Danny Vaughn


From The Inside (2004)

From The Inside: Danny Vaughn and his return to a more melodic sound.

Danny talks about this new project and his upcoming tour with the classic Tyketto.

Hey Danny, great to see you back in action with the new From The Inside
After two well received Vaughn albums, what drew you towards this project?

I'm always looking for challenges. Things that I haven't tried before. I feel that a musician gets stagnant if he or she only works along the same set lines all the time. I have never attempted to interpret other people's songs on a recording before. It isn't as easy as you might think and I really enjoyed trying our best to make these songs our own. Also, I was very unhappy with my previous record label and this opportunity from Frontiers seemed like the perfect way to test new waters. So far I'm very happy with this arrangement.

There was obviously a certain willingness to record some other people's
songs and also return to a more AOR sound, what was the thought process
going into this record?

It was something like, "Here goes nothing!" You have to be willing to fall on your face sometimes. I talked to several friends and was advised that if I did an album that returned to my melodic rock roots, my fans would probably be okay with that!

How closely did you work with Fabrizio and the team of musicians involved?
You want to know the truth? I never met any of the players. This was the most "hands off" project I've ever done. Normally I'm involved down to the last detail but this time I simply had to place my trust in Fabrizio, a man I had never met, and let him put all the tracks together once we had discussed how we wanted them to come out. I felt that, no matter what, Frontiers would allow me to back up and not do something if I felt it was bad, stupid, or a compromise. That became evident when we sifted through quite a few songs to come up with the track list that we now have.

Did this feel different to working alongside your brothers in Vaughn and
Tyketto - which have always been kept close by previously?

Completely and utterly different. Again, which was a great reason to do it! Change keeps you young!

Did you personally pick the songs you wished to record?
Yes. I was given a master CD of about 25 songs and waded through all of them. Some were weeded out right away. Some were put into the "maybe" file and a couple, like "Beautiful Goodbye" were instantly desirable. We went back to the well several times. Frontiers were supplying the songs from their stock of writers and publishers and I was going through them all with Fabrizio.

At what stage did you think of bringing in a couple of new tracks of your own?
It was understood from the beginning that I would contribute at least 2 songs. As it worked out, I wrote 3 (one of which is only on the Japanese version) and co-wrote 2 others.

I must admit to liking those tracks the most of all the songs featured.
There always seems to be a rich tapestry of storytelling and honest emotion with your songs. What do you attribute that to?

That's very kind of you to say. I guess one of the things that I do when I write lyrics is I try to never take the easy way out. If something is bothering me, even if it fits just fine, I'll end up changing it so I don't cringe later on. I obsess a little too much I suppose, but I just can't write a song with "dance" and "romance" as the tag rhymes. It's been done too many times. I'm not saying that I'm incredibly original, because I'm not. But my inspirations are guys like Don Henley, Bernie Taupin, or John Hiatt, who always find a way of expressing themselves that is unique to themselves. I'll never be as good as them, but it's something to strive for.

I seriously love Is Anybody Watching and Blessing In Disguise. Tell us
about those tracks - when were they written?

"Is Anybody Watching Me" was written for Tyketto several years ago. Being a ballad it kept getting squeezed out by other ballads that we had written. So it's sat in the vault for many years waiting to be revamped and revitalized.
"Blessing In Disguise" was written about when I first moved to Nashville. It's all about trying to roll with what you are given rather than railing against it.

And Nothing At All - another highlight from the Vaughn catalogue! Tell us
about that song...

That one was my headache for the album! It was the last one that I finished. I had recorded the vocals to everything else and had only one more day to finish before I had to leave town. Fabrizio needed all tracks done before I left, so there I was on the last day with his music, which I knew that I loved and could write to, and a blank sheet of paper. Every time I had tried to write something I just came up blank. Finally there was no time left and I forced the issue, which is something I never usually do. I sat down and over the course of a couple of hours, sketched out what I felt was a working draft of the lyrics. While I had been doing so, I started humming a melody in my head. For fear of losing the whole thing, I quickly recorded the vocals and left it for a few hours, hoping that, when I came back, I'd be able to sort out which bits to keep and which to change. When I came back, however, I found myself liking the way it came out. So I took a chance and sent it to Fabrizio. It's a single take, all the way through.

Two Martin Stenmarck tracks are featured on From The Inside - are you a fan
of the album, or just felt something for those tracks?

When I first got the songs they were on a blank CD so I had no idea who wrote what. I just picked the ones that appealed to me.

There are two other interesting choices I'd like to hear your comments on.
Suddenly - already a hit for Leanne Rimes and Beautiful Goodbye - a
haunting cover of the Amanda Marshall track. How did you approach recording
these, as it seems to me that you have now made them your own.

Suddenly was already a rocker. That was an easy choice. In fact, I talked with one of Leanne Rime's guitar players who said that they had to stop playing that one live because they were rocking it a little too hard and it was upsetting all the grannies that had come to hear her sing "Blue". The Amanda Marshall track was the one that first convinced me to do this project in the first place. I knew there would be no improving it, but it is such a singer's song. I knew that I would be given the opportunity to give it my all. By the end I am just tearing my heart and my throat out and you can hear it. I recorded this at home and I often wonder that the neighbors didn't call the police!

Your song writing has always been unique and I'm a big fan. Starting way back with Tyketto. But the delivery of the tracks has varied over the years - melodic hard rock with Tyketto, to a more earthy stripped back feel with Vaughn and even raw acoustic with your solo tours and recordings.
Do you now have a preference - a favourite style to present your songs?

Not really. I like it all. Sometimes I hear myself doing some really hard stuff. Sometimes it's acoustic stuff. As long as I can present it honestly I'm open to any style.

You seem to be following a path that is heading back towards where you
started - and seemingly where fans want you to be. Is that an accurate assessment?

I guess it is. It's not a conscious plan, but, judging from the excitement that this release is already generating, I'm beginning to think that I should have listened to Frontiers a long time go.

The upcoming Tyketto tour is something that has a lot of excitement and
hype attached to it. Looking forward to it?!

Definitely. The closer it gets, the more nervous I am. We have a lot to live up to as we were a very strong live band and I'm really looking forward to playing for those fans that never got to see us live. Rehearsals begin in mid September and we're all pleasantly panicked.

Fill us in with just how that got started and organized?
Not much to tell. We had discussed it many times in the past and there were always personal issues getting in the way. Old wounds that hadn't healed. Plus, it would come down to doing it for money and, as tempting as that was initially, one of us would always come to our senses and decide against it. Money is the wrong reason. This time it was simple. "You wanna?" , "Yeah sure!"

Do you see this European tour leading into something else - you know there
are a lot of folks that would dearly love to see a new Tyketto album!

Hey! Don't get pushy! :-)
Just kidding. We are not putting that kind of pressure on ourselves. If things go well and we all love it, then it's something we'll talk about. But it may not happen. All the guys have other jobs, businesses, lives, etc. so there's no way to ever make it a full time concern again.

What else lies in your future Danny? It's been a quiet period between the
last Vaughn and the From The Inside release - what (if anything) do you see
happening next? What you personally really like to achieve?

The great thing is that more and more people seem to be becoming aware that I'm out there and I'm getting the chance to look at more and more projects, and getting more offers, like playing with The Sign in Belgium last week. I certainly would like to do another Vaughn record in 2005, but I'm also considering a lot of other options. What I would most love to achieve would be to be back to being a full time musician again. Paying the bills with music only. That would be success to me. I'd like to be as busy as Jeff Scott Soto. It's getting to the point where I'm convinced there must be 2 of him!

Shall we see another From The Inside release down the track sometime?
My feeling is that this is a one time thing. But you never know, I suppose.

You are one of a handful of individuals like Jeff Scott Soto that seem to
have an honest grasp on reality and are aware of the limitations of the
current melodic rock scene - and don't mind getting off your butt to tour,
play live and build on your name.
What do you think brings you to this position where others still behave or
long after the life as it was in 1990?

See? There's Jeff again! Will I never be free of him??? I'm kidding. Jeff will be co headlining a couple of the Tyketto shows with us and I couldn't be happier about it. I don't really know the answer to your question. I think people that have a decent sense of themselves and who they are, will have that regardless of what their status is in life. Most of the guys that I know in this business that are arrogant or live in another world, were like that before they were famous or made money! For me, the most important and grounding thing is that I am still a music fan. My wonderful girlfriend was kind enough to remind me and teach me that lesson. If you love the music, get down front, cheer, yell, sing along, bang your head. When did we all become this pent up, over the hill group of casual spectators?

Do you have any advice for other musicians out there - newcomers and
veterans alike?

When traveling in England avoid the Little Chefs! Even if they are the only thing open!

What are we likely to hear being played on the upcoming tour - and are
there any plans to capture any dates for either CD or DVD perhaps?

I won't tell you everything, but the game plan is to play "Don't Come Easy" in its entirety along with some other selections. No one has approached us about recording the shows, but it could be an interesting idea.

Anything you would care to add Danny?
Whew! There can't be anything left to cover, can there? I would like to say thanks for all the positive reviews and opinions on From The Inside that I have already received. It has given me a lot of hope for the future.

Thanks for talking to me mate - always appreciated!
Never a pain, always a pleasure Andrew! Thanks for keeping so many of us so well informed about what's going on in music all over the world. It makes me wonder how we ever got by without you before?

[Thanks Danny!….too kind…]


JIM PETERIK & WORLD STAGE Signal 'Winds Of Change' April 26

Friday, April 26, 2019
News Feed
“Winds Of Change” is the long-awaited follow-up to Jim Peterik’s now legendary “Jim Peterik’s World Stage” album. Set for release on April 26, 2019, “Winds of Change”, is another musical masterpiece featuring brand new Peterik songs in collaboration with a who’s who of melodic rock’s greatest superstars, including Kevin Chalfant (ex-The Storm), Dennis DeYoung (ex-Styx), Matthew and Gunnar Nelson Band, Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger), Lars Safsund and Robert Sall (Work of Art), Toby Hitchcock (Pride Of Lions), Danny Vaughn (Tyketto), Mike Reno (Loverboy), Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon), Jason Scheff (ex-Chicago), and a very special previously unreleased track by the late, great Jimi Jamison.
“Since the success of my first World Stage album back in 2001 and countless shows since, I have wanted to create a new musical legacy with this format,” says Jim. "Listening to voices blending as one has always inspired me, going back to the Beatles and other great vocal groups. I have always considered myself as much a fan of great bands and artists as I am an artist myself, so a project like World Stage is a dream come true since I get to pay homage to those whose music I love, by writing and performing with them. With "Winds Of Change" I was honored to work with some of the best, adapting my writing and production styles to fit a particular act. Many of the songs were actually co- written with the artists appearing too.”
Jim Peterik and World Stage arose from the initial idea that the musical and spiritual collaboration of great artists and friends could be something truly special. The resulting album clearly displays the many talents of Jim Peterik, enhanced and embellished by a cast of noted singers and musicians.
"Mike Reno: I would always watch from the wings back in the 80’s when Survivor played dates with Loverboy. I’d see the crowd go nuts when they hit "Working For The Weekend", so that’s the vibe Mike and I tried to recreate with "Without A Bullet Being Fired", say Peterik.
He continues, "I am still pinching myself that I am now writing songs with Dennis DeYoung for his new album. "Proof of Heaven" is one of my proudest moments. Same inspiration was behind the title track "Winds Of Change" with Don Barnes and Danny Chauncey (.38 Special). Kelly Keagy and Kevin Chalfant and I had a blast capturing the energy of Night Ranger and The Storm’s hits with "I Will What I Want" and "Sometimes You Just Want More" respectively. And of course "Just For You" with the great Kevin Cronin is a very special moment for me. When I watched Danny Vaughn perform at Frontiers Festival a few years back, I immediately started planning to make him a part of World Stage. "The Hand I Was Dealt" is the result, which we co-wrote. "Home Fires" with the incredible Toby Hitchcock is a song I think any fan of Pride Of Lions will take to heart. And I have created new friendships with Work Of Art and Jason Scheff because of this record.”
"I am a rabid fan of every artist on the album and it was such a thrill to try and bring out their best essence, but for me the most touching moment of this record is reviving an amazing lost track by the late great Jimi Jamison. As I mixed the new version, it was again like having Jimi in the studio with me as his stunning voice came through the monitors. There was not a dry eye in the room. With "Love You All Over The World", his spirit is still with us all," adds Peterik.
In conclusion, Peterik says, "World Stage, which I created soon after I parted ways with Survivor back in 1996, was my way of bringing together the melodic rock community. Setting aside any competition between us to create great melodic rock for the audience that craves it. Since then, every World Stage show has been a total love fest with each show featuring an ever changing array of great artists.”
"Winds Of Change" certainly carries on that tradition and shows are in the planning stages that will reflect the line-up of this record.
Jim Peterik, through the years, has written or co-written some of rock's most memorable songs: "Vehicle" by the The Ides Of March (on which he was lead vocalist), "Eye Of The Tiger," "The Search Is Over," "High On You," and "I Can't Hold Back”, hits for .38 Special such as "Hold On Loosely," "Caught Up In You," "Fantasy Girl," and "Rockin' Into The Night", "Heavy Metal" with Sammy Hagar, and many many more. Peterik, now a part of Pride of Lions with vocalist Toby Hitchcock, is one of the most esteemed and loved recording artists and songwriters, not only on the Frontiers label, but in the larger melodic rock community.
1. Winds Of Change (featuring Danny Chauncey and Don Barnes of .38 Special)
2. Without A Bullet Being Fired (featuring Mike Reno of Loverboy)
3. Proof Of Heaven (featuring Dennis DeYoung)
4. Sometimes You Just Want More (featuring Kevin Chalfant)
5. Home Fires (featuring Toby Hitchcock of Pride of Lions)
6. Just For You (featuring Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon)
7. The Hand I Was Dealt (featuring Danny Vaughn of Tyketto)
8. Where Eagles Dare (featuring Lars Safsund and Robert Sall of Work of Art)
9. I Will What I Want (featuring Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger)
10. You’re Always There (featuring Jason Scheff)
11. Avalanche (featuring Gunnar and Matt Nelson)
12. Love You All Over The World (featuring Jimi Jamison)
Jim Peterik- Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Mike Aquino- Guitar- Lead And Rhythm
Ed Breckenfeld- Drums And Percussion
Dave Kelly- Drums
Colin Peterik- Drums
Klem Hayes- Bass
Bill Syniar- Bass
Bob Lizik- Bass
Jeff Lantz- Orchestral Arrangement Of “You’re Always There”


PLEDGE MUSIC In Financial Trouble; DANNY VAUGHN Speaks

DANNY VAUGHN's disturbing video is just the tip of a large iceberg for Crowd Funder music specialist PLEDGE MUSIC.
There are now a multitude of reports of artists fighting to get their income earned via pledge campaigns, to no avail.
It's hard to see a way out for the company, so if you are awaiting delivery on any items, best look into their current status.



Melodic Rock Artist DUANE MORANO Unveils Guest-Heavy Debut Release, ‘Incognito’

Saturday, February 9, 2019
News Feed
“Feel good rock n’ roll - the music tells stories we can all relate to, but in a fun way” is how songwriter/guitarist Duane Morano describes his CD, Incognito. And on its first-ever release, ‘Incognito’ (whose pre sale begins on November 30th via Pledge Music ( http://pmusic.co/lNL9xL), before its official release on February 8th, 2019), Duane has assembled a stellar supporting cast of names that are well-known to melodic rock fans worldwide - Tyketto’s Danny Vaughn, Extreme’s Pat Badger and Kevin Figueiredo, Firehouse’s Michael Foster and Bill Leverty, XYZ’s Terry Ilous, The Firm/Blue Murder’s Tony Franklin, and Alice Cooper’s Nita Strauss, among others.
As Duane explains, the CD ‘Incognito’ came together in a huge stroke of luck. “I had known Bill Leverty for a great many years so he was in from the beginning. Back in 2016, I was having dinner with Bill and was asked if I was ever going to unshelve a CD I started working on years ago. After some thought, I finished a few of the tracks in my studio and sent them to Bill to be mixed. As we listened to the mixes, it became clear to both of us I needed to get rid of the programmed drums, find a bass player instead of a guitar player trying to play bass, and get someone that could sing what I was struggling to attempt. Changes needed to be made. That was when Bill suggested his drummer Michael Foster, so I gave him a shout.”
“The next step was finding the right vocalists to fit the handful of songs that were ready. I had my MP3 player on shuffle and Great White's ‘Hard to Say Goodbye’ came on and thought, ‘Terry's voice would be a great fit for a song,’ so I reached out to him and he asked to hear it. I sent him an MP3 with Michael and Tony playing on it. Terry was a bit surprised that as a guitar player I hired a bass player and didn't do it myself which is typical in self-funded, small budget projects. After explaining, Terry saw I was willing to do what's best for the music and liked the song so he agreed to sing a song or two. As the project progressed and we got to know each other, we started trading ideas back and forth, writing and arraigning together, and ultimately ended up with 5 songs for consideration.”
“Pat coming on board was really a happy accident. For 20 years or so I've collected music memorabilia as hobby. Pat had a Pledge campaign going on at the time and I pledged for the Patocam. He sent me an email saying something like, ‘Dude you got the Patocam,’ so I replied with some smart-aleck funny comment. He laughed and we emailed back and forth for a few hours and went our separate ways. About a week went by and much to my surprise, I got a random email from him asking how I was doing.”
As the project’s leader explains, the album is loaded with rockin’ highlights. “Nita Strauss solo on ‘Manhattan’ was a pick up your jaw off the floor moment. Bryan Cole’s vocals on ‘Don’t Believe You’ grabs elements of rock and blues with a touch of soul, and delivers one of the best performances I’ve ever heard him do. The way Michael Foster and Pat Badger really cement and play with the groove on ‘Kid Gloves’ is really cool.”
And the guests sound equally enthusiastic about the disc. Terry Ilous - “If you want to listen to good rock and roll, good music, pledge for this CD. Duane is a wonderful guitar player and I’m looking forward to singing more songs for him.” Nita Strauss - “‘Manhattan’ is a GREAT song. Thank you for having me on it.” Bill Leverty - "Duane has an amazing CD, filled with tasty music and killer guitar work."
Duane is also confident that his brand of rock fits in well with the current musical climate. “With the interest people have in bands of my youth, I think Incognito gives people the opportunity to hear elements of what was great about that era of music - but in a fresh way. Incognito pays tribute to that time period, but leaves the listener feeling satisfied like you’ve got something new.
And if all goes according to plan, the CD will not merely be a studio project. “Shows could happen if we can get schedules coordinated. That's always the hardest part when trying to get people from several different active bands together in the same place at the same time. There is talk of a live version, and something Bryan, Danny, Terry, and I think could be a lot of fun.”
Lastly, what are Duane’s future plans? “Finish the CD and then spend some much-needed time with my wife and kids - while putting a live band together, for special events.”
After the Love- Danny Vaughn, Duane Morano, Pat Badger, Michael Foster, Bryan Cole
Cookie Jar- Bryan Cole, Duane Morano, Tony Franklin, Michael Foster, Chris Lester
Sincerely Yours- Bryan Cole, Duane Morano, Pat Badger, Michael Foster, Shane French
Don't Believe You- Bryan Cole, Duane Morano, Keith Horne, Michael Foster
Face the Fire- Danny Vaughn, Duane Morano, Keith Horne, Bryan Cole, Kevin Figueiredo (K-Figg)
Giovanna- Danny Vaughn, Duane Morano, John Morano, Michael Foster
Kid Gloves- Danny Vaughn, Duane Morano, Pat Badger, Michael Foster, John Surabian, Bryan Cole
Manhattan- Dan Michaels, Duane Morano, Pat Badger, Michael Foster, Nita Strauss
Hearts- Terry Ilous, Duane Morano, Tony Franklin, Michael Foster, Dan Michaels, Bryan Cole
Love is just a lie- Terry Ilous, Duane Morano, JK Northrup, Pat Badger, Michael Foster
Why- Terry Ilous, Duane Morano, Keith Horne, Bryan Cole, Michael Foster
Barely Breathing- Danny Vaughn, Duane Morano, Pat Badger, Michael Foster
Twitter: @duanemorano


News Feed
With great pleasure, Frontiers Music Srl announces a new musical journey from the iconic songwriting maestro Jim Peterik, the Grammy Award winning songwriter/musician behind The Ides Of March, Pride Of Lions, formerly of Survivor, a man who has helped write hits for the Beach Boys, .38 Special, Sammy Hagar, and more. The time has now come for Jim to release the follow up to his now legendary "Jim Peterik’s World Stage" album, which will see a release in spring 2019.
"Listening to voices blending as one has always inspired me, going back to the Beatles and other great vocal groups. I decided to do the same thing and began contacting artists I had the pleasure of working with through the years," says Peterik.
Jim Peterik and World Stage is the opus that arose from that initial idea: the musical and spiritual collaboration of great artists and friends. The resulting album clearly displays the many talents of Jim Peterik, enhanced and embellished by a cast of noted singers and musicians.
The new album, “Winds of Change”, will be another musical masterpiece featuring brand new Peterik songs, in collaboration with a who’s who of melodic rock’s greatest superstars, including Kevin Chalfant (ex-The Storm), Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger), Lars Safsund and Robert Sall (Work Of Art), Toby Hitchcock (Pride Of Lions), Danny Vaughn (Tyketto), Mike Reno (Loverboy), Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon), Jason Scheff (ex-Chicago), and a very special previously unreleased track by the late great Jimi Jamison. More guests are to be announced too.
“Since the success of my first World Stage album back in 2001 and countless shows since, I have wanted to create a new musical legacy with this format,” says Jim.
Jim Peterik, through the years, has written or co-written some of rock's most memorable songs: "Vehicle" by the The Ides Of March (on which he was lead vocalist), "Eye Of The Tiger," "The Search Is Over," "High On You," and "I Can't Hold Back” for Survivor, hits for .38 Special such as "Hold On Loosely," "Caught Up In You," "Fantasy Girl," and "Rockin' Into The Night", "Heavy Metal" with Sammy Hagar, and many many more. Jim now a part of Pride of Lions with vocalist Toby Hitchcock, is one of the most esteemed and loved recording artists and songwriters, not only on the Frontiers label, but in the larger melodic rock community.

Totally Driven Radio Podcast - DANNY VAUGHN

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Podcasts & Radio
The newest addition to the Totally Driven Entertainment team is Charlie Calv, who is the man who hear playing keyboards / synthesizers alongside Legendary Angel Guitarist Punky Meadows & Vocalist Frank DiMino
Charlie came to us wanting to do an article for us, and unleash some hidden treasure stories of rock n roll, and here with his latest monthly article he wrote exclusively for our website,
Charlie talks to Danny Vaughn of Tyketto about the YES Album "Union" and gets a great Guns n Roses story as well .........



TYKETTO - Live From Milan (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Rock
Friday, October 13, 2017
Not that much needed to be said here.
It's Tyketto - killer band, great live and in this case, celebrating an utterly classic album - Don't Come Easy.
Here they perform the album back to back; notably leaving Forever Young as the logical closing track.
So, classic band, classic album, solid performances...all that's needed from me is the tick of approval for sound quality. And I'm happy to give it. This one is nice and raw, no overdubs in sight. Naturally I wasn't serviced with the DVD portion (or the CD for that matter, just digital), so I can't comment on that.
But the audio stacks up just fine thank you very much.

The only point - it's not a long set. I would like ot see a double "Greatest Hits Live" release one day.

TYKETTO Release First Ever Live Record 'Live From Milan' Oct 13

Friday, October 13, 2017
News Feed
Frontiers Music Srl, is pleased to announce the first live release by Tyketto, LIVE FROM MILAN 2017! The CD/ DVD, Blu-Ray, Vinyl, and MP3 (audio only) will be out on October 13, 2017!
Check out NOW a preview of the excellent show filmed at the Frontiers Rock Festival here: 
Danny Vaughn says: "It's been 25 years in the making. From the beginning our goal was to always put on the best live show we could possibly do. This, more than anything else, is what has kept the band alive in the hearts and minds of the fans. And the quotes that our fans have kindly provided for us in the cd booklet bear this out. We are a no frills, no gimmicks, warts and all, balls out rock and roll band. No more, no less. And our audience are family to us. They are just as responsible for how good this concert is as we are. Everybody brought their best game. All that's left to do is to sit back and enjoy!"
The line-up comprised of founding members vocalist Danny Vaughn and drummer Michael Clayton Arbeeny along with guitar wizard Chris Green, bassist Chris Childs (THUNDER) and ex-TEN keyboardist Ged Rylands, TYKETTO co-headlined “Day 1” of FRF IV and blew the roof off with their performance of the classic “Don’t Come Easy” album from back to front (yes, back to front, not front to back)! Cameras were there to capture every riveting moment and now, with great pleasure, Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to release this special performance on CD/DVD and Blu-Ray! Michael Arbeeny says: “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures. Tyketto- Live in Milan 2017 not only brings the songs of DON'T COME EASY to life, but also shows the passion and excitement the band takes onstage at every performance. LIVE IN MILAN is simply five brothers enjoying the hell out of what they do.... with a few thousand friends stopping by to join the party.
Tyketto’s debut album, “Don’t Come Easy” is considered a landmark release amongst melodic hard rock albums of the late ‘80s/early ‘90s. While the band has continuously put out quality recordings over the years, fans and critics alike hold the debut album in especially high regard. So, it was with great pleasure that after releasing the band’s most recent studio album, “Reach”, Frontiers invited the band to play Frontiers Rock Festival IV in Milan, IT to not only play tracks from more recent releases, but to play “Don’t Come Easy” in it’s entirety to an adoring audience!
1. Introduction
2. Sail Away
3. Strip Me Down
4. Nothing But Love
5. Walk On Fire
6. Lay Your Body Down
7. Standing Alone
8. Seasons
9. Burning Down Inside
10. Wings
11. Forever Young
12. Rescue Me
13. Reach
14. Introduction
15. Sail Away
16. Strip Me Down
17. Nothing But Love
18. Walk On Fire
19. Lay Your Body Down
20. Standing Alone
21. Seasons
22. Burning Down Inside
23. Wings
24. Forever Young
25. Rescue Me
26. Dig In Deep
27. Reach

TYKETTO - Reach (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Rock
Friday, October 14, 2016
The completely bombastic, over the top, rocking intro to this new album had me leaping from my chair in search of my Don’t Come Easy Tshirt, but by the time I got to the door, it was over!
Still…that was the finest 37 seconds of melodic rock I’ve heard all year.
The riff does return a couple of times during the song, but the essence of the band’s new title track Reach is a pretty laid back duel electric/acoustic base. I do think it is a wasted opportunity to leave such a huge riff hanging, but the song grows big time and is the purest Tyketto song of the album.
The new album Reach sees a new lineup in play – Brooke St James and in comes Ged Rylands (keyboards, vocals), Chris Green (guitar, vocals) and Chris Childs (bass guitar, vocals) to join the two original members Danny Vaughn and Michael Clayton Arbeeny.
I must admit, I haven’t played the last album Dig In Deep too much since reviewing it, but I’m far more confident this one will be spun many more times.
It may not really be Tyketto as we know, but whatever you think, it’s the best Danny Vaughn project in some time. And Chris Green on guitar has brought some definite grit to the band’s sound. Tracks like Big Money and Kick Like A Mule rank amongst the band’s heaviest.
Circle The Wagons is another classic Tyketto ballad with all the angst you love from these guys.
Tearing Down The Sky is a nice old school dark, moody rocker; the acoustic ballad Letting Go is fabulous and Remember My Name also rocks.  The lush mid-tempo ballad Scream is closer to the early Tyketto sound while The Run starts slow and acoustic before building to a bombastic finish.

A couple of fillers and that lost opportunity for song of the year with the title track (it’s still going to be up there though) are my only complaints. The production is superb and the mix nice and clear. Chris Green is his usual brilliant self and adds so much to the material.
And as usual Danny Vaughn sounds like he hasn’t aged a day since 1992.



TYKETTO 'Reach' Out To Fans For 25th Anniversary

Friday, October 14, 2016
News Feed
In celebration of the band’s 25th Anniversary, Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of TYKETTO brand new album “Reach” on October 14th.
After five years of relentless touring that included playing on some of the most prestigious stages on the planet, Tyketto (The Official) took their revitalized energy in to the studio in the spring of 2016. The sessions took place at the legendaryRockfield Studios in Wales (QueenRUSHOasis). Musically the band is truly at the top of their game, with their muscular brand of melodic rock delivered with the finest arrangements and awesome performances.
Lead vocalist Danny Vaughn comments, “Although we only had planned on recording ten songs for REACH, we were so pleased with everything, we decided to keep all twelve songs on the record. We unanimously decided on REACH as the title of the album, as it defines who this band is in 2016. We have a new energy, some incredible new members, and a fresh outlook toward the future. All of us have pushed each other beyond our limits to make what we feel is a pinnacle record in our catalog.”
Drummer and founding member Michael Clayton Arbeeny adds, “Many bands who have been out as long as we have feel they need to fit into a preconceived notion of what their fans expect to hear. Following in the footsteps of icons such as Queen, Led Zeppelin, and Prince, we have decided to expand our musical boundaries and introduce our friends around the world to Tyketto 2016. Rest assured that all the songs on REACH still carry the trademark melodies and choruses our fans have grown to love over the decades. The band is feeling stronger and performing better than ever and we can’t wait to share this music with the world.”
In addition to Vaughn and Arbeeny, the unstoppable 2016 lineup includes Chris Green (guitars and vocals), Ged Rylands (keyboards and vocals) and Chris Childs (bass).
A video for the title track, “Reach,” will be released soon. An 11 country tour to support the album commences in October. Dates below.
REACH tracklisting: 
1. Reach
2. Big Money
3. Kick Like A Mule
4. Circle The Wagons
5. I Need It Now
6. Tearing Down The Sky
7. Letting Go
8. The Fastest Man Alive
9. Remember My Name
10. Sparks Will Fly
11. Scream
12. The Run
13. Precious Little Gets Away (Digital Bonus Track).
Danny Vaughn – lead vocals
Michael Clayton Arbeeny - drums, percussion, vocals 
Ged Rylands - keyboards, vocals 
Chris Green - guitar, vocals 
Chris Childs - bass guitar, vocals
September 30th – Avalon - Hollywood, USA 
October 1st – 5th - Monsters of Rock Cruise
November 13th – De Bosuil – Weert, Netherlands
November 14th – Spirit of 66 – Verviers, Belgium
November 16th – Pacific Rock – Cergy, France
November 18th – Hall of Fame – Wetzikon, Switzerland
November 19th – Riffelhof – Burgrieden, Germany
November 21st – Nachtlebel – Frankfurt, Germany
November 23rd – Matrix – Bochum, Germany
November 24th – Boerderij – Zoetermeer, Netherlands
November 26th – Cluny – Newcastle, UK
November 27th – O2 ABC2 – Glasgow, UK
November 28th – 02 Academy 2 – Liverpool, UK
November 29th - 02 Academy 2 – Islington, UK
December 2nd – Planet Rockstock - Trecco Bay, UK
December 4th – Robin 2 - Bilston, UK
December 5th – Rescue Rooms – Nottingham, UK
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