMAD and CRUSHER. We were all friends and both bands split about the same time. The remains of those 2 power metal bands became CAGE. We are still taking parts from those 2 bands old material and are using it in CAGE songs. WHITE MAGIC, SECRETS OF FATIMA, and others off of ASTROLOGY were some examples.

How has the band grown to the point you are at now?
Just persistence and hard work has begun to really pay off. I was just looking back at our 11 years and realizing how few bands have stood the test of time and have not broken up or been a one hit wonder. It says a lot that we have continued to climb up the ladder of heavy metal while others have broken up, reformed and done 10 different side projects since then. We still march on and continue to deliver even better songs then before.

How is the local metal scene in San Diego? How does Cage fit in?
San Diego has a really good metal scene and we are local legends here. We have of course played with every major metal band that has ever come through town like DIO, IRON MAIDEN, and JUDAS PRIEST. People here totally rock out and don't have ego trips like they do in LA.

What did you grow up listening to and did those bands influence the sound of Cage?
WASP, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, CRIMSON GLORY, LIZZY BORDEN, METAL CHURCH, KING DIAMOND and others really make up what influenced me and motivated me to continue making records. OZZY OSBOURNE and the SCORPIONS and even DOKKEN really delivered to me a sound that changed my life. CAGE continues on in their honor delivering that heavy metal sound that so many seek but few truly deliver.

How about the rest of the guys in the band - can you tell us about working with them?
We have a great time playing, traveling and writing together. We keep the drama to an absolute minimum. That is a key to our longevity. We have had a few roster changes but since the new guitarist Anthony McGinnis joined it has been really fun. You can just tell by listening to the DARKER THAN BLACK CD.

The debut album was a sensational way to get started, how do you feel about that looking back now?
Of course it seems really basic now, and we have come so far since then. But it was received and hailed as a breath of fresh air to heavy metal like someone finally got it right and it really took off. There are some still brilliant songs on UNVEILED like SHOOT TO KILL, DEVIL INSIDE, DANCING AROUND THE FIRE and the title track. We were really fortunate that the fans embraced it like they did.

And how did that album influence the recording of the follow-up?
We got a new drummer, the now legendary “Mikey Niel” and it allowed us to explode musically. My singing also really exploded. I was able to increase my range and aggression, and also use different voices to create different attacks. The critics loved it and it sold well, so we moved ahead another 2 spaces on the heavy metal playing board with that one.

Did you feel a lot of pressure to better Astrology?
Yes absolutely, but we knew people would view this record as an exponential leap from UNVEILED. ASTROLOGY really was much more than people expected from us for a sophomore effort. Then when we went back to Europe and showed the world our live power and presence and it made the metal world take note.

You certainly did - Darker Than Black is a heavy, mean, metal album!
This CD is even more of a giant leap than from UNVEILED to ASTROLOGY. Now we are working on number 4!

As far as songwriting goes, how did you approach writing the songs for Darker Than Black - what was the outline you had for the album?
We wanted the vibe to be dark, sinister, malicious, and foreboding but not necessarily evil. We wanted it to look evil but deliver messages of hope, mystery, and that of heavy metal - powerful aggression emotion. We wanted to make a CD that would stand the test of time as one of the great heavy metal CDs with Screaming for Vengeance and Number of the Beast. We wanted to make a CD where there was no skipping any songs and everything ripped. We wanted to press the limits of the vocal arrangements but make songs that all had memorable hooks.

How do you go about writing the songs?
There was a combination of coming up with a chorus line and building it from there and just jamming together. We play together 4 days a week and aren't some supergroup that trades tapes across the globe. That is a reason there is such integrity in our sound and music, the fans can tell it is not just a bunch of shit thrown together. We pre-produced the entire record and kept fine tuning it and then working with Rick Carr and Roy Z was the final straw that made the cd as sick as it is!

You secured a good label deal for the album in Europe, United States / Canada, Mexico and Brazil - How did you come to choose the companies you did?
Marketing, royalty rate and commitment to the band. We are in this for the long haul and landing Massacre in Europe was cool because they totally flipped for the CD. They released the CD with a 3D cover.

And what's the plan for the US release?
It is out through Fugitive Records and they have embarked on a massive radio campaign as well as print add spree. So far so good as sales are up!

What kind of crowd shows up at Cage live shows?
We play shows where a lot of death and black metal kids show up and dig on it. That is one reason we added the black metal voices as a tribute to those fans. But young and old crowds love the songs and sound. We play all ages shows and also big 21 and up shows and everyone screams fro more. A wide demographic of rock and even non rock fans come out.

You get out and play as much as you can which is great - what can folks expect if they come along? What's the band's playlist?
Now it is mostly songs from DARKER THAN BLACK with the FINAL SOLUTION and SHOOT TO KILL thrown in. We were also playing the SAVATAGE cover DUNGEONS ARE CALLING.

What's the thing you are really looking forward to with each set of live shows?
Showing the fans how far we have come and how lethal of a metal band we are. I thing we possess elements that not many others have and that separates us from the others. I really want to do our best to steal the show at any of the festivals we are going to play. Our songs really get the crowd interacting with us and I like to always thanks the crowd and show our respect and appreciation to them and let them know we appreciate them.
We have really been concentrating on our visual presentation and stage movements. We mastered all of the backing voices and have a complex backing vocal arrangement with 4 of us singing. Now we are finishing up all of the stage movements as if it were a play or something. We are always working hard to perfect our show and get better.

There has been a line-up change or two - how have you dealt with that?
It has been always a fantastic blessing for us first with Eric Horton joining for UNVEILED and ASTROLOGY, then Mikey Niel the drummer for ASTROLOGY, and now Eric Horton leaving and being replaced by younger fresher Anthony McGinnis. I hope we are able to keep this line up forever. Dave Garcia, myself Sean Peck, and Mike Giordano have been there since the beginning.

Where do you see metal in the USA going over the next few years?
Classic metal and our style has really begun to grow in popularity just within the last 6 months. The kids are now saying that 80s metal is now the hip shit and there are videos on everyday on TV with the stuff. We have been saying for 10 years now that it was going to come back now it looks like it really is. It seems like it has taken a long time but in the grand scheme of things I guess it is not that long. We are positioned just perfect for the second coming. We hope to be playing on for another 10 years or more and someone has to carry on what the legends have created for us all.

What's next for Cage?
We are working on the new CD now after playing the Fiestas Del Sol in Mexico which was huge and the BANG YOUR HEAD USA festival in San Diego with KING DIAMOND. Now we are settling into writing mode before Spain in February 2004.

What do you have in mind for album number 4?
We have to surpass DARKER THAN BLACK somehow. So far we are off to a good start and probably have almost half of it written. There will be some experimentation like we have a RAMMSTEIN sounding song that I think I am going to do in all German, a song called KING DIAMOND that I will do the full impersonation on and some others that might be a little thrash metal sounding. I want to still provide the classic CAGE sounding heavy metal songs which we have a few in the bag now that are just legendary.

Anything you would like to add Sean?
Thanks to all of our friends around the world and we love and appreciate you all. Please e-mail us from the website and support all of the fan clubs around the world. We give them all of the inside scoop first! Also visit the official CAGE website at:
All the best!


MelodicRock REVIEWS IN BRIEF December 2015

90% CATS IN SPACE – Too Many Gods (Harmony Factory/Cargo Records)
What a fun album. The whole album could have been released anytime in the mid-late 70s and you wouldn’t have known any different. Listening to this is like walking into a drive-in diner in 1978 and hitting random selections on the jukebox.
The album is consistently strong, but quite varied also.
There’s ELO (Too Many Gods, Mr Heartache); Queen (Stop); Styx/ELO/Queen (Last Man Standing – easily the most memorable song); Elton John meets The Who meets Queen (Unfinished Symphony) and even 70s Meatloaf (Only In Vegas); The Who (Five Minute Celebrity).
It is really quite an impressive and very accomplished piece of work - especially for a debut album. I can’t imagine 70s rock fans hearing anything better than this in 2015.
87% C.O.P – State Of Rock (AOR Heaven)
This has the obvious musical comparisons to Grand Illusion and the glorious, over the top, high pitched pomp that band delivered. Why? Vocalist Peter Sundell is front and center here along with his brother Christian Sundell. For those missing the pomp/AOR of Grand Illusion and Peter’s unbelievably high vocals, then jump on this!
It’s like Grand Illusion, but it also has its own personality and delivers some outstanding Scandi-AOR material, while the production is top notch (thanks to Ola af Trampe).
Another memorable, high quality release.
93% ANBERLIN – Never Take A Friendship Personal & Cities – Live In New York City (Tooth & Nail)
I absolute love these two Anberlin albums – easily the best of their career and here they are, faithfully reproduced in their entirety in a farewell live performance. Both albums are stacked with great tunes, but these versions are even more electric, as the atmosphere captured here is truly compelling. Great recordings – live, raw and honest, and overflowing with emotion and energy.
90% MR. BIG – Raw Like Suchi 113 – Sendai Japan 2014 (Wowow Entertainment)
Another month, another Mr. Big release! Cashing in on their legendary status in Japan and their anniversary year, this new live album is every bit as essential as any of the band’s other live releases. Packed with songs from the last two studio albums and various other classics, the recording is overdub free and live as on the night – which is the usual engaging, high energy excellence these great musicians deliver every time they hit the stage.
Definitely recommended for Mr. Big fans.
88% DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES – Live In Dublin (Eagle Rock)
The unquestionable brilliance of Hall & Oates is captured on this double live concert, recorded in July 2014. As expected it is a hits rich set that covers many of the bands’ hit singles, but at 15 tracks over 2 discs, it feels a little underdone and I have heard so many great live sets from these guys that this one just doesn’t have the same wow factor for me as other have. It may be down to the actual set list – there’s at least 4 tracks I’d sub out in favor of others (Do What You Want, Las Vegas Turnaround, Back Together Again & It’s Uncanny). It makes for a pretty laid back mid-concert run of tracks. But the rest – magnificent as always.
Thankfully the glorious Out Of Touch, plus mega-hits Family Man, Maneater, Say It Isn’t So, Kiss On My List and Private Eyes are all included. And what can you say about a 15 minute version of I Can’t Go For That?!
The DVD is certainly more engaging and I’ve always loved the way the guys interact with the crowd (who are very enthusiastic on this occasion). And the band is incredible of course, as are the harmonies.
And man…it has to be said – Daryl Hall’s voice is beyond unbelievable. He hasn’t lost anything over the years, he sounds freeking crazy good. What a voice!
85% NEAL SCHON – Vertex (Mascot)
Not to be restricted by any conventions over how much music one should record or be limited by any one style, guitar legend Neal Schon delivers 90 minutes of whatever he wants…in this case, inspired and diverse instrumental music. 18 songs over two discs, with tracks ranging from 2 to 7 minutes in length, Vortex is Neal in his favourite setting – just letting go.
And what’s even better – he’s backed by Steve Smith on drums, providing the intelligent, musically complex drum and percussion needed for such a bold musical statement such as this.
There’s fast, slow, rock, jazz, electric, acoustic….you name it. Guitar instrumental fans will love, no question about it.
75% GUN – Frantic (Caroline)
Gun seem to have made the transition from the angst driven melodic rock/hard rock of their past with original vocalist Mark Rankin, to the new lineup with Dante Gizzi now up front. The sound change is vast – the guys are now a power/pop outfit with a feel-good uptempo vibe. This is the second album in this format. The songs are pretty consistently good once again, but the style is hard to accept after such brilliance previously.
There are some very catchy tunes here, some more guitar driven than others, but overall not as many highlights as the last album for me. I miss the old days but don’t see Mark returning to singing. What a waste.
90% PAT BENATAR & NEIL GERALDO – 35th Anniversary Tour Live (Indie)
Now this is a ‘greatest hits’ set I can live with. The talented duo of Pat and Neil shred through some of their most iconic hits in a (all) fired up, live raw setting.
The rocked up set includes the brilliant Shadows of the Night, Invincible, Sex As A Weapon, Promises in The Dark, We Belong, Love is A Battlefield (8 minutes in length) and an even longer Heartbreaker to close the set.
The only thing that bugs me is Pat’s slightly tweaked chorus vocal in the mega-anthem All Fired Up. Doesn’t work. Whatever though….the rest is brilliant and a great tribute to the songs included. Boy can that Neil guy play guitar…
84% ELEMENTS OF FRICTIONS – Pride Music Sampler
Great way to introduce your new label to the world – gather some of the best melodic rock artists around and compile a bunch of unreleased tracks. Kicking off with one of the best rock anthems you’ll ever hear – a new Marcello Vestry track When You Grow Up. Elsewhere it’s a little hit and miss, but the highlights are Area 51 (Matti Alfozetti), Don’t Leave Me Lonely (Matti again), Make You Mine (Larry Baud, written by, yes…Matti), Without Your Love from Snakes In Paradise, the Matti written Only My Heart (sung by Mats Levin), Another Me (Paul Laine) and Somebody Up There (Tommy LaVerdi), which rocks pretty hard.
86% MARK SLAUGHTER – Reflections In A Rear View Mirror (Thunder Spirit Records)
Slaughter frontman Mark delivers his debut solo album here – which rocks seriously and surprisingly hard. Not sure what I was expecting, but it’s heavier than I figured. It’s also more diverse. Some of the songs are screaming rockers (Away I Go, Miss Elainious); some are more reflective (Carry Me Back Home, Baby Wants).
Others are closer to the anthemic rock of Slaughter (Never Giving Up, The Real Thing, Somewhere Isn’t Here) and some are just something new altogether (Don’t Turn Away, In Circle Flight, Velcro Jesus).
Some of it works – some of it doesn’t. I’ll let the listener decide, but this is an interesting journey and does what a solo album does – offer the artist and excuse to try different things.
85% CAGE – Ancient Evil (The Metal Masses)
Traditional American metal at its loudest, fastest, intensest (no, that’s not a word…). San Diego based Cage have been doing the metal circuit for a long while now and they don’t let up with age. This is the heaviest thing I’ve reviewed here in a long while. You know what to expect. Fast, furious, screaming high pitch vocals and some of the most brutal double kick drumming this side of thrash metal. Did I mention the ear blasting guitar demotion?
All you need to know is that it’s well produced, features a balanced mix and sounds huge.
84% 7TH HEAVEN – Next (NTD Records)
The hardest working band in Chicago America never fails to deliver quality music. On their new album Next they introduce new vocalist Adam Heisler after Keith Semple left to chase bigger dreams. Adam changes the tone a little bit – his vocal is a little deeper than the very AOR-friendly Semple.
Song wise the band continue to pursue the modern pop direction set up by the last album, moving further away from AOR/melodic rock into dance/pop with a commercial power pop base.
Some hugely catchy tunes here, but a few others that I don’t feel have the spark of the last 2-3 albums. Not sure if it’s the songs or the singer to be honest. Maybe a little of both.
Still, you won’t find a better example of the genre should modern pop be of appeal. These guys are an industry unto themselves and if you don’t like this album (or any other), then you know they’ll always be back next year with more!
86% HUNGRYHEART – Dirty Italian Job (Tanzan Music)
Italian rockers Hungryheart deliver their third studio album and continue to grow as songwriters and performers, not to mention also in the production stakes.
Each album has improved upon the last, which is all you can ask of any band. This album features some catchy melodic hard rock songs with a strong European flavor. There are some hard rockers and a nice variety of moodier melodic tunes too and just the one ballad – Nothing But You.
Tracks like You Can Run, There Is A Reason For Everything and Time For Letting Go show real promise and give hope that the guys might be able to cut through the plethora of releases out there to find some new fans. Well worth checking out.
89% DENNIS DRIES – I (AOR Heaven)
White Sister’s Dennis Dries finally delivers a long awaited solo album and it doesn’t disappoint. He’s joined by the great Paul Sabu to create a very likable pomptastic classic rock release that’s quite diverse, yet very focused at the same time.
Diversity comes in the shape of the pomptastic Heard It On The Radio; to the sentimental AOR of “I”; to the acoustic lead Home; and back to the melodic hard rock of Unbroken.
Focus comes in the form of the precision and thought put into the music and the production. A lot of time and energy has gone into this record, no doubt.
This may not be for everyone, but White Sister and classic pomp/rock fans will surely delight in Dennis’ unique vocals and writing style.
Best thing about this album is how it stands out from the pack by being different than most other titles out there, yet familiar at the same time.
50% LIPSTICK – Lipstick (Indie)
At lot of great releases about this year, this is not one of them. Unless you are into really average mid-80s glam, cowbell and all. There’s 16 tracks and 65 minutes of music to get through here, all featuring the unremarkable vocals of Greg Troyan.
These tunes are apparently “Super Demos”. I’d agree with the ‘demos’ part if not the ‘super’, but otherwise I’d use the old analogy, some albums/songs remain unreleased for a reason.
It will take a very dedicated glam rock/Poison groupie to appreciate the contents of this disc.
80% KICKIN VALENTINA – Super Atomic (Target Records)
American sleaze/hard rockers Kickin Valentina released their debut album earlier this year. You’ve got a strong Guns N Roses/LA Guns/Ratt type vibe going on here, with heavy, dirty blues riffs, a driving rhythm and raspy, gravelly vocals all combining to form a pretty credible, high energy rock outfit.
Musically this is all in your face hard rock with bar room swagger and some impressive guitar soloing to match the screams of vocalist Joe. Not an album for fans of big hooks or big harmonies, this one is better suited for fans of the bands mentioned and the whole LA late 80s LA sleaze scene.
92% ROMEOS DAUGHTER – Spin (RD Records)
A long overdue review here for this new gem from one of the UK’s premiere female fronted AOR bands.
Once again Leigh Matty delivers a silky smooth vocal over a very tight performance form the band and guitarist/producer Craig Joiner.
Anyone who picked up and enjoyed the band’s comeback album Rapture will be able to slide this album right alongside.
Perhaps a little lighter/more laid back than the 2012 album and moving a little more into modern pop style, it doesn’t matter in the end. It’s just filled with beautiful songs and warm, inviting melodies such as the born for radio Already Gone and Love Will Come To Those That Wait, plus the moody Enemy and the haunting acoustic beauty of Didn’t See You Coming.
The driving All Because Of You and the closing Tall Buildings add a little fire at the end of the album.
77% POWERPLAY – All Those Years (Target Records)
The debut album from Danish pop/rockers Powerplay ranges from Alien style Euro-AOR through to Chicago/State Cows styled Westcoast pop.
I definitely prefer the AOR flavored tunes, of which there are several fine examples (City Of Love, Climb A Mountain, All Those Years). There’s a little Work Of Art/Toto in the mix also, but to be honest, I’m not entirely sold on the vocalist and sometimes the album crosses over into ‘too pink and fluffy’ territory. Worth a listen, but more work needed to bring themselves into the wider fan base this music has.
69% ST. PROSTITUTE – Glorified (Target Records)
Another big sleazy hard rocking album on show here – this time from Denmark’s answer to Hanoi Rocks. Well maybe not, but you get the idea. It’s all guitars and all gravelly, sleaze drenched vocals. This one isn’t as memorable as a couple of other reviewed, but it probably packs a more powerful guitar punch and there’s certainly isn’t any issue with the monster sound.
90% DIEMONDS – Never Wanna Die (Napalm Records)
These guys are being compared to Halestorm and the immediate reaction to the female lead vocalist and the classic-meets-modern hard rock approach seems to match.
But this is a different type of album to Halestorm. More traditional hard rock and definitely a step heavier than Halestorm. Vocals are great, riffs are fast, furious and frequent and the production is huge.
This deserves a longer review, but time is of the essence. It’s a really strong album that gets better and better. Highly recommended for fans of powerful female fronted hard rock and metal.
78% PRETTY WILD – Pretty Wild (Dead End Exit)
Pretty Wild are, well…pretty decent! Take the old school melodic hard rock approach, add in some Scandi sleaze, mix it up with Bon Jovi, Johnny Lima and Reckless Love and you will get a pretty fair idea of the sound of this album. Not quite as immediate or as essential as those named, but still pretty worthwhile.
85% REACH – Reach Out To Rock (Sunhill Productions)
Reach are… yes! Swedish! And they produce solid, high quality melodic rock. Who would’ve thought? These guys lag behind the front runners of the genre though. They feature a more guitar heavy sound with less keyboards. Plus the vocalist isn’t quite as engaging as some of the others in the Swedish melodic rock gang.
There’s a moody feel to this album, a darker undertone than the likes of BFT, Art Nation or Wigelius. Not bad by any means and one for fans of guitar driven melodic hard rock with a Scandi-accent. Well produced and packing a decent punch – just not as immediate or as hook driven as their compatriots.
Still some good choruses here though – especially You Called My Name, We Are and Fortune & Fame.
55% ROB MORATTI – Tribute To Journey (Escape Music)
I’m a big Rob Moratti fan. I’ve featured him here many times across the years and his various projects and he’s a terrific guy. Which is why this is hard to say – but I simply don’t see any point to this release at all. In fairness, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it and no one is expecting it to match the impact of an original studio album. Rob has a fantastic high pitch voice well suited for paying tribute to the great band Journey and vocalist Steve Perry. Nothing wrong with that!
However, I just don’t see any point in compiling 12 very very over-played, over-covered, over-done Journey classics and doing absolutely nothing different to them. This is a note for note tribute, which is always going to come off second best to the originals.
That’s a brave move by Rob as he’s only going to draw comparisons with Steve MF Perry afterall!
Perhaps there would have been some greater point to doing this if the songs were deep cuts or less recognizable hits. Or perhaps changed them up a little; make them heavier or acoustic in places….anything! Sorry Rob – I’ll hang out for the all-new studio album mate.
83% SHADES & PETERS – Let The Record Spin (Indie)
This album came out late in 2014 and has a similar musical play to the recent Tom Cochrane album.
Two rockers – you know them well – Rene Shades and Martie Peters, changing things up and creating something new – an acoustic driven, fairly laid back album touching on country, pop, blues as well as a little rock for good measure.
Despite my not so favourable verdict on the Cochrane album, Shades & Peters come out better off for delivering better quality songs.
Not everyone that has followed Push or MPG is going to be into this. And some that weren’t into those groups might indeed prefer this. It’s different that’s for sure.

SEVENTRAIN Announce New Lead Singer

Release Year: 
News Feed

Hailing from San Diego, California, the hard rock/metal act SEVENTRAIN featuring guitarist Eric Horton (CAGE), guitarist Jef Poremba (6ONE9, KOFI BAKER), bassist Dino Andino (TOURNIQUET) and drummer Joel Maitoza (24-7 SPYZ, SHOCKHEAD) have officially announced their new vocalist as Eric Koonze (SICARUS).

Seventrain amicably parted ways with their former singer, Jon Campos in August of 2015 who wanted to focus more on his acoustic solo career as the band wanted to pursue a more heavier direction for the next album, yet still maintain their bluesy metal groove from the first album.

Drummer Joel Maitoza states: We would like to take this opportunity to officially announce and welcome Eric Koonze to the band as the new frontman for Seventrain. With Eric's exceptional vocal abilities and positive attitude, we now feel like the possibilities are endless. The new songs will reflect that and we couldn't be happier. We would like to thank all of the amazing vocalists who took time out of their busy lives to learn our songs and came down to our studio to audition. Over the past 10 weeks, we have had nearly 50 applicants and narrowed it down to 12 live auditions. Seventrain also wants to apologize to our fans for having to cancel our dates with Lynch Mob and Prong in order to take the time needed for the audition process. We plan to get back into the studio as soon as possible to continue work on the new album and are already scheduling shows for early 2016. Onward and upward'we'll see you soon!

Seventrain will make their live performance debut with their new vocalist on February 5th, 2016 at Ramona Mainstage in Ramona, California opening for Operation: Mindcrime featuring Geoff Tate.

Interested in hearing what the new singer for Seventrain sounds like? Here is a video of Eric Koonze with his previous band SICARUS:

SEVENTRAIN's self-titled debut album was released on February 14th, 2014 in the US, Europe and Japan on the bands own label imprint (So. Cal Records) distributed by Alliance Entertainment which is available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. The album charted on the CMJ Loud Rock Top 40 at #36 it's first week to radio on February 25th, 2014 and received favorable reviews by critics worldwide in print and online media. Since the albums release, Seventrain has been direct support on select dates with Pat Travers, Michael Schenker, Skid Row, Black Star Riders, Saving Abel, Red Dragon Cartel, Saliva and Puddle of Mudd. The debut video for their single ‘Bittersweet Seduction' was released on May 15th, 2014 and their second video for the bands single 'Broken' was released on December 24th, 2014. Seventrain was also nominated for Best Hard Rock Album of the Year at the 2014 San Diego Music Awards. The band is currently in pre-production for their follow up album to be released in the spring of 2016.

Official Seventrain Facebook page:

CAGE Announce North American Tour Dates

Release Year: 
Friday, October 30, 2015
News Feed
San Diego-based metallists CAGE are set to return on October 30th, with the release of their latest metallic tour de force, ‘Ancient Evil’ (via SMG Records), and a little more than a week later, the band will be hitting the northeast of the U.S.

Comprised of Sean “The Hell Destroyer” Peck (vocals), Dave “Conan” Garcia (guitars), Casey “The Sentinel” Trask (guitars), Alex Pickard (bass guitar), and Sean “The Thrash Machine” Elg (drums), Cage's November tour kicks off on the 11th in Williamsburg, NY, and will wrap up on 19th in Patchogue, NY.

"Finally we are getting back to the east coast," explains Peck. "It has been long over due. I can't wait to unleash the new material with this new line up which I feel is by far our strongest yet! Power metal freaks mark the date!! It will be great to see all of our friends and fans again out there. The last tour we had on the east coast was mayhem! I expect it to be even crazier this time! We have prepared an extended set infused with speed and screams from beyond the realm of human comprehension!! Metal!!!"

For a taster of 'Ancient Evil,' check out the lyric video for the killer composition, "The Procedure,” which can be viewed here:

Based on a horror novel written by lead singer Sean Peck, ‘Ancient Evil’ continues the legacy of Cage as a heavy metal innovator. This nearly 80-minute monstrosity has 19 tracks that combine songs and narrated interludes to forge a unique musical journey that rocks!

 Tour Dates:
  11/11/15                     Williamsburg NY           Duff's Brooklyn                         ***
 11/12/15                     Clifton NJ                     Dingbatz
 11/13/15                     Allentown PA               Jabber Jaws
 11/14/15                     Elmhurst NY                 Blackthorn 
 11/15/15                     New Castle DE             JB McGinnes Pub  
 11/16/15                     New York NY                Three Of Cups                          ***
 11/17/15                     Lidenhurst NY              Lindenhurst Village Pub           ***
 11/18/15                     Providence RI              Firehouse 13
 11/19/15                     Patchogue NY              89 North Music Venue 
 *** Meet & Greet only - no band performance.

‘Ancient Evil’ Tracklisting:
1) There Were Others
2) Ancient Evil
3) Behind the Walls of Newgate
4) The Procedure
5) The Appetite
6) Cassandra
7) Blinded by Rage
8) Tell Me Everything
9) The Expedition
10) Beholder
11) I Have Awakened
12) Across The Sea of Madness
13) To Save Love
14) Christ Protect Me
15) Sinister Six
16) Symphony of Sin
17) The Antidote
18) Tomorrow Never Came
19) It Can´t Be




CAGE To Unleash 'Ancient Evil' On The Metal Masses

Release Year: 
Friday, October 30, 2015
News Feed
San Diego-based metallists CAGE are set to return on October 30th, with the release of their latest metallic tour de force, 'Ancient Evil,' which has been prefaced by a lyric video for the killer composition, "The Procedure".
"We really love how creepy the video came out, it's like a mini movie almost," explains singer Sean "The Hell Destroyer" Peck. "This song will give people a good idea of what they are in for on this massive, heavy metal, horror story thrill ride!" Rounding out the band are Dave "Conan" Garcia (guitars), Casey "The Sentinel" Trask (guitars), Alex "The Captain" Pickard (bass guitar), and Sean "The Thrash Machine" Elg (drums).
Based on a horror novel written by lead singer Sean Peck, 'Ancient Evil' continues the legacy of Cage as a heavy metal innovator. This nearly 80-minute monstrosity has 19 tracks that combine songs and narrated interludes to forge a unique musical journey that rocks! 
However, according to Sean, making a concept record work is never an easy task - "With this being our 7th release, we wanted to try our hand at another concept album. We had great success with 'Hell Destroyer,' but doing a scary story type of thing and making the songs catchy and memorable while keeping the listener captivated by the content, is a real challenge." 
The story's main character, Elliot Worthington, is played by none other than ex-Iron Maiden frontman Blaze Bayley. "I did not want to do any of the character voices this time, so we got some really great talent to act out the scenes. Blaze did an incredible job. His acting chops were freaking great, I have to say," says Peck. "The writing for this record came together effortlessly even though it was a concept record. It is pretty much just blazing fast the whole way through which is just how I like it!"
And soon, metalheads will be able to experience Cage's latest metal masterpiece.
'Ancient Evil' Tracklisting:
1) There Were Others
2) Ancient Evil
3) Behind the Walls of Newgate
4) The Procedure
5) The Appetite
6) Cassandra
7) Blinded By Rage
8) Tell Me Everything
9) The Expedition
10) Beholder
11) I Have Awakened
12) Across The Sea Of Madness
13) To Save Love
14) Christ Protect Me
15) Sinister Six
16) Symphony Of Sin
17) The Antidote
18) Tomorrow Never Came
19) It Can´t Be

All-Star Metallers DEATH DEALER Announce Australian Tour

Friday, April 17, 2015
Tour News
It's hard to argue with the pedigree of a band that includes members that worked with Manowar, the Dictators,
Rob Halford, Lizzy Borden, Udo Dirkschneider, and Cage. And that's exactly who the members of Death Dealer
have been associated with.
Vocalist Sean Peck, guitarists Ross The Boss and Stu Marshall, bassist Mike Davisand drummer Steve Bolognese have come
together to form one of the purest heavy metal bands of recent years. Death Dealer's mastery of metal is evident on their debut album,
Warmaster which was released in 2013 to world wide critical acclaim. The Death Dealer sound is a mighty combination of five very talented and seasoned
musicians. It's classic power metal with the brutal edge of thrash, speed, and precision.
As heard on such tunes as Death Dealer, Never to Kneel, and The Devil's Mile, Warmaster is an absolute godsend
for fans of authentic, no-holds-barred, heavy metal.
Death Dealer’s Australian & New Zealand fans can expect a set list that will draw upon more than just material from
Warmaster, the band will be playing other tunes, including some Manowar classics!
If you like your metal, loud and proud with soaring solos, piercing vocals and a bottom end that penetrates your
very soul, then be front and centre for one of the most powerful metal concerts of the year!
Friday, September 4: Kings Arms - Auckland
Saturday, September 5: Valhalla - Wellington
Thursday, September 10: Manning Bar - Sydney
Friday, September 11: Crowbar - Brisbane
Saturday, September 12: Fowlers - Adelaide All Ages
Sunday, September 13: Hi Fi - Melbourne
Tickets on sale Tuesday, April 21 from &
Pre show VIP Meet & Greets are available
There will also be special Guitar Clinics with Ross The Boss and Stu Marshall Details TBC
Watch the Tour Trailer:
Death Dealer is:
Ross The Boss: Does this legend require an introduction? While with Manowar, Ross not only influenced legions of aspiring musicians, but
he was also part of classic albums that have sold more than four million copies worldwide.
Stu Marshall: The Sydney, guitarist/producer achieved fame as the lead guitarist for Dungeon. He is also the mastermind of Empires of
Eden, which led to his working with Udo, Rob Rock, Mike Dimeo, Steve Grimmett, Zak Stevens and many more.
Mike Davis: Making a name for himself as the ‘go to guy’ in his days with Lizzy Borden, so when the Metal God himself, Rob Halford, put
out a call for bassists, producer Roy Z knew Mike was the perfect fit.
Sean Peck: One of metal’s most illustrious voices, Peck recently celebrated his band Cage’s 20th anniversary. Referred to as “The man of a
thousand voices,” he has been compared to such names as Halford and Dickinson.
Steve Bolognese: An acclaimed metal drumming sensation, Steve began making waves in the hard rock/heavy metal music scene in 2005,
playing with some high profile acts including Beyond the Embrace, Into Eternity and Baptized in Blood.
Death Down Under - Australian & NZ Tour September 2015

SEVENTRAIN Start Working On New Album

Monday, October 27, 2014
News Feed

San Diego, California based blues-metal rockers SEVENTRAIN, which features former members of CAGE, 24-7 SPYZ and TOURNIQUET, have officially started pre-production on their second album.

The bands drummer, Joel Maitoza, states that they currently have the music written for six new songs and are hoping to include twelve tracks on the new full length disk. The band is also planning to record a couple of cover tunes which they will release as singles just after the first of the year. The band is shooting for a release date in late spring of 2015.

Guitarist Eric Horton says, 'This next album of material is going to be much heavier than the first record. I'm excited to see where the writing process takes us since some of the other members in the band have been contributing various ideas. There will still be a bluesy element to the songwriting, but the metal side will be much more dominant than the first album.”

Seventrain's self-titled debut was released in the US, Europe and Japan on February 18th, 2014 on So Cal Records / Alliance Entertainment and cracked the CMJ Top 40 Loud Rock charts at #36 with a bullet it's first week to radio. The record has been receiving favorable reviews worldwide as the band continues to play live and build their following.

Their next scheduled show is opening for Jake E. Lee's Red Dragon Cartel at Brick by Brick in San Diego, CA on November 21st.

Seventrain's self titled debut album is currently available on iTunes:

Seventrain Facebook page:

Video for their single Bittersweet Seduction can be found on You Tube here:


Tuesday, June 17, 2014
News Feed

USA Power Metal Band CAGE have announced the dates for their upcoming European tour. After having been buried in the studio, finishing up the new album, the band is eager to go out and play live again !
July 16 - Musikkeller - Frankfurt - Germany
July 17 - UJK Uelsen - Uelsen - Germany
July 18 - Little Devil - Tilburg - Holland
July 19 - Baaam Fest - Kierspe - Germany
July 20 - Joes - Erkenscwick - Germany
July 23 - The Jack - Eindhoven - Holland
July 24 - Headbangers Open Air - Brande - Germany
July 25 - Jan Hertog - Maasmechelen - Belgium
July 26 - Come Inn - Renchen - Germany
CAGE will announce new album details soon, so stay tuned for a Power Metal Roller Coaster !
CAGE is :
Sean Peck - Vocals
Dave Garcia - Guitars
Dwight Magic - Bass Guitar
Casey Trask - Guitars
Sean Elg - Drums
Follow CAGE through these sites :

Subscribe to Cage