John Sykes


John Sykes (1999)


My interview with John Sykes was more of a chat session! It was pretty laid back and I have basically run through his career, of which I am a big fan.

There is a few interesting moments, especially when David Coverdale is discussed.
Before you get into it a few updates from a brief chat with John last week.
The album will indeed still have some elements of hip-hop, but not on every track and it will not be a George Lynch. I told John about that album and that is not what he is doing. It will mix elements of the classic Sykes sound with the new.

Also out is the chance of doing any work with David Lee Roth (discussed below). John Kalodner was putting something together but is now unwilling to involve David further after the two met just a couple of weeks ago.

That's about the update, besides the new album will be out in September-(ish) - now enjoy the interview!

John! So how's things?
Good, going very well

Excellent. You've got a new record just about in the can?
Well I'm working on it, I'm about two thirds of the way through it currently. You know just trying to get it polished and hopefully it'll be out by the end of summer.

The Japanese tend to get a bit excited and a bit ahead of themselves because they had you releasing it in April, then in June.
I think they just say that in wishful thinking. Actually I think they just released a Best Of, or a compilation.

Yeah, it came out just a little while back.
Yeah, so I don't want to throw them out too quick. I like to give people a little bit of breathing space so you don't bore them to tears.

You have been fairly prolific in the last few years haven't you?
Yeah I try to be you know, with Loveland and 20th Century I've sort of been chugging away at it.

Is it easier to make records these days, now that you sort of make them for yourself?

Umm, sometimes it's easier, sometimes you get a bit of a block, it just depends. It's one of those things. I mean for the most part it's fairly easy but sometimes you've got to have a bit of piece of mind and dig really deep to come up with something that's worthwhile.
Hopefully the old inspiration will keep coming. You know in the next 10 and 20 years.
I have to write something that's interesting, something that turns me on first and for most.

I've got a couple of questions about the older albums, but I'll shoot a couple of questions about the new one at the moment.
What are you doing with the new album? Style wise?

Oh I've been working with a few people to give it a bit of a different flavor. You know it's got a bit of a hip-hop feel on some of it. Hip hop and heavy guitars. So it's kind of interesting. Going into some different territory with that and with some of my older style stuff.

Older style…what do you mean by that?
Well with the heavy guitar sound.

The Blue Murder sort of sound?
The lead guitars anyway….

Are you doing lead vocals on this?
Yeah. I've been working with a black guy called Peter Black who is working with me on the project, some of the project anyway, programming loops and stuff. I may bring him into the unit and share some vocal parts with him. I don't want to think too much about that yet.

And who is in the rest of the band?
Marco Mendoza will be playing bass as usual. I've been working with a guy called Bonnie Bonapart, who played a few drum tracks on 20
th Century for me.
I may get Simon Phillips in to cut a few tracks depending on his availability, as I do like working with him.

Yeah he has a good reputation.
He's a great player you know.

What about you working with Glenn Hughes then?
Well we'd been talking about doing something for a long time.

Two Englishmen in LA.
Yeah. We've talked about it for ages but hadn't had a chance to sit down and get into it. Yeah I think we'll get together in the not so distant future. I'm not sure if there's going to be anything on this record with him.

Have you heard his new album?
Yeah it's great.

It's sensational isn't it.
I love his singing. Yeah he's one of the classics. He's just amazing.

Well, I'll go back to a bit of your catalogue if I can.
I'll start with the most recent and go back. The Chapter One release. Did the label put that together?

Yeah they kinda put it together. I haven't actually even got a copy of that. I haven't even seen the damn sleeve on it. I think they threw it together. I really haven't heard that much about it.
I just know it's a compilation of a lot of my old tracks.

Well there could have been a few more Blue Murder tracks but I guess the label would have had to have licensed those.
Yeah probably one of the reasons they didn't. I would think they were leaning it more in their favor.

Yeah I reckon that what they've done, but it's still a good collection of tunes.
That's ok, when I put out Chapter 2, I'll put more of the old ones on there.

Good one. Tell me, your records have been solely for the Japanese now for a few years, are there any plans for licensing for other territories.
Yeah I've really gotta get that stuff together. I've just been doing the Japanese thing for awhile now cause it's easy. I guess I really have to get off my arse and get into some other stuff.
I've kind of been a bit lazy in that department.

Is that something you would work on, or your manager?
I guess it would be something the manager would work on. But I've been just hitting the Japanese thing and it has been quite successful for me. It's been comfortable and easy. I should really stretch out and get some distribution worldwide.

I know a couple of labels that have formed over the last couple of years that would probably be interested. I should steer them your way to see if they bite at it. It would be great to see European or American release.
Yeah it would be really. I guess there are a lot of fans all over that would like to get their hands on it and then they have to go through Japan for extortionist prices.

It cost $50 Australian for a Japanese disc.
That's ridiculous. I have thought about selling it myself on the net. Maybe I'll do that.

Well that is what this interview is for, my website. There are certainly some fans out there.
That's killer.
You know in America the general consensus is that rock is dead. Ever since the alternative thing came in. With rock, it's like they just don't want to know about it.

That's the same as here.
It's a shame really. Because good music is good music.

Yeah well from friends I've grown up with and talk to still ask me "what are these guys up to".
It's like well they are still going, the bands, but you just don't hear about them. You can't pick up a magazine and read about it.

It's just not mainstream anymore. I mean I went to see Toto at the House of Blues, the other week.
They were fucking great.
Steve Lukathur is just an amazing guitar player. Even Steve said on stage the same thing about rock, and that they get no support from their label.
People are kind of interested, but because it's not in the mainstream it doesn't get that push. But life goes on!
Its strange cause a lot of the older bands have these reunions and they seem to do really well.

You've done the Thin Lizzy thing a couple of times, did you enjoy that?
Yeah we've done that a few times and it's always fun. You know we go out and pay our respects to Phil Lynott. He wrote damn good songs. It's just a great pleasure to go out and play and think of him.
Like a group of old veterans we tell a few lies and have a few laughs. Go and play the tunes and it's great.

I talked to Darren Wharton about that and he was much in the same opinion. He said it's great to get out there and play the tunes again.
You know Phil is one of those guys that should be in the Hall Of Fame really.

What is it about Phil that has made such an impression on so many people?
Well, just an unbelievable charisma.
An outstanding talent. To be honest, in being in this business 20 years like I have, you never met anybody like him. He was definitely a one off. They broke the mould after him. He was one of those blokes that absolutely lived it. He was sort of like a Keith Richards sort of character. He was just a born rock ' n roller. He lived every second of it.

Yet unfortunately didn't make it through.
Yeah unfortunately he didn't, because he was the real thing. There's not too much of that around.

Is there any chance of you, because Darren tossed it around, of you maybe recording some new material?
Maybe the original members, but not necessarily under the Thin Lizzy name.
I don't really know, I've talked to Scott. He's asked me about doing some recording. I wouldn't want to go and record under the Thin Lizzy name, it wouldn't be right. Thin Lizzy was really the band around Phillip. It's different to go and play under that name and pay respect to Phil.
More of a tribute thing. It's a whole other bag of apples to go out and record under Thin Lizzy.
Me personally I wouldn't feel right about it. That's not to say I wouldn't go and record something under a different name with Scott.

What's Scott doing these days?
I think he's probably playing golf and watching a lot of telly.

Haha! I loved his 21 Guns album. I thought it was sensational.
His new one.

Yeah, his first one was my favourite.
Actually I think I prefer the first one.

I think the singer did it for me in the first one. Maybe the songs were a little bit better in the first one.
That was a good solid album the first one. I probably only heard the second one once or twice.
I really need to listen to a record four or five times before I can judge it. It takes me awhile to get familiar with all the songs.

So going back a little bit further. Why 20
th Century and Loveland, why split them into two releases?
You know a rock album and a ballad album?

Well initially the label wanted me to do a 7 track extended play of some ballads.
I started laying them down and recording them and I had a few tracks left over.
I just called up the AOR guy and said we might as well do a ten-track album, instead of a 7 track EP because this stuff was sounding pretty solid.
After I played him some stuff he agreed. So I went with the full album on it.
I'm glad I did cause I love that album a lot. There's a lot of variety on it. It was a nice break to get away from the rock stuff. Then after that I was definitely geared up to do a good solid rock record.

So they were separate recording sessions?
Yeah, separate. So I pretty much wrapped up the ballad one and a lot of people were going he's gone soft!
So I thought fuck it and threw the 20
th Century one together.

Yeah well you don't get much heavier than 20
th Century.
Yeah it's a pretty driving record.

It signaled the return to the big guitar sound.

Well obviously on Loveland, cause that was a ballad record, but even before that. On 'Out Of My Tree" you kind of departed the big sound a little bit.
Yeah that was a little different too. I try to diversify as far as the albums go. I try not to remake the same record over and over again. Which some people tend to do. Always trying to get into some different area, different space.

How was the response to those three albums?
Yeah, it was good. To be honest as far as the fans go, at least in Japan, I always get a good reception. The fans are pretty loyal with me. The fans went with me, and accepted the ballad album and it got great reviews. People seemed to like it. It was actually nice to have a little break and show people another side to what I could do.

The one before that was the Blue Murder live album. That was a monster live record.
Yeah that was one we recorded in Tokyo.

That was the one that completed your contract with Geffen?
Yeah that was the last thing with Geffen.
So I did that and fulfilled that contract. I went over to the Mercury people in Japan. I mean Geffen didn't really do a lot for me, so it wasn't like I was losing a whole lot.

Yeah they had two good damn records and…
And they kind of sat on both of them, which wasn't too pleasing. What can you do, you can't cry about spilt milk. You have to get on with it and like 'fuck 'em.'

I was talking to John Waite and he said almost the same thing - after Mercury dropped the ball on with his last album.
John Waite from the…

The Baby's and Bad English.
Oh, he's great. Bad English was a great band. He's a great singer.

Totally! Now, If I go back to the start of Blue Murder.
Actually I'll go back a bit further. Whitesnake. Can I swear in front of you John?…..David Coverdale.

Oh yeah. I don't think anything which way on it. (laughs) That's so old, almost like a lifetime ago.

1987 is such a phenomenal album.
Well, its funny people still till this day come up to me and ask me when I'm going to get back with Whitesnake. When are we going to see you and David together? I have.
Although we did some great work together and everything else he kinda has to get off his high horse a bit if we are ever going to work together again.

There are two things that I have read in interview that David has said I'll run past you to see what you think. The first was 'You and him recreated rock history inside 5 day when you wrote this album, recreated the hard rock sound."
I think it might have been longer that 5 days but I think he might be right. You know when that album came out I think it definitely made a few people sit up and listen. But the thing is I just can't understand why he killed it so quickly. I think one of the reasons people sort of got disappointed by the Whitesanke band, is that 9 times out of 10 when people buy a record they want to see the people that played on the product perform the product. Not David Coverdale the voice and then a backing band form the local bar or pub. They want to see the real deal. He sort of robbed people of that opportunity and I think it's a real shame.

There was such a great line up on there.
I think it was very short sighted of him to do that, although he probably made a killing to start with.
In the long run I think it's probably hurt the whole thing.

Who or what got in his ear and convinced him that he needed a new band?
I can't really say cause I don't really know.
I mean if it had been just one person, fired me or just one of the band member's cause they'd had a little tiff or tizzy or something you could understand it. But he fired everybody. The drummer, bass, me, the producer. It was like he was just cleaning shop and the only reason I could imagine that would be for is so he could have a lot more control of things, certainly in the financial department.

I mean the record that followed that he even stiffed his guitarist (Vandenberg) to bring in Steve Vai.
Well the thing is if he needs a blues based guitar player - he's not a blues player.

The record was ok but it didn't suit the whole feel of his voice at all.
It was almost like it wasn't believable anymore. It was like these semi rock/pop songs.
There wasn't really a whole lot of depth to it I felt.

I don't think any of his records match that sound, because of the guitar sound, the rhythm section.
Well actually David's just used my bass player on his record, Marco Mendoza.

I was going to ask you about that. Did you feel betrayed by Marco?
Well I wasn't too pleased about it and I did give him a good chewing up about it.
I know Marco has to make a living. He said to me it was basically just a cheque to him, which is fair enough. It's just a session to me. Initially I felt a bit betrayed by him but after talking to him he has assured me it was only money to him. I've got to be a big enough man to take it and get on with things.

The other thing that Coverdale said and for me this just sums him up. ' You and Robert Plant should go off and form a band called the Anti Christ's.
Me and Robert Plant?!! The Anti Christ's?!
Hahahaha!! Him and Plant aren't real good buddies.
Dearie me, he's still all upset.

This is about 5 years ago.
I did talk to Robert once. Later I got a call from one of his personal assistants to go check out his show. I went down and met with him briefly but nothing ever came of it.
That makes me laugh. Anti Christ's, not a bad idea.
David may have felt a bit threatened by Robert, with all his years in the business. With me, I pretty much say what's on my mind. Especially when it comes to creative things. Sometimes it like you just say your thing, not a big deal. But if somebody constantly want you to kiss their arse and you don't do that. It becomes something some people can' t handle too much. I'm just not an arse kisser.

What's he doing, a solo record?
Yeah, he's got some called Earl Slick playing guitar on it.
I can't think of what he did?

He was in Phantom Rocker and Slick and Dirty White boy with David Glenn Eisley.
Oh he's got a hell of a good voice. I nearly had him in the band for Blue Murder at one stage.

Slick was also in Little Caesar.
I think David's got someone else in the band. Maybe someone from Mister Mister. What's his name…Steve….

Yeah? Steve Farris?
He's a real nice bloke.
Well that's about it from that front.
I spoke to John Kalodner. He was trying to get me and David back together.
I can see that John would like to recreate the old magic. Like he has done with Aerosmith.

Now, I've got about half a dozen questions form fans online.
One of them asked now that John Kalodner is resurrecting the portrait label in Sony is there any chance you will end up over there with all the other 80's geezers?

Well I haven't called him and asked him about that one. I'm not sure. I'm doing this next record.
He did mention to me briefly about doing a soundtrack cut for a movie with David Lee Roth. Which I don't think is going to come through, as I didn't hear more about it.

So you are playing guitar for David Lee Roth.
Yeah, for a new movie with Adam Sandler. Like I say I didn't hear anymore about it.

You jumped to Geffen and put out Blue Murder, that was around '89.
Yeah I came out with a pretty heavy one. It might have been a bit too heavy.
That one has almost become like a cult classic. It's like a record that you really like and then still like it 10 years later.
It doesn't sort of get old and wear out on you. It still stands the test of time. I definitely had a lot of angst in me at that time

Over the Whitesnake thing?
Yeah I really wanted to come out with something that would establish me; I did feel cheated about the Whitesnake thing.

How many did that go on to sell?

Pretty solid figures then.
Yeah I still don't feel that the label promoted it that well. Other bands were selling bigger units.
There were a couple of singles on there. I just didn't think that the label backed it up that well.
You really have to have a whole lot of things in line all at the same time, ready to go, to get the green light from upstairs. If you don't really get to make everything happen at the one time, you know promotion, making sure you are on the TV a lot, maximum exposure. If all that's not happening pretty soon the whole deck of cards fall on you. There was a lot of radio interest in Jellyroll but no real follow up from the label.
I've heard through the grapevine I probably shouldn't have signed on the same label as David, he had a hell of a lot of power there with all the record reps. I might have suffered a little bit with that.

Previously we didn't even know you as a lead singer?
I didn't even know myself actually. I tried a lot of guys. Tony Martin from Sabbath for example. But the thing was I kept trying all these different guys but I had already sung a lot of the songs in the demo format myself.
I think what happens is when you listen to something over and over again you kinda get brainwashed with it and I think when I sent it to John he's listened to it so much with my vocals, eventually he said just sing it yourself. I didn't really want to get into that but kinda got pushed it to it…eventually once I got into it I became comfortable with it.

You've got a sensational voice. It suited the material.

Another question now.
As far as singing is concerned how much and to what extent have Phil Lynott and David Coverdale left their mark on you?

They have definitely left their mark on me as far as working with them; I've picked up a lot of influences from both of them. I think in some of my songs you can hear a bit of both of them.
I was fortunate really and lucky to have worked with both of them. I mean David is one fucking good singer. Phil was an amazing singer in his own right. I managed to pick up a bit from both.

Yeah you do a great version of 'Still In the Night'…

Haha! It was about 9 minutes long?
Well we've played that song and it's lasted 25 minutes.

Haha! Awesome. What about that famous solo in it with the cello?
Yeah, well that was actually the first part of that song I wrote…was the middle section.
All that was written on guitar in my mum's kitchen. It wasn't till months and months later that I came up with the other stuff and basically got the riffs and the chord for the verses.

You must learn form people you work with cause after the first Blue Murder you produced the second one yourself?

Why did you decide to do that?
More control.
Not really the control thing. I had a lot of time on my hands. Actually if I'd used a producer it probably would have got done a hell of a lot quicker.
I was just mucking about and experimenting. I thought I would just give it a go.

How does it compare working with Neil Murray and Unbar to Menoza and O'Steen?
Well I never worked with Dunbar in a live situation; we only worked in the studio.
Working with Neil was great. Good solid player. Not as fiery as Marco.
I can always rely on Neil, very rarely fucks up. Marco's just an amazing player.
He's got a lot of heart and soul. He can play pretty much anything you want him to play.
Tommy a great drummer.

What's the deal with the Thin Lizzy boxset?
I don't really know. I don't know how many different box sets you can put out really.

Is there any original Blue Murder demos with Ray Gillan and Cozy Powell featuring on them?
I didn't even know you had Ray Gillan on some vocals?
Oh yeah. There was a lot of stuff on reel to reel that, I think got wiped. There is some stuff I think I've got in the archives.
I have thought about releasing that. I did think about it when Ray died. I have a great original version of ' Riot ' with Cozy Powell on. Where he just slamming on it.

Yeah poor old Cozy as well huh.
Yeah. Actually Cozy played a lot on the old demos. Some of them have Ray on vocals. At some point I will go through it all. I will do a box set with some these rare recordings.

Well next time I'm out there, I'll come and sort it out for you.
Yeah, ok. How often do you get out here?
Give us a call when you get out here. It's a great place.
Thanks a lot for this and the good questions.

Sure, a pleasure John!
Well listen you have a good one and we'll talk soon.
Well I'll hopefully talk to you in the not so distant future

Bye mate.



New GARY MOORE Tribute Lines Up All-Star Cast

Friday, October 26, 2018
News Feed
The sky was crying when Gary Moore passed away on 6th February 2011.  From Thin Lizzy to Colosseum II, together with his solo hits ‘Parisienne Walkways’ and ‘Out In The Fields’, Gary influenced a whole generation of guitar players and guitar playing. 
The bass player/producer Bob Daisley had played with Gary since the 1980's, and is known for suggesting to Gary that he should make a blues album - the rest is history, ‘Still Got The Blues’ was an immense hit, followed by a series of classic modern blues albums. Bob, also known for his contributions to Rainbow and Ozzy Osbourne, was the driving force behind “Moore Blues For Gary”.
“In my opinion, Gary was one of the best guitarists who ever lived”, says Bob Daisley. “It was an honour for me to have worked with him and to have known him so well. When Gary passed away in 2011 the world lost one of the all-time greats. I don’t think that enough was said or done at the time to acknowledge the loss of such a great player so I took it upon myself to pay personal tribute to the man and record some new versions of his music, mostly from his blues catalogue.
I asked many members of the Gary Moore family tree, and some other great players, to contribute to the project. The response was not only encouraging, but very moving. It seems that the name Gary Moore is also synonymous with the words ‘respect’, ‘honour’ and ‘greatness’. I didn’t set out to recreate anything that Gary had done, or to compete in any way, these arrangements and performances represent a ‘hats off’ to Gary and nothing more. Long live the memory of Robert William Gary Moore. Yes, he was an­other ‘Bob’ - something that I wasn’t aware of for all of those years that I worked with him. I feel such gratitude towards the people who contributed to this album and I’m honoured to have worked with them all."
John Sykes (ex-Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake) makes a triumphant return after a long absence with an uber-emotional rendition of ‘Still Got The Blues’, with the soulful vocals by Daniel Bowes (Thunder) complementing each other.
‘Parisienne Walkways’ is played by Steve Morse (Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs) and Ricky Warwick (Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders, The Almighty), with the unlikely pair resulting in a miraculous chemistry.
Gary's friends are here - his rocking keyboard / guitar / vocal sidekick Neil Carter sings ‘Empty Rooms’, which he co-wrote with Gary. Don Airey (Deep Purple, Rainbow) and Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) had joined forces with Gary on numerous occasions, together with Eric Singer (Kiss) and Darrin Mooney (Primal Scream). Brush Shiels, the leader of Gary's first professional band Skid Row, also makes an appearance.
Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio), Steve Lukather (Toto), Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow), Jeff Watson (Night Ranger), Damon Johnson (Black Star Riders, Alice Cooper) and Stan Webb (Chicken Shack) also unsparingly pour all their emotions to show their appreciation to Gary. 
Gary's sons Jack and Gus are also involved, playing guitar and singing on ‘This One's For You’, showing that the ‘Blood Of Emeralds’ still runs their veins.
During his blues days, Gary made two albums to thank the guitarists that made him who he was: “Blues For Greeny” for Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac, and “Blues For Jimi” for Jimi Hendrix. Now this is his turn to be rewarded with an album full of love and respect.  We still got the blues for you.      
“Moore Blues For Gary”, due for a release on October 26, is available to pre-order:

WHITESNAKE Sign With Rhino For Catalog Shakeup & 1987 Anniversary Set

Friday, October 6, 2017
News Feed
4CD/DVD Collection Includes A Newly Remastered Version Of The Original Album, Plus Unreleased Live and Studio Recordings, Music Videos, And Documentary; Several Versions Will Be Available On October 6 From Parlophone
New Whitesnake Deal With Rhino Entertainment Puts Significant Catalogue
With Warner Music Group Worldwide For The First Time
Whitesnake had already released a string of Top 10 albums in the UK, Europe & Japan before the band conquered the entire world with its “1987” record, which was certified multi-platinum and featured the smash single “Here I Go Again.” The classic album turns 30 this year and Parlophone is celebrating with four new versions, including an expansive boxed set.
WHITESNAKE “1987”: SUPER DELUXE EDITION will be available on October 6. The 4-CD/DVD collection includes the original album with newly remastered sound, unreleased live and studio recordings, classic music videos, concert footage, a 30 minute documentary, featuring a new interview with David Coverdale, Whitesnake’s founder and lead singer. The music comes in a 60-page hardbound book that’s filled with rare and unseen photos from the era, an extended essay based on new interviews with Coverdale, plus a booklet of the album’s lyrics, handwritten by Coverdale. The audio will also be available via digital download and streaming services.
Three other versions of WHITESNAKE “1987” will also be available the same day. A Deluxe Edition will be available in both 2-CD and 2-LP versions, each including the newly remastered album expanded with a selection of unreleased bonus recordings. A single-disc version of the newly remastered album will also be available.
This also marks the first release under a newly signed catalogue deal with Whitesnake and Rhino Entertainment, the catalogue division of Warner Music Group. This new deal includes both the North American and Japanese rights, marking the first time a substantial amount of the Whitesnake catalogue will reside under Warner Music Group worldwide.
“It gives me great joy to finally have so much of my Whitesnake catalogue all under the same roof with the Warner family and I’m thrilled to be now working with this tremendous team on a worldwide basis,” says Coverdale. “I have great memories of being with Warner back in my days with Deep Purple, then when I was with Geffen, when they were distributed by Warner, so it feels like coming home to now have Whitesnake there. This elaborate reissue is the perfect project to kick off the new relationship.”
“Whitesnake is one of the all-time great rock ‘n’ roll bands, with David being an absolute icon as a vocalist and front man,” says Rhino President Mark Pinkus. “We are absolutely thrilled to now have so much of the Whitesnake catalogue with Warner on a global basis and are excited for the fans to see what great releases we have planned for the coming years.”
Soon after its release in April 1987, WHITESNAKE “1987” became a huge success around the world, selling more than multi million copies. It peaked at #2 on the Billboard album chart and spawned four popular singles: “Still Of The Night,” “Give Me All Your Love,” “Is This Love” (which reached #2) and the #1 hit “Here I Go Again.”
WHITESNAKE “1987”: SUPER DELUXE EDITION comes with an entire disc of unreleased live performances featuring Adrian Vandenberg, Vivian Campbell & Tommy Aldridge recorded during the band’s 1987-88 tour. The music includes live versions of several tracks from “1987”, plus Whitesnake classics “Slide It In,” “Love Ain’t No Stranger,” and “Slow An’ Easy.”
An additional disc spotlights the creative process behind WHITESNAKE “1987” with a selection of 11 unreleased demo and rehearsal recordings, including early versions of nearly every song on the album called 87 Evolutions. The final disc introduces newly remixed versions the album’s four singles, and includes rare radio mixes, as well as songs from 87 Versions, an EP released exclusively in Japan.
The DVD from WHITESNAKE “1987”: SUPER DELUXE EDITION includes music videos for the four singles, all of which have been carefully restored and remixed in 5.1 Surround Sound for the first time ever. In addition, the DVD also features a new 30 minute documentary about the making of WHITESNAKE “1987”, a new promo video made especially for this set of the 1988 version of “Here I Go Again” and unreleased live footage from the 1987-88 tour.
Pre-order links (USA Preorder pending Amazon updates):
4CD/DVD Track Listing
Disc One: Original Album 2017 Remaster
1.“Still Of The Night”
2.“Give Me All Your Love”
3.“Bad Boys”
4.“Is This Love”
5.“Here I Go Again 87”
6.“Straight For The Heart”
7.“Looking For Love”
8.“Children Of The Night”
9.“You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again”
10.“Crying In The Rain”
11.“Don’t Turn Away”
Disc Two: Snakeskin Boots [Live On Tour 1987-88]
1.“Bad Boys/Children Of The Night” *
2.“Slide It In” *
3.“Slow An’ Easy” *
4.“Here I Go Again” *
5.“Guilty Of Love” *
6.“Is This Love” *
7.“Love Ain’t No Stranger” *
8.Guitar Solo – Adrian and Vivian *
9.“Crying In The Rain” *
10.“Still Of The Night” *
11.“Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City” *
12.“Give Me All Your Love” *
Disc Three: 87 Evolutions [Demos and Rehearsals]
1.“Still Of The Night” *
2.“Give Me All Your Love” *
3.“Bad Boys” *
4.“Is This Love” *
5.“Straight For the Heart” *
6.“Looking For Love” *
7.“Children Of The Night” *
8.“You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again” *
9.“Crying In The Rain” *
10.“Don’t Turn Away” *
11.“Crying In The Rain” (Lil’ Mountain Alternate Take Ruff Mix) *
Disc Four: 87 Versions [2017 Remixes]
1.“Still Of The Night” – Remix *
2.“Is This Love” – Remix *
3.“Give Me All Your Love” – Remix *
4.“Here I Go Again 87” – Remix *
5.“Standing In The Shadows” – 1987 Versions, Japanese Mini-Album
6.“Looking For Love” – 1987 Versions, Japanese Mini-Album
7.“You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again” – 1987 Versions, Japanese Mini-Album
8.“Need Your Love So Bad” – 1987 Versions, Japanese Mini-Album
9.“Here I Go Again” – Radio Mix
10.“Give Me All Your Love” – Single Version
1.“Still Of The Night” – Music Video, Restored and Remixed in 5.1
2.“Here I Go Again 87” – Music Video, Restored and Remixed in 5.1
3.“Is This Love” – Music Video, Restored and Remixed in 5.1
4.“Give Me All Your Love” – Music Video, Restored and Remixed in 5.1
5.Documentary about the making of 1987 Album *
6.“Here I Go Again” – Purplesnake Video Jam *
7.“Crying In The Rain” – 1987 Tour Video Bootleg *
8.Band Intros – 1987 Tour Video Bootleg *
9.“Still Of The Night” – 1987 Tour Video Bootleg *
2LP Track Listing
Side One
1.“Still Of The Night”
2.“Bad Boys”
3.“You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again”
4.“Straight For The Heart”
5.“Here I Go Again 87”
Side Two
1.“Give Me All Your Love”
2.“Is This Love”
3.“Children Of The Night”
4.“Crying In The Rain”
5.“Don’t Turn Away”
Side Three
1.“Still Of The Night” – 2017 Remix *
2.“Is This Love” – 2017 Remix *
3.“Give Me All Your Love” – 2017 Remix *
4.“Here I Go Again 87” – 2017 Remix *
5.“Looking For Love”
Side Four
1.“Bad Boys/Children of the Night” – Live *
2.“Here I Go Again” – Live *
3.“Is This Love “ – Live *
4.“Give Me All Your Love” – Live *
5.“Still of the Night” – Live *
2CD Track Listing
Disc One: Original Album 2017 Remaster
1.“Still Of The Night”
2.“Give Me All Your Love”
3.“Bad Boys”
4.“Is This Love”
5.“Here I Go Again 87”
6.“Straight For The Heart”
7.“Looking For Love”
8.“Children Of The Night”
9.“You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again”
10.“Crying In The Rain”
11.“Don’t Turn Away”
Disc Two: Snakeskin Boots [Live On Tour 1987-88]
1.“Bad Boys/Children Of The Night” *
2.“Slide It In” *
3.“Slow An’ Easy” *
4.“Here I Go Again” *
5.“Guilty Of Love” *
6.“Is This Love” *
7.“Love Ain’t No Stranger” *
8.Guitar Solo – Adrian and Vivian *
9.“Crying In The Rain” *
10.“Still Of The Night” *
11.“Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City” *
12.“Give Me All Your Love” *
* Previously unreleased
After a quiet couple of years, Whitesnake's David Coverdale is "feeling like a fireman surrounded by little wildfires, just really, really busy" with upcoming releases both new and archival thanks to a new deal with the Warner Music Group Worldwide and Rhino Entertainment.
First up in the deal -- which puts a large chunk of Whitesnake's catalog under one roof for the first time ever -- is 30th anniversary editions of 1987's eight-times-platinum Whitesnake album on Oct. 6, with different configurations featuring unreleased studio, live and video material. (Check out a previously unreleased concert version of "Still Of The Night," from the Live On Tour 1987-88 disc of the reissue, premiering exclusively below.) Record Store Black Friday on Nov. 24 will see a home video as well as a coffee table book chronicling The Purple Album cycle from 2015, while the new year will bring a new Whitesnake studio album and world tour.
"The next three to five years is spoken for with some really exciting projects," Coverdale tells Billboard. He's also pleased to be back with what he calls "corporate music" after a decade with independents -- and particularly back with Warner, where he began his recording career with Deep Purple during the mid-70s and where Whitesnake made its most successful albums for Geffen Records.
"The cool expression was they wanted new Coverdale as well as the old, which means new product," Coverdale notes. He was won over by Rhino President Mark Pinkus coming to visit the singer at his home in Lake Tahoe during the winter, braving massive snowdrifts and a three-hour drive from the airport to have lunch and seal the deal. "We discussed all the projects that were going on and he said, 'Well, I'm totally in if you are,' and then drove back to the airport and flew back (to Los Angeles)," Coverdale remembers. "It was the most heroic record company executive scenario I've ever experienced. So it was relatively effortless to work together."
"It's really thrilling for Warner to now have the Whitesnake catalog for the entire world and to be able to work closely with David on some amazing projects that will continue the legacy of one of the all-time-great rock n’ roll bands," Pinkus says. "Our vision on how to approach the catalog for the future were incredibly aligned. While I can't go into too much detail, we plan to give the 'Rhino treatment' to the Whitesnake catalog with a wide variety of offerings for all types of consumers, from boxed sets to vinyl to download to streaming."
The Whitesnake album, which turned 30 in April, is the appropriate debut project under the new deal. The set launched the hit singles (and accompanying videos) "Here I Go Again" (Billboard Hot 100 No. 1), "Is This Love" (No. 2), "Give Me All Your Love" (No. 48) and "Still Of the Night" (No. 79) and the new editions -- a four-CD/DVD Super Deluxe Edition and a two-disc Deluxe Edition -- will feature plenty of bonuses, including some of Coverdale's demos with guitarist John Sykes.
"It was a lot of fun to do," Coverdale says of the reissue, "because I don't go back a lot. I kind of learn from the past to apply those lessons to the future and the present. But my gratitude for (the album) is beyond words. I've only ever gone into a studio to try to improve on the last record...There was no, 'Right, I'm gonna sell 30-odd million fucking records!' It was amazing, just amazing, so it's great to revisit all of this."
More archival reissues are planned for the future, while Coverdale and his main Whitesnake mates, guitarists Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra, have been convening for regular writing sessions towards an anticipated late spring of 2018 release -- Whitesnake's first set of original material since 2011's Forevermore. "I'm actually very excited about it because it's the first opportunity both Reb and Joel and I have actually had to sit down and write together," Coverdale says. "There's a lot of what one would refer to as arena rock; Reb and I were talking the other night over dinner and he said, 'Man, there's so many songs here that no matter where we play -- Portugal or Brazil or Tokyo -- they're gonna get this hook. They're gonna be punching the fuckin' air and have a great night.' And I went, 'Oh, absolutely  -- and more than usual,' which is great. I can't do throwaway shit. The only reason I'm doing this record are the songs are gonna be a great Whitesnake album for Whitesnake fans -- and the band. It's very exciting."

JOHN SYKES Gives Patient Fans A Taste Of New Music

Monday, January 12, 2015
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Long suffering fans of mega-guitarist JOHN SYKES finally have light at the end of the tunnel, with the guitarist/vocalist's website uploading a brief sample of tracks from his upcoming 2015 studio album. The message on John's site reads:
"Hey JS fans, firstly we would like to thank you for your patience with waiting for news, we are proud to release a sample selection of John’s latest music. We hope this will give you an insight into some of the music to look forward to, we know it’s been quiet on the social media side but we appreciate all your support, it really means a lot!"
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WHITESNAKE - Live In '84 - Back To The Bone (Review)

information persons: 


Produced By: 
David Coverdale & Michael McIntyre
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Hard Rock
Friday, November 21, 2014
The world does not need another Whitesnake live album. I love the band and I don’t need one either. But if we HAVE to have one, then I guess, this is a pretty cool addition to the collections of diehard Snake fans.
The 1984 recorded show is featured on CD as well as DVD. The visual aspect of this release for me is far more appealing as you get to witness a tight 4-piece band in prime form, with the legendary Cozy Powell, John Sykes and Neil Murray delivering a hits-packed set including the classics Crying In the Rain, Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City, Slow & Easy, Soldier Of Fortune and Guilty Of Love.
Then you can add a 4 track addendum featuring Jon Lord’s last performance with the band and the songs Gambler, Guilty of Love, Love Ain't No Stranger and ​Ready an' Willing.

Audio wise the sound is a bit dated and really not the kind of quality you’d normally like to put out as an official live album. It is too muddy for a crisp HD release in the year 2014, but like I said, the visual aspect of the package make up a little.
Still, this is an archival diehards only release.

WHITESNAKE 'Live In 84 - Back To The Bone' Making Waves

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
News Feed
New CD/DVD With Classic And Rare
Performances Available For The First Time!
Already Number 1 On The Japanese Charts and creating a truly unexpected buzz beyond anything anticipated prior to the release!
Classic WHITESNAKE Fans Worldwide Have Something To Be Truly Excited About!!!
To celebrate and commemorate the 30th Anniversary of WHITESNAKE’s multi-platinum ‘SLIDE IT IN’ album, Frontiers Music Srl has released “LIVE IN ‘84 - BACK TO THE BONE”, a complete celebration of the group’s awe inspiring touring lineup during what many feel was the beginning of what COVERDALE called his desire to make WHITESNAKE more ‘electrifying’ on record and on stage.
Released on Deluxe CD/DVD and stand-alone DVD editions, fans can order the release from here: (CD/DVD) and here: (DVD)
The ‘LIVE IN 84’ CD and DVD release features audio and video recordings, unheard demos and unseen photos from the private collection of WHITESNAKE leader and vocalist, DAVID COVERDALE. This release offers an ultra-rare collection of material, performed by the band’s acclaimed 83-84 line-ups. Featured on the record are the awesome COZY POWELL on drums (ex- Jeff Beck Group, Rainbow, MSG and later on Gary Moore and Black Sabbath, among others), unique virtuoso guitarist JOHN SYKES, whom Coverdale credits with inspiring a whole generation of six stringers after his breathtaking work on the WHITESNAKE ’87’ album, and Bassist Extraordinaire NEIL MURRAY. 
Also includes heart-stopping bonus content featuring legendary keyboardist JON LORD (Deep Purple) performing his very last show with WHITESNAKE on video and also on the bonus CD.
“It’s still hard for me to find the words when remembering that half of the incredible band who originally recorded the ‘SLIDE IT IN’ album with me have passed away,” says COVERDALE. “It’s incredibly difficult to articulate: COZY POWELL...MEL GALLEY...JON LORD…All amazing people and exceptional musicians performing at their best. Their memories live on in our hearts & in the music they made. I miss them beyond words… Wait until you see and hear them playing as only they can and add in the fiery guitar assault of the incredibly gifted JOHN SYKES, plus the relentless melodic bass pounding of NEIL MURRAY...”
To put this together, COVERDALE and Co-Producer MICHAEL McINTYRE launched a worldwide search for the best quality video footage and audio tracks from the 1984 tour. Among the gems found was a set from: ‘Super-Rock’, recorded at the first Japanese rock festival at Seibu Stadium in Tokyo and an invaluable video of JON LORD’s final appearance with WHITESNAKE recorded live in Sweden. “All of the features on this package have been treated lovingly & respectfully, with no expense spared, utilizing technology to improve sound & picture quality,” says COVERDALE, who personally oversaw all elements of this release.
Concludes COVERDALE, “These are memories I treasure and delight in sharing with you as we continue our celebration of the 30th ANNIVERSARY of WHITESNAKE’s  multi-platinum album ‘SLIDE IT IN.”
Purchase LIVE IN ’84 – BACK TO THE BONE via Amazon:
Track listing:
CD (only available in combo edition):
1.    Gambler
2.    Guilty Of Love
3.    Love Ain’t No Stranger
4.    Slow An’ Easy
5.    Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues
6.    Ready An’ Willing
7.    Guitar Solo
8.    Crying In The Rain
9.    Soldier Of Fortune
10.  Love Ain’t No Stranger
11.  Ready An’ Willing
12.  Slow An’ Easy
Bonus Tracks - Jon Lord’s Final Performance with Whitesnake (Medley)
13.  Gambler (featuring Jon Lord)
14.  Guilty of Love (featuring Jon Lord)
15.  Love Ain't No Stranger (featuring Jon Lord)
16.  Ready an' Willing (featuring Jon Lord)
1.    Gambler
2.    Guilty of Love
3.    Love Ain't No Stranger
4.    Ready an' Willing
5.    Slow an' Easy
6.    Crying in the Rain
7.    Guitar Solo
8.    Soldier of Fortune
9.    Drum Solo
10.  Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City
11.  Don't Break My Heart Again
Bonus Tracks - Jon Lord’s Final Performance with Whitesnake (Medley)
12.  Gambler (featuring Jon Lord)
13.  Guilty of Love (featuring Jon Lord)
14.  Love Ain't No Stranger (featuring Jon Lord)
15.  Ready an' Willing (featuring Jon Lord)
DVD Bonus Gallery - “Slide It In Slide Show” with Rare Unseen Photos - The music bed contains snippets of private demos from David’s personal archives.
For all things WHITESNAKE, please visit: 

WHITESNAKE’s 'Live In '84 - Back To The Bone' New DVD/CD Out via Frontiers

Friday, November 7, 2014
News Feed
New DVD/CD With Classic And Rare
Performances Available For The First Time
WHITESNAKE fans worldwide now have something to be excited about! To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of WHITESNAKE’s multi-platinum ‘Slide It In’ album, Frontiers Music Srl, the Italian-based label, will release “Live In ‘84 - Back To The Bone”, a complete celebration of the group’s awe inspiring lineup during what many feel was the incredible beginning of what Coverdale called his desire to make WHITESNAKE more ‘electrifying’ on record & on stage.
Set for release in the EU on November 7th and in North America on November 11th, this release will be available in DVD and a Deluxe CD/DVD edition.
Culled from audio and video recordings & unheard demos from the private collection of WHITESNAKE leader and vocalist, David Coverdale, the release offers an ultra-rare collection of material, performed by the band’s acclaimed 83-84 line-ups. Featured on the record & driven by the awesome Cozy Powell on drums (ex- Jeff Beck Group, Rainbow, MSG and later on Gary Moore and Black Sabbath, among others); unique guitarist John Sykes, whom Coverdale credits with inspiring a whole generation of six stringers after his breathtaking work on the WHITESNAKE ’87’ album & Bassist Exceptionale Neil Murray.
There is also an extraordinary emotional bonus content featuring legendary keyboardist Jon Lord performing his last show ever with WHITESNAKE on video & also the bonus CD.
“It’s still hard for me to find the words when remembering that half the incredible band who originally recorded the ‘Slide It In’ album with me have passed away,” says Coverdale. “It’s incredibly difficult to articulate: Cozy Powell...Mel Galley...Jon Lord…All amazing people and amazing musicians. Their memories live on in our hearts & in the music they made. I miss them beyond words… Wait until you see & hear them playing as only they can and add in the fiery guitar assault of the incredibly gifted John Sykes, plus the relentless melodic bass pounding of Neil Murray.”
Coverdale and co-producer Michael McIntyre launched a worldwide search for the best quality video footage and audio tracks from the 1984 tour. Among the gems found was a set from: ‘Super-Rock’, recorded at the first Japanese rock festival at Seibu Stadium in Tokyo and an invaluable video of Jon Lord’s final appearance with WHITESNAKE recorded live in Sweden. “All of the features on this package have been treated lovingly & respectfully, with no expense spared, utilizing technology to improve sound & picture quality,” says Coverdale, who personally oversaw all elements of this release.
Concludes Coverdale, “These are memories I treasure and delight in sharing with you as we continue our celebration of the 30th Anniversary of WHITESNAKE’s ‘Slide It In.”

Track listing:
CD (only available in combo edition):
2.​Guilty Of Love
3.​Love Ain’t No Stranger
4.​Slow An’ Easy
5.​Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues
6.​Ready An’ Willing
7.​Guitar Solo
8.​Crying In The Rain
9.​Soldier Of Fortune
10.​Love Ain’t No Stranger
11.​Ready An’ Willing
12.​Slow An’ Easy 
Bonus Tracks - Jon Lord’s Final Performance with Whitesnake (Medley)
13.​Gambler (featuring Jon Lord)
14.​Guilty of Love (featuring Jon Lord)
15.​Love Ain't No Stranger (featuring Jon Lord)
16.​Ready an' Willing (featuring Jon Lord)
2.​Guilty of Love
3.​Love Ain't No Stranger
4.​Ready an' Willing
5.​Slow an' Easy
6.​Crying in the Rain
7.​Guitar Solo
8.​Soldier of Fortune
9.​Drum Solo
10.​Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City
11.​Don't Break My Heart Again
Bonus Tracks - Jon Lord’s Final Performance with Whitesnake (Medley)
12.​Gambler (featuring Jon Lord)
13.​Guilty of Love (featuring Jon Lord)
14.​Love Ain't No Stranger (featuring Jon Lord)
15.​Ready an' Willing (featuring Jon Lord)
DVD Bonus Gallery - “Slide It In Slide Show” with Rare Unseen Photos - The music bed contains snippets of private demos from David’s personal archives.
For all things WHITESNAKE, please visit: /

MARCO MENDOZA - Double Stop Podcast Interview

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Podcasts & Radio
This week - Marco Mendoza shares his story of addiction and recovery. Now sober 26 years, he reflects on his life journey. From getting married at 16, and a father by twenty to being homeless and addicted to drugs - he doesn't hold back.

We also talk about his music career post recovery - and he explains the delicate dance of being in bands with David Coverdale and John Sykes at the same time, and his attempts to bring them back together (hint: he got VERY close).
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