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JESSE HARMS 'All Sides' Box Set Released on MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
Jesse Harms is an American musician, songwriter and singer, who has spent a lifetime writing and recording songs as well as playing live with some of rock's biggest names.
Born in Massachusetts and raised in Berkeley, California, Jesse began playing the piano at 8 years old and studied classical music until he was 15. He lost interest in classical at that time and started playing the Organ with a local group of high schoolers called “The Rubber Band”. After high school Jesse attended the University of California, Berkeley but dropped out to concentrate on music.
In the early 70's Jesse formed a band called “Rags” with Pat Thrall (Pat Travers Band, Meatloaf) and Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger). After trying to write original songs the band started playing covers in clubs to earn a living. Pat was unhappy with the decision and left. The band went on to play clubs in California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Alaska from 1973 to 1978. Jesse realized that he wasn't getting any closer to his goal of playing on records so, with Pat Thrall's help he met Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report) who was trying to form a progressive rock band for Electra/Asylum Records. After moving to L.A. Jesse spent the next year writing songs with Alphonso, forming a band that included Vinnie Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath) and Joe Turano (Michael Bolton) and making a record. Unfortunately, Electra/Asylum dropped the album before its release. Through his friend Darrel Verdusco (John Hiatt, Mickey Thomas) Jesse met John Hiatt. John was unsigned at the time, but he had a good band and some club dates in L.A. So, Jesse joined his band. Through John, Jesse met Ry Cooder.
Ry asked Jesse to play on his 'Borderline' album and then signed John and his band to tour Europe as his backup musicians in the winter of 1980 to promote the record. A U.S. Tour followed in 1981. Hiatt signed with Geffen Records and the rest of 1981 was spent recording the CD 'All of a Sudden' in New York and London with Tony Visconti as producer. The Album was released in 1982 and a tour opening for Graham Parker followed. But the album had poor sales and Hiatt let the band go.
Immediately Jesse joined is friend Pat Thrall again to tour in support of Pat's new project The Hughes/Thrall Band with Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Trapeze) and Tommie Aldridge (Black Oak Arkansas, Ozzy Osborne, Whitesnake). The band toured the U.S. playing arenas as the opening act for Santana. But that album also had poor sales and was dissolved.
Soon after Jesse got a call from producer Keith Olsen to do some additional recording on a single from Three Lock Box an album he had made for Sammy Hagar. Sammy had been hiring a studio keyboard player and a studio backup singer to make his last two records and he had nobody in his band to reproduce the parts on tour, so in late 1982 Jesse joined his band. Most of 1983 was spent on the road touring to support Three Lock Box. The album earned a Gold Record and the tour sold out arenas all across the U.S. 1984-85 were spent making Sammy Hagar's platinum album VOA (which included one of Jesse's songs, Don't Make Me Wait and the support tour, which was one of the most successful tours of the year, selling out arenas and stadiums in the U.S. In 1985 Sammy opted to join Van Halen, the last date his old band played was Farm Aid at University of Illinois stadium which featured Eddie Van Halen on guitar.
In late 1985 Jesse focused on writing songs and in early 1986 he got a call from Ted Templeman again to work on David Lee Roth's platinum 'Eat 'Em and Smile' album. Jesse turned down Roth's offer to join his band in order to work on his own songwriting. Most of 1986 was spent trying to form his own band under the guidance of John Kolodner at Geffen Records.
In 1987 Jesse reunited with Sammy Hagar to make his 'I Never said Goodbye' CD with Eddie Van Halen on Bass. The album included one of Jesse's songs 'Back Into You' and went Gold in the U.S. In 1987 Jesse signed a Publishing contract with Geffen music and spent the rest of the year unsuccessfully trying to put together his own band. In 1988 one of Jesse's songs, 'Walk On Water' was recorded by Eddie Money and went on to reach #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was a number one Rock track as well as a number one MTV video. The album 'Nothing to Lose' went Gold, Walk on Water also was on Eddie's Greatest Hits which sold Platinum.
In 1989 Jesse toured with Eddie Money as part of his band that included original guitarist Jimmy Lyons. Later in 1989 Jesse began writing songs with Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon). At the time REO was inactive but with the support of management the band was reformed. Jesse's friend Dave Amato (Ted Nugent, Cher) was added on guitar and Brian Hitt (Wang Chung) on drums.
1990 was spent writing and touring with REO Speedwagon as well as recording their CD 'The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken', which Jesse co-produced and included Live It Up which reached #6 on the Rock Chart and 5 more of his songs.
During 1990 Jesse also wrote a song with Sammy Hagar, 'Fallen From Grace' that appeared on Heart's Double Platinum CD 'Brigade'.
Jesse left REO in 1991 to get married and focus on Songwriting for MCA Music. 1991 through 1995 were spent in L.A. as a staff writer producing songs that appeared on CD's by Patty Smyth (Gold Record), Bad English (European #1), MSG, and Johnny Van Zandt etc.
In 1996 Jesse co-wrote a song (Both Sides Now) with Sammy Hagar, which brought them back together. In 1997 Jesse worked on Sammy's 'Marching To Mars' CD, playing keyboards and co-writing 6 songs. Sammy and Jesse then put together a band that would later be called the Waboritas and toured in 1997-1998 to support the Album, which went Gold. In 1998-1999 Jesse was the co-producer and Pro-Tools engineer, as well as playing keys and singing on the Hagar CD 'Red Voodoo' which included 3 of his songs. The band toured in 1998-1999 to support the album which went Gold. The CD included the #1 rock track 'Mas Tequila' which helped launch Sammy's Cabo Wabo tequila brand.
In 2000 Jesse co-produced, played keys and sang on Sammy's 'Ten 13' CD which included one of his songs and the band toured into 2001 to support the album. In 2002 Sammy released 'Not 4 Sale' which included Jesse's song 'Things've Changed' which was the only single released from the CD. 2002-2003 also included the “Heavyweights of Rock” tour with David Lee Roth and more touring in support of the ill-fated Not 4 Sale.
In 2004 Jesse was the Producer and Pro-Tools engineer on Guitar Shorty's CD 'Watch Your Back' which also included 5 of his songs as well as writing, producing and engineering his own solo CD 'The Best of What I've Got'. Jesse also wrote 3 songs, including the title track, on Guitar Shorty's follow up CD 'We the People' which won the Handy Blues Award. In 2005 Jesse purchased a Marin Music Center in Novato, California which he operated until he sold it in 2019.
Jesse continues to write and record new music and a couple of new songs are included as part of his career spanning box set 'All Sides'.
01. I BELIEVE (Feat. Dave Amato, Dave Lauser, Ricky Phillips)(Recorded by Jimi Jamison & BB Steal)
02. LET IT RAIN (Feat. Dave Amato, Dave Lauser, Ricky Phillips)(Recorded by Ron Keel)
03. NINE ELEVEN (Feat. Dave Amato, Dave Lauser, Ricky Phillips)
04. HOME SWEET HOMICIDE (Feat. Dave Amato, Dave Lauser, Ricky Phillips)
06. ALL HEAVEN BROKE LOOSE (Recorded by REO Speedwagon)
07. WALK ON WATER (Feat. Ricky Phillips)(Recorded by Eddie Money)
08. FEAR OF FLYING (Feat. Ricky Phillips)
09. ALL I WANT IS YOU (Feat Dave Amato)(Recorded by Freddy Curci)
11. LIVE IT UP (Feat. Dave Amato, Ricky Phillips)(Recorded by REO Speedwagon)
12. MAKE A WISH (Recorded by Beau Nasty and Jesse Strange)
13. LOVE TO HATE (Recorded by REO Speedwagon)
14. LET IT COME TO YOU (Feat. Dave Amato)(Written for REO)
15. JUST TO BE LOVED BY YOU (Feat. Tim Pierce)(Produced by Kevin Beamish)
03. BOTH SIDES NOW (Written by Harms/Hagar)(Recorded by Sammy Hagar)
05. DON'T LOOK BACK (Written for Meat Loaf)
10. THINGS'VE CHANGED (Written by Harms/Hagar)(Recorded by Sammy Hagar)
01. A GOOD PLACE TO START (Written for Andrew Strong)
04. SONIC BOOM (Recorded by Guitar Shorty)
14. MOON (Inst)
DISC 4 (Guest Vocals)
01. FALLEN FROM GRACE - Sammy Hagar (Recorded by Heart)
02. DANGEROUS CURVES - Sammy Hagar (Written for Lita Ford)
03. MAYBE WRONG - Sammy Hagar (Written for 'Marching To Mars')
04. THIS TIME - Sammy Hagar (Written for 'Marching To Mars')
05. DEEP IN THE HEART OF XMAS - Sammy Hagar (Written for 'Jingle All The Way' Movie)
06. SHAKE IT UP - Kevin Cronin
07. HALFWAY - Kevin Cronin (Written by Harms/Cronin/Spiro)(Recorded by REO Speedwagon)
08. I WANT YOU BACK - Kevin Cronin (Written for REO Speedwagon)
09. WHEN IT'S LOVE, YOU KNOW - Kevin Cronin (Written for REO Speedwagon)
10. THE HEART SURVIVES - Kevin Cronin (Feat. Dave Amato)(Recorded by REO Speedwagon)
11. WHEN I'M GONE - Robin McAuley (Written for and recorded by MSG)
12. I'D BE LOST WITHOUT YOU - Robin McAuley
13. HOW FAST CAN WE FALL - Robin McAuley (Written with Sue Shifrin)
14. CHASING DOWN THE WIND - Robin McAuley (Recorded by John Waite & Tom Jones)
15. ALL I WANT IS YOU - Robin McAuley (Recorded by Freddy Curci)
16. LOVE IS STRONG - Robin McAuley
17. DON'T PROMISE ME MOON - Robin McAuley
DISC 5 (Guest Vocals)
01. MAKE ME A BELIEVER - Patty Smyth & Jesse Harms (Written for Patty Smyth)
02. I WON'T BE HOME TONIGHT - Patty Smyth (Written for Patty Smyth)
03. THE WELL RAN DRY - Teresa James
04. BODY AND SOUL - Teresa James (Feat. Ron Wikso)
05. CAN'T STOP THE FIRE - Der Strasse
07. HEART OF A STRANGER - Tommy Gervin (Written for Eddie Money)
08. THE MAN Inside - Teresa James
09. SHE NEEDS YOU MORE - Shaun Murphy
10. LET YOUR HEART DECIDE - Richard Black
11. THE WAY I FEEL ABOUT YOU - Kee Marcello
13. I NEVER LET YOU DOWN - Joe Turano (Written with FM)
14. LET MY GUITAR DO THE TALKING - Mike Finnegan (Recorded by Guitar Shorty)
15. DIG A LITTLE DEEPER - Rick Barron
16. ONCE IN A LIFETIME - Bill Champlin
DISC 6 (Guest Vocals)
01. RUN WILD - Adrian Gurvitz
02. RAIN ON THE ROOFTOPS - Adrian Gurvitz
03. DON'T LOOK DOWN (Original Version) - Don Barnes (Recorded by Don Barnes)
04. CHASING DOWN THE WIND - John Waite (Recorded by John Waite & Tom Jones)
05. SEARCHING FOR A LOVE - Tommy Funderburk
06. LAST NIGHT - Max Merritt
07. MORE BAD THAN GOOD - Greg Sutton
08. WALK IT LIKE YA TALK IT - Greg Sutton
09. MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY - Johnny Van Zant (Written for Johnny Van Zant)
10. LOVE CAN BE CRUEL - Johnny Van Zant (Written for and Recorded by Johnny Van Zant)
11. PRETTY THINGS - Danny Tate
12. MY WILDEST DREAM - Danny Tate
13. LIFE'S TOO SHORT - Billy Valentine
14. TOGETHER - Billy Valentine
15. MONEY CAN'T BUY IT - Jeff Wilson
17. THE FIRST STEP - Jeff Wilson (Written with Steve Plunkett)

Robin McAuley (2000)


Thanks for taking my call Robin. So how ya doing?

I'm doing good. So how is Australia this morning?

A beautiful sunny day. Nice Saturday morning in summer, it's great.
You have the day off, and you're calling me - what a guy.

No get real! I'm pleased to catch up with you. Like I said the other day I've been a fan since Perfect Timing.
On no, now you're making me feel really old.

That's not that long ago! Maybe I should start back there at the beginning.
Where were you before MSG, Grand Prix right?
When I was in Grand Prix, ironically I was approached by Michael at that time. Grand Prix was playing in London and they came down to a show.
We were scheduled to go out on tour, I think with Sammy Hagar on the Standing Hampton tour. At the time I let it go and got some bad press out of it. 'Who does he think he is refusing this gig' & 'He mustn't know what's good for his career'. Blah blah blah....(That's Robin saying that, not me editing the interview!!)
After Grand Prix I was part of a project GMT with Brian Robertson. We cut some demos that were released without our knowledge in Germany. Anyway, to cut a long story short
I was introduced to a producer in Frankfurt and I went on to record a remake of Stairway To Heaven, a studio project called Far Corporation with Bobby Kimball from Toto.
It was a crazy thing.

I remember hearing it and thinking what a great version of Stairway to Heaven!
Well not everyone liked it, but in terms of Europe it sold a hell of a lot of records.
It was kinda fun.

It was so over the top - that version.
Yeah it was over the top. It wasn't our idea it was the producers idea.
But as a result of that Rudolph Schenker heard that on German radio and Michael was on the lookout for singers again. He was living in Germany and tracked me down.
You know I didn't want to take it on. But we took in some studio time and recorded a few songs and it turned out to be 7 years later.
But we didn't work enough 3 or 4 records in 7 years is hardly busting a gut.

Can you hang on a minute please. I am a very busy man, I have 11 month old twin boys.....

Robin leaves the phone - disposes of his twins and returns!....

Yeah we could have done a lot more work. We were here, we were there, we were changing management - blah blah blah.
That was kind of it we decided enough was enough. There's a friend of mine from Texas singing with Michael now.

Cool! Keith Slack?
Keith, yeah. You know Keith.

We've spoken....
He's a good friend of mine.
What else....I've been doing some advertisements I have a national Buick Commercial. An Edgar Winter song. We did a remake of Freeride. And several other movie things - blah blah blah.
What ever keeps me going, I love the music.

MSG put out 3 very good studio albums. That was the most stable period of Michael's career. Why were you able to put up with him for so long?
I don't know. Michael is an individual who has his own ideas, truly a great player. Everyone has there ups and downs, there were some good times and some not so good. I think though, basically, we had the same goals. We liked the writing, we liked the songs. We thought we were knocking out some decent songs. We had a great lineup on all 3 albums and we just had some good people around us. You go though different management and different managers have different ideas. It wasn't always plain sailing from there. I think we lost the common goal at the end of the day. I hate that bullshit. It had just run its race.

Since you left, Michael hasn't recorded a record with the same singer twice.
I think the other singers have all had their own projects that's the problem. Don't quote me on that because it's none of my business really.
It was different with us, it was essentially Michael and myself and then the rest of the band. When we moved here to LA it changed a bit. It wasn't possible to have everyone in the same place at the same time. But we're all still here.
But I'm doing all the talking here!

Hey no no, that's great. Why did you move to LA?
Positive change of atmosphere. And to tour. We went out with Rush at one stage.

I love Rush, but they're not exactly the same style as MSG.
It was bit of a mismatch but a good tour anyway.

We then tried to then get into the second record as soon as possible and we did that here. It was never a commercial decision to move here (LA). It was purely based upon getting Andy Johns on the first record.
All of the Save Yourself record was written while I was back in Hanover. Michael was at that time between Hanover and I think Sweden he would send me music back and forth.

You guys got around then!!
Well you know we like to travel. We actually used to play Canada too. We used to have this thing where we played tennis in every city we were in. Wimbledon was not our goal however. Just didn't happen hahahaha.

Maybe one of my all time favourite unplugged albums was the one you did. MSG Unplugged Live. It has a great atmosphere - I love it.
It was one of my favorites, I believe it was one of the best things we did. We toured with it here, on and off, for 9 months. All of Europe, Japan and Korea. We did about 6 weeks in the States. We liked it because we thought there were a lot of other unplugged records out there and we felt it was a true unplugged album. There were no percussion, bass or drums. It was entirely live as it was. It was Michael and Spencer Sercombe, who we found in a band Shark Island and me.
Spencer actually found a girl in Germany when we were on tour. He married her and lives there now I think he's got a couple of kids.
WE ruined him!! hahahaha

Oh dear!! Great guitarist though.
Ditto - Super person

The hairdos on the back cover are slightly less scary than the first album.
Oh my god. You know what people say, let's take some fun shots “we promise we won't use them...” Hahaha

Don't believe a word!
Well I'll just give you a quote from Kerrang. I remember we toured at Wembley with Whitesnake and Kerrang had one of my most memorable quotes and it said: “MSG hit the stage like a hairdressers nightmare”. haha

Haha...for sure! You've recovered well.
Who's idea was that?!! I guess you should never say yes to too many things. What were we thinking?!! It was what it was, when it was.

What did you do after MSG then?
I took a little time out and regrouped. A couple of things locally in Texas, one with the guitarist Keith was involved with.
I wanted to do a Faces type thing. I was a big fan of the Faces. So we got together writing and we put a little band together. It was all original stuff. I just wanted to play some rock n roll. That's what we did for a year or so, played the clubs around here. The music industry being what it was and still is sometimes people would come out an listen and not quite get it. Like, if it's not grunge it's not music. Grunge kicked the music industries ass and kicked a few of us out of a job for a while. But change is a great thing.
I did a little bit of writing with a few people. I have a tune I recorded with Marc Ferrari that gets used for jingles all over the place. Then I heard that Frankie Sullivan was trying to get hold of me. So finally Frankie and I got together. Started kicking a few ideas around.
Curt Cuomo joined and off we went. We had a blast. Frankie played some awesome shit on that. I said that if anyone gets the chance to hear this it's pretty unique. They won't believe it's Frankie Sullivan playing.

Yeah, I think Frankie is a majorly underrated shredder!
Sounds like you are having a lot of fun in the studio. It's a pretty raw record.
It was like no frills, very little attached to the mixing aspect of it, we just finished the music and let's put it down and there's a few rough edges on it but there you go. We thought it sounds good enough. I don't know if anyone will ever hear it.

Tell me why did it take 5 years to get released?
We just didn't do anything with it. We kinda said maybe we'll get together and do a few more songs, but didn't and I decided I wanted to go study computer graphics, so I went off to school and took some time off. So I studied computer graphics...haha...because that's what I wanted to do and there you have it!
Then I just got a call - there's a label in Japan that's interested in releasing this and I thought that was hilarious. I said why the hell. They said cause they like it. The guys seems to like what I do and I guess it's better than to leave it sitting on the shelf.

So what else have you got in the can then?
I've got 2 or 3 other projects I'm in to and they are all very diverse. One of then is doing the Faces type of thing, elaborating on it a bit more. The other is a Celtic thing that I've wanted to do for a long time. It's been finding the right people who understand that whole tradition thing. Me being Irish of course. We've done a little writing, it's very traditional, very earthy. There's Irish bagpipes etc. There's one other thing that's very heavy acoustic based.

Well, you sound busy enough.
I'm not sure I love the industry but I sure love the music. And as long as the music makes me happy I'll do. When it stops doing it I'll stop doing it.

Well that' great Robin, thank you..
Ok Andrew. I'll shoot you a message sometime.

Thanks for your time.
God bless you mate



KISS Tribute Given New Name New Art & Bonus DVD

Friday, October 19, 2018
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Star-Studded Salute To Hard Rock Legends KISS Receives A Very Special Reissue With New Title And All New Artwork!
Produced by Bob Kulick and Bruce Bouillet with guest performances by Bruce Kulick, Tommy Shaw, Lemmy Kilmister, Doug Aldrich, Dee Snider, Steve Lukather, Chris Jericho, C.C. DeVille, Dug Pinnick, Page Hamilton, Buzz Osbourne, and more!
Los Angeles, CA - An incredible line-up of world-class musicians and vocalists gathered together, under the helm of Grammy award-winning producers Bob Kulick and Bruce Bouillet, to recreate 11 classics from the catalog of one of music's greatest, best-loved bands, the icons of theatrical shock rock, the mighty KISS! Originally released as Spin The Bottle in 2004, the resulting album has received a complete makeover this year and will be reissued October 19 with all new artwork.
Now titled, Pure Fire - The Ultimate KISS Tribute, the album features unique combinations of A-list performers including former KISS member Bruce Kulick plus some of the bands biggest friends and fans including Tommy Shaw (Styx), Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead), Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Steve Lukather (Toto), Chris Jericho (Fozzy), Buzz Osbourne (The Melvins), Dug Pinnick (King's X), C.C. DeVille (Poison) and so many more!

This special multi-media edition also comes with a bonus making-of DVD that features interviews and stories from the artists, including those who are no longer with us, recorded 14 years ago - it's like a beautifully preserved time capsule showing what these artists looked like, sang like and played like, and what they thought about KISS back then. Hear producer Bob Kulick, Tommy Shaw, Tony Franklin, Aynsley Dunbar, Robin McAuley, Robben Ford , Lemmy , Greg Bissonette, Doug Aldrich, Kip Winger, Carmine Appice, Mike Porcaro,  Fred Coury, and many others share their personal stories and recollections about Paul, Gene, Ace & Peter. No self-respecting KISS fan should be without this release!

Track List:
1. Detroit Rock City - Dee Snider, Doug Aldrich, Marco Mendoza, John Tempesta
2. Love Gun - Tommy Shaw, Steve Lukather, Tim Bogert, Jay Schellen
3. Cold Gin - Mark Slaughter, Ryan Roxy, Robben Ford, Phil Soussan, Steve Riley
4. King Of The Night Time World - Chris Jericho, Rich Ward, Mike Inez, Fred Coury
5. I Want You - Kip Winger, Paul Gilbert, Greg Bissonette
6. God Of Thunder - Buzz Osbourne, Bruce Kulick, Blasko, Carmine Appice
7. Calling Dr. Love - Page Hamilton, Mike Porcaro, Greg Bissonette
8. Shout It Out Loud - Lemmy Kilmister, Jennifer Batten, Bob Kulick, Samantha Maloney
9. Parasite - Dug Pinnick, Bob Kulick, John Alderete, Vinnie Colaiuta
10. Strutter - Phil Lewis, Gilby Clarke, Jeff Pilson, Bobby Rock
11. Stole Your Love - Robin McAuley, C.C. DeVille, Tony Franklin, Aynsley Dunbar

Interviews and stories with: Paul Gilbert, Bob Kulick, Tommy Shaw, Tony Franklin, Aynsley Dunbar, Robin McAuley, Robben Ford, Lemmy, Greg Bissonette, C.C. DeVille, Doug Aldrich, Kip Winger, Carmine Appice, Mike Porcaro, Fred Coury, Jennifer Batten, Bobby Rock, Mark Slaughter, Page Hamilton, Tim Bogert, Steve Lukather, Samantha Maloney, Chris Jericho and Bruce Kulick

Pre-order the CD here:

'After being friends with KISS, knowing them for years, playing on Paul's solo record, it was my pleasure to play on this tribute CD. And also working with Bob Kulick was great fun. I thought it came out great. It ROCKS!' - Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge/ Beck, Bogert, Appice)

'I really liked the new arrangement they had and we screamed through it pretty fast. Wild combinations of players and singers, and in the end a very new twist to some KISS classics.' - Steve Lukather (Toto)

'KISS is and forever will be the most exciting band in the land!' - Kip Winger (Winger)

'What fun it is to do anything with Bob. Giving KISS some love. I tried to do Gene proud. We're all parasites, baby!!' - Dug Pinnick (King's X)

'I was thrilled to play on this record, especially with Mark Slaughter and Ryan Roxie, with whom I have played before. The song 'Cold Gin' was special for me because of one morning back in 1990 when I was awoken by a phone call from Gene Simmons inviting me to come up on stage to play a song with them that night. It was indeed a great moment for me!' - Phil Soussan (Ozzy Osbourne)

'Such an honor to be included then and now, in this list of immensely talented musicians on this KISS tribute. Put your KISS face on and turn it up. Enjoy!!!' - Robin McAuley. ( MSG )

'Some seriously great performances by an insane bunch! Being involved on many of the assorted songs, I had the pleasure of enjoying all the different folks and the cool and varied interpretations they all were bringing to the table.' - David Glen Eisley (Giuffria/Dirty White Boy)

BOB KULICK Unleashes His 'Skeletons In The Closet'

Friday, September 15, 2017
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Fifty years is a long time to have a career in any type of industry. However fifty years in the cut throat music business is a miracle unto itself. Not to mention a relevant, successful run in not only one but several fields.
Grammy Award winning guitarist / songwriter / producer extraordinaire BOB KULICK began his musical profession at 16 – when most high schoolers are still trying to figure out where they’re going in life - appearing on the 1966 album, ‘Winchester Cathedral’ from the Random Blues Band, the “baby band” that Bob played in that played The Café Wha in New York’s Greenwich Village alongside Jimmy James and the Blue Flames (later rechristened Jimi Hendrix). “This was the first club gig I had experienced and it completely changed my world!” recalls the guitarist.
1973 saw Kulick make the connection that he has been associated the most with throughout his career. He auditioned for - and got passed over by - KISS. Instead of being dejected the six stringer aligned himself with the band over the years, playing on the studio material on ‘KISS Alive 2.’ providing solos on the ‘Killers’ album, co-writing “Naked City” from ‘Unmasked’ and guesting on Paul Stanley’s 1979 solo album and tour a decade later. He even suggested his brother to the band. “It took multiple tries but we finally got him there!” Bob laughs.
Aside from KISS, Bob has, of course, played with Meat Loaf, Balance, Lou Reed, W.A.S.P., Skull, Murderer’s Row and several other bands and studio projects over the years.
Fifty one years after making his recording debut, the well-respected axe slinger has decided it’s time to release his first actual solo album, Skeletons in the Closet. Kulick explains, “I started writing new music in 2015 which then turned-into songs co-written with my former Balance bandmate, Doug Katsaros and my brother Bruce. I've had the thought of doing a solo project using some of the musicians I had worked with in the past for some time. Now armed with 4 new original songs my girlfriend (photographer, Julie Bergonz) introduced me to producer Bobby Ferrari at Vegas View Recording and he loved the idea of working with me, the guest artists and the four new songs and that introduction led to the making of this album.
A ten song affair, Skeletons in the Closet is half brand new songs and half material from his storied past. “The idea of doing these new songs / retrospective songs as one CD only came to me after the new original songs were done. Then we added our cover of “Goldfinger” and pulled five of my all-time favourite songs out from my "closet" creating Skeletons in the Closet.”
Kicking off with "Rich Man," the uplifting track is the lyrical juxtaposition between what we don't have and being "rich" because we have "you" - a girlfriend, lover or a guitar or whatever it is that makes everything else alright. "Not Before You," co-written with Bob's brother Bruce, is a specific reference to, in this case, a new love. "London," Bob says, "is Jack the Ripper sideways. Our homage to Sweeney Todd and a 6 / 8 tempo and feel that, with Dee Snider's vocal, takes you to that place in London where 'No one hears you scream in the darkness.' Frankie Banali's unique drumming concept helped turn this into a larger than life song. "Goldfinger" is a tongue in cheek tribute to James Bond films - a heavy version of the classic Shirley Bassey song. "Player" is a theme we're all familiar with - getting "played by someone." This is another take on that story. Bob's back catalogue begins its appearance with Murderer's Row's "India" with an Indian / mid-eastern metal double bass drum guitar gallop and with a coral sitar solo played by Kulick. With the title track, Bob states, "I often look to start and / or end recorded songs by setting a mood, vibe or sound effect that 'speaks.' In "Skeletons in the Closet" you can hear the skeleton sounds in the beginning of the song, helping set the dark mood." "Can't Stop the Rock" "was written produced and recorded when David Eisley and I came up with the Sponge Bob song "Sweet Victory." This is another "rock" lyric song but a fun one we came up with which went great with “Sweet Victory” at that time. From Bob's Skull days, "Guitar Commandos" sees him trading lead guitar licks with his brother Bruce. "It's basically a song about the road and touring," he says. Wrapping up the album, "Eyes of a Stranger" is a song about how crazy love is. "The ups and downs of love, ya know, but also an uplifting and driving track to finish things off."
It’s said that the best things always take time. With Skeletons in the Closet BOB KULICK drives that expression home.
Musicians appearing on Skeletons in the Closet include:
Lead vocalists – David Glen Eisley, Andrew Freeman, Todd Kerns, Robin McAuley, Dennis St. James, Dee Snider, Vick Wright.
Bassists – Kjell Benner, Bobby Ferrari, Bruce Kulick, Dennis St. James, Rudy Sarzo, Chuck Wright
Keyboardists - Doug Katsaros, Jimmy Waldo
Drummers – Vinnie Appice, Frankie Banali, Chuck Burgi, Scot Coogan, Brent Fitz, Bobby Rock, Jay Schellen, Eric Singer

Skeletons in the Closet lineup song by song:

Todd Kerns - Vocals
Bob Kulick - Guitars
Rudy Sarzo - Bass
Doug Katsaros - Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Vinny Appice - Drums
Robin McAuley - Vocals
Bob Kulick - Guitars
Doug Katsaros - Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Bruce Kulick - Bass
Brent Fitz - Drums
Dee Snider. - Vocals
Bob Kulick - Guitars
Bobby Ferrari - Bass
Doug Katsaros - Keyboards and orchestration
Frankie Banali - Drums
Vick Wright - Vocals
Bob Kulick - Guitars
Bobby Ferrari - Bass
Doug Katsaros - Keyboards
Scot Coogan - Drums
Andrew Freeman - Vocals
Bob Kulick - Guitars
Rudy Sarzo - Bass
Doug Katsaros - Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Scot Coogan - Drums
David Glen Eisley - Vocals
Bob Kulick - Guitars
Jimmy Waldo - Keyboards
Chuck Wright - Bass
Jay Schellen - Drums
David Glen Eisley - Vocals
Bob Kulick - Guitars
Jimmy Waldo - Keyboards
Chuck Wright - Bass
Jay Schellen - Drums

David Glen Eisley - Vocals
Bob Kulick - Guitars
Bob Kulick - Bass
Eric Singer - Drums
Dennis St James - Vocals
Bob Kulick - Guitars
Bruce Kulick - Guitars
Dennis St James - Bass
Chuck Burgi - Drums
Dennis St James - Vocals
Bob Kulick - Guitars
Kjell Benner - Bass
Bobby Rock - Drums

New Band BRIGADE Features Veteran Performers McAuley, Leese & Kottak

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Los Angeles, CA – Prominent musicians Howard Leese, guitar (Heart, BadCo, Rock Vault, Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame Inductee), Robin McAuley, vocalist (MSG, Survivor, Rock Vault), James Kottak, drums (The Scorpions, Kingdom Come, Montrose) and Jason Boyleston, bass (Paul Rodgers band, Starship w/Mickey Thomas, guitar, Rock Vault, guitar) announced the formation of Brigade, a new Los Angeles based rock band.
Brigade is scheduled to perform their first gig at the Ronnie Montrose Tribute Concert on Saturday, January 21, 2017, 7pm, Yost Theater, Santa Ana, CA. This tribute show, organized by former Montrose frontman Keith St. John, is part of the weekend of live entertainment during the annual NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) convention in Anaheim, CA.
"We are all excited about this new venture, our mutual love of Rock-n-Roll and our first appearance as a band at the Ronnie Montrose Tribute Show at NAMM,” said the Brigade members in a joint statement. Brigade will be recording live in-studio later this year. "We all love the live in-studio style of recording music, where everything is raw, honest and hopefully one-take," said the band.
Additional information including Brigade show dates and appearances will be announced shortly. Band member endorsements include: Paul Reed Smith (Leese), Aquarian Drumheads, Ahead, Big Bang Distribution, CymPad, DW Drums and Zildjian (Kottak).
Follow the band on Twitter @Jkottak, @robin_mcauley, @JasonBoyleston, or on Facebook: - See more at:

MICHAEL SCHENKER's Fest Gets Live CD/DVD Package

Friday, March 24, 2017
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Michael Schenker - Lead Guitarist (6 years younger brother of Rudolf Schenker)
1970 - At age 15 - Michael records his first album with the Scorpions creating instant international recognition.
1972 - At age 17 - Michael joins the British Rock Band UFO for 6 Albums reaching their highest success ever.
1978 - At age 23 - Michael leaves UFO after recording Strangers in the Night, becoming one of the most successful rock live albums of all time.
1979 - At age 24 - Michael opens the doors to America for the Scorpions with Lovedrive.
1979 - At age 24 - Michael starts his solo career.

Michael Schenker, one of music’s greatest rock guitarists, will release Michael Schenker Fest “Live” Tokyo - a sstunning new live recording and filmed concert released by inakustik on CD, DVD, Blu-ray and Digital on Friday 24th March 2017. 

Filmed and recorded at Tokyo’s International Forum on August 24, 2016, this historic concert features guest appearances from some of the greatest rock vocalists who have worked with Schenker over the years including M.S.G.’S Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, and Robin McAuley of the McAuley Schenker Group.

Watch the official trailer for Michael Schenker Fest “Live” Tokyo -

“It's been a long time since M.S.G. - Live At Budokan,” says Schenker. 

Like a miracle Michael Schenker returns to Japan with his past original singers from the '80's to celebrate the Michael Schenker Fest “Live” Tokyo with Barden, Bonnet and McAuley at the amazing Tokyo International Forum. 5000 fans witnessed an anthology moment of quintessential hard rock music of the highest calibre. 

Says Schenker, “It’s a miracle that after all these years, something like this took place with the original band members of “M.S.G.”. Being able to go back to those days and celebrate the music is an exciting experience for us, as well as for old and new fans. To being able to re-experience, and for the new audience to get a feel of what it was like, is incredibly enjoyable.”

Continues Schenker, “It's an amazing feeling to have all of my M.S.G. Family from the '80's performing together and especially with Graham Bonnet, who I never got to play any concerts after our Assault Attack album that was originally released in 1982.  Fortunately, being able to have the participation of original M.S.G. members such as Gary Barden, Chris Glen (bass) and Ted McKenna (drums) being part of it, and somehow, to perform with Robin McAuley and Steve Mann (guitar, keyboards) again as well, is pretty awesome.”

The Band:
Michael Schenker - Lead Guitar
Ted McKenna - Drums
Steve Mann - Guitar, Keyboards
Chris Glen - Bass

The Vocalists:
Gary Barden
Graham Bonnet
Robin McAuley 

“It was just one enjoyable event from beginning to end,” says Schenker. “Seeing those happy, excited fans right from the beginning before the show even started, was incredible. It was like Budokan all over again.”

Schenker remains enthusiastic and overjoyed at performing Schenker Fest with Barden, Bonnet and McAuley all under the same roof in Tokyo. 

“It’s wonderful how we all got on with each other. It felt incredibly natural, as if it was always like this. Right from the start of rehearsal, the chemistry was great. No problems, just pure fun.”

1. Intro: Searching For Freedom
2. Into The Arena
3. Attack Of The Mad Axeman ft. Gary Barden
4. Victim Of Illusion ft. Gary Barden
5. Cry For The Nations ft. Gary Barden
6. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie ft. Gary Barden
7. Armed And Ready ft. Gary Barden
8. Coast To Coast
9. Assault Attack ft. Graham Bonnet
10. Desert Song ft. Graham Bonnet
11. Dancer ft. Graham Bonnet
12. Captain Nemo
13. This Is My Heart ft. Robin McAuley
14. Save Yourself ft. Robin McAuley
15. Love Is Not A Game ft. Robin McAuley
16. Shoot Shoot ft. Robin McAuley
17. Rock Bottom ft. Robin McAuley
18. Doctor Doctor ft. Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley

Michael Schenker Fest “Live” Tokyo is available in the following formats:

2 CD
2 CD + DVD Combo
Vinyl LP

Hi-Res download

Michael Schenker started his professional career as a recording Artist in 1970 as a young hopeful talent in the Scorpions and followed this with a stint in the British hard rock institution UFO and then his own Michael Schenker Group before moving on to forming The Temple of Rock. 

Over the years, Michael has not just experienced the highs and lows of life; but his development as a guitarist has been consistent, from a German Wunderkind to an experienced and technically highly skilled guitarist. 

The Michael Schenker Group (abbreviated as M.S.G.) are a guitar-oriented hard rock band formed in 1979 by former Scorpions and UFO guitarist, Michael Schenker. 

Michael Schenker's solo career instantly took off right from the start 1980 when the eponymous debut album, "Michael Schenker Group", featuring Gary Barden on vocals, entered the  top 5 UK Album and Single Charts with Armed and  Ready, followed by the release of Live At The Budokan.

In 1982, Graham Bonnet who had just left Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow was temporary replacing Gary Barden and recorded with M.S.G. the album Assault Attack which was to become many musicians’ favorite featuring Chris Glen on bass and Ted McKenna on drums.

In 1986, Schenker and vocalist Robin McAuley formed the McAuley Schenker Group, which lasted until 1992.

M.S.G.’s music is best described as mostly melodic hard rock with progressive undertones. Michael Schenker is famous for his black and white Gibson Flying V and for his unorthodox approach to lead guitar. Michael is sponsored by Dean Guitars and is well known in the neo-classical genre.

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