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THE END MACHINE - The End Machine (Review)

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George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, Mick Brown, and Robert Mason - it should be a slam dunk, home run, guaranteed hard rock monster right? Well not in this case.
Straddling a line between classic and modern rock, the album sounds sonically great and you can't argue that the performances of the critically acclaimed personnel isn't to their usual high standard. But why is the album stuck in a nowhere zone?
For me its the songs. They just aren't there. I'm not finding any compelling reason to come back to the album once it's finished playing. I think Robert Mason is a powerful singer, but I've never warmed to any album he's been involved in. For example, the second Lynch Mob album he fronted was a huge let down after the classic debut. I think he sings great, but without the necessary personality to own any project he's fronting.
The emphasis on down tuned guitars and that modern hard rock sound leaves me cold and the similar mid-tempo pacing throughout keeps me reaching for the skip button.

I was hoping there would be a more Dokken or even Lynch Mob flavored sound here or at least some kind of personality, and while there are hints of both, neither takes hold. For me it is just another modern American hard rock album in a pool of too many other similar projects. They guys needed better songs and more personality.



THE END: machine - New Moniker For DOKKEN Alumni

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George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, Mick Brown, and Robert Mason have announced that they are changing the name of their previously announced new band, Superstroke, to THE END: machine.
“The recordings are nearly done and we are really happy with the way it is turning out,” says bassist/producer Jeff Pilson. “We think that, notwithstanding the obvious nod to our past experiences together, The End: machine sound has a unique identity. Sonically, this is not just ex-Dokken members with a different singer or a rebooted incarnation of Lynch Mob. This is a new sound. Everyone has been doing great on the album and there is a lot of energy and a lot of focus.”
THE END: machine, featuring George Lynch , Jeff Pilson, and Mick Brown from the classic Dokken lineup together with singer Robert Mason of Warrant (and previously, Lynch Mob) will release their debut album in Spring 2019, via Frontiers Music Srl.
Follow their just launched Facebook page here:



DOKKEN 'Return To The East' On New Live Release

Friday, April 20, 2018
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• Blu-Ray
• Collector's Box (CD/DVD + T-Shirt) [Comes with XL tee in the U.S., L tee in EU]
• 2xLP Standard 180g Black Vinyl
• 2xLP Limited Edition 180g Green Vinyl (Exclusive to Frontiers' U.S. Store - Limited to 150 WORLDWIDE)
• 2xLP Limited Edition 180g Red Vinyl (Exclusive to Frontiers' EU Store - Limited to 150 WORLDWIDE)
• MP3 (audio only)
"Return To The East Live (2016)" Available April 20, 2018!
At this point, Dokken simply needs no introduction. The band cemented their status as one of the legendary hard rock/heavy metal archetypes of the ‘80s rock scene with numerous successful albums and tours, evergreen songs and music videos and a lore that will live on forever.
In 2016, the classic original line-up Dokken featuring: Don Dokken, George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, and Mick Brown reunited to play the world famous Loud Park Festival in Japan. Fortunately for fans outside of Japan, cameras were there to capture the performance and now Frontiers is set to issue “Return To The East Live (2016)” on April 20th! In addition to the Japanese performance, this set also features footage from the classic lineup’s only US reunion show of 2016 in Sioux Falls, SD at Badlands.
If the release wasn’t amazing enough, the package includes a brand-new studio track, “It’s Just Another Day” and two acoustic re-workings of classic tracks, from the original members!
Don Dokken says, “[a]fter 25 years, it was great to reunite with George and Jeff and Mick and do a couple shows for the fans. We hope you like this album and video. There’s a lot of great bonus footage of us having fun, so enjoy it!”
Bassist Jeff Pilson on the forthcoming release, “I’m so thrilled this piece of the Dokken story is hitting the streets! What a magical experience it has been and this CD/DVD captures a lot of that wonderful manic energy that has always made Dokken so vital! I remain extremely grateful to have been a part of such a vibrant voice in the world of heavy rock. Thanx to the fans and to George, Don and Mick for being the musicians, writers and friends that you are!”
Don Dokken – Vocals
George Lynch – Guitars
Jeff Pilson – Bass
Mick Brown - Drums
01. It’s Another Day (New Studio Track)
02. Kiss Of Death
03. The Hunter
04. Unchain The Night
05. When Heaven Comes Down
06. Breakin’ The Chains
07. Into The Fire
08. Dream Warriors
09. Tooth And Nail
10. Alone Again (Intro)
11. Alone Again
12. It’s Not Love
13. In My Dreams
14. Heaven Sent (Acoustic Studio Bonus Track)
15. Will The Sun Rise (Acoustic Studio Bonus Track)
01. Tooth And Nail
02. Unchain The Night
03. When Heaven Comes Down
04. Breakin’ The Chains
05. Into The Fire
06. Alone Again
07. It’s Not Love
08. Paris Is Burning
09. Kiss Of Death
10. The Hunter
11. Dream Warriors
12. In My Dreams
13. Behind the Scenes



Podcasts & Radio
KISS, Journey & Lynch Mob (Dokken) 
Thirty-seven years after his first interview with Gene Simmons, Mitch gets his second crack at The Demon from KISS. Gene discusses his Vault Box Set, KISS’ 2018 plans and a possible one-off show... Just listen! 
Up next is former Journey drummer Deen Castronovo. He discusses the new Revolution Saints album, compares Journey singers, talks about letting down Neal Schon and more.
Finally, go on a walk with Lynch Mob guitarist George Lynch who discusses the band’s new album, his respect for Dokken, the cheese factor of... well, just listen! 



Rat Pak Records Set To Release LYNCH MOB ‘The Brotherhood’

Friday, September 8, 2017
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Produced by Chris "The Wizard" Collier (Lynch Mob; Flotsam And Jetsam; Prong; KXM), “The Brotherhood” features eleven brand new hard rock tracks from Lynch Mob. This album will surely resonate with long time fans of the band, as well as those longing for that good ol' hard rock sound and feel. "The Brotherhood” highlights the unique pairing of Oni Logan and George Lynch, and along with Sean McNabb (bass) and Jimmy D’Anda (drums), the band has created a solid offering from start to finish. From the heavy guitar riffs of the opening track “Main Offender” to the melodic album finale ”Miles Away”, Lynch Mob have once again proven they remain on top of their game and at the top of their genre!
On the subject of Lynch Mob’s new record, Oni Logan comments, “After doing quite a few miles together with this latest line-up of Sean McNabb and Jimmy D’Anda, we consider ourselves a pack of wolves, and we came up with the name ‘The Brotherhood’ for the title of the next Lynch Mob album. It’s got more of an adventurous sound in part and maybe a darker, colder sound to it. We are always willing to go farther. We come from the early 90’s and it's when we released the first Lynch Mob album which set a sound and course for us. Here we are 27 years later, George and I are still able to keep on stretching. As a player, as a writer, that is very important to us. Otherwise we would be fooling ourselves and fooling you”.
George Lynch adds, "We wrote this album as a band and the name of the record reflects what the band is about, and what all my bands have been about since I've been a kid. This is my second family. These are my brothers. You go through a lot together and have a lot of experiences together. And that then becomes a part of the music."
Official release date for “The Brotherhood” is Friday September 08, 2017.
01. Main Offender
02. Mr. Jekyll and Hyde
03. I'll Take Miami
04. Last Call Lady
05. Where We Started
06. The Forgotten Maiden's Pearl
07. Until the Sky Comes Down
08. Black Heart Days
09. Black Mountain
10. Dog Town Mystics
11. Miles Away
12. Until I Get My Gold (bonus track)

JAY PARMAR Pays Tribute To 35 Years Of GEORGE LYNCH

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"The video is a celebration of the music that has shaped my playing and simply because it was a blast to do." 
~ Guitarist, Producer, Recording Artist, Jay Parmar

East Sussex, UK / July 2016 - Guitarist Jay Parmar celebrates 35 years of Legendary Guitarist George Lynch's monster guitar playing with an impressive exhibition of electrifying and provocative guitar wizardry. Not to mention, the Axe eye-candy is to die for...

Legendary Guitarist George Lynch is best known for his work with the heavy metal band Dokken and his band Lynch Mob. Lynch is considered to be one of the most influential and famous 80's metal guitarists. He is known for his unique playing style and sound. He is ranked #47 on "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" by Guitar World magazine and is also ranked #10 on "Top 10 Metal Guitarists of All Time"

As the Guitar Guru recalls, 'the idea came to me one day of doing a video compilation of Mr. Scary's music ... I wanted to tie-it-in with my weekly YouTube show "Lynch Lycks", where I teach how to play in the style of George Lynch. It's a skill that I have acquired over the 27 years I have played and I want to share that with the many guitarists who want to learn that style. So, I listed every original studio album George has done, took a favorite clip of one song from each LP and then recorded the audio and video - so it's a historic account of George's 35 Years. I had an absolutely amazing time creating it and I'm super pleased with it! I had an absolutely amazing time creating it. It's a real privilege to have had to opportunity to do this and I'm super pleased... by the same toke, I got to play pretty much every guitar that I own, especially my collection of ESPs and the guitars I build, Spirit Dance Guitars, and of course showcase the Randall Amp (I am a Randall endorse)!' 

My GOAL is to get this video out to as many people as possible!!!
  Please enjoy the entertainment...


As well as being a solo artist, Jay has worked and recorded with a variety of bands and musicians over the years, including Eden's Curse, Iron Knights and The Inner Road. Jay works from his studio, Sacred Sound, in East Sussex, UK, where he writes, records, engineers, produces, and teaches.

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DOKKEN Classic Line-up Reunion All Set

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Podcasts & Radio
DOKKEN will reunite (again) for dates in Japan and elsewhere in 2017. Mitch Lafon discussed with Mick Brown on One On One:

Legendary drummer 'Wild' Mick Brown of Dokken joins Mitch for episode 223 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.

In the show's only interview, drummer 'Wild' Mick Brown discusses the upcoming classic line-up DOKKEN reunion & the confirmed Japanese tour dates as well as his new band 'Wild' Mick Brown And The Bourbon Ballet.

Quote from the interview:

About Dokken reunion (time - 23.37) : 'In spite of ourselves, we always seem to do well."

(time 24.15): "You have to decide - I'm in or I'm out. Let it go and play ball... Somehow, it seems to work out. It's never very easy and I'm sure it's not going to be this time either."

TWITTER: @Dokken



LYNCH MOB - Rebel (Review)

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George Lynch & Chris Collier
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Hard Rock
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Everywhere you turn right now, there’s George Lynch, whether it be a solo release, a collaboration with another high profile artist (such as Michael Sweet) and now here again with a brand new Lynch Mob record.
Terrific to see Oni Logan fronting the band for another album, for me, he has always been the voice of this band. And great to see all songs produced and written by the duo.
Joining in the fun here is the perfect rhythm section for the occasion – Jeff Pilson and Brian Tichy.
As expected George keeps to his current style, which are his much loved riff and solo guitar playing, over a pretty heavy, high impact contemporary sound.
I love the production on this album – it’s tight and well balanced – everything can be heard with no one element overpowering another.
Song wise you can’t go past the heavy commercial groove of Automatic Fix or the thumping bass of Between the Truth and a Lie; while Testify is slow moving, grinding, ear bending heaviness; and Sanctuary is another pretty cool uptempo rocker.
Pine Tree Avenue features the biggest R&B groove of the album and along with Dirty Money represent the most alt-modern tracks.
The Ledge is a cool slower track with a hint of sentiment and some acoustic thrown in for good measure.
War is one of the very few uptempo tracks and is instantly one of my favorites.

Lynch fans will love this unquestionably. Dokken fans…mostly. Outsiders…not sure.
The production is awesome, the guitar work sensational, but the pacing could be a little more varied. A couple more uptempo tracks would have been nice. But killer groove as always.

LYNCH MOB 'Rebel' On Frontiers August 21

Friday, August 21, 2015
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Video For New Single 'Automatic Fix' Out Now
Album Available for Pre-Order Via iTunes at
Rockers Lynch Mob are back this summer with their most-anticipated release to date. Rebel, the band's 8th studio release, is slated for worldwide release on August 21st via Frontiers Music SRL. The first song released from Rebel is the scorching 'Automatic Fix.' The song features an exciting opening riff and vocal melody and Lynch burns on one of his best guitar solos. A video for the song can be seen here:
Fans who pre-order the album via iTunes at will receive an instant download of 'Automatic Fix.'
Talking about 'Automatic Fix,' singer Oni Logan states , 'This is an interesting song in that it was the last song that was recorded vocally. I initially thought that it might be best used as instrumental. I simply love this song because of its energy and attitude.'
From the blistering album opener 'Automatic Fix' to the album closer 'War,' it is clear Lynch Mob is back to show fans why they are one of rock's most-loved bands. The Lynch Mob line-up on Rebel is comprised of namesake George Lynch on guitars, Oni Logan on vocals, Jeff Pilson on bass and Brian Tichy on drums. Songs like 'Testify,' 'Sanctuary,' and 'Dirty Money' showcase Oni Logan's trademark vocal ability while putting his diverse lyrical content on full display. The album was produced by George Lynch collaborator Chris "the Wizard" Collier. An EPK talking about the new album was recently released and can be seen at:
'With Rebel, we allowed ourselves to move outside our normally imposed self restraints and tread some forbidden sonic territories,' recalls George Lynch. 'What surprises me is no matter how far we attempt to stray away from the classic 'Lynch Mob formula,' we can never really escape the chemistry between myself and Oni. There's just a thing that happens there that's unique to us and undeniable.'
The tracklisting for Rebel is:
1)      Automatic Fix                                                        
2)      Between The Truth And A Lie
3)      Testify
4)      Sanctuary
5)      Pine Tree Avenue
6)      Jelly Roll
7)      Dirty Money
8)      The Hollow Queen
9)      The Ledge
10)   Kingdon Of Slaves
11)   War
Lynch Mob formed in 1989 after George Lynch parted ways with his former band Dokken. This year marks the 25th Anniversay of Lynch Mob's debut release Wicked Sensation, which is the band's most popular work to date achieving gold-selling status. The band has released seven other albums throughout their career. Lynch Mob will be touring throught the summer in support of Rebel with more information to be announced at a later date.


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