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PRINS SVART All Star Swedish Project Out Oct 5

Friday, October 5, 2018
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Prins Svart is actually a reunion of four musicians whose roads crossed in Stockholm in the mid 90's. Then, they toured Sweden as a Led Zeppelin tribute and after recording a self-produced CD called "Four Sticks", life took them in different directions: Sebastian Sippola (drums) played with "Grand Magus" and "Plankton", Tomas Thorberg (bass) toured with "Michael Schenker" and "Tiamat", (and played with Sebastian in "Plankton"), Stefan Berggren (vocals) started singing in "Company of Snakes" with Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody, and Neil Murray (Whitesnake), and has been touring with "Don Airey Band" ("Rainbow", "Deep Purple") and "Uriah Heep", Henrik Bergqvist (guitar) played with "The Poodles" (since 2008).
Now the road has led them back to where they started and the result can be heard on the self-titled debut "Prins Svart". The music can be described as rock with roots in the 1970s, the decade when they were born, but with elements of the first half of the 1980s and bands like "Dio", "Whitesnake", "Rainbow" and "Ozzy Osbourne". The lyrics are in Swedish and describe "the human condition”: longing, hope, love and sorrow.
The production of the debut, "Prins Svart", is signed Dino Medanhodzic ("Hardcore Superstar", "Kill the Kong", "The Poodles", "Smash Into Pieces"), promising a more modern sound than the influences suggest. Someone said that "Prins Svart" sounds like Swedish band "Kent” if they had listened to Led Zeppelin instead of Depeche Mode"!
Release Date: October 5

THE POODLES Announce 'Prisma' Covers Album

Friday, January 26, 2018
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The Poodles "PRISMANew album out January 2018!
The Poodles are back with "PRISMA" the follow-up to the critically acclaimed album “Devil in the Details”!
The Poodles have released seven full-length studio albums and one live album over the past ten years and had discussed the possibility of doing an album featuring songs from other artists for several years. They finally decided that it was time!
The title, “PRISMA” is meant to reflect the difference in perspective that the band brings to the songs on the album. The decision was made early to stay away from genres close to the band’s own, but other than that, any song could come into question for making the cut.
In collaboration with up-and-coming producer, Dino Medanhodzic at Radionica Studios, the band came up with a slate of songs that span some 40 years of music, from the 1970s up to the 2010s! The deciding factor was the quality of the song where a strong hook and a driving riff were key ingredients.
Fans of Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, Depeche Mode, Blondie, and The Swedish House Mafia are in for a treat, as The Poodles put their unique stamp on classic tracks by these and other artists!
PRISMA is out in virtual and physical stores on January 26.
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THE POODLES Release New Single 'It's No Good'

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The Poodles 
New single out today! 
The Poodles are back with "It’s no good", the second single from the coming album "PRISMA", in virtual and physical stores early 2018!
"We took on the challenge to do our version of an iconic song from a different genre", says lead singer Jakob Samuel. “Depeche Mode is such an influential band and their darker 90s stuff is really cool!” he continues.
The choice to do a heavy rock version of "It’s no good" stems from the simple fact that everyone liked the song”, guitarist Henrik adds. "It is a dark, epic song about broken relationships, which is always and interesting theme to explore".
"We wanted to add an explosive element that would catch the listener’s ear and develop the hypnotic groove of the song into something more modern sounding, says Kicken, drummer of the band. “People are going to be surprised when they hear it!” he adds.

KRYPTONITE - Kryptonite (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Alessandro Del Vecchio
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Rock / AOR
For all the criticism Frontiers Records gets for their multitude of thrown together projects (from me also on occasion), you must admit that there’s more winners overall than failures.
And the idea of The Poodles vocalist Jakob Samuel fronting any project gets my attention. I’m a huge fan of his voice and adding newcomer Michael Palace together with Pontus Egberg and Robban Back does seem like a pretty appealing lineup.
So does this one work? Yes, the label has enlisted Mr. everywhere Alessandro Del Vecchio to produce and write this project, but you know what – he’s good at what he does and I’m pleased to say all the tracks on this album are co-written with Jakob, so his personality is all over it too. As expected it is a familiar European melodic rock sound, but its expertly produced and mixed and I think the songs for the most part do the job nicely.
This is essentially a melodic rock and AOR version of The Poodles. It rocks throughout – a nice uptempo pace is kept going from start to finish apart from the classy piano ballad Knowing Both Of Us. What appeals to me most is the AOR anthems featured – Keep The Dream Alive, Fallen Angels, This Is The Moment and One Soul are cracking high energy AOR songs.

Sounds great, looks great….big production and big melodic rock sound. This project is a winner and I’d imagine a sequel has already been booked in.



KRYPTONITE Debut Joins Members Of The Poodles, Treat & Palace

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Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce an amazing new melodic rock combo from Sweden: KRYPTONITE
For your first taste of music and to hear more about the band from the guys themselves, head on over to their freshly launched Facebook page and watch the behind-the-scenes video they've shared there:
Sometimes musicians are put together who only know each other from afar via their respective recordings, but something clicks and triggers a magical moment. That's exactly what happened when Jakob Samuel from The Poodles met up with producer Alessandro Del Vecchio on the heels of a concept created by Frontiers President Serafino Perugino. Together, they set off to work on a new band that could offer lyrical concepts that are deep and intelligent with music that operates within the genres they excel in. And most importantly, has a great energy and impact.
Together with executive producer Serafino Perugino, they handpicked each musician to be part of their vision for a strong lineup of young and hungry Swedish musicians that would be ready to go out there and kick some ass. Pontus Egberg, formerly of The Poodles and now the bass player for King Diamond and Treat, was the first one to enter the picture, followed shortly thereafter by Robban Back of Mustasch (and ex-Eclipse). The choice of guitar player fell to the young and immensely gifted Mike Palace. Mike showed his huge talents as a writer and performer on his band Palace’s debut album and on several songs he has already written for the label.
The recording and writing sessions flowed freely and the songs came naturally. This band will truly set a standard for what fans perceive as melodic hard rock in today’s climate. It is classic, but modern at the same time, groovy and cool.
You will love what Jakob, Michael, Pontus, and Robban have cooked up for you as Kryptonite - Sweden! Stay tuned for upcoming announcements concerning the release date and the forthcoming first video/single!

ROCKINGHAM 2016 On Sale Now

Tour News
Press Release: "Hey we're back, I heard you missed us? A different venue, less bands but no dip in quality is what Rockingham is offering this year. After last year’s successful weekend, plans were put in motion to deliver more of the same AOR goodness as organizer, Dave Herron, explains, “Following on from the incredible feedback from our 2015 event we have decided to make Rockingham a more permanent part of the UK festival scene.”
It’s all set to take place over the weekend of the 21st to 23rd of October, at Nottingham’s Trent University – a mere stones throw from last year’s venue.
With the likes of Trixter, Steelheart and Kevin Chalfant headlining over the three days, a stellar line up has been added to augment an already impressive top of the bill. 
At least five of these acts have never played in the UK before, with the likes of Lionheart and Lee Aaron having never set foot on a UK stage since the eighties. 
With the new blood being ably represented by the likes of Art Nation, Blood Red Saints, Angels Or Kings and Stone Broken, Rockingham is covering all the bases. 
This promises to be a wonderful weekend of AOR
Kevin Chalfant
So where do you start with Mr. Chalfant? That he should have got the job in Journey, possibly. Or that he recorded one of the finest AOR albums of the nineties with the Storm, maybe. Perhaps we should just say that he possesses one of the finest AOR voices to ever grace the genre, so you can expect a set stuffed to the brim with quality moments from a distinguished career.
Jean Beauvoir
Now here's a man that could possibly be one of the coolest to ever strap on a guitar. His tenure with Crown Of Thorns is legendary, their debut being one of the finest albums he's appeared on. Having worked with Kiss, The Plasmatics and Little Steven amongst many others, he's guaranteed to get everybody on their feet. Are you ready?
Blood Red Saints
Having delivered one of the finest debuts of last year, Blood Red Saints will need no introduction. Gigs with the likes of Romeo's Daughter and Hand Of Dimes have shown them to be capable of delivering live what they put down in the studio. With a collective pool of talent that has seen them appear with the likes of Sam Thunder, Angels Or Kings, Gary Hughes, In Faith , The Shock, Lost Weekend and Newman, the Saints are the pride of the U.K.
The Poodles
Canine capers from Jakob Samuel and company is always a good way to spend your afternoon. Over the years they've produced several quality moments, garnering plaudits from far and wide. This is Scandinavian AOR at its most bombastic and fierce, so bring a muzzle as this dog bites.
Art Nation
Formed from the ashes of Diamond Dawn, Art Nation released one of the finest albums from last year, which saw critics liken them to a junior version of H.E.A.T. It's not gone unnoticed as Music giants Gain have recently snapped them up for a lucrative deal. So expect a highly charged set of fist pumping, anthemic AOR.
This was a shock addition to the bill, but a very welcome one. Having dispensed one of the finest UK pomp rock albums of the eighties, Lionheart toured with the likes of Def Leppard to rave reviews. Their brand of AOR is laced with luscious harmonies, biting guitars and surging keyboards. With ex Iron Maiden alumni, Derek Stratton, at the helm, the results should be breathtaking.
The Defiants
Let's cut to the chase here, the Defiants have made one of the best albums of this year pure and simple. Then again what did you expect from people that have plied their trade in Danger Danger, a band that are not shy of a hook or three. Between them, Bruno Ravel, Rob Marcello and Paul Laine have knocked it out of the park. Their recent performance in Milan is spoken of in hushed, revered tones, a true 'I was there moment'. Theirs is the sound of the eighties, amplified and cranked to eleven. Party on, dudes.
Next to the Defiants, Trixter are another band born out of the eighties hair metal boom. Their brace of albums were lauded from far and wide, giving them gold records and stateside tours with the likes of Stryper and Kiss. Having reunited in 2008, they've since released two new albums, playing several prestigious gigs along the way. Another band that tore Milan apart, they're guaranteed to give it to you good.
Crazy Lixx
Bringing the Glam to Rockingham, Crazy Lixx will be riding into town on the back of several well received albums. This year’s live album is the perfect starting point to help you understand what the Lixx are all about. They'll push the button marked instant party, so get ready for these Revlon rebels to bring the mascara mayhem.
Stone Broken
A hot hard rock band from Walsall, surely some mistake? Nope, Stone Broken has gifted the world a hard hitting debut that has seen the plaudits arriving their way by the truckload. For most they'll be an unknown quantity, but after this weekend they've the potential to be everybody's favourite new band.
From The Fire
After a fabulous sophomore album, albeit twenty years later, and a wonderful debut UK performance in the same year, From The Fire were once again the band on all AORsters lips. Led by the core trio of J.D. Kelly, Tommy Lafferty and Michael Sciotto, From The Fire are an old school AOR fans wet dream. They were a little ring rusty last time out in the UK, this time they'll return like champion prize fighters.
Lee Aaron
The Metal Queen back in the UK for the first time since the eighties is enough to make you dust of those old red spandex pants in honour of the fact. The Canadian chanteuse will stir the loins of every red blooded male, and female, with a rollicking dose of maple leaf mayhem. An award winning artist, Aaron is another coup for Rockingham.
Alessandro Del Vecchio Band
The little man with the big voice, Alessandro Del Vecchio should be no stranger to AOR fans the world over. He's appeared with the likes of Jim Peterik, Mitch Malloy and Axe amongst many others. With Nigel Bailey helping out, this could be one of the surprise packages of the weekend.
Angels Or Kings
Born in the eighties, this critically acclaimed UK AOR band were resurrected in the new millennium, releasing an album that generated rave reviews the world over. Currently preparing their sophomore release, the Kings will be one of the most eagerly anticipated bands of the weekend.
Fronted by Miljenko Matijevic, Steelheart were MTV darlings, an admittedly brief tenure with the media giant, before Grunge swept all before it. Releasing a brace of albums at the peak of their popularity, they were a chart bothering behemoth whose candle was snuffed out all too early. Sporadic activity over the years has seen Matjevic as the sole remaining member. These boys have set the excitement factor to eleven, so get ready to stand up and shout.
A bucket list moment for an awful lot of AORsters, this promises to be an unmissable set. With Richard Fortune, Larry Greene and Mick Fortune on board, you can expect their debut album to be played in almost its entirety. Don't be surprised if the roof is lifted when the likes of "Dearborn Station" and "Thrill Of It All" are played, this promises to be a keyboard fans dream gig.
Martina Edoff
Returning to the UK for the second time this year, Martina Edoff's brand of highly energized hard rock will set the afternoon alight. With a band that includes members of Skintrade, Last Autumn’s Dream and H.E.A.T, they've the pedigree to make sure a blistering set of hard rock is on the menu.
Returning after his show stealing performance at the inaugural Rockingham festival, Robby Valentine is sure to be one of the most grandiose sets of the entire weekend. The pomp factor will be high and the keyboard quota off the scale, making this a symphonic delight for all in attendance.
I think you’ll all agree that Rockingham Festivals AOR credentials have been fully endorsed by having such an array of talent on show. Fans and ticket buyers would also be wise to watch out for announcements of official pre and after shows in the coming months via the festivals Facebook page. 

THE POODLES - Devil In The Details (Review)

information persons: 
section name: 
Before I Die
House of Cards
The Greatest
Crack in the Wall
Produced By: 
Mats Valentin
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Hard Rock
Release Year: 
I love these guys. More Swedish melodic greatness, fronted by one of the best voices in the land – Jakob Samuel. His raspy mix of melody and power and presence give him an edge over many others.
This is the band’s 6th studio album already – where does the time go? I like them all, but this and the last album have been particularly satisfying.
Devil In The Details is easily the band’s most diverse release yet and also their most modern as far as production and production effects.
Diverse and modern are two words that scare (with good reason!) many fans of this genre and you can add ‘not very commercial’ to the list, but I’m pleased to say that everything used on this album is only to serve the songs.
Track by track this is a very consistent and very catchy set of songs.
Production is awesome – it’s this kind of modernization that the genre needs to appeal to new fans, yet everything about this release screams classic hard rock.
The rousing Before I Die with a flurry of heavy riffs and powerful beats is a killer opener.
House Of Cards is an intense, sonically powerful track that leads into the perfect commercial melodic rock ballad The Greatest.
Crack In The Wall is a “wall” of sound – a high energy rocker that leads into the quirky heavy programmed pop feel of (What The Hell) Baby. Suddenly I’m thinking Baby One More Time though. First H.E.A.T, now The Poodles?
Other highlights include Everything - a fantastic uptempo anthem; the cool modern rocker Alive and another effects filled modern rocker Borderline to close.

A different sound from the guys, while retaining their original sound. No one sounds like The Poodles, but they still manage to mix things up and this album is no different.
Another strong and consistent release.

One On One With Mitch Lafon - STEVEN ADLER & THE POODLES

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
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Former GUNS 'N ROSES drummer STEVEN ADLER and THE POODLES' Jakob Samuel guest on this episode of One On One With Mitch Lafon.Russ Dwarf of the Killer Dwarfs co-hosts. In this show's first interview former Guns N' Roses drummer, Steven Adler, talks about his new '50' art collection and the Guns N' Roses reunion. Jakob Samuel of The Poodles joins Mitch for this episode's second interview and discusses the band's great new album, Devil In The Details, the great music coming out of Sweden (which I've dubbed 'The Swedish Invasion') and addresses the band's controversial name.

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'Devil In The Details' For Sweden's THE POODLES March 24

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
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The Poodles are back with "Devil in the Details", their sixth studio album and follow-up to the critically acclaimed "Tour de Force". The evolution of the band's sound is evident as a result of their continued collaboration with produced Mats Valentin. This is rock n' roll straight up, no chaser! In many ways this represents the second coming of The Poodles and you are cordially invited to experience the epic-ness and majesty of "Devil in the Details".
The debut album, “Metal Will Stand Tall”, was released in 2006 and the single “Night of Passion” went platinum. “Streets of Fire” from the album “Sweet Trade”, became the bands biggest selling single to date, achieving double platinum status. They visited twenty-nine European cities during the fall of 2009 and the spring of 2010. The album “Performocracy”(2011) went #1 on the Swedish album chart.
All in all, The Poodles have had over ten “top 10” releases so far which makes them on of Sweden’s most successful rock bands.
Today Jakob Samuel announced the band's new bass player. He stated: "We are very happy to have the opportunity to present our new God Of Thunder, new tribe member and bas-player, the great talent Johan FlodquistWe have been looking for quite some time and it feels really great to have him onboard, give him a warm welcome people!"
In April 2014, the band went on its first European your since 2010 and played for audiences that eagerly had awaited the return of the band. After a summer of playing Swedish and European festivals, The Poodles started working on the follow-up to "Tour de Force". The new album was named "Devil in the Details" to reflect the band's pursuit of perfection and uncompromising attention to details. In the process, bassist Pontus Egberg decided to leave The Poodles to join King Diamond, which left the band searching for a replacement. After a trial period the decision fell on local talent Johan Flodkvist, an accomplished and exciting bass player that is well suited to fill Pontus' shoes.
Now, "Devil in the Details" is due to be released on March 25 marking a new collaboration with the Swedish label Gain Music where bands like Europe, Mustasch, and Hardcore Superstar also reside. The first single off "Devil in the Details" is "The Greatest", an epic and moving number that captures the sentiments found on the rest of the album. “The Greatest” is released on January 19. Long Live Rock N' Roll!
Track Listing:
Before I Die
House Of Cards
The Greatest
Crack In The Wall
Need To Believe
Life Without You
Creator And Breaker

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