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7th heaven Releases ‘Covered’, Out Now

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“Covered” is a collection of 20 great songs from around the world; which you
might not know of but should.  We hand-picked some artists/songs that were
never exposed to the U.S. masses, never played on major U.S. radio.  We feel “Rock/Pop” music is still alive with many people, and we think we can turn our fan base onto new bands/music; while at the same time, possibly turn people from around the world
on to ‘7th heaven’.  We re-recorded these songs in our style, and we hope you
enjoy some great new music to listen to.
Available: CD • USB Stick • Digital Download
Listen to the CD - http://www.7thheavenband.com
Order Direct from the Band - http://www.7thheavenband.com/covered.html
Video of Richard Hofherr of 7th heaven explaining "Covered" & The Music Business
1. Oxygen
Originally Performed by: Lincoln Brewster
2. If You Don’t Mean It
Originally Performed by: Dean Geyer
3. Outfield
Originally Performed by: The Night Game
4. Long Long Way To Go
Originally Performed by: Def Leppard
5. Mannequin Show
Originally Performed by: H.E.A.T.
6. It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)
Originally Performed by: 1975
7. Overdrive
Originally Performed by: Ola
8. Como Te Deseo
Originally Performed by: Mana
9. Darkside Of The Sun
Originally Performed by: Tokio Hotel
10. Don’t Stop Me Now
Originally Performed by: Queen
11. What’s Victoria’s Secret
Originally Performed by: Rick Springfield
12. On The Edge Of A Broken Heart
Originally Performed by: Bon Jovi
13. Try
Originally Performed by: P!nk
14. Hotter Than Fire
Originally Performed by: Eric Saade
15. Love Is On The Way
Originally Performed by: Saigon Kick
16. Rollercoaster
Originally Performed by: Bleachers
17. You’re So Beautiful
Originally Performed by: Flickerstick
18. Tubthumping
Originally Performed by: Chumbawamba
19. Young Turks
Originally Performed by: Rod Stewart
20. Bawitdaba
Originally Performed by: Kid Rock

7TH HEAVEN Hit Home Run on 'Color In Motion' Album

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7th heaven releases "Color In Motion".  
10 New Songs
Established in Pop-Rock, 7th heaven is from a 5-member Chicago act. 7th heaven plays over 200 shows a year, has sold over 100,000 CDs, has a Worldwide fan base and plays to over one million people each year.
In 2014, 7th heaven charted on the Billboard Charts for 17 weeks, and went #1 in the East North Central Region with "Spectrum".  
In 2011, 7th heaven charted on the Billboard Charts for 21 weeks, and went #1 in the East North Central Region with "Pop Media".  
In 2010, 7th heaven charted again on the Billboard Charts, and went #1 in the East North Central Region with "Jukebox". Also that year the band charted with "U.S.A. - U.K." and "Merry Christmas in Chicago".
7th heaven has been able to develop their own unique brand of rock music that proves that the fundamentals of great pop rock song still ring true with their new release. 
Track Listing:
01. This Is Where The Party's At
02. Wonderful World
03. Say It Already
04. Time And Again
05. Better Luck Next Time
06. I See You Smile
07. Make You Love Me
08. Happy Now
09. Picking Up The Pieces
10. Closest Thing

Line-up on this CD:
Adam Blair Heisler (Lead Vocals)
Richard Hofherr ( Lead Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals)
Nick Cox ( Guitars / Vocals)
Mark Kennetz ( Bass / Vocals )
Mike Mooshey ( Drums )

Produced & Engineered by: Richard Hofherr & Adam Blair Heisler
Mixed & Mastered by: Richard Hofherr
Buy A Copy Here:   Direct from Band (Worldwide)  *  iTunes *    Amazon.com (U.S.)

THE CYBERIAM Debut Out Via MRR Feb 21

Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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PRE-ORDER NOW: THE CYBERIAM - "The Cyberiam" ($14 + $5 worldwide airmail shipping) AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 21

The Cyberiam is a new progressive rock / metal band from Chicago that boasts some of the top musicians in the city coming together to create history.

MelodicRock Records is excited to be a part of The Cyberiam team and this fantastic album.
MRR is handling the CD release worldwide, released officially FEBRUARY 21.

The debut Cyberiam album boasts almost 80 minutes of progressive rock creativity. 10 songs that feature a variety of styles, feelings, time signatures and emotion. Ranging from emotional to purely technical and everything in between.

"2020 Visionary" is a hard rock progressive track that has some serious depth and power. Compare that with the lighter tones and style of "The Fall."

Wether you are a fan of Tool and Opeth or like the more classic tones of Dream Theater or Symphony X, not to mention the alternative deeper feel of Porcupine Tree, this album has something for every progressive rock fan out there today.

Keith Semple - Vocals, Guitar
Frank Lucas - Keys
Tommy Murray - Drums
Brian Kovacs - Bass guitar, Vocals

PRE-ORDER NOW: THE CYBERIAM - "The Cyberiam" ($14 + $5 worldwide airmail shipping) AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 21

RELEASE DATE: February 21
GENRE: Progressive Melodic Hard Rock
CAT#: MRR076

01. Alice In Afterland 8.53
02. Cool Kids 6.59
03. The Fall 5.20
04. Don't Blink 9.47
05. 2020 Visionary 5.46
06. The Historian 8.10
07. My Occupation 8.49
08. Juxtaposer 6.02
09. Brain In A Vat 7.22
10. Nostalgia 8.58

The Cyberiam Online:


PRE-ORDER NOW: THE CYBERIAM - "The Cyberiam" ($14 + $5 worldwide airmail shipping) AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 21


Keith was born in Northern, Ireland, in the small town of Larne. He started professionally playing music at the early age of 16, where he performed all throughout Europe. He played with a few different bands during that period of time, but always maintained a certain vision for his own music, which he loved to write and perform. Since 16 years old, Keith has played all over the world in small venues through large sold out shows of more than 80,000 seats.
Some of his achievements to date include:

- “Anytime Anywhere” hits #40 on I-tunes Country Album chart Feb 2016
- "Keith Semple is like Keith Urban, only better" Rambling Ray US99.5 Country Chicago
- “Anytime Anywhere” hits #08 on Midwest Billboard Charts March 2016
- Seen on Season 9 of NBC's Emmy award winning show “The Voice.”
- Getting to the last 20 people out of 50,000 applicants on NBC's "The Voice."
- Ranked #1 on Reverbnation Chicago Rock charts 2016; 10th nationally; 15th Globally
- New EP “Anytime Anywhere” on regular radio play NOW!
- Performed 6 sold out UK arena tours to over 1 million people with Young Voices UK since 2003
- Lead singer of Chicago's busiest touring band 7th heaven from 2006-2013
- Performed 2000+ shows in 10 years in the mid west area
- Performed to over 4 million people since 2006
- Written 3 #1 albums on the Chicago Billboard chart
- Opened for Bon Jovi and Kid rock at Soldier Field
- Performed live on Chicago WGN news, ABC, NBC & FOX
- Performed live on many top Chicago radio stations; The mix 101.9, 103.5 Kiss Fm, 102.3xlc, Star 105.5, Star 96.7, US 99.5 Country Chicago and many more
- Performed 5 sold out nights at 02 arena London with SEMPLE 23,000 people a night
- Over 50,000 followers across social media


Frank Lucas is a Chicago-based keyboardist/composer whose background is in classical piano and voice. His studies were completed at DePaul University in Chicago with both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Music Education / Performance and Educational Administration, respectively. Since 1994, Frank has studied piano, synthesis and theory with Jordan Rudess, the acclaimed Dream Theater keyboardist and former Juilliard child prodigy.

Frank has performed and recorded with the likes of Pat Metheny Group drummer, Paul Wertico, bassist Andy West of the Dixie Dregs, guitarists Paul Chapman (U.F.O.), Neil Zaza and Michael Angelo, Brandi, Journey's Steve Augeri, as well as acclaimed violinists Rachel Barton and Edgar Gabriel (Cirque Du Soleil). In 2006, Frank released a critically acclaimed progressive rock album on the ProgRock Records label entitled LWE -Lucas, White and Edsey with bassist Steve Edsey and drummer Chuck White.

Most recently, Frank has recorded with Fire Garden, Malik Yusef, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child, Twista, American Idol's Chris Medina and legendary rockers, War. He recently finished recording keyboard tracks for the upcoming Dee Snider album, "To Hell and Back."

Frank has recently released two albums on the Tonepainter Music Label. The first is a piano jazz trio interpretation of classic Christmas songs entitled "Christmas Is..." (2014) featuring Lucas on piano, Barry Kleiber on bass and Vince Consolo on drums.

February 2015 brought about The Romantic Piano Sensation's release, "A Little Secret" just in time for Valentines Day. Piano sensation Frank Lucas takes your heart and mind on an emotional journey through 11 tracks filled with beautiful melodies, painting pictures of love, passion and romance featuring "The Promise" with Joseph Schwartz on violin and the title track "A Little Secret" featuring vocalist, Jennifer Vera.



7TH HEAVEN Releases 'Luminous' on CD, USB & Digital

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7th heaven releases "Luminous", a 10 song feel-good collection of Pop/Rock songs that will transcend generations.
Released last week, it has already entered the Billboard charts, and is on the path to chart #1 in the East North Central Region Billboard Charts.
Established in Pop-Rock, 7th heaven is from a 5-member Chicago act. 7th heaven plays over 200 shows a year, has sold over 100,000 CDs, has a Worldwide fan base and plays to over one million people each year.
In 2014, 7th heaven charted on the Billboard Charts for 17 weeks, and went #1 in the East North Central Region with "Spectrum". 
In 2011, 7th heaven charted on the Billboard Charts for 21 weeks, and went #1 in the East North Central Region with "Pop Media". 
In 2010, 7th heaven charted again on the Billboard Charts, and went #1 in the East North Central Region with "Jukebox". Also that year the band charted with
"U.S.A. - U.K." and "Merry Christmas in Chicago"
7th heaven has been able to develop their own unique brand of rock music that proves that the fundamentals of great pop rock song still ring true with their new release "Luminous"
Track Listing:
01. Home
02. Beautiful Life
03. Midwest Girls In The Summertime
04. Always
05. If You Change Your Mind
06. Contact
07. Forget About Me
08. Eyes Wide Open
09. So Wonderful
10. S.O.S.
Line-up on this CD:
Adam Blair Heisler (Lead Vocals)
Richard Hofherr (Lead Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals)
Nick Cox (Guitars / Vocals)
Mark Kennetz (Bass / Vocals)
Mike Mooshey (Drums)
Produced & Engineered by: Richard Hofherr & Adam Blair Heisler
Mixed & Mastered by: Richard Hofherr
Buy A Copy Here:  Direct from Band (Worldwide) *  iTunes *    Amazon.com (U.S.)
Listen to the whole CD right now here: SoundCloud
Check out 7th heaven at - 7thheavenband.com



7TH HEAVEN Rock Medley 1 Released

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We just released a video for our NEW "Rock Medley 1"
This will be in certain sets we play live, and available for sale over the summer in a a upcoming release.
Check it out: 
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Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue
Heaven - Warrant
Dream On - Aerosmith
Slow and Easy - Whitesnake
Highway to Hell - AC/DC
Youth Gone Wild - Skid Row
In My Dreams - Dokken
All She Wrote - Firehouse
Rock You Like A Hurricane - Scorpions
Enter Sandman - Metallica
Dance The Night Away - Van Halen
Round and Round - Ratt
Sweet Child of Mine - Guns and Roses
Nothing but a Good Time - Posion
Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
Shout It Out Loud - Kiss
Let It Go - Def Leppard
You Got Another Thing Coming - Judas Priest
Come on Feel The Noise - Quiet Riot
We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister
Kickstart My Heart - Motley Crue
Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden
Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
Thanks for all your continued support.
We love playing and as long as you keep coming out to see us play, we'll continue to be there.

Richard Hofherr
7th heaven



MelodicRock REVIEWS IN BRIEF December 2015

90% CATS IN SPACE – Too Many Gods (Harmony Factory/Cargo Records)
What a fun album. The whole album could have been released anytime in the mid-late 70s and you wouldn’t have known any different. Listening to this is like walking into a drive-in diner in 1978 and hitting random selections on the jukebox.
The album is consistently strong, but quite varied also.
There’s ELO (Too Many Gods, Mr Heartache); Queen (Stop); Styx/ELO/Queen (Last Man Standing – easily the most memorable song); Elton John meets The Who meets Queen (Unfinished Symphony) and even 70s Meatloaf (Only In Vegas); The Who (Five Minute Celebrity).
It is really quite an impressive and very accomplished piece of work - especially for a debut album. I can’t imagine 70s rock fans hearing anything better than this in 2015.
87% C.O.P – State Of Rock (AOR Heaven)
This has the obvious musical comparisons to Grand Illusion and the glorious, over the top, high pitched pomp that band delivered. Why? Vocalist Peter Sundell is front and center here along with his brother Christian Sundell. For those missing the pomp/AOR of Grand Illusion and Peter’s unbelievably high vocals, then jump on this!
It’s like Grand Illusion, but it also has its own personality and delivers some outstanding Scandi-AOR material, while the production is top notch (thanks to Ola af Trampe).
Another memorable, high quality release.
93% ANBERLIN – Never Take A Friendship Personal & Cities – Live In New York City (Tooth & Nail)
I absolute love these two Anberlin albums – easily the best of their career and here they are, faithfully reproduced in their entirety in a farewell live performance. Both albums are stacked with great tunes, but these versions are even more electric, as the atmosphere captured here is truly compelling. Great recordings – live, raw and honest, and overflowing with emotion and energy.
90% MR. BIG – Raw Like Suchi 113 – Sendai Japan 2014 (Wowow Entertainment)
Another month, another Mr. Big release! Cashing in on their legendary status in Japan and their anniversary year, this new live album is every bit as essential as any of the band’s other live releases. Packed with songs from the last two studio albums and various other classics, the recording is overdub free and live as on the night – which is the usual engaging, high energy excellence these great musicians deliver every time they hit the stage.
Definitely recommended for Mr. Big fans.
88% DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES – Live In Dublin (Eagle Rock)
The unquestionable brilliance of Hall & Oates is captured on this double live concert, recorded in July 2014. As expected it is a hits rich set that covers many of the bands’ hit singles, but at 15 tracks over 2 discs, it feels a little underdone and I have heard so many great live sets from these guys that this one just doesn’t have the same wow factor for me as other have. It may be down to the actual set list – there’s at least 4 tracks I’d sub out in favor of others (Do What You Want, Las Vegas Turnaround, Back Together Again & It’s Uncanny). It makes for a pretty laid back mid-concert run of tracks. But the rest – magnificent as always.
Thankfully the glorious Out Of Touch, plus mega-hits Family Man, Maneater, Say It Isn’t So, Kiss On My List and Private Eyes are all included. And what can you say about a 15 minute version of I Can’t Go For That?!
The DVD is certainly more engaging and I’ve always loved the way the guys interact with the crowd (who are very enthusiastic on this occasion). And the band is incredible of course, as are the harmonies.
And man…it has to be said – Daryl Hall’s voice is beyond unbelievable. He hasn’t lost anything over the years, he sounds freeking crazy good. What a voice!
85% NEAL SCHON – Vertex (Mascot)
Not to be restricted by any conventions over how much music one should record or be limited by any one style, guitar legend Neal Schon delivers 90 minutes of whatever he wants…in this case, inspired and diverse instrumental music. 18 songs over two discs, with tracks ranging from 2 to 7 minutes in length, Vortex is Neal in his favourite setting – just letting go.
And what’s even better – he’s backed by Steve Smith on drums, providing the intelligent, musically complex drum and percussion needed for such a bold musical statement such as this.
There’s fast, slow, rock, jazz, electric, acoustic….you name it. Guitar instrumental fans will love, no question about it.
75% GUN – Frantic (Caroline)
Gun seem to have made the transition from the angst driven melodic rock/hard rock of their past with original vocalist Mark Rankin, to the new lineup with Dante Gizzi now up front. The sound change is vast – the guys are now a power/pop outfit with a feel-good uptempo vibe. This is the second album in this format. The songs are pretty consistently good once again, but the style is hard to accept after such brilliance previously.
There are some very catchy tunes here, some more guitar driven than others, but overall not as many highlights as the last album for me. I miss the old days but don’t see Mark returning to singing. What a waste.
90% PAT BENATAR & NEIL GERALDO – 35th Anniversary Tour Live (Indie)
Now this is a ‘greatest hits’ set I can live with. The talented duo of Pat and Neil shred through some of their most iconic hits in a (all) fired up, live raw setting.
The rocked up set includes the brilliant Shadows of the Night, Invincible, Sex As A Weapon, Promises in The Dark, We Belong, Love is A Battlefield (8 minutes in length) and an even longer Heartbreaker to close the set.
The only thing that bugs me is Pat’s slightly tweaked chorus vocal in the mega-anthem All Fired Up. Doesn’t work. Whatever though….the rest is brilliant and a great tribute to the songs included. Boy can that Neil guy play guitar…
84% ELEMENTS OF FRICTIONS – Pride Music Sampler
Great way to introduce your new label to the world – gather some of the best melodic rock artists around and compile a bunch of unreleased tracks. Kicking off with one of the best rock anthems you’ll ever hear – a new Marcello Vestry track When You Grow Up. Elsewhere it’s a little hit and miss, but the highlights are Area 51 (Matti Alfozetti), Don’t Leave Me Lonely (Matti again), Make You Mine (Larry Baud, written by, yes…Matti), Without Your Love from Snakes In Paradise, the Matti written Only My Heart (sung by Mats Levin), Another Me (Paul Laine) and Somebody Up There (Tommy LaVerdi), which rocks pretty hard.
86% MARK SLAUGHTER – Reflections In A Rear View Mirror (Thunder Spirit Records)
Slaughter frontman Mark delivers his debut solo album here – which rocks seriously and surprisingly hard. Not sure what I was expecting, but it’s heavier than I figured. It’s also more diverse. Some of the songs are screaming rockers (Away I Go, Miss Elainious); some are more reflective (Carry Me Back Home, Baby Wants).
Others are closer to the anthemic rock of Slaughter (Never Giving Up, The Real Thing, Somewhere Isn’t Here) and some are just something new altogether (Don’t Turn Away, In Circle Flight, Velcro Jesus).
Some of it works – some of it doesn’t. I’ll let the listener decide, but this is an interesting journey and does what a solo album does – offer the artist and excuse to try different things.
85% CAGE – Ancient Evil (The Metal Masses)
Traditional American metal at its loudest, fastest, intensest (no, that’s not a word…). San Diego based Cage have been doing the metal circuit for a long while now and they don’t let up with age. This is the heaviest thing I’ve reviewed here in a long while. You know what to expect. Fast, furious, screaming high pitch vocals and some of the most brutal double kick drumming this side of thrash metal. Did I mention the ear blasting guitar demotion?
All you need to know is that it’s well produced, features a balanced mix and sounds huge.
84% 7TH HEAVEN – Next (NTD Records)
The hardest working band in Chicago America never fails to deliver quality music. On their new album Next they introduce new vocalist Adam Heisler after Keith Semple left to chase bigger dreams. Adam changes the tone a little bit – his vocal is a little deeper than the very AOR-friendly Semple.
Song wise the band continue to pursue the modern pop direction set up by the last album, moving further away from AOR/melodic rock into dance/pop with a commercial power pop base.
Some hugely catchy tunes here, but a few others that I don’t feel have the spark of the last 2-3 albums. Not sure if it’s the songs or the singer to be honest. Maybe a little of both.
Still, you won’t find a better example of the genre should modern pop be of appeal. These guys are an industry unto themselves and if you don’t like this album (or any other), then you know they’ll always be back next year with more!
86% HUNGRYHEART – Dirty Italian Job (Tanzan Music)
Italian rockers Hungryheart deliver their third studio album and continue to grow as songwriters and performers, not to mention also in the production stakes.
Each album has improved upon the last, which is all you can ask of any band. This album features some catchy melodic hard rock songs with a strong European flavor. There are some hard rockers and a nice variety of moodier melodic tunes too and just the one ballad – Nothing But You.
Tracks like You Can Run, There Is A Reason For Everything and Time For Letting Go show real promise and give hope that the guys might be able to cut through the plethora of releases out there to find some new fans. Well worth checking out.
89% DENNIS DRIES – I (AOR Heaven)
White Sister’s Dennis Dries finally delivers a long awaited solo album and it doesn’t disappoint. He’s joined by the great Paul Sabu to create a very likable pomptastic classic rock release that’s quite diverse, yet very focused at the same time.
Diversity comes in the shape of the pomptastic Heard It On The Radio; to the sentimental AOR of “I”; to the acoustic lead Home; and back to the melodic hard rock of Unbroken.
Focus comes in the form of the precision and thought put into the music and the production. A lot of time and energy has gone into this record, no doubt.
This may not be for everyone, but White Sister and classic pomp/rock fans will surely delight in Dennis’ unique vocals and writing style.
Best thing about this album is how it stands out from the pack by being different than most other titles out there, yet familiar at the same time.
50% LIPSTICK – Lipstick (Indie)
At lot of great releases about this year, this is not one of them. Unless you are into really average mid-80s glam, cowbell and all. There’s 16 tracks and 65 minutes of music to get through here, all featuring the unremarkable vocals of Greg Troyan.
These tunes are apparently “Super Demos”. I’d agree with the ‘demos’ part if not the ‘super’, but otherwise I’d use the old analogy, some albums/songs remain unreleased for a reason.
It will take a very dedicated glam rock/Poison groupie to appreciate the contents of this disc.
80% KICKIN VALENTINA – Super Atomic (Target Records)
American sleaze/hard rockers Kickin Valentina released their debut album earlier this year. You’ve got a strong Guns N Roses/LA Guns/Ratt type vibe going on here, with heavy, dirty blues riffs, a driving rhythm and raspy, gravelly vocals all combining to form a pretty credible, high energy rock outfit.
Musically this is all in your face hard rock with bar room swagger and some impressive guitar soloing to match the screams of vocalist Joe. Not an album for fans of big hooks or big harmonies, this one is better suited for fans of the bands mentioned and the whole LA late 80s LA sleaze scene.
92% ROMEOS DAUGHTER – Spin (RD Records)
A long overdue review here for this new gem from one of the UK’s premiere female fronted AOR bands.
Once again Leigh Matty delivers a silky smooth vocal over a very tight performance form the band and guitarist/producer Craig Joiner.
Anyone who picked up and enjoyed the band’s comeback album Rapture will be able to slide this album right alongside.
Perhaps a little lighter/more laid back than the 2012 album and moving a little more into modern pop style, it doesn’t matter in the end. It’s just filled with beautiful songs and warm, inviting melodies such as the born for radio Already Gone and Love Will Come To Those That Wait, plus the moody Enemy and the haunting acoustic beauty of Didn’t See You Coming.
The driving All Because Of You and the closing Tall Buildings add a little fire at the end of the album.
77% POWERPLAY – All Those Years (Target Records)
The debut album from Danish pop/rockers Powerplay ranges from Alien style Euro-AOR through to Chicago/State Cows styled Westcoast pop.
I definitely prefer the AOR flavored tunes, of which there are several fine examples (City Of Love, Climb A Mountain, All Those Years). There’s a little Work Of Art/Toto in the mix also, but to be honest, I’m not entirely sold on the vocalist and sometimes the album crosses over into ‘too pink and fluffy’ territory. Worth a listen, but more work needed to bring themselves into the wider fan base this music has.
69% ST. PROSTITUTE – Glorified (Target Records)
Another big sleazy hard rocking album on show here – this time from Denmark’s answer to Hanoi Rocks. Well maybe not, but you get the idea. It’s all guitars and all gravelly, sleaze drenched vocals. This one isn’t as memorable as a couple of other reviewed, but it probably packs a more powerful guitar punch and there’s certainly isn’t any issue with the monster sound.
90% DIEMONDS – Never Wanna Die (Napalm Records)
These guys are being compared to Halestorm and the immediate reaction to the female lead vocalist and the classic-meets-modern hard rock approach seems to match.
But this is a different type of album to Halestorm. More traditional hard rock and definitely a step heavier than Halestorm. Vocals are great, riffs are fast, furious and frequent and the production is huge.
This deserves a longer review, but time is of the essence. It’s a really strong album that gets better and better. Highly recommended for fans of powerful female fronted hard rock and metal.
78% PRETTY WILD – Pretty Wild (Dead End Exit)
Pretty Wild are, well…pretty decent! Take the old school melodic hard rock approach, add in some Scandi sleaze, mix it up with Bon Jovi, Johnny Lima and Reckless Love and you will get a pretty fair idea of the sound of this album. Not quite as immediate or as essential as those named, but still pretty worthwhile.
85% REACH – Reach Out To Rock (Sunhill Productions)
Reach are… yes! Swedish! And they produce solid, high quality melodic rock. Who would’ve thought? These guys lag behind the front runners of the genre though. They feature a more guitar heavy sound with less keyboards. Plus the vocalist isn’t quite as engaging as some of the others in the Swedish melodic rock gang.
There’s a moody feel to this album, a darker undertone than the likes of BFT, Art Nation or Wigelius. Not bad by any means and one for fans of guitar driven melodic hard rock with a Scandi-accent. Well produced and packing a decent punch – just not as immediate or as hook driven as their compatriots.
Still some good choruses here though – especially You Called My Name, We Are and Fortune & Fame.
55% ROB MORATTI – Tribute To Journey (Escape Music)
I’m a big Rob Moratti fan. I’ve featured him here many times across the years and his various projects and he’s a terrific guy. Which is why this is hard to say – but I simply don’t see any point to this release at all. In fairness, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it and no one is expecting it to match the impact of an original studio album. Rob has a fantastic high pitch voice well suited for paying tribute to the great band Journey and vocalist Steve Perry. Nothing wrong with that!
However, I just don’t see any point in compiling 12 very very over-played, over-covered, over-done Journey classics and doing absolutely nothing different to them. This is a note for note tribute, which is always going to come off second best to the originals.
That’s a brave move by Rob as he’s only going to draw comparisons with Steve MF Perry afterall!
Perhaps there would have been some greater point to doing this if the songs were deep cuts or less recognizable hits. Or perhaps changed them up a little; make them heavier or acoustic in places….anything! Sorry Rob – I’ll hang out for the all-new studio album mate.
83% SHADES & PETERS – Let The Record Spin (Indie)
This album came out late in 2014 and has a similar musical play to the recent Tom Cochrane album.
Two rockers – you know them well – Rene Shades and Martie Peters, changing things up and creating something new – an acoustic driven, fairly laid back album touching on country, pop, blues as well as a little rock for good measure.
Despite my not so favourable verdict on the Cochrane album, Shades & Peters come out better off for delivering better quality songs.
Not everyone that has followed Push or MPG is going to be into this. And some that weren’t into those groups might indeed prefer this. It’s different that’s for sure.

Follow & Support KEITH SEMPLE on The Voice!

Release Year: 
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For those that have been following former 7th heaven vocaliost KEITH SEMPLE on The Voice, here's the best way to support and help him along, plus videos of the performances he's done so far. keith told me today that this week's song is really one to get excited about. Can't wait to see/hear him!
Good luck Keith! Click on pic to enlarge.



KEITH SEMPLE Takes On 'The Voice'

Release Year: 
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Former 7th heaven vocalist KEITH SEMPLE has taken on the US music show The Voice and showcased what a killer voice he has. You can see the full length Blind Audition here: https://www.facebook.com/chuck.brown.161/videos/939758742714134/
Or for just the vocal performance, check this out:

7th heaven Releases 2CD Set 'The Best Of 1985 - 2015'

Release Year: 
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7th heaven release new 2CD Best Of Set. A 42 song feel-good DUAL CD of various Pop/Rock songs
7th heaven has been able to develop their own unique brand of rock music that proves that the fundamentals of great pop rock song still ring true with their new release "Next"
Disc 1
1 Sing.
2 This Summers Gonna Last Forever
3 Gravity
4 Dance Of A Lifetime
5 Stoplight
6 Cellophane
7 Time Of Our Lives
8 I'll Be Waiting
9 Better This Way
10 Diamonds
11 We Live Life Young
12 I Can't Find Love
13 Kill The Cycle
14 It's You
15 Dance In The Rain
16 Go For A Ride
17 Right By Your Side
18 Ghost Of Me
19 Never Gonna Bring Me Down
20 I Don't Know
21 Shapes
Disc 2
1 Young And Bulletproof
2 Once In A Lifetime
3 Medicated
4 Living In Danger
5 Now And Forever
6 In The City
7 The One
8 Undone
9 Let's Talk
10 All In You
11 War Machine
12 The Way It Used To Be
13 While You Dream
14 Windows
15 Die For You, Die For Me
16 You Lied
17 Why You Gotta Be Like That
18 Separated
19 Boom
20 Winning It All
21 The Time Has Come
Line-up on this Dual CD:
Adam Heisler (Lead Vocals)
Keith Semple (Lead Vocals)
Andrew Blake (Lead Vocals)
Tony DiGiulio (Lead Vocals)
Anthony Fedorov (Lead Vocals)
Michael Sean (Lead Vocals)
Richard Hofherr ( Lead Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals)
Nick Cox ( Guitars / Vocals)
Mark Kennetz ( Bass / Vocals )
Mike Mooshey ( Drums )
Dan Miller (Drums)

Additonal Background Vocals: Matt Clark
Produced, engineered, Mixed & Mastered by: Richard Hofherr
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7TH HEAVEN Reveal What's 'Next' For The Band

Release Year: 
News Feed
7th heaven releases "Next"
A 10 song feel-good CD of various Pop/Rock songsThis CD will transcend generations with the ability to touch numerous emotions and connecting lyrics. 
"We are very pleased with the songs on this CD and I personally ask that each and every one of you give it a spin. If you like the CD, I ask that you tell others about it.  
In a world where we have so much negative influence everywhere, I am proud that this CD is a positive influence and will hopefully touch a emotion.  
I want to thank Adam, for doing a GREAT job on this CD. His talents he brings to 7th heaven are greater than just the stage, they are also packed in these great songs, that hopefully will become favorites of yours.
Enjoy this great CD." - Richard Hofherr/7th heaven 
Established in Pop-Rock, 7th heaven is from a 5-member Chicago act.  7th heaven plays over 250 shows a year, has sold tens of thousands of CDs, has a Worldwide fan base and plays to over one million people each year.
In 2011, 7th heaven charted three products on the Billboard Charts, and went #1 in the Chicago Region for four straight weeks.  
In 2012, 7th heaven charted again on the Billboard Charts, and went #1 in the Chicago Region for seven straight weeks.  
In 2014, 7th heaven charted again on the Billboard Charts, and went #1 in the Chicago Region.  
7th heaven has been able to develop their own unique brand of rock music that proves that the fundamentals of great pop rock song still ring true with their new release "Next".
Track Listing:
1. Time Of Our Lives
 2. Diamonds 
3. She's On Fire 
4. Young And Bulletproof 
5. You And I 
6. She Could Use A Little Sunshine 
7. Don't Wanna Be In Love 
8. Something That You Want 
9. Standing On Top Of The World 
10. Take Me With You

Adam Heisler - Lead Vocals
Richard Hofherr - Lead Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Nick Cox - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Mark Kennetz - Bass, Vocals
Michael Mooshey - Drums
Produced & engineered by: Richard Hofherr & Adam Heisler
Mixed & mastered by: Richard Hofherr
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Hear the entire CD Here: Soundcloud
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Monday, December 1, 2014
News Feed
7th heaven newsletter - December 2014
Welcome Adam Blair Heisler
We would like to welcome Adam Blair Heisler to 7th heaven. Adam is a perfect fit for 7th heaven and We think you will agree.. Adam was in 2 great bands before 7th heaven, "The Fabulous Janes" and "Dot Dot Dot" (seen nationwide on TV).  His stage experience is excellent and his songwriting skills will bring great chemistry to our future.  We have a lot of great ideas planned for 2015 and we can't wait to share all of them with you.  Check out the intro video we shot with Adam: 
Save over 80% on 7th heaven products!!!  This is by far the biggest sale we have ever had on our products.  We have some great new products planned for next year, so we want to clear our inventory.  Check out our unbelievable deals on our website:  http://www.7thheavenband.com
Celebrate New Years Eve with 7th heaven
We will be performing at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare on New Years Eve.  We had a great time there last year and we want to do it again with you.  There packages with hotel and without hotel.  The party only tickets are with open bar.  Check out all the package deals and get your tickets here: http://tinyurl.com/pjy6y99
Toys for Tots
We had a successful "Toys for Tots" event and we want to Thank all of You who came out with a Toy.  Let's hope we brighten some kids faces for the holidays  :)
7th heaven Cruise -  120 People.. You Coming?
Our annual 7th heaven cruise is January 24 - 31, 2015 on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas.  It's going to be a amazing time and we want YOU to be there with us!!  This will be a eastern sailing, going to St. Martin, St. Thomas and the Bahamas.  There are still a couple rooms left.
You can learn more about the cruise here: http://ntdvacations.com
3 NEW 7th heaven Videos
Check out these fun videos we shot from our 2014 summer shows:
Three Brand New Videos off our CD "Spectrum".. check them out:
"Stoplight" - http://youtu.be/Bxgs3suv5Wg
"It's You" - http://youtu.be/_LHqA6vF328
"Living in Danger" - http://youtu.be/HWqFyXh2sTI
7th heaven Releases "Spectrum" CD
Check out our 2014 original CD called "Spectrum".  This CD is filled with 20 feel-good songs that you are sing along to after hearing them a couple times.  We ask that you please pick a copy of this CD up for yourself, We think you will really like this CD.  We would like to hear feedback from all of you on what songs you want us to add to our set off this CD, so please let us know. Also, if you get the CD on iTunes, please take a minute and write a review on the CD so others can see that. The CD is now available at all shows (except casinos). You can also Buy a copy here:
Direct from Band (Worldwide)  *  iTunes  *  Amazon.com (U.S.) 
Hear the entire CD Here: Soundcloud
Sat - Nov 29 - Tailgaters
Fri - Dec 5 - MT Barrels (Old Chicago City Limits)
Sat - Dec 6 - Fast Gala 
Thur - Dec 11 - Jingle Mingle
Fri - Dec 12 - Bourbon Street
Sat - Dec 13 - Durty Nellies
Wed - Dec 17 - King's
Thur - Dec 18 - Rivers Casino
Fri - Dec 19 - Hollywood Casino - Joliet 
Sat - Dec 27 - H.O.M.E. Bar
Wed - Dec 31 - Hyatt Regency O'Hare
Sat - Jan 24 - 31 - 7th heaven cruise



7TH HEAVEN - Spectrum (Review)

information persons: 
section name: 
01. Stoplight
02. It's You
03. Dance In The Rain
04. In The City
05. Living In Danger
06. Once In A Lifetime
07. We Live Life Young
08. Magic
09. Are We Up
10. When You Say My Name
11. Walk Another Mile
12. Join The Party
13. I'm Your Addict
14. Livin Life
15. Holding My Breath For You
16. Last Chance
17. Illusion
18. Until The Day I Die
19. Heads Or Tails
20. Jump Start 
section name: 


Produced By: 
Richie Hofherr
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Pop/Melodic Rock/AOR
NTD Records
Friday, August 8, 2014
Chicago’s legendary 7th heaven return with yet another new studio album, this one featuring no less than 20 new cuts!
Back fronting the band for this album is the great Keith Semple, whose likable melodic tone is a perfect match for the happy go lucky anthemic pop/rock that guitarist and main writer Richie Hofherr seems to effortlessly churn out with spectacular regularity.
Maintaining the formula of past albums, there seems to be a couple of extra ingredients here to make this arguably the band’s best release yet.
First – the production quality is the best since the band’s classic Silver release. Extra thump in the drum department has gone a long way.
Second – the songs are simply unquestionably brilliant and totally infectious.
Each 7th heaven album manages to deliver several catchy pop/rock anthems to add to their already impressive list, but on Spectrum it’s simply song after song of instant hook gratification and sing-along perfection.
There’s a heartfelt emotion to this band’s music and that continues unabated here.
Just try and not sing along and tap your feet to the glorious fast moving anthems Stoplight, It’s You, in The City, Livin’ Life, Last Chance, Heads or Tails and a much improved re-recording of the last album’s best track We Live Life Young.
The band’s moodier side is amply explored on Dance In The Rain, Once In A Lifetime, Are We Up, Walk Another Mile, I’m Your Addict and Until The Day I Die.
Heartfelt ballads aren’t ignored either, with When You Say My Name and Holding My Breath For You both worthy of chart success.
Of course, with 20 tracks on offer there’s bound to be a few “misses”, but those will depend on tastes. For me the reggae of Join The Party and the rap infused duo of Living In Danger (despite another catchy chorus) and Jump Start represent the three tracks I reach for the skip button. But 3 skips out of 20 tracks is a ratio any major artist would be proud to boast.
7th heaven remain a Midwest phenomenon, but their worldwide cult following is only going to grow on the back of this superbly written and produced album of brilliantly catchy and likable melodic pop/rock gems.
Recommended for all readers to check out. Simply awesome.


Thursday, July 10, 2014
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$20.00 (Doors at 2.00pm)


$20.00 (Doors at 11.30am)

(Late Nite Set)

$20.00 (Doors at 2.00pm)


$20.00 (Doors at 11.30am)





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